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:Empath's USWest Public Servers: OFFLINE

Postby Empath » Sun Sep 29, 2013 10:30 pm

1.) This thread title will be updated and the thread will be bumped when I'm putting servers up. It will not be updated every time I'm resetting a server, so you'll just have to get lucky.

2.) Server name's are variations of USWest Forest/USWest Fores1/2/3/4 USWest City1/2/3/4 etc etc.

3.) The only maps played are Forest 2 and City 2.

4.) Maybe I'll get a Twitter later to update people when servers are resetting, who knows.

5.) I'll try and keep the servers up for at least an hour every time I start them up.

Old Out of date information
My Status: AFK.

Server One: Current amount of players besides myself: 0
Port: 265000
Current Map: City I
Max Players: 12
Timelimit: 99 minutes
Current Difficulty: Hard

Server Two: OFFLINE
Port: 27016
Current Map: City II
Max Players: 12
Timelimit: 99 minutes
Current Difficulty: Abnormal

Hamachi Network Information
Hamachi Password: aot
Current Hamachi Network Status:
empathaot : 3/5
empathaot2 : 3/5
empathaot3 : 1/5
empathaot4 : 2/5
empathaot5 : 4/5
empathaot6 : 3/5
List of the Banned:

This is a Hamachi server. Below is what you must do to join

What you must do to play on the server.
In the upper lefthand corner of Hamachi, click on System then Preferences. Next to Name: <Your Name>, you'll see a 'change...' button. Click on that and change your name to whatever your in-game name is going to be when you're on my server. This is required.

No racism. Swearing is fine, but don't be an asshole to your fellow players.

Do not leave and then come back to ressurect yourself. If I believe you are doing this you will be temporarily banned. I understand people lag/crash, you will not be banned for that.

When you are done playing on the server, be sure to completely leave the Hamachi Network. To do this, right click on the Network name and click on 'Leave Network'.

Do not climb the to the top of the wall and sit up there. If you do, you will be warned and then if you do not comply you will be temporarily banned.

This is an English speaking server. If you do not follow the rules because you cannot read them, then you will still be removed from the server.

If you spoil anything from the manga, you will be permanently banned.


Q: How do I know if I've been banned?
A: You will be removed from the Hamachi network that you were a part of.

Q: I crash a lot/lag a lot, will I be banned?
A: No, it is easy to tell when someone is lagging and when they are not. If you lag out or crash and come back you will not be banned.

Q: I've been banned but I did nothing wrong!
A: All bans are temporary, and you can PM me if you feel you were banned for no reason to have your ban undone.

Q: I think someone is constantly reconnecting to ressurect themselves!
A: Let me know their name and I will look out for it. You don't need to take screenshots as I will need first hand experience before making a decision.

Q: Someone is being an asshole!
A. Let me know, you may also take screenshots if you wish.

Q: My ping is under 150 and I'm still lagging a lot.
A: The servers internet speed and hardware is top of the line, it is most likely either your own machine/internet, or the fact the game is unstable.

Q: I got bugged and can't attack/move anymore, can I leave and come back?
A: Yes you can, I would rather you act as if you were dead and wait for the round to end before reconnecting, but you wont be punished if you do leave and rejoin.

Q: Someone keeps following me and trying to take all my kills!
A: No one 'deserves' any kill, whoever gets it gets it.

Q: All the Hamachi networks are full!
A: If they are it most likely means the server is also full. I will clear the Hamachi Networks of any PCs that aren't connected to the server regularly.

Q: My game instantly fails to connect, what's going on?
A: If you try and connect and it instantly fails, this means the server is currently full.

Q: I want PortForward back instead of this Hamachi thing!
A: If Feng does add administrative tools for server hosts to use, then the server will revert back to the easier-to-use Port Forwarding method. Until that time however, to ensure the quality of the server experience, we wil be using Hamachi.
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Re: :Empath's PortForward West NA Server: OFFLINE

Postby Empath » Mon Sep 30, 2013 2:57 am

I'd like to thank everyone that came around and hung out for a while. Shout-out to Neo for going from complete newbie to hero over the course of the day. L and Foxes wins the cutest couple award, and Arkanos wins the most beautiful kill award with a high speed 1k+ damage attack that was as clean as a knives through butter.

I figured I'd make a new post to update y'all with how the server is going to change for tomorrow.

Switching to Hamachi for the time being.

Network names and passwords will be announced tomorrow. The reason for the switch is to grant me greater control over the server, I will now be able to kick and ban people. New rules will also be posted so be sure to read those.

Two Servers!

There will be two servers instead of one. The first will be 'hardcore', City 1 with no rejoining allowed. The second will be a more casual server, City 2, to allow newer people to more freely play the game with others and not be worried about dying.

Thanks for listening folks, I hope to see you around.

Re: :Empath's Hamachi West NA Server: ONLINE

Postby Empath » Mon Sep 30, 2013 7:23 pm

Alright folks, the original post has been updated with all the new information that pertains to the server. There is currently only one server to play on still and not two like I said in my previous post.

Re: :Empath's Hamachi West NA Server: ONLINE

Postby Yoon » Mon Sep 30, 2013 9:48 pm

Great server, really smooth playing. thanks man

Re: :Empath's Hamachi West NA Server: ONLINE

Postby dragonal7 » Tue Oct 01, 2013 12:27 am

i cant connect D:

Re: :Empath's Hamachi West NA Server: OFFLINE

Postby Empath » Tue Oct 01, 2013 5:22 am

Alright boyos, server is down for tonight. What a crazy day! Thank you to everyone that came out and had some Titan killing fun.

The Hamachi servers will not be joinable until tomorrow when the server goes up again.


Re: :Empath's Hamachi West NA Server: ONLINE

Postby Empath » Tue Oct 01, 2013 5:52 pm

Morning bumpity update! Everyone knows there's a new patch, huzzah! An additional server has been added to play on with the forest map! Hope to see new and similar faces around today.


Re: :Empath's Hamachi West NA Server: ONLINE

Postby Empath » Thu Oct 03, 2013 6:53 pm

Bumpity bump! After a day off we're back, all Hamachi networks are open and both servers are online!

Re: :Empath's Hamachi West NA Server: ONLINE

Postby Empath » Fri Oct 04, 2013 9:08 pm

Server is now Online bump. Yesterday the forest server was hosted on the wrong port, it has been fixed and should be joinable now.

Re: :Empath's Hamachi West NA Server: ONLINE

Postby AeonNite » Fri Oct 04, 2013 10:19 pm

keeps saying failed to connect


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