AoTTG PH Guild Tournament [Peenoi Only]

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AoTTG PH Guild Tournament [Peenoi Only]

Postby shingekinoSTPHN » Thu Apr 07, 2016 12:28 pm

AoTTG PH Guild Tournament

Summer Clash


AT T E N T I O N !

Shitposting aside, you filthy peenoise and gay guilds dont disregard the upcoming AoTTG PH Guild Tournament. Get your deym ass up and join this event ffs.

Guild Requirements:
*must be a peenoi guild
-if not and is an international/asian, you can still join BUT only peenoi members are allowed to play for the said guild
*its a 3v3 game
-get that? That means only a minimum and a maximum of 3 sick cunts per team.
*strictly no SLB
-do you suck that much thats why you have to mod in order to win? Use rc mod or other non-abusive mod
*no ditching (running away)
-the guild who is absent during the agreed date and time of guild duel will be considered a loser and the guild who got ditched will win by default. Smooth win
*RULES (Peenoi Tradition)*
>Speed Duel
Forest II
No modifications all default
>Damage Duel
Forest IV LAVA
2.5-3.0 custom sizes
100% normal spawn rates
40 seconds respawn

*Date and brackets will be posted after the gathering of all participants. All ph guilds should cooperate and lets make this happen please.Thats it.

Agreed on by:
Night Raid
Shadow Knights PH
Archfiend Pro
Howling Peace
Creative Room

Legion of Nobles

~Juha (PHgayfacilitator).


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