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Re: Some Tournament Things Are Here

Postby Peanuts » Fri Aug 30, 2013 9:32 am

Gehenna wrote:
Peanuts wrote:
Gehenna wrote:any tournaments ? lemme in :v

Me and you? xD

oh , you need a pair huh :3 kewl :lol:


3 are required XD


Re: Some Tournament Things Are Here

Postby BLuRockShooter » Fri Aug 30, 2013 12:28 pm

Turtwiggy wrote:
Peanuts wrote:
Turtwiggy wrote:
Teams have signed up ^^ A small amount though :cry:

You didn't update the post? o_O

(Will be updated) xD And I want more to sign up.

C'mon Update! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Re: Some Tournament Things Are Here

Postby Turtwiggy » Fri Aug 30, 2013 7:08 pm

There's only 3 teams xD!

Re: Some Tournament Things Are Here

Postby Peanuts » Sat Aug 31, 2013 3:14 am

Turtwiggy wrote:There's only 3 teams xD!

Why U NO write who signed up?

Re: Some Tournament Things Are Here

Postby Xyro » Sun Feb 23, 2014 6:19 am

Is my tournament the only one somewhat going on?

Re: Some Tournament Things Are Here

Postby Azure Sky » Mon Feb 24, 2014 3:12 pm

Xyro wrote:Is my tournament the only one somewhat going on?

I think so, Smittys was the only other tournament and it got canceled.
Azure Sky

Re: Some Tournament Things Are Here

Postby Xedma » Mon Feb 24, 2014 4:45 pm

I am so ready for the next tournament whenever it is! I will dominate damage!

Re: Some Tournament Things Are Here

Postby TreeRover » Sun Mar 02, 2014 10:14 pm

Xedma wrote:I am so ready for the next tournament whenever it is! I will dominate damage!

We will see about that mr xedma :P (Im also pretty good at damage xD)

Re: Some Tournament Things Are Here

Postby Ceazar » Thu May 15, 2014 5:42 pm

Ehem.. Looks like no ones posting tournaments, For now :D
like someone who will surprise us with another tournament.
EDIT: ;) ;)

Re: Some Tournament Things Are Here

Postby Sarruby » Tue Sep 09, 2014 6:09 am

I'm proposing a system using Challonge and Skype to have a large-scale elimination tournament with minimal intervention by admins/witnesses. I'm not going to try running it until like next summer, and everything is still in planning stages. If I decide to run it (not that I mind if someone else steps up to run it - please do), I won't open sign ups probably at least until 2015.

Once you read it, please tell me - how can I improve my tournament plan? What is unclear or doesn't make sense?

Edit Log
EDIT (9/9/2014): Removed player-determined matches due to feedback on a different forum.
EDIT (9/12/2014): Made comments more concise. Added admin handbook. Allowed for guest players, changed sign-ups slighly. Added pseudo-legal section and internet safety advice.
EDIT (9/13/2014): Made sign-up details section. Reread and polished admin handbook a bit.
EDIT (12/3/2014): Named tournament (lol, lame names). Eliminated guest players. Simplified sign-ups. Eliminated Skype masterlist. TODO: Finish removing references to tournamentemail and change all to Challonge messages. Consider how to divide work among admins. Update Admin handbook.
EDIT (12/3/2014): lolol another edit.

Cardinal Cup

A Ruby-Style Tournament

Named for my favorite color and for flying like birds.

General Tournament Logistics
Summary: Tournament is single elimination, most kills per match advances. Brackets are recorded on Players contact each other and coordinate their own matches once a week.


Sign-up Information
Sign-ups are conducted with a Google Form. The form will ask the following:
  • In-Game Name? **
  • Guild name?
    • Player in a guild will receive a 2 letter representation before their username, like [CK]Sarruby. The coordinator will attempt to keep members of the same guild from fighting each other early in the tournament.
  • Challonge account name? **
    • When entered in the tournament, your in-game name will be displayed. The Challonge account name is needed (1) to send you Skype information and (2) for you to report scores. Your in-game name will be posted in a table pairing it with your Challonge username.
  • Skype username? **
    • Required to enter the tournament. You will be expected to give it to your opponent via a Challonge message as soon as possible to make communication simpler. This is so that the tournament admins will know who's who with certainty when they are added to a Skype conversation.
  • Agreement to rules? **
    ** Required
Using the Challonge names entered in the Google form, admins will bulk-enter all participants. If you enter a name in the form in error, edit your response or notify an admin. The bulk-add feature allows entries of "[displayed name], [Challonge username]" on separate lines. Your in-game name will be input for displayed name, and Challonge name pairs will be found on the forum.

List of Guild Names and Tournament-use Abbreviations
Gurren Brigade: GB
Talons of Liberty: TL
Titan Reapers: TR

Players look up their opponent's Challonge username on this forum and send them their Skype information and start a Skype conversation, including an admin in both Skype and Challonge messages. They then coordinate the match times.
On specified deadline days for each round, admins will *cough* randomly *cough* advance matches that didn't happen (meaning players tried to coordinate but were unable) or remove inactive players from tournament.
Match Schedule
(To be determined but would look like this)
Sign-ups close and predictions opened: April 17
Predictions due and tournament begins: April 25
Round 1 closes: May 1
Round 2 - May 8
Round 3 - May 15
Semifinals - May 22
Finals - May 29

About Challonge
Challonge is a tournament organizing website.
Features: Challonge shuffles players to start but can also seed; notifies players by email when matches are available; and allows self-reported scores. Challonge also allows self-reporting of scores with attachments, but only admins have access to scores and matches after a winner/loser has been reported. Admins also can remove players from tournaments (resulting in a line through the name). Challonge also allows tournament outcome predictions before the game begins. It also allow for voting on matches and has a messaging system.

Match Logistics
Matches following tournament specifications will have positive scores on Challonge and be eligible for the "most kills in a match" awards. Matches not following tournament specifications or lacking tournament-specified evidence must have final scores of 0 so as not to confuse admins when choosing the highest number.
A false report of a win/loss (meaning your opponent reports that you have incorrectly input the win/loss) is grounds for immediate removal from tournament.
Player may withdraw from the tournament (forfeit a match) by their own choice at any time. This action cannot be undone.
Tournament specifications for a match
Match Specifications
Matches are 30 minutes in Forest III Hard Day using browser version of game. The player with more kills wins. There is no penalty for dying.
Players are advised to periodically take a screenshot (but maybe not save it unless there's a problem) because score-reporting screenshots must contain both players' usernames.
Masterclient is the player listed first on Challonge, but if players agree may be the other player.
US is the location of servers, but if players agree may be another location.
Name and Password are to be decided by players. ("MatchD" is fine.)
Initial time should be set to 31-35 to allow time for other player to join.
Player number should be exactly the number of attending players (2 unless witness is planned). (Prevents kicking from another player entry.)
Using Titan Eren is allowed, but be aware that kills as Titan Eren do not add to your score.

Reporting Scores
Score reports on Challonge or through Challonge messages allows players to enter verifiable scores in Challonge. (Challonge allows 4 attachments to each match. Attachments can be files up to 250k, links, or text.)
Scores are self-reported on Challonge and players must each upload 2 screenshots, one of start of match and one of end (less than 300 seconds left).

  1. Screenshot 1 must have time at or below 1800 with 0/0/0/0. (Shows that players started at correct time.)
  2. Screenshot 2 must have time below 1800. If possible, screenshots of the endscreen would be ideal. (Shows end scores.)

  • Screenshots must (1) show browser version of game, (2) both players, and (3) computer's timestamp (in corner of screen).
  • Screenshots may not be fullscreen.
  • Screenshots may be cropped (to reduce image size to below 250 kB).
  • Any time below 1800 (but containing both players) is acceptable because of accidental/purposeful disconnects or bugs which may result in only one player's name being shown. If players submit different final screenshots, the scores on the later screenshot will be used.
  • Be sure to take screenshots from time to time in case you or your opponent disconnects.

Once a match is reported as a win/loss, players cannot edit contents. As courtesy to opponents wishing to submit a score report, wait for them to upload attachments before declaring the win/loss.

Verifying Scores
Players are required to check their opponent's previous match and verify that the scores match the reports. If a special report was submitted via messaging, you will see two notes saying so from the player and an admin.

If scores are not reported correctly
(Reminder) A false report of a win/loss (meaning your opponent reports that you have incorrectly input the win/loss) is grounds for immediate removal from tournament.
If you make a mistake when entering a score, notify an admin immediately. (See "Troubleshooting")
If you spot a false report, notify an admin immediately. (See "Troubleshooting")

Receiving a score of 0 does not affect the outcome (win/loss) of a match if the outcome is shown in the latest screenshot. Scores that cannot be shown to have happened fairly are changed to 0 because there are awards for highest score in individual matches.

Failure to report at all:
If scores are not reported by either player, an admin will either remove both players for inactivity or pick a winner.
If scores are reported only by one player, that player will receive their reported score but the player who did not report will receive a score of 0. (No proof of browser version.)

Failure to report correctly:
If neither player shows initial scores, both will receive 0. (No proof of correct amount of time.)
If a player is missing from a screenshot, it will be disregarded. (No proof it was taken in a match.)
If a player does not show browser version use, the player who uploaded will receive 0. (No proof of browser version.)

Links to video of match are acceptable proof. Please add a text attachment noting the seconds in which the match starts and ends (and disconnects if applicable - see below) if they are not at the start and end of the video.

If you spy a problem, please report it to admins on Challonge. Be sure to identify yourself by your in-game name in the subject line. Be specific in the subject line (Match letter, problem description, etc.).
Unfair play, rule infractions, or other violations will result in removal from tournament. There is no other penalty.
Whenever action is taken by admins, they may choose to record the changes or actions in this log. While there is a log on Challonge, it does not include detailed information that an admin might wish to provide.
Admin activity log
Please try to help admins keep this log as short as possible by not causing trouble. Thanks!

9/3/2015: SarrubyTarruby changed scores of match K as requested by ToxicSenpai.
9/5/2015: SarrubyTarruby removed Sarruby from tournament due to suspected cheating.
9/8/2015: SarrubyTarruby reopened match L as requested by Kurashiki and Aoi.

Issues concerning a score or a win or loss
If you make a mistake entering a win/loss, notify players affected and admins immediately via Challonge messages.
False win/loss entries and false claims of false win/loss entries are grounds for removal from tournament.

In the event that a win/loss is recorded on Challonge incorrectly, message all admins on Challonge and detail what happened. Include affected players (like the your opponent's opponent, for example) in the message.

If your opponent submits the win/loss before you can upload your attachments, send your score report to all admins on Challonge. These will be checked when admins check each round and they will add a verifying note-attachment to the match.

If a score was recorded on Challonge incorrectly or a win/loss was reported incorrectly, send a message to the admins via Challonge.

Disconnects during a tournament-specified scored match
If you have a tendency to disconnect, make sure your opponent is aware so that they can take screenshots from time to time in case you disconnect at the last minute.

If you disconnected during a match and have a screenshot from before the disconnect, do not upload attachments to Challonge. Instead, send a message via Challonge to all admins that contains the following:
  • Screenshot 1 (start)
  • Screenshot with scores from before disconnect
  • Screenshot upon rejoining game showing 0/0/0/0 (to prove disconnect)
  • Screenshot 2 (end)
If you disconnect more than once, submit the two screenshots from before disconnect and upon rejoining as many times as needed.
If all the screenshots check out, your score will be the sum of score(s) before disconnect(s) and your end score. An admin will add a text attachment to your match stating that they have received a report verifying your score.

If your opponent disconnects, you submit your own scores as usual via Challonge with 2 screenshots. No disconnect-related information is required from you. However, your final screenshot must still contain your opponent's presence.

The disconnect vs. kick problem
Since it's a two-person browser-version game, /kick is indistinguishable from a disconnect. (Remember, however, that score reports are only valid if both usernames are shown.) Thus, here are the measures you can take to protect yourself from kickers.

(1) Take screenshots from time to time while playing. Scores from before disconnects can be added as noted in the section about disconnects above.
(2) If you believe you were kicked, rejoin the game and type "screenshot now" into the chat. Take a screenshot of the game while that is in the bottom of the chat and send it to all admins via Challonge messages. Your score must be 0/0/0/0. You must submit a kick report if you type "screenshot now" into the chat.

If you are being accused of kicking (you see "screenshot now" in the chat), keep calm and do not be offended. Screenshot the message while it is in the bottom of the chat and send it to all admins via Challonge messages. Send this report even if your opponent says they did not or will not send the kick report. (If the accused kicked, there will be messages just about "screenshot now" declaring the kick or the chat will have been cleared by the accused.)

You may report scores as usual on Challonge or send them in your kick report/response via Challonge messages.

Admins reviewing what happened will try to determine if a kicked happened.
If a kick response message is received without a matching kick report, admins may decide that the player who typed "screenshot now" was trying to slow down the other player and remove the player who failed to report from the tournament.
If the accused does not submit the screenshot containing the responding "screenshot now", they will lose the match for not proving innocence. However, if the accuser has a history of disconnects and/or kick accusations, admins may use their discretion.
If the accused is determined to have kicked (i.e. submitted an incriminating screenshot), they will be removed from the tournament.
If the accused is determined to have not kicked (submitted an exonerating screenshot), admins will simply take note of who was involved but take no action.

Do not spam the chat (as in, do not block players' views of the game). If your opponent attempts to block your view, report it. Do not ever clear the chat, since your opponent may disconnect to accuse you of kicking.

If a player is unsportsmanship-like to an extreme degree, send a message to all admins on Challonge detailing the misconduct with as much proof as possible.

Failure to conduct oneself appropriately will result in removal from tournament.

Leaving the tournament
If you choose to leave the tournament, go to "Your Settings" on the tournament page at and click "Unregister". If the tournament has already started, your name will simply be crossed out.

Other inquiries or problems
If it is a match-specific issue or an issue that's about your opponent, please message all admins on Challonge.

If it is a general tournament issue, message all admins on Challonge.

About witnesses
Witnesses to individual matches are optional but allowed; additionally, admins may require a witness(es) to specific matches (like the last few or if a user has a strong history of disconnects or other issues). If both players agree they would like a witness or if a witness is required by an admin, it's up to the players to pick a witness, add them to the Skype chat, and coordinate with them. Witnesses may be any other player(s) in the tournament and/or admins.

If a witness is present, the witness must have a score of 0/0/0/0 in all screenshots (should not have spawned). The witness should disable the Flare Green button to make accidental spawning impossible.

The primary reasons for requiring a witness would be to broadcast the match, to check for cheating/mod use, or to verify that kicks are not occurring.

Witnesses may report scores along with the two players, but such reports will not take the place of the other players except if the starting screenshot is omitted by both players.

My philosophy on dealing with cheating
Cheaters exist. Report them please with as much proof as you can muster.

Here's what I think about cheating in general:

I think there are two kinds of cheaters: casual cheaters, who do it because it's easy and they think they can get away with it, and serious cheaters, who cheat for the sake of cheating.

The above rules (kick/disconnect screenshot checks, score report criteria requiring both players' presence in screenshots, etc.) serve to discourage the casual cheater.

Are there ways to cheat? Yes. I'm certain of that and can even think of some ways around the rules here. You can't really stop a serious cheater.

That said, the above rules discourage the easiest ways to cheat, and I believe that most people are honest folks who I'd really rather not inconvenience with witness requirements or video proof. Like, I'd rather be like Notch in the early days of Minecraft - asking for $10 to play and not doing much security - rather than Starcraft, which tries to eliminate copying of games through CD registrations and requiring constant internet connection thereby inconveniencing all customers. That said, this tournament is not a business trying to sell to customers; I can and will remove players from the tournament if it seems they are cheating in some way.

I'm not a lawyer. Screw legal terms. There's no money involved with this, and participating is at your own risk. You accept all responsibility for anything that happens to you. I nor any of the admins are responsible for anyone's actions, including our own. We are not liable for anything that comes of your participation in the tournament. We're other human internet users and can only do our best.

So... Don't sue or anything. If anyone has more legal terms to add, let me know.

Internet Safety - especially if you are not a legal adult
Basically: DON'T BE DUMB.

Remember your general internet safety stuff: beyond like age, gender, and very-very-very general location (like continents or geographic regions with populations over 50 million), information can be used to find you. So don't give out your name, address, high school names, Facebook, etc. If you do give that out, you are putting yourself at risk and I and other admins have nothing to do with it.

If you are uncomfortable with connections to your real identity, I suggest that you create a new Challonge username and Skype for tournament use so as to maintain an anonymous profile in the tournament. Please be cautious when interacting with other players.

If you're a minor, please consult with your parents or a responsible adult about the tournament before entering. Please do not tell information to anyone that can be used to identify you, such as your name or address.

Bragging rights and internet-permanency of your username by the awards on forums.
Awards and thanks will be given for
    1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Place for winning matches
    Highest score in a match: 1st, 2nd, 3rd
    Best bracket prediction: 1st, 2nd, 3rd (for highest score - only requires a Challonge account, not entry to tournament)

    Feng and other producers
    Forum maintainers
    All admins/staff for tournament
    Sarruby (for inventing this kind of tournament dangitall)

The Admin Handbook

!!! NOT DONE !!!
I changed it so that players check each other, largely decreasing the role of admins, except to check things sent via Challonge. The admin handbook has not been changed to reflect that.

This is written with the intention of having multiple admins help a coordinator run the tournament. The main admin orchestrating the event is called the "coordinator" and the other admins are called "admins". The coordinator may also be an admin. If there aren't many sign-ups, the coordinator may be the only admin.
It is assumed that there will be multiple brackets. If there is just 1 bracket, then the instructions may change a bit.
Once this style of tournament is run, I'll revise the instructions here.
This is mostly for me, since I plan to run this, but anyone is welcome to see what I'm going to do. It's helpful to have a checklist of things to do.

Chapter 1 - Tournament Set-Up and Sign-Ups
The Coordinator

Task 1: Open Sign-ups

The coordinator creates the tournament email to be shared by all admins.

The coordinator uses the tournament email to create the Google form described above well in advance of the tournament.

Task 2: Distribute Information

The coordinator makes a thread on Feng Forums that copies the rules above and includes the sign-up link. They specify the sign-up deadline, the predictions deadline, and match deadline dates. They input the tournament email and edit rules as necessary.

Task 3: Collect Admins and Admin Information

The coordinator finds admins to help run the tournament.

The coordinator also creates a Google form to keep track of admin information. The form must collect this information:
  • In-Game Name? **
  • Guild name?
  • Challonge account name? **
  • Email address? **
  • Skype name? **
  • Skype name finding details?
  • Time zone? (may help when coordinating matches)
  • Agreement to rules? **
** Required

Task 4: Contact Selected Admins

The coordinator makes a Skype group and email list in the tournament email, adding admins as they come. This may happen long after sign-ups start but must happen before brackets are finalized and predictions open (chapter 2).


Task 1: Sign Up

Admins (once designated and signed up) are all be added to a Skype group. There, they receive information not privy to tournament participants, like the gmail username/password. Skype and email will be the main means of communication.

Admins may choose to create new Skype accounts or email addresses to keep their identities anonymous.

Task 2: Distribute Information and Publicize

Admins are encouraged to spread news of the tournament - specifically, sharing links to the tournament rules. Links to the sign-up sheet are optional since they will be in the rules post.

Note: Admins and coordinator(s) may not participate in the tournament (to avoid bias), but may be in a guild (because that can help when finding trustworthy admins). They must have non-guest game accounts and Feng forum accounts to facilitate communication and consistency.

Chapter 2 - Closing sign-ups and contacting players
The Coordinator

Task 1: Close sign-ups

The coordinator closes sign-ups.

Task 2: Create Brackets and Corresponding Skype Masterlists

The coordinator creates 2, 4, or 8 brackets containing equal numbers of rounds (all tournaments have a total number of players under the same power of 2).

Using the sign-ups spreadsheet, the coordinator creates a Skype masterlist for each bracket using their own email and shares it with the tournament email. They filter out guild members first and put them into different brackets as equally as possible. The rest of the tournament entrants will then be placed into brackets to ensure the same number of rounds. At the top of each spreadsheet, the coordinator will put the Skype information of the admin(s) for the bracket and the coordinator's Skype username. The Skype masterlists contain the following:
  • in-game names
  • Challonge names
  • guild names
  • Skypes
  • time zone information
  • any other information deemed necessary

They add filters for "Score Report", "Match" + "Issue", and for each bracket ("Bracket [bracket letter]") to the tournament email. They also create a label called "AA Resolved" (AA so it appears at top).

On Challonge, the coordinator makes a tournament for each bracket. They add all admins to all tournaments on Challonge (using Challonge usernames). The coordinator uses the Skype masterlist(s) to bulk-add participants to each tournament. The coordinator shuffles the seeds 5 times and starts accepting predictions (thereby locking seeds) but does not click "Start the Tournament" until the specified date.

Task 3: Distribute Bracket Information to Admins and Participants

The coordinator sends the admins an email and Skype message to all admins notifying them of their bracket assignments. The coordinator may ask for help contacting participants because Challonge PMs recipient addresses must be entered manually. The coordinator may specify a date before the predictions end and the tournament begins by which the Skype masterlists are to be sent, rather than do it all at once.

The coordinator sends participants the following message on their Challonge accounts:

    Hello. Thank you for participation in the AoTTG tournament described at [link to tournament rules].
    You have been added to bracket [bracket letter]. The Skype masterlist for your bracket is [link to masterlist]. Please save this link. You will need it to contact players. Be sure to add your bracket admins when creating Skype groups to contact your opponents.

    IMPORTANT: Before the tournament begins on [date tournament begins], please log into Skype and add your bracket admins to your contacts. Please write the following message: "I'm [your in-game name], a participant in the AoTTG tournament." This is so that you can add your admins to Skype groups when you contact your opponent. If you wish, you may make a prediction for how each bracket will turn out by going to that tournament page (see Feng forum). You have until the tournament begins to make and edit your predictions.

    Good luck and have fun!

    If you have received this message in error, please reply stating so. Otherwise, please do not reply.

Task 3: Distribute Information

They update the Feng Forum post to reflect this activity:
  • How brackets work (like bracket A/B and C/D, then winners)
  • Links to the Challonge tournaments for each bracket, noting that anyone with a Challonge account can make a prediction even if they aren't signed up for the tournament
  • Instructions to add admins on Skype before tournament begins, noting that the admins are their witnesses in Skype conversation
  • Note that if players did not receive the masterlist they should check their Challonge account first, then email the tournament email with the subject line "Did not receive masterlist from [their in-game name]"


Task 1: Check Access to Challonge, Skype Masterlists

Admins will be added to the Challonge tournament as admins and should verify that they are admins on Challonge. They receive edit-access to all masterlists (as they are shared with the tournament email) and will receive bracket assignments. Players will begin to contact admins through Skype.

Admins may log onto the tournament email and set up forwarding to their own emails by editing the filters (like for score reports and bracket-related information) if they so wish.

Task 2: (If Asked) Help Coordinator Contact All Participants

If the tournament is very large, admins may be asked to help with the distribution of Skype masterlists on Challonge since PM names must be entered manually.

Chapter 3 - Opening and running the tournament
The Coordinator

Task 1: Open the Tournament

On the date specified for tournament start, Challonge will automatically start the tournament (or coordinator can click "Start Tournament" button). The coordinator updates the post on Feng forums to reflect this change.

(Unless the coordinator is an admin, they're done for now. They'll still be added to all Skype groups and receive emails, etc., but have no requirement to do anything unless admins do bad.)


Admins communicate with each other using Challonge messages and Skype.

Task: Handle Match Problems

Admins handle match issues, kick reports, and any other problems reported by players via the tournament email. They mark emails as "Unread" if they do not deal with the problems presented. When the admin handles an issue, they add the "Resolved" label to the relevant email(s). Please refer to tournament rules to see what should be done in different situations. Use your judgement or consult with other admins if the tournament rules do not cover a situation. In the event both players are removed from a match, please flip a coin to decide who you will remove first so that predictions have a 50-50 chance of being correct.

Weekly Task: Check Score Reports and Advance Matches

Each week on the round deadline, admins check their bracket for unfinished matches, look into why they didn't happen, and remove inactive players from the tournament as necessary. In the event both players are removed from a match, please flip a coin to decide who you will remove first so that predictions have a 50-50 chance of being correct.

They also examine every match's evidence and double-check that scores reported by players are accurate and meet the conditions stated in tournament rules. Score reports are either uploads to Challonge or reported via email. Incomplete or incorrect score reports result in either the score being changed to 0 or removal from the tournament. Admins post in Feng Forum thread notifying players of when they've checked scores and advanced matches.

Task: (If Needed) Witness Requirements

Admins may require witnesses for matches, making the players coordinate with an additional person. The witness may be someone broadcasting the event if there are people wishing to do that. In earlier rounds, if there are people who wish to broadcast matches, admins may add them to the top of the masterlists of brackets, adding a note for players to add the broadcaster on Skype if players would like to be featured in a broadcast. (I'm imagining or YouTube, but whatever.)

Chapter 4 - Closing the tournament
The Coordinator

Task 1: Close the Tournament

The coordinator clicks "End the Tournament" to finalize the tournament on Challonge. They then edit the Feng forum post to reflect the winners of awards, asking for help as needed.

The coordinator uses feedback from players and admins to revise the tournament rules and/or admin handbook.


Task 1: (If Needed) Help Determine Award Winners

Admins may be asked to help figure out who got some awards, such as highest match scores or highest prediction score.

Admins are asked to give feedback on how the tournament went on Feng forums.

If you're reading this after reading all the rules/handbook, thank you so much for reading it. Please either reply or PM me with comments! Thanks!!
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