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Official Q&A List

Postby Accelevi » Mon Sep 02, 2013 2:40 am

This will be the stickied thread where all collective questions and answers should go.
Mods, please edit and add questions and answers as needed.
If a question which already exists here is made, it will be automatically locked, no exceptions.
Mods, when you edit this, please include the answer to the question.
EDIT: I have deleted the replies, because I forgot to lock this thread. This will be more of a general FAQ stuff for relating to the game or forum or otherwise, and thus, only Q&A should go here. Apologies.

Le list:
Why can't I delete my post?
You can not delete posts in the forum after you someone makes another post after you, to avoid problems with evidence for warning and such.

I fail when I try to connect to a server. What's wrong?
If you fail to connect to a server, then it is usually because either you are too far away from them, a bad connection, or the server wasn't fully up yet.

Will an update come every week?
Probably not, be patient.

Why is there a scoreboard for v(some version), but there is no thread for it in the changelog?
Either feng has just not gotten around to it, or it is from the fact that it is not a giant update, just some tweaks to the AI for Titans.

Why hasn't my game updated?
Clear the cache, reinstall unity, refresh the page, restart the browser, or use another browser.

Why is Armin slower than the other two characters?
This is probably intentional. Armin isn't much of a fighter, while Levi and Mikasa are the top two soldiers.

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