Can't join US servers

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Re: Can't join US servers

Postby dogboy » Tue Nov 25, 2014 4:23 am

Probably the last update:

Still have no idea why it worked yesterday.
I just cleared all my website data, history, cache, cookies, etc EVERYTHING from my computer, then uninstalled adblock completely, then went through a software update for the main OS, then deleted unity web player and reinstalled it, and it still doesn't allow me to join the US servers.

This game hates me.


Re: Can't join US servers

Postby dogboy » Tue Nov 25, 2014 4:34 am

See, I thought that would be the last update, I thought that I would just deal with the horrible ping and playing with people who don't speak english on non-US servers, but it turns out that things could have gotten worse the entire time.

Now everytime I try to load the game, I get this
literally every single time. No matter how many times I click "install manually", no matter how many times I delete my current unity web player and install it again, or how many times I refresh the page, restart my browser, or even restart my computer, it does not work. Can't even load the main menu now.

I love this goddamn game, and I know I shouldn't be complaining when it's free, but it's just really frustrating to have to constantly deal with all of these bugs which seem to share the sole purpose of not letting me play.

Re: Can't join US servers

Postby zRavioli » Tue Nov 25, 2014 12:13 pm

1. The reason I suggested a mod was because I thought that a client might fix the problems. Clearly, it didn't.

2. You should just edit your first post with the updates instead of posting a long chain of unnecessary posts.

As for actually fixing the problem: Try using another browser, such as Firefox or Chrome. You could also use the program Wineskin to allow files such as the Anti-Cheat Mod that were made for Windows to be used on your Mac.


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