Reel Rebind - Reel jam

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Reel Rebind - Reel jam

Postby zRavioli » Sat Nov 29, 2014 2:41 pm

My problem is that whenever I use a button that I've rebound to on my mouse to reel both in or out, the next hook I fire will immediately begin reeling (and sometimes will constantly reel on the same hook that I first reeled on). The buttons I used to use were middle mouse to reel out and right mouse to move in, but now I use XButton1 to reel in and XButton2 to reel out.

Example 1: I'm flying towards a titan, and then I reel in to kill it. I miss, and I hook a tree to swing around, but I am automatically reeled straight into the trunk.
Example 2: I'm trying to get a nice traditional cut. As I swing around the tree, I reel out so I can get behind the titan that I want to hit. To my dismay, I continuously reel out even after I stop holding the button and smash into a tree.
Example 3: I'm flying fast. I hook a tree and reel out just a little so I can swing around without bumping into the side. I clear the side, shoot my hook into another tree, and I suddenly reel out very quickly and smash into a tree even though I didn't press the button.

This is a problem that I've found on my old mouse and computer, but it was uncommon and easy to fix (I just clicked the button I used a second time after using it). I have a new mouse and computer now and the problem occurs almost every time I use a reel rebind button, and I cannot fix it with ease (I will usually have to click the rebound button multiple times before it stops jamming.

Anyone know how to fix this?
I'm looking at you, Mira >.>


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