Reel out Applications

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Reel out Applications

Postby shingekinoSTPHN » Thu Oct 15, 2015 7:57 am

Reeling out is useful and having a unique advantage especially in High Damaging Reel Techniques such as, Accelerated Spiral Strike , Yo-Yo , Trad Cut or even in Manuevering . You usually apply reeling out in manuevering just for avoiding crash but reeling out has its unique advance usefulness in manuevering accurately straight into a titan that can be use in setting up some techniques like Accelerated Spiral Strike , Gyrocopter and AirEquator.

So in applying reel out in manuevering:
1 First acquire some speed away from a titan (Its very simple in the center of the forest ).
2 Second hook into a tree (far enough from a titan ) after hooking start reeling out until you are passing right into a tree or before doing Step 4 (or you can start holding W+D if you are going counterclockwise or W+A if you are going clockwise on exact start in Step 2 , then release A or D if you are in Step 4 .
3 Just simply wait until you acquire the accurate angle and view straight into a titan .
4 Then reel it in once as fast as you can .


Reel out applications

It is always safer to use G-stop , also too much using if reel out can cause tension of your wire especially if you're in a great acceleration.
Always remeber the basic law of REELING
If youre going fast enough you'll actutally not pull straight into the hooking point but overshoot to the side due to the lateral motion

I am really hoping guys that this could help ,if you guys don't like this i'll delete this as soon as possible.
I know that this is just a demonstration but i will create the tutorial step by step for this .


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