How to play AOTTG with your wii controllers :)

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How to play AOTTG with your wii controllers :)

Postby Linksbrawler » Sun Sep 08, 2013 4:15 am

So some of you guys have seen my post here: viewforum.php?f=10 and wants to know how I did it. So this tutorial will be focused on how to set the game to be playable with the wiimote.

Helpful Links
Video of me playing with the wiimote: viewforum.php?f=10
Making sense of the sensor bar: ... sensor-bar
GlovePie download: ... e_download
AOTTG Wii 0.001 download:!eV8mlaaK!ecJEM2-Pj ... rxs_igK4rw

What you need
    Internal or external Bluetooth adapter
    Wiimote and a nunchuck
    Optional but recommended: Wii motion plus
    A Nintendo Wii + Wii sensor bar OR just two candles
    Being able to play AOTTG
    Download Glovepie: ... e_download
    Optional: HDMI cable with a T.V.
    Optional: Additional batteries

Getting started with Bluetooth
Did you know that the wiimote communicates to the Wii via Bluetooth? If the wiimote is able to communicate to the Wii via Bluetooth, what's stopping us from making the wiimote communicate to our PC's via Bluetooth as well?

Before we can start, we need to make sure you have Bluetooth installed. Most laptops should come with an internal Bluetooth adapter. Unfortunately, mine didn't so I ended up buying an external Bluetooth adapter. Some of you may also need to do that. The one that I bought was for $10. You may be able to find one cheaper, but remember, we want something that works. If you bought your Bluetooth adapter, follow the instructions to set it up.

Connecting your wiimote to your PC
Once you've enabled your Bluetooth adapter, you'll need to get your wiimote out.
Go to control panel in classic mode and search for "View devices and printer". If you can't find it, press start and search for "devices". You should find "Devices and Printers".


After clicking it, you should see something like this:


Don't worry if I have something that you don't or vice versa.
Now click on "Add a device"
You should see a popup like this:


Now Press 1 and 2 on your wiimote simultaneously. Your wiimote lights should be flashing for 20 seconds and you should see this:


Now choose "Pair without using a code" because your wiimote doesn't need a secure connection. Before you choose the option, press 1 and 2 again.


After you pressed next, wait until it successfully connected to your pc and installed.
You should now see "Nintendo RVL-CNT-01" on Devices and Printer:


Your wiimote should also continue to flash even after 20 seconds. This is an indication that your wiimote is connected to your PC.

Understanding the sensor bar
If your sensor bar is connected to your Wii and the Wii is on, the sensor bar does nothing more than act as 2 inferred sources(light that we cant see), one in each end of the sensor bar. The wiimote uses the sensor bar as a point to refer to. Here's a good analogy:

Matt Casamassina wrote:If the Wii remote is a ship, the sensor bar is the lighthouse.

Read more about how the sensor bar works here:

So if you don't have a Wii, you can replace the Wii sensor bar with any other object that emits inferred light! 2 candles separated by a few centimeters are usually a good substitute since candles can produce inferred light as well. (Beware of fire hazard!)

So you can choose whether you want to use a Wii sensor bar or 2 candles. If you're going to use the Wii sensor bar, remember to power on your Wii AFTER you connected your wiimote to your PC otherwise your wiimote will connect to your Wii instead.
If you're going to use candles, please watch out for fire hazards! Also keep the candles a few centimeters apart.

Note: You can place your candles or sensor bar anywhere and use that as your point of reference. (As explained earlier)

Having the wiimote control your PC
Okay, so we have connected our wiimote with our PC, and we have set up our inferred sources. Now we need to make it so our wiimote can control our pc using the IR source. First, download GlovePie from here:
Once you've downloaded and extracted GlovePie, open up the .exe


In the same folder the .exe is in, there's a file called documentation.rtf . If you want to learn on how to code your own controls, open that and read it.

If you don't want to learn and make your own controls, and would rather use what I've coded (I'll probably start a group to help me since University is starting in 1.5 days), than feel free to use it. I'll be upgrading the codes once in a while to make the game feel more realistic.

Download my code here:!eV8mlaaK!ecJEM2-PjZVdi60EfrWbIzjDRkxLyCa4Arxs_igK4rw

After you have my code downloaded, go to file, open. After opening my codes, you should see this:


If you're not using Wii motion plus, then connect your nunchuck into your wiimote.
If you are using the Wii motion plus, unplug it from the wiimote and connect your nunchuck into the Wii motion plus. The reason why we're doing this is because there's a certain bug that we want to avoid. (I'll hopefully find a better solution)

On GlovePie, press start.
If you're using the Wii motion plus, after pressing start, plug your Wii motion plus into your wiimote after making sure your nunchuck is plugged into your Wii motion plus.

Pick up your nunchuck gently because moving the nunchuck horizontally is how you'd left click and you don't want to accidentally click something on something bad while your picking it up.

The first and fourth led should be flashing. If not, then something went wrong. Point your wiimote to your IR source and you should be able to move your cursor with your wiimote.

The Game
After you've loaded up the game, go to settings and click on default.

Your settings should look like this:


You may change your quality or mouse settings if you like. I found myself increasing the mouse sensitivity.

Now the controls on your wiimote:


When you play the game, remember to use the original camera mode. This doesn't work for any other camera types.

Playing the game on your T.V.
Now if you want to have even more fun and take it one more level above, you can play the game on your TV! If you have an HDMI cable (cost around $20), you can plug your TV to your PC. Make sure that your PC and your TV has a slot for HDMI.
Once you have you're PC plugged to your TV, you can add your IR sources on top or underneath your TV. Once again, beware of fire hazards if your using candles!

So you can have your computer on a table and still face your tv and play the game.

Thank you and enjoy!!


Re: How to play AOTTG with your wii controllers :)

Postby Peanuts » Sun Sep 08, 2013 5:20 am

WOW, Thanks so much for this guide :D

Have to try it as soon as I get off the forum and finish my stuff XD

Question, how do we change controls :?:

Re: How to play AOTTG with your wii controllers :)

Postby Linksbrawler » Sun Sep 08, 2013 5:29 am

Peanuts wrote:WOW, Thanks so much for this guide :D

Have to try it as soon as I get off the forum and finish my stuff XD

Question, how do we change controls :?:

No problem :D

Unfortunatly, there's no GUI that lets you set your own controls. But I may be able to fix that. For now open documentation.rtf and you can read on how to code and set up your own controls.

Tbh, you might not even need that. If you read my codes, you'll notice that it's really easy to understand it and you can make some adjustments on your own.
For example, it's obvious that Keyboard.One refers to the number one on your keyboard.

Edit: I can also change the controls for you if you tell me what you want.

Re: How to play AOTTG with your wii controllers :)

Postby THE WOLF » Sun Sep 08, 2013 4:38 pm

thanx for tutorial ^^

Re: How to play AOTTG with your wii controllers :)

Postby Blackhunter » Sun Sep 08, 2013 4:47 pm

thank you for the tutorial

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