Killing Female Titan (Solo Strategies)

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Re: Killing Female Titan (Solo Strategies)

Postby Joseph Joestar » Mon Dec 23, 2013 11:11 pm

Accelevi wrote:I sort of try to avoid stuff like that, because it takes the fun/challenge out.

It's still surprisingly challenging, thanks to her AI's tendency to lag or randomly not attack or something. She'll sometimes unpredictably run up at you closer than normal and if you don't react in a split second you're bloody bits on the forest floor. Also, there's a lot of fun/challenge in actually figuring out stuff like that too. If you just have someone else tell you though then yeah, that's kinda silly. Only trick I've figured out against Abnormal Annie requires a ton of quick and precise movements. If you screw up even once you're dead 90% of the time too. It's definitely better than playing Annie II, at any rate.
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