Mikasa vs Colossal Titan by Critical

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Mikasa vs Colossal Titan by Critical

Postby Akashi » Wed Jan 01, 2014 8:23 pm

I've found the way how to deal dmg as Mikasa to Colossal so I decided to make this tutorial. It's only a idea how to start a fight with him and it's not 100% accurate, but if succed, you would deal much damage to him.

When you start fighting, you have to jump off the wall to avoid being smashed. Best way to hide is here:
You will also have to wait here while Colossal destroys 'cannons'.

Then you climb up the wall and hook ground. You will now wait as he kicks the gate. When hooks are placed on the wall, you will not be knocked back.

Now you hook his head

Fly behind (he may be at this position at this step but he will return soon)

And use special during praying for luck ;)

When I was trying this method, effectiveness was around 25% and hits were 500-1000+
I think that's may be a way to start the fight, and deal much dmg at a start, but you can also return and try again during mid fight.


Re: Mikasa vs Colossal Titan by Critical

Postby Accelevi » Wed Jan 01, 2014 10:12 pm

It looks difficult to match the aim.

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Re: Mikasa vs Colossal Titan by Critical

Postby Akashi » Thu Jan 02, 2014 2:50 pm

Yes it's difficult, especially when he is striking cannons while you are above him. If the first strike misses, you stil have a chance to deal dmg because you are close to the weak spot. Also you can return and wait at the same spot in wall and when the chance comes, you can redo attack.

Re: Mikasa vs Colossal Titan by Critical

Postby Gill Shark » Sat Jan 11, 2014 3:36 am

Haha, i always try this technic on the first titan of the city 2.... its a good way to (try) kill the colossal, as i ve done many times this moove. the only problem is to coordenate the attack in a way dat u wont get hit by the titan's attacks, like the yellow steam. i think, dat if the aiming bounds were increased, mikasa specials would be much more acurated, and precise.

hmm... now it seems to me... dat actually, is really easy to aim properly at the colossal's neck, since he doesnt moove sideways, his weak point doenst change very much its place.... also i realized, dat with dat techinic, u may, if u got a damm hell lucky to solo the CT (nearly impossible). i noticed dat this level has a ceiling where u can hook, if u fall down properly using mikasa's special, and hit the nape... well i dont know how much damage this would make, i am still trying to do dat, but i aways end up on his ass. im quite sure... dat if someone hit the nape in that way, would kill the Colossal, at least on the normal mode.... they hav already done something similar to annie
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