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Re: Tiny Slash Tutorial

Postby Annie Leonhardt » Sat Jan 25, 2014 12:31 pm

I don't really think you need a tutorial for this, you only have to practice. I did the same with Full Slash, practiced it without a tutorial.
Is it just me that thinks this is an Over Head but from midair?
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Re: Tiny Slash Tutorial

Postby Noodler » Sat Jan 25, 2014 1:02 pm

Xedma wrote:Noodler, I can't accept this. This is not a complete technique nor does it explain the mechanics behind it. You can't keep making tutorials like this just because you can. You need to start putting more thought into what you post ...

First of all, this isn't a complete technique (like I said)
I happen to use this technique frequently, and going over the top as you do is just one part of it. There are other approaches for this like over the shoulder and below the shoulder.
This video shows what I mean

Second of all, you do not fully explain how to do this technique.
This is one of those techniques that can pull off 1k hits with relative ease. You are doing a disservice by not going more in-depth behind the mechanics of this move and the timing required to pull it off. What you have here is a generalization. Not a technique.

Thirdly, Tiny Cut would have sounded better.
After all, this move is named after Tinyweed who kinda founded this (as of that time) unnamed technique.

Please. Do all of us tutorial makers a favor. Put more thought and time into your tutorials before posting them.
And ffs add text to your posts not just a youtube link!
I don't live to disagree with you Ghost. See? I did it again!

Sure, but is there a con to me posting this?
I'm extremely sorry that I try to help people, but don't do it perfectly. My apologies

Re: Tiny Slash Tutorial

Postby Accelevi » Sun Jan 26, 2014 1:43 am

Noodler, you don't need to be smart about it.

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