Speedrun compendium

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Speedrun compendium

Postby Endogenesis » Mon Feb 03, 2014 9:30 pm

Hello guys, how is it going?
Today i'm here to bring you something i've been struggling to do for a while.
If you haven't clicked blindly on the topic, you should already have an idea of what this will be about.
After a series of everlasting problems, i'm finally glad to present this little guide to the public. As some of you may already know, i'm addicted to speedruns, and yes, i'm planning to distill you my love for them. With this thread here i'll share with the whole community the tricks and routes i use to get my times.
This being told, let's start immediatly.



❶ Don't rely too much on techniques, freeform is what will allow you to get awesome times. Remember that getting on the ground, regaining accelleration and even maneuvering around titans takes a lot of time. If you want to get times under 100, you'll have to push yourself as much as you can and avoid all sort of mistakes.

❷ Be reckless. Would you prefer getting the best score, or settling for the second-third one just because you didn't take a risk?

❸ Be ready to try over and over again. Is it a crawler hugging the limit of the map or a mistake, you'll most likely be restarting a lot. I suggest that you take a break every once in a while, since you'll start to get sloppy over time.



As you can see in the image located above, i gave titans different colours and letters.
Yes, i gave some titans the same letter because it makes talking about strategies easier.
A (Orange) is also your spawn location. You know there's a friendly titan right under your spawn location, right?


Let's examinate the first group ( A Group)
There's one simple way to shave some seconds off the first three titans.
To do so, as you spawn go backward and slighty to the left, and start using gas as you fall from the tree.
If the titan under you is turned to the right (looking to the East side of the map), you'll be able to hook on his neck, reel, and get a clean cut that will also allow you to keep momentum.
If you do everything right, you might also be able to use that momentum to reach one of the two remaining A's titans necks, and then quickly suppress the other one with another accurate reel.

Here's a demonstration:


After you get rid of the A group, you'll have to deal with those two gentlemens located in the North-West part of the map. If you've done everything perfectly, they should be exactly where i put the markers. Take out the one nearest to your position ( if he is a small one he may hide behind a tree) as you would with any other titan, then head immediatly for the other one. Now you have two possibilities:

The titan is not facing you:
Just reel on his nape and head out for the C group as fast as you can

The titan is facing you:
If he does, it doesn't mean you're unlucky! In fact, my friend, you're damn lucky! If you're confident with Sparrow Striking or Hydra Strike, you should know that these techniques keep momentum after you land a hit. If you Sparrow/Hydra this titan correctly and are fast enough to recover in midair, you can get to the C Group in the blink of an eye.

Chances are that the abnormal titan from the C group will invade this portion of the forest, so be ready to fight it in addition to those two. As always, try to take him out as fast as you can for better times!
In very VERY rare cases, a crawler will invade this zone too. Just keep your eyes open for these crawling cutiepies


This group is fairly easy to deal with, as there's no particular strategy to use.
As you may have noticed, one of the Cs is noir, nera, black, kuro or whatever you want to call it. That is an abnormal.
When they are away from each other, just engage 'em one by one and suppress them as quickly as you can.

If they are near to each other you can deal with them pretty easily by using the "Neck2Neck" thingy
What the hell is this Neck2Neck? Basically engaging the tallest one of the group, and after killing it use gas and eventually reel to get on the necks of the smaller ones. You can easily kill 3 titans in 4-7 s with this.
Note that i'm giving this name to avoid explaning the entire thing everytime i have to mention it, therefore feel free to just forget it once you're done reading. Here's a video demonstration of it:

The Crawler can of course invade this zone ( it happens 1/5 of the times), so don't forget to be carefull, as you don't want to die by something you didn't see coming (Right? RIGHT?)

D GROUP - Z CRAWLER ( Also known as rapetrain )

Alright guys, we're finally here.
This is the point where you will be able to decide if your speedrun is worth your time or not.
When they don't hug the invisible wall, Crawlers invade this part of the forest pretty often, so in addition to those 3 regulars titans you'll have to face the infamous rapetrain. Firstly, let's talk on how to deal with those regular titans. They tend to stay really close to each other, so the best here is the ""technique"" we mentioned before, the Neck2Neck. In case you missed it, check the C Group, it'll be there.

Now, the rapetrain. This is what actually kills times for most people, so be careful. Crawlers aren't hard enemies, you just have to know how to deal with the efficiently. First of all, the classic method that everyone knows, "Endogenized". When i go for the crawler i almost always go for a quick kill, and there are two ways of doing so depending on which direction the crawler is facing:

Facing torwards you:
Be a Petra.
In case you aren't a evil person and didn't get my joke, get to the nearest tree and hook on it. The height you have to pick is dictated by the crawler size, ofc. He'll uselessly run against the tree for roughly a sec, then it'll cease moving for a while. This is your moment. Drop on his head WITHOUT USING HOOKS, sink yourself into his "glorious mane of hair" ( help yourself with gas if needed) and slash. If you don't manage to get to his nape and slash in time, hook on his nape to prevent getting knocked off by sudden movements of the beast. This can be done in a sec and you can also get 1-slash clean kills

Running away from you:
This is actually pretty hard.
If you're not really confident with reel, it's preferable to not engage him this way. You should gain his aggro and execute the first method instead. Don't worry, you'll just lose a few seconds. For those of you who are reckless enough to try this well, this is a pretty simple process.
Gain speed by hooking into trees, fly above the crawler and as you pass him hook into the nape, reel and immediatly slash.
If it'll work, the crawler will die and you will feel fab
If you fail, you'll become the meal of the creature.
Here's a video of this method in action:

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: As you know, crawlers tend to go hugging the invisible wall at the edge of the map. If you plan on getting a under 80 score, forget about trying to kill it while he's there. To spare some usefull time, just check where he is after dispatching the B group, more in particular when you're heading for the C group. If he ran into the forest instead of hugging the edge of the map, that might turn out to be an awesome run. So go for it!

After you're done killing the crawler, get on the ground and check your blades durability: you didn't break your first pair of swords yet, but they should be pretty much about to break. Reload now while you're on the ground to prevent a fabulous fail<b>*</b> later. Now that you have a new pair of shining blades, immediatly get in the air and start hunting down the rest of the titans. From your positiong head to the south part of the map. The F group will be waiting you there.

* This doesn't apply for Levi, who has double blade durability compared to all other characters.


This group is probably the easiest one. There's no need to do anything in particular, so just get there and drop them to the floor as fast as you can. Neck2Neck might come in handy, but while playing i've noticed that those two split very often, so it's all up to your luck. With that done, you're almost there. Head for the south and hold on a bit longer, we're on our way to slay the very last titan of this map.

If you're LUCKY, but like REALLY REALLY lucky, the F titan will invade their area of the map (That's how i got my 68 on hard).

THE F(******) ABNORMAL (Unformally known as the TimeRuiner)

Well, at this point you'll just have to hope that this guy isn't running against the edge of the map. Even if he's relatively easy to kill, if he decides to hug the invisible wall he'll probably add some extra seconds to your time. There's no actually way to prevent this, so the best you can do is reducing the damage as much as you can by killing him quickly. Of course, don't do stupid things: if he's hugging the invisible wall, he'll most likely be away from trees, meaning that your maneuvers won't be as much as efficient as they used to be.


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Re: Speedrun compendium

Postby Accelevi » Mon Feb 03, 2014 9:50 pm

You made a very nice guide.
It's really light and easy to read.
Good work. ^^

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Re: Speedrun compendium

Postby Zondag » Mon Feb 03, 2014 9:53 pm

Looks good ill try it someday

Re: Speedrun compendium

Postby Xyro » Mon Feb 03, 2014 11:36 pm

Awesome, no wall of text :D

Re: Speedrun compendium

Postby Ghosthunter » Mon Feb 03, 2014 11:47 pm

Xyro wrote:Awesome, no wall of text :D

Awesome,double post. :lol:

Also nice work Endo and Nood (people seem to forget Noodler provided the videos).

Re: Speedrun compendium

Postby hsin75 » Tue Feb 04, 2014 8:34 am

Just what I needed, My time always gets ruined cause I couldn't find the last Titan........

Re: Speedrun compendium

Postby Thirdkazekage » Tue Feb 04, 2014 11:59 am

Thanks for the awesome help, time to break records :lol:

Re: Speedrun compendium

Postby Endogenesis » Tue Feb 04, 2014 9:06 pm

Thank you all for the compliments :)
I'm looking forward to seeing some good times coming from you all!
Go, minions! :D

Re: Speedrun compendium

Postby Accelevi » Tue Feb 04, 2014 9:29 pm

*gets 20 seconds*

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Re: Speedrun compendium

Postby Endogenesis » Tue Feb 04, 2014 9:35 pm

Makoto wrote:*gets 20 seconds*

Congrats, you won a cookie and a free kiss from me :D
now c'mere


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