Iskandars compendium ch1: Flow

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Iskandars compendium ch1: Flow

Postby Iskandar » Fri Oct 17, 2014 3:59 pm

Hi guys Iskandar here with my first chapter of the compendium! Lets get started

The game has evolved to 3 obvious scenarios and distinctions for types of players and play-styles:

Speed run play-style

(You like going from titan to titan at a fast direct rate, almost as if it was a track, not necessarily moving properly through, Gameplay from chug)


Typical power showcase

(You enjoy gaining speed to then aim for a direct critical hit with high damage when flying past the nape, at insane speed and acceleration. Which is fine, unless you cant control where you move from then on, Gameplay from Lito).


(You enjoy playing safe, using aggro manipulation to the max and time to safely get from wave to wave, which is totally fine, UNLESS there's a time limit)
(Couldn't really find a video atm with a bad player doing a high survival wave XD, my apologies, but if you want an example take Sunutsu as a player, simple aggro manipulation and he knew only 2 moves and with enough time reached all the waves (1 hour and 30 minutes if i remember)

I am here to tell you this is all meaningless without Flow

)If you are fast at reaching the titan but have to stop and then reach the next one, chances of death are higher and chances are you will complain that you are not hitting hard or have trouble hitting hard.

)If you have power when hitting the titan, your damage will be fine, superb in fact, but at the speed you are flying going past the nape, if you lack control, you will crash like a bumbling baboon and complain that the trees are in the way. Remember this as well: Time spent getting damage is time spent getting kills, and that is your main goal as a player in every mode this game offers (Except annie and CT ofc)

)If you are a survival player, that means you are incredibly safe, and that's fine and all but timed challenges mean you can't do them, what is the point of having a soldier that can't fight under pressure? Answer me that.

What is Flow?

Flow is the term used by players to determine how seamless they go from titan to titan and getting successive kills on each, not stopping, and not slowing, not necessarily big hits just successive hits. :geek:
So if you have good flow you will be less susceptible to stop and try to set up for kills and just take the moment for what it is and keep killing, EX:

Good Flow

If you have bad flow, your patterns will look unrefined, and your movement as a whole is diminished and incomplete

Bad Flow

Flow creates good synergy with all these 3 aspects, and derives from them as a whole, if you want to be a better player overall, practice going from titan to titan as seamless and natural as possible at the best rate you can, you do not have to be fast.

Practice makes Better

Just move, move like if you were drawing circles and ovals almost, thats how i imagine it at-least. Reach a focal point of what you consider your most comfortable speed and try to constantly kill at around that speed, dont slow down too much and dont speed up, practice that and you will improve control and flow by soooo much Remember no one is perfect at this game, and everyone messes up on their stride, EVERYONE. That doesnt mean you shouldnt keep practicing, because the less you do it the better

Let me know below what do you prioritize in your playstyle

I will see you guys next session, learn, have fun and reach for the heavens!!!


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