Simple Name Config

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Simple Name Config

Postby Fade~ » Sun Feb 15, 2015 3:39 pm

K so thing about this is that everytime feng updates the game u need to do the code again, in other words u need to remake it a different way, all u do is get the newest source code and paste it under if (/) thing ykno.
But incase you have trouble ill update this tutorial like linkthehylian does with his exe's.

Downloads:!4cBVxTrK!EmaOuHo67 ... HmuehMumSA

Also for people for people who need to add a name cfg to a mod you can just get the source code.
Open the source with something like notepad or notepad++ and then you just put the chatname code in the same place that i put it, basically just like add it to the top.

If you need extra help or need me to help you with the bugs or anything add me on skype.
name: live:ultimarift177
ill fix it up for ya


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