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Newbie Area Notice

Postby Accelevi » Tue Mar 31, 2015 10:08 am

Apologies but after a quick test, seems like Newbie Area will be necessary as spam bots have made their way in again.
Don't worry, it'll be only 3 posts, that should be enough to deter spambots (since they can't figure out where to post).

Edit: Unfortunately, those who signed up before I had originally disabled the newbie post count requirement will still need to post (10/15 however much it was at the time of sign up) to get out of Newbie according to the forum system, which I don't like (Read below for solution). Those who signed up after will immediately be able to post anywhere.
Unfortunately, the latter also includes spambots, which the mod team will manually ban upon notice.

For all other regular users of the former kind, just make three constructive posts in the Newbie Area and then post a request to be made a full user in the One-Post Thread thread please. I will manually upgrade your account then.
Those who signed up after I changed post count requirement back to 3 will obviously also need to post 3 but it will automatically make you a Registered User after 3 posts.

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