Notice: Fake Accelevi Crashing Servers

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Notice: Fake Accelevi Crashing Servers

Postby Accelevi » Mon Jul 27, 2015 10:42 pm

Notice, as of recently, there has been a fake Accelevi going around and crashing servers.
He used some sort of name steal function to make his name appear to be like mine, so that the appearance is the same.
However, most of the time, he uses just a green and cyan type of sliding gradient.
I'm assuming his mod can change it freely though, so beware of anyone who claims themselves to be me without offering any actual proof (forum-wise, such as making a post on the forums).
He is not me, and I am making this public, to bring attention to this fact.

If someone seems/claims to be Accelevi, you are free to question them and demand they offer proof.

I'm 109, he's 110. The snapshot was at an awkward time, but I normally use rainbow gradient, while he uses only that two color gradient.
His mod can probably change it however though, so just because someone has a rainbow gradient as well, don't trust them.

Thank you.

EDIT: They seem to have gone away for now.
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