New Version Feedback

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New Version Feedback

Postby Terramort » Mon Nov 11, 2013 3:34 am

I don't want this to be a thread of personal opinions on the update. We've had a lot of love/hate posts, but no real feedback on the newest (and awesome) update.

- Auto-Adjusting Camera Angle: This seems to be getting the most attention. Everyone seems to either love it (like me), or hate it because of motion sickness. A simple option to disable this would be much appreciated, I'm sure. I find it perfect for lining up fly-by kills - I've gotten significantly more since the update.

- Spider Titan: Amazing in concept, but a little broken in-game. Their neck needs to be a little easier to hit when riding them, and they should follow the some jumping rule as other Deviants (some of them jump, some of them don't). Remember, an predictable enemy is far more dangerous than an even an adept enemy. Other than that, they make a very fearsome and well done enemy. I end up wanting to run away everytime I see one.

- New Shaders: Causes a bit of lag for some. Again, a checkmark to remove the option would be appreciated. While you can turn them off with the graphics slider, it's difficult to control the specific graphics options that need removing, as different graphics cards will handle different aspects differently. At closer ranges (within cable range), it'd be pretty nifty if the "fuzzy" auto-adjusted so you were always aiming at clearly drawn objects. The actual shaders/shadows are freaking amazing, and make the game look very professional.

- New "Level 1" texture: The level now has a very white, sterile look. This would work if it where possible to customize your HUD/hook marker colors, but it currently makes it very difficult to keep an eye on your gas/aim your hooks at buildings.

- New Shadows: See New Shaders

- Eren/Eren Titan: With a 2 minute cooldown, mediocre speed, and no special attack, Eren is a pretty fair character. Having only 30 seconds to rampage as a Titan a lot of fun. Remember, you *can* while Shifted, but only if a 12+ meter class attacks you from behind. However, Eren is capable of transforming while grabbed, making him capable of transforming numerous times during a match. This makes him incredibly OP in the Forest. My suggestion is to give all characters a *possible* grab escape (weather through my method of attacking the fingers before the strike, or through QTE)

- Eye Blinding: YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! This is brilliant! I also love how (true to the anime) some Titans do not the feel the pain and flinch when cut in the eye, so it occasionally becomes a suicide move. This is perfectly implemented.

- Hole in the Wall: I don't even... what? What is this? The very first thing I thought when I saw the preview picture was "what happens when they wander out of the hole into oblivion? I bet he added an invisible outer wall. Or Titan AI won't allow them to walk through the hole" But umm, yeah. The hole is very cool, but I have a feeling it's unfinished. The gate is pretty freaking sweet, though.

- Mouse Wheel: YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! This is the best part of the update (along with the Spider/Eren Titans) in my opinion.However, it needs to be allowed to be chanced in the menu, as many people use the mouse buttons for 3DMG. It's also be nice if you could let out cable a tad faster while scrolling, so you can rappel down walls.

- New Forest MP Mode: This is pretty well done. Totally sucks when you get attacked by 1 Deviant, 1 Jumper, and 1 Spider on the first wave. XD

- Public Servers: A bit laggy. Not sure what do do about that, though. Meantime, using Hamachi will be unlaggy like the old version. However, please allow us two checkmark options: "Private/Public Server" and " Allow Join After Start?"

- New Audio: Can't really tell. The Spider is too quiet from a distance, and only servers to send shivers down your spine as you helplessly watch it murder your friends. The noise from the bigger Spders should be much louder. 8+ meter class Titans should also make some noise when walking nearby, as well cause local trample damage.

- New Bugs: There's the hole in the wall bug. Also, clearing a map on SP doesn't cause the timer to stop anymore.

- Where to go from Here: The next minor update should patch up all of the previously mentioned. Along with that, getting 3 new Flare colors would be greatly appreciated. They have had Blue, Purple, and Yellow in the show, and we need more colors to convey our messages properly as the variance and intelligence of the Titans increases. Removing the forced view limits would also be greatly appreciated, allowing us to shoot straight up/straight down. Fall damage seems to be the next logical step after that in terms of making the game harder, as the new scroll function greatly helps with the 3DMG. It seems as though the Level 2 is going to be expanded to have some of the surrounding area, possible allow for the battle with Colossal Titan. Now that we've had a super badass character added, it'd be pretty nifty to get 2 or 3 more "regular" characters (top candidates are Sasha, Petra, Connie, Marlo, Hans, Rico), then have Annie added. At that point, a PvP mode would fit right in. The next logical level to add seems to be the castle from the manga. Little animations, like a puff of gas when a hook is fired, would fit right in and help the immersion. Adding a First Person View would also be super nice, and attract a few more niche' players.


Re: New Version Feedback

Postby Suraru » Mon Nov 11, 2013 3:36 am

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Re: New Version Feedback

Postby Terramort » Mon Nov 11, 2013 3:58 am

Because I would like this thread to about constructive feedback. That thread is colored with a lot of opinions, not real feedback. Also, this is a collection of a lot of what was said in that thread, for Feng's convenience.

Re: New Version Feedback

Postby Suraru » Mon Nov 11, 2013 5:22 am

So like more defined discussion revolving around feedback and ideas to make the game better based on this version?
I have my own two cents that I put in the official thread ,

Suraru wrote:
Accelevi wrote:And Suraru, Eren time seems fine, considering his power.

The ability to run around as a combo swing missing, Eren sploading out of neck, giant that doesn't even last as long as his transformation intro in episode 21?

Yeah, I'll stick with humans thank you very much. He is vastly underpowered, the windmill attack still kills Eren because it normally hits the neck (it's kinda funny to see pieces of Eren flying out his his titan's neck), and unless you corner a titan, you'll normally miss your three hit combo because his first two attacks knock back your target enough to be out of range for the third, killing attack. Did I mention he lasts less than the transforming intro? No really, I played episode 21, role played and recreated it a bit, and when the time came, I transformed, punched a few titans, killed like two, and by the time he was finally running toward his target in the anime, I was turned back into Eren... with five large titans walking up to me, and two on the side. It was like hell gave me a satanic version of a happy meal.

So yeah, I love how Eren can transform, I love how he looks and roars, but I hate how he plays. The rest of the update is cool though, but I noticed even on lowest settings, it's about 5 FPS on multiplayer.

And some actual feedback;
- Blinding: Awesome concept, but it's harder to hit their eyes, than it is to hit their neck. So the point is almost null.
- Wire control: Any chance you can make it work when I use one wire, and when I'm not using gas? The wires pull in by default, but if you touch the mouse wheel, I feel it should stop the auto reel in and allow more control.
- Graphics: Needs an advanced menu tree. Some graphics I like, some lag the game. Motion sickness camera should be included in these settings.
- New maps: City should have the wave game mode. Also, put a 'fade to black' wall in the hole. so titans can walk out of the darkness, and make it one way so people cant walk out of the map through it.
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Re: New Version Feedback

Postby Senpai » Mon Nov 11, 2013 9:03 am

Eren/Eren titan: Some people want a stamina system, and just more moves added to him. (Grapple,throw,bite,etc)

reeling: I love it, but it's a little hard for me to use admittedly, I would like it if you can reel yourself in without holding shift. ex: hook button+mouse scroll up=reel
Currently in game its like. ex:Hook button+Gas shift button+ mouse scroll=reel.

3DMG: Overkill has a big suggestion, but two are very accepted. (Mid air gas booster, recovery roll to counteract fall damage)

Sasha seems close to a full agreement on what her special should be, also people like the corkscrew attack for the levi squad. (at character abilites suggestions list by rapterjoe)

Maps: Castle utegard underground maze levl by rivallenamikaze hasn't gotten too many complaints, and I remember people liked a plains map.

Titan ai: Make attacks targeting eren titan. (hold his legs down, tackle, fist fight) and just more attacks against humans. (wire grabbing, bites, etc)

Titan hitboxes: Since eye hitting is pretty good right now, maybe we can move on to achilles heel to bring down titans, and the dismemberment of the limbs for eren and titans alike.

*Edit: this idea is old but (sideways wall run/grind so when you swing by a building too close you get into a animation that goes in the same way you are swinging to keep momentum or gain more momentum) (Ledges. climb up the building using only parkour, no gas or wires. keep pressing w to slowly climb the building)

Re: New Version Feedback

Postby MysteriousPerson » Mon Nov 11, 2013 9:47 am

i dont have any feedback to the in-game content, since its already satisfying me (although there are a couple of bug that the other user mentioned). However i will addresing this feedback to the multiplayer

Multiplayer : now that feng has a master server for the public server, why dont he makes a master server for private games as well, so we dont need to use any VLAN like now for the future update.

Re: New Version Feedback

Postby Constipation » Mon Nov 11, 2013 10:49 am

Good summary, although I do not agree with all of your ideas. But here's some more problems that we have discovered:

- If the round ends with a score screen everyone, including the host, must restart their clients before they can reconnect
- There's now a bug in which if a person leaves the server and comes back immediately the server won't drop their name and recognizes them as being there, they can't play and it locks up the server making the host need to reset it.
- Dying with your camera tilted locks it in place while spectating

Also the stomping sounds very annoying. There's a weird pop after every stomp like someone is repeatedly unplugging my headphones and plugging them back in. Not sure if everyone has it or if it's only on specific hardware.

Re: New Version Feedback

Postby ErenKyojin » Mon Nov 11, 2013 11:20 am

Honestly im glad the crawling titan is as hard as it currently is to kill, and it should stay thay way, its the only titan now that you actually worry about seeing and have to try very hard to kill, it gives me that "oh god im going to die" feeling when I encounter one and I love it like that because it feels so much more like the anime.
Also, I think the fuzzyness on distant objects should stay its really reflecting the feel of looking that far in the distance. In my opinion I think everything in the update is perfect except obe thing that should change and thats the new camera motion, I think there should be a option to keep/remove it, because I personally LOVE IT SO MUCH, it makes me feel like my body is actually moving with the game which feels so awesome!!! But there are those people who feel motion sickness I guess which is suprising to me as I didnt think it would happen but honestly I hope Feng keeps the camera motion as a on/off feature because I am not kidding when I say I. FREAKING. LOVE. IT. I've literally gotten better, faster, and more cleaner looking kills with it, its just fantastic to me.
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Re: New Version Feedback

Postby Annie Leonhardt » Mon Nov 11, 2013 3:12 pm

I hate that you can't turn of shaders/texture because you have a lot of lag + I don't have a performant computer (like many others I think) XD
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Re: New Version Feedback

Postby Accelevi » Tue Nov 12, 2013 8:30 pm

Nice work Terramort.
Everything seem great.
And just a question, but specification on grip escape through QTE?

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