Feng's Question - Character Balance

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Re: Feng's Question - Character Balance

Postby Kitkat » Sat Mar 01, 2014 4:51 am

I've actually seen Eren slapped and bit out of his titan by jumpers several times.


Re: Feng's Question - Character Balance

Postby Fuginotory » Sat Mar 01, 2014 7:25 am

The "Super pro" limited was not for you Accel, I don't think you're super pro, just insane to the point where if you had your way we'd be fighting titans while but naked on an open field that has been treated with anti-human chemicals, and we'd be armed only with toothpicks.

Reeling whenever would just break the game completely, even now I can use reeling to gain speed, if I can do it whenever I want, I simply won't need to use gas, I'll just hook, press the reel key and off I go into the horizon. Reeling whenever would allow you to dodge in midair and generally would become way to OP. I may be able to use IC whenever, but it doesn't come without its cost, and if you think it's as easy to use effectively as pressing a button, by all means, go ahead and try. Being able to reel whenever will be as easy as pressing a button, heck, I can already use reeling for 90% of the useful moves I can pull off with IC.

About Eren breaking your game:
1. How many times has that happened? As most people only play with friends, that is not likely to happen unless you arrange it in advance. If you're hosting public servers that chances are your game won't be very interesting anyway, since mostly only new players will join, and that would mean you'll more or less be playing by yourself. and if experienced players join you don't have to worry about any of them using Eren, nobody uses Eren (we all know it's true).
2. Hardly, Eren is perfectly killable in titan form, in human form, and while switching between the two, on top of that any hit he takes stuns him for a second.
3. Marco is already unused and Jean is abused. In a server with 10 people I am the only one who is not Jean, every single time, it's like I'm playing "Jean Saves the World". If I have to say one more time "remove the grab escape" so help me. Eren can attract titans, but if he waits for them to come to him, he will run out of time, if he runs to them, attracting them doesn't matter much. His attracting does not force titans to aggro him for a while, they can change target whenever, besides, he can only do it in titan form. He can kill groups of titans, but he can be killed just as easily. Yesterday when I played Eren for fun I got killed 4 out of 4 times when I transformed, I was killed by homing titans (that means jumpers), titan-do, grabs while leaving the nape, and one where I have no idea what exactly happened. 3DMG is hardly unneeded with Eren, unless you have a better way to fight while the special is in cooldown, or maybe you can clear all 20 waves in 30 seconds? No, even if you could there are still two minutes you have to survive first.

Noodler likes all specials, that doesn't make them all good.
We all agree that Marco needs a buff, but you're the only one who keeps on ranting about it without actually suggesting anything, other than nefring Eren (because that will clearly solve all the balance issues).
Noodler will happily use Marco anyway, and if the special is buffed to be more effective (not going to bother ), Noodler will be able to use Marco even more happily.
I will resist the stupid ideas because it's due to these same ideas that this thread is even needed, if someone is offended by this, then someone is trying really hard to be offended. Give a good idea and I'll support you, keep on arguing and this will be a pointless and unhelpful flame war before you can say "arrested development".

What I'm trying to say is, if you insist on arguing with me, send me a PM, I will more than happily hear you out if you're willing to speak sense, otherwise let's focus on actual balancing suggestions.

I almost forgot, MP only special for an alternative Eren is a no. I don't know why this community hates Eren so much, but if an alternative version of him is made, I would like it to be usable in SP as well as in MP. A generic special is better, I can easily see him doing some sort of attack move that looks cool, but giving him an attack special would mean he would need better stats than Jean (oh noes, not better stats than Jean).

Re: Feng's Question - Character Balance

Postby Senpai » Sat Mar 01, 2014 8:30 am

*facepalm* you completely misunderstand the noodler example. It will just to point out that people liked the special even if you thought it was bad. i.e. the sasha special.
so I was trying to say, don't bag on it, try to add on/improve, same goes for Marco. You don't just say no to the majority, what makes you entitled to speak for everyone?

i suggested 2 sasha specials, Marco lock on to aggro single titan, etc. Apparently they're all "bad" just because you don't agree, w/e > you said I wasn't suggesting anything

LOLwut? reeling in takes more gas than usual, and mid air dodge? it's not any different than the auto reel, just manual instead, your statement is false.

And seriously I just mentioned to TF that I thought it was stupid how reeling is now, you're the one who made a wall of text bashing the idea

Ok, now with that out of the way, a few pages back, we compromised fugi, to make Mikasa's blades equal to Eren, but Eren keeps the 105.

So, can someone make the official poll, I think everyone with a list has made the necessary changes from the critques, to show Feng.

I'll make it, add everyone's lists if I get the thumbs up to.

Re: Feng's Question - Character Balance

Postby Wheaters » Sat Mar 01, 2014 3:38 pm

I'd be up for it. That's a cool Ilse, btw.

Re: Feng's Question - Character Balance

Postby Fuginotory » Sat Mar 01, 2014 4:11 pm

So I misunderstood you... Go ahead and stone me... Stupid bird brain! >.< y u no understand properly?

You want to be able to stop the auto reel then and/or decide when it kicks in? I thought you meant the manual reel (or instant reel) should be usable whenever (which would be...). Stupid bird brain! >.< y u no understand properly?

Some ideas can be improved, like Marco's special, others however... They are just bad and nothing you do to them makes them much better. I know you suggested two Sasha specials, both of which I think are bad, sorry Senpai, but if you think about it (and read why I think that) you'll see that neither a bow nor sensing attacks is really helpful. Didn't know the lock on to aggro a single titan was your idea, because I didn't pay attention, and I didn't trash it either, it was a good idea.

Anyway, if you're eager to make a list to show to Feng, go ahead.


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