Gas Burst

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Gas Burst

Postby Lyve » Mon Jul 14, 2014 4:12 am

Gas burst data

-----General but mostly aerial stuff
1.- The boost is static but it's hard to find the exact number, that's why in practice said number appears to change, thanks to momentum.

2.- Sideways boosts (A or D) only changes the position of the PJ, not his speed. I.E. Levi is moving at 100m/s and burst to the left with A. His speed will remain the same (minus 1 or 2, refer to 5.-) and it will be a liitle to the left.

3.- Bursting in the same direction you're moving DOEN'T substracts velocity when it ends. Refer to 5.-.

4.- You can hook during burst and the hook will behave as it would normally do.

5.- During the boost, the character won't move but his speed is subject to change during the animation of the burst. This causes that just before the animation of the burst ends we lose 1m/s or 2m/s.

6.- The aerial stats are the same for each char including Potato Sasha. Ground ones are different, specially for Sasha.

7.- A burst in the opposite direction of your char substracts 40m/s of his speed but, if his speed is less than 40m/s, the PJ will simply change direction. I.E. Petra is moving at 70m/s with W, she press rapidly S twice and is slowed down to 29 (because of point 5.-), immediatly after the burst, she bursts again, also with S. Now her speed is 8 and her direction is S instead of W. BUT, because we lower her speed we're also reducing her momentum, because of this she plummets to earth faster.

8.- The boost works when hooked but. Refer to 9.-.

9.- The boost WON'T increase your PJ speed while it is hooked and spinning around an object. His position will change, however the change is really small, this variation might not even exist.

10.- The speed boost lasts for about 0.1secs, after the speed will return to what it was before the boost. The animation itself though lasts for 0.2secs, and you cannot move until it ends. This is why we lose a bit of speed after a boost, in total the animation lasts for about 13 frames and it is the same for each character, both in the ground and in the air.

11.- Each PJ can use the booost a total of 25 times, both in air and ground. This means that each character spends 4% of his/her gas with each burst.

-----Aerial Stats
These are the same for each char. BOOST is how much speed increases, LOST SPEED is how much speed is lost right after the boost ends and BRAKE is the substracted speed when you burst in the oppossite direction you're moving to.

BOOST\\\\\\\\\\\\\\LOST SPEED\\\\\\\\\\\\\\BRAKE

-----Ground Stats
Potato Sasha\\\\\\\\\\+54.88\\\\\+65.04\\\\\+75.28

When Sasha eats a potato she becomes so random. I used Fraps in Akina to check the stats.

How do you use burst? I haven't heard of a technique yet. I use it to gain momentum after a crash.

You can use it to avoid trees and the pillars in Akina. The more I play, the more I get used to it and the more I use it on my kills. I'm a little anoyed by the fact that all char have the same aerial stats but meh, Feng will probably change it later. Sorry for the wall of text :(


Re: Gas Burst

Postby Marki243 » Mon Jul 14, 2014 4:55 am

I use it to avoid bites, grabs, and obstacles. Not very effective if you go at blinding speeds.

Re: Gas Burst

Postby AirZ » Mon Jul 14, 2014 7:02 am

That is some cracking research :)
I use burst to get out of harms way, but sometimes I still get killed due to server lag (dying about 100m away from the titan)

I did notice that when you are hooked and you move forward, when you turn the camera a quarter (roughly) and side burst, you retain burst speed when done properly.

Re: Gas Burst

Postby Kami-Sama » Mon Jul 14, 2014 6:58 pm

It also provides a simple and easy escape against jumpers for those who don't know how to dodge yet.

Re: Gas Burst

Postby Ikaros » Thu Jul 17, 2014 11:10 pm

i sometimes boost my way into a DFA after interrupting mikasa's special, or to move to the side of a titan a bit more before umbra striking. dodges are also a common use.

Re: Gas Burst

Postby Connorhere » Fri Jul 18, 2014 3:39 pm

I find myself using this way too much, i didn't expect myself to find so much utility in the gas burst tbh. It helps quite a bit for maneuvering and recovering after mistakes, although i have to be way more mindful of my gas now.

Re: Gas Burst

Postby TheGreatJedi » Sat Jul 19, 2014 11:23 pm

I use this for some techniques like Hydra Strike(My favorite) Umbra strike and equator specially for large titans
I admit this is a great update for having gas burst

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