General Tourney Discussion

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General Tourney Discussion

Postby Someone Legit » Tue Sep 02, 2014 1:31 am

A small note
Aight well, first up I'll explain why I'm creating this thread and what I'm expecting of it.

-I'm doing this because I feel a bit responsible for a certain tournament being called off. Though I somewhat expected that to happen heh.

-What I'm aiming to achieve with this thread is to set the basis for a possible upcoming tournament.
I just have a hunch we'll be hearing of one soon enough. Maybe this will be useful to the ones organising it, maybe not.
Maybe someone will even get inspired by this and decide to start one. Who knows.

Anyhow I really like discussing about things and shizz, so there's not much stopping me from doing this heh. Should be pretty fun too ^-^

So well, I could start this from scratch and slowly develop this thread over time with people. But on the other hand, that might not be a very bright idea.

Instead I'll just present my personal opinion and ideas on several modes and maps - people can then just argue against parts of it -or adding parts of their own- instead of having to make a completely new suggestion every time. Should make it easier for this thread to get active. Probably.
Although you're more than welcome to present a new mode suggestion :D

Anyhow, I'll begin with the maps I am confident can be in a proper tourney.

Akina Racing
Simple concept - People race, people finish, the team with the lower total time wins. Simple enough for anyone.
The only problem is (first raised by Raiden), what happens if a player (or players) doesn't manage to finish?

(The cause of that loophole is that after the first player finishes the rest of the players have 20 seconds left to finish before the game restarts.)

So the problem is nobody knows in how much longer they would have finished. So naturally that player has to be given a set amount of time - but how much?

My proposition is as follows ;
1) X = The first finisher's time || Y = The time of those who have not finished

2) The lowest possible time if easy to figure out : X + 20 < Y

And from here on, discussion is needed. I have two ideas currently on what the formula for Y could be, but neither of them is finished.

1) Everyone who doesn't finish will be given an unchanging amount of time. Maybe 150, maybe 120, maybe 110.
Unfortunately, I'm not sure as to how long people take to complete the race, and so my guesses are all fairly random.

2) Y = T (average time of team) + U (how many players from the same team didn't manage to finish minus 1) + O (set amount of time) > X + 20

The reasons for this formula are these :
T = Eh, I just needed a basis mostly, plus it just seems right for your team members' times be part of the formula.

U = Because of course there should be a big down-side if more than one members of your team don't manage to finish.

O = Eh, if only one member doesn't manage to finish then U = 0, so I needed an extra amount of time to be added.

I don't have much to say about Annie because it is simply such a straight-forward mode, but here goes.

Annie works as such : Each team faces Annie separately from each other and the team that completes the entire event faster wins.
Raiden wrote: I believe the Annie challenge should be done on Annie I and Hard difficulty, which will probably be the most balanced way to fight her in a tournament.

And I completely agree with that. The only thing left is to set up some rules.

1) No ankling Annie.
2) Purposely trapping Annie in trees or the edge of the map is not allowed.
3) No yo-yo lol

Forest 2 Hard
Just - so many modes you can pull off with this map. I actually have only two in mind right now, both unfinished as well, but that's why we discuss shizz.

1) Surival of the Fittest : Both teams are unleashed upon the battlefield and go kill titans. A team may win in two different ways.
Either all of the other team’s members are dead or they have surpassed the other team’s kills by a certain percentage / amount.

Again, needs quite a bit of discussion. The reason for the alternative winning requirement is to prevent people from playing too safe. heh
I'm not particularly keen on it myself -it's just too rough- but I needed to raise that point and put a prevention measure in place.
Also, if the teams actually beat all 20 waves with members from both teams alive, the team with the most kills wins.

2) MP Speedrun (AKA KillSteal Fest) : Both teams play simultaneously on the same map and have 10-15 minutes to earn as many kills as they can.
At the end of the time the kills are added up and the team with the most total kills wins.

Furthermore, every death could subtract a certain amount of kills, adding to the danger of death - and adding to the thrill as well!

Those were the 3 modes that are definitely worthy of a tourney. Now I'll present the debatable ones.

Forest 4 Hard
I'd really love it if F4H could be integrated into a tournament but, acquaintance? Azure Sky managed to land me back to reality.

[00:31:35] [Azure - XX.XXX.XXX.XX / XXXX:X0::XXXX:X0XX]
The game is too full of BS in short - Like freezing titans

[00:38:02] [Azure - XX.XXX.XXX.XX /XXXX:X0::XXXX:X0XX]
The reasons I think that Forest 4 should not be put into this tournament are essentially only the kind of problems that arise from being over the internet.
Such as titans freezing and then teleporting right before your hooks land on them so you have nothing to hook to - which leaves you airborne and helpless.
There is also the problem of tiny abnormals being very hard to take out on Lava, but I suppose that doesn't really matter because
'It takes skill' or some other similar reasoning saying you just have to "git gud"

[00:40:42] [Azure - XX.XXX.XXX.XX / XXXX:X0::XXXX:X0XX]
And don't come here and say something like 'Don't join unless you have a stable internet connection' Because simply no-one has a connection so stable that titans never freeze. And there are more than one factors involved. Simply enough Titans are always going to freeze unless you are right next to the Photon server or there is LAN. Both of which most likely won't happen.

[00:44:01] [Azure - XX.XXX.XXX.XX /XXXX:X0::XXXX:X0XX]
Basically Lava is a great game mode and it has the potential to be a cool competitive mode, but the game is not set up to be competitive - it is set up for fun. Not saying fun things are never competitive, just that Lava is not. There are just too many things that can kill you and you can do almost nothing about them, or things that are just too hard to kill.

My opinion about PvP is identical to the one I have about Crawlers.
Just. Bad.

So obviously I'm not a fan of a PvP mode being included in a tournament.
However, supposing a few people present a fine argument explaining otherwise, I see no reason why it shouldn't be included as an actual mode.

Outside the Walls
Eh, maybe. To be frank I can definitely see some potential in this map but I have no reason to add it as a possible mode as of yet.
I don't have nearly enough experience to say anything about it, and so I'm simply placing it in the debatable section.

And now, the modes I find to be totally incompatible with any tournament.

It was explained by xRivailution in a single and simple sentence.
xRivailution wrote:Trost cant be done, because Eren goes at the same speed in all modes.

Meaning the only way to declare the winner is for each team to finish it again and again until they fail - at which points the number of successful tries becomes their score. Or something similar to that.

Colossal Titan
Simply enough, Colossal Titan is purely luck. Or a well-executed R-Spin at the beginning.

City III
The City III is just not made for a tourney - it's just a map where friends can have a bit of fun.
Also, either it will have to be PvP, or the hunters will take over the map in seconds.
I'm not a fan of either of those.

Special thanks to Hyperium (Array), Shin Ramen, Azure Sky, and also Enna & Rice
Someone Legit


Re: General Tourney Discussion

Postby Someone Legit » Thu Sep 11, 2014 12:56 pm

Someone Legit wrote:I'll just present my personal opinion and ideas on several modes and maps - people can then just argue against parts of it -or adding parts of their own- instead of having to make a completely new suggestion every time. Should make it easier for this thread to get active. Probably.


Anyway, this thing is dead. And, normally, I'd just leave it at that.
Even though it had little to no chance of ever getting active, there would be no reason to lock it.

However, circumstances have come up. In-real-life circumstances to be exact - and I don't think I need to elaborate
Suffice it to say that I "have run out of time".

All the best for you guys though, and the forum community as well. Even though this attempt didn't work out, I'm sure that Someone else will succeed.
( If someone could create an account by that name before starting up a tourney, that'd be beyond awesome - it would be almost legit ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
Ah, and the reason I'm so stuck up on tourneys is that, most importantly, I just really wanted a tourney for some reason.
The second reason is that, in my belief, tournaments and the like are essential in order to keep this game running, as well as expand it.

I think that's about it. I contacted Accelevi a few minutes ago about this, asking him to lock it. He's not online at the moment though.
So, if any other moderator could lock this thread, please do. I'd be grateful.
Someone Legit

Re: General Tourney Discussion

Postby brate » Thu Sep 11, 2014 12:59 pm

game's dedder than ded , sorry bruh

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