Aottg Update 12/30/2014 Pvp Update

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Aottg Update 12/30/2014 Pvp Update

Postby l4dkurts2 » Tue Dec 30, 2014 1:40 am

Pvp added only two maps for it
Map 1
Cave Fight
Map 2
House Fight
Pvp is only on the maps not a customization option
There are no titans in PVP mode
Meaning no guns killing titans yet again Feng might update again you know how he is
There are 2 teams
One with normal 3dmg
One with Anti-Human Gear
Team with Anti-Human Gear is AHSS
Left click is one bullet meaning you can shoot twice
Right click is Both guns
You only have two rounds meaning you have to reload.
With the Anti Human Gear there is no Slice Flying -Hitting while you fly around- or you will shoot
You can now HOOK the other team players and pull them towards you, you can also make a train of humans :D! It's really fun
When hooked by another player if you try to fly away you are very slow
Also there is only one option atm for your charcter on AHSS
When you shoot you get blasted back a little bit kinda like Air Burst
You seem to have a range of 5m when the guns, No difference between double shot besides using two bullets and getting blasted back more
Okay about the 3dmg team
Like I said there are two teams AHSS -Guns- and Normal -Main Chars with 3dmg-
You can kill with everyones special -Including Armin and Marco-
You get petra's Special with Eren -Thank god-
Hooking to players does not work with Petra and Levi sadly making it very had to sue their speicals
That's all I know about PVP so far tell me if I miss anything
However you can hook your team mates :3 I would like to see some funny videos of trains
EyeCandy -Graphics-
New animations
BACK FLIPS HAVE ARRIVED!They are not button trigerd but your charcter tilts back and does a backflip every now and again
Sword Trail only happens when you slice
You Tilt when you hold left mouse down
Tell me if there is anything else
AHSS Weird arm animations are werid
-Tell me about more-


Re: Aottg Update 12/30/2014 Pvp Update

Postby Kano2 » Tue Dec 30, 2014 1:47 am

Oooh I didn't know you could hook players. xD
Also that new title screen is pretty cool.

Re: Aottg Update 12/30/2014 Pvp Update

Postby Accelevi » Tue Dec 30, 2014 1:49 am


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