Real Scale City

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Real Scale City

Postby Samon » Tue May 12, 2015 1:59 pm

I wanted to post this for months, but I couldn't register, and now that I finally can here it goes...

Samon's Real Scale City


So here's the story.
I started making this map as a test, and for fun. I was interested in how it would be like to play on a map that was actually scaled correctly with your character, where a door to a building isn't six times larger than Levi.

But as I made most of the inner city, I realized it's actually kinda fun to play, so I finished it completely and ended up with a high quality up to scale city. I didn't have the intention of uploading it, until a friend told me to do it recently, so here we are.

How to play?
To use custom maps, you need to use the RC Mod.
It is on the list of the approved mods, so I do think there shouldn't be any trouble. Also, the mod doesn't even have to be installed which simplifies the usage of maps.
RC mod:

When you load the game with the mod, all you have to do is start a "custom" map game, and load the code into the "map" tab of the settings.

The code was too big to paste in a spoiler, so here's a link to the text file on pastebin:














Now let's talk a little about how to play this map shall we?

Titan Scale (VERY IMPORTANT!!!)

First off, since the map is up to scale with the humans, so should the titans be, otherwise you would have massively oversized titans trampling all over your hopes and dreams.

So when you start off the game you should use the size command; /mode size 0.2 1
That is the correct scale in the anime

Trust me, I did the math, it was a little funny to me too, because as it turns out the smallest possible titans in the normal map are the largest ones in real scale.

So anyway, once you set the titans to the right size you can go off playing it in several modes.

1. Survival

I intended the map to be played in survival mode, simply because it is impossible to find the little titans if they don't come to you. So just set it to 5 random starting titans, and make it so they come in waves.

The point of survival, is to defend the city from incoming titans.
The way I imagined it lore-wise is that it is a small town inside Wall Maria, right after the fall. Unfortunately for the town, it didn't get the warning on time and now the local garrison has to protect the townsfolk from incoming titans.

2. PvP

The map was finished before the new game mode where the humans fight AHSS got out, but as it turned out it fits the map perfectly. I tested playing the map both with the bomb pvp mode and the AHSS pvp mode and it works just fine.

In fact, it works better then fine, because as we all know the AHSS pvp is impossible to do mid air, and focuses on ground combat, and that is something this map excels at. You will end up fighting each other in high quality streets with lots of detail, trying to hide and seeking your enemies instead of just flying around the cave waiting for the annoying AHSS player to run out of ammo.
Trust me, PvP is one of the strong sides of this map. I really do enjoy fighting against AHSS or blades players on this map, cause it isn't just about chasing them when they reload.

3. Role-play and Easter egg hunt

Last but not least, role-play. The map was made to be realistic, and I took my sweet time with the details, so if you are in this sort of thing you should find it very fun to play.

Also, I set hid a bunch of details around the map to see if you can find them. Whoever manages to find all of my easter eggs will be awarded an honorary potato.

List of Samon's neat little hiding places:
The Graveyard

House under an arc

A broken arc

Note: There are more wells, then just one


Double gazebo

Above ground gazebo
Somebody had to hire the slightly more special architect.

The Monumental cannon

The Monument to the fallen

The Arboretum

The Fountain

The Classical Street
For the nostalgic players

The spawn castle
I'd like to see you find this one

Also, features a handy little titan lunch box!


I just wanted to take another minute of your time, to note a few main gameplay differences from the normal map.

1. 3DMG usage
Trust me when I say this, using 3DMG on this map is much MUCH harder then on the normal one. This map is a 3DMG challenge for all AOTTG players.

If you are into challenging yourself, and you believe yourself to be good at 3DMG then this map is for you. If you can maneuver the city and look cool while doing it, I take my hat off to you.

2. Titan Fighting (DUH)
Not sure how to describe this, but fighting titans a lot different.

It's much harder not to land on the ground, since you will be so close to it, and its much easier to look cool.
I, myself, am unsure whether its a gameplay improvement or a flaw, but you will find yourself looking cool as hell when you use special abilities.
I did a lot of playtesting, and I found that titan fighting is actually quite harder and more challenging then usual. For those players who are, like me, bored fighting easy titans, might have a good time fighting on this map.
I think one of the main reasons why these titans are harder to kill is because you can't really use the ordinary reel tactics but instead have to rely on aiming, which is harder because they are smaller targets.

Lastly, I just want to say, have fun and tell me what you think!

ALSO, the map has a very high object count, so expect a huge massive lag spike at the beginning of each round. It should pass after a few seconds however, if you aren't playing on a wooden calculator.

Update #1
I moved the spawn point so its no longer at the highest tower in the city where it used to be. Now you spawn near the edges of the city, depending on which team you are.
The gas refill station, however, is still located in the middle of the city, near the highest tower.

Update #2
I couldn't make a video, because I myself am playing on a potato PC, and whenever I tried it turned out laggy and really low res. Instead, I uploaded some more screenshots for you to enjoy.
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Re: Real Scale City

Postby AirZ » Tue May 12, 2015 6:35 pm

I tried it out for a few minutes and it looks really nice, though there are quite a few things to mention.

Though the doors are a reasonably scaled, the rest of the buildings aren't in most cases.
Also the world feels too small which is because you tried to scale the sizes with the character. However, due to the height and length of jumps, things become quick out of proportion. I can easily jump over a building, or dodge further than a building's width. Therefore, the sizes used in, say, 'The City' map, is more reasonable when taking into account jump length and height.

But your aim wasn't necessarily to make it a reasonable playable map, but rather to take relative sizes into consideration. If our character was smaller, it would be perfect :) I think you can be proud about your work, because it does look as if you put a lot of work into it! So good job :D

I couldn't manage to spawn multiple titans in the map, so I do not know how it is to play with more than 1 titan in it. Using the 0.2 - 1 sizes work quite well for properly scaled titans. Though the 0.2 might be a bit too small :P

Re: Real Scale City

Postby Samon » Tue May 12, 2015 9:04 pm

Thanks :D

About the buildings, I scaled them according to doors, yes, and on most buildings it looks fine. However, some textures are just illogical, and I couldn't do much about it. Generally, the scales seem fine.

Regarding the jump height and dodge, I couldn't change the game mechanic so it is, of course, not realistic in that aspect.

About the size of the map, I went for quality over quantity, and though it may be relatively small in size it is massive in details.

However titan combat, and especially PvP is still very fun, and if one got into character and tried to role-play or move around using 3DMG instead of jumping around like a lunatic it does feel very much like in the anime (at least to me).
For this very reason I say this map was made more for PvP and role-play then it was for titan fighting and when you get into it a little bit, and maybe avoid abusing jump, you may find it to your liking.

Also, the way I like to play it when playing solo or with friends against titans, I set starting titans to 5 and make it so they come in waves. (You can do this in the same map tab where you paste the code)

Re: Real Scale City

Postby higurashimerlin » Wed May 13, 2015 7:52 pm

I noticed the reason why the player is big compare to the real scale building is that the player is three meters tall. If they were a meter shorter it wouldn't look so odd.

Re: Real Scale City

Postby Leach » Thu May 14, 2015 6:18 am

Nice map, I was hoping someone would make a real scale city because I didn't like how the doors were 6x the size of the player

Re: Real Scale City

Postby TheGreatJedi » Thu May 14, 2015 9:48 am

Judging from the character height since mikasa height is the default height and she is 170 cm
size .1 is a size of human player
large sized titans are mostly 15-20 meters (actually there are 20 meter size titans)
since mikasa height is 170 cm
.2 = 3 .4 meter titan size
so pretty sure they are supposed to be smaller i think
But that would be pretty easy to kill unless they ganged up

Re: Real Scale City

Postby higurashimerlin » Thu May 14, 2015 12:01 pm

Mikasa is suppose be 170 cm but due to the chibi art style is actually 9 feet tall. I noticed that on most titans that the characters are too big compared to the weak points. Meaning the smallest titans in the normal game size 1 are actually 15 meter class.

Re: Real Scale City

Postby Samon » Thu May 14, 2015 1:10 pm

^^ This.

I calculated it with Levi's size, starting with his size of 160 cm. I compared his size to the 0.2 size titans and noticed he is pretty much twice Levi's size.
Which means, 0.2 is somewhere around 3.2 meters.


Which means that if you take the scale of 0.2-1 as I suggested you will end up with 3-16 meter titans. So the max is 16 meters, but even that is not true as the 0.1 titans are slightly smaller then Levi (approximately around 150 cm, which makes 0.2=3 meters and 3x5=15) so I believe the 0.2-1 scale is correct.

Re: Real Scale City

Postby higurashimerlin » Thu May 14, 2015 4:37 pm

How does the actual height of characters mean anything here? All the characters models have the same height.

Re: Real Scale City

Postby TheGreatJedi » Thu May 14, 2015 11:55 pm

Well there was a
manga scene
where abberant can go actually for 20 meters
well i don't know but i think the art height for all characters are the same in the game which means mikasa is the only legit since she is the first character and other character are based on her height (just an opinion i didn't really put much comparison since i play alone most of the time) so the biggest size titans can be at least 1.3 or somewhere below that


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