Help Wanted! (Especially Hosts.)

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Help Wanted! (Especially Hosts.)

Postby ASO_Tournament » Thu Jun 11, 2015 5:17 am

We have gotten an unbelievable number of players registering for the summer games. We are incredibly excited and humbled by the sheer volume. It's nice to see that so many in our community are so eager to compete.

When we started planning in January, we estimated that 20 guilds would compete with about 200 players total. As of our posting this, we are now at 68 guilds, with no less than 400 players. We need some help.

We need more hosts for the games. Currently, we have 8.

Host | Region

ninnymonger | US
Niko | US
GUEST [-----] | US
TheTechDweller | EU
CWRob | EU
MrLapin | EU
Grav | EU
Raz | EU

We are looking for more hosts for all regions, and at least 1 for Asia and 1 for Japan.

Please reach out to /u/ninnymonger on Skype. His Skype is ninnymonger.

ASO is an international tournament, truly. We have registrations forms from all game regions and from at least a dozen countries.

We are asking for a team of translators for the following languages:

1. Portuguese
1. Spanish
1. German
1. Russian
1. French

You don't have to be a full time translator, as long as you can be available for these days and times: MASTER CALENDAR:


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