The revival of the forums?

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Re: The revival of the forums?

Postby Ethan Ackerman » Thu Aug 06, 2015 9:13 pm

Making the forum a little more like the Sub Reddit would probably help. Hosting competitions, making more things accessible, umm message boards? Idk, just more front page things that the Reddit has.

I'd love to see this forum become active, I joined the community in late January this year, which means I joined just after (i think) the forums died. I'd love to be more active in this community, and I feel like the Reddit doesn't really cater to that.

The update will help, and the new AoT season. We should also try making people in our guilds post here more, just giving them the link every day and telling them to go post.

Aother idea I just thought of, is if we gather a lot of members of the community and make a Skype group for people who want to make the forum more active. We then find more people, and idk how this group would be useful actually XD I just typed as I thought. Hmm, maybe it could be a group where we can give recommendations and stuff. But idk...
Ethan Ackerman


Re: The revival of the forums?

Postby RancorSnp » Fri Aug 07, 2015 6:10 am

Ethan Ackerman wrote:Bla bla

Thank you, Ethan. I completely forgot about Eren. That guy was so funny with his talking mostly with reaction gif's ^^.

I think the biggest issue of the forums right now, is what was very enjoyable back in the "old times." aka. Newbie area.
Now that the forum is dead, getting these 10 or 15 posts in Newbie Area is a drag. Before that, making your first suggestions, finding first friends to play with it was pure awesomness ^^ a group of players working together to finally be able to post with the rest of the big users... and find out they do not care about your posts that much :D anyways it was my favourite moment I think.

As for the RC mod, too lazy to toggle on the bookmarks bar, so I'll try it other time.


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