Forest 2 no longer any fun

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Forest 2 no longer any fun

Postby T3rran » Tue May 27, 2014 8:22 pm

Forest 2 (and formerly, City 2 when it existed,) were some of my favorite maps to play on. Or any mode that involved a permanent death until every player died. Those were a blast, your death meant something, and you would go browse facebook or something until that last player died give or take five minutes later. Back then, everyone was on pretty even playing ground, there were no "pro's" to speak of, just good players.

Now, players have gotten much better, and reeling makes being good a bit more accessible. That's fine and everything, and Forest 2 shouldn't be affected... but it is. There are a lot of normal maps, and a lot of really good players. I join these servers in the spirit of knowing my death will mean something and a loss of a player slows the game down, to the point where a single player left can no longer compete. However, there exists players that can -on a good day- solo wave 1 to 20 on normal.

Now, Forest 2 has turned into a game mode where these "pro's", unwilling to dig for a hard mode or abnormal, or create one, join these normal modes. Then, when every player is dead at wave 9 or 10, proceed to solo the next 5 or 6 waves (or if they're good, finish it.) They say "You knew what you were getting into when you joined a Forest 2" or "I'm playing the game my way, you can leave" or "Just don't die, then." I normally end up leaving these game modes to go play Forest 3.

I know why these players are there. They want to show off, because essentially, they're playing a solo wave mode with 1-9 other players watching them. They want the audience to praise their skills. They want to express their skill, their 1k hit streaks, their vector abilities, and yes I understand, I've done it. I like to show off, too. This game is something I'm above average at, and it's fun. It's also rewarding to hear the newer players fawn over your skills, even if you know they're only above average (to them, you're Levi-incarnate.) However, after about a wave or two of solo, I off myself to get people back into playing. I understand it can be boring watching a player solo 5 or 6 waves. If I'm the first one dead, yeah, it sucks, I should've played better. I understand I made a mistake and it sucks, but I'll get over it. What I don't like is when the super pro goes for those 5 waves to make sure everyone see's them be pro.

I understand a vote-kick is being tossed around the forums, but this is just more of a post for those who've been having the same issue. I might be alone on this, but Forest 2 loses all fun when all I get to do is watch some "uber god pro" solo the waves. The only Forest 2 I can join and really have any fun in is a Hard mode.


Re: Forest 2 no longer any fun

Postby Accelevi » Tue May 27, 2014 8:51 pm

Well then don't die.
I'm being fully serious.

If you're going to play a non-instant/near-instant respawn mode, then accept the fact people who can continue on for a while might be there.

tbh, you're just being selfish and impatient in that kind of scenario, imo

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