Newbie Discussion Thread IV

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Re: Newbie Discussion Thread IV

Postby cylic » Sat Nov 15, 2014 10:02 am

Kano2 wrote:The new update seems to be out but I can't play it on the browser. Says my game is out of date?

You might have to clear your browser's cache first.


Re: Newbie Discussion Thread IV

Postby Light95 » Sat Nov 15, 2014 7:53 pm


Re: Newbie Discussion Thread IV

Postby Bakyura » Sat Nov 15, 2014 11:53 pm

Am I the only one having trouble with hooks randomly not hooking at all? Not even a matter a moving or anything, I can stand right in front of a building and the hook comes out but doesn't, well hook. Don't remember having this problem before...

Also been getting more kills hitting the back of their head than I have actually hitting the neck, but maybe I'm just not judging properly. *shrug*

Re: Newbie Discussion Thread IV

Postby Seed » Sun Nov 16, 2014 2:03 am

Am I the only one upset by the wall running change?

The fact that the wall run was even implemented into this game in the first place is a little bit embarrassing...

Why in the world would you want to make the wall run happen even more frequent?

I've never been so impressed and frustrated by a patch in any game ever as I am with this one. So many amazing things added...

I'd never even considered using a mod, but if there's one without this wallrunning bullshit, I might be forced to switch x.x

Re: Newbie Discussion Thread IV

Postby Pancake » Sun Nov 16, 2014 2:23 pm

Ive never had any issues with the wall running :X
Might just be me relying on it rather than not expecting it

Re: Newbie Discussion Thread IV

Postby Equa » Mon Nov 17, 2014 1:37 am

I overall am happy with the update, except the blades. Either than that, it's great. It really makes you change your tactics to deal with them.

Re: Newbie Discussion Thread IV

Postby 41solstice25 » Mon Nov 17, 2014 6:11 am

i'm not too crazed about the new titan much for where it fits into all of what the game is. but after enough attempts i got methods for killing it down. it can throw the rocks pretty far by a few hundred meters. however, it can't throw them high. the game is easier for newer players with the ankle slices and non aggro titan sitting periods, but harder for the older and more experienced used to picking up pace to do some around the neck hits, as well as dealing with the new Punk titan.

i think something more difficult was somewhat necessary for anyone who would just use similar killing techniques on most titans. this is considerably a way to jazz it up a bit for them. but the Punk Titans are seriously an odd addition.

Re: Newbie Discussion Thread IV

Postby Razuhiko » Mon Nov 17, 2014 11:21 am

all titans should do the bitch slap when players try to hook around their necks

Re: Newbie Discussion Thread IV

Postby Yuvalis » Mon Nov 17, 2014 2:58 pm

i like the idea of the snap shot but the way its executed is realy bad. the shot needs to get rid of the slashes or reduce them, caz i can never see myself in them, and its alwase half picture titan and half slash effect :(

Re: Newbie Discussion Thread IV

Postby Razuhiko » Tue Nov 18, 2014 2:17 am

that homing rock needs to go its annoying as f when the rock chases you


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