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Postby KaiserSenpai » Sun May 25, 2014 8:59 pm

I have been working on this project for quite some time now, I felt like sharing it here!
If it's okay I'll post up Ch. 2 also. :o

Several nations are training this generation of kids, after years of the cruel possessed animals killing them they finally fought back - hard enough to make the fighting a sport for all to love and enjoy, and fully focus on. Fighting easy creatures and each other like gods, completely peaceful - right?

Satan hilf Uns

It's all in English do not threat the name.
I will be making 5 chapters, after the 5 I will start the drawing of the manga - or I might make the webcomic before or after the manga, lastly I will be making an RPG. It's already currently in the making since I have the 1st chapter completed, I am now creating the characters and giving more background character looks.

Things will really start kicking at ch. 4 - 5.

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Satan Uns Helfen – Satan Help Us

( RP Academy)

>>>>20/2/14 – Unedited, Betareader needed<<<<


Ch. 01: Traditional Schooling 101

5:30AM is the time that appeared on Kaiser’s pocket watch, 3 hours and minutes til

other students even begin to think to show up for class. Kaiser’s lips formed a small smile smirking, no one would notice the “Nation Hopper” in the back of the classroom.

Waiting in anticipation, Kaiser closes her eyes and begins to continue her deep meditation. What seemed like only a second passing, Kaiser’s eyes flashed open, only to be stared at by a random pair of blue eyes.

“Salutations.” The boy said to Kaiser, leaning away from Kaiser’s face - he began eyeing her up and down. Leaving Kaiser confused.

“Ah, hello there. May I help you?” Kaiser asked with a unsure head tilt. The boy just continued to smile as he rolled up his shelve and extended his hand out.

“I’m Chuck, odd. I’m always the 1st one here to class. Do you know the time as of now? 6:45AM.” Chuck said as Kaiser’s hand met his and they firmly shook hands.

“I’m Kaiser, I guess it odd that I’m here this early huh? At least 2 hours has already passed!” Kaiser said awkwardly laughing, only making Chuck more suspicions.

“Are you a spy for the other Earth Schools or Nation Schools?” Chuck bluntly asked, not missing a beat he stared into Kaiser’s eyes – no lie would repeat itself in this classroom.

“I – excuse me? Neither, only making friendly conversation - which I’m failing at.” Kaiser said with a chuckle, as the door began opening behind them – both Chuck and Kaiser turned to introduce their new classmate.

“It’s so wonderful to see students here so bright and early, serious about school! Seems to be a good year a head!” A female said, coming from the front of the classroom. Immediately the oils board was filled with the subjects for today, date, her name, and more notes!

(Whoa, she’s fast.) Kaiser thought to herself, she turned to see Chuck smiling proudly.

“Yet again I am honored to have you as my Oils Training teacher!” Chuck said as he began walking to up to the front, he shook hands with the teacher.

“Chucky! Why am I not surprised? Let me be formal for a minute child, I am Mrs. Mal – Oils Training teacher for the year High Seniors.” Mrs. Mal said, a slight bow was added. She unlocked her desk and began pulling out bottles filled with different energy oils. Chucks and Kaisers eyes began watching the bottles intensely. Within minutes the teacher pointed directly at Kaiser.

“You’re Kaiser, are you not?” Mrs. Mal asked as she adjusted her glasses, breaking Kaiser’s train of thought as if a deer caught in head lights.

“Oh uh, me? I’m Kaiser ma’am.” Kaiser said – breaking her attention on the oils fully, only to hear a giggling Chuck in the background. “This is my 1st traditional year here.” Kaiser finally added after taking a deep breath, causing Mrs. Mal to smile.

“Traditional?” Chuck was quick to bolt out a question, causing Mrs. Mal’s smile to fade as she turned around and continued writing on the board.

“Nothing, Chuck – show her around.” Mrs. Mal said, shooing Kaiser and Chuck out the classroom.

“New to Earths. Duellant Academy?” Chuck finally asked, half way down to the Academy’s arena. Kaiser stared off confused for a moment but simply replied with a head nod ‘no’.

“1st time I’m with others, like all High Seniors.” Kaiser replied following Chuck to a bright door with a leaf symbol on it.

“So the rumors are true amongst the teachers, you’re that Kaiser. I look forward to having you as a classmate. Oh, I’d keep it hidden this is your 1st traditional year – but this is where our field trip ends. Beyond this door is the schools arena, the change element of the arena changes daily, randomly. Today is Earth.” Chuck said as he opened the door and went in, Kaiser soon following.

Almost immediately a bigger boy bumped into Chuck making him fall, Kaiser began taking in all of her surroundings. The arena was so different, so living with others fighting, talking, cleaning weapons, etc.

“Watch it loser!” The boy shouted, breaking Kaiser’s focus on her new found viewpoint.

“You’re so loud, and your ego is so big you can see over it – do you realize you pushed down my friend big guy?” Kaiser asked annoyed, extending her hand for Chuck to grab. Shooing it away, Chuck stood up.

“Thank you for insulting him, but no touching will always mean no touching.” Chuck said nearly growling, only causing a female to laugh wildly. Realizing what Kaiser done he immediately started walking back. “That’s Joey. He’ll, he’ll destroy anything without a sweat!” Chuck finally added, walking into the laughing girl.

“Listen to your boyfriend! Joey will smash and rash ya!” The little girl said, as she continued her insane laughter, Joey’s and Chuck’s face became a bright red.

“She’s not my girlfriend!” Chuck shouted in anger.

“I’ll beat all 3s of you if you keep talking badly of me!” Joey threaten them, causing Chuck’s anger to fade and turn into fear.

“These are my classmates, and I’ll some how learn from each and every one of you – even Joseph.” Kaiser said with a giggle as she walked past Joey, bumping into him and making him fall, with Chuck immediately behind her. The giant bell began ringing.

Within seconds the hallways was filled with kids, teens, and young adults – warriors, mages, spellcasters, fighters, etc. all the best of the best. Dullant Academy of Earth.

High Seniors 5 must classes are: Oils Spar, H2H Spar, Melee Spar, Engineer, Monster Anatomy, and Dungeonerring. Oils is the 1st on the list for Kaiser, going back to her classroom she took her seat at the back once more beside Chuck

“Class begins in 57 seconds; anyone not in the door will go to the Deans office.” Mrs. Mal said as she started giving out papers and pens. Several students piled in the room, the last one being the jerk Joey.

“It’s been 58 seconds too late Joseph, final warning take a seat.” She said angrily as she slammed the classroom door shut.

“Hello High Seniors I am Mrs. Mal, this will be your last year in the High School section of the school. Things will be serious from here on - fewer mistakes than last year by far.” Mrs. Mal said with a slap of the stick on the desk, causing some to jump.

“You don’t have to teach us anything in the class! This is Oils Sparring teachy~! Not Oils training, 101, and HT – that has already past!” A small girl called out, the same one who couldn’t stop laughing beside a young elfish girl who looked like her but with purple hair and black eyes. In an instant Mrs. Mal flicked her hand, throwing an oil card on the blue haired girls head.

“Silence. Pay attention to your lesson, this is unfortunately only a 120 minute class.” Mrs. Mal said, the card on the girls head faded into darkness – wrapping around her mouth in an X shape making her unable to speak. Her elf sister began to chuckle.

“I told you Tora! 1st day and already silenced.” The elf girl whispered among the students laughing, only causing her sister to make evil glares.

“Why are two annoying little Middle 7th’s here? This is a High Senior class. For Seniors...of High School.” Satan asked the teacher, looking annoyed at the girls. The teacher sighed at looked her class.

“This is year 2B41, we are advancing pass our age limits – so we are fixing that. They maybe 13, but they have the thinking pattern, battle experience, and classes just as you all.” Mrs. Mal said as she picked up a bottle full of black oil, some people in the class merely responded with a gasp.

“We surpassed every test with flying colors, I bet we got a higher score than most of you L-O, losers!” The girl said chuckling, making her silent sister Tora chuckle, a paper ball flew over the heads of students targeting Tora and her sister – with a flick of her fan Tora easily deflected it and slipped her fan back into her shelve. “Simpleton!” Tora shouted.

“Who do these punks think theys are?” Joey said standing up from the left side of the class, Satan stood up with him in anger and alliance.

“I’m Tora and this is Sora. We’ll kick your ass.” Tora said, smirking and five hiving her sister Sora.

“So this how class is always?” Kaiser finally asked speaking up, making the whole class turn their attention to her. Mrs. Mal began a faint chuckle.

“The bitch that pushed me earlier!” Joey shouted in anger, his face turning red. Chuck nudged Kaiser and began to whisper. “He’s a hammer or scythe wielder he’s been switching all school long til he took an extra class lass year. He has a trick or two.”

“Before we fight like barbarians – I would like to know who uses oils.” Mrs. Mal asked sitting down as she fumbled with her keys. Several students began raising their hands.

“Regular spellcasting is more of my fore take.” Chuck announced standing as he headed to the front of the class room. “Looks like we’re going to the arena!” Chuck added.

“Maybe teams are already in order.” Mrs. Mal said smiling. “1st day, what a class.” She added, walking up the stairs to the arena’s control room with a smiling Chuck fast behind her.

Within minutes two screens on each side of the arena lite up, a microphone began getting tested.

“March 20th, 2B41. Class no. 5180 has entered their 1st battle under the arena. Teams of 3 from here on today the captains will be decided in this class. The randomization will begin; turn your attention to each screen students.” Mrs. Mal said over the intercom.

After a full minute of all the students faces appearing on the screen randomly, the randomization slowly came to a halt.

“Joey Hollin, Sora Zwillinge, and Chuck Fin.” Mrs. Mal said over the intercom once more, this time hearing a annoyed Chuck shouted “What?!” within minutes Chuck was walking down stairs and made a path for his new team.

“Why should I be paired up with a nerd and a weak little girl? I give no mercy to the weak, their die without a proper team to defend them at each turn.” Joey said smirking at his two new teammates, only making Chuck’s face turn red. “What nerd? Gonna hit me? I dare you.” Joey added, only his sides as he laughed.

“The only one without a team here seems to be you, Joseph.” Kaiser said smiling as she gave him a pat on the back. Making Sora smile.

“Me and Chuck will be a great team, if you wish to get left behind and die then let me kill here and now. Maybe Mrs. Mal will let us get a better teammate.” Sora said giggling – her giggles soon to be overran by the loud sound of randomization on the other screen.

“Gein Koza, Po Allen, and Feuer E. Kaiser.” Mrs. Mal stated, some of the students gasping in shock. Almost immediately Joey turned to Kaiser with an insane smile.

“You’re the Nation Hopper! What is this thing from the Fire Broken Nation doing here? Does she not know who we are? We’re Nature, we’re trees, we’re rocks, we’re oils, and we’re Gods.” Joey proclaimed, with some students clapping. Only making Kaiser’s eyes roll.

“Mortals who think their immortal have a short lifespan.” Kaiser said smiling at Joey, as Kaiser’s two new teammates walked up behind up. Turning around, Kaiser put out her hand for the person on her right, Gein.

“I am EX-Monk Gein Zora.” Gein said shaking Kaiser’s hand, only making Kaiser’s eyes widen.

“You’re half goat!” Kaiser exclaimed, poking at his horn. Only to get her hand slapped.

“Ugh, do all humans act so close and friendly to each other?” Gein said with annoyance.

“You cross streets with your people together, bunched up. How do you possibly have boundary issues?” Kaiser asked with a confused head tilt, only making Gein sigh deeply – shutting his blue eyes tightly.

“Half goat, Baa half!” Gein said angrily, his animal side taking the best of him. Kaiser began to slightly bow.

“My apologizes okay? I’ll ask next time.” Kaiser said, only making Po giggle. Finally putting her pen and notepad away, she walked over to Kaiser shaking her hand rather Kaiser wanted to or not.

“I’m Po Allen, and with my writings love their heart shall only beat underneath the wood!” Po said happily, both teams made their way down to the Arena. Each team began taking a side.

“Today is Monday; you will be fighting on Nature grounds. Last year we had the nology to change the arena on grounds, but now will be different. Each student takes a color pad on the side that you hold, and stand on it. Prepare yourself to fall, and fight.” Mrs. Mal said over the intercom, each student began taking their place. The students watching began recording and talking of the scenes soon to happen.

“This shall be fun.” Sora said, pulling out her hammer from behind, Mrs. Mal began the countdown from 5.

“I’ll draw them their death!” Po said laughing; the count down was at 3.

“The Nation Hopper goes 1st!” Joey shouted as the count down reached to 0. The color pads started lightly up, almost immediately Sora jumped on her hammer and launched herself over the stadium.

Kaiser, Gein, and Po stared in shock but not effected. Smiling, Sora pulled at her hammer causing a blue sting to appear, pulling it back an ice arrow came in the middle of it. Flying though the air aimed directly at Kaiser she shot the arrow.

Both teams disappeared along with Sora quickly behind them on Kaiser’s pad.

“She’s some girl to try a cheap move like that.” Gein stated as they began falling over a valley of plains, mountains, trees, and rivers. Kaiser could only smile.

“Cheap? No! Genius and trying to take advantage? Definitely, who has her?” Kaiser asked looking over at her two teammates.

“Oh me! Me! I can write her a poem that’ll make her cousins cry throughout the ages.” Po Said smiling; as she looked up ahead to see Sora hot on their tail.

“I have Joseph.” Gein stated, the others nodded.

“Let’s break up now and survive this fall, Po – Gein good luck comrades.” Kaiser said as she began a fast nose dive – changing the gear on her legs and arms, wind began surrounding her seconds before hitting a tree branch she turned under it and began flying up over the trees.

Gein began a similar nose dive towards the other direction, catching a branch with his tail he began spinning uncontrollablely until he jumped off landing with ease.

Po pulled out her pen and notepad, sticking her tongue out and closing her left eye – she began to write with clouds around her began to darken. Sora grabbed the blue sting of her hammer once more.

“Think you have time to write your will? You either die by my arrows, or by the mountain ripping you open.” Sora shouted as she began launching her ice arrows down upon the unsacred Po.

The ice arrows grew closer and closer to Po as so did the mountain, with a smile she removes her pen from the paper – rain began falling furiously from the black clouds.

“You think a little rain will scare me?” Sora shouted. Both the two girl’s teammates were watching along with all the students and teachers in the school.

“1st day of school, 1st hour – already an amazing battle.” One of the male teachers stated in shock watching. A girl in his class raised her hand.

“Mr. Kerel! The little girl, Sora. Why is she fighting a senior?” The girl asked, with students nodding behind her wanting to know the same answer to her question.

“This generation grows weaker and weaker. The kids are stronger than the adults, pitiful. Nonetheless, if you have the skill to challenge the upper dogs then you will study beside them. That little girl has the skill of a High Senior.” Mr. Kerel said with a chuckle as she lite his cig.

“Amazing, I can only imagine what her older sister Tora is capable of.” Chuck said to Joey, both sitting down enjoy the fight.

“Look around you, simpleton. Why rush death?” Po said, the mountain began dipping – dirt and rocks began falling making a soft landing for Po, drawing again a shiel of dirt appeared in front of, bringing the ice arrow to shame. The black clouds began opening. Sora looking behind her as she begins to gasp.

Like bolts from Zeus, 100 lightening bolts began raining down all towards Sora. Pulling at her hammer stings, she began to fire her arrows – solid dark arrows. Some arrows and lightening bolts crashed into each other the impact causing darkness to spread quickly though some lightening bolts – throwing them off their path.

40 ft. from the ground and Po, she began to increase her speed drop by pulling off her hammer ready to nail Po with some lightening bolts still on her tail. Gein and Chuck dodge the wild lightening bolts with ease, but striking the trees around them instead.

“This place will get on fire if nothing is done.” Chuck stated as he opened his book, casting a water spell waves of water started appearing all around him, the waves of water began swimming in air for a moment only to the be splashed upon the small flames on the trees. Joey stared at Chuck in disbelief.

“The pen, will always be mightier than the sword – or anything else for that matter.” Po said as she used her pen to block Sora’s hammer attack, but the force making the ground around them break. Balancing, Sora put force trying to break Po’s guard.

Kaiser and Gein began running towards there teammate. With the click of her pen it turned white, starting to shine brightly blinding Sora.

“Ah! You bitch, what is this?!” Sora yelled losing her balance and dropping her hammer, on the floor she began rubbing her eyes slowly raising up. Chuck grabbed a tissue and on to Joey’s jacket, they both began running to Sora.

“She is our teammate and she needs help, I won’t have the reputation of a person who let’s their teammates die because you’re too cool for teamwork!” Chuck said as he and Joey continued towards Sora. “Look nerd, after this is done I’ll kill you two myself. Never order me around again.” Joey threatened Chuck, but continued to run.

Sora’s eyesight came together, only to be stared at by 3 people from the opposite side, hanging her head she sighed and put down her hammer.

“I’m only back to 7th School aren’t I?” Sora asked the 3 sadly, Kaiser, Gein, and Po all looked at each other and then back to Sora, all of them nodded “No.”.

“You lost epicly, and it’s only the 1st day. I know you’re originally suppose to be in 7th, but I don’t think you have to work too hard to maintain it. You earned it.” Kaiser stated, hearing the foot steps of others draw close the 3 of them get ready for battle again.

Joey leaped at Gein, revealing his double sickles he slashes at Gein from both directions. “Mind if I cut in boys?” Kaiser asked as she bounced off Joey in mid air, knocking him off his course for Gein, her gears turning fire starts surrounding her arms and legs – head 1st she charges at Chuck with a flaming punch.

Joey knocks into the ground, but quickly recovers himself only to be rammed in the chest by Gein, sending him flying. Gein smiles as he straightens his back up.

“I’ll be ramming you all day.” Gein said, as he charged again – with a quick counter Joey grabbed at Gein’s horn and held him up high.

“I’ll keep your other horn if you keep acting like this.” Joey said laughing as he lifted up his sickle and began pulling it down upon Gein. Gein pushed his legs up and kicked Joey in the chest, back flipping away.

Chuck smirked as Kaiser’s punch was coming towards him, taking step back he throws his book straight at the flaming punch. As soon as it came in contact with the flames the book exploded. A black cloud surrendered Kaiser and more.

“Have I? Have I beaten the Nation Hopper so easily?” Chuck asked himself a loud, staring at the cloud of smoke. Po and Sora looked at the cloud waiting for any type of sign.

“You’ll regret messing with me goat boy!” Joey shouted as he began rapidly slashing at Gein, Gein began hopping away dodging each slash. “Stand still!” Joey added shouting.

“Stop complaining and just hit me.” Gein said, dodging another slash but countering the right one – jumping over his right arm he kicked him across the head sending him flying. The flames blasted throughout the black smoke, her punch still on course. Chuck in shock quickly got put his hands up and casted a thin water barrier spell.

Kaiser rammed though it with ease but the flames disappeared, still punching Chuck in the face – he slammed face 1st into the ground.

“Nation Hopper” At 1st, I thought you were the 1st person not to call me that, not to think of me like that. But I was wrong.” Kaiser said to the hurt Chuck, trying to stand.

Joey got up slower than usual, and threw both his sickles towards Gein. Gein jumped over them with ease, bringing his attention back on Joey – Gein got hit in the chest by Joey’s hidden weapon, his hammer.

Po began drawing quickly; a solider skeleton emerged from the ground and jumped up to catch the hurt Gein.

“Gein! Are you okay?” Po asked from afar, Gein immediately got up and took off his shirt. “Of course I’m fine, don’t interfere with me fighting, got it? Good.” Gein scolded her, as he charged off towards Joey. Joey took another swing with his hammer at Gein.

Rolling in air, Gein catches the hammer’s handle with his tail and swissly punching Joey across the face, leaving Joey to stumble.

Chuck tried casting another spell but Kaiser increased the flames on her fist and directed it towards Chuck.

“You lose.” Kaiser stated coldly. Chuck put his hand down, he tilted his head back and began looking at the clouds.

“Kaiser.” Chuck started, Kaiser began walking away and turning her attention towards Gein and Joey. Chuck watched the fight as he slowly began getting up.

Joey began one handedly swinging his hammer wildly at Gein, waiting for an opening Gein rammed at Joey’s chest again, knocking Joey to the ground. Both boys are breathing heavily.

Not bothering to pick up his hammer, he makes a straight run for Gein ready to punch him. With a swiss counter he flipped Joey and kicked him into a tree, Gein falls down after kicking him getting extremely out of breath.

“Hey, don’t push it. It’s the 1st day for gods sake.” Kaiser said, giving Gein a hand up. Groaning, Gein accepts the hand and stands up with Kaiser. Sora and Chuck began checking up on the knocked out Joey.

“The arena is over, along with class. Team Kaiser has beaten Team Chuck.” Mrs. Mal said over the intercom. The colorful pads appeared in front the students again, one by one they started stepping on it and disappearing – reappearing in the school’s arena.

Slowly, one by one the students in arena began clapping and cheering. The big bell rang once again, the next class was about to begin.

2nd hour begins.


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