your favourite naruto/naruto shippuden fanfiction

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your favourite naruto/naruto shippuden fanfiction

Postby Blackhunter » Thu Sep 19, 2013 5:05 pm

Hello everybody
i see forbidden dark soul thread and when he say
i m sad because there no thread in this section i say to myself
why not be the hero and make a thread xD just kidding

so as the title say
what your favourite naruto/naruto shippuden fanfiction

just post here some info about it and the link to it
just put it even if someone told you
"meeeh bad why you love it ?"
just post it

here's mine

Return of Namikaze
Author: wilkins75
Chapters: 85 - Words: 142,244
Updated: 08-30-08 - Published: 01-14-08 - Status: Complete
everyone can read it but there just a little bit in a few chapters ... something bad
from here
note:jiraiya and orochimaru still alive and who love narutoXhinata just don't read it hcuz hinata really really really look evil on this

you can post more than 1 fanfiction
but if you have more than 2 don't make a double post please


Re: your favourite naruto/naruto shippuden fanfiction

Postby ForbiddenDarkSoul » Fri Sep 20, 2013 8:24 am

Yay! another thread in the literature section! ^^ you'remyhero ;w;

I'm going to contribute with a fanfiction I've been reading for a while now, it's a nice one so far ^^

Backcourt Lover
Author: voodooprincess1331
Chapters: 37 Words: 129,293
Updated: 03-27-13 Published: 02-04-13 Status:
Characters: Naruto, Hinata

it's a NaruHina one, very sweet ^^
also i'm a girl xDD

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