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Project Adam And Eve

Postby Dominick » Mon Dec 02, 2013 12:38 pm

It's a story I write.

I have 3 [I think] translated chapters. I hope you will enjoy them.

Chapter 1 - Prologue

In Location Unknown to anyone, even the residents themselves , was a certain boy who wanted to start exploring the world. Tried to leave the city limits , but the end was bitter .
This city called " City of the beginning and the end " but it's just how the residents called her . Its official name was " Hope " with the literal meaning of hope.
In this city no racism, no different languages ​​, there was no national [ officially ] .

It's a story about a boy who grew up alone , growing alone , lived alone , ate alone , he had no restrictions on his life and he wanted to die.
He lives a life very discouraging . Very low . There were not any interesting things .
He was fat , depressed and desperate , his house all day in front of the TV screen every few minutes musty turns off and turn on. He wanted to die.
He got up from the sofa wall , his torn stale to go to the fridge for food , the only thing that really ran his body and gave him the energy to live. This little thing called the " sense of taste " made ​​him want to live life to those bad .
He had minimal knowledge in all subjects that he did not go to school for several years . He was supposed to already be in the ninth grade but gave up everything.
He hated himself , his life , the people he knew , especially his despair .
For many years he was in this state.
He did not know his father and not his mother , he had no memory of them and he did not know if he has another family .
This is the story of a boy named Adam, who grew up alone , growing alone , lived alone , ate alone , he had no restrictions on his life and he wanted to die.
He could not die , he was afraid too.
He was in despair.

Chapter 2 - The meeting.
Adam was immersed in the television , his eyes , which were vacant , ran across the television screen , watching the moving pictures on the screen .
He was not moving , he wasn't trying to breath because of the instinctive response of brain hypoxia He was forced to breath.
The TV suddenly Turned off and also the lights tuned off in his house. After few moments He looked out the window and saw that it was a power outage in the entire neighborhood and even throughout the city.
Only one building remained running , if you can call it a building.
It was a tower-shaped structure in which there were many Machines that provided oxygen and filtered air to the city.
This place is always running, all week every year since it was established.
Adam heard footsteps outside the door of his house and He hid under the blanket that was next to him.
He could not even see his hands because of the dark, his big, fat clumsy hands, which could barely hold a pencil.
He was afraid, He was shaking and vibrating, He started biting his nails with fear of the unknown.
He listened to the lock of his door being slowly unlocked with the sound of a metal bell, he heard the door handle turn the sound more shrill creak and the door opened slowly.
The lights went back to work and the TV turned on, which calmed Adam but He still was not ready to come out of his blanket.
He heard a man's voice , "Excuse me, Mr. Adam is here? " And he urinated in his pants.
"I need to talk to Mr. Adam about his return to school, is He here?" "I'm coming inside." The man noted. The man started to look in different directions trying to find Adam.
He saw a brown, wet blanket with a mind spinning scent, He approached it while He was holding his breath because of the smell, He tapped a blanket and asked hesitantly , " Mr. ... Adam? " .
Adam came out in panic from the soaked blanket and ran towards the nearest room, his bedroom.
"Mr. Adam?" The man was shocked by what He saw and After recovering from the shock He chased Adam into his room.
"Mr. Adam, is that you?" He asked.
Adam locked the door and the man knocked and called "Mr. Adam, we, the Ministry of Education of Hope, want to bring you back to school for your own good!" The man called an official letter from the Ministry of Education and Culture of the city.
Adam quickly changed clothes to shelter the fact that he did in his pants , He changed underwear, took long blue wool pants and a black T- shirt.
He unlocked the door and opened the door but did not open completely but just open enough to see the eye of the man . If you can even call him a man. It was a boy with brown hair and green eyes which was the same height as Adam. He was dressed in black jeans, black elegant shoes and a red jacket.
Adam began to blush by the fact that He was panicked by the boy which just wanted to tell him to go back to school.
" Are you okay? " The boy asked anxiously , looking at Adams dark-brown eyes.
"..." Adam hesitated to say anything, he was afraid to say the wrong things, or even say anything.
He wanted the boy to leave him alone again with the TV, disconnected from everyone.
"C-c-can y-y-ou pl-lease go?" Adam stuttered panicky.
"Please, I just want to talk to you for a minute , I'm sorry I entered without permission, they just told me to bring you or not come back at all! " The boy said that when a drop of remorse in his eyes.
"Go t-to-to the living room, I'll come..." Adam stuttered and was relieved that the boy did not come with any hostility to him , despite remorse in his eyes that certainly deterred him, but also gave him relief.
Adam closed the door and heard the boy goes into the living room , He sighed a huge relief to have a few moments to himself to regain his senses .
Adam took the nearest perfume He found and sprayed himself in the bottom to cover the smell of urine. He put it back on the shelf with the rest of perfumes and Deodorants of his, he kept these in cases such as this one, embarrassing, which was quite strange that he never used to mask the smell of sweat, even that did not sweat that he did little physical activity, and use the air conditioner when he was too hot.
After He was cherry scent sprayed He opened the door and began to breathe deeply to calm himself.
He went into the living room and saw the mysterious boy watching TV, his old square TV, which is rare to find these days because everyone had flat TVs and even holograms if they have the money.
Adam sat on a brown leather couch with one seat which was far from the boy and then He asked, " So ... what do you w-want f-from who?" Adam swallowed words and said 'me' instead of 'who'. [in hebrew "who" and "me" are similar]
"What?" The boy did not understand what Adam intended to say.
"Me!" Adam said angrily , thinking that the boy makes fun of him.
"Relax ! I'm just here to tell you to return back to school." The boy tried to calm him.
"Why do they want me back? Couldn't they call ?" ADam was very angry they who someone who disturbed his mental peace .
Adam did not want to meet people so they wont see his big, fat and ugly body. He was browned hair with dark brown eyes and a big belly that did not let him see the toes when looking down while standing.
His hands were swollen and heavy as his legs , making it difficult to move normally.
His chest was a fat and very ashamed of it , that's basically what most bothered him.
"Because of the fear that he will also come to you! " The boy replied.
" ....... " Adam knew that He talked about the serial killer. In the morning He went to the houses of people and a killed whoever was inside. The most bizarre murders happened, the bodies always Visibility perforated by thick needles but the cause of death was always electrical shock, which made ​​no sense because it seems that the needles were the cause of death, but the autopsy says otherwise.
"He wont come to me." Adam said.
"He will ! Well I thought the same once but..." The boy's gaze was filled with remorse, guilt and pain, "I do not want to talk about it. Unless you come to school tomorrow we will take you by force and put you at the Hotel." Warned the boy and He got off the leather sofa.
He walked towards the door.
"Who are you?" Ada, asked the boy who was holding the door handle .
"Jonathan. Call me John." He answered and opened the door. He went out of Adams house, which was in a panic.
' I do not want to die ... I go there I go there I go there I go there I'm afraid ! ! ' These are the only things that Adam brain came up with at the time. He did not ask himself how the lock is opened and how the boy had the knowledge about the murders that were not published anywhere and were known only to him and the police, also because he was one of the few witnesses to cases of mysterious murders.

He set his alarm clock and tried to sleep.
Chapter 3 - All Aboard

Adam was still overwhelmed by the new fact that the killer probably will come to him too. He was afraid and the fear started to take it on the brain, He ate too much, He kept hiding under bed and he could not sleep at night.
Morning came and He finally fell asleep, but unfortunately, it was too late and the alarm clock woke him up.
He packed the perfumes and the deodorants, some of his clothes , a toothbrush, toothpaste and slippers, aside his shoes who were on him already.
All of his things were in a big blue suitcase, made of fabric, which were built in wheels and a handle. Adam heard a knock at the door and He ran to the door.
He peered through the slot door [the hole in the door] and saw that it was Jonathan, John.
He opened all the locks and saw the full image of John, with brown light hair and green eyes, wearing jeans with real tears, sneakers and a black shirt .
"So you got organized supply?" John asked ,covering his mouth while yawning. Adam saw that in Jhons other hand there was a bag.
"Yes... I- I packed M- Most things that I need... " Adam said with a hint of fear. He was afraid to go, meet people , but more afraid to die by a psychotic murderer that tortures his victims with large needles and then electrifying them too.
Adam returned to his room and took the suitcase . He looked in his room , probably the last time for a long and laborious , he looked in his room with dissatisfaction . ' I ... Do not want to live here anymore. Or at all. ' He thought. He returned to the door and covered the house with his eyes , to check that everything is in place , the kitchen was barely used and filled with dust over time , the living room with the TV was bad stale and empty rooms in the hallway.
" I - I'm from ready. " Adam said, turning to John .
"Well, come on. " John smiled and grabbed the man in the shoulder , almost collapses because it was his first human contact for many years. Adam began to spin violently and took John's hand from his shoulder .
" Sorry, I'm just ... not good with physical contact. " Person lied . He just pressed too .
" ... " John covered the man , who was wearing blue sweatpants , black with dirty shoes , which can be had in white and black shirt once that she may have been white once .
"Sorry." John said with a look at the person Yes , he did not understand something of what a person goes through but knew it was very difficult for a person to leave his disgusting routine .
" I - you do not have with - what ! " Adam said his thoughts scattered when John asked for forgiveness for no obvious reason his eyes.
"Anyway, " John returned to his usual expression of joy , "Time to get out of the dorm . Away I will lead you to the first chapter you will learn . If you need help or something to ask me , just about anything. " John explained .
Adam felt suddenly stirring emotions I never knew , and tears came to his eyes . He could not identify what those feelings were , but nice of John to him made ​​him feel heat throughout the body. Rather than heat as exercise or sun , but heat of joy.
"Something wrong? " John raised an eyebrow.
"Nothing! Nothing! " For a moment Adam smiled and wiped the tears , but returned to his usual .

They went moldy and cracked building where the person was alive and left to ride.
Mounted was packed with cars on highway asphalt pavement street was a white and slippery Mbktzt were trees all along the sidewalks . There were lots of multi-story houses , most of them were new , some were stale and rotten and some are in the process of renovating or refurbished .
They walked along the sidewalk until they saw the sign above the bus station showed that only one line of a bus pass let . Line 1103 . They waited patiently at the station.
"So ... " John got a call, they had nothing to do at that time for the bus to come so he thought of a call , "What happened to my brother ? " He asked .
" ... " Adam did not respond. He is not used to talk to others, to be called ' brother ' or even be outside.
"Something wrong? " John asked with concern .
"Nothing." Adam said coldly.
" You do not want to talk to me or something I understand . " John said , if a little hurt.
"Not just ... " Adam thought about what to say, how to explain , he was not in this situation alive, "I to not really the - know how to ... talk to people . " He said , looking down in embarrassment .
" You do not know how to talk to people ? " John returned after Adam, " Do not worry . Simply say what comes to mind and do not be afraid to say what's on your mind . Till a certain limit that is. " John smiled sarcastically.
" A - So ... I see - that is that I do not want to go. " Adam said .
" So if you so wish , say so. "
"I do not want to go ! " Adam said excitedly , "but I must . " He said suddenly understanding.
It was his refuge psychotic killer that actually made ​​it to deteriorate to this state , he now wanted to break free . Whether it's death and whether it is an internal change , he wanted to go out from the grip of fear of the killer .
"Me too. " John said to the surprise of people.
"What ? But I thought you - "
" Love going here? Do not make me laugh . No offense , I'd rather be like you , close in one place and empty , though! I know I do not want to die and that's what motivates me to go here." John explained to person.
Adam began to see John as a model , he wanted to be more like John .
Thinner , cooler , smarter , more everything. He was surprised that John wanted to be like him.
"I do not believe it ! " Adam said with a little excitement.
John suddenly smiled a pained smile and said : "Well, I do not think it's something to be proud of . I want to withdraw . I think it's selfish act , but , I'm selfish after all. Others I'm neglecting my personal gain . " Look regret seeped back into his face , and when the notice is passed to that issue quickly.
"Enough about me . How about you ? Oh wait , we spoke - " the loud noise of the engine roar and overcame John's voice .
The bus arrived .
" All aboard . " John said with a smile.
" I - I guess ... " Adam sighed.
They were big, empty bus , there was no driver or driver seat . There was only steering and brakes .
Adam went to sit down on the seat randomized But then John called him .
"Come back, the most fun in the back ! " John said .
"What ... is good. " Adam said no other choice .
They sat in the back seats on the bus.
" A - How M - This bus - "
"Without a driver? " John completed the trial, " is automatic . No more bus drivers . Has just cars and even then , the cars do everything as a driver doing homework. " John really liked the ideas of Awtmiot machines .
Suddenly , there was a deafening ringing all over the bus and the bus started moving at a dizzying pace .
" What's going on ?" People panic even stuttered .
"Anybody remotely dealing with the bus ! " John yelled for someone to hear it through the rings, "It happens a lot in the city ! "
" Rings ! ! Why! ? " A man shouted back.
"This is a special system to stop criminals ! " John shouted back.

Please remember, it was translated [most of it] by GOOOOOGGGGLLLLEEEE :!: :!: :!:


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