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Diamond Shield (Usable in the air version.)
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Drop Aggro
Diamond Shield (Usable on the ground version.)
Attack Special
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Annie's Special

Postby Senpai » Sun Jun 22, 2014 5:49 pm

vote for best annie special.

I'll link it back to my annie thread for whichever has the most votes.

you can vote for one only, because all these specials are strong.

one special is more than enough from this list.

mid-air diamond shield, and ground diamond shield are two seperate specials, albeit doing the same thing, just in different places.

if you pick mid air diamond shield it can not protect on the ground, and ground diamond shield can not be activated in the air.

1.) Diamond Shield(usable on the ground only version):
Diamond sphere: ImageSo this is only usable on the ground, she summons a crystal around her that stretches out from 5-10 meters.
It will protect her from any attack for 5 seconds

titans/other humans can not walk through shield, and can only break it.

Annie can run/swing out of the crystal once, it will become like a solid invisble wall, meaning she can't get back inside the crystal.

titans will atk the crystal, but the crystal will stay in place.

CD: once a game.

2.) Drop Aggro:
crystallizes her body to take off current aggro on her.

length: 5 seconds, or until she kills a titan, to be aggroed again. she can not interrupt atks.

CD: 40-80 seconds.
Partial Invisibility against Player titans, make Annie transparent to be harder to spot, but not too hard.

3.) diamond shield:, (usable in mid-air version)
1.) a small crystal ball shield expands to protect annie.

2.)it will protect from all hits for 2 seconds only.

3.)she can not move while she is in the air, and is stuck in animation

cooldown: once a game

4.) Attack special:
Any sort of attack special like (Mikasa, Levi, Petra) that you or feng can make up. Like Rogue's suggested atk special that is similar to Mikasa's downward chop.

Say you're just barely too high up to kill a Titan and you don't want to shoot all the way around his head just to kill him, you can use the special to lower your altitude and attack without going all the way to the floor. It could also act as an air dodge. Similar to Mikasa's but instead it won't leave you vulnerable on the floor. It would be useful for the CT boss fight, and the attack would have a very large vertical hitbox. In the gif she cuts all the way down the Titan's back. So it would have a much larger chance of hitting than any of the slash specials we already have.
Think of what if you're chasing a player Titan that is running in a straight line down a street, if you fly at him fast enough and at the correct angle you could use the special, and pretty much get a guaranteed kill since it has a large vertical hitbox and won't make you lose your momentum. Think of the gif as the reference.



Re: Annie's Special

Postby The Rogue Titan » Thu Aug 28, 2014 9:35 pm


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Re: Annie's Special

Postby Accelevi » Fri Aug 29, 2014 1:28 am


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