What's the Hall of Fame?

Where members nominated by members/staff will go! ^^ (◕‿◕✿)
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What's the Hall of Fame?

Postby Accelevi » Sun Sep 15, 2013 7:44 pm

When staff look over the forum board, and find someone they admire in one aspect or another, they can be nominated.
Only one person will be nominated every two weeks.
The staff will discuss it before we nominate someone.
When a person is nominated, we will PM them as well as put their name in the Hall of Fame thread, and post why they have been nominated.
The nominee will get to be a Honorary Mod for the duration of the time they are a nominee.
If the position is abused, they will be removed, but this should not happen in general.

EDIT: We have decided that staff will have a general veto in case, but that Registered Users will be able to help in nominations.
One cannot vote for themselves without good explanation.
In order to vote, you must state why and who for. They must be valid reasons and have proof.
Once we garner enough people (at least maybe 10-ish), I will set up a poll for voting to eliminate people.
Staff may partake in voting as well.
A nominated winner will remain so for two weeks and may win again.
During those two weeks, they will be an honorary mod, able to help out with the forum.

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