Annie in Forest [Story mode]

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Annie in Forest [Story mode]

Postby shingekinoSTPHN » Tue Oct 20, 2015 1:20 am

~ Story Mode
Annie (multiplayer , Normal mode).

Main Objective :
Eren was swallowed by Annie(titan) while running , Annie must be distract quickly or else
Annie will successfully cross the forest (center) through the end that will cause humanity's failure and you cannot just simply hit
here nape or you will get kill.

So first , go hit for her Achilles Tendon with a 1000 HP , and of course Annie will fight back to you . After breaking her ankle there
must be a scene of anime where Annie will lean down behind the tree while covering her nape (It would be so awesome and so cool
if the scene will be an AOTTG Edition).

Secondly player/s will undergo the second part the " Arms's muscles breaking ", players must hit each muscle of her two arms , every
muscles contains 1500 HP ,player/s must hit her muscle as fast as possible because this time Annie is regaining or regenerating back her
muscles back around 10 seconds and after that Annie will fight back again .

And the last part , Jaw's muscle breaking , after hit the entire HP of the Arm's muscles that will be a total destruction of her Arms's
muscle ,then go and strike her jaw's muscle which contains 50 HP and Annie will open her mouth , then by pressing "G" you will grab Eren
out from the mouth.
Thats All , Hopefully these sequences will help .


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