The Last Battle of the 26th Division

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The Last Battle of the 26th Division

Postby Accelevi » Sat Nov 09, 2013 11:52 pm


It's been almost a century since the walls have protected humankind from the titans. There have been a few mishaps here and there, but they have been forgotten through the generations. Humanity herded like cattle, on a plot of land big enough to support a small chunk compared to what their entire would could. Past the walls, mankind's primary predator awaits...

"...However thanks to the walls, the wall guard doesn't have to do anything. They can just sit back and relax, maybe do a few patrols, it's easy as hell!" Says a young trainee, getting, putting on his new uniform "All we'd have to do is report weaknesses if we see them, otherwise we let the MP take care of the citizens, and the Scouts throw their lives away to keep the population down. That's the only reason I joined you know, it's because they opened recruiting for the guard."

30 new trainees find beds in their barracks. They find the uniform tailored to fit them and try it on. They have about half an hour before they have to be in formation, so they take their time making themselves at home, or mingling. After that, they'll find themselves in formation in front of the instructor. They will be asked basic questions at first, What is your name? How old are you? Which brigade are you going to join? Why did you join the military?

After that, they'll be taught how to salute, march, and stand at attention. After that, the real test... Zachary Marckus walks out of his barracks. He looks tired, circles under his eyes and buzz cut hair. There are a few scars on his face, and his stare could give a weak man the chills. One by one, he walks past the trainees, and picks at random some unlucky soul. "You there scumbag! What the fuck are you standing here for!?!?" The scared kid shakes in his boots before answering "Because I was told to, sir!" "You were told to stand like a dumbass? I asked you why you are here! "To join the guard, sir!" "WHY!? And be honest or I'll have you run till you drop!" "Because it seems like easy work, sir!" "Well if you want to relax, you'd better show your worth in here, or you won't be able to relax on a wall!"

And with that, moves to the next one...

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Re: The Last Battle of the 26th Division

Postby Levi » Sun Nov 10, 2013 12:47 am

Kahyin had been violated. He was touched by a burly man who had the fingers of a sausage tumbling around with his measuring tape. Kahyin was thinking of insults to hurl at the burly man but he decided that a 60 kg man who'd never used lotion would pack a punch. He followed the instructor to a large line of brainwashed robots. The instructor went one by one inspecting and spitting on their faces.
"I am Kahyin Faustas. I'm sixteen. I'm able to join any I want *scoff* bunch of low life gits here. I was sent by my father because he's a fag, why else," Kahyin said lazily with a smirk on his face.
As the instructors face dawned over the sun, he saw a look he just can't fuck with. Kahyin then proceeded to smile and give a bad mischievous smile.
"Apologies, it was a joke..."
The instructor looked at Kahyin with dark piercing eyes, the second he said it, he regretted it. The instructor leaned close and then whispered, "I would snap your body right now but I wouldn't want my hands to get filthy with all your bullshit." the instructor bent up and spat in Kahyin's face and proceeded to question the poor souls who joined.
The realization slapped his face colder than the instructor's grimace. He made a bad impression and this hell hole's gonna be torture...the instructor taught them the basics of being in the squad, how to march, salute, and stand at attention.
"Tsk, why do I need to learn this? I guess everyone else is as stupid as father, not knowing how to march," Kahyin groaned.
Kahyin walked out to see a group of people sitting under a tree, he gingerly approached them and sat near them.
"Uggggh, God. This is such a waste of time. The titans are in infinite numbers, never to dwindle...yet we go outside the walls to where there are - possibly, millions of titans. We don't learn a thing here except how to use a tool with many flaws and how to swing a sword."
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Re: The Last Battle of the 26th Division

Postby Strongwill » Sun Nov 10, 2013 1:03 am

(That is one of the best opening post i had ever seen!)

Milfich can't stop her eyes from looking into Zachary's eyes. She know she shouldn't, it's taunting him. And boy, she was right

"Why are you looking at me like that?" He asked.
She didn't even had a chance to answer.
"Well, Starer, how about stop the fucking stare and tell us what the fuck your name is?!"
"Milfich, Sir!" Milfich straighten her back, saluting. She gulped. "Milfich Folkvar, Sir!"
"How the fucking old are you?!"
"Eighteen, sir!"
"Why the fuck are you here?!"
"To join the Military Police, sir!"
She did not tell him, tell everyone, that she wanted to join it for her family. It was embarassing.
"Oh, i see that you are just another dumbass who wanted to life inside, huh?! All comfortable, huh?!" He started walking toward another cadidate. "Don't expect you will be comfortable her, kid"

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Re: The Last Battle of the 26th Division

Postby TataBlitz » Sun Nov 10, 2013 1:33 am

Kevin flinched from the tone of the sergeant's tone of voice, it was nothing new, his father yelled at him daily for being weak-willed anyways. The hulk of a man came towards him and Kevin started looking at the dirty black boots to avoid the nasty glare he was sending his way.

"What's so interesting about the floor boy? The instructor grunted out.
"N-n-nothing, sir"
LOOK AT ME WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU MAGGOT! the instructor growled out.

Fearing what the seargeant would do if he did not comply, Kevin's back arched straight and stared straight ahead into the neck of the instructor and screamed out "NOTHING SIR!" while in his thoughts he was hoping and praying for the brute of a man to move on to the next poor, unlucky soul.

"Better now tell us your name unless you want to be called maggot for the rest of your stay here"
"K-Kevin L-lochner sir"
'QUIT YOUR STUTTERING, WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU HERE??? Fuck it, this training will either kill you or kill the wimpiness out of you." With one final glare and a cruel smile that promises pain in Kevin's future, the instructor stalked away to the next recruit.''

Kevin breathed out a sigh of relief and went back to nervously glancing around his surroundings, hoping that he'll survive the hell to come.

Re: The Last Battle of the 26th Division

Postby CrazyRay » Sun Nov 10, 2013 2:15 am

Sounds of footsteps could be heard from afar, "Tchk..Tchk..Tchk" the sound of someone dragging their feet across the ground. The noise grew louder and louder until the individual came to a halt. A slightly tall figure carrying a brown sack around his back would be seen gazing at the small building before him, slim yet built to a reasonable standard with a small messy afro dressed in a rather shabby manner. He wore a grey short sleeved coloured shirt which went round around his neck with black shorts which reached just below his knee, and black shoes which were smothered in sand.

"I guess this is it." Roy would say as he approached his cabin in the barracks, it looked quite old and rough with random marks all over the exterior of the cabin. It wasn't that much of a surprise to him; the fact that he originally came from the slums made it seem as if this place was lovely. Roy would then raise his hands and shrug before lightly tapping the door, there was no response. As he pushed the door open Roy would say to himself "That's a bit strange.. It seems like i'm the first person here" he would then chuck his bag towards the bed nearby, immediately scanning the room with his eyes whilst walking around touching various objects around him until he stumbled across some clothing on his bed.

Before him laid his uniform which had the trainee corps emblem stitched onto the right pocket of the jacket, he would brush his fingers over it and smile to himself as he admired the look of his uniform which was so basic yet nice. Eventually the smile would fade away and would freeze, it was as if he something had struck him, the thought of him finally becoming a soldier began to take up all of his thoughts various images of him in tense situations would take over his mind. Overwhelmed with so much emotion Roy would shake his head to bring himself back to reality, brushing his hair with his right hand saying "C'mon Roy, you can't be losing composure before all of this begins" this was followed with a deep breath which he let out.

Eventually Roy would settle down in his room unpacking his stuff, unfortunately for him he didn't have enough time left for him to get ready for his first meeting with his fellow trainee; " oh crap" Roy would say as he had just realised that he did not not have much time left till his first meeting with the instructor. Jumping up from his bed Roy would get changed in a rush into his new uniform, looking downwards afterwards and watching himself from his perspective was weird as he pictured himself looking differently. He would then burst out his cabin, running towards his designated destination on the field where he would say many other recruits in formation.

Joining the row of soldiers rather abruptly, he would look to his left watching the many faces of the others around him. Roy took it upon himself to familiarise himself with the fellow recruits for these were the people he was going to spend the rest of his time with as a soldier. Out of random he would hear a loud voice from a distance. A fairly middle aged man would past various trainees challenging them, the instructor would slowly walk towards his direction and Roy would begin to panic a small bead of sweat would drop down from his forehead, yet Roy would manage to keep a straight face until the instructor stood between him and another individual. Carefully placing both his arms behind his back attempting not to catch his instructors attention. The instructors cold glare could tear a man apart and make him burst into tears, he would then take step forward and sharply turn his body towards Roy staring down at him.

The instructor would screw his face up and say "What is your name boy?" Startled at first Roy would summon up the courage to talk back to him and say "Roy Niyi, Sir". The instructor was amused and laughed in a sarcastic manner mimicking Roy, in a light a voice "Roy Niyi.." this was immediately followed with another question "You got any balls boy". Speak up whenever you talk to me! Which brigade are you going to join and why did you join the military?!! Roy would once again respond but this time bolder and braver "I plan on joining the Survey Corps Sir ! No.. I mean the Military Po.." The Instructor would cut him off before he would finish "Excuse me !!". Roy would continue to go on to answer the rest of the question; "I joined the military to better myself as a means of improving who i am as a person and a man Sir!" The instructor would then shake his head and walk off seeking out his next victim.

Still in formation Roy would stand trying to take in each and every word he heard. Fighting his thoughts from taking over little did he know that he was giving in to his thoughts again. Slowly bowing his head downwards Roy would mutter under his breath "Is this really for me?"

Re: The Last Battle of the 26th Division

Postby MysteriousPerson » Sun Nov 10, 2013 3:59 am

"This is it, i'll starting to enroll in military from now. Mom, i know you would be happy if you were still here, so wish me luck from up there" said Irina to herself. She said thank you to a stranger who let her stay in her home,taking care of her and start to going the the military training camp. At first she have an anxious and fear feels as she walking her way to the military training camp, but remembering the promise that she made to herself, she can suppresed the anxious and fear feeling.

about 30 minutes later, she finally arrived at the military training camp. She stopped for a moment, her face is slightly red because she felt a little bit tired, and then she is taking a deep breath about 3 times, and then continue walking. As she walking past the gate, she saw much trainees that enroll in this military training camp. Most of them is come in group, talking to each other with a happy face and talk about some rumour. " *sigh* what a useless conversation, i wonder if they could put up such a happy face after they are in the camp" said Irina to herself.

After she going inside the first building, she is approaching the military officials, asking for her cabin room. "oh, the girl section is that one, you can find your name in there" said the official as he pointing to a building. And then, Irina walks towards the building that the official pointing out to her. As she walks toward her destination, she realized that many ppl were starring at her, and sometimes she even hears that they are whisperring. "looks at that girl, her skin is pale" , "yeah, she don't looks too fit" , "yea i wonder if she can hold out in this camp", that's the word that Irina hears as she keep walking.

Finally she is in the girl section, there, she looks on the board, and find her name in there. Her cabin room was the most right corner. In there she saw several of her roommates, but she ignores them as she immediately changed into her uniform provided by the official and then head to the field where the other trainees are there,lines in their ranks.
As she is in the formation, she saw the instructor asking the other trainee with a loud voice and a little snap. " *sigh*, i hate this kind of people" said Irina to herself.

And then finally, it's her turn to be asked.
" *sigh* my name is Irina Svetsky, i'm 16 years old, and i come from shiganshina district"
"tch, this bastard" said Irina to herself.
and then, instructor Zachary walk past over the next trainee.
*i really hate this kind of people* said Irina to herself as she smiling...
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Re: The Last Battle of the 26th Division

Postby Strongwill » Sun Nov 10, 2013 4:24 am

(Time to make some relationship)

Milfich waits until their instructor is far enough from them.

"Ok that's harsh…" She whispers to the pale girl standing next to her. She tried her best to say it as quiet as possible. "Svet-Svet-whatever, good luck on fullfilling your promise to your mom."

Milfich actually surprised that she could say something like that. It's very unusual of her to talk to strangers.

She remembers that back when she is still a kid, she did not have so many friends. She spent most of her time reading books instead of playing. The way she sees thing differ greatly from her other friends. she remembers that her father always gives her fresh news everytime he got home,things that only a soldier could know. Some 'classified' stuff that she cannot read in the newspaper

Re: The Last Battle of the 26th Division

Postby MysteriousPerson » Sun Nov 10, 2013 7:43 am

Not long after Instructor Zachary moves from Irina, She hear someone whisperring to her. As she looks to the source of the sound, she's little bit shock as the girl next to her is quite tall one. Irina looks at her messy hair. "Heeeh, looks like this girl isn't the one who like to dress up, maybe she's a lazy type" said Irina to herself.

"Ok that's harsh…Svet-Svet-whatever, good luck on fullfilling your promise to your mom" whisp the girl that next to her.
"It's Svetsky, and im fine, please dont talk again or that bastard will come back here again." whisp Irina back to the girl that next to her.

" *sigh* how long do we need to stand in here, i'm here to learn something about killing the titans, not to know everyone from this camp.!" said Irina to herself.

Re: The Last Battle of the 26th Division

Postby Mr.L » Sun Nov 10, 2013 7:57 am

Slowly the instructor walked past a few trainees, and then he stopped. Norbert was shaking, he couldn't help it, he's heard what the instructor has said, he knew he was going to be bombarded with insults which he never thought he would hear. The instructor took one quick glance at Norbert. Norbert was sweating, "What was he going to say?" He thought, when suddenly the instructor yell out.

"I uh... I.."
"Y-Yes sir."
"Now answer my question, what the fuck are you doing here?!"
"I'm here to serve humanity!" Norbert responded, while saluting.
"No you're not, you're here to become nothing more than titan food!"
"Yes sir!"
"What are you maggot?!"
"I am titan food!"
"Yes sir."
"Now, go outside and run!"
"Yes sir!"

Norbert ran outside as fast as he could, while the instructor moved to the next trainee...
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Re: The Last Battle of the 26th Division

Postby Strongwill » Sun Nov 10, 2013 7:57 am

Much to her surprise, the girl replied.
"It's Svetsky, and im fine, please dont talk again
or that bastard will come back here again."

"Svetly." Milfich repeated firmly. Out of curiousity, she peek on Zachary. He started to walk further inside the formation, occasionally make a short stop to question an unlucky trainee like her self.

Milfich started to wonder, How long is he going to make them stand? They have stand here for like, a hour and a half maybe? She have started to wonder what they will be doing next. Start learning how to use the 3D Maneuver Gear, maybe? No that wouldn't be possible. It's their first day after all, the Introduction day.

She suddenly remember what her father told her before she left for the camp. "Not every trainee make it out alive."
She shudder, trying to imagine what kind of training she will face
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