The Last Battle of the 26th Division

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Re: The Last Battle of the 26th Division

Postby T3rran » Sun Nov 10, 2013 4:54 pm


Absolute. Chaos.

No one knew how to stand in formation, no one knew how to do anything right. He must be the most unlucky person ever to be stuck with this buffoons.

Zero stood at attention, like his father had taught him to do during his scolding sessions. It was an easy little trick that even the stupidest of dogs could perform. Everyone around him must be mentally ill if they can't even do that properly. So many poor farmers. So many workers. None of them were military, and he would watch them get eaten when they fought titans. He should've stayed home. No one here was going to give him competition, he'd wipe the floor with their moronic minds.

"You there! The pretty boy who looks like he got in a fight with a machete!"

Perfect! Instructor Short-Mind found him. Quickly, he shifted to a salute, like his father had drilled into his head before, "Sir!" He shouted, and the instructor got uncomfortably close. He held his face rock solid. Any sign of weakness, fear, or even hatred would set the instructor off. Zero knew better than to set off an instructor. He needed to be on their good side if he wanted to get promoted, and be a squad leader. It wasn't a question of skill for Zero, not in the least bit. He was the best damn person here. The instructors would be fools to not notice that. Skill didn't equal leaders, though. It took being allies with those above you... and Zero would take nothing less than leader when he was through.

"Oh!" the instructor nodded, "You can salute already! Did daddy teach you that? Where are you from, boy!"

"Sir! I'm from the capital, sir!" Zero replied, eyes front and unmoving. The inside of him grinned a bit. The instructor was struggling to insult him like he had the other soldiers. Hard to insult perfection, after all.

"Ohh, so your daddy is Military Police? You must think your the best god damn thing here, huh?"

Correction, he thought, I am the best damn thing here.

"Well you're NOT! You're a fucking waste of space! A waste of space, taking my air and my food, and you just happen to know a few tricks because Daddy is in the MP!"

Good one. That one must've taken a few minutes to produce. "Sir, I am here to be a soldier!"

"Really?! And here I thought you were here to wear frilly skirts for all of us to see!" A few of the low-lives snickered at the comment. "You trainee's think thats funny? Did I ASK you all to laugh? I did NOT. So you all will join Trainee Scar Skirts here in twenty pushups!"

Asshole. Zero dropped down first, and rapidly cranked out his twenty pushups, faster than the rest. He was on his feet first, and saluted, "Sir, what are your next orders, sir!" He shouted.

"Twenty more!"

Zero dropped down, this time opting for the second half to be one handed, and he popped back up, saluting, "Sir, what are your next orders, sir!" He shouted.

The instructor nodded, and walked on by, "At EASE, Scar Skirts!" Zero could have gone without the nickname for damn sure. He left a good impression though, and Zero grinned. With one instructor on his side, it might be a bit easier to get places beyond the standard soldier. noticing a few of the other soldiers. None nearly as good as him, of course. He stood at ease, doing his best to appear like a soldier. He had to appear like being here was only a formality, that he was already soldier material, and that would give him the next edge he'd need to be a squad leader. All of them here would follow his orders, one day... especially the few trying to talk in whispers. Peasants... a whole lot imbeciles among their kind. They wouldn't even know how to wipe their own ass if they didn't have assistance... he could go for hours, but with how the introductions were going, the instructors would make a fine example out of the whole lot of them. Some might even piss themselves and run home.

Less competition. He smirked evilly to himself, and remained at attention, sparing no looks to anyone.


Re: The Last Battle of the 26th Division

Postby =_= » Sun Nov 10, 2013 5:19 pm

The sky was yellow.

Piotr panted for breath after barely managing to finish two sets of twenty pushups. Throughout his life the greatest number of pushups he had done in a single sitting was less than 15.

Until now. He would have fallen behind if it weren't for the other few trainees who possessed a similar level of stamina.

The instructor hadn't even questioned 10 recruits, but now it was clear as mud that many of the recruits here were... unusual, to say the least: the overachievers, the underachievers, the smug , and the skittish. Seemed like physical training wouldn't be the only problem he would face throughout the next few years.

Trying hard to quiet down his heavy breathing, Piotr once again redirected his gaze toward the horizon straight ahead.

Re: The Last Battle of the 26th Division

Postby The Sketcher » Sun Nov 10, 2013 5:45 pm

Joseph grunted as he watched his sister trying to do push ups.
That bastard just had to show off... I hate people like him... I grew up with them. People who think they're better than the ones who lived on the outer walls just because they were born into nobility. Damn you Zero...
He smiled down at Aline.
''Hang in there. Dinner's soon.''
The Sketcher

Re: The Last Battle of the 26th Division

Postby MysteriousPerson » Sun Nov 10, 2013 10:20 pm

Irina's mind was almost completely blank, when suddenly she hears another whisper that directed towards her. "oh please, is it not enough that only the weather that bothering me ?, im almost at my limit here. " said Irina to herself.
"She most likely, is going to answer that she is okay, It's quite the opposite isn't it?" whisp someone. As Irina take a look to who the one that whisping to her, it's turns out to be the messy girl. "oh god, her again ? did i told her to not talk again ?" said Irina to herself. Irina chooses to ignore the tissue that given to her by the messy girl because she didn't want that bastard instructor coming all the way here again.
"tch, i dont want that bastard coming here again because of something trivial like a tissue." said Irina to herself while her hand again wiping the sweat off her forehead.
After she ignoring the messy girl hair, Irina can hears the instructor yelled to some unfortunate trainees like herself, but there are trainee that answer with a good answer regarding the instructor question. Irina even have her eyes to some of the trainees that she can consider "worth" to be friend to her...

Re: The Last Battle of the 26th Division

Postby Strongwill » Sun Nov 10, 2013 11:29 pm

Milfich have already guessed that she will decline the tissue. She easily pass it back to the boy who gave it to her to the first place.

"See?" she whisper. Then, she, like what everyone else did, look on another boy from the Capital. Unlike the Capital Duo, though, Milfich could tell from his glare that he was here to be somekind of a champion. No, not champion. Leader, The top, The Ace. Things like that.

Scar Skirts? She looked away from whatever he do, he did not interest her.

Re: The Last Battle of the 26th Division

Postby Accelevi » Tue Nov 12, 2013 12:23 am

Suraru is restarting RP, so locking.

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