The Last Battle of the 26th Division

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Re: The Last Battle of the 26th Division

Postby =_= » Sun Nov 10, 2013 9:13 am

Piotr looked at the carefully arranged stack on his bed: the clean white trousers, knee-high leather boots, and the new, light-brown jacket, complete with the twin-sword emblem shining from the rays of the bright, noon sun.

Trying it on, he found that it fit him quite well, surprisingly matching well with his pale green shirt-or so he thought. He briefly thought about goose-stepping around the bedroom, but seeing as how other recruits were still present, quickly dismissed the silly notion and sat down on his bed.

Today was his first day as a trainee of the 26th division of the Trost Training Corps. Now officially a trainee, he should have felt excitement behind the fact that his application was accepted. He should have felt pride from being able to join in makind's epic battle against the titans, to heroically sacrifice his life for eventual human victory! He should have felt the fierce determination, to carry the responsibility of a soldier, to carry the responsibility of a man! Later on when he was to die in battle, he would look back on this moment, and-

Who was he kidding. He would never have joined the army if left to his own devices.

It was his father who said that he should join the army "for the sake of humanity," a very silly thought. Piotr was the weakest and the youngest of the three sons. Work was never his favorite activity, although he never really understood why, and he admittedly did little help to bring food to the table. His two older brothers did like to help his father, though.

He knew that he was just sent here so that he wouldn't have to be fed. His father probably didn't care about whether Piotr died in some sort of a training accident.

The thought of family also brought back memories of his mother. Her stories of the days when titans never existed always alleviated his mood, followed by some deep mulling and questioning. Kings and lords riding into glorious battle, shouting battle-cries under the bellowing trumpets. Curiously, their enemies were always other humans. Why was that? His mother never gave him a clear answer.

Piotr snapped back to reality as his fellow recruits walked out the door after a single man, probably a soldier.

Before joining the ranks, he looked at his ring, forged in the likeness of interwinding wings, forever locked together in silver. His father gave it to him before Piotr left, why was that? He couldn't think of a clear answer.

The door opened to the bright, warm sunshine raining down on the trainees, blessing them all for the hardships they would soon encounter.
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Re: The Last Battle of the 26th Division

Postby The Sketcher » Sun Nov 10, 2013 9:49 am

The instructor turned to a young man at the end of the line.
He walked up to him.
''And you, brat?!'' he yelled. ''Who the hell are you!?''
''Joseph Dumoulin from the capital, sir!''
''Why's a useless little brat like you doing here!?''
''To join the Recon Corps and see the outer world, sir!''
''What a noble ambition! You'll make good titan food!''
The boy didn't lose his composition.
''If it means helping humanity throw another step, sir,'' the boy answered loudly. ''I'd be glad to die in the stomach of a titan, sir!''
The instructor looked surprised for a moment.
''Then you will not be disappointed!''
The look in Joseph's eyes had a slight hint of terror for a moment as the inspector moved along.
That went better than expected...
He glanced at the young girl next to him and whispered only loud enough for her to hear.
''Are you sure about this?'' he said. ''You're still too young... This the last chance for you to back out.''
She snorted.
''I'm surer than you are, brother.''
The Sketcher

Re: The Last Battle of the 26th Division

Postby Strongwill » Sun Nov 10, 2013 10:06 am

Her curiosity got the better of her, again. She made a quick glance toward the boy who said that he come from the Capital and actually risk his privileged live just to see the outer world. Milfich was not sure to call him "Idiot", or "Dumbass" for leaving a place that she wanted her family to be, the Inner Wall. But she also somewhat respect him for leaving his good life to satisfy his curiosity of the outer world. She would've do the same.

He looks older than the rest of the trainees here, who are all standing in the formation, and also taller than the rest of us. That's it. Quick glance. Milfich turn her head back to it's original position, glad that their killer instructor did not notice the movement that she just did just now.

"Come to think of it", she toughs, as she is shifting her weight to her left foot, then the right foot. "My legs have started to ache..."

Re: The Last Battle of the 26th Division

Postby The Sketcher » Sun Nov 10, 2013 11:32 am

Joseph had a determined look in his eyes. He didn't turn to look at the instructor as he scolded the trainees.
He wasn't hurt by what the instructor said. Perhaps he should've been. He knew that it was the instructor's job to discipline the trainees. This would mean doing anything in order to turn them into soldiers even if it meant damaging someone or saying things he didn't believe in. Instead of resenting him, Joseph admired and appreciated the man for being able to make such a sacrifice.
He took a look around and noticed the girl look at her.
So many people here... I wonder where they all come from... I'll have 3 years to meet them all anyway. Though could she really be the same age as me? She said she was 18... The others too. Most of them don't look well built.
Joseph felt a small sting in his arm.
''Stop gazing around,'' his sister said. ''Be patient...''
''Right... Sorry to have worried you, Aline,'' he answered, smiling.
(this is a military facility so make sure you use 'sir' after finishing your sentence when you're talking to the instructor.)
The Sketcher

Re: The Last Battle of the 26th Division

Postby MysteriousPerson » Sun Nov 10, 2013 12:07 pm

The sun is still high there, Irina can feel the hotness from the sun, not to mention that her body now is covered with sweat, and her eyes now takes a quick glance at instructor Zachary, and then she takes a look around. "1,2,3,4,..... oh damn, there is still much trainee that not been introduced, and what is it now ? 3 hours already ? i think its more than that." said Irina to herself. Not long after that, her eyes start to feel a little bit heavy, and her balance is started to agitated, Her head felt a little bit dizzy, but she still manage to hold herself. Her hand is rubbing her forehead to wiping out the sweat from her forehead.

"oh c'mon, i think i can pass out any second ,get a hold of yourself Irina" said Irina to herself.

Re: The Last Battle of the 26th Division

Postby Strongwill » Sun Nov 10, 2013 12:15 pm

(Nickname to the main discussion post?)

Milfich could see from the corner of her eye that Stev-Stev-Stevsky, the girl who is standing next to her, is sweating a lot. She looks like that she is about to pass out any moment. She looks very sick and pale.

"Psst," she call out. "Are you ok?"

Milfich have decided that she would catch her before she hits the ground. If she really did pass out, though, she wonders whether they would let her to stay or not. Milfich could feel that her throat is dry, and now asking for water. She tries hard not to move her hand to wipe out the sweats on her forehead, that is started to trickle down and making the ground beneath her wet from it

Re: The Last Battle of the 26th Division

Postby TataBlitz » Sun Nov 10, 2013 2:43 pm

The hot sun made Kevin sweat like a mule and his legs were nearly giving out on him. Seeing the instructor far away, feeling safe, he decided to glance around at his neighbors. There were some that were beginning to show signs of doubt about what they were doing there in the first place, to be honest he was too, but if he had any pride at all, it was that Kevin would finish whatever he has started, although he was forced to join the military by God, he would finish the training.

Damn his legs were killing him, but as he glanced around, he saw this red-haired girl who seemed to be slightly out of it, wobbling in place, wiping sweat off her brow with an alarming frequency, and she even looks sort of feverish too.

"Damn she's worse off than me," Kevin thought to himself, his empathy overriding his shyness, he decided to speak up and try to get to know the people around him. Nudging the black-haired girl next to him, he whispered to her, "Hey is she okay? she looks pretty out of it." He withdrew from his trousers some tissue and handed to the girl next to him, "also, you want some tissue? You look like you're bathing in your sweat."

Re: The Last Battle of the 26th Division

Postby Strongwill » Sun Nov 10, 2013 3:01 pm

Milfich was surprised that the shy looking boy that have kept silent after being… 'motivated' by the Instructor suddenly talk to them.

"She most likely, is going to answer that she is okay," Milfich reach for the tissue, and pass it to Irina. "It's quite the opposite isn't it?"
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Re: The Last Battle of the 26th Division

Postby Annie Leonhardt » Sun Nov 10, 2013 3:22 pm

Aline saw the intructor yelling at her comrades, and she knew that she's coming next. "Only a few guys and I'm next. I should prepare what I'm going to say. The first impression is always the most important." said to herself. The sun was shining so hard that she couldn't even think. The sweat was pouring out of her head, but she said "I must resist ultil he reaches me". She saw that everybody is bored and won't resist much. Damn it, what a hot day! Why now, why here?" she was wondering, and with all this thinking the time flew and the instructor was close to her. "What? It's my turn already? Come on, I can do this! My name is Matsuo Aline, I'm here to test my powers and my goal is to explore the ouside world with the survey corps! I come from the Trost district! I will fight until I can't move, even if my friends are death!" she said. "I think this is enough, hope he will have a good impression about me." The instructor was done with that kid. (well not kid, I think I'm the youngest here) "What's with that guy? Why he's trembling, I think that he couldn't face that the instructor is too strict. Heh, he didn't prepare like me." she said to herself. The instructor was going straight to her, step by step, and his look didn't express any feeling. You couldn't tell what kind of person he is. "Maybe I'll have another chance to meet him, but now I have to make sure that everything is perfect!". The instructpr was right in her face, but he didn't even look at her. He ignored her and was going to the next cadet. "Damn it, why didn't he asked me anything?". Then she yelled: "Excuse me sir, but I think you forgot about me!". He suddenly stopped. "What did you said?" he whispers. "SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU TRASHBAG!" he said. "B-but..." but she couldn't end her sentence because he interrupted her: "I SAID SHUT THE FUCK UP IF YOU DON'T WANT YOUR ASS KICKED OUT OF HERE!". He then walked to the next cadet. "What a pain in the ass..." she said. "I hope this will end soon because I won't resist much by now." she complained.

(hope that is good, I'm new at RP, and I'm not good at english neither + this is from my phone)
Annie Leonhardt

Re: The Last Battle of the 26th Division

Postby Strongwill » Sun Nov 10, 2013 3:27 pm

Well, that's a shock.
A lucky girl is actually asked to be motivated.

Milfich try to hold her laugh. If she laugh, she will be crushed by the instructor. No doubt about it. And she prefer not to, as she wanted to make it out here alive.


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