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Postby Strongwill » Thu Nov 28, 2013 2:52 pm


Today is their first day.
The new recruits first day.

A man, one of the Training Camp officer, stands in front of
the new trainees. Most of them looks relaxed, surprisingly,
but we will be seeing them scared shitless later after they
metting with Instructor Zachary.

A little smile formed in the officer's face. He knows that
Instructor will not go easy on them. Then, he finished
checking the number of recruits arrived. Some cart arrive
late for what-ever reason, but the number of people here is
enough. He cleared his thoat and started it.

“Okay, Kids!” He yelled. The trainees conversation stopped
immediately. “The other staff have already pinned the list of
children who will live in each dormitory. You can go to the
wooden board and see it by your self. Do not jostle!”

"You get 30 minutes, no more than that, to change and get your lazy asses back here! Get it?!"

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Re: ARC 1

Postby =_= » Thu Nov 28, 2013 3:09 pm

Piotr looked at the carefully arranged stack on his bed: the clean white trousers, knee-high leather boots, and the new light-brown jacket, complete with the twin-sword emblem shining from the rays of the bright, noon sun.

Trying it on, he found that it fit him quite well, surprisingly matching with his pale green shirt -- or so he thought. He briefly thought about goose-stepping around the bedroom, but seeing as how other recruits were still present, quickly dismissed the silly notion and sat down on his bed.

Today was his first day as a trainee of the 26th division of the Trost Training Corps. Now officially a trainee, he should have felt excitement behind the fact that his application was accepted. He should have felt pride from being able to join in makind's epic battle against the titans, to heroically sacrifice his life for eventual human victory! He should have felt the fierce determination, to carry the responsibility of a soldier, to carry the responsibility of a man! Later on when he was to die in battle, he would look back on this moment, and-

Who was he kidding. He would never have joined the army if left to his own devices.

It was his father who said that he should join the army "for the sake of humanity," which Piotr didn't quite accept as the truth. He was the weakest and the youngest of the three sons. Work was never his favorite activity -- although he never really understood why -- and he admittedly did little to help bring food to the table, unlike his two older brothers, who were a great help to the family's blacksmithing business.

He knew that he was just sent here so that he wouldn't have to be fed. His father probably didn't care about whether Piotr died in some sort of a training accident.

The thought of family also brought back memories of his mother. Her stories of the days when titans never existed always alleviated his mood, followed by some deep mulling and questioning. Kings and lords riding into glorious battle, shouting battle-cries under the bellowing trumpets. Curiously, their enemies were always other humans. Why was that? His mother never gave him a clear answer.

Suddenly he felt lonely, he would not see his mother for a few years. The only person he knew was Huss, his friend from his hometown, who hoped to join the Scouting Legion after graduation. Which would mean the next few years might be the last time they would ever see each other. Piotr would join the Stationary Guard: the Military Police was something he could only dream of, and joining the Scouting Legion was out of the question.

"You nervous?"

Looking up, Piotr found himself staring at two amber eyes that pierced too deeply into his thoughts. He quickly shifted his gaze away and stuttered a reply,

"Uh, um, no-I mean, y-yeah, I'm a bit nervous."
"I would't worry too much."

After a slight pause the voice added,

"Everyone else seems to be just as uneasy."

From his brief glance Piotr could discern pale skin, dark brown hair, and an intimidating stare. Well, maybe less intimidating than he first saw them to be.

"My name's James by the way."

He had a name for those features and the friendly voice now. James. Piotr managed to shift his gaze back to James's face, but not quite to his eyes just yet.

"My name's P-Piotr. Piotr Schmidt. Nice to meet you."
"Good luck out there today, Piotr"
"Ah, thanks. Good luck to you too."

James seemed to take a deep breath as he followed the other trainees.

Piotr felt bewilderment for just two seconds. Wow, he just made a friend. James. On the first day of training to boot. Maybe his experience in the Training Corps wouldn't be as bad as he thought it would be.

Piotr snapped back to reality as his fellow recruits walked out the door after a single man, probably a soldier. Oh well, he thought. He tapped Huss's shoulder, made an attempt for a smile, and walked toward the lined trainees.

Before joining the ranks, he looked at his ring, forged in the likeness of inter-winding wings, forever locked together in silver. His father gave it to him before Piotr left, why was that? He couldn't think of a clear answer.

The door opened to the blindingly harsh sunshine raining down on the trainees, foreshadowing the various hardships they would soon come to face.

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DaRusskey's intro

Walking in had been a strange sight. His height allowed him to see over the heads of most, and the faces Huss saw around him were not of the same sense of pride, but of fear and desolation. He’d heard reports of the titans, and stories from those who had survived the onslaught from up close. Their tales unnerved him. So maybe this wasn’t the best idea, he thought to himself. Too late now, you dimwit.

Huss reached into the pack he had been given and began to undress. He felt his arm, the scar of which had been long in coming and had finally settled into its place. Its origin he couldn’t remember, but knew it probably had something to do with his brawling in the streets with those who messed with him or his friends. He chuckled to himself as he slid on the tight combat boots and lacing them up.

The lights flickered overhead and his mind flashed back to his mother, sitting in a wheelchair, staring out the window with her eyes squinted and her mind wandering. He came over and kissed her hand, slung the pack over his shoulder and walked out the door.

Huss was brought back to reality by Piotr, the smith’s son, tapping him on the shoulder and grinning at him. They were thrown into this mess together and they would leave together, all limbs intact. He swore it.

Huss reached down and began slipping the belt through the loops, surveying those around him. He’d left his mother and father, his friends, and all memories of home back there, and in here, he was one among none.

He took in the features of the boy no older than himself reaching for his belongings. He noticed the smug grin of one boy, born and bred for the slaughter. These were the people he would spend the next years of his life, and yet he only knew one person’s name. He felt alone, but comforted in the fact that they were all alone, together.

He looked down as he buttoned the last button on his shirt, tapped the twin-sword emblem on his chest, and whispered a mumbled “together.” He grinned, shouldered his pack and moved over to the door...
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Re: ARC 1

Postby James Dorik » Thu Nov 28, 2013 11:04 pm

James looked himself over, inspecting his new uniform. It fit well enough, matching his dark grey undershirt, and gave him a satisfying sense of authority and power. The silver necklace he wore sparkled reassuringly. He let a weak smile cross his face. This is the day his whole life had been leading up to, he had finally become a soldier.

Well, he also felt fairly unsure. He wasn't really a soldier yet, he was little more than a recruit. His smile faded to a frown as he pondered what these next three years would be like. Was the standard training really as grueling as he'd heard? He had always considered himself to be pretty coordinated. He figured using the Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear couldn't be that difficult to master. But learning to use the gear wasn't the only thing his training would entail, and he knew it. There would be other rigorous exercises and he'd even heard of trainees spending days out in the wilderness as training.

James noticed a younger boy getting dressed next to him. He's was probably only about thirteen or fourteen and had a smaller build. He didn't seem to be the soldier type, as if he had his own doubts about enlisting. Without thinking, he instinctively addressed the boy in a quiet tone, "You nervous?". The boy looked up at James, paused for a moment, then responded nervously, "Uh, um, no-I mean, y-yeah, I'm a bit nervous". James, seeing how anxious his comrade was, attempted to reassure him. "I would't worry too much", he said looking around the room, "everyone else seems to be just as uneasy". He looked back with a smile and introduced himself. "My name's James by the way". The boy, seemingly less nervous, introduced himself as well, "My name's P-Piotr. Piotr Schmidt. Nice to meet you". James nodded, "Good luck out there today, Piotr". Piotr gave a weak smile, "Ah, thanks. Good luck to you too".

James shook of his doubt and let his eyes follow the other trainees as they exited the dorm. Today was the first step in furthering his goal, his dream. One day humanity would retake the land outside the walls. Life would be simple and tranquil, free. Maybe not in his lifetime, but the least he could do was support the cause directly, as a soldier.

James took a deep breath stepped through the door, now prepared to face whatever challenges lay before him.
James Dorik

Re: ARC 1

Postby Erandos » Fri Nov 29, 2013 5:27 am

Elegard sat on his bed, he sighted. He held his left hand with his right's one, he smiled, a faint smile. His father words flashed in his mind. Finally,this day has come, the day that he longed for, the day that he will reclaim his family honor, reclaim his ancestor's sword, reclaim his kin's land.

'' I will take every things back.'' He murmured

A spark of joy appeared in his eyes as he looked at the other trainees, suddenly, he felt that he is not alone anymore. This is my family. Elegard wanted to know more about the other trainees, so he went and talk to them for the next 20 minutes, after that, Elegard slowly put on his uniform, he tightened his boots as he look around the room. This will be his house in the next years to come. Not bad, a bed and a carpet along with warm food is all he needed. It is only now that he have a certain view of his future, he had wanted to join the army back when he was still a kid, but to reached this far for him, he cannot hide his satisfaction
Elegard stood up and opened the door to the barrack's yard, greeting the sunlight that pointed agains him, he was one of the first person to went out of the dorm. He used his remaining time to examined the training field.
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Re: ARC 1

Postby TataBlitz » Fri Nov 29, 2013 6:17 am

His father dropped him off in front of the barracks, "Maybe the military will toughen you up, I expect you to be a man when you come back," and without so much as a goodbye, he turned his back and walked away.

"Pretty much what I expected, nothing I do ever pleases you," Kevin grumbled to himself. With a sigh, he went to the training grounds where all the other new trainees were meeting gathering.

There were so many people here, so lively, but Kevin feels so out of it. He never did like crowds, preferring to have a close-knit group of friends with whom he can form close bonds with. Suddenly, a booming voice cried out “Okay, Kids!." All activity stopped and everyone looked at the source of the voice, an officer with a grumpy looking face. "The other staff have already pinned the list of children who will live in each dormitory. You can go to the
wooden board and see it by your self. Do not jostle!” Trying to make himself as inconspicuous as possible, he trudged into the dorms. After getting lost a few times, he finally found it, the room was spartan, but had enough space to fit his needs. There was a desk, a chair, and a bed with a thick blanket and a pillow. Not the most comfortable, but better than nothing.

On the bed, he found a clean, new set of clothes which he assumed to be the uniform. With still about 20 minutes left, he took his time to put the clothes on to make himself look as best as possible, first impressions matter after all.

"Time to enter hell," were his bitter thoughts as almost lethargically he dragged himself to the training grounds. The scorching sun made him uncomfortable and since he cut the time so close, all the shady spots were already taken. Glancing around to see what sort of people he would be spending the next few years with, he saw many different types of personalities. There were the braggarts, the shy ones trying to hide like himself, and the aloof. He made a mental note to himself to try and avoid the braggarts, as he dealt with them before, and had horrible experiences with them. They would pick on him, thinking him to be weak, then when he did well on a challenge, they would get angry at him, just no way to win. Finding an empty spot next to a next to a tall girl with short, black, messy hair, who seemed to be the quiet type, he shyly approached and stood next to her while waiting for the instructor to appear and begin.
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Re: ARC 1

Postby The Sketcher » Fri Nov 29, 2013 9:41 am

Joseph entered the barracks to find his uniform in front of his bunk. As he puts it on, he noticed a familiar face. He quickly looked away and started putting his clothes on.
"Joseph, you sly bastard." The familiar face walked over and gave Joseph a punch on the shoulder. "Who would've thought I'd meet you here."
Joseph looked annoyed but he didn't bother to look over.
''Yeah. What a shocker to see you here, Zero,'' he said dully. ''Why're you here, anyway?''
He put on his jacket and tucked his ripped shirt in.
Zero sighed, "I'm here to be the best damn soldier ever trained, as well as the soon-to-be best squad leader," He answered enthusiastically, "And what about you?" He slid his own shirt on, tucking it in and grabbing his jacket, and slinging it over his back to be worn. He also used a small mirror to ensure the tucks, jacket, boots, and pants were crisp and well ironed.
''My sister joined,'' he said as he pulled his boot up. ''I'm here to look after her.''
He got the straps attached on his first try. Somehow, it looked like he'd done it before.
''But if you want to be a squad leader,'' he said. ''You'll have to get past me. I'm not leaving my sister in your care.''
He chuckled.
"That's a stupid reason..." Zero muttered. "There's room for at least two squads." He added, "But my squad will be vastly superior to yours, and I'll be the better soldier... if you try hard, maybe you'll be a close second."
Joseph waited for him.
''You're quite cocky for someone who doesn't know what he's up against,'' he answered. ''What makes you think you'll be better than me?''
Joseph tried to get rid of the wrinkles on his shirt by rubbing them while he said this.
Zero shrugged, "I'm confident in my skills. There's nothing I haven't risen to the challenge to, and this soldiering thing will be no different." He grinned, Joseph had confidence in his own skills. Perfect, there would be real competition after all. Zero started to note a few soldiers were walking out, heading for the open, dirt field. "First step in becoming top soldier: impressing the instructor." Zero gave Joseph a pat on the back, and started walking out, "Be the firstest with the mostest!" He turned out, and walked towards the field.
Joseph started walking.
''There's a first to everything, huh?''
He laughed. ''It's not like you're going to do better than me in anything other than academics.''
He quickened his pace and walked past Zero.
The Sketcher

Re: ARC 1

Postby BlitzNeko » Fri Nov 29, 2013 1:33 pm

"Finally...... after ages of freakin' torturing myself by training harder... I'm here.." Akito sighs deeply as he dresses up. After losing his sister, Akito learned and developed ways to survive by himself. He ususally goes with "Observe, Try, Pratice, Adopt, and Survive". This little "legacy" of his helped him to avoid any kinds of danger; starvation, dying from thirst, diseases, and so on.

As Akito keeps on dressing up, he caught some people staring at him as if a weird, stupid-looking titan appeared out of nowhere and started to act like a human. With his menacing eyes, Akito glared at those people. They responded poorly by glaring at the wall and pretending that nothing ever happened. Two of the recruits caught Akito's attention. One was roughly younger than him, the recruit has dark brown hair and a small scar on the his left eyebrow. The other was looks older, roughly about Akito's age, yet small in height, he has messy blonde hair, blue eyes, and a look that a bad good would normaly have.

They kept on nugding each other, calling names, grinning at each other, and so on. They look like they had known each other for a long time and turned rivals, well friendly rivals by the looks of it. Akito recieved immediate flashbacks of moments of training with his little sister.

Akito glanced at the red handkerchief at his palm and said to himself, "Ahhhh.... That's right... We were like those two lads during our training. Always fighting each other, calling names, being life-long rivals...... Ain't that right, Sarah?" He clenched his fist and tied the handkerchief around his neck.

He caught movement from the corner of his eye. One of staring buggers started walking towards him. 'Pfft grew up a pair of balls to make friends with me, huh?', Akito thought in disgust. He tightened his belt, grabbed his trainee corps jacket and ran out of the building. After gaining some distance, Akito took a deep breath and sighed loudly.

He looked down at the training site and saw tons of recruits lining up. He said in a lazy mood, "This is going to be a looooong-ass day"

Re: ARC 1

Postby JonRimes » Fri Nov 29, 2013 11:06 pm

It felt like a long day, but the day had just started. For some odd reason, Kaden felt tired already, he felt like he had woken up too early or slept too late, although he did neither of those; he did, however, think he didn't sleep enough, as if 10 hours wasn't enough. For him, beauty sleep needs about 12 hours, and nap time around 2, this would probably need to stop if he wanted to stay as a soldier.

As Kaden approached the bed in his barracks, he could see one thing standing on his way, a uniform. There was no time to unpack nor did he want to unpack yet, his small bag really didn't have so many things to unpack, and a uniform wasn't going to stand on his way to bed, he threw his bag on the side of the bed and pushed the uniform near the bag, soon after, he jumped right onto the bed, of course, this caused the bag and the uniform to fall off the bed. "... Fine." he sighed, he figured using his 30 minutes to sleep was probably not that wise of an idea, and he would probably arrive late to formation. As he sat back up in the bed, his level of tiredness came back to mind, it didn't decrease at all, but he could manage for now, he wasn't planning on standing up. He tried to reach for his bag and uniform, and did it quite successfully, of course the uniform wasn't as neat and tidy as it was when laying on the bed, but it didn't quite matter, he was going to put it on after all. He placed the uniform and bag back to where they belonged, the bed, and he opened his bag to make sure everything was there, and by make sure, he meant taking a quick peek. The thought of 30 minutes started to seem way too long for Kaden, and he didn't quite know what he was planning on doing after that, he just had a goal of graduating already to get out of this place, but not without much experience on his way out, being able to swing around the world was quite a dream for him, and he was sure it would've been a very nice topic to talk about with his sisters, and they would be very amazed to know his brother would be able to fly, if you could call it that. There was only one tiny inconvenience, titans, everything has to be ruined by just some inept titans, the good thing is they are exactly just that, dumb, or well, that's what they say, he hasn't really seen one, though one day he would like to slash one right open, and make them fear humanity. Taking away the impossibility of actually making titans fear something, he just wants to take his hate out on them; he thinks, and is not that wrong, that most of the things can be blamed to the appearance of titans, he wouldn't be on this situation, and he would be with his whole family most of the time if it wasn't for them. All of this thinking woke him up entirely, he wasn't tired anymore, at least for the time being, it will probably come back to him once he has to stand in formation, but he will take the chance for now and stand up. Kaden took the uniform and started to put it on piece by piece, until the last sleeve of the jacket came by. It looked perfect. "Not as long as I thought it would be, but I guess it doesn't matter" he said to himself, as the design of the jacket really didn't make the size that important, he did notice everything matched him perfectly, he was wearing a black shirt he kept on, so the shirt matched with the uniform, not to mention his light brown eyes and black hair matched too, so unexpectedly, he liked the uniform, he felt comfortable in it.

Fighting his tiredness from coming back, the time had come to stand in lines, he didn't exactly know what he was going to do, he just knew he was going to have to stand there, which might not be such good news for him, but he had to do it anyway. He looked at everyone walking outside, so he waited a little for the amount of people at the door to lower, of course not too much, as he had to get there eventually, so it didn't make much of a difference, as there was not too many people or time to pass by. He walked out of his barracks eventually and the time had finally come, standing on the sun, just great, he doesn't want too much direct contact with the sun, even if they were friends, but he had to manage, as he has been doing for the past 30 minutes. He saw where the people were being led to, and followed them into the so-called formation. "Time to wait..." he said to himself with a quite tired tone already, almost as if he was going to fall asleep.

Re: ARC 1

Postby CrazyRay » Sat Nov 30, 2013 5:20 pm

Roy had finally arrived at the Soldiers training camp, he stood amongst the large crowd of potential soldiers who were also here for the same cause. He would avoid contact with anyone at the present moment in order to remain focus on what was going on in his current surrounding. Roy would attempt to look round without drawing attention to himself by swinging his eyes constantly from left to right, carefully tilting his head slowly to see much more until he saw a figure slowly approach the crowd.

From afar the officer could be seen wearing a gray coloured shirt which was roughly tucked into his trousers which was then followed by dark boots which swallowed the trousers up and shone. He came to a halt and simply stood in front of the crowd observing the crowd and watching over each and every trainee that were currently present; Roy could tell that he was analysing each trainee, making simple judgements about their character based on the appearance. He would then catch the officer smiling for no apparent reason, screwing his face up Roy would try to think of various reasons for why the officer would be smiling in rather odd manner at the crowd.

Silence would then befall the crowd as the officer cleared his throat, this was followed by him yelling "Okay, Kids!" Roy would watch as the officer told the crowd on what was expected of them as soldiers and simple instructions on what they had to do. "The other staff have already pinned the list of children who will live in each dormitory. The officer would quickly extend his arm and push his index finger forward pointing towards the board, subtly telling them to go over there. Roy would say "Oh great.. I'm going to have room-mates" in a rather nonchalant way, but that wasn't it he only felt a bit nervous with meeting up with his fellow trainees after all it has been a while since his met new people. " You can go to the wooden board and see it by your self." The crowd would then break into smaller groups and disperse as they found their room-mates heading towards their individual dorms. "Do not jostle!" A warning to the impatient trainees who were barging and pushing each other in order to get to the board.

Roy would patiently wait in the same spot that he was in until there was rarely anyone left by the board, slowly walking to it in a lazy manner while dragging his his sack on the ground gradually getting slower and slower until he reached the board. He would squint and place his hands on the board his eyes would follows his hands as he searched for his name on the board. Finally Roy would find his name and head towards his dorm this time he would walk much faster as he realised time wasn't really on his side, with his head held down he would mumble to himself quietly "30 minutes, 30 minutes,30 minutes" repetitively throughout the duration of his journey until he arrived at his cabin. He would walk up the stairs slowly brushing the sweat of his forehead while trying to remain calm, pushing the door open without knocking to check whether anyone was in.

Roy would throw his bag over his shoulders carefully walking around the cabin, he would head towards the bed without unintentionally acknowledging the presence of the other trainee in the room. He would simply sit on the bed and place his bag besides him stretching both his arms upwards while yawning briefly shutting his eyes till he stopped yawning, Roy would the open his eyes to see his trainee uniform beside his belongings. Jumping up from his bed with excitement he would bend downwards watch over his uniform, analysing each and every detail of his jacket from the stitching to the logo which he would proudly wear. Roy would get back up and undress tossing his trouser and jacket on to his bed, coming to a sudden halt as he would turn around to see if anyone was around, slowly turning round to see another individual who was dressed in his trainee uniform he wore a black shirt under his trainee jacket he looked as if he had just awoken from a slumber which wasn't sufficient. He would watch as he walked out of the dorm, wasn't that much of a surprise to Roy as he also failed to notice him.

"That was quite awkard.." Roy would say as he would get changed into his trainee uniform firstly pulling up his white bottoms upwards, then placing his brown coat over his gray short sleeved t-shirt finally slipping into his new boots which went up to his knees. It felt quite odd wearing his soldier uniform which felt a bit tight and uncomfortable at first but it wasn't anything hard to deal with. Roy would jump back into his bed placing both his hands behind his head while laying on the bed he would nod off to sleep eventually snapping out of his brief slumber he would get up, his dark eyes were now red but that wasn't going to stop him. The thought of him arriving late to regroup with the rest of the trainees was enough.

Pulling the collar of his jacket downwards Roy would then brush his right hand through his small afro before taking off, he would jog towards the group of trainees in the distance immediately getting into formation he would stand in the second row away from the officer, he would patiently waiting for the events of this meeting to unfold. He would then pull a straight face attempting to scare any curious trainees off.

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Postby Skirazi » Mon Dec 02, 2013 4:17 am

Sohmatin was comfortable among the new trainees. He chatted it up with a tall, brown-haired girl with dark green eyes and a pale complexion. He didn't find out her name, but made sure she knew his. After that, it was a blond boy, who described his pure British ancestry with pain-staking accuracy; Sohmatin hurried away from him as fast as he could. It was as he spotted a cute-looking girl with red hair farther out, and as he blanked out for the first time since arriving, that a voice roared through the area. "Ok, kids!" Kuu... I'm no kid, thought Sohmatin defiantly. “The other staff have already pinned the list of children who will live in each dormitory. You can go to the wooden board and see it by your self." Sohmatin looked over his shoulder at the cute girl and noticed she was right next to the board; she'd be swarmed in seconds, and he'd be unable to talk to her. "Do not jostle!" Ach! I'll never make it in time! Sohmatin thought and indeed he didn't; by the time he'd gotten to the board, she was nowhere to be seen.

"I've got three years with her..." whispered Sohmatin.
"...but my great-great-grandfather was half-Russian, you know," drifted the blond's voice over the crowd.
"Three years with him too," Sohmatin reminded himself.

In the dorms, the clothes were neatly piled on each bed. Sohmatin found his soon enough. "It's only a matter of time... these swords are gonna be horses!" Sohmatin mused out loud.
"The Military Police have unicorns on their jackets, you know," came a soft voice. It was a dark-haired boy. Sohmatin hadn't noticed him before.
"What the hell's a unicorn?"
"A horse with a horn on its forehead."
"I've never seen the horn before on the Military Police jackets."
"Should've been more observant. You won't get into the inner walls with skills like that."
"Tcha, as if you would."
"I intend on getting into the Top 10. But I don't believe any soldier should have the ability to choose self-fulfillment when humanity is at stake."
"At stake? The walls haven't been broken for 100 years. Get a grip on yourself, man." The boy chose not to reply.
"Well, let's try and get into the Top 10 together," smiled Sohmatin. The boy turned back to his still unfolded uniform. Tcha! Another loner, thought Sohmatin as he wrapped the rubber-like cloth over his waist.

Sohmatin was the first to get dressed. His bright orange shirt clashed with the light brown of the Trainee jackets, but Sohmatin pretended not to care. They all left the dorm together fifteen minutes later, the emblems on their shoulders brushing against each other as they pressed through the door into the sunlight outside.
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