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Re: ARC 1

Postby Strongwill » Tue Dec 03, 2013 2:23 pm

As Milfich jumped off the vehicle that transported her here, she found her self companied by twenty or so other teens around her age somewhere in front of their destination. Most people here only bought a simple bag, filled with things that they are going to need during their training days at the camp.

Not just some usual camp. The military camp.

They are all here for the same reason as Milfich is, which is to become soldiers, and stand on the front line of this eternal man versus titan war with different purposes. Or maybe not.

Maybe they are here striving for a spot in the Top 10. Then moves inside the inner wall and lives happily without even had to think about the Titans out there. It’s not like one will suddenly appears inside the safe inner wall, right?

That’s what she thinks too. That’s was the main reason of why she is here. Because she wanted to get her family save and to live peacefully inside the Wall Sina.

Just for that reason, she risked her own life. She still can feel her mother warm as she hug her tightly. Milfich still remember how her father looks like. She never seen him that sad. She just arrived but she have already missed them.By now, she just realized that her group have already arrived on a field, where she can see two Training Camp staff standing beside a wooden board with papers pinned into it.

“Get you lazy asses moving, kid!” One of them suddenly yelled, as soon as he sees them. “Go check this list and change! No time to spare!”

Some kids quickly runs. Obviously scared of being shouted like that just after they arrived. Milfich keep walking on a steady pace. She have already know that she is taller than most kids here, especially the other girls. So even if they swarm in front of the board, she would still be able to see the list clearly.

She can see that the new recruits are divided and sent into their respective dorm. Milfich found he r name and quickly walked toward her dorm building. She enters her's and found out that most of the girls inside have already changed clothes into their uniform. Her group is the last to arrive, apparently.

She walk past the other girls inside her dorm. Most of them have already changed into their uniform, and now sitting and relaxing on their beds while talking to their new friends. Milfich looks for the last unoccupied bed. It was located in the far left corner of the room, the upper bunk. She quickly throws her small pouch up there while she her self climbed up a bit only to take her uniform.She only nods when the girl who will be sleeping beneath her greeted her. She have no time to spent for small talks.

Hurriedly, she walk to the dark corner that is shadowed by the beds. Milfich take a good luck on her uniform.The fabric is rough, and the badge sewn shows the logo of the Training Corps.Quickly, Milfich changed into her uniform. It fits her so well. She just finished arranging her previously wear clothes when the door is opened by two female instructor.

"Quick! Come over and get your asses lined up at the field!"

Some girls lazily stands up and walked as slow as a turtle out from the dorm, as Milfich and several other girl dashed through them out of the building into the field. Milifich quickly went past the kids who still haven’t stand in line, only to realize that she have walked too quickly and that she is currently standing in the front row. There is no turning back as a long line have formed behind her quickly.She sighed and try to save her energy by not thinking much of everything.

Here comes anything.


Standing with such an intimidating aura is Instructor Zachary. He walked with a cold stare, glaring at the new trainees and gives them shiver.

“Welcome to hell, you punks!” He yelled loudly. “I am Instructor Zachary. Remember that well or i will forge it into your forehead my self!”

He walked slowly, staring down on the new trainees. Picking which one should he yelled on at like choosing which food should he chew first.

He stopped in front of a red haired short girl, who are all sweaty and looks horrified to see him.

“You, kid!” He said. “What’s your fucking name?”
“A-Angela, sir!”
“Angela Lamient, Sir!”
“Why the fuck are you here?!”
“To serve the King, sir!”
“To serve the King, huh? Save your asses here first before thinking of it!”

He look on a boy standing next to her. "You! What's your fucking name and reason to join?"
"Hendrik Oum, Sir!" The boy answered with such confidence. "I come her to serve the King!"
"So you fucking want to join the Military Police, huh? To get your asses safe behind the wall, huh?"
"No-Not like that--"
"Did you just talk the fucking back at me?!"
"I- No! No, sir!"
"I dared you to do it again, boy." Zachary whispered. "And you will be fucking regret it."

"What are you looking at, punk?!" He yells toward the kid standing next to Hendrik, clearly trying to hide the fact that he just take a peek and looked at him. "What's your fucking name?!"
"Speak like a soldier, kid! Or i'll sent you home right now!"
"A-Adolf Fein... Sir!"
"What a stupid name!"
"A- Yes- Yes, sir!"
"Why are you fucking here?!"
"To protect humanity!"
"As a food?!"
"No! To hunt them!"

Satisfied, he left the kids and moves on, checking the first row. He spots a tall girl, with short messy black hair standing beside a light browned, shy looking boy. Zachary is, somehow, is attracted to them. The girl’s eye is looked serious, filled with strong will and also hesitation. He decided to ask the boy instead of her.

“You!” He shouted looking at the boy. “What is your name and why the fuck are you here?!”


The moment the Instructor appear and just instantly shouted at an unfortunate trainee that is standing near him surprised Milfich.

She have heard from her father that Instructor Zachary is a tough guy, with loud voice and such discipline. But she never thought that he would be like... this. Milfich exhale deeply, facing the fact that her training years might be even harder than what she have expected before. She can see the Instructor closing into her from the corner of her eye, so she decided to stare in front and looks determined.

Milfich can feel her self stopped breathing as the Instructor suddenly shouted at her. “You!”

No. Not her. It was to the boy standing next to her.

Somehow, she was grateful that she was not chosen by him.
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Re: ARC 1

Postby The Sketcher » Tue Dec 03, 2013 4:11 pm

Joseph shifted into salute.
Oh... My turn...
He made sure to look strong and tough. He straightened up and kept his chest high while his fist was placed on his heart.
I need to make a good first impression if I'm going to get a high rank. I need to be able to protect her... Wait... Where is she!? Oh god... Is she late!?!
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Re: ARC 1

Postby TataBlitz » Wed Dec 04, 2013 2:11 am

Unlike the rest of the trainees who arrived earlier to get situated into their barracks and change, Lina arrived with the rest of the 13 year-olds from the orphanage right when the instructor was ready to start grilling into them. Already fully dressed, when they arrived, the instructor bellowed out
“Welcome to hell, you punks!” He yelled loudly. “I am Instructor Zachary. Remember that well or i will forge it into your forehead my self!”.

Lina did not bat an eye, already used to this tone of voice from her "caretakers", she calmly walked into the formation and stood at attention with the other trainees. She welcomed this new hell as it could not have been any worse than her experience at the orphanage. For once she was clean, and she was going to keep herself clean if she had anything to say about it, having a day without dirt and grime on her felt...nice, she hardly ever showered back at the orphanage. This was her freedom, her caretakers groomed this whole group well to make them presentable at orientation, she had new clothes instead of rags, her hair was for the first time in her recollection straight and silky, she was finally free...

The people around her gave her arrogant looks, seeing her diminutive frame and a pretty face, she returned their glances with a hard glare and scowl. Let them look down on her all they want, she didn't need them, she didn't need anybody. She swore she saw someone leering at her, but ignored it, if the bastard tried anything she would show him hell.

She got angrier as she saw the people around her, smiling, laughing without a care in the world. Flashing some jewelry here and there, bragging how they'll be the best, joking around with each other, and even if she wouldn't admit it to herself, with a slight bit of envy.

"Damn these guys, having a family that loves them, friends that support them, they don't know anything about this world. Why would they throw that away to join a suicidal occupation, they don't know how good they got it". Forcing herself away from these thoughts, she calmed herself down, no use getting riled up over these naive fools, they'll learn soon enough and she will be right there ready to laugh at them, just as how the others laughed at her when she once believed the world was a just place.

Re: ARC 1

Postby James Dorik » Wed Dec 04, 2013 2:48 am

James followed in suit behind the other trainees, purposely maintaining a sluggish pace. He fell behind and took formation in the second row, hopeful that his odds off being degraded by the instructor would be decreased if he could try to blend in as much as possible. He felt sorry for all the go-getters in the front who would soon be singled out by the instructor. He hadn't seen the man yet, but he'd known well enough that he was almost surely going to be a huge hard-ass. James glanced around and eventually locked his eyes onto a man approaching the trainees. He stopped abruptly in front of the first row.
Welcome to hell, you punks!” he shouted. “I am Instructor Zachary. Remember that well or I will forge it into your forehead my self!
Well, looks like I was about right. James thought to himself. Most of the trainees were already shifted into a salute by this point, James joining in a bit late.
The instructor paced slowly down the first row of trainees, assessing each of them with a cold stare. He would occasionally stop and scream at one of the less confident recruits, usually asking their name and why they were here today. Both seemed like pretty straight-forward questions, but whether the trainees answered honestly or not, they would only be humiliated and demeaned even further.
Zachary eventually reached the second row. James tensed up, hoping that he would not be singled out. He put on his most confident face, assuming an assertive posture, as did many of the other trainees. Luckily for him, he was one of the bigger recruits here, despite not being much older than the other recruits. He possessed an almost 'unwavering' vibe.
As the instructor began to grow nearer, James only tensed up even further. He could feel himself beginning to sweat. Why was he so nervous? He couldn't get a grasp on it. Who cares if he yells at you, its just standard procedure. These thoughts, however, did little to reassure himself.
The instructor was about to pass right in front of him now. James prepared himself.
James Dorik

Re: ARC 1

Postby TataBlitz » Thu Dec 05, 2013 5:40 am

“You!” He shouted looking at the boy. “What is your name and why the fuck are you here?!”

Kevin shrank back while his thoughts went haywire inside his head
"Oh god, why me, why does it have to be me?" Frantic, he tried to quickly reply so Zachery can move on

Quickly getting into the salute he replied, "'m K-Kev-Kevin L-lochner SIR! A-and I'm here to pr-prove myself sir!" Oh man that stutter, please go away now, leave me alone please were his prayers as he nervously held the gaze of the man in front of him. Sweat rolled down his head and the fist around his heart was starting to shake, "Come on, please go away, please"

His prayers were not to be answered though as the instructor continued scrutinizing him. Zachary just realizes that the boy is as tall as he is, so he decided to stares at him coldly. "Proving your self? How about proving that you can be a Titan food?"

"Why God, why is he still here?" Swallowing to control his nerves, he tried to formulate a reply to the query, ""W-well, th-that's why I'm here right sir? S-so I can learn to avoid becoming food." "Please torture someone else already, please,", sweat continued pouring down his face and his foot started grounding the floor uncomfortably, "Everyone's staring now...." To his chagrin, the instructor continued staring at him and with an evil glint in his eye leaned even closer to invade his personal space.

"Good! Then i'll eat you!" Zachary leaned even closer to him, not too close but Zachery knows that he is close enough to fully intimidate him. "I will bite you, chew you, swallow you and puke you out to fight the Titans. Sound good, kid?!"

That face was creeping him out now, Kevin paled and took a step backward, not knowing how to reply to that, but thinking it safer to agree so he can finally let him be he started replying, " NO!", surprising himself with his outburst, "WAIT, STOP your mouth, WHAT ARE YOU DOING??" were his frantic thoughts, but his mouth would not stop, and even raised in voice, "I AM HERE TO NOT BECOME FOOD, I AM HERE TO BECOME STRONG, BECOME ACKNOWLEDGED, SO I DON'T BECOME FOOD, SO NO ONE WILL BE EATING ME," Kevin paled even more and avoided the instructors face, immediately covering his mouth and staring at the floor turning his foot nervously.

"Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck what was that all about?? I'm so, so dead, why did I choose now to talk back? Fuck..." He gripped his traitor mouth harder to stop it from saying anymore crazy things like that. He was paler than a ghost now and his whole body was shaking.

"Good! We'll see how you do later, kid!" As he said that, Zachary moves deeper inside the formation.

Hearing those words, Kevin warily lifted his head back up looking at the instructor walking away with a mixture of fear, confusion, and relief at finally being done. He saw everyone around him giving him a weird stare, shying away form those glances, he looked back to the floor where he can avoid the looks and slowly shuffled his feet to hopefully make himself inconspicuous again.

"I hate this already...I'm so dead," were his gloomy thoughts

Re: ARC 1

Postby Strongwill » Thu Dec 05, 2013 7:07 am

Milfich surprised on how Instructor Zachary psychologically torture him, no, everyone here. He is sending a clear message that we all should take these training seriously. a matter of life and death. Milfich look at the boy, Kevin, who is currently staring the ground as if that is the only thing that he could see right now.

"Psst," Milfich whispered. She knew that she risked her self on.... any kind of punishment waiting for her if Zachary managed to find out about it. "I think you did a great job on answering his questions."


Zachary looks to his left, and then to his right. He clearly sees how scared the rest of the trainees are, especially after that Kevin boy. He stopped and walked randomly, letting his sharp instinct taking him. He see a pale looking boy, with a fair long brown hair. Zachary noticed that he have a sharp eye.

He stopped in front of him and start their small conversation. "You! What's you name and reason to join?!"

Re: ARC 1

Postby James Dorik » Thu Dec 05, 2013 10:01 am

The instructor continued pacing down the second row of trainees at an average pace, and it seemed now that perhaps he would pass James by after all. Just as he was about to let out a sigh of relief, the instructor stopped dead in his tracks, pivoted to the side, and stared James straight in the face. "You!" He shouted, still just inches from James' face. "What's your name and reason to join?!"

The boy felt as though his heart skipped a beat, then realized he was just staring into the instructor's face blankly like an idiot. He shook his head lightly and straightened his posture. He felt fairly confident after seeing the efforts of the other recruits, now having a better idea how to respond. "My name is James Dorik, sir!" He responded. "And I'm... And I'm here to further my life long goal as a soldier! Uh, sir!"

Shit, why the fuck did I say that? Of course now he'd ask what that goal was, humiliating him no matter what his response. Sometimes words just seemed to flow out of his mouth without considering the consequences. The instructor leaned even closer. "Your life goal as a soldier, huh? Let me guess, you want to serve the fucking king, correct?"

James hesitated for a moment, now trying to form his words together properly in his mind. "Uh, no sir- I mean yes sir! Sort of!"

That worked out well. He could smell the instructor's breath hitting him in the face. "Make up your fucking mind, boy!"

"I wish to join the Scouting Legion and further my goal of retaking the land outside the walls... For humanity, sir!". There was a long, uncomfortable pause. The instructor leaned back away from James' face.

"You wouldn't last a second outside the walls." He said rather quietly, "You are a food! A titan's food! Understand?"

James swallowed and saluted, "Sir!". The instructor nodded slowly and pivoted back to the side, continuing to move down the line of trainees. James glanced back and forth around him, scanning over the other recruits. Only a few passed back glances, reassuring James that he didn't embarrass himself too badly. He had responded fairly well, more confidently than many of the other trainees. It had gone better than he had expected.
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Re: ARC 1

Postby TataBlitz » Fri Dec 06, 2013 1:52 am

Distracted from his pessimistic thoughts and surprised that someone was actually speaking to him, he raised his head to see who was talking to him and hoped that it wasn't to make fun of him some more. He turned around and saw the girl next to him open her mouth and continue "I think you did a great job on answering his questions."

"U-um..thanks, I'm glad that someone didn't find it pathetic and embarrassing," he offers back with self-depreciating laugh. Not being used to conversations, he could feel his eyes starting to drift toward the ground to avoid eye contact, but he mentally kicks himself to be polite and not stare at the floor. He gives her a shy, awkward, but kind smile before he continues on,

"As the debacle at first showed, my name's Kevin, may I have yours?" forcing himself to keep the eye contact up, he asked the girl, it would be nice if he could be friends with her, she seems to be pretty kind if her show of support after that disaster of an introduction. His smile became less forced and more genuine as his thoughts turned more positive as he waited for her response.

Re: ARC 1

Postby Strongwill » Fri Dec 06, 2013 2:39 am

"Urm you might want to keep it low and just stares forward" Milfich says, as she noticed that Kevin looked up and looking at her. She fixed her stance.

"Name is Milfich" She replied. "Milfich Folkvar"

Wait this is not me is the first thing popped into her head. Yes, she never be this kind to a stranger before. Usually she just let everyone be as long as it did not involve her. Is it because she pitied him? Or because she knows perfectly that if not because of Kevin, she might be the one who is standing and stares at the ground below?

"Anyway, if it were me I might do an introduction worse than you"

Re: ARC 1

Postby =_= » Fri Dec 06, 2013 3:24 am

Following the trainees in line, Piotr had found himself standing in line with the recruits in the second row. Some of the more confident fellows were standing on the front, while the apparently unnerved trainees remained in the back.

Judging from the haphazard way Instructor Zachary shouted at the trainees it seemed like it wouldn't matter whether you bravely stood in the front line or cowered in the rear.

So James was going to join the Scouting Legion? A pity, to say the least, since all the people he knew (or began to know) would be gone after graduating from the Trainee Corps. The instructor had finished questioning James and was walking down the row of trainees.

The Instructor continued down the row of trainees. Piotr figured out he was going to be questioned when he saw, out of the corner of his eyes, that the instructor had locked his sights on him.

"You! Give us your name and reason to join, punk!"

Ouch, Piotr thought. The instructor's voice had lashed out at his eardrums like a whip, and it hurt. Oh well, his father's speech had drilled the answer into his mind.

"P-Piotr Schmidt, sir! I c-came here to fight for man become a h-humanity! I mean, uh-"

-or maybe it hadn't.

"You come here to slay them or to be eaten by them, kid? Because you seem like a good food for them!"

The pathetic slip of his tongue and the instructor's fierce onslaught brought panic into Piotr's mind. He blurted out,

"I c-came h-here to s-slay 'em sir!"

Piotr grew pale as he realized that he had just blurted out a lie. Not a deliberate one, yet a lie nevertheless.

"Say it louder kid! Loudly or say 'I am food'! You choose!"

Piotr tried to suppress a muffled groan, but the instructor wouldn't wait. He had to quickly make a choice.

"I came h-ere to slay th-them, sir!"

Now it was a deliberate lie.

"Louder! So everyone can hear it!"

"I c-came here, I-I CAME HERE TO SLAY THEM, Sir!"

Stopping his teeth from chattering and his face from scrunching up seemed like no easy task as the guilt tore all too eagerly and viciously at his conscience.

"Louder, kid! I can't hear you!"

What to do? He couldn't admit his mistake now, could he? Face red from shame, he hoped he wouldn't have to repeat himself five times.


The instructor nodded his head. Piotr did not know whether the instructor's acknowledgment of the daring statement originated from a firm conviction in the declaration's sincerity or from a mocking disposition toward the boy's hidden guilt.


As the instructor walked away, the blood drained from Piotr's face and a weak sigh of guilt and relief escaped his lungs. He definitely hadn't started his training on a positive note.
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