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Re: ARC 1

Postby Strongwill » Wed Feb 05, 2014 2:52 pm

Surprised by the sudden attack, Milfich quickly readied her blade and turned toward the direction of the attack. A girl. A pale girl. She stared at them coldly, seemingly with no remorse. It's not an accident. Paige purposely attacked her. She might aimed for her head, but thank god it missed.

"Can you stand?" She asked. Milfich did not move, she kept staring to Paige, anticipating another attack. "Now that you are injured, our manpower have go down by one. Do you still insist of going through the open grassy field instead of the forest? We are safer there. And well, you might will not be feeling well with your wound. If some... unfortunate event happens, we might forcefully... you know..."


Re: ARC 1

Postby The Sketcher » Wed Feb 05, 2014 3:09 pm

Aline didn't answer. She was losing too much blood. She wouldn't survive another minute without first aid and not more than two hours without medical attention.
Joseph sat up and rubbed his head. When he opened his eyes to the bloody sight, he quickly crawled over to Aline, pushing Milfich to the side.
''Get the fuck out of my way!'' he screamed. He tore apart the jacket of one of the injured men and wrapped it around her wound. He kept applying pressure to the hole. ''What happened?!''
The Sketcher

Re: ARC 1

Postby Strongwill » Wed Feb 05, 2014 3:15 pm

"That girl," Milfich pointed at Paige using her blood. "Attack her with her 3DMG. It could be an accident, thought. We are in this damned grassy field and no one can possibly aim perfectly. She might only try to make a swing here, to this cart."

Re: ARC 1

Postby The Sketcher » Wed Feb 05, 2014 3:25 pm

Joseph slowly got up and turned to Milfich. ''Apply pressure to her wound.'' he said.
He turned to Paige. ''You did this to her?''
He sounded cold but his face was red with rage and his chest kept rising and falling. The pain in his body was numbed by his anger.
The Sketcher

Re: ARC 1

Postby Strongwill » Wed Feb 05, 2014 3:34 pm

"I'm afraid i can't help." Milfich shook her head. "We still have more important decision to make!"

She make sure that she shouted her last sentence loud enough, so that Paige could hear that too. "THE GRASSY FIELD, OR THE FOREST! CHOOSE!"
After she yelled so, she turned and grabbed an arm of a random trainee. She shrieked when Milfich grabbed her suddenly.
"Make sure she's alive." She pointed at Aline. "And you better keep her alive."
The trainee nod and quickly left to tend Aline's wound

Re: ARC 1

Postby BlitzNeko » Wed Feb 05, 2014 3:39 pm

Akito stepped in between Joseph and teh new girl that just arrived. "Now's not the time, Joseph".

Akito coldly glanced at the girl. His eyes already turned into a murder during the hard work of dumping nearly all the bodies and murdering a living one. He looked at Joseph. He spoke out in a harsh voice, "That stupid sister of yours threatened to kill the driver just now. Of course I was intending to use you to stop her from doing stupid things but nevermind that".

He turned his body facing towards Joseph. He pointed back at the girl with his thumb and said, "This girl saved us from certain disaster that your sister was creating. We would've all died if it weren't for her. If you want to punch her, now's not the time. You'll get plenty after we arrive home safely".

He looked at Milfich and said, "I choose forest".

Re: ARC 1

Postby The Sketcher » Wed Feb 05, 2014 3:42 pm

Joseph looked at the walls and saw how close they were. Getting there would only take a few minutes. There were no titans in the way. Then he looked back and saw that the forest was swarming with titans but the titans weren't moving. There was no way they'd die id they went to the wall.
"Our mission is to retreat, not to go on a suicide titan hunting quest. Go to the walls or we're all dead. We need to get there while the titans aren't moving. If we go to the forest everyone including her will die and I will make sure everyone shares the same fate, and especially you, cat-boy," he said and turned to Milfich. "Trust me on this one."
The Sketcher

Re: ARC 1

Postby Strongwill » Wed Feb 05, 2014 4:06 pm

"I'm sorry, Joseph." Milfich replied. "I choose forest."

"We don't know how many titans in front of us, and if we want to stop those titans from chasing us in this grassy field, then it means we have to left behind some people to stop them. And i'm getting tired of repeating this over and over again, but the forest gives us the chance to survive!"

Re: ARC 1

Postby The Sketcher » Wed Feb 05, 2014 4:55 pm

"Nothing is chasing us," Joseph snapped. "Take a good look at those titans! They aren't moving!"
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The Sketcher

Roran Hawkins

Postby Roran Hawkins » Wed Feb 05, 2014 5:11 pm

He stood there for a second, trying to regain his breath after screaming so loud, and saw people around him looking the same. Their shoulders were hanging, their breathing was heavy, their limbs were shaking. They were all exhausted. He felt strangely comfortable however. A soothing warmth had filled his limbs after a while, and the horribly shaking seemed to stp if he didn't move. Standing there like a statue, about to fall over, was such a nice idea to his tired body. He blinked with his eyes, and noticed the extreme effort it took to open his eyes again, when he notied something. The carts were more than a kilometer away from them, and still speeding ahead. It had been relatively calm so far, these two charging titans being the last they'd seen in almost 30 minutes, but then again. If their forces wouldn't be shifted soon they'd collapse. The single 15m titan seemed to stop suddenly however, halfway between them and the carts, and started picking up things from the ground. Strange, he thought. Why would he... and then he started eating. They're throwing away the wounded people... They aren't slowing down... We've had no replacements for quite a while now... His tired brains suddenly started adding things together, and a fresh fear slapped him out of his partially sleeping state. Combined with the flickering of anger that returned, he snarled at the running carts.

"They're abandoning us." He stated, and sighed. A trainee next to him, who had feared the same gave him a troubled look. "But how will we get back then... I'm almost out of gas, and this is my last set of blades... We're so close... They can't do this to us... "Motherfuckers! We put everything on the line here to defend them! To allow their survival! And this is how they thank us?! ... It's... It's just not fucking fair..."

The feeling spread around those still fighting, and they slowed down to a halt entirely now. With no trees to propell themselves with, they could only walk towards the wall. They could make a run towards the trees though, but those stopped quite an end from the walls too, and they'd have to cross that at some point. Now there still were few titans around, so it had to be now. However...

"We have to move. There's no titans nearby. We'll never get a chance like this again to escape..." Roran said, looking at the others, and tried getting some movement into them. He knew he had to give the example, or at least he wanted to give them one, and started running. His pace was irregular and strangely crooked, and he knew that the chance that'd he'd make it was extremely small. But he had to try. He couldn't simply give up, right? He couldn't! He was the best of the trainees, he gave his all during the training, he was the son of a veteran survey corps member! No way he'd die here. He would make it. He'd show them it was possible. He'd make those cowards pay.

Left foot, right foot, left foot right foot. It kept repeating in his head, the simple rythm of his feet hitting the ground. Every step was one closer to safety. He just had to keep stepping. One more before I can stop. Just one more after this one. I'll only rest after the next footstep... And so was it, that he kept running, partially aware of his environments, hoping that there would be no more titans around to engage them.
Roran Hawkins


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