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Re: ARC 1

Postby Jocelinus » Wed Feb 05, 2014 11:24 pm

Paige stared at Aline as she collapsed into the bottom of the cart. A twinge of sympathy pained her: she had reacted with the many in mind, neglecting to consider the potential consequences. She reeled in the severed remain of her 3DM gear, now left with zero aerial capabilities since her left hand was too swollen from having lost fingers to properly use it. At least the Wall was in sight...

Oh. Milfich called back to ask if they should head toward the forest or continue across the open plains. An odd question: the end was right ahead of them. A few kilometers across open ground and they'd be safely to Trost. However... she didn't think either was a good idea right now. Paige was thinking of the dead and injured they'd tossed, and of the perfectly functional soldiers left behind to cover their escape. Roran's among them. Did she give them up for lost? It would be risky to return for them, but after having lost so many every able fighter was valuable... given that they'd work for the good of the whole. For those who'd volunteered or been voluntold to remain, she thought she had an idea of where they stood on that.

"Get along side that cart." She told the driver, pointing to another cart at the rear of the column with them. He looked fearful of her, but that was alright with Paige. Fear had been her motivator her entire life: now she would use it to motivate others. The driver came within jumping distance of the other cart; Paige did a quick head count and noted they still had room for more (especially after dumping bodies). With only five survivors in the one she was riding in she thought they could manage. She'd be putting people at risk, but she felt obligated to return for those who'd covered their escape. Paige pointed into the cart parallel to them, "Jump over or I push you out." Her pale eyes blazed with intensity, and her icy tone left no doubt that she would do it. One by one they bailed, only one girl catching the edge of the cart; Paige held her breath as those who had gone before hauled her up. Once the cart was empty she turned once more to the driver, "You can still fight. Jump over; I don't expect you to risk your life with me." Can't fight with an injured hand or a missing hook. There's not really anyone more suited to return for them.

Only then did it occur to her to let Milfich know of her intentions. Paige took the reins from the driver, holding them with one hand while she flagged Milfich down with her injured hand. She shouted up to her, "I'm going back. I can afford to go: I can't fight anyway. If I can get one able-bodied fighter back it'll have been worth it!" The former driver made the jump across to the other cart. Paige drew back on the reins to slow the team of horses pulling her own cart down; she'd fall behind quickly, and make a wide arc back the way they'd come to avoid the Titan feasting among their dead.


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Postby Strongwill » Wed Feb 05, 2014 11:58 pm

Before she could stop her, Paige have already turned back for those who left behind. The survivors that is forced by her to jump into their cart (and slowed their cart down) look at her with fear and some with tear. It looks like they also realized that the cart is slowing down, and afraid that she or Akito will throw someone out. They thrown away the dying ones already, those that still breathing. How hard it is to thrown out those who still living?

Nonetheless, she ignored it all.

"Maybe the back ones is feasting on those who we left behind." Milfich replied. "But what about those waiting in front?"

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Postby BlitzNeko » Thu Feb 06, 2014 12:14 am

Akito sighed deeply.

He looked at the new survivors on the cart. Akito replied to Milfich, "Im sick of throwing out more people. These poor bugger are alive and well. If I continue to do that.. then would I be protecting humanity from harm, or am I going to be it's enemy".

Akito pondered for awhile. He wasn't sure if she was talking about the titans or more survivor. "If there are titans in the front. I'll take em all. And by that, I mean taking their attention away and not killing or doing anything risky. Im pretty much fresh. Had a good rest after all this commotion. If you're talking about more survivors in the front. I guess we'll take em".

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Postby Jocelinus » Thu Feb 06, 2014 12:28 am

Strongwill wrote:Before she could stop her, Paige have already turned back for those who left behind. The survivors that is forced by her to jump into their cart (and slowed their cart down) look at her with fear and some with tear. It looks like they also realized that the cart is slowing down, and afraid that she or Akito will throw someone out. They thrown away the dying ones already, those that still breathing. How hard it is to thrown out those who still living?

Nonetheless, she ignored it all.

"Maybe the back ones is feasting on those who we left behind." Milfich replied. "But what about those waiting in front?"

Paige shrugged. It was a gamble, but there were still able-bodied fighters in the column besides Akito. Even on flat terrain, enough remained who could protect them, either by drawing Titans away or engaging them when all else had failed. And if worse came to worse Milfich had already proven she could be as ruthless as she needed to be to survive by throwing over the too badly injured. No, Paige had no qualms about leaving the well-being of the remaining soldiers in her capable hands.

"Either they're dead and I with them, or enough survived for us to make it back in one piece. Watch for us at the gate!" She had to shout her final words as they distance between them grew. With that she urged the horses to turn and started back for Roran and the vanguard. Can't fight. But they can fight. Someone will have survived.


She had to shake her head, frowning deeply. No, this wasn't about him. This was a rational decision: sacrificing herself, someone who didn't have much of a fighting career left if her handed healed improperly, on the chance that of the rest of their unit someone had managed to survive. It was math.

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Postby CrazyRay » Thu Feb 06, 2014 1:51 am

Roy quickly ran towards Smith who held Lille within his arms. From what he could see Lille looked alright, especially considering the fact that she nearly lost her life a while ago. He joined the two of them briefly commending them on their efforts against the titan and then informed them on what they were to do next. He spoke up saying, "Right we're nearly there guys, the plains are what lie ahead for us now. Therefore the best thing for us to do now is to simply stay on the carts, i'm sure the rear guards would have our backs". Roy looked back to see a few Garrison soldiers and trainees combating gigantic titans from a safe distance. The speed in which they moved in dealing with the titan threat was amazing but he knew that waiting for them would make their efforts vain. He then took off with his team-mates hooking from building to building until they finally caught up with their designated cart.

Roy sat amongst the rest of the trainees on the cart where the atmosphere was pretty much the same, the same old silence which made it seem as if there was no hope for them. He couldn't be bothered to brake the silence, this time around he didn't feel the need to do so and instead took this time out to recuperate. Sat by the edge of the cart with his feet hanging down and his hands stationed on either side of his body Roy looked stared at the other carts which followed his. The number of carts had dropped slightly from before. This meant that the number of trainees had dwindled down even more, including that of those who protected the injured from the rear straight through to those on the front lines. Including Marie's death the short moment which he spent with her didn't bother him, neither did her death, which was quite odd coming from someone like Roy.

It was getting darker and with the sun setting it became increasingly harder for the trainees to combat the titans. From time to time Roy's group encountered some sort of titan threat during their journey on the plains receiving support which helped maintain the number of carts. On the other hand Roy had witnessed atrocities also committed by soldiers, who were humans for Godsake but why would they do this; these were amongst many of the questions Roy had in mind at the time. It was quite sad to see such things happen especially when he witnessed it being done by those who he was familiar with at camp.

Now that Roy was aware of the distance between the carts and the wall it made more sense to him, the means that soldiers have to go through just to survive is quite scary but if it contributed to the cause then why not. It still bugged him to see such things happen. With his eyes set on the wall he knelt down in the last moments of his journey and prayed for the safety of the others especially for those who sacrificed their lives hoping that their efforts would not be in vain.

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Postby Roran Hawkins » Sun Feb 09, 2014 2:06 am

A crushing blow
A collab by Jocelinus and Roran Hawkins

Roran gets whalloped by a titan and Paige saves his life by picking him up along with some other trainees still alive that were the vanguard, and mild insanity ensues.

Movement? What was that? Was it a titan? No, it isn't. The vague silhouette of another trainee running besides him became visible in the moonlight, hobbling up this small slope with him. The simple rythm resonated inside his head as if someone was sounding drums in his head. Even his heartbeat had synchronized with the loud shocks that his feet sent throughh his body. It was funny in a way, as it made him feel as if he was a titan. The loud footsteps, the hazy background sound of your own blood streaming through your body, and the hastened beating of your heart. It made him feel comfortable and cozy inside his head. As if there was nothing in the world but him, and the background rythm. A loud scream not far from him slapped him out of his lulling state, and the next thing he saw was a lost pair of legs floating through the sky as the titan who had been previously chasing the carts suddenly had turned around to attack them.

How hadn't he noticed it? He unsheathed his last blade and tried positioning himself for an attack, noticing the sprawling body in his mouth. For some reason this abberant had a sick smile on his face, but not only that, but his teeth were strangely shaped. The one person stuck in its mouth wouldn't be just bitten in half, but was rather being pierced by the jagged and irregular ends of the teeth. His continuous screams felt like his conscience knocking on his door. How did we not see it?!

He tried hooking to its back as he ran around it in a large circular motion, but missed. Focus you ass! Aiming more carefully this time, he managed to hit the back of the titan where he wanted to, the nape. Reeling himself in and gassing up to the correct altitude, he fired his second hook to ensure he'd go straight at his target. As he accelerated towards it, gaining height and the ability to overlook the field bathed in moonlight, he could see the small human figures running around, trying to distract the monstrous being. It was too much movement to track at once, but at a glance it was already obvious that over a quarter of them had already perished since the last exchange. As he neared the nape of the titan, holding two more humans, deciding which to eat first. There it was.


Paige came upon the scene after rescuing a pair of survivors who'd manage to get further than Roran and the others who were being attacked. One had been out of gas until she gave him the last of hers; it wasn't like she could use it anyway. It was a good thing she had: as they drew closer she pointed at the Titan, shouting to make her words audible to the exhausted soldiers behind her. "Too close to turn back now," She sounded exhilirated, as if the potential of dying on the open plains had added flavor to her life, "If it's an aberrant it'll run us down if we run. Fight! Win--"


He was moving in for the kill as the Titan stuffed the first captured soldier into its mouth. The other, a boy she didn't recognize, was squirming to get free, screaming all the while. While the first human had gone to the Titan's mouth, it lowered its head to devour the boy. She watched as if in slow motion as the movement popped Roran's hook free...

"KILL THAT FUCKER! KILL IT NOW!" Her shriek was like that of a harpy, violent and shrill, rage transforming her into a frothing demon. She cursed her hand, cursed her damaged equipment, cursed the fact that she was out of gas and most of all, cursed the Titan that had eaten two people already and stood poised to capture the only person she could remotely consider a friend.

They didn't need any more urging than that: though exhausted, both had seen Roran's hook pop free and moved to intercept the target. The first, a lithe woman built long and tall like herself, hooked the Titan's ankle and reeled herself in, slicing at its Achille's tendon as she shot past. She released the hook after the strike and landed at a run on the grass beyond, turning for another pass. The other man in the cart with her, the one she'd given her gas to, hooked the Titan's nearest cheekbone and rocketed upward, flinging himself high above it. The Titan saw the thing moving past its face and instinctively tracked it with its eyes, reaching upward to catch him like a child after a butterfly. When the woman's strike landed and it stumbled he hooked himself onto the crown of its head, the hook burying itself in the Titan's dark hair. The grasping fingers narrowly missed him as he came whipping around, freely using the gas he'd been given to accelerate. Paige watched with growing approval as he reeled himself in and carved himself a respectable chunk out of the Titan, reaching it seconds after Roran did.

As for Roran...

She wasn't quite sure what happened to him. Maybe he and the other soldier collided in midair; maybe he missed his strike and hit himself instead. All she knew was that he came crashing to the ground as the Titan fell forward and lay motionless after.



It was so comfortable there, lying on the ground. He hadn't ever lied down on ground this soft and and comfortable. It was truly amazing that he had found exactly this spot. It was amazingly warm too, for being cold, hard ground, especially at this hour. Or was it really? Quick hands all over his body dragged him out of his dream once again, and he tried to push them away, to let him sleep. Vague words made it to his mind, and when he tried to move a bit the stinging pain in his body made him realise he was not going to wake up if he fell asleep here. He let himself be helped up, and tried looking at what was hurting so much. He was met with his own sword sticking out right between his neck and his shoulder, having grazed or cut his clavicle. What had happened when he charged the titan? The titan! He tried looking back, but didn't see much, his eyes seemed to be leaving him in darkness. He felt something cold and hard as hands lifted him, and he tried figuring out what just had happened. Reaching around, he suddenly found a bandaged human hand with swollen fingers.



"Damn it Roran." She had thought him dead; relief flooded her face when he grabbed for her, though his grip made her grimace in pain. Paige pulled her hand from his and let her face go neutral again, the instant of relief buried as if it had never been.

Not far from them the dead Titan was disintegrating, the a column of white steam rising from its body.

She'd pulled the cart alongside him once she was sure of the Titan's defeat and urged the others to help her lift him into it. When the woman made a move to remove the sword from his shoulder Paige swatted her away, glaring ferociously. It was a miracle he was still alive; that wasn't going to change because someone she didn't trust to do it properly had tried and failed. She felt somewhat guilty for the pain he was going to suffer on their bumpy ride back, but anything was better than death. She climbed into the back of the cart along with the others, leaving it up to them to decide who would do the driving. About a minute later they were on the move again, the woman driving while the man sat beside her, both their eyes scanning the plains for any further signs of Titans. That gave Paige space to help Roran as best she could.

If she were the type Paige would have breathed a sigh of relief, considering her impromptu mission a resounding success. Three people. If they got back alive she'd have rescued three people from becoming Titanfood: it was a start towards paying back the lives she'd turned into the stuff. These were the things going through her head as she sat beside Roran in the back of the cart. Paige called the man into the back of the cart with her to hold Roran down. He watched her nervously as she removed her jacket and wrapped it around the flexible steel blade. Thankfully a good part of the blade had broken off in the fall, which is why he'd even been able to lie down in the first place. It made it easier to hold the flexible blade still and prevent it from injuring him more than it had. With the hilt missing holding the metal directly to remove it was as good as she could get. Part of her even warred with the idea of removing it, but it was impractical to think that it would stay still and not injure him further in the bouncing cart.

Gritting her teeth, she yanked the sword out in one swift, clean movement.

Paige tossed the broken blade over the side and compressed the slim but deep wound with her jacket. The soldier returned to the front to help keep watch and guide the cart to the Wall safely. "Talk to me Roran. Let me know you're still here." She'd thrown the other corpses off without remorse... but she either couldn't or refused to imagine doing the same to him. Roran had reached the inner sanctum of the Ice Queen: he was the only one she'd met who she could even attempt to talk to without having to threaten him into compliance. He was going to survive this even if she had to beat him to do so.


Opening his eyes as if he was splashed with ice cold water he jumped up when he felt someone jerk the blade out of his neck. He didn't have enough energy to scream, and his sudden movement was repressed by multiple hands keeping him down and by a jolt of fierce pain in his body. For a while he just kept lying there, writhing in pain, but eventually it stopped, and he opened his eyes, looking at his environments, slowly being lit by the reflection of the sun that hadn't dawned yet on the clouds above. The first thing he saw was Paige's face, but without the scary ice-cold look of utter and most complete indifference he had ever seen on someone's face. This time he saw concern, and it made him grin, even though that hurt more than anything.

"You look better when you're worried."

It was really hard to remember how he even got in this situation, but he did remember a painful crushing sound when something fast, hot and hard interrupted his assault, forcing his arm into stabbing himself. Luckily for him his landing had been rather smooth and safe, considering there was a blade stuck in his body, and that he was unconscious. Now he relaxed and became aware of his environments again, as if being knocked unconscious has rested him a bit, he felt a strange and scary feeling in his chest, and tried looking at it, and softly touched it with his hands. Several dents in his chest made him realize he had broken at least a few ribs in his encounter with whatever hit him.


Paige glowered at him, her pale eyes flashing angrily, "He mumbled, before choking to death on his own blood." The cart bounced, and she gripped the wound tighter. It might hurt him more, but he could have his retribution once they were safely behind Wall Rose. Her injured hand pounded, each pulse and bump like a shard of glass shooting up her arm. She gritted her teeth against it, keeping her face carefully neutral. Paige looked him over, noting the obvious deformation of his chest beneath his no-longer-white shirt. Ribs. People survived broken ribs all the time, though. So long as she kept him from bleeding out, Paige expected him to make it.

The cart plunged ahead with reckless speed. The horse was slick with sweat; foam frothed at the corners of its mouth as the driver urged him forward. It was their luck that no Titans approached them; it was doubtful they could have mounted an effective defense. All that remained was to catch up to the column ahead of them and reach the safety of the city.

"I may have killed Aline," She confessed. Paige didn't know for certain whether she was dead or not, though she was terribly injured because of her. "I don't know what happened. I saw her pull a sword on her driver, so I attacked her." Always so distant, there was a haunted look in her face. It had been weighing heavily on her mind, and she expected Roran to understand the necessity of her actions. She did, but she wanted someone she knew to, too. The reactions back in the column had been mixed, heavily leaning towards condemnation. "When we get back, I'm going to have to face that. That's why I came back: I sacrified a lot of people to get away, and we needed capable fighters." On the word capable she glanced at his injuries.


He surpressed an upcoming grin as she replied, in an attempt to save his ribs from the torture. That aside from Paige strangling his shoulder wound made him feel relatively comfortable. He didn't know much about injuries, but during their training and from his dad he had learned some basic skills. He knew that broken rubs weren't lethal, but if one of them had pierced some inner organ you'd die without realizing it. Swallowing away the upcoming worries about his imminent death, Paige provided him with a perfect distraction. Deciding between calming her and telling the truth about what he thought of it, he chose for soothing her since he had no idea what would happen about that.

"She never really looked like soldier material to me. Probably joined just for her brother. If something's happened to him she could've easily gone amock. If she was threatening to kill the driver you did a good job." He replied, trying to find a logical explanation for things. He gave up after realizing that in this state he couldn't really think clearly, and decided to think of nothing instead. Naturally, that didn't work.

"We thought we were abandoned..." He said, looking at the others in the cart. "When we realised we started running back. Are these people the only ones who made it out alive?" He asked, looking at the other two soldiers sitting in the cart. Last time I checked there were at least 12 survivors... Are we the only ones left? ... They all died? ... Howmany did I lead into their deaths today? He grabbed her arm firmly and hoped for a positive answer. "There were other survivors, weren't there?" He asked, praying for a positive answer.


For a long time Paige was silent, her deadpan expression giving nothing away. Still holding her jacket to his injury she lifted her eyes back the way they'd come. Her short brown hair whipped up in a flurry around her face as they raced toward the Wall. The tiniest of frowns was really all he should have needed to comprehend her thoughts. "I found them further along than you were, sitting among the dead we'd tossed. They'd killed the Titan we'd thought to leave behind us," She murmured, not mentioning that both had been in the middle of an attempted suicide. From what Paige had gathered, the woman had thought to throw herself on the other soldier's sword, and him on hers. Her arrival had been the only thing to prevent that, "And then we came across you and the others, engaged with a Titan." She looked him dead in the eye, "Maybe there were more back there that could have been saved... but I wasn't just making that decision for myself anymore. So we turned back." Paige scrutinized him carefully, telling herself she didn't need his approval of the decisions she'd made. But she still wanted it.


Letting go of his breath, not realizing he had been holding it, he closed his eyes and relaxed. "Okay, thanks. Without you all of us would have died." They were all dead. They would've all died without Paige. To the last man and woman. Even though it was never officially said so, he had been commanding them, leading them. Of at least 20 soldiers, only 6 survived. Hardly even a fourth of the people made it out alive. He had created the plan on how to retreat, and everyone trusted him on it. How misplaced was that trust. That wasn't even the worst. Over the entire day, how many healthy perfectly capable soldiers had died because of him? His stupid ideas? Over the entire night at least 10 more must've died, if not more. All on his orders. He gritted his teeth and clenched his fists thight. He could already see how they'd return, barely 6 alive of those who went. How many of their entire group of trainees had perished? How many of that was his fault? Had their lives actually gained anything? The parents, families and friends of those who died, what would they get? He didn't even remember the names or faces of those who died because of him. He couldn't give them anything. All he could was say they were dead, whoever they were. His sworn comrades. He could give nothing more than statistics. "They died." That was it. His face was distorted from the torture he was ondergoing inside. He wasn't aware of the tears streaming out of his eyes nor of thefact that he was softly muttering what he was thinking. He wanted to curl up in a ball and just ignore the world, try to forget the world, but his body wouldn't let him. I'm sorry... I'm so "sorry..." Please! I didn't mean to kill all of you... "I tried..." I'm so sorry...


The insane urge to hit him came and went. Paige said nothing as he cried, her gaze distant. He didn't need her to coddle him... but she didn't think he'd be receptive to the only kind of comfort she seemed capable of giving. In other words, Paige was holding back because she didn't want to upset him further.

However... there came a point where she just couldn't sit quietly anymore. "Shut up." She didn't sound angry, "You stood up and did the... the right thing." Paige seemed to struggle with that, not quite agreeing with the words out of her own mouth. Nonetheless she continued, seeming to grow more confident in what she was saying, "Everyone would have died if you hadn't stepped up. They needed someone to put their faith in and keep them moving." Someone to protect them from the big bad wolf. It was becoming more and more apparent to her that her own methods of getting results were not going to serve her well in the long run; she could live with it if it meant that others were better off for it. They'd seen how disjointed the response had been against a common enemy like the Titans; maybe becoming worse was the answer.

To her, it was starting to seem that way.

Paige offered him the sleeve of her bloody jacket with her injured hand, "If it hurts too much, don't stand for it. Go away in here." She pointed to her temple with her swollen index finger, "You care too damn much; it's going to kill you, Roran." You're not strong enough. None of you are strong enough. But I will make you strong. "The dead are dead. Stop giving a fuck and focus on the living."


He didn't want to listen to her trying to... cheer him up? Ofcourse not everyone would've died. Everyone would've just ran on their own, and maybe more could have survived than now. Putting their faith in him? That had worked out great. Everyone was dead. If he could he'd have turned around to ignore her, but all he could do was look away in order to hide how he felt. He felt very vulnerable suddenly, and wondered how he even got in this state. But when she started about caring about others, she did have a point. Maybe he did. In their line of work, killing titans, people dying was the obvious possibility. He had even planned on joining the recon corps. The survival rates there were almost hilariously low. He would be stupid if he hadn't been prepared to see comrades die. But had he been? No, he had been stupid. His face hardened and he tried to stop feeling guilty, and to noone's surprise it didn't work. He tried to find out why it bothered him, without much succes. Neither had Paige's idea of cheering him up had much succes, but had instead brought up a point on which he disagreed with himself.


She didn't know what else to say to him. Paige hated his distress like it was a living thing she wanted to kill. But it wasn't, and she just didn't know how to deal with that. Anger and doubt warred across her face. Out of the corner of his eye he'd be able to see her hand reaching toward his face, hesitating a moment before dropping back to continue holding compression over his wound. Practicality had won again over... whatever it was she was reaching for.

Left with no other option, Paige got angry with him. She hadn't wanted to with Roran, but nothing else occurred to her. These doubts are slowing him down, She saw his death in his doubts, and she couldn't let that happen. "Stop feeling sorry for yourself!" Paige snapped, suddenly furious, "You sound like you want to join the dead. Want a hand? I can roll you off the back of the cart!" Hurt him. Anything to get him thinking forward again. "You failed, and they died." Paige's selfishness throughout training had evolved into a terrifying drive to "help" the majority. Her furious response to Joseph and Aline's supposed desertion was clear evidence of what she now thought of people who thought only of themselves. "You can't change that. What you can change is what you'll do next time. So shut the fuck up and start thinking, Roran!"

I hate this. I hate this so much.


He wanted to snarl something angry back in response, but couldn't find the words for it. He couldn't because he knew she was right. Wether she knew it or not, she was playing into his boast that he was prepared to be a soldier, the boast that had helped him through the past 15 years. The boast that had been his pride and his joy. Was he really a good soldier if he cried every time an ally died on his watch? Or would it be worse if he didn't care? When she however started saying that he could erhaps join the dead, her idea of the world suddenly seemed a lot more attractive. It was indeed making him hesitateright now. A few moments ago he had never wanted to lead men into the fray anymore, because how horrible it mad him feel to know they probably would die anyways. It had paralyzed him with guilt. Did he want to die? He had to become harder in this fight. If he wanted to be a warrior for humanity, he had to become tougher, harder, meaner and more determined than any other human'd ever be.

"I am done thinking!" He snapped back with a surprisingly steady tone, and felt better about that than was good for him. His resolve had regained its spine, and his face split open into a soft grin.


She'd been prepared for a fight with him: her entire body was tense, and she looked ready to start laying down hurt if he said the wrong thing. So when he grinned it took her by complete surprise. Paige stared at him as if he'd grown an extra eyeball or something... and then burst into laughter. The tension of the moment had pulled her tighter than a guitar string, and when he broke it with a smile the result was such absurd relief that she couldn't help herself. The sound coming out of her was strange; unused to laughing, it was more of a cackle, the sort a madwoman might make.

The cart, relatively empty, had gained ground on the column of survivors. They were now visible in the distance, though neither of them could see it. Paige was facing the wrong direction and Roran was still lying down.

Her laughter faded. Paige's smile was crooked, "I knew you could do it." It was almost as if she could sense the change in him. She didn't think she'd lost him after all, which was a strange and welcome relief. Despite all the horrors they'd faced the day was coming up aces for her.


His grin turned into laughter, and sooner or later the other trainees were either laughing too or staring at them with disgust. Did it really matter howmany died? There had died countless already. Was it really his fault if people died due to his plans? He couldn't have forseen the carts abandoning them either. If he commanded people into battle, his goal was to kill as many titans as possible with the fewest casualties possible, and damn, he had achieved that for quite a while. Humanity may have lost almost half ot its territory and maybe even population, but damn, he was ready.

"Why did you ever even doubt." He replied with the same insane smile on his face as hers. Longing for the next fight already, his fingers started itching with impatience.

Roran Hawkins

Re: ARC 1

Postby Strongwill » Sun Feb 09, 2014 9:31 am

“Cart!” Someone reported. “They’re back!”
Almost of the trainee looked behind, looking at the cart that catching up with them in a increasing speed from time to time. There’s only 5 or 6 people aboard, wounded or looked deathly pale, but alive. Milfich see Roran and Paige, talking to each other. She was glad they safe.
That bitch, Milfich smiled. She did it.


They did not encounter any Titans in their way, thankfully.
When the trainee finally arrives in the base of the Wall, the sun is starting to set down. In less than a hour, they will be left in the darkness of night. In such a haste, they walked inside the elevator. After the horses are set free, someone presses the button and so they left the hell.

After they arrived in the top of the Wall, a lot of people break down. They crouched and cried, both of relief and for those who died inside. Some people let out a bitter laugh, cannot believe that they managed to survive when a lot of them didn't. Out of those who jumped in, only around 30 made it back.

That was when they started to notice someone is standing not far from their place.

That man is wearing a Scouting Legion cloak, and he looked horrified.

“Trainees?” He asked in disbelieved. “How—“
“A recon corps member?” A trainee asked.
“All alone?”
“Maybe he was running away.”
“Yeah, look at his face.”

Noticing that the trainees are starting to talk about him, the scouting legion members started to explain. “My team mates ran toward another city, to see whether they could save someone.”
He paused. “Well... They haven’t come back... Actually, i doubt that they will ever come back.”


“A-anyway, we better moves out and head to evac points before the sun goes down completely, right? Well, i-i have spare horses. And a cart full of supplies too.”
The trainee silently follows the Scouting Corps member.
There are around ten horses, and a cart full of supplies. The wounded know their place and climb into the cart. The scouting recon corps quickly mount his horses, and nine pretty-much-fit survivor mount the other nine horse. The rest, climbed into the cart and let someone drive the cart.
“We’re heading North.” The Scouting Legion member announced, and so they moved.


(And.... That’s the end of Arc 1! *claps* Now each player have to write a outro post, which is a long post containing the characters thoughts about the events, some future plans maybe, etc. Those who were lagged behind could also sums out what their characters did before to catch up with the story!)

Milfich quickly mount a horse. She doesn't want to be in the cart, crumpled together with the wounded. How many healthy people died because of them? Out of those who went to distract the Titan, only 5 or 6 made it back, including Roran. That’s all thanks to Paige. If she didn't come back from them, they all dead for sure.

How many people left behind? She started to think, How many people are locked inside to ensure the safety of those who lived in the inner wall?
How many people are eaten by the Titans today? Her mother is one of them She started to think. How many soldiers risked their life to stop the Titans today? Her father is one of them

If only she is stronger, her mother wouldn't be eaten.
If only she is faster, she could stop her father from running back inside.
If only they sent more soldiers.
If only they properly prepares their selves better.
If only the Inner Walls helped.
If only the King gives order.

The King

Lives in luxury inside Wall Sina, the safest place.
She joined the camp and endure everything to make sure that her family is in there, safe from the Titans reach and lives in prosperity inside the Inner Wall.
Her father wouldn't have to work anymore. He could just stay in home and have more quality time with her and her mother.
Her mother wouldn't be died, eaten by those walking lump of meat.

Whose to blame?
Her self, for not being strong enough to safe her mother, and for not being fast enough to stop her father.
The Army, for not being able to stop the Titans from advancing inside.
The Inner Walls, for locking them inside.
The Kind, for not giving order to help them evacuating or stopping the Titans.
The World, for being cruel at her.

With such a hatred in her eyes, Milfich lift her head and started forward.

Re: ARC 1

Postby The Sketcher » Sun Feb 09, 2014 10:38 am

Aline... I'll make sure Paige pays for what she did... There could've been a better way. She didn't have to do this...
Aline... If you make it to the top 10, I'm not letting you join the Recon Corps... There's no way in hell I'll let you do it. Not after everything that happened.
How did this happen...?
He watched the people gathered at the gate.
Look at how oblivious to everything they all are...
The Sketcher

Re: ARC 1

Postby BlitzNeko » Tue Feb 11, 2014 8:42 am

Akito mounted on a horse. He surely didnt want to be in a cart filled with a injured and angry mob. His mental state is slowly crumbling down. His vivid hallucinations of his poor deceased sister kept appearing out of nowhere. He noticed that it only pops out when he's in the verge of death. But, that's only one small theory he has. Perhaps his emotions is taking him over? Or is it because his mental state is not stable enough to handle these type of situations.

Well there's only one thing for sure. Akito won't go down without completing his revenge and until he spilled enough titan blood, he will kill titans.

Those chumps of meat stole the lives of his mother and father way back in the past. His little deceased sister was raped and killed by humans.

Akito's humanity slowly fades away after re-living those memories. His heart ached immensely as he reminded himself about his objectives . He wanted to destroy humanity and it's rotten core. 'Screw rebuilding it' his soul would say. He also wanted to destroy and kill all the titans.

In order to do that, he had to choose between the Military Police and the Scouting Legion. He struggled to decide on where his hatred should go to. The humans or the titans?

Suddenly his sister's voice whispered the same exact words that drove Akito to the verge of insanity, "Onii-chan. Let's make a promise. Let's grow up together and apply to the military. Then we'll join the survey corps and get revenge for our mother, together".

With that reminder, Akito frowned. Something evil was stirring behind his heart ever since he joined the training corps. After pondering for what seemed eternity, nightmares of his sister's death lighten up Akito's eyes. He wanted to know the truth.

The truth behind the murder of his deceased sister.

Re: ARC 1

Postby Roran Hawkins » Tue Feb 11, 2014 3:37 pm

Lying in the cart amongst the wounded, trying to ignore the pain he felt in his arm and ribs at every movement of the cart, it was hard to stay conscious. He wanted to cry somewhere, but his eyes were dry. All of the pain and death he had seen today had drained him of that, as if his little breakdown in the cart with Paige had drained all of his tears from his body. He felt miserable, but not because of his wounds, but because of his shattered ideas and beliefs. Slowly he lulled away into a state of partial awareness filled with pain and blurred images and the soft creaking of the carts in movement, and a silent and comfortable peaceful rest.


Later he would think it could all have been a dream, because his memories had fragmented due to the shock and exhaustion, both physically and mentally. Of the more than 100 trainees that had succesfully ended their training, only 30 or 40 were still alive after the day that would be known as the fall of Wall Maria. Even as the beginning of the end according to some, but most importantly, and for every human being inside the walls, a harsh reprisal for their lack of care for the outside world.
For Roran however, it was the day he met reality. His idealistic dreams about fighting the titans with the recon corps had been shaken to their foundations and forced his mind into new and crooked directions. Survival wasn't something that depended on skill alone. You wouldn't live if you was the best soldier there was. You would live if you were lucky, skilled, and had good comrades. Without the teamwork they and drilled so much on, any warrior's chance of survival was nearly nihil. He had learned that people died, by the dozens. Trained soldiers one by one, having gone through a training that even made the strongest whince, all worthless in the face of the titans.
Once they had arrived in Trost, they were treated for their wounds and finally fed with water and dry bread, he had found out that his father had been killed. His father, the never-dying veteran, the unkillable soldier, killed in a matter of moments after being cornered by a few titans. It wasn't doubt that was planted in his sould, but a grim determination. This determination started shining through in all his actions. In order to survive, they had to work together, and work as efficiently as possible. This pragmatic desire for efficiency only put stress on his relationships with other people.
He had briefly met his mother and sister during his recovery period, and he was estranged to them. His mother, broken by their father's deaths, had blamed him for it, as he could have saved him, while his sister was completely crushed. The only thing that kept her alive was his instable presence. Her brother, her last sane pillar. She wanted to trust her mother as much as him, but she was lost. Their mother had never truly approved of the recon corps because she didn't want to lose those dear to her. Now those were being taken away from her, she turned away from it very suddenly and resolutely. So was it, that his previously arrogant but friendly and open attitude slowly grew cynical and cold.
Strangely however he felt the need of confirmation in his deeds and thoughts more than ever. As if he actually needed someone to approve of his actions. Or was it really that? Eversince Paige and he had been forcefully paired up during the disastrous fighting at the fall, a sort of companionship he had previously thought unimaginable had been created between them. They were no less different from eachother than ice and fire, but they did share one thing. Their views on this cruel world.


Standing outside the hospital, feeling the cold wind whip his skin underneath his shirt, he looked at the steel-grey sky.
"Recon corps, here I come."
Roran Hawkins


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