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Re: ARC 1

Postby TataBlitz » Wed Feb 12, 2014 12:54 am

Kevin slowly opened his eyes to his own surprise as he thought he would never open them again. The pain in his ribs was real so he must still be alive then. Wincing, he clutched his cracked rib and slowly sat up.

He saw the forlorn faces of everyone around him and the oddly empty carts and knew that they just lost a chunk more people during the time to get back to the wall. For now it seems they're homefree,

"But how many were lost?" he grumbled to himself, he could only see maybe 40 or so trainees out of the original force and felt sick to his stomach. He did NOT sign up for this, did not get to know so much people, spend time with them, trained with them, just to see them all gone just like that. Looking around his cart, he at least saw a lot of his friends alive and though he felt guilty for thinking this way, he was glad that at least they survived.

"Quit scaring us like that man, that's the second time today," he turned around to see the familiar faces of Thomas and Angela grinning at him and could only offer a tiny smile in return,

"Sorry about that," he chuckled out as he wondered what hew as going to do now. He never wants to see his comrades die around him like that again, he doesn't believe his sanity take that hit, he is way too emotionally attached to his friends. Therefore he was not going to join the Recon corps no matter what, their casualty rate was way too high, he doesn't think he can stand seeing his squad members die one by one.

"Looks like it's the Garrison for me or MP if I'm eligible, I just want a simple life, is that so hard to get?" he wondered to himself, the branches with the least combat would be the best for him, he's not afraid of death, he's afraid of watching others die around him.


Lina's eyes blinked open after sleeping for who knows how long. Her whole body still hurts but at least she could move now, and she was starving,

"Ugh, I hate everything, quit hurting fuck, need some goddamn food," she lethargically got out of bed and took the pair of crutches nearby and went towards the kitchen. She didn't exactly need it as nothing was broken, but it would be more comfortable for her, she would probably be 100% in a week or so and by the next few days she should feel comfortable doing normal tasks again.

"Geez, it's like a ghost town here, where the hell is everyone?" she wondered as she could not find anyone in sight. Arriving at the kitchen, she saw it was also unstaffed, so she just helped herself to the fridge and took out whatever food she could find. She was alone while she was munching on her food so she let her thoughts drift,

"Three years here, and it's coming to and end soon," her thoughts took her back to the three years she spent here and a nostalgic smile crept up on her face. There was no doubt about it, she had fun here, this was the happiest 3 years she could remember, and she found true friends that she could trust him and she knew now why she wanted to have friends so badly, it was a nice feeling, to know that someone would be there for you no matter what. Unfortunately, she knew Kevin and Roy probably won't join the Scouting Legion, but she understood completely and would keep in contact with them however long she was going to live.

"When I finally join the Scouting Legion, I'll finally be free from this shitty society once and for all," her so-called debt would finally be repaid and she would truly be free to live her life no matter how short it was going to be.

A smile graced her face as she finished her meal and for the first time, she felt hope and her jaded eyes over this period of time finally gained a light of joy in them, she was hopeful and happy.

"Good luck, Roy, Kevin, Akito, you'll probably outlive me, but I hope you three the best," she cheered them in spirit as she finished her meal and went back to her hospital room to rest her sore body.


Re: ARC 1

Postby James Dorik » Wed Feb 12, 2014 5:33 am

James overlooked his remaining comrades as they marched through the streets, defeated. He was glad to see at least a good number of them had even made it back, the soldier had been waiting for them some time after he had arrived at the wall. There was a touch of bitter resent that had built up inside of him, however. There had been no response to the distress flare he had sent out as a request for an escort earlier. Trying to excuse it as a small oversight, he had scrambled up the wall to find several Garrison officers waiting to greet him. He had practically exploded in rage at their incompetence, they had simply brushed off the plea for help. Exhausted from an entire day of fighting, James had passed out in the middle of his tantrum.

He woke up about an hour later inside a medical facility. Now here he stood, watching what remained of his friends being hoisted down from the towering Wall Maria. Bandages enveloped almost his entire face, only one eye was visible. None of the wounds were too serious, but they were numerous. There would only be a few permanent scars.

James let out a muffled sigh through the bandages. After all he had experienced today, he was surprisingly unfazed. He hadn't broke down. This wouldn't haunt him for the rest of his life like the other trainees. It worried him a bit. To be almost unmoved by what he had experienced today couldn't be a good sign. He had always been rather capable of suppressing his emotions, but this was new to him.

Still feeling overwhelmed, James was unsure what to think or do. He had basically graduated now, but was it wise to still consider joining the Survey Corps? Was it really aiding humanity to go explore outside the walls when the enemy was right at our doorstep? He clenched his fists, frustrated and confused. He'd need time to think.

In the meantime, he'd go look for his remaining friends. Hopefully they'd made it out of there.
James Dorik

Re: ARC 1

Postby CrazyRay » Fri Feb 14, 2014 12:02 pm

After Roy's safe arrival back from the disaster which took place in Shigashina. He took refuge within the hospital where he and a couple others decided to assist with bringing the remaining soldiers who were injured during the conflict against the titans. It was silent, in comparison to what he had experienced just a couple days ago. The screams of the wounded echoed through his mind, it made him feel uneasy. However Roy had recovered from his traumatic experience on the battlefield quickly than others. It was such a shame. The amount of lives lost on the battle field was great and for someone who was quite emotional Roy moved on rather quick, this was only due to the fact that his life was of more great importance to him than others, or was it really?

Sat down by the entrance of the hospital, Roy engaged in brief but heartfelt conversation with a fellow trainee, that he had met. His name was Arthur, who stood 5 feet tall and looked considerably pale, his eyelids covered much of his eyes which looked as if they were drenched in blood diluted which tears. Roy broke the silence by asking him a few questions based on what he had experience, reassuring Arthur from time to time. He had just found out about his friends death, the impact of his friends death was written all over his face.

"I'm sorry..". That was all Roy could say to him, topping it off by praising the individuals efforts, "I'm sure that he fought bravely to the end." With his head facing the ground Arthur remained silent. Roy decided that it was time to go, leaving Arthur behind to silently mourn over his comrades death. He exhaled and strolled around the town to see many gloomy faces. He knew that nothing could be done to change their situation as most of these had lost a special person in their lives. He came to a halt, to see a young boy weeping, he had his face buried within his mothers lap. She placed her hands on his hand, gently rubbing it . Roy began to think about his comrades that he had grew up with a camp, throughout that short duration he made new friends and established new bonds. 'You guys know who you are. I hope you guys made it out alive.'

Roy continued to watch the kid, he forgot that he had been staring at them for too long. The boy's mother looked towards him screwing her face,in response. Roy looked away and kept on walking. Humanity has been rendered as weak and useless against the titan threat, the valiant efforts of the army proved to be useful in some way. His brief experience with soldiers from the Garrison - Survey corp members had sparked a burning desire to keep going on. Roy's lips began to quiver and his arm began to shake as he picked up the pace, he was now jogging past villagers who walked around nonchalantly. His heart began to beat harder, faster as his jog turned into run he dashed towards an alley brushing past an elderly man as he slipped through.

He knelt down with his right arm on the wall. Placing his head on it he breathed in & out heavily, he then said, "I refuse to let the efforts of humanity to be in vain. I've already come this far going back to my pointless dull life back at home isn't going to solve nothing." Roy had come to a decision and nodded his head, he was aware of the risks and danger of going down the path he had chosen. It's mad but who knows he may live to reap the rewards or he would just die trying to.

Roy sat back on the wall, shutting his eyes. Could this be something that he is going to regret...

Re: ARC 1

Postby The Sketcher » Sat Feb 15, 2014 8:19 pm

Collab with James
James noticed the last of the surviving soldiers coming down on the lift. His eye caught out Joseph standing among them with Aline by his side. He waited for his friend to reach the street below before approaching him with a rather feeble wave. He was glad to see Joseph survived, their last meeting hadn't been on the best of terms. Now was the time to show that was far behind them.
"Joseph, you made it," James greeted him in a serious but friendly tone. His voice was muffled by the bandages wrapped around his face, distorting his words a bit.
Joseph heard James' voice and turned around with his face lit up with excitement. He saw him and the expression faded.
''Yeah, we did,'' he mumbled. He forced a smile. ''I'm glad to see you're alive as well.. Could you help me with Aline?''
He was carrying her over his shoulder and his shirt and his clothes were stained with her blood. ''I need to get her to the hospital quickly, before...''
James quickly perked up and rushed over to Joseph's side, helping Aline's body (is she unconscious?) transition into a more suitable position for the two of them to carry together. James grunted and spoke to Joseph. "Its just over there," he said, nodding his head towards the location of the medical building he had recently stayed in.
One of the doctor's assistants raced down from the doorstep. "I can take her from here," the man offered, outstretching his arms. Joseph seemed unsure at first, obviously quite attached to his sibling. James tried nodding to his friend reassuringly. It'd be easier this way, it was awfully crowded inside after all the survivors had arrived. Joseph reluctantly helped Aline into the man's arms, watching him disappear into the building with his sister.
Joseph turned his attention back to James. They simply stared at each other for a brief moment before James spoke up. "We've really seen hell today, haven't we?"
James wasn't sure he could entirely sympathize with the other trainees, the battle hadn't affected him in the same way it had his peers. However, he couldn't deny what he'd seen today was truly wretched. Talking about it with a friend would be good on his subconscious as well as Joseph's.
Joseph kept looking down.
"Yeah," he mumbled. "But I knew what I signed up for. I know that this is what's waiting for me in the Survey Corps."
He clenched his fists and looked ahead. "Though I didn't think there would be people among us who would be willing to hurt each other to survive or just out of spite out when we were out there."
He paused for a moment. "One of the trainees shot Aline with a hook," he said. "I don't know why, but... I know who."
James was a bit taken aback by the statement. Why would someone intentionally hurt another trainee in the midst of combat?
"Who?" he asked in almost a demanding tone.
"That girl, Paige," he answered. "Akito told me it was her..."
James looked around at the passing trainees with a worried glance. He only half expected to find her, but she was of course nowhere to be seen. Paige had always seemed a little cold and calculating, but he hadn't figured her to be a murderer. "Do you plan on doing anything about it?" he asked curiously.
"Maybe," he said, sounding unsure. "If Aline doesn't survive this... I'll definitely kill her. Yeah.... But it looks like that's not going to happen. We were able to get Aline to the hospital in time. If she does survive, I'm going to make Aline join the Military Police. I won't endanger her again."
James nodded, "Sounds like a plan."
He paused for a moment, wondering if he should talk to Joseph about his little dilema. "Hey, you're still planning on joining the Survey Corps, right?" he asked. "Are you sure that's still such a good idea?"
''Of course,'' he responded. ''What else am I supposed to do?''
"What I mean is, what do you think will best serve humanity?" he asked, elaborating further. "I mean, shouldn't we be focusing on defending the walls at this point? It seems a bit counter productive to be sending soldiers outside the walls to explore while the enemy is right at our doorstep."
Joseph stopped in his tracks.
''If I learned one thing today, James,'' he said. ''It's that I'm weak and I need to get strong. The Survey Corps is the only thing that will make me strong.''
The Sketcher


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