RP Rules - Both IC/OOC

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RP Rules - Both IC/OOC

Postby Accelevi » Tue Dec 17, 2013 1:10 am

*Other rules may be added in later*

1. All general forum rules apply.
This should be fairly obvious.

2. RPs must have a plot.
RPs that are completely off-topic and/or have no meaning will be locked. If it begins to drift off-topic, then a warn will be given, and a week to fix it before another check. Slice-of-lives are fine, but you need to still have the general idea.

3. Application recommendations.
It is recommended that an application has:
  • Basic things. (Name/Age/Sex/etc)
  • Appearance (A picture/~3-4 lines of text)
  • Personality (~5-8 lines of text)
  • Biography/Backstory/History/etc (~6-8 lines of text)
  • Combat (If applicable. Balance and use as needed)
  • Other information (Things that don't fit into other categories, like trivia and whatnot)
  • Etcetera (Anything else I forgot to say)
*None of these things are required, and it is up to the host to make the decision, as long as an app still exists in some shape or form*

4. Keep IC stuff in IC, OOC stuff in OOC.
This should be obvious. Discussion and planning and etcetera should go into OOC. Actual story/in-character should go into IC.

5. RPs must have rules.
The host has discretion as to what the rules are as long as they comply with general forum rules and the other rules in this thread, but there must be rules of some sort.
The more flexible RPs are, the better it will be. They are meant to be expressions through which you can show creativity, and rules should not get in the way of this too much.
You are allowed to separate IC threads via either a story's arc or the entire "season" of sorts, but a single IC thread should have more than 20 pages of posts before a new one for the same story is made. A season is considered at least around 200 posts. Short-posting your way to this is frowned upon.
In addition, one-liner posts or extremely short posts otherwise are frowned upon, and a good host would ban it altogether. Also, if there are more than 5 posts that would fall into this category per RP - if the host had not prohibited it entirely, then it will not be able to gain its own sub-forum. (Continue reading to learn about the "Sub-Forum Clause") The host or co-hosts are responsible for keeping track of this.
The "Sub-Forum Clause" is a way to reward good RPs. A story thread as such with more than 8,000 posts in the IC thread alone will gain a sub-forum upon which they can go deeper and explore various sub-sections and smaller stories as such.

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