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It was a rather unusual day for the students and the school staffs of ACADEMIA.
For the first time in forever, the Student Council will be doing a public mock battle. Against the Delinquents. That's not surprising, considering most of the people wanted to see them getting beaten up by the Student Council's team.

People are starting to make bets to each other, mostly betting on the Student Council's victory.

Either way, it will be a great chance to show to everyone the rules of the Grand Battle and how it will be like. It will also to show that the gears the player will be wearing is perfectly safe and fine.

An area have been built in the multi-functional field, complete with it's invisible wall to make sure that no harm is done to the viewers, whether it is intentionally or unintentionally. For today's mock battle, they decided this kind of setting: ... 6.png.html

In all of the route, obstacles like brick walls, small buildings and even sand bags have been set up. The Winning Objective is to steal the other team's flag and take it back with them to their side. The winner will be decided when the other person is unconscious, stepping out of the fight, or surrender. When the referee deemed something as life-threatening they are allowed to stop the fight.

The game's time limit is a hour. If no one managed to steal the other team's flag and take it back to their side before the time runs out, the game will be declared as 'Draw'

Member of both teams have already on their position, and even already have talked and decided about their tactics. All their waiting for now is the countdown from the Official Referee.

Student Council's side

Levina have finished checking up her gear. The Student Council's gear has been reinforced. It will give them advantage, as they will be tougher to beat. She has removed her gloves long before entering the arena, and all that left for her to activate her power is removing her steel ring.
"Remember our objective." She reminded her teammates. "Take the flag and bring it here no matter what. Evade fighting if possible. I will be taking one of the one on one fighting route."
Livia nodded in agreement. Although she never liked having huge responsibility on her hand so she won't be hanging around in the third line. She also doesn't like waiting so she won't be hanging around in the second line. She isn't confident enough to go in the one on one fight. So as the final decision, she went into the frontline.


Delinquent's side

"Um, as everyone here have already know... I dunno how to use my power. Heck, in fact, i haven't even activated it yet" Eilian raised her hand to gains everyone attention. "I-I can't do much help, and i don't even know why'd they force me to enter this! So-So I’m gonna stay here and try my best to protect our flag from being taken from those guys.."

"Right," Adrian groaned. "Sorry people but I'm only here for the fighting. The flag game would be way too easy. I just want to teach those pompous Student Council assholes a lesson."
He got up and felt the special gear they were given.

Camilla stayed behind the back of the Delinquent group. She did sign up for the Grand Battle but she never expected that there's only a Delinquent side and a Student council side. She had all this bulky gear so she wouldn't be able to move swiftly. She decided to take her knee, shoulder, and elbow pads so that she's able to move more free. She sighed deeply and thought of a trap she can use, whether it's a combination or not. She separated herself from the group since she didn't know anyone expect for Adrian. She'll still be in the group fighting area. She shouted back at the group, "I'll set up some traps in the far back!". She also managed to make her right arm more resistant with self-inflicted injuries. Therefore she can summon more sketches. The amount increased to 8-10 sketches yet the duration is still lower than 7 minutes. Her eccentric mind kept on screaming "Set up a god damn atomic bomb and be done for it!"

Arthur strolled in fashionably late as usual. Unlike his fellow group members he had no protective gear on, except for his headgear. He didn't look as worried as the others, Arthur quickly examined his opponents who wore protective gear which was more reinforced, in comparison to the delinquents gear it was evident that theirs was better. He shook his head, before grabbing a brown book out of his bag, saying "I know what i'm using for this: Parkour, Muay Thai, Andy Stevens (American football), and Knife throwing art". Returning his book into has bag as soon as he was done, he approached the field jumping upwards before meeting up with the others.

The referee checked his watch. it's about time.
"ALL PLAYERS!.... READYYY....???" He shouted, and raised his arm. His whistle is set on his mouth already, and in seconds he blew it away. "BATTLE BEGIN!!"

"Spread in the front! Make three line of defense and do not let them pass the third line!" Levina ordered. "I want at least 10 people here, guarding our flag. And whatever happen, do not leave your position! This is a direct order, people!"
She looked at one of the one on one fighting area and pointed at one randomly. "I will be entering that one. Hopefully, i could finish the battle in a quick time and gives us a quick victory. No need to waste our energy on fighting these people."

As she say so, she entered the area and waits for her opponent.

Adrian got up and looked at the paths ahead of them.

"I'll go and fight some of the Student Council members," he said. "Arthur, focus on getting the flag. Read something about being a ninja or something."
He heaved a sigh and stared at the paths. Which way should I go? he thought to himself.

Michael sat leaning against the flag serving as a guard and early warning system while browsing adult websites on his laptop looking for the entire world like he was slacking off. While Fiona kept hidden, ready to incapacitate opponents quickly when she gets a warning from any of her teammates.

"Why am I participating in this again?" she grumbled in her thoughts This was her first public battle and she did not like it one bit, her specialty lies in deception and showing to the public her fighting style is counterproductive. She's infamous, but as a team unit, no one has actually seen her fight solo before and she wants to keep it that way, but Levina ordered her to participate and she has to obey a superior.

Despite being veteran fighters, both Disciplinaries were first time participants in public matches like these. Usually they kept the participants from doing anything too damaging and makes sure everything goes smoothly, this is the first time they were participants themselves.

Camilla walked over to the flag. She removed her contact lenses and and leaned on the wall next to the flag. She flipped through her sketchbook as she got her trap combinations together. She'll leave the last one as a time bomb if she really needs to. "Better than nothing. I got nothing to lose. Mhm... Perfect." She kept talking to her with a grin on her face.

Adrian looked right and left. "Gah... This is a hard choice," he mumbled. "If I go through the wrong one I might get stuck with a grunt..."

Livia reached the frontlines and it was already in action. She took her contact lenses off and revealed her dark crimson eyes. She took her paintbrush out but didn't make it large. She remembered that the time limit of her powers was about 30 minutes. She would only use it when it's a hectic battle. She somewhat mastered to triple her power into 6/8 by using a three color combination. But she was still afraid that it wouldn't work as often. Nevertheless, she made it to the frontlines but still didn't find anyone to fight against.

Adrian finally decided and read something from a book he took from the pocket of his suit. His eyes flashed when he put it back in. He walked towards one of the one-on-one lanes.
He walked into the lane to see Levina on the other side.
Levina only waited for a minute or so until she see someone walking inside the lane from the other side. Her enemy was rather a familiar one.
Adrian let out a smirk. "Looks like I hit the jackpot."
"Adrian, yes?" Levina asked. She is ready to pull out her steel ring and activate her power anytime. "This battle will be fun, i think."
Adrian laughed, his eyes shining. "I hoped I'd fight someone strong but wow! I get to fight the monster of the Student Council!"
He cracked his knuckles and grinned.
"The monster? That's too kind of you. Jayden is someone strong too, you know." Levina bowed slightly to accept the compliment. When she bowed, she takes the opportunity to remove her steel ring, as she doesn't want him to know what her trigger is.
Adrian snarled and slid his foot across the floor. "So how do we do this? Does the referee tell us when to start?"

Eilian was busy.
She moved around her team's flag's position, looking for nearby sand bags. When she found some, she would take it back to the flag and built a small wall made out of sand bags, a place for her to hide when the enemy managed to find their way here.
Camilla noticed looked at the student that is nearly her height but a bit higher. She approached quietly at the sand bags. She peeked and said, "Hello?"
"Ah-Ah- He-Hello!?" Eilian was rather surprised that someone else is here, willing to guard the camp with her.
"What are you doing here?" Camilla asked in curiosity while looking at the fortification the girl had built.
"Actually, no. We started it on our own." As Levina say so, she pull her right hand back and throw it in front like a punch, sending out a charged electrical beam to Adrian
Adrian's eyes opened wide. The skin around the part the lightning hit rotted right before it was struck.
"You little shit," he snapped. He disappeared and reappeared on the wall, getting ready to jump off it. "I'm going to take you down and teach you a lesson."
He disappeared again, reappearing right in front of her, yet not getting ready to attack. "Got it?"
Levina is a bit of surprised. She did not expect him to be this fast. But she have prepared for this anyway.
"Take me down?" Levina smiled, as both her hand formed a finger gun. "Good luck then."
She send out electrical bullet through her finger guns
He disappeared the moment her hand was lifted. He reappeared behind her with his fist in the air.
His speed is indeed abnormal. Levina is, however, able to surround her self with electrical field just in time to block the attack and hopefully also stunning him.
Adrian froze as the field affected him. He flew across the field and bounced off the ground. He regained his balance when he hit a building. He landed on the wall with his legs and pushed himself off. He started running at her.
"Fool." Levina commented. He don't know yet that she can keep her electrical field up as long as she wanted, as long as her concentration is not confounded.
She snaps her finger on both hands, sending electrical bolts to Adrian while running towards him. She planned to hit him with her electrical field. It should be enough to knock him unconscious.
Adrian stopped in his tracks and ducked as she snapped her finger. "Wait, time out!"
He got up and held his hand up at her. "Just... Wait for a second."
"That's funny." Levina stopped running, but her hands are still raised. "You know why they call me "Monster"?"
"That's because i have no mercy." She snaps her finger, sending yet another attack.
Adrian glared at her and disappeared. Two shoes flew at her out of nowhere and pair of socks was laying on the ground. He reappeared a few meters behind her.
"Scared?" Levina taunted. She didn't move an inch, and her hand is still raised.
"Nope," he said with a grin. "I just acquired an immense advantage."
He disappeared and reappeared behind her with one foot stuck in the dirt and the other swiping the ground below Levina.
Levina make a quick dash to her left, distancing her self from Adrian.
Due to the sudden attack, however, her concentration is gone and her electrical field dispersed.
"I get it." Levina chuckled, amused by her opponent's creativity. "You took off your shoe and socks to make it easier for you to move, yes? Then you will just running around with bare feet."
"You're not even close," he said, smirking. "You'll understand why I did it if you actually get a hit on me."
He jumped off of the ground and leapt on the wall. He disappeared and appeared behind her, again, with one foot stuck in the ground. He thrust a punch at her back with an immense speed, striking her. He threw a kick at her i quick succession.
Levina evades just in time. She moves her body to the side, letting that super fast attack passing her. She knows trying to reach Adrian with her hand will fail her, so instead, she stomp on the ground to release an electrical wave.
Adrian moved near her and punched at her as she lifted her foot to use her technique.
For the first time in three years, Levina is forced to use her bare hands to protect her self from a punch. Ah, it seems that I underestimated this guy.
She blocks it with her arm, but not before she layered it with electrical field. To defense and to attack.
Adrian smirked, as the charges seemed like they didn't affect him. His foot was planted firmly into the ground. He pulled his hand back a few centimeters and reached for the girl's wrist with great speed.
"GOOD!" Levina shouted, happy that it's going well according the plan. She envelops her self with high-voltaged electricity aura.
Adrian flinched upon getting shocked but the effect wore off quickly. He pulled her hand down to the ground and pinned it down. "Now you're just a helpless little pup," he said, his body smoking, keeping his grip on her wrist. He swung his other fist at her.
Levina was pissed off.
This anger raised her voltage greatly, and she didn't even try to stop it from rising. She catches Adrian's other hand, the one that throwing the punch, using her free hand. She held Adrian's hand tightly, but as she come back to her senses she decreased her body voltage to prevent her from killing someone accidentally.
"Do not touch me." Levina firmly said.
Adrian flinched and jumped up, spinnning and smoking. He landed on the ground a few meters away. He closed his eyes. Hear, see, feel and react... I'll try to wear her out. The lightning she's using is too powerful to not have any consequences for prolonged use. If I can wear her out, I might win.
He opened his eyes again. They were shining brighter than earlier. He took a battle stance and stood there calmly. "You're pretty good, I'll give you that," he praised her. "But don't think you've won yet."
"I was about to say the same thing." Levina praised Adrian. "But, I think it's my victory."
Levina lift her hand, charging it with electricity and form a rather large electric ball. "I don't think you will surrender and step out of this fight."
"Sorry, no," he answered her. "I'm not backing out of a fight. I would've been scared under normal circumstances but you're not even the strongest person I've ever fought. The man who trained me... I have him to thank for my strength. His way of training was painful but I learned how to control my senses in every possible aspect. You're about to see one of the most inhumane combat techniques in the world."
"I am not the strongest. I am well aware that there is a lot of people stronger than me in this world." Levina humbly said. "Now, shall we begin round 2?"
Just right after Levina finished her sentence, she released her electric.
Adrian rolled behind a small building. A faint rustling noise was heard from the bushes across him the moment he hid.
"Don't hide. It won't give you any advantage." Levina taunted. "Your brain emits brainwaves, which is electric signal, and i can detect it as long as you are a human."
I hope he won't hide. Scanning electric signal and pinpoint someone is tiresome

Livia watched the battled between Levina and Adrian unfold bit by bit. Livia is still in the group fighting area. Currently she's the one leading the frontlines, but it's been nothing but a stalemate. She's at a rooftop of a small building overlooking the battlefield. There's still a large amount of Delinquents in the frontlines and they won't go down that easily. A disciplinary member approached Livia and whispered to her ear. Livia nodded slightly and said, "Get that damn right flank moving. We'll take em by surprise and box them in." The disciplinary member nodded and went off the roof. Just as Livia was about to jump off, an unexpected delinquent launched towards. Livia stumbled backwards and barely missed that punch directed at her. "Oh god damnit. Got one in my tail apparently." She mumbled to herself. She stood up and faced the delinquent on what's going to be a one-on-one fight until reinforcements arrive.
"Oh my god oh my god oh my god." Eilian begins to panic, as the number of the players that joined Delinquent has seemingly dramatically decreased. And it looks like that Adrian is still occupied with the Vice President Levina Hall. To be quite honest, Eilian her self is surprised that someone could evenly fight the Heartless Monster of the Student Council. "What should we do?!"
Eilian nervously asked to no one. "What should we do?!"
Camilla was behind the girl who seemed to be panicking. Camilla eccentric mind tells her to join the battle in the frontlines but she picked her job and she has to fulfill it. She patted on the girl's shoulder and said with a calm voice, "Wait 'till the battle unfolds. Right now we took the job to be in the defending line. When they arrive here they'll have to go against me. I can easily cause chaos by myself. Can you do the same?"
Adrian sighed and climbed up to the roof of the building. He looked down at Levina. "Come and get me."
"What about no?" Levina replied, as she swings her left hand. It releases electrical attack and hit the building especially the roof.
"No." Eilian answered instantly. "Like- a big fucking no. Nope. Nain. Nay. Nein. NO-FRICKIN'-WAY. I-I can't! I don't have power- Well, i do- but at the same time, i don't. You understand what I'd say?!"
Camilla eyes widened in confusion but yet surprised at the truth bomb dropped by the girl. Camilla nodded quickly and looked at the battlefield yet again. "Great. I guess I'll have to do this my own way." Camilla looked at the girl and asked, "So why are you here in the first place? If you don't have power and... Whatever you just said."
"Uh, why I'm here? Maybe cause i'm one of the permanent Delinquent? I don't even know. All i do is spreading news and gossips and rumors and then they called me a Delinquent and then they forced me to enter this kind of event! I know- I know they do this so they could bully me and make me a moving target and-" Eilian stopped, and cleared her throat. "Um, well, according to the Government's scientist my power is kinda- uh- hard to be activated? It's like... you lock your home and lost the key to open it."
Camilla sighed deeply. "Yet again, another truth bomb dropped by this girl" Camilla went behind her and gave her hard pats on her shoulder. "Weeell. Good luck to you ma'am. At least you ain't a person with a target painted on her back...for the bullies I mean."
"Well..... It's not your regular bullies..." Eilian pointed to the front. "Those damned Student Council members are my bullies!"
"Just so you know... regular bullies are much scarier sooo yeah..." Camilla looked around and pondered for a while."Hmmm I can make this girl useful for herself". Camilla opened her sketchbook and flipped her pages to the weapon section while trying to find something that the powerless girl can use.
"Wha-what are you doing?" Eilian asked. "It's not a good time to draw!"
"Gimme a sec, will ya?" Camilla snapped at the girl. She stopped flipping pages and wrote something in her sketchbook. She raised the sketchbook and yelled out, "MINIGUN, COME OUT." In a instant, a deployable minigun dropped and settled on the sandbags. Camilla looked at the girl, "You can use that if you want."
Eilian take the gun. "So... all i need is to press the trigger?... WAIT I COULD KILL SOMEONE IF I USE THIS."
Camilla plugged her ears with her fingers as the girl suddenly shouted. "D-Don't worry. There are only wooden bullets in it. If you want to kill someone then I can summon steel bullets if you want?"
"Uh, no. I prefer using the current bullets." Eilian declined. "Are you sure we're going to be alright?"
Camilla smiled awkwardly and stuttered, "E-Er.... M-Maybe? I mean... I did set up a time bomb near the flag if anyone gets near it..."
"... So... We... We are standing right next to a bomb all this time? Well, there is another bomb here." Eilian paused, before pointing at her self. "Me! I'm the panic bomb!"
Camilla changed her face into an annoyed one, "I already guessed that." Camilla sighed heavily and pointed at a building a few meters away beside them. "Go into that building when the Student Council comes close. I'll handle everything else. Got it?"
"When the enemy comes, run. Then go inside. Hide. Do nothing. Got it, mam!" Eilian salutes her.
"Which is quite ironic since.. I think you're older than me.. Right?" Camilla tilted her head in curiosity.
"Please stop mentioning about my age. I'm still young and pretty and cute and attractive, you know?" Eilian protested.
"Oh goodness gracious. Look at me!" Camilla pointed at herself, "Smaller, cuter, more.. Well actually I'm not really sure about the attractive part. But you know!"
"What are we, beauty pageant contestant?"
"Oh shut it, Ms. Panic Bomb." Camilla snarled with a teasingly voice.
"Oh, by the way, my name is Eilian. Eilian Verraad." Eilian introduced her self. "And you are...?"
"Camilla... Camilla de Angelo." Camilla answered. She smiled at the now known Eilian. "Nice to meet you, Verraad-san."
"Just call me Eilian." Eilian smiled back at Camilla. "Your power is.... rather unique... So you draw thing and turned it to live?"
"Errr... I'm really uncomfortable calling people's first name when I just met them." Camilla smiled awkwardly and scratched the back of her head. "And yea. Sketches drawn in this notebook can turn into life. So basically... I can draw an atomic bomb if I ever wanted to." Camilla shrugged while smiling.
Adrian was now standing meters away from Levina and spoke from behind. "That was weeeeaaaak."
Levina knows that now he is playing with her, or trying to figure out what is her power limit is. Whatever it is, he is trying to exhaust her stamina.
A battle of endurance? Did he lost his confidence to fight me head on?
Levina sits on one of the building's rubble. She deployed an electric field that will work as her barrier, stunning anyone who come too close to her and defending her from any non-explosive attacks.
"What the--?"
Adrian stared at the field around Levina. "What the hell? Hey! What's wrong!?"
He pouted and sat down. "Does this mean you're afraid to fight me?"
"No, not even close." Levina replied. "I'm taking a break. That simple."
"So what now?" She asked, staring back at him. "Are we going to fight for a full hour? A half hour have already passed, so we have to fight for another half an hour."
Members of the student council were pursuing Arthur, while running at a decent pace he looked behind him briefly to see the distance between him and his foes. It wasn't much but it was good enough for his plan. He ran towards a pile of sandbags stacked on each other jumping towards it he would then execute a backflip off it landing behind one of his opponents sweeping his opponent off his feet. His other opponent would charge towards him, Arthur would simply lean his body towards the right, launching his fist towards his targets face. He would then step back shaking his hand from the pain caused from hitting the gear, "Screw it" he would say before going back in for another attack which a swift kick to his opponents’ head, grabbing his opponents head towards his right knee which he raised forcefully hitting it twice with his right and once with his left. His opponent would then stumble backwards giving Arthur the chance to knock him out, without wasting time he quickly ran up clenching his right fist he would dip down and thrust his fist upwards, as his fist connected with his opponent’s chin he would lose balance causing him to drop before Arthur.
Camilla saw a breakthrough on the Delinquents' front line. At their right, Camilla spotted some of the Student council members flanking. "Goodness gracious, they're flanking us. The frontlines will just collapse in no time if this continue." Camilla tapped on Eilian's shoulder and said with a somewhat panicked voice, "Erm, Verraad-san..." Camilla took in a deep breath to calm herself down and continued, "I think it's time to use that mini-gun.... like right now." Camilla pondered on Eilian's powers for a while now. "Locking your house but losing the keys, huh? That's nice observation if I ever say so myself."
Eilian looked at Camilla, staring at her with such intensity. "How... What should i do? Just point it to the front and press the button?"
"Just point at the Student Council and press the damn trigger!! The Delinquent line is gonna get destroyed!" Camilla shouted as she looked at the battle in front of her intensely.
"Blindly shoot whoever comes here? I can manage." Eilian lift her mini gun and started shooting at everything coming at her and Camilla.
Camilla plugged her ears as Eilian started shooting wooden bullets. She shouted at Eilian's ear, "I might have found out something concerning about your powers!! Wanna hear it?!"
"What?!" Eilian shouted back. "What?!"
"Can you even hear me!!?" Camilla shouted back.
"I can! I can!" Eilian frantically answer.
"Right!" Camilla took in a deep breath and started shouting right at Eilian's "You said that your power is something like losing keys of your locked house, right?! Shouldn't you have spare keys somewhere with you?! If not! Then there's normally someone who has that spare keys with them to unlock the house. Maybe your trigger may be activated with the involvement of someone whom you know closely off? But then again, this is my observation! You don't have to heed my words!"
"Spare key? Uh, the government never say anything about that" Eilian bits her lip. "Maybe it will be released when i am truly in danger? Like the movies..."
"Beats me...." Camilla sighed deeply. "Looks like my guess isn’t the case here.... Camilla looked at the battlefield still raging on. "Just keep shooting!"
Eilian presses the gun's trigger again, but it won't shot. She pressed it again and it still won't shoot. "Wha-What's going on? Is it out of ammo?!"
"Mother-----" Camilla banged her sketchbook on her head. She raised her arms and shook them in anger, "GOD DAMNIT I FORGOT TO PUT THEM IN UNLIMITED MODE!"
"DAMN YOUUUUUU---!!" Eilian shouted as she threw the gun to the front and accidentally hits a student council member in the head. "ANY IDEA?!"


"15 MORE MINUTES!" The referee announced using the help of the megaphones. "15 MINUTES!"

Livia kept fighting this guy for at least 10 minutes now on the same roof. She only released her power only for 5 minutes. She still couldn't find one simple opening since this delinquent is fighting close personal. "Damnit the others need me! I don't have time for this shit!" The delinquent sidestepped and threw a punch at Livia. She leaned to the left and the punch missed just above her shoulder. Finding this as a opportunity, Livia wrapped her arms around the delinquent's extended arm and held it tight. She turned her body sideways and bent over while shifting the delinquent's center-of-mass and making it him lose balance. Livia executed a simple judo move and pinned the delinquent on the roof. To her surprise, the delinquent's body turned into air and disappeared with a small 'Poof'. Cursing under her breath, Livia looked around her and suddenly the delinquent... and his clones surrounded her. "Goodness gracious. This is getting annoying." Livia enlarged her brush, which had a tint of white and red. She painted around her in a circle. While activating the power, a whirlwind formed and fire followed the winds surrounding Livia. Able to control the whirlwind, she extends her arms outwards and smirked. The fiery whirlwind turned into a tornado high enough so that the all the people can see it. Suddenly the tornado expanded rapidly and surrounds the whole building. After releasing so much energy, the tornado became unstable and dispersed upwards with a explosion which came from ground level. After the dust cleared, the building nothing but a pile of rubble.

A tornado. And a freakin' large one too.
Eilian could swear she've seen people getting suck up into it and then thrown out randomly.
"What the fuck is that?"
Camilla eyes widened in shock and horror. "Er.... Well.... that's my bigger sister... She might be going a biiiiiit to overboard." She held her hand out and made a small gap between her index and her thumb. "Juuuust a tiny bit."
"Your sister?" Eilian looked toward the direction where the whirlwind comes from. "So... She likes to throw people around and makes a whirlwind?"
"A fiery one by the looks of it..." Camilla gulped. "Er... She might come here any time now... Nearly half of the delinquent and the student council frontline got decimated and in disorder.."
"... So we're going to be the next one beaten to pulp by her?"
"I'm not sure about you since you're going to hide.... I might get beaten up by a pulp if I don't managed to get my trap set... it's not really a trap in the first place... the time bomb is the only trap I set sooo far...." Camilla scratched the back of her head while nervously laughing.
"Ah yes you remind me of it. The time bomb - Wait - Time bomb?..." Eilian nervously laughed too. "MY GOD CAMILLA WHAT THE FUCK?"
"What?" Camilla glanced at her with an awkardly smile. "I thought I mentioned it some time ago..."
"You only say that it was a simple bomb! You didn't mention anything about a time bomb!" Eilian screamed. "You better defuse it right now before it kill us!"
"Er....." Camilla looked at her with a nervous smile. She started sweating and flustered. "I can't... No one can in this fact."
"... No one? Then we better take that flag of ours and go somewhere safe!"
"Weren't you gonna hide in that building that is in a safe distance?" Camilla looked at the battlefield still raging on. "I'm pretty sure that you also wanna see some Council members getting blown high up in the sky."
"Eh?! What about you?"
"Me?" Camila placed her finger on her chin and pondered. She then smiled at Eilian and said merrily, "I wanna spill some blood so I might as well stay here."
"I'm staying then." Eilian said. "I wanted to see your sister's power up close too, after all. Curiosity beats me."
"Well then be my guest." Camilla smiled. "But you wanna stay back in a safe distance. Cause it's going to be a harsh one."
"I will." Eilian have started to run behind. "Oh i will!"
"Aaaand there she goes..." Camilla watched as the girl ran away.
"Well, if we're taking a break," he said, huffing. "I don't want to be bored..."
He sighed and looked at the electric field. Shouldn't that thing tire her as well? Perhaps this could work for me...
"So... Why do they call you monster?"
Noticing that Adrian is seemingly exhausted too, Levina lowers the electrical field voltage. She did it with no good intention, of course.
"This." As she replied Adrian, Levina raised her right hand toward where Adrian is sitting down and snaps her finger, releasing a quick attack of a hi-voltaged electric bolt.
Adrian's eyes opened wide when he saw the field disappear. He cursed under his breath and disappeared right as she snapped her fingers.
"For being a cheap asshole?"
"Pretty much." Levina attacked again, while keeping her electrical field intact. It is still there, but to able to focus her self on attacking Adrian Levina got no choice but to decrease the voltage greatly and make it a little bit smaller in size. "It's more like because i don't have mercy."
Adrian appeared a few meters from her with a large stone in his hand. He hurled it at her with a great speed and disappeared.
That damn large stone flies in such a great speed to the point where Levina didn't even see it coming. Thankfully, she still had her electrical field that deflected it. If it weren't there, the stone would have crushed her head or break her bone. Levina ignored it as continue her attack.
Adrian cursed again and his behind one of the buildings. At this point, if I use it, I might be able to break through her shield but I'd have only one shot...
Looking at how Adrian hides between the building makes Levina dropped her hand. She doesn't want to spend a lot of her energy by shooting charged bullets with such a small possibility of hitting her targets. She walked back and sit back on one of the rubble.
"You hear what the referee said, don't you? Now we got less than 15 minutes to fight. What will you do?"
"I think I'll finish the battle before the time's up," he said, his voice now coming from behind her. The source of the voice changed again. "Though we might have to settle for a draw."
Levina ignored Adrian. She may looked like she was simply sitting and doing nothing, but actually she is charging energy for the last five minute of the mock battle. She had plan in mind.
Adrian appeared atop a building a few tens of meters away from her with a book in his hand and the pocket of his protection opened.
Levina noticed that he appeared atop of a building not far from her location. Hitting him is possible. But as he exposed him self to danger intentionally like that, Levina gets suspicious of it. She decided to strengthen her electrical field instead.
"You're afraid? Oh... I thought you were a more hot-headed," he said, smirking. "You're smarter than I thought."
"Right back at you." Levina replied. "You can actually stop and think, huh?"
"Strengthening your defense is probably the best thing you could do right now so that fewer of your ribs will get broken," he said, smiling. "To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all. Do you know what that means or who said it?"
After he finished speaking, his eyes shone wildly and the air around him became dense.
"Exist, then they died." Levina stood up, realizing that something is off. "No broken bones. Only small bruises. You should be proud that you are one of few that could actually hurt me."
"Hehe... That's cute," he said and shut the book. He looked down at her. "You're going to hear a loud explosion and wake up in a hospital. Probably in the same one I'll wake up in."
Something's not right. Levina prepared her self for the worst. "I'm sorry, but I will have to decline your invitation to stay in the hospital."
"It's not your decision," he said, smiling. He put the book in his pocket. "Sorry, but I'm not losing again. I've been on a losing streak lately. Time to break that streak."
He jumped down the roof and landed softly. "Between us is probably 20-30 meters. I'll reach you in less than 5 mili-seconds when I make my move."
Levina raised her palm facing him. Sending layers of electrical field charged with 150KV each in a range of 10 meter from where she is standing right now.
"I'm losing because I refused to openly shows all the techniques I had." She stared at Adrian. "We only have a five minute left now, I think. And i have rested enough to deal with you in five minute."
She raised her leg and stomp in the ground, a move that was stopped by Adrian before by luck. Well, it seems that he was out of it, as Levina released a strong electrical wave that was strong enough to smash a small area of ground around her.
Adrian disappeared with a loud boom and appeared on the opposite side of Levina, standing farther away. The wind moved with him.
Control it... I have to control it properly. He disappeared with a loud boom and before a second passed from his first disappearance, he was flying towards Levina with his body getting shocked.
So that's his real power. A mach speed? Levina stood as she raised both hand facing the place where Adrian is last seen. She throws out her energy to build an electrical field that should be strong enough to stop a moving plane. Her head started to hurt. I will have to levitate my self after this to counter him.
The unbearably loud noise started coming from all around. He finally stopped. He glared at her. "You goddamn... This is getting annoying..." He walked backwards towards the house and put his foot on its wall.
To think that this punk can corner me like this Levina increases the voltage and the thickness of her dome. While doing so, using her left hand she arch electricity underneath her body. She started to levitate up into the air. She uses her left hand again to form an electric ball that would scatter when she shot it, and threw it down below to attack him.
Adrian quickly dodged it, going through the house, collapsing it. He grabbed one of the metal pieces of the building's base. He took out the gigantic piece of metal and jumped up into the sky. He launched the metal at the dome. He quickly landed on the ground and stood there, watching her movements.
The metal is basically a missile. It hits her dome hard, but it was deflected anyway. Before she could make another attack, the siren blasts through the air and the referee's voice could be heard.
"Battle is over." Levina slowly descend into the ground, her dome disperse into thin air. "And you still unable to take me down, i see."
"I hope we gets another opportunity to fight in the future. I'll give you credits for being able to hurt me." Levina smiled and bowed. She takes the opportunity to put back her steel ring and seals back her power. "Anyway, as you have failed to either take me down and to send me to the hospital, I assume your losing streak is being extended?"
"You kept hiding and doing nothing except waste your energy. If it weren't for your precious little referee, I would've fulfilled my promise," he snarled. The shine in his eyes disappeared. "Tch. Next time, Levina, I'm not letting you get away."
Out of the rubble, came out Livia. Her clothes were dirty and torn apart by the rubble. "Goodness gracious... That freaking hurts!" She looked beside her and there laid the fainted delinquent who fought her. She looked on the other side and saw chaos. Livia got out of the rubble and looked around at the result of her attack. "I.... might have gone a bit too overboard.." She walked in the middle of a battle and knocked out another delinquent battling against a fellow ally. She walked back in a safe distance and activates her brush power again. She created another whirlwind but it had a taint of green and it was a dome shape like a barrier. It was big enough for at least 7-10 people to fit in. She shouted at some student council members, "You two! Bring the injured here!" She pointed at the green barrier. "Make it a healing center, got it?!" The two members nodded and rushed in the battle to get the wounded over.
"Right this is my moment." Livia activated her whirlwind again and launched her into the air towards the flag of the delinquents'. When she stood up, she raised her eyebrow for there was Camilla standing on her way, ready to battle.
Camilla readied herself for probably the last upcoming battle of the mock grand battle. She shook in fear since it's her first time fighting her sister. While opening her sketchbook, she glanced at her bigger sister for any fishy movements.
Livia looked around and saw another girl in the distance, "The heck is she doing.... Bah whatever let's finish this." Livia swung her paintbrush and splats of red that turned into fire projectile streaked towards Camilla.
"Oh goodness gracious!" Camilla leaped to the side and avoided the incoming projectiles. She looked at the fire projectile melted on the ground. "Is she trying to freaking kill me?!" She looked back at Livia who was rushing to the flag.
Eilian watches while hiding behind a pile of sand bags. So that's Camilla's sister?
Livia sought this as an opportunity as dashed towards the flag. She didn't want to fight her little sister. She wanted to end the mock battle as soon as possible.
"Oh no you freaking dont!" Camilla got up and dashed towards the running sister. She leaped and tackled Livia with her shoulder. She landed perfectly and stayed in balance as she watched Livia skid to the side. She held her sketchbook up and shouted, "ROBOT WARRIOR COME OUT!" A robot, which nearly exceeded 2 meters, dropped from above and wasted no time. The robot held its arm high readied for a punch when it reached Livia.
"Mother----!" Livia's loud curse got interrupted as the robot went right close to her and punched downwards at her face. She held her paintbrush up vertically and felt the huge impact between the punch and her paintbrush. It was so strong that shockwaves emitted from the contact. She sidestepped and let the punch go down to the ground. She painted the robot's face with red and black and immediately made some distance.
"Shoot that's freaking gasoline and fire!" Camilla shouted. In an instant, a explosion rocked the robot and the field while dust and smoke lifted into air.
"That should do!" Livia shouted. Suddenly the robot popped out of the smoke and charged towards Livia. "What the--!" She leaped to side and barely avoided the charge. The robot turned around and took a huge katana out and went into it's attack stance. "Oh shit.." Livia looked in fear at the robot. The paintbrush had a tint of blue and and gray. The robot rushed towards Livia with it's katana raised in the air. She sidestepped as the robot swung it down. The robot rotated to the opposite way of Livia and swung it's sword vertically. Livia ducked and let the sword go overhead. She jumped and painted one big stroke of blue and gray from the tip of the foot to the head of the robot. She vaulted over the head onto the other side of the robot. Her paintbrush was now white and she swung it upwards. A whirlwind surrounded the robot and launched it up high in the sky. Livia let out a battle cry and swung her paintbrush downwards again. The robot went plummeting to the ground. Before it was even close to the ground, Livia activated her blue and gray painted on the robot not too long ago and a huge lighting bolt popped from the sky. The robot was still in the air but the lighting bolt struck it making it spasm. The lighting bolt gave out a loud crashing boom and even made shadows of small pellets.
Camilla watched in shock as the huge-ass lightning bolt struck the robot midair. It was so bright that Camilla had to make a small shadow on her eyes with her arm so that she can see what's happening. As the lighting bolt disappeared, it was raining pieces of metal and shards. Immediately, Camilla pointed her eraser and all the falling materials disappeared before hurting anyone. She looked at Livia who was trying to catch a breath.
"Pheewww... barely made that.." Livia took in some deep breaths. She got ready for her final spar against Camilla.
Camilla raised her sketchbook and shouted, “Dragon come out!” In an instant, a small dragon nearly the size of a car popped out and unleashed a roar towards Livia.
Livia dropped her jaw as she saw the dragon. “The fuck!!?” she screamed out as the dragon lunged at her. She leapt at her side and excueted a roll. Right then, she heard the beeping noise somewhere around. “Shit… A bomb?”
Camilla realized that the bomb was about to go off and just as she was about to warn Livia, it exploded.
Livia managed to get out but her left arm was caught in the explosion. Thankfully it didn’t have the power to evaporate the arm and instead it just burned her arm. “Goddamnit Camilla the hell are you trying to do!?”
Camilla gave a blank stare and muttered, “Dunno..”
A sound of siren blasts through the air. "THE BATTLE IS OVER! STOP FIGHTING!"

Michael never left his position and Fiona stood closely by him. "Well now that was boring, why were we drafted into this again?" Michael muttered outloud as he put his laptop away, having no more need of it.
"Who knows, VP's orders, although I guess the Delinquents didn't want to approach our 20 m square area of absoute freezing temperatures," Fiona said as she plopped down next to Michael. "Let's get changed and grab some food shall we." Michael asked to Fiona's agreement as the two went to the changing rooms.
Levina came too late, as when she arrived at the changing room for the Student Council, she noticed that several people had already left. Well, she didn't tell anyone about a small briefing after the mock battle after all. So she couldn't really blame them.
"It's a Draw." Levina said. "Draw. The Student Council is fighting mere punks and it's draw? When we meet them next time, we are to crush them to bits."
Adrian appeared near Camilla and Livia, seeing the battle. He looked over to Livia and reached for Camilla's collar. "The battle's over, huh? That was quick... God, this is annoying..."
"Hey Hey! Lemme go!" Camilla kicked on Adrian's stomach. The dragon gave a death stare to Adrian and grunted. "What are you finding annoying about?"
He started dragging her, ignoring her kicks. "Shut up, the fight's over," he snapped. "Don't make a goddamn scene and go to the changing rooms to get the suit off."
"Well you're dragging a little girl!" Camilla flustered. "Just lemme go! You have no reason to grab my collar and start dragging me! I was going to do my clean-up of the battle!"
He dragged her up the stairs leading to a building and gently pushed her towards the door.
"Go on. Don't make any trouble like usual," he said and turned to Livia and stared at her. Something was wrong... If the single battles are 1 hour at max, why did the whole thing end just as ours was about to?
"Hmph!" Camilla walked into the door and said, "Ruuudddeee!". She shut the door violently and started changing.
Livia followed Adrian and Camilla. Her right was is temporarily disable as usual. Her clothes were tattered and her left arm and leg was smoking. "What's wrong Adrian?"
Adrian shot a glare at her. "Did you guys call for the battle to end?"
"Huh?" Livia looked at Adrian with a confused face. "All I heard were sirens and that caused the end of the game."
"Yeah, I'm not deaf," he snapped. "I heard them too. I'm saying it ended a bit early. Do you know why?"
Livia still looked at Adrian with a confused face, "You think someone called the police to end the game quickly?"
"No, I think that one of you guys told the referees to end the game early," he said, sounding annoyed. "I'd expect it from the Council."
Livia shrugged. "I don't know." She took her protective gear off and dumped on the side of the hallway. "Heyyoooo I'm not naked after that explosion. Anyways.... I don't know. Though I wanna investigate about it since you made me curious. Ye little bastard."
He took off his protective gear and threw it to the side. there was blood on his chest and arms. "I'm gonna show that bitch... Soon."
"Bitch? Who?" Livia asked to Adiran while raising her eyebrow.
"Levina," he said. "We were fighting when they stopped the battle. I even--"
His voice faded away as his wounds closed slowly. He stopped and limped over, coughing blood on the ground.
"You even...?" Livia looked at Adiran with a curious face.
He wiped the blood from his mouth, leaving some on his lips. He looked up at her. "Nothing. The pompous bitch said I should feel honored for being able to hit her in a fight. What a pain in the ass..."
"That's a surprise. No one couldn't really hit the Vice. The only one who would make a draw would be the Pres. And by that I do not mean by the time count. I'm talking about them killing each other." Livia said. Her left arm kept smoking and she started clenching on her disabled right arm.
"She said she charged her power for the last five minutes," he said as he got up. "Though all she did during that time was hide in her little dome."
Livia nudged Adrian's shoulder with her elbow, "The fact that she spent the entire time in a dome means that you're not pushing her enough to fight you. Keep that in mind."
He shot a glare at her. He walked into the changing rooms without saying another word.
"Eeeeh I wonder if he'll actually take my advice."
Camilla walked out of the changing room and nodded at Livia. Livia went into the changing room while Camilla waited for Adrian.
Adrian huffed as he stepped out of the changing room, his hair wet. He was wearing a shirt with short sleeves and black pants. He had a bag over his shoulder. He looked at the sisters and walked over to them after sighing. "One minute you two are in a battle to the death and the other, you're both standing next to one another without trying to kill each other."
Camilla sighed deeply. "We were forced to. Since it's a battle between the delinquents and the student council. Although I'm not a delinquent myself but who cares. She was trying to get the flag and I had to defend it. We didn't really have any choice do we?"
Livia kept quiet and nodded at Camilla's words.
He sighed and walked towards the gates. "So, Livia," he said. "Did you clear up the rapist fiancé thing cleared up with your parents?"
Livia shook her head. "Michael and I are going to visit my parents in the weekends. I still have no proof about him being a rapist. So I'm gambling at this point and hoping for the best."
"Good luck," he said. "I'm guessing you'll need it."
"T-Thanks..." Livia raised her eyebrow and blushed. "That's quite rare of you... being kind and all that jazz."
He clicked his tongue and looked away. "What the hell are you talking about? I'm the same as before."
"Suuuusssspicious..." Livia shot a glare towards Adrian. "Anyways did you kidnapped June? Cause I didn't see her in the mock battle"
"How should I know where she is?" He turned to her, shooting a glare. He saw her red cheeks and stopped in his tracks. He tried to hold in a laugh.
Livia stopped and looked at Adrian who trying to hold his laugh. She put her left hand on her hip and scolded, "Why the hell are you laughing?"
"Oh god! Your face! It's..." He stopped talking and laughed again.
"H-Hey!" Livia looked away and started walking again, "Geez! You're such a rude guy!"
"W-wait, sorry," he yelled after her, still laughing. "Sorry!" He ran after her.
Camillla popped onto the other side of Adiran. "So is this going to be a LiviaxAdrian?" She looked at Adrian's face with a small grin.
Adrian grabbed Camilla's ear and pulled it up. He leaned over. "Stop watching stupid animé," he snarled. "Life is not like those shows. If you want to watch something proper, at least watch proper series."
"I-Itaaaiii!!!" Camilla winced in pain like a puppy. "I won't stop watching anime. Plus I thought romantic anime were appropriate!!"
Livia leaned over to Adrian and pulled his ear, "Leave my sister alone, rude guy. Plus I bet that you also watch strange stuff."
He winced and glared at Livia, still pulling Camilla's ear. "I used to read manga but only the classics," he snarled. "Like Death Note."
He let go of Camilla's ear and stuck his tongue out.
Camilla pouted and bit Adrian's hand. "Reveennngee!!!"
"Oii stop it you two or this will turn into CamillaxAdrian!" Livia laughed loudly.
Adrian snarled and raised his foot up to the level of her head. He tried to push her away. "Let... go... god... damn it..."
Camilla let go off Adrian's hand. She stuck her tongue out at Adrian. "Baaaaaaaka!"
"Why you little...!" He swung his hands, only to notice that Livia's hand was still on his ear. "Leggo!"
"Not until you promise that you'll stop teasing Camilla." Livia grinned.
Adrian pouted and looked up at her with his menacing eyes. "I will rip your head up if you don't let go."
"You're too nice to do something like that." Livia's grin turned into a smile as she pulled Adrian's ear and let it go.
He snarled and rubbed his ear. "What, are you going to turn red again?"
"The only thing that will turn red is the floor since I'm going to rip those guts out of you if you mention that again." Livia snarled.
"You look like a tomato when you blush," he remarked, snickering. "It's hilarious."
Livia immediately made a roundhouse kick towards Adrian's stomach and hoped that it would get him.
Adrian hit the ground after the kick landed. "Ow... What the hell...?"
"I freakin' warned you, rude guy." Livia kept on walking, "Stay on the floor while you still can and think about heeding my advices and words."
He slowly got to his feet. "What... It's true."
Livia took her paintbrush out and pointed the base of the it right on Adrian's eye. "I told you..." She talked slowly and made sure that Adrian got everything right, "Don't... say.... anything... about... it.. Got that?!"
He jumped and took a step back. "But... Tomato..."
"Livia, why are you still trying to kill Adrian? Battle's over," Michael's voice rang out as he and Fiona walked into the strange scene. Unlike the people already there, their uniforms were still good as new having not fought at all in the battle.
Adrian stared at the two. "She's pissed because I laughed at her faced which looked like a tomato."
Chuckling, Michael replied, "Really now?" "Could Adrian be the guy she likes then and she doesn't want to pursue because of June? Seriously, this guy is seducing all of our girls, watch Levina fall for his "charms" next." he thought.
Livia kicked Adrian on the stomach with her knee.
Adrian limped. "Ow... You hit my wound..." He fell on his knees, holding his stomach.
"There, there, here take some of this, it will soothe your wounds," Fiona said as she tossed a small medical salve at him.
He didn't react. The salve his back and fell on the ground. "Ow..."
Adrian grumbled and got up. "Shut up, tomato."
"You shut up, freaking McDouchebag." Livia snapped. "And don't call me tomato!"
"Then don't call me an idiot," he said. "Tomato."
Livia turned red in anger, "G-God damnit! I swear that I'll kill you one day!"
Camilla silently grumbled, "LiviaxAdrian."
Ignoring Livia's threat, he laughed. "You're red again!"
"Shut up!" Livia snapped. "Just go date June already will ya!"
Adrian froze. "Hey, what's that supposed to mean? What does June have anything to do with this!?"
"Well won't she be jealous at a scene like this? I think she preferably wants you only for herself." Livia looked at Michael and Fiona and waved at them since she just realized that they were there watching.
Adrian stared at her, confused. "All for herself? The hell are you talking about?" He dusted off. "Am I missing something? Why'd she be jealous?"
"Well I guess you're too dumb to understand, then!" Livia turned around and started walking again. Camilla followed her where she's headed to the dormitories.
Adrian sighed and ran after her. "Hey, why're you so ticked off!?"
"Cause you kept laughing at me, dummy-head!" Livia snapped. "I told you to stop yet you won't!"
"You know, you hit me," he answered. "I think I should be allowed to tease you a bit. I think this is about something else. Tell me what you think I'm too dumb to understand."
"Why should I?" Livia crossed her arms and glared at Adrian.
"Because you're lying about what you're angry for," he snapped. "Just tell me!"
"What if I say no?" Livia raised her eyebrow.
"Then I'd say you have some issues," he said, frowning. "Why don't you want to tell me?"
"Cause it's the plain truth. I'm just angry that you never listen to a word I say. And it either causes me trouble or some other kind of weird shit!" Livia gave her own frown.
"What the hell did I do!?" He watched her, surprised. "Cause you trouble? I didn't do anything!"
"Well then you better start listening to me every once in a while so that you won't cause trouble in the future!"
"You're lying about why you're pissed, again!"
"I'm not lying! i'm saying the truth for god's sake."
Camilla popped in between the two, "Now now.. calm down will ya? At this rate you two are going to sound like a old married couple."
Adrian glared at Camilla. "Shut up," he snapped. He turned back to Livia. "Look, if it wasn't about me, I wouldn't be saying anything!"
Michael and Fiona just watched at the drama with blanks stares. Grumbling a muttered rude to Adrian, Fiona walked up to her fallen container and picked it up.
Livia blew her cheeks. She muttered to herself, "Of course. If it's not about anyone then that person won't say anything, smart-ass."
Camilla looked at Fiona and Michael helplessly. She looked back at Livia and Adrian. "Geez... Cool down will ya?"
Adrian flinched. "You weren't angry before you said date June, will ya. Just tell me and I'll leave you alone."
Livia stepped closer to Adrian. She raised her hand and smacked at Adrian's head while shouting, "IT'S CAUSE YOU'RE CALLING ME A TOMATO!"
Adrian slowly turned his head back to her. "Alright. Tomato."
He turned back and walked towards the gate.
Livia rasied her arms and screamed, "STOP CALLING ME TOMATO FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!!!"
He kept walking, waving in dismissal.
Livia sighed deeply and took in some deep breaths to calm herself. She walked towards Fiona and dumped herself as a ragdoll on Fiona. "Bwaaaaah This made me so freakin' tired!!"
Giving the tired girl a small smile, she helped her get on her feet, "Well now....that was interesting to say the least." Michael watched her in concern as he said, "Uh..please don't tell me the guy you like was Adrian, we already have enough problems with June maybe falling for him. I'll support you, but we've already gone over the consequences."
Livia rolled her eyes up and let out a groan. She gave her death-stare to Michael, "What are you? The king of misunderstandings? Goodness gracious I don't like the damn guy! He's just sooo freakin' annoying." She buried her face on Fiona's shoulder. "This makes me sound like a damn tsundere doesn't it? Even though I don't like the guy at all."
"Yup" Fiona shot back without missing a beat. "I just hope you realize what you're getting into by falling for him." she said with real concern.
Adrian's eyes shone as he kicked at the stone pillar next to the gate. He stopped his foot right before it contacted the stone. He looked down at the ground. He put his hands in his pockets and stood, staring outside.
"Waaaaaaaahhh!!!" Livia lets out a small cry. "I'm already fallen on another guy! Why should I change?!"
"Well at least that's one drama averted, don't really wanna see a love-triangle between you and June. That would've been awkward to deal with." Michael sighed out in relief.
She put her face on Fiona's shoulder and mumbled silently, "My situation is already a freakin' love-triangle, god damnit."
"There, there," Fiona absently patted her head as she tried to comfort the girl not hearing her mumblings. "We're gonna go grab some food, you wanna come with us?" Fiona asked the girl on her shoulder.
Livia raised her head up and said in a tired voice, "Sure, why not? I'm hungry anyways." She looked at her back where Camilla stood silently gazing at the sky.
Noticing the backwards look, Michael said, "You're welcome to come with us too Camilla."
"Hmm?" Camilla looked at Michael and smiled, "Sure why not? I need to talk to you three anyways. So I might as well take the chance."
Livia looked at Camilla with a curious look, "Need to talk? Huh.. Okay then.."
"Great, let's finally get changed, you two look like you've been thrown in a shredder," Michael waved at the girls as he headed toward the boy's locker room. Fiona giggled as she realized the state their clothes were in compared to the prestine conditions her and Michael's uniform were still in, "Michael we'll meet you at the school entrance when we're done."
Livia called out to Michael, "Make sure that you don't misunderstand for the school back gate, King Misunderstandimous." Livia started to head towards the dormitory with Camilla following her.
"Yeah, yeah Ms. Tomato." he said with his back turned with a mischievous grin hidden from view as he entered the locker room as Fiona let out a giggle.
"Even him?!" Livia lets out a groan and entered the dormitory.
**10 minutes Later**
Livia stood in the school gate with Camilla beside her. For the first time, probably for Michael and Fiona's eyes, they were wearing usual clothing suited to take a walk in the park or some sort.
"So where do you guys wanna eat?" Michael asked the girls. Fiona gave a shrug as she turned her head toward the two pink-haired girls with them giving them a questioning glance.
Camilla suggested, "Anywhere is fine. But we may need a place for privacy."
Livia tilted her head and looked at Fiona, "Any idea?"
Fiona lost herself in thought as she thought up of a restaurant, a lightbulb appeared as she figured out the perfect spot, "Oh if we want privacy, we can go to this French place Michael took me to on our anniversary, it has booths with tables meant for four people. But it's a bit high-class, you guys willing to spend some money?"
Camilla smiled, "No worries, I got all we need just in case." She tapped on her small bag hanging on her side with a strap wrapped around to her opposite shoulder.
"I guess that settles it. French restaurants with booty thingys! Here we come!" Livia said merrily.
"Booty thingys?" Michael questioned. "Well THAT just brought up some weird mental images. Ok calm down Michael, you're surrounded by 3 attractive girls going to a private room....fuck what did I get myself into? He walked ahead of the group so no one noticed the sudden subtle activation of his powers as he tried frantically to turn his thoughts away from that image.
"What?" Livia asked. "Did I say something wro---- Oh.... Ohh.. shoot. Well sorry I didn't mean to."
Camilla sat down on the far corner while Livia sat on the opposite side facing Camilla. Camilla looked at the other two and waited till everyone is settled.
Fiona looked confused as she saw the seating arrangement as she thought the two sisters would sit together rather than across. Shrugging it off, she sat down next to Camilla while Michael took the last remaining seat next to Livia. "Let's order and then we'll chat about whatever shall we?" Michael asked as he started browsing the menu.
Camilla nodded in agreement and looked on the menu. In a instant, her mind yelled out, "This is too complicated damnit!".
Livia also looked at the menu but she was more concentrated on Michael. Right now her mind is freaking out. "Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god. Michael is sitting right next to me!! What should I do!? Jump on him and give him snuggles? No No.. temptation is too much but I can resist!. Just keep calm and focus! Y-Yea keep calm... and focus!" She looked at Fiona and asked hesitantly, "S-So.. you know what you're eating for tonight?"
"Hmm, I think I'll go with the Choucroute garnie, how about you?" Fiona answered her.
Camilla and Livia banged their head onto the desk in sync. They looked at Fiona and Michael helplessly. They said in sync like twins usually do, "We'll go with what you choose!"
"Alright then," Michael said as he signaled the waitress over, "We will take 3 orders of the Choucroute garnie and a Beef Burgundy for me, you guys want anything to drink?" he asked the table, Fiona shook her head saying water was fine.
Livia and Camilla shook their head in sync again and preferred water.
"..and water will be fine for us." Michael finished.
Camilla and Livia sighed in relief. Camilla said with a relieved voice, "Thanks.. you two saved our booties."
Livia nodded in agreement. "Yea... Thanks Michael.."
Michael blinked, not exactly sure what he just did, "'re welcome I guess?" He turned to Fiona who just shrugged clueless as to what they're thanking him for as well.
"Oh... erm.. the cost?" Camilla asked while looking at Michael. "Uh.. I can pay for all of us, but if you want I can pay for Onee-san and myself."
Fiona answered, "It's fine we got cash on us, that's why I asked earlier if you were ok with eating at a somewhat high class place."
Livia check her pockets and turned pale. "Fuck me.... I forgot my money at the dormitory." Livia banged her head on the table again and rubbed her forehead, which turned red.
Camilla laughed and said, "No worries, I can pay for us both."
Michael watched amused at Livia's predicament, "There no problem," he said with mirth in his voice, "even if your sister doesn't have enough, we both got spare money on us."
Livia nodded and sighed in relief. "I cause a lot of trouble don't I? At this rate, I'm going to be the new Ms. Klutzie."
Camilla laughed and shook her head. "There's no way in hell you're going to beat me on that."
Michael cracked a smile at the joke and Fiona after giggling said, "Nah, it happens to all of us, it's no trouble at all."
Livia pouted and as she was about to speak, a couple of waitresses brought the dishes in. Livia got her dishes and so did Camilla.
They glanced at it and said in sync, "Goodness gracious...."
"Alright let's dig in," Michael said in a cheerful tone as he started on his beef, Fiona was slicing her sausage as she asked, "So what did you want to talk to us about Camilla?"
Camilla started eating her food and so did Livia. Camilla looked at Michael and swallowed. "Livia and you are fake-dating right?"
Livia's eyes widened and started choking. She looked at Michael and her skin started to turn blue.
"Livia?" Fiona questioned when she saw the girl suddenly start choking, she was too far away though, being diagonal from her so she looked toward Michael. Concerned, Michael stopped chewing and swallowed before using his hand to give hard pats on her back to dislodge whatever she was choking on while absently replying to the younger pink-headed girl, "Yeah we are until the fiance gives up or Livia finds someone she likes for real."
After some hard pats, Livia still didn't spit whatever was in her throat. Her eyes started to roll up and she struggled breathing.
Seeing that it wasn't working, Michael dragged the girl to stand up before wrapping his arms around her naval and making sure she was facing away from anyone started performing abdominal thrusts.
After what seemed eternity, Livia spat out a chunk of meat back onto her plate and let body fall on Michael, "Oohh... god.... That wasn't fun... at all.."
"You alright now," Michael asked in a voice filled with concern, his arms still wrapped around her stomach.
Livia raised her arm upwards and placed her hand on Michael's cheek, "Thanks, sweetbuns."
Michael smiled down on her while clearing a bang from her face, "No problem, and glad to see you're alright." He said as he released his arms around her, "Shall we finish our food now?"
"Y-Yea..." Livia's cheek turned red at the thought of Michael having his arms around her. She shook her head and asked Camilla with wariness, "How did you know that we were fake-dating?" Livia thought to herself, "Althought I wish we were truly dating."
Camilla smiled and said, "I'm a good stalker. That's all."
"That's not something to be proud of," Fiona laughed out, "Then again, I can't say much since I do the same while I'm on duty....damn" when she realized that she does the same thing to her victims as a raincloud formed above her head.
"Ehh not really but it's really useful if you wanna get some info." Camilla said merrily. "Speaking of info, here." Camilla took an envelope out and passed it to Livia. "Hopefully it won't give you bad memories again."
Livia raised her eyebrow and opened the envelope. Inside there was a butt ton of photos. She took some of them randomly and looked at it. She turned pale again and her eyes widened in shock and disbelief. "What the fuck?" Livia looked at Camilla. "These photos took place when I spent my entire two nights with my sex-freak fiance.... How on earth?"
With the sudden change to a serious topic, both Michael and Fiona snapped to attention, "What, what's in those photos," Fiona asked as Michael grabbed the nearest one to him, but waited for her response and respecting her privacy.
"E-Eeer..... if you want.. then feel free.." Livia said with awkward smile.
Camilla said with a cold stone voice, "I slipped a camera on Livia's bookshelf in her roof. To my surprise, no one found it out until I recovered it and took the evidence into safety."
Both Disciplinaries looked at the photos in disgust at what these pictures implied. They were honestly surprised that Livia was still a virgin after what these photos have shown. "We've gotta stop this, can't you let your parents see this to give credence to your claims of abuse?" Michael asked.
Camilla added in, "In fact, I finished printing the photos out just before the Mock Battle started, I suggest you use this when you bring Wrick-san over as your "boyfriend". With Wrick-san, the chance of them trying to find another fiancé goes down the drain hole."
Livia looked at pictures one-by-one and listened to Camilla at the same time. "Holy shit. With these as my backup evidence, I can surely win the fight..."
"If anything, taking this to the police would be enough to get the jerk arrested," Fiona chimed in, "It's your call, Livia."
"First the parents. They themselves will take care of the sex-freak. Then with Michael into play...." Livia looked at Michael. "They won't have to find me another fiancé.... and all these might work out perfectly!"
"Alright," Michael agreed easily, "Just tell me when."
Livia nodded, "This weekend. Saturday morning. We meet at the park where June and Adrian met to go over to his house. Then we go to my house okay?"
"Sounds good to me," Michael said as he finished the last of his food. "So anyone want dessert?"
Camilla and Livia raised their hand and yelled in sync, "Dessert pleaaase!"


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After planning out what Livia is going to do in order to convince her parents to kick out her fiancé, Livia and Michael becomes a "fake" couple and goes inside their mansion hoping that the evidence and the fact that Michael is her "boyfriend" will convince her parents to kick the fiancé out.

Livia was waiting at the park, which was the same place June and Adrian met in order to start the fake dating. And now, Livia is going to do the same for Michael to at least drive her fiancé who’s a sex-fiend away from her room and her house. She couldn't stop moving for at least one second. The fact that Livia and Michael are going to be alone makes her nervous and all that sort. "Goodness gracious, I'm so freakin' nervous right now. Calm down, Livia... Calm down. It's just to drive that sex-freak away. It's not anything special between you and Michael." Livia frowned and checked on her wristwatch. She looked around her to see any sign of Fiona, Michael, or even Camilla. "Speaking of Michael, where are they?"

Michael and Fiona showed up a while later, "Hey there, blame her for making us late" Michael called out with a slight grumble as the two approached. Fiona stuck her tongue out at him, she made him dress more smartly than normal to his annoyance to make a good impression, he was wearing a black-button down shirt that he left unbuttoned with a white shirt underneath combined with gray khakis and black fabric shoes to finish his get-up.

Livia flinched when she heard a familiar voice. She looked back and saw Michael and Fiona. "G-Geeezz! You guys made me jump." Livia let out a small sigh and looked at Michael's clothes. Livia was wearing a V-neck dress with a jacket on top. She has a small purse with on strap around her shoulder.

Camilla was taking another one of her usual strolls around the city. She was at the park looking for some place to rest. She was wearing her usual denim trench coat with her fancy newsboy hat. She suddenly stopped dead in her tracks and walked backwards while listening to familiar voices. Seeing the SC trio, she approached them and greeted, "Fancy meeting y'all here."

The two Disciplinaries gave the young girl a friendly wave, when Fiona turned around and with a teasing grin asked, "So meeting the girlfriend's parents huh, you nervous Michael?" Michael just shook his head at his girlfriend's antics.

Livia made a small growl at Fiona. A small tint of blush can be seen in Livia's face. Camilla looked a the three and said with a small smile, "So what's the plan for our new doves?"

"I guess Livia will take me to her house introducing me as the guy she likes in school and present evidence of her current fiancé's behavior. If her parents aren't complete scumbags then they'll cancel her current wedding and I guess I'll be on my best boyfriend behavior to show them they should stop searching and that I'm serious, does that sound about right Livia?" he asked.

Livia nodded several times. "Yea that sounds about right." Camilla held her hand out and said with a cheerful voice, "Good luck! And kick that fiancé's ass for me will ya?" Livia nodded and said with a determined voice, "You bet that I'll kick the fucker's ass for all he did to me."

"Well alright then, now that we have a game plan, I should leave you two alone, good luck Livia, let's hope this works." Fiona finished as she gave the pink-haired girl a comforting smile

"Thanks a lot. I wouldn't be in such a misery if you guys weren't here for me." Livia blushed a little more and smiled.

Camilla said merrily, "That's what friends and siblings are for right?" She looked at Fiona with her innocent and cheerful crimson eyes, "Can I join you McReel-san?"

Fiona glanced at the energetic girl and smiled, "Sure why not, I was just thinking of ways to kill time anyways, having someone with me should be more fun." With one last wave at the two remaining teenagers, she turned around and started walking away. "Well then, lead the way Livia." Michael said as he extended his arm toward Livia.

Livia looked at Michael and pouted. She grumbled to herself, "At least say 'please'." She shook her head and started leading Michael towards her house. She felt awkward walking with Michael on her side. It was the first time that they were alone outside of school. Her heart and mind kept racing making her slightly dizzy and all that sort.

After walking for some minutes, the two arrived at the front gate. Two guards were near the entrance and gave a small glance at Michael while asking, "Who is this?"

Livia stuttered and responded embarrassingly, "M-My boyfriend?" The two guards looked at each other and shrugged while opening the front gates. After entering the front, a tall mansion can be seen. Two large gardens surrounded pathway to the mansion and the mansion itself. Livia turned around with a small worried look. "Let's hope that no one recognizes you..."

"Does it matter if they do? I mean they kidnapped a random teenager their daughter was hanging out with, I did not do anything to piss them off, and no one here knows that I'm actually already dating. If anything it was their fault." he whispered to her.

Livia turned around and scratched her cheek. She said with a uncomfortable voice, "Er... I didn't really clear your name or figure as a kidnapper... So yeah.."

Michael slapped his face as this new problem presented itself and sighed, "Alright, if they recognize me, I'll just say I found out and couldn't let you go through with it because I liked you and stuff like that."

"G-Geh... W-Well that might work..." Livia shook her head from embarrassment and continued walking towards the mansion, "A-Anyways let's keep going.." She opened the massive doors and inside was a massive front hall with two huge stairs on the sides leading to the 2nd floor.

There were some maids who immediately greeted Livia with the usual "Livia-sama" which gave her the creeps. They looked at Michael whom they didn't recognized and asked, "Who's this?"

Livia responded with a tiny harsh voice, "My new boyfriend.... And go back to whatever you were doing just now." The maids bowed and went back to work. Livia sighed heavily and proceeded to the saloon. And there was her parents waiting. They were on a couch with a table in front of them. There was another couch on the other of the table. She leaned over to Michael's ear a whispered, "I really hope all this works and goes smoothly... And let's hope that they won't recognize you.."

"Let's hope.." Michael really wished that the had better words to say than that, but the truth of the matter is, this was a gamble and he was not anymore sure than she was about this whole thing. "Maybe it would've been a better idea to use someone that hasn't come here before..."

Livia sat down on the unoccupied couch with Michael next to her. After an awkward minute or two, her father decided to speak first. "Why do we have to waste time for this? And who's this boy you got near you?"

Livia sighed deeply in relief as they didn't recognize Michael. She nudged at Michael and whispered, "Introduce yourself and remember to bow respectfully..."

Michael schooled his face to conceal his disgust at their attitude towards him, his first impression of them already wasn't that good. Clearing his throat, he stood up and bowed low enough to be respectful but not enough to be sycophantic, "My name is Michael Wrick, I attend the same school as your lovely daughter here, it is a pleasure to meet you Mr. and Mrs. De Angelo." He finished his introduction and remained standing awaiting their reply.

The mother said in a cold voice, "You can sit down, Mr. Wrick." The father kept his eyes on Livia and asked, "Why is he here?"

Livia sighed and said with a small hint of anger in her voice, "He's my boyfriend for god's sake. Be nice will ya?"

The father grunted, "Bullshit. You already have a fiancé. This boy can go die alone."

Livia's face turned red in anger, "I freaking told you a million times dad! That guy is a freakin' rapist!"

The father glared at Livia in anger, "What the hell are you talking about? The fiancé is perfect! He's rich.. He’s a gentleman and he sure is a good boy. You got no proof of what you're saying!"

Livia stood up and stuffed her hand in her pocket. She took the same envelope that her little sister gave to her. "Yeah? You want proof? Then here! Look what he tried to do to me!" She tossed the envelope at the table and sat down with her arms crossed.

Michael was struggling to hold in his anger at the pompous attitude Livia's father was exhibiting, he wanted to just punch that man in the face, but he knew that he had to make a good impression, so he gritted his teeth and sat there silent as father and daughter argued.

After several minutes of looking through the photos, the father stood up. His face was red in anger and disbelief. He shot a small glare at Michael to get a good look on the new boy in his house and stomped out of the salon. His enraged voice could be heard throughout the whole mansion. The mother took a small sip of her tea. She still had the same blank expression throughout the whole time. "Well he's pissed...."

Livia frowned and nodded. Her mother then said, "Well with that fiancé gone, what should we do next? Find another one?"

Livia scratched her head and growled lightly, "Michael can be the 'another one'"
Her mother shot a small but friendly glance at Michael unlike Livia's father did. She said in a small voice, "Can we trust him?"

"You can rest assured that I will care for your daughter to the best of my ability, I have actually admired her for quite a while now, and would treat her with the utmost respect. My family owns a medium-sized business that although no where near as successful as the larger corporations does pretty well-off financially so Livia would have full financial support, but you can ask Livia about how I interact with her daily if you need reassurance," Michael reassured the woman in front of him, she seemed a tad more reasonable than the father if somewhat emotionless.

Her mother then shot a glance at Livia as if to say 'Are you sure about this?'

Livia frowned at the mother's glance. She took in a deep breath and made a daring move. She wrapped her arms around Michael's arm and placed it on her chest like a girl would on a boy if they were a couple. She scooted next to him with a red face from embarrassment. "Y-You can trust on Michael! H-He's the man of my dreams and I-I...." Livia's voice trailed off as she got a bit dizzy. She forced herself to say what she always wanted to say, "..... I-I love Michael with all my heart!!"

The mother took a small deep breath and sighed. She smiled a bit and stood up. With the same cold voice as always, she ordered, "Burn those photos. I'm pretty sure that no one wants to keep them as a memory." She walked towards the door only to stop near it. She turned back at the two and said, "Have fun you two."

As the mother left, Livia's arms were still wrapped around Michael's. "I-It really worked...[/]

Completing the act, Michael wrapped his arms protectively around Livia, "You don't need to worry Ms. De Angelo, I will take good care of her." Once she left, he looked down on the girl in his arms, "We did it," he smiled at her, "you're free now."

"R-Right....." Livia let go off Michael's arm. She took the photos and stacked them only to burn them in the chimney fire simultaneously. As she watched the fire grow, she grumbled to herself, "Well.. That went well. Unfortunately Michael didn't know that I was saying the truth... What a shame.." Livia sighed deeply and continued to watch the fire grow.

Michael sat down next to the girl as he watched the flames flicker in front of him, "Hey you alright, you don't seem that happy to finally be rid of the jerk." he asked in concern wrapping one arm around her shoulders to try and comfort her.

Livia flinched as she felt Michael's arm around her shoulders. She took in a deep breath and sighed, "I-I'm fine you idiot. It's that I kinda wished that we two would be a fake couple for a little longer and stuff..." Livia's voice trailed off as she blushed intensely.

"Well if you're having fun, I guess I could take you out on a date, I cleared up my entire day for this anyways, didn't realize you loved being an actress so much." he chuckled, "Shall we?"

Livia huffed as Michael called her an actress. [i]"When will this guy use his tiny brain and realize that I have genuine feelings..."
Livia smiled awkwardly and stuttered, "Y-Yeah... Let's go on a d-date..." She flustered as her head was filled with images of romantic scenes with Michael. She shook her head and said with a rather tsundere voice, "Don't call me, Ms. Actress now. I got way too many surnames for my own comfort."

"Wow she's really good at this acting thing, well I guess I should do my part too if she's having this much fun," With a teasing smirk he said, "Got it babe," he lifted her bridal style and asked, "So where do you want to go princess?"

Livia let out a small cute squeak as Michael lifted her up. She blushed intensely and buried her face on Michael's shoulder to hide it. "I-Isn't the male's job to lead the way when the couple is on a d-date..." Livia then muttered silently "Idiot, don't call me that. It's embarrassing...."

Laughing good-naturedly, "Alright then, we never did go to that amusement park did we? That sound good to you?"

Livia nodded quickly like a child would. "Yea... That sounds good... It's going to be my first time anyway in the amusement park.,..." She then thought to herself "And I get to be with my crush..." She looked at Michael again and asked with a worried voice, "What about transport? How do we go there?"

"We thought we needed to impress your parents with a ride, so Fiona and I combined our spare cash and rented a Mercedes Benz for the occasion, also since I'm out a car, my parents gave me some funds to rent a car before we go car hunting again so with our total spare cash and my parent's funds, we rented a Benz for the week. Of course it means that after this week I'm just going to be renting a cheap car rather than my normal ones but whatever a car's a car." Michael replied.

Livia smiled at the news about the car. "Well at least it's good to hear that you aren't a materialist. So let's go? We can start of by letting me go... idiot."

"Sure, we're at our ride so I sort of have to anyways," he grinned as he let the girl back down and opened the passenger side of the vehicle, "After you babe."

Livia flustered as Michael called her 'babe' again. "D-Don't call me that.. I-It's embarrassing... And thanks." She got in the passenger seat and buckled her seatbelts.

After a ride that thankfully didn't end in gunfire and a kidnapping, the fake couple arrived at the entrance to the park. Opening the door again, he extended his hand out to her, "We're here."

Livia grabbed Michael's hand and got out of his car. She turned around to see what lies beyond the entrance of the park. Her eyes widens in shock and surprise since it was her first time in an amusement park. In a childish and excited voice, she said merrily,

"Woaaaaaaahhh!!! This is awesome!! I can see the freakin' rollercoaster from here!" Livia looked at Michael with childish eyes and asked excitedly, "Where to, first?"

"Obviously you're looking forward to the roller coaster so let's head over there," he said as he led her to one of the multiple roller coasters.

As Michael started leading, Livia looked around and still being amazed at everything in the park. Of the distance, something caught her eyes. "Er... Tunnel.. of L-Love? W-Wha..?" She looked at Michael and back at what seemed to be the Tunnel of Love. But she shook her head to fend off the embarrassment and the images on her head and kept on following Michael.
After a long day enjoying the park, the place was about to close, "Want to go grab some dinner now?" Michael asked.

Livia's stomach can be heard growling. They had been in there for quite some time now. She scratched the back of her head and laughed nervously, "Yea... sure.. I'm quite hungry anyways."

Showing an amused smile at her growling stomach, he drove her to a nice Italian restaurant and found a table for two, as they were eating he said out loud, "Well today was fun."

Livia kept eating happily. "It was. I'm glad that we did something like this." Livia looked around in the Italian restaurant, which is also fancy as heck. Livia looked back at Michael and asked, "Er... Did Fiona and you ever go on a date?"

Michael raised an eyebrow, "Of course we did, we started going on dates near the end of our sophomore year, why?"

"Eh?" Livia looked up at the ceiling and wondered for a while. She looked back at Michael with a small smile, "I was just curious that's all..."

Finishing their meal, Michael paid for both of them since they were on a "date" after all and he turned to her and asked, "Well now, ready to go home?"

Livia got up and stretched out. Livia gave a small smirk and said, "Sure, why not? We don't really have anything to do right now, right? Or do you have something else in mind?"

"Nah I got nothing, unless you have more stuff planned?" he asked as they were driving along the road towards her house.

Livia looked to the other side of the car to the window. Livia pondered and frowned a little. She grumbled loud enough for Michael to hear, "No, not really.... Which kinda sucks a bit."

They arrived at her house and Michael took her to the door, seeing that people were watching him like a hawk, he decided to play his role as her boyfriend fully. "Well alright, if there's nothing else then, I'll drop you off here," he said as he leaned in and gave a small kiss on her forehead.

Livia flinched and blushed intensely as Michael kissed her forehead. "Crap, I'm going to lose my mind if this continues...." She scratched her cheek and smiled awkwardly, "Y-Yea thanks a lot..." Livia's voice trailed off as she leaned towards Michael and whispered to his ear with her best seductive voice, even though it's no where near skilled as Fiona, "Maybe you can take my virginity. I still I got time ya know?"

Michael spluttered as her words reached his ears and looked at her in shock and confusion, "" he stammered out with a light dusting of his cheeks. His imagination went wild and light wind started blowing around the two as his subconscious wind barrier activated.

Livia took a small step back and grinned slightly. She waved her hand back and forth and laughed. "Just kidding. Geez. As if a lucky idiot like you gets the chance to take the first-time of a pink-haired chick. Be grateful that I chose you to be my fake boyfriend..." She placed her hands on her hips and leaned slightly forward. Her voice turned tsundere all of a sudden, "Baaaaaka!"

Michael took the joke in stride, "Heh, that was a good one, you got me," he chuckled as he ruffled her hair a bit since she was leaning forward, her head was at about his arm level. "Good night," he called out and waved with a smile as he turned around.

Livia blushed slightly as she waved at Michael, "Night". She sighed slightly as she saw Michael driving away. "Maaan. I really don't know what went into my head. Although his reaction was pretty cute and funny." Livia shrugged slightly and went inside the mansion while calling it a day.

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The mercenary group named, 'Purgatory', laid a siege on the school ACADEMIA. After not receiving what they demanded from the government, they started slaughtering the students in the school building. Only a handful of students were strong enough to defeat all of the now-called terrorists and it's up to them to make sure that the school is safe.
(Note that the red color is for NPCs only and this isn't still finished since some people still haven't made adjustments to some parts)


>>9:30 AM
It was just another day at school for the students and the school staff of Academia. Well, it was.
There was an explosion during the break time. A huge one, and it comes from the main gate of ACADEMIA. Sounds of exchanging gunfire could be heard, and before the school staff could tell the students to evacuate another bomb exploded.
It destroyed the school's park and either killed or injured several unlucky students that are accidentally stands near the explosion source. Most people didn't notice that the sound of gunfire ceasing.
Before anyone could even run to help the injured one, series of military truck entered the school. It stopped and at least a thousand men in military uniform with weapons in their arm jumped out. A bearded man came put and shouted:

"We are the terrorist organization "Purgatory!" He shouted. "We are going to take you as our hostage, as we are going to make a demand to the World Government to stop relying much on the Wave's power!!"


Levina was inside her office, standing near the window to watch all the commotion their captors made. She quickly went out and noticed several Student Council members that were in the third floor.
"Go and look for the Section Leaders and Jayden, tell them to wait for orders." Levina was confident that she would be able to send her orders via human's brainwave later. "Tell them to wait for the good opportunity."


Eilian is hiding beneath a table, scared shitless.
The police will help them. The Defender will...


Captain Callian, the leader of Purgatory, then ordered his men to enter the building and take the students inside the school gym. "Make sure that no one is hiding inside the school," He ordered. "If you find someone suspicious, just shoot them."

1.2 The troublesome start
Adrian was sitting inside an empty classroom on the first floor when the strange men appeared in the garden. He lazily got up and walked over to the window, looking at the scene. "What the hell...?"

Camilla was at the rooftops looking over the commotions. With her eccentric mind yelling at her, Camilla kept an eye and observed the attackers. "Purgatory, huh? I heard that they were a mercenary group. That bearded man seemed to be their group's leader..." Camilla walked around the rooftop of the school building and observed the terrorist group. She carefully mapped out main positions of the attackers on her sketchbook. "Looks like they aren't concentrated on the whole school building yet. I quite safe in other words."

Adrian mumbled and his eyes shone. He heard the man who seemed to be their leader gives orders. He stood there, watching carefully until he saw someone notice him. He quickly jumped back as the glass shattered. Shit... I need to move or they'll find me here. He ran out of the class and saw the empty halls. He yelled. "Hey! Anyone here?!" Of course, no one responded. It was recess. He cursed and ran towards the stairs.

Livia looked outside the window in the art clubroom in the 5th floor. She saw the commotion going on outside. It isn’t looking pretty at all. There are some injured students on the school park. Although she couldn't do anything since the attackers surrounded all of them and immobilized the injured. "Those motherfuckers.. I'll kill the guy whose controlling the attack when I see him.". She stayed inside the room and waited 'till someone comes or if the vice pres uses her power to give Livia orders.

Adrian ran through the second floor after having searched the third floor. He had to leave before he was done when he heard screams from below. He looked around and noticed a girl with white hair. He ran towards her. "June!"

June was looking around, clearly looking confused. She was mumbling to herself, as if trying to solve what was happening. After hearing her name, she looked over to Adrian. Almost looking relieved, she walked over. "What in heavens name is happening..?"

Quickly grabbing her wrist, he started dragging her to the stairs. "I'm not sure but some guys who call themselves Purgatory attacked the school with arms."

She stumbled and desperately tried to catch up with him, not wanting to be dragged. "Wait, what? Then I have to help!"

"No," he opposed with a sharp and worried tone. "You need to join up with the Student Council members," he said. "It's not safe out there. Not for anyone!"

"That's why I need to help get the students away safely!" June argued. She continued to jog to stay up with him. "It's my job as a Student Council Member."

The two reached the stairs. "Go up, now," he said. "Tell the others that the men are at the second level. Go now!"

June flinched at his rough voice, and seemingly glared at him. "And what about you?"

"I'll be up with you soon," he said. "Just wait for me on one of the floors above."

"And where are you going..? You said it's not safe for anyone. You're anyone."

"I'm not anyone," he snarled. "I'm someone who actually has experience with fighting assholes with guns! You have my brother's number. Call him and the police!"
He rushed off to the lower levels.

Not being able to say anything, she grunted and ran to the third floor. While doing so, she fished out her phone from her backpack, and began to dial Aaron.

Adrian ran downstairs and gunfire was heard.
Aaron picked up. "What is it, June?"

June opened her mouth to say something, but the gunfire interrupted her, making her turn her head, trying to look around. She quickly turned her attention back to the phone, and heaved a sigh. "We kinda.. maybe need your help."

"Speak quickly, then," he said. "I'm in the middle of an important meeting."

"The school is being attacked, and your brother is stupidly going in the middle of gunfire, I believe."

The line died.
Adrian hid behind a wall, cursing with a small gun in his hand. How the fuck does this work!? There were two Purgatory members on the ground.

After panicking at the dead line, June quickly dialed the police.

Adrian shook the gun and it fired. Oh... So I need to pull that first. Got it. He heaved a sigh. A man with a large gun came around the corner and fired. Adrian disappeared and jumped up. He launched himself from the wall and kneed the man in the face. Knocking him out, he landed on the other side of the wall. He jumped off and flew in through a door.

June finished her conversation with the police, and closed her phone, dropping it back into her backpack. She looked around, and went downstairs, to the second floor.

Adrian shot two of the men in the knees. Stabilize your arm and focus, damn it... He appeared behind the two men and hit the nape of their necks.

Hiding in the stairwell, she hoped that none of the members would manage to spot her. Her hand snaked around towards her chain, ready to be [color=#0040BF]pulled off at moments notice.

He knocked the men out. Two men appeared around the corner. With a reflex, he dashed into one of the two men, making a crater in the wall with the man stuck in it. The second man put his gun on Adrian's head.[/color]

June spotted the man putting his gun to Adrian's head, and quickly sprinted forward, unhooking her chain from around her skirt, using her other hand to grab his shoulder. Before he had the chance to turn around towards June, she began to drain his energy.

The man collapsed as he turned to her. Adrian slowly turned his head and saw June. He had a look of relief on his face but his visage quickly changed. He snapped at her. "I told you to wait upstairs!"

"If I hadn't come downstairs, you would've been dead. Don't give me that crap!"

Adrian disappeared with June, tackling her with great speed. Bullets flew at the wall behind them. "Great, thanks for saving me," he said. "Now please go back upstairs."

June grunted a bit at the sudden tackle. "Why should I?"

"Because you're going to die if you stay here," he snapped. He got to his knees, sitting on hers. "I don't--"
He was interrupted by gunfire and June's face became covered with blood.

Her eyes widened as the blood stained her face, barely unable to see past the crimson liquid. "Wh..?"

Adrian slowly looked down and puts his hand on his chest. He looked at his palm, seeing the crimson water. "Blood...? What is this?" He stared at June. "June... Get... going already...." His body fell on her.

June could feel her breath grow ragged as she desperately tried to breathe, panic filling her lungs. She grabbed Adrian's arms, and tried to drag him to the third floor, grunting and letting out soft shaky sobs.
Smoke was rising from his wound. The soldier that shot him walked towards the two with his gun at the ready.

Livia couldn't help but she had to do something about all this chaos. She had to go to the third floor where the Student council offices and the meeting room were. She ran out of the art room in the fifth floor and headed down the stairs. In the midst of her chaotic thoughts, she missed the third floor accidentally and went to the second floor. Looking at her side was a soldier and at her other side was a student dragging an injured. She recognized the two and took her contact lenses off and immediately enlarged the paintbrush. The paintbrush had a tint of black and red, perhaps her favorite combination of colors. She swung her paintbrush and splotches of black and red went on the wall beside the attacker. Suddenly the wall exploded and created a large smokescreen thick enough to conceal the other side. She called out to June, "June! Come here!"

June glanced over to Livia, and began to drag Adrian over, stumbling every so often. The blood in her eyes kept her from having a straight path.
As he was dragged across the room, a path of blood followed Adrian.

"Aaahh for fuck's sake!" Livia ran to June. She held Adrian up and used her shoulder to support Adrian. "Fuck, that injury looks really bad.". She looked at June and said in a panicked voice, "Get that blood off of your eyes damnit!"

Blankly staring at Livia for a moment, she flinched and quickly wiped away the blood from her eyes, followed by a few tears. "We need to get him out of here."

Adrian looked at the trail with his eyes weary. "It's a bit cold in here," he said weakly. "What happened...?"

"J-Just rest, Adrian. Don't do anything. Don't even move a muscle, or I swear that I..." Livia's voice trailed off as her eyes teared up a bit. She looked at June. "We'll get him up on the rooftops. It's safer there." She started to move up the stairs with Adrian on her shoulder.

June gave a curt nod, staying silent to keep herself from breaking into tears. She followed the two, looking at Adrian with worried eyes and Livia with remorse.

"The attackers," he mumbled. His mouth remained open as blood rolled down his mouth. He looked up at the two. "But the attackers..."

"I fucking told you to not move a damn muscle! Will you listen to me at least for a minute or two!?" Livia yelled at Adrian. "We're getting you to the rooftop. No buts!"

"I don't need to rest... June... Livia," he mumbled. "Let me go... I do--" He coughed up more blood.

After reaching the door that leads to the rooftop, Livia kicked it open. The door opened wide and Livia went out with Adrian on her shoulder. She stumbled and fell with Adrian on top of her.

Camilla jumped as she heard the door kicked opened. She quickly got her sketchbook ready for battle but she relieved herself when it was her sister and Adrian followed by June in tears. "Wait tears? There's also some blood...." She looked at Livia who fell with Adrian on top. Pretty much Adrian fell like a ragdoll as if he was a corpse or some sort. Camilla rushed over to help.

Following after Camilla, June wrapped her arms around Adrian's stomach, trying to pull him off of Livia without causing pain to his wound.
Adrian let out a short cry similar to a puppy's.

Camilla looked horrified at Adrian's wound. She laid Adrian's head on her laps and stroked his hair while hoping that it would make him comfortable.

Livia sat up and crawled towards Adrian while trembling and shaking herself. She looked at June with worried eyes, "W-What do we do? I-I can heal him."

June didn't bother to look at Camilla, keeping her eyes on Adrian's wound. She simply nodded at her offer.

Livia took her paintbrush out which had a tint of green. Camilla teared the shirt open to reveal Adrian wound. She closed her eyes as she saw it and her hands trembled with Adrian's blood on it. Livia took in deep breaths as she slowly painted Adrian's wound with green. After covering all of his stomach with green, she activated her sub-power and the green paint slowly turned into sparkles, which flew up slowly.

Adrian's wound slowly started closing. He looked up at them. He opened his mouth as if to say something but only blood came out.
Camilla looked at Adrian with tears and frowned. She shut Adrian's mouth with her trembling hands and said with a worried voice, "Don't say anything. Just rest."
Livia nodded and closed the door, which was wide opened.

June stood, looking down at Camilla by Adrian's side. "You can keep an eye on him, yes..?" Her voice was soft, avoiding looking at Adrian, as if she wouldn't be able to.

Adrian tried to sit up. "Sh...Shut up," he mumbled. "I need to..."

"No!" Camilla grabbed Adrian's shoulders and laid his head onto her lap. "You're staying here. No more reckless stuff, okay? Just please. Listen to us and you know..."

Livia walked over to June and said to her with a worried voice, "We have to wait it out. Vice pres is probably gonna send orders via her powers. I know this must hurt but we're stuck here until that order comes or help comes but we're stuck here until that order comes or help comes."

Adrian tried to get up again. "I'm not... waiting... for your bitch... of a vice... president," he mumbled.

"Nooo we're waiting!" Camilla said as she grabbed Adrian's shoulders and laid him down again. "Unless you want me to summon some steel holders and hold you down."

Adrian huffed and closed his eyes. When he opened them again, they were shining and he coughed up more blood. Some of the blood landed on his face. "If you won't let me go," he mumbled. "At least give me the book in my pocket. I don't want to be bored..."

Livia wiped her tears away and slipped her hand in Adrian's pocket. She grabbed the book and gave it to Adrian's hand. "Just don't do anything stupid okay? You'll just make us feel worse."

"Poor you," he mumbled quietly and grabbed the book. He opened it, quickly flipping through the pages.

June flopped down next to Adrian, and flicked his forehead. "Don't be a brat."

He stopped and pinpointed a page. He silently started reading it.

Tilting her head, June peeked into his book, a bit of her hair going into his eyes. "What's that?"

He shot a glare at her then went back to reading it.

"Don't be such a grump.." She kept her head where it was, skimming the pages. "Well? What're you reading?"

He finished reading it and gave the book to June. It was in French. His eyes shone bright as his he handed it to her. The air around him got heavier. "Hey, Camilla," he said. "Do you hear the soldiers getting closer?"
He tried to sit up again, doing it easier this time.

Camilla shook her head. "No, I hear no one. Although my hearing is somewhat excellent in this case." She looked at Livia and said, "Ah, Onee-san..." She handed her open sketchbook to Livia, "Take a look."

Livia looked at Camilla and raised her eyebrow. She took the sketchbook and scanned the page. She eyes widened in surprised and shock. "Adrian..."

He turned his head to Livia. "Sorry," he said. "I can't wait anymore. I'm going back."
He rushed to his feet. "And you three can't stop me."

"Wait. Look at this." Livia held the sketchbook up to Adrian's face. "It's showing all the positions of the main attack group all around the group." She turned the page where it had a bearded man drawn. "My sister has a photographic memory. This man here IS the leader. Also another thing, we don't know if the mercenary group has Wave powers. If you're going in there again, be a hundred times careful. These guys are adults and they know how to use their powers. Some are probably more capable than you are."

Adrian looked at his blood-covered hands. "Photographic memory? So?" He heaved a sigh and turned to them. "Look, thanks for helping me out... If it weren't for you guys, I'd probably be dead. And it's true that they're experienced adults. But might I remind you that I'm an inexperienced little brat who can't limit himself properly. They won't expect an attack so I'll be able to easily take most of them out if all goes smoothly."

"IF it goes smoothly. You never know Adrian." Livia ripped a page off of the sketchbook and gave an apologetic glance to Camilla and looked back at Adrian. She placed the page on his chest and said with a serious face, "Take this. I don't know what you're gonna do but I'm betting it's something stupid. The page has all the attackers’ positions in the school area. You might need this."

"Alright," he said and pocketed the paper. "Though I do have something would want. Could you make a wooden sword for me to use? And also some walkie-talkies so that I can keep you guys posted."

"Er..." Camilla got her sketchbook back and looked through. "I don't really have a wooden sword in here... Would a metal bat do?"

Livia reached out for a spare communicator and gave it to Adrian. "Use that to keep us posted. June has her's."

He grabbed the communicator and strapped it onto his belt. He turned to Camilla. "How long would it take for you to draw a stupid sword?" He scolded her. He let
out a sigh and walked towards the door. "Don't panic if you hear some windows shatter."

Livia looked at him and crossed her arms, "We would if there's gunshots going off every now and then."

Camilla summoned a metal bat and tossed it to Adrian. "Just bash some heads for me will ya?"

He caught it and turned to her. "You goddamn sociopath..." He walked through the door and down the stairs. A few gunshots were heard seconds later.

Hearing the gunshots, June quickly ran after Adrian.

Adrian's voice was heard from June's communicator. "Hey, you guys can come down here. They're all knocked out."

She nodded at the voice, despite no one seeing, and ran down to the fifth floor.

Adrian stood with the metal bat on his shoulder. "This is much easier when I release the second level..."

June ran up to him, and put a hand on his shoulder. "Are you alright?"

Adrian flinched upon feeling the hand on his shoulder and turned to her, swinging the bat. He stopped it right before it bashed her skull in. "D-Don't sneak up on me like that!"

She flinched, but let out a soft laugh, a tone of relief with it. "Yeah, yeah.. answer the question."

"Yeah, yeah, I'm just dandy," he said. He let out a small grin. "Off to the next floor, I go."

"Wait, Adrian." She kept her grip on his shoulder. "How'd you get.. I dunno.. so energetic?"

Adrian stared at her with surprise for a moment. Then he closed his eyes and faked a nonchalant tone, shrugging. "What the hell're you talking about? We don't have time to discuss this..."

June squinted her eyes as she studied Adrian. "Adrian.. How did you get so energetic? One minute you're laying on the ground, ready to die, the next your bashing in heads like it's nothing. Something's amiss here."

He turned his head away with the same look on his face. "You're just being paranoid. None of these guys knew I was coming. It was like beating up children."

Livia was on the stairs looking at the two talk. She raised her eyebrow and frowned, "If you know what's it like beating up children..... Then you..."

"Yeah, yeah," he said, jokingly. "I know it because I beat people like you, Livia."
He turned back to June and smiled, putting his hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry about me and tie these guys up. If they wake up, it won't be pretty."

June growled, and dug her fingernails into his skin. "I'll worry about you, Adrian. Answer my damned question, and I'll leave you alone, got it?"

"I'm fine," he lied, wincing. "God, why're you so worried?!"

"Because you're my friend! If it were Camilla, or Livia, or anyone of the others, I would be reacting just the same! Now answer me, God dammit!"
"I told you," he yelled. "I'm fine but I'll bleed out if you dig your nails any more in my shoulder!"

"I know you're fine, but how did you get so energetic in such a short time!?"

He grasped her wrist and forced her hand away. "I'm going."

June reached around, and put her hand to her chain. "Tell me, Adrian."

He ignored her and walked past her, heading for the stairs.

Unhooking her chain, June ran after him, grabbing his hand.

He felt himself get weary. He tried to pull his hand away but he was far weaker than before.

June tightened her grip on his hand, and wrapped her arm around his middle. "I warned you.."

He clicked his tongue. His mind raced as she spoke. I only have moments... I need to break free quickly.
He positioned his foot on the ground as she finished speaking. With a loud boom, they both flew through the window.

"What the-!?" Clutching onto Adrian tighter, she gave him a cold glare. "What the hell!?"

They flew over the soldiers and landed on the road, rolling.

June desperately tried to stop their rolling, keeping her grip on Adrian's hand. "The hell was that for!?"

He put his foot on her chest after landing. His pushing got weaker by the second. "Shit... God... damn it..."

June tried to move his foot away to stand. "That's your own fault."

"Let... go...." His resistance stopped completely.

Finally making his foot fall, June stood up, and put her arms beneath his, trying to stand him up. "C'mon, up we go."

Standing, putting his weight on her, Adrian glared at her. "You... stupid little... fuck.."

June rolled her eyes, and looked around, trying to find a good place to put Adrian. "Yeah, yeah, I know. It's for your own good."

"I hate you..." he mumbled. "I really do... For doing this to me..."

"And what would that be?" She looked at him with a curious look. "You've said you hate me many times."

He glared at her with what little energy he had left. "Why did you attack me... when there was a fight going on...?"

June began to drag him along to a large oak tree, trying to sit him down and lean him against the bark. "We'll take care of the situation. You're a student. You shouldn't have to fight. It's our job as the Student Council to do that."

He reached out for her. "You're... gonna get yourself killed," he said weakly. "Goddamn it... Give me my energy..."

Backing away from his hand, she shook her head. "Don't you hate me? You wouldn't mind if I got myself killed, anyway. You'll regain your energy by yourself."

Adrian glared at her. "You piece of shit..."
He got up and took a step towards her.

June reached out for his arm. "Stop moving, it'll only drain your energy again. Sit, and rest."

He lazily pushed her hand away and took another step. "Shut up... Don't tell me what to do and what not to do..."

"Is it wrong for a friend to worry?" Despite her hand being shooed away, she brought it back, putting one hand to his shoulder, the other hooking her chain back up.
"You need to sit."

He tried to keep walking but his body gave in. He slid and fell on one knee, then onto his shoulder.

June moved to one knee, and tried to sit him up. "What'd I tell you..?"

He looked at her, now with an empty stare. "You have no right...."

"No right? No right to what?" June once more pushed him against the bark, standing up and looking down at him. "I'm doing my job as a Disciplinary."

Adrian's head dropped in front of him. "I'll...."
His voice faded away.

Dropping her backpack next to him, she crouched down to see if he was awake. He wasn't.

1.3 The standoff of Michael and Fiona
Suddenly, a car pulled up nearby. Aaron came out of it, kicking the door open. Not noticing June, he ran towards the school, to see it blocked by the trucks.

Michael was holding off a squad of mercenaries that were armed with SMG's and he was not doing too well. Behind him his teammates were all injured and all he could do was stall for time and hope either medics or reinforcements arrive. He's using his ultimate defense a wind barrier, but the cost of it is extreme tiredness due to the huge mental concentration it requires and he has to stand completely still and it only lasts 7 minutes, it's already been 5 and he's feeling the fatigue. Fiona was trying her hardest to take out the attackers while the barrier was up, but these mercenaries were good and she almost got caught twice already as she tried to take them out, only managing to kill 2 of them that were slightly too separated from their teammates.

Suddenly, she saw one of them, the chain smoking masked commander turn and seemingly say something to his soldier when he stumbled, seeing the opportunity, she dashed out of the barrier and quickly stabbed the stumbling man with her knife before rolling away from the hail of bullets back into the safety of the barrier. There were now 4 left including the commander.

Aaron started walking through the trucks. Bullets coming from all sides stopped and hit the ground. The trucks blocking the way were flung into the air.

"WHAT KINDA CRAP SOLDIERS ARE YOU TO BE UNABLE TO HANDLE TWO KIDS," the distorted voice barked out, "5 MEN DOWN TO A BUNCH OF TEENAGERS EVEN IF THEY ARE WAVE." the smoker barked out in rage. "YOU 3 BETTER FINISH THEM OFF OR I'LL MAKE LIFE HELL FOR YOU." he screamed at his 3 remaining soldiers. Fearing for their lives, they tried to flank around the barrier, the commander made eye contact with the one approaching on the left flank, and the mercenary stumbled.

Fiona, seeing the messed up coordination drew her knife across the man's exposed throat, "This is weird, these are trained soldiers, their skills, their teamwork, but why were they stumbling throughout the fight?" she wondered.

Aaron cleared the way between him and the school building, the soldiers and trucks building a pile on the sides. Without wasting time he quickly went up to the 3rd floor and saw some students pinned down on the other side of the hallway. Between him and the students there was a band of terrorists shooting at the barrier."Who's in charge here?" he asked, calmly.

The masked man turned around, "Good reinforcements came, I have an excuse to retreat now, I'm proud of you Fiona and Michael, you two grew up well," "Oh who might you be?"

One of the men from the pile raised his gun. The bullet flew towards Aaron's head but stopped right in front of his skull. He still had his hands in his jacket's pockets. "I don't think I'm obligated to answer you but you most certainly are, seeing how you're attacking a school."

"It's only manners, you're interrupting our friendly conversation, might as well introduce yourself if you're going to butt in." he drawled.

He pulled his hands out. "I'm a detective working with the police," he said. "Now mind telling me what's going on here or should we just get to the killing-you-mercilessly part?"

Seeing that his two remaining men were taken out by his two proteges since they were confused with the sudden arrival of another person, he hid a smile in his mask, "Hmmm, I'm at a disadvantage here, just know that this isn't over yet, and me I'm just a measly squad leader, but this isn't the last time we'll meet. We're planning something big, and this school is going to be at the center of it," he said as he gave the detective a wave before jumping out of the window and parkouring to escape.

Aaron ran at the window. Tch... I need to find Adrian first. He shut the window and sighed.
"Hey, kids," he said to Fiona and Michael. "What happened here?"

Michael collapsed into a heap on the floor leaving Fiona to do the aftermath report. "We got our subordinates together and were trying to get to the council level to receive our orders but ran into the mercenary squad you see lying around you. We fought for about 5 minutes, but they were too well trained, but surprisingly weren't trying to kill us, aiming at our limbs rather than fatal points. Our entire squad got incapacitated leaving Michael and I to serve as a last stand, before you showed up. It was weird how despite showing very good training, the soldiers randomly stumbled at odd times throughout the fight...." her thoughts drifted off as she finished the report not noticing the gun wound on her thigh.

Aaron stared at them for a while then walked past them.

1.4 The start of the Counterattack on the second floor
Meanwhile, Camilla and Livia planned out their attack. Camilla had the information and Livia has the mental capability to make a plan. Livia looked at Camilla and said, "Soo we both are going to do a frontal attack?"
Camilla shook her head. "My minion is going to do the frontal attack. We two stay behind cover and make sure the minion lives and cause all kinds of chaos. We also have to take care of the wounded." Livia nodded. "That's our plan set. Let's roll out."
Camilla raised her sketchbook and shouted. "MECHA COME OUT!". A mecha dropped on the roof. As it stood up the arms had miniguns and small rockets on it. The shoulders are equipped with several homing rockets and hydrogen bombs. Livia dropped her jaw and looked at it with shock. "Adrian's right when he said that you're a sociopath. What kind of sister has an awesome thing like this?!?"
Camilla let out a laugh. "I'm ready for anything. Are you, Onee-san?" Livia jumped on the shoulder of the mecha and helped Camilla up. "Sure am. You're the most awesome sister I ever had. If only we could talk like this forever."
Camilla nodded at Livia's word. "Looks like our final wish is the same. Let's roll out!" The mecha jumped over the ledge of the rooftop. Just as they passed the 3rd floor, the mecha activated it's booster on the back and crashed into the wall of the school. They landed on the 2nd floor and ready to fight. Livia looked at her side and found Michael and Fiona. She yelled out, "Oiii!! You two! Need some help?!"

Fiona blinked at the unusual sight before answering blandly "Not anymore, the commander retreated and his underlings are dead," as she started patching up some of their wounded.

Livia jumped off of the mecha but Camilla stayed on it. "Aw. And I thought that the mecha would see some action. Anyways you two okay?"
Camilla stationed the mecha in front of Livia and Fiona and guarded the place while they're talking:"

"Both of our stamina is shot, Michael is going to be unconscious for at least an hour due to the mental strain of using a whirlwind barrier to hold off SMG bullets from multiple people. All our subordinates are injured and cannot fight, and my muscles are killing me, I can't fight until I rest for a bit and I have a bullet wound in my thigh from the last guy that I should feel in about 2 minutes" she said with no emotion in her voice, professionalism taking over ignoring the blood dripping down her wound.

"Goodness gracious. Anyways. Let's get the wounded in one place. I can make a healing barrier. We should also get that bullet out of your thigh so that I can heal you." Livia started to drag a disciplinary member and put him in the middle of the hallway. "This should do. Camilla, help us out." Camilla nodded and the mecha started to move around taking people in its hands and putting them in the middle of the hallway where the collapsed student was. Livia looked at Fiona, "Let's try to get that bullet out or do you want to leave it in?"

"If you have bandages on you to stop the bleeding we should take it out, also I'm going to need a gag, I don't think it's going to be the most pleasant of experiences." she replied in a blank voice, trying her best to ignore the pain in her leg.

Livia nodded. "Got it. I know the perfect place to get those bandages." She ran across the hallway and went into the bathroom. She look at the first aid closet fixed on the wall and opened it. She ran out with a bunch of stuff in her arms and approached Fiona. "I'm not really a nurse like you. But we might wanna start with you settling down as a first." She put the first aid stuff down and took her paintbrush. It enlarged and had a tint of white and green. A green whirlwind formed beside the student. As it settled down, the whirlwind from into a dome and waited patiently for people to come in and start healing.

Fiona nodded, and grabbed some bandages to wrap her mouth to prevent herself from screaming and as soon as she was ready gave Livia the ok.

Livia nodded and put some alcohol in a piece of cloth. She gently and slowly cleaned the wound on Fiona's thigh. She took some tweezers and glanced at Fiona. "This is gonna hurt...."

Fiona closed her eyes and held back her scream, knowing that this was only the beginning, the sting of alcohol was nothing compared to what was coming, and she gave her a nod.

"O-Okay... Camilla. Hold Fiona for me, will ya?" Livia said with a hint of wariness. Camilla nodded and the mecha approached Fiona. It wrapped its big hand onto Fiona's chest and made sure that she's held right by burying its fingers into the wall behind her. Livia took a deep breath and put the tweezers inside the wound. She felt the tweezers making contact with the bullet. She expanded the tweezers and got a hold of the bullet. After taking it out, she painted the wound green with her large brush and activated the sub power. The mecha let go off Fiona and Livia took the bandage out of her mouth. "Well... That wasn't so bad was it?"

The gag served its purpose as it silenced her screams, after the bullet was removed, she gave her doctor a tired smirk, "Whatever you say nurse Livia," Although her voice was bit hoarse. She turned around to all the wounded, "Anyone else? Or should we wait for professionals?"

"The irony is that you're the nurse here. Ms. Nurse." Livia said with her teasingly voice. "Professionals are probably captured by the terrorists so we can't rely on them anymore. But there's no way we know that right?" Livia glanced at Fiona for a bit. "You take the call. You're slightly more professional than I am. Right, Ms. Nurse?"

"Quit calling me that," was her reflexive response before she continued, "Professionals and police are probably on their way, problem is we don't know when they can break the siege, let the wounded make the call, we have no anesthesia, for those that don't want to, I have blood clotting remedies. I don't think closing the wound is a good idea if the bullet is still inside, so we'll have to make a tourniquet for those that don't want to do it."

The wounded looked at each other with concerned faces. They did want to get into action again but after seeing Fiona in pain during the process nearly all of them passed. Livia sighed and called out to the wounded, "Those who doesn't have a bullet in them, but still injured. You can go into the healing dome and fully heal yourself. The others can look for safety. If you can, go to upstairs. They are probably the best place for safety." Just as Livia finished speaking, the wounded got up and got into action without wasting time. Some of them went into the healing dome while the others helped each other and went up the stairs. Livia crouched beside Michael and tapped onto his cheeks. "Is he sleeping? He looks kinda cute."

Fiona limped over to the wounded and gave them some ointment and instructions to help slow down the bleeding while tying up the area above the wound to limit blood flow so they don't die from blood-loss. Her voice still hoarse she answered Livia, "He's mentally exhausted, he normally doesn't use that absolute defense because of the insane amount of concentration it takes and the limited mobility it forces on him mid battle. This is the only time that his powers have a cool-down because after using it he essentially passes out, his brain needing a break."

Livia smiled and helped Michael up. She looked at Fiona, "Whatever he did, he did a great job at it. To think that he held out for such a long time is unbelievable. You should be really proud of him, Fiona." Livia looked at Michael and said, "You're really lucky to have such an awesome boyfriend like him. It makes me jealous sometimes....." Livia's voice trailed off. She looked at Fiona and asked with a concerned voice, "Are you gonna go up? If so, take Michael with you."

Fiona gave her a tired smile, "Yeah, he's a good guy, a little over 5 minutes might not sound like much, but in a battle, that was a lifesaver." Her professionalism took over again as she continued speaking, "I'm not that highly injured, except for fatigue and the leg injury, but the healing helped so I can fight at about 60-70% efficiency right now so I'm going to do my original objective of going to the rendezvous to hear what VP has to say. I'm just going to bring the ones unable to battle and put them in a safe place."

"Roger that." Livia put Michael down against the wall and looked back at Fiona. "I'll search for some survivors in the 2nd floor and wipe out the rest of the terrorist here." Livia banged lightly on the mecha beside. "Of course this big guy will help me." Livia looked at Camilla and said, "Take the other side of the floor while I go to the opposite. That way we can make up more ground and make this faster than usual. Just be careful alright?" Camilla gave a nod and the mecha started moving forwards to the next room in the hallway. Livia looked back at Fiona, "I should get going"

"Wait," she gave some orders to the ones that can move now after the healing session to help the wounded to a safe place before she turned toward Livia, "I'm coming with you, you're primarily a range fighter and you have a limit on your abilities, your arm should be starting to feel sore after all that drawing right?" she said as she limped toward her.

Livia raised her right arm and looked at her hand. She extended her finger and folded them several times. "Ack. I also had to heal Adrian since he's so stupid. Guess I'll need support. I'm not a heroine after all." Livia sighed deeply. She looked at Fiona with a grin. "Alright. Since you're worried about me, I have no choice, do i?""

"Course you're a heroine, we would be sitting ducks right now without you with all of our injuries," she reassured her, "You're still mainly doing the fighting, I can't move as fast as I usually can due to my leg, I'm only there to take out people that get close to you so you can spam artillery." she smiled as she limped past her.

"Heh, thanks for the compliments." Livia walked right beside Fiona with her main power, the brush, activated. Of the distance, she heard sudden gunshots followed up by rockets screeches and explosions. Surely it had to be Camilla with her mecha. "I hope that stupid sister of mine doesn't get herself killed. I trust her and I want her to be safe and sound after all this shit."

"Hang on," Fiona paused as they were about to turn a corner, "I hear footsteps, 3 pairs," as the clacking sound of boots echoed in the hallway next to them that does not match student shoes, "Sorry Livia," she said as without warning she crushed her lips and stuck her tongue between her lips, "I'll draw their attention, take them out before they take me out." as she rolled into the hallway. She used her breath to freeze the wrist of the first mercenary causing him to drop his gun and used him as a human shield as his teammates reacted and shot, seeing that it was no use to use their guns when the girl had a human shield, they went in close. Fiona rolled out of the way putting some distance between her and the mercenaries while still holding the corpse as a shield but now their backs were turned to Livia....

Livia's eyes widened in disbelief and her cheeks went into flames. "There goes my first kiss..... Bah Whatever! This a damn emergency!!" Livia got her bearings right and took some deep breaths in and out. Her paintbrush had a tint of blue and gray. She painted the floor and activated her sub powers. Amplified lightning bolts popped out and streaked towards the two mercenaries. Livia heard screams of extreme pain as she watch the two get electrocuted. She approached Fiona and said with a rather teasingly voice, "Well there goes my first kiss....."

Camilla advanced while staying on top of the mecha. As they approached a corner, the mecha stopped and stood there slightly. "There must be someone around this corner. Better if I get off the mecha now." Camilla jumped off the mecha and leaned against the wall. The mecha realized Camilla was off of it and went into action. It turned around the corner and discovered 5 mercenaries. One was armed with an RPG and the others with SMG's. The mercenaries started to shoot in panic but the bullets would ricochet thanks to the intense sloping of the armor and the thickness of it. The mercenary with the RPG shot the rocket but the mecha quickly reacted and side stepped crushing the wall to the other side. The rpg rocket shattered through the window and exploded outside in a safe distance. After a short while the mercenaries advanced slowly while on guard since the mecha disappeared on the other side of the wall. The mecha crushed the wall right beside the mercenaries and grabbed one of them, which was the one with the RPG. It slammed the mercenary down and with the big threat gone, it finished off the other mercenaries with its miniguns and metal fists.

Fiona gave Livia a tired smile, "Sorry about that, but saucy enough for your first kiss?" she teased with a wink. Looking towards the hallway though her good mood vanished as she saw the remains of a Disciplinary squad, they put up a fight as she saw 2 other bodies that she recognized as terrorists, but in the end it was adults vs. kids, she only succeeded because of an ambush and reinforcements. She forced herself to mourn later and her eyes widened as she recognized one of them as one of her sergeants, "Jason..." she murmured, she held back her tears as memories of her sergeant drifted through her, she personally trained him, seeing potential and was a rising star, seeing him gone now was painful. It looks like he bled out from multiple wounds and his eyes were open with an eternal gaze of pain. She choked back her emotion and closed his eyes and whispered, "Rest in peace, soldier, you did your duty." She forced herself to look at all of her fallen comrades, putting names to the familiar bodies, "Always smiling Justin, old clumsy Laura, talkative Susan, stern Meredith, helpful Robert, squad 5, all KIA." she thought as she choked recalling fond memories of each of the now dead squad while struggling to keep a stoic face.

Livia looked at the dead bodies of the disciplinary members. "Those motherfuckers will pay the price for all this." She hugged Fiona from the back and put her head over Fiona's shoulder. She whispered onto her ear, "They did a good job. I'm pretty sure they are happy where they are right now. We'll give them a proper burial when all this shit is finished, alright?" Livia got up and help Fiona up. She wiped the tears off of Fiona's eyes and cheeks while saying with a sad tone. "Let's go."

Regaining her composure, as her task was not done, she nodded to her, forcing herself to turn away from the remains of her comrades and bottling up her emotions.

"You can always cry Fiona. You can do it now if you want. Use my shoulder to hold on to. I used yours to cry on when my parents captured you and Michael. So it's your turn now." Livia said with a sad smile as she hugged Fiona again.

"Not right now, not in the middle of combat," she said stoically, but with a break in her voice she whispered, "Thanks, I think I'm going to need it later though," as she continued to walk making sure her comrade's deaths were not in vain.

The mecha kept pushing the mercenaries back to the stairs while Camilla kept a safe distance. The mecha crushed, riddled with minigun bullets, and turned mercenary body into smithereens with it's rockets and hydrogen bombs. Every time Camilla walked past a dead body either mercenary or a student, she would look at it with sadness in her eyes. But she couldn't break down yet. She had to survive this siege. Livia trusted on her with this and she wouldn't give Livia another emotional breakdown. She sighed and jumped on the mecha again so that it started advancing and clearing up the rest of the floor.

The third floor is packed with the students that retaliate.
And the smell of blood is coming from the Student Council's health room
"Things are not looking good, huh?" Levina comes out from her office. She had just informed the Committee, her father, the police and the Defenders about their situation. She left her glove in her office. "We are going to counter attack from the third floor. Wait for my order as i clean the third floor."
Noticing that several important figures is not present, she removed her steel ring and focused her self on sending brainwaves to these people. "Where are you? Third floor is combat HQ now, retreat here at once."


Speaking into her communicator, clinically she updated the status of the members, "Michael is incapacitated in action, but should be recovering soon at an unknown location, confirmed deaths of squad 5, squads 1 and 4 are mostly incapacitated unknown amount able to fight as I am separated from them right now, I am currently with Livia on the 2nd floor a hot combat zone retreat may be delayed------"

Livia heard more footsteps louder than usual. It’s definitely not from students. Livia saw a door behind Fiona who was talking on the communicator and quickly tackled her onto the door. The door opened as Livia and Fiona went to the room. She got up and closed it while using her body to cover the door and to hear the footsteps getting closer. "Looks like there's two." Livia held out two fingers to gesture that there's two attackers outside the door.

"Owww," she groaned, but refrained from scolding her as she realized the reason for the sudden shove. "Thanks, but this is bad," she whispered seriously, the sudden shove made me drop my comm right outside where they can see and we're stuck in the janitor's closet just our luck.

"Ehh fuck me. We don't have the element of surprise then." Livia cursed under her breath. She whispered to Fiona. "If they get that communicator, Michael and the others upstairs are in trouble. The hell do we do?"

"Things are not in our favor then. Where are you right now? I'm coming." It's quiet. No answer. Levin can't afford to lose more capable subordinates right now.
"I'm going downstairs!" She announced. "Those who can fight, defend this position until i come back!"

Camilla heard a door being opened violently and shut close. Her hearing was somewhat excellent but she still doubted. "Huh... It might be my imagination... I should go check on Onee-san nevertheless." She tapped on the mecha lightly and it changed it route and rushed to the source of the loud sound.

1.5 Jayden Rampage
Jayden was currently situated on the first floor of the school. He had been fighting rigorously for the past hour or so, as his physical condition clearly displayed. His clothes were tattered and he was coated in blood. There was a bullet wound on both his thigh and his lower abdomen. However, he could barely feel either at the moment due to the sheer quantity of adrenaline coursing through his system. He had been using his powers for well over the five-minute time span he normally limited himself to, and now he had lost all control of his actions. His vision was blurred. All he could feel now was the insatiable urge to kill. To burn.
He launched a compressed bolt of fire at a makeshift bunker the soldiers had created from tables and desks. The projectile exploded on contact, tearing the fortification apart and torching those who crouched behind it. Sensing the heat signature of an approaching soldier beind him, he whipped around, waving his hand in a slashing motion. Narrow, crescent shaped blades of fire launched from his hand at the terrorist, slicing him clean in two at the waist. He had no moral restraint in his current state, simply murdering the invaders rather than subduing them. Their screams and cries for mercy did not faze him. He was driven strictly by instinct, unable to rationalize his actions.
He fired another bolt down the hallway, killing several soldiers that had run out of ammo, now attempting to flee. Jayden's rampage had taken quite the toll on the first floor. Most of the school would have been up in flames by now if it weren't for the automated sprinklers on the ceiling. Still, he had blasted through several of the walls and caved in the ceiling in one of the halls. Charred corpses littered the floor, giving off a horrible, rotting smell.
Jayden let out a twisted, sadistic laugh. The voice was barely recognizable as his own.

1.6 Counterattack Continuation
Camilla and her mecha were rushing down the hallway. They still have to get to the source of the sounds. Another 5 mercenaries took a corner and appeared on their paths. As their guns raised, Camilla immediately raised her sketchbook and shouted, "FLASHBANG, COME OUT!" In an instant a flash bang popped out and exploded. All of them yelped and covered their eyes in blindness. The mecha grabbed one of them and crushed his head. Two of them were riddled with bullets while the other two were blown into pieced from a rocket. The final one was grabbed and thrown into a room while being mangled in its huge metal hand. The mecha went through the room and there were more terrorists settled. They looked at the mangled corpse and back at the mecha with its barrels pointing at them. Without giving them time to raise their own guns, the mecha lighted the room up with its miniguns and rockets. After stopping, the mecha went out of the room and popped a hydrogen bomb in the room and walked away. Camilla jumped off the mecha and looked at the hellish room. She watched as corpses and pieces of human flesh burning into a crisp. She let out a little sadistic grin as she watched with her eyes wide open. She walked back leisurely back at the mecha and advanced.

The second floor is heavily infested with soldiers. Unsurprisingly, some of them are Wave user.
Levina is heavily outnumbered, as she ordered the students who are fighting to hold them back in the second floor to retreat to the third floor. But it gives her no trouble, thanks to the presence of her electrical field. Both bullets and most of the attack by the Wave user is reflected by it. Levina kept snapping her finger, electrocuting anyone who gets hits by her electrical bolt. Levina doesn’t care whether they die or not after receiving her attack.
As Levina turned in a corner, she noticed that there is another student in the second floor, sitting in a shoulder of a large mecha. A rather familiar one, in fact. "Hey!" Levina called. "It's dangerous here. Retreat to the third floor at once."

Camilla looked at the older student who called her out. She tapped lightly on the mecha and it stopped in front of the older student. She jumped off and looked at the student. She tilted her head and smiled for a bit. Her voice was of a sadist and a real psychopath; "You think it's dangerous when I did something like this?" The mecha and the pink-haired psychopath stepped aside and revealed all the mangled and burnt corpses lying on the hallway.

"Please try not to destroy the hallway, or the classroom." Levina complained, as she pointed to people who are lying in the floor behind her. "And don't just blindly kill them. We need to capture some too."

Camilla tilted her head and pondered for a while. "Ehhh... But I was killing to the ones who were shooting at me and my mecha...." Camilla tapped her right fist on her left palm and came to a sudden realization. "That's right! I also wanted to captured one of them and torture them to find some answers." She tapped on the mecha again. After a while, the front of the mecha split into four and opened. Two of the mercenaries fell out of the opened mecha while being tied up. Inside the mecha was a cockpit for a pilot if needed. Camilla remembered that she put it on autopilot before engaging. "These two are alive and well. You can have them."

The masked man smiled beneath his mask, it seems ACADEMIA's next generation wasn't too shabby as he used his authority to order men to attack the rampaging robot knowing they had no chance leading to the ungodly amount of dead on the second floor. A squad leader may not be high up on the authority, but mid battle chaos, he could do a lot of damage since the grunts look toward him for command.

"Good." Levina approached them, then lift her palm toward them and released a electrical bolt to knock their prisoner unconscious. Using her communicator to contact her subordinate upstairs, she ordered them to come to take the wounded and their prisoner. "Now, what will you do next, kid?"

"Hmmm..." Camilla looked around the hallway and back at the older student, "I'm going to clear the floor as much as I can." She tapped lightly on the mecha and the cockpit closed. "I'll stay on this floor and keep the soldiers from going to the 3rd floor. That's where most of the wounded are right?"

"Good." Levina nodded. "I will help whoever is trapped down there."

Camilla gave a small salute with a little psychopathic grin. "Good luck!" She jumped on the mecha's shoulder and walked away from the older student.

"Shhh.." Fiona whispered to Livia, "I got an idea."

"Seriously? Five men down in this little sector, what is with these incompetent fools?" A distinctly feminine voice said in disgust.

"Hey look, it's one of those walkie-talkies the fighters use, and it seems like it was just dropped recently since the line is still on, there's more of those fighters here search for them." A voice yelled out as the footsteps approached the door.

"Whatever that idea is spill it out." Livia whispered in panic.

"Prepare a spell, don't worry about me, and fire once they open the door."

"Eh?" Livia thought of a color. "Color.. Color... color..... Oh got it! I'll burn the fucker's face."

The door creaked open and Fiona's face came head to head with the muzzle of a gun, she breathed on it her powers not having worn off yet and the gun and hand got encased in ice the woman's finger frozen mid pull on the trigger. She stepped out and grabbed her now frozen wrist, but that left her back exposed and the man with her took advantage and fired. Fiona took the hit on her shoulder due to her momentum swerving her to the left, which saved her life. Grunting in pain, she dragged the woman down with her taking out her knife with her good hand stabbed the woman's neck. "Please tell me you were ready, Livia, this is your open shot otherwise we're both fucked."

Livia's face was covered by Fiona's blood. The plan for a proper counterattack probably failed. She shouted out, "GODDAMNIT YOU FUCKERS!!!" Livia's mind went into rage and her eyes widened in anger.

"Tch, you'll pay for that," as he aimed again before his eyes widened as a pink-haired bullet came rushing at him, he tried to switch targets but his arm could not move fast enough and his breath was knocked out of him.

She tackled the man and pin him on the floor. She raised her paintbrush and stabbed the man's throat repeatedly in rage. She also stabbed his eyes repeatedly until they turned into bloodied goo. She kept stabbing the man's and her face and chest got covered in more blood. As she kept stabbing she yelled in rage, "DIE!! DIE!! DIE!! DIE!!!"

Fiona groaned in pain as she could feel her left arm become useless now, "That had to have hit somewhere important for arm control, but I'm not coughing up blood so at least it missed my lung, yay for small victories," she thought sardonically. Rolling herself off of the corpse, she shakily stood up. "Livia," she called out quietly, "he's dead, you can stop now."

Livia stopped stabbing and came to her senses. She looked at the corpse horrified. "I-I did this?" Livia got off the corpse and crawled backwards until her back was on the wall. "F-Fuck. What the hell was with me?"

Recognizing the signs of a panic attack after their first kill, she rushed to do damage control, "Livia, Livia, shut up and look me in the eyes." her voice full of the authority of a commanding officer.

"W-What?!" Livia wiped the blood off her eyes and shook her head. She looked at Fiona horrified since the image of the man killed by her was haunting her.

"Look at me," Fiona said sternly, "What would he have done if you didn't kill him? You reacted to a threat, there's nothing wrong with that, and our instinct is to survive. You don't go out of your way to kill someone who wasn't bothering you, it was a kill or be killed scenario. Look at me soldier, look me in the eyes and repeat after me, I was doing my duty, I was protecting the weak, a threat was eliminated for the greater good, and I have done my duty. I am not a murderer. A human-shaped target was eliminated, not a human being."

Livia repeated what Fiona wanted her to say, "I was doing my duty, I was protecting the weak, a threat was eliminated for the greater good, and I have done my duty. I am not a murderer. A human-shaped target was eliminated, not a human being." She then took in some deep breaths and calmed herself down.

Seeing that she was calmer now, Fiona used her good arm to staunch the bleeding if only a bit as she winced in pain. "We gotta check the students, if the squad I assigned here...." guilt flooded through her as she realized they died under her orders, "let's go." Not finishing her sentence. She shoved her guilt aside hoping that the students at least were all right and the squad's sacrifice wasn't for nothing, as she limped to a room where she saw shadows and no sounds of the terrorists, the blood from her shoulder leaving a trail."

F-Fiona.." Livia looked at Fiona's shoulder, which is covered in blood. She stopped her before entering a room where shadows of either students or terrorists. "Y-Your shoulder. You can't fight like this."

She turned around and looked at Livia, her eyes were desperate and shown with guilt, "I-I have to, there's no one else here to protect them, I lost my men because of my stupid orders, I can't let my mistake lead to the deaths of more students, I should've assigned more people, thrown some of my own squad members with Jason's troops. Michael's barrier would've meant we didn't need as much people in the main hallway, I got my own squad injured and Jason's squad killed, I-I can't stop, it's my fault and I have to make it up" she said with a cracking but determined voice. She turned around and opened the door knowing this was the room that the students were evacuated into.

"Fiona...." Livia followed her into the door and felt relieved to see survivors. She grabbed Fiona's good shoulder and leaned towards her ear and whispered, "A leader shouldn't get emotional during battle. If the leader does, then he or she will kill more people under their command. Don't let that happen to you otherwise more of us will die okay?"

"I know" she whispered back in a voice devoid of emotion, "I know, I'll live with this guilt, and deal with it later but now's not the time, I have to make sure everyone's alright." She glanced around the room, relieved to see that their deaths served a purpose, as not a single student was unaccounted for.
"It's the Discipline Forces! Is everything alright now?" one of the students asked. Fiona answered crisply, "At the moment, this sector is clear, but please stay within this room for your safety, we will keep the enemies from coming in no matter what."

[color=#FF4000]She was about to close the door when a girl came up to her and said,
"Aren't you Jason's senior officer? Wasn't he assigned this sector? Where is he?" she asked

Fiona felt her blood run cold as she recognized the young girl as Jason's sweetheart. She was about to answer when the girl poked her head out of the door and she saw the bodies outside.

"JASON!" the girl cried out in sheer agony.

"Please get back in the room, it's not safe outside yet," Fiona tried to push the distraught girl back in the room, the girl suddenly turned around to Fiona and suddenly started screaming at her,

"YOU WERE HIS COMMANDER, HOW COULD YOU LET YOUR MEN DIE LIKE THAT??" Fiona froze as her words stabbed into her heart, "You ordered him here," she said through her tears, and with every word she said, Fiona felt her guilt grow more and more "It's your fault he's gone, he followed his orders and you couldn't even provide him with men while I can see you're perfectly fine," she said with a sneer, "You fucking murdering bitch, you took Jason away from me!" she slapped Fiona across her face. Fiona, wrought with guilt, her words echoing in her head just watched as she let the slap connect.

Levina heard that. She quickly walk toward the source of the cry of agony, luckily, she did not encounter any other enemy. It seems that the young girl did a great job on killing any enemies left in the second floor. As Levina walks in the hallway, she noticed blaze of fire coming from the first floor, complete with several enemies running out with flame covering their body.
Jayden Levina quickly thought. I will go down and help them after this
As she turned in a corner, she sees a crying student slapped Fiona in the face. Hard.
"Hey! Stop it!"

With a carefully blank face, she turned towards the Vice-President, "Fiona, reporting for duty," she dully stated with empty eyes.

"You." Levina looked at the crying girl. "Retreat to the third floor. And do not make me repeat my self."
As the crying girl runs away, Levina approach Fiona and Livia. "Are you two okay? Can you walk? Retreat to the third floor for now and head straight for the health room."

"I deserved that slap," Fiona whispered quietly before she replied to her higher-ranking council member, "Left arm useless, Right leg with a limp, but combat capable at 30% efficiency."

Livia stood back and watch everything unfold. She couldn't do anything to support Fiona. She put her hand on Fiona good shoulder and said, "You should go take a rest. You've done enough for one day." Livia looked at Levina, "I'm fully capable right now. I still got enough time left before my arm gets disabled. I'll cover the 3rd floor as much as I can." Off the distance, a minigun and some rockets blowing up can be heard. "That girl... She's fighting really hard now."

"Fine." Levina nods at Livia. "But when you reached your limit, you are to retreat to the third floor. You hear that?"

"I'm not that reckless Vice." Livia gave a small smile. "Don't worry about me, I'll survive even if my arm's disabled..." Livia walked out and looked at the hallway. She looked at Fiona and Levina and waved, "Wish me luck." Before giving them time to respond, she ran off in random direction and hoping to take down mercenaries without using her powers.

Eilian is, somehow, managed to arrive safely in the third floor without any injuries, she quietly walk and sits in the hallway like anyone else who take refugee in the third floor.
Michael blinked his eyes open, "Agh I hate using that barrier, and my head hurts like hell, is it over?" he looked around and saw many council members in various states of injury. He knows he's not a full capacity, but he has no physical wounds and so he went back out to see who else needed support. Walking outside he saw a variety of students all crammed up and sighed. "Michael, reporting for duty, combat capability roughly half, but can engage." he spoke to his communicator.

"Then, Fiona, you can't fight. If you do, you will die and i will lose another capable subordinates. Stay back, retreat to the third floor. This is a direct order." Levina commanded. After hearing what Michael had said via the communicator, she presses the communicator button to reply him. "Take a good rest, Michael. You can't do anything with your current condition. This is a direct order. Tell everyone who can and brave enough to fight to secure the second floor. I'm going downstairs to help our President."

Fiona didn't want to obey, she had to make up for her mistakes, but Levina is scary and it was a direct order, with a subdued voice, she replied, "Yes, vice-president," she limped toward the stairs with her shoulder still bleeding heavily leaving a blood trail as she went to the 3rd floor safe house. Michael grumbled, he had no physical injuries only a headache, he could fight, but orders were orders so he settled himself with guarding the wounded.

Jayden's eyes fluttered open weakly. His head ached and his bullet wounds were excruciatingly painful. Oddly enough, both wounds seemed to have been seared over, stopping the bleeding. He had no recollection of the past couple minutes. All he could remember was screaming and gunfire. Burnt corpses surrounded him, causing Jayden to scramble to his feet in surprise. He let out a sigh and relaxed. No doubt this was his own handiwork. He tried to rationalize his actions. He had no control over himself; it was their own fault for invading a building filled with Waves! Besides, they had killed some of his own peers and colleagues. An eye for an eye... right?
Suddenly, the sound of footsteps disrupted his thoughts. There were several soldiers coming by the sound of it. He had probably wiped out most of them on this floor, but these were likely reinforcements to replace their loses. They would demolish him now, without his powers. Jayden desperately hobbled into a nearby bathroom to hide. Once inside, he slumped against the wall, sliding down on to the floor. The footsteps thundered past the bathroom entrance, much to Jayden's relief. He pulled out his communicator and pressed down the talk button. "Does anyone read me? This is Jayden. Anyone there?"
He had no idea if the rest of the students were still even in the school. They could have all evacuated or even been killed for all he knew. He simply waited and hoped for a response.

Michael heard Jayden's voice right after his angry grumblings, he picked it up and said, "Michael here, on third floor just finished recovering from barrier use, no physical wounds just a mild headache, Squad 1 is at 3 combat capable including me, Squad 4 is at 1 combat capable and commander of squad 4 is at unknown location."

"Levina here." Levina is already in her way to the stairway, hitting anyone standing in her way with electric volt, which kills them almost instantly. "I'm coming. Where are you, Jayden?"

"Fiona here, combat capability 30% am on stairwell with a useless arm and a limping leg. Squad 5 has been annhilated."

"I have ordered them, Fiona and Michael, to retreat. They were injured." Levina is walking down the stair. The soldiers have fallen back, smart enough to stay out of her way and give up the stairway. "I'm in the first floor now. Where are you?"

1.7 Meanwhile in the Purgatory HQ
"We are actually losing in the school building?!" Captain Callian angrily asked. "Sent our main team in, then! Kill everyone if they needed to!"

"Captain," the masked man that retreated earlier kneeled in front of him, "I thought we were going for hostages, killing them would be counter-productive."

"We have enough hostages here in the Gym." The Captain replied. "Shut up and follow my order!"

"What will killing everyone accomplish though, more hostages mean more ransom money and a greater threat, plus" he hated himself for suggesting this, but he's trying to minimize casualties and buy time, "with more people, we can slowly kill them off to show that we are serious and force people to pay us money and even after that we will still have more heads to collect money from."

"Listen, Fionn, i am the fucking leader here and i hates people who talked back to me." Captain Callian leans closer to him. "And by killing those shitty Student Council brats, we can show to everyone that even the strongest of the Academia students cannot beat us. We will show the world our strength, and thus more people will join our cause!"

"Fine then," he said as he glared at the floor, "Fuck how am I gonna stop this, I'm not trusted enough to lead enough of these guys to sabotage them, Fiona, please be alright and come on army, I gave you info about this attack 2 days ago what's taking so long?"

HQ, Team Alpha here. ETA is half an hour. We have zero knowledge on the enemy capabilities and the causalities, but we will save the students before anyone died.#

After being dismissed by the Captain, Fionn heard the army communicate to him and quickly updated them on what info he knows, "Some student council members have already fallen defending the school, I managed to sabotage at least 20 men and cause them to die and tried my best to limit student casualties. Beware of the 4 elementals they are Purgatory's strongest fighters, and their leader's power is a giant titan form thing."

Roger that. We're coming to save your ass#

1.8 Militarys First Attack
Sound of helicopters blasted through the sky.
There are ten of them, carrying at least 20 soldiers each and the helicopter it self is equipped with machine gun.
They are Team Alpha of The Defenders, coming to rescue the hostages and to put down Purgatory.

They just entered Academia's air zone when two large stone is hurled at them. One missed its target, and the one that's hit sent a helicopter crashed to the ground and exploded. As the next two large stone is coming at them, the helicopters start firing at it frantically. It's useless, however, as two other helicopter is sent down.
The next attack comes from a large fireball, which envelopes it's target with flame before exploded. It, however, is slower than the stones and gives the helicopters pilot an opportunity to evade. Three copters, however, is taken down by it.

"Shit! It's their main attacking unit!" A soldier screamed. "Wai-Look out!"

A gust of wind cut two helicopters into half.

The attack stopped, but a large figure is seen standing in front of the copters route.

"Shoot it!" A soldier screamed. "Shoot that damn thing!"

Before they could even open fire, the giant's hand slaps them down as if they were mosquito.
Only one helicopter left, and the copter is trying to retreat back to the safe zone.

"HQ, we are wiped out by a long range attack! And there is a giant attacking us!" The pilot reported in panic. "We are going to retreat- we are going to- WAAHHH--!"

The pilot's report is cut short, as Captain Callian slaps down the helicopter, now in his 25m Titan form.

1.9 The Second Persona of Camilla
Livia looked outside the window in the hallway. She heard rotors from a chopper and figured it was from the army. As a giant monster took down the helicopter, Livia stared at it horrified and unable to do anything. "Goodness gracious... Who the hell is that? Their leader?" Livia went into alarm mode as she heard footsteps nearby. Clearly it not students. In fact there wouldn't be students walking around when there's a mecha on a rampage. She saw the sheer amount of dead soldiers lying in the hallway and in the classrooms. She was a little shaken to think that a small innocent girl like Camilla would turn into a psychopath and a mass-murderer. She hid behind a wall on the corner of the hallway. She took a little peek and saw at least 2 men in arm. They were the only remains of the search and destroy squad that was hunting for the berserk robot on the 2nd floor but Livia didn't know that for sure. They had RPGs mounted on their back and a grenade launcher. "Are these two hunting for Camilla and her mecha? I have to take them out quickly or else Camilla would be in danger." Livia activated her power and the brush enlarged. Right as the two terrorists approached the, Livia swung her paintbrush like an escrima stick and hit the bottom of the paintbrush's tip on the terrorist’s head.

The other one staggered backwards as the pink-haired girl popped out of nowhere. "Motherfucker! You lil' piece of shit!" The man reached out for his handgun since he only had a RPG and a grenade launcher as his primary weapon.
Livia noticed the other terrorist reaching his for his handgun on the belt strap. She quickly buried the brush, which had a tint of red on the man's face. She pinned him to the wall and kept her leg on the terrorist's crotch to maximize pain. She activated her sub power and the brush turned into blazing fire. The man screamed in agony and pain while squirming non-stop. After a short while the man stopped moving and breathing. Livia let go of the paintbrush on the burnt face and let it collapse on the floor. She turned around only to see a muzzle of a barrel on her face. "Fuck. I didn't knock the guy out?"

The terrorist pointed his gun at the pink-haired girl who just killed his partner. "Die you fucker." Just as he started pulling the trigger, a shadow covered the man completely. He stopped and looked up for a second while mumbling, "Shit..." In a instant a giant metal fist from the same mecha that went on a rampage crushed the terrorist into a pancake. Blood splattered everywhere like a destroyed fountain. Some went on Livia's legs, hips, chest and face altogether. The metal fist raised and revealed the crushed corpse. Livia almost puked at the sight of the mangled and crushed corpse. The mecha stood still and Camilla jumped off it's shoulder. She walked around the corpse while looking at it with a small grin on her face. Her eyes were lifeless and were eyes of a psychopath and a murder. She looked at Livia with her grin gone but still had those psychopathic eyes. "Hey Onee-san. You look like you seen a ghost."

Livia shook her head and gulped at the sight of who was once the innocent, smiling girl that is now a psychopathic and sadistic murderer. "What happened to you? You really look different. You're not the Camilla I knew for a long time..."

Camilla grinned widely and started laughing maniacally. Livia's eyes widened in shock and horror, as she looked at her little sister laugh. She felt helpless and too confused to know what's happening to her. Camilla stopped laughing and extended her arms showing all the mangled and burnt corpses lying in the hallway. "I'm the cause of all these terrorist deaths. It was so fucking fun seeing their faces horrified at the sight of their friends being blown into pieces. It's the best feeling I ever had in my entire shitty life..." Camilla let her arms dangle like a doll's arm would and bowed. "Also..." She straightened up and looked at Livia with wide eyes and a wide grin. ".... Nice to meet you, Onee-san"

Livia looked at her psychopathic sister with shock, anger, wariness, confusion and that entire sort. Her mind has being overworking just at the sight of her little sister. Livia asked the girl, "Who.. Are you exactly? What happened to Camilla?"

The pink-haired girl kept grinning, "My name is Anna de Angelo." Livia shook her head and said with a rather angry tone, "Bullshit."

The now known Anna laughed again at Livia's comment. She pointed her index finger on her forehead temple. "The Camilla you know now is sleeping in here." She tapped on her forehead temple with her index fingers. "And I popped and took control over her body for her." Anna placed her index finger onto her chin and frowned loudly. "What was it called again? Multiple Personality Disorder or something?"

Livia's body started to tremble at the new bomb being dropped by her little sister. She felt vibes going through her spine due to the abnormal girl's presence. She couldn't think of anything to save Camilla. She asked with a trembled voice, "S-Since when did Camilla have MPD?"

Anna said with a proud voice, "Right from the fucking start." She pointed her finger at Livia, "Even you... even you have MPD. It's from the family blood if you wanna know. Our family had a quite bloody history thanks to MPD."

Livia looked down at her hands, which were covered, in dry blood. "E-Even I? T-There's no way I coulda have one. It's impossible."

"Ohh but you do, Onee-san.." Anna leaned closer to Livia until her chest went into contact with Livia's. "What happened with that man? His eyes were turned into goo while his face and neck was stabbed endlessly." Livia flinched as the corpse she killed haunted her mind again. She slowly sat down and Anna kept standing but leaning over to Livia. "That was the work done from your MPD...."

Livia placed her hands on her ear and shook her head. "No! It wasn't! I-I just wanted to help Fiona out!" Anna frowned but kept her cool at Livia.

"Help Fiona out? Isn't she your rival? I thought you would let her get killed so that Michael guy would be with you the whole time."

Livia shut her eyes and a image of Fiona being dead popped out of her head. She suddenly screamed, "NO!! I WOULD NEVER DO THAT!!!"

Anna frowned again but kept the mental torture up, "Right now you just imagined Fiona being dead didn't you?"

Livia kept shaking her head and tears came out of her eyes, "No... I didn't!" Another image appeared in her head. She shook her head again. "Why can't I separate my emotions with the actions like I did in every battle I had. Why now!?"

Anna kept grinning widely but she decided to back off. She already saw the evil soul in Livia screaming out to be released. The mecha behind her reached it's limit and dispersed into thin air. This time it didn't go into her sketchbook but rather outside and leave the school building. "Well there goes my fun... Anyways 2nd floor is cleared. They aren't sending more men into this Death Valley The Vice pres went into the 1st floor presumably finding for someone important. The terrorists are probably planning for a counter-attack and diminish the rest of the students. Relay that info to the others upstairs and contact the Vice and the Pres. I'll wake Camilla up and go to sleep." Anna yawned and suddenly collapsed on the floor. Livia rushed to her sister and held her unconscious body. After a small while, Camilla smiled as she opened her eyes. The same smile from the innocent girl. Livia let out a sigh of relief and figured that Camilla is back to herself. “Come on let's get you to the 3rd floor so that the both of us can rest..." Camilla nodded in agreement and the two sisters went up the stairs.

1.10 Completion of the Counterattack
They annihilate their helpers.
They destroyed their chance to escape.
Levina is pinned down in the stairway, but she can still hear and see the commotion that happen outside from a window located in the hallway in front of her. She saw a really large giant standing, and laughing.
Captain Callian.
That damn villain can turn him self into a really large titan? With their current losses, things are not looking great.

Levina creates a really large electrical ball and throw it to the hallway in front of the stairway, she could hear it blasts and scatters, followed by cry of pain from her enemies. She presses her communicator button and yelled, "Jayden! Where are you?!"

Eilian, along side with the students in the fourth floor, witnessed how the Purgatory wipes out their savior.
It all happens too quickly, and left them frozen in shock and fear.
"Oh my god.." A student who is standing next to her cried. "Oh my god we're going to die. We're going to die!"
"The Students Council is still fighting down there, together with several students that brave enough to help them out." Eilian said, trying to cheer everyone up. "And The Defender will sent a larger and stronger force her to rescue us!"


Livia was pretty shaken at her new discovery about poor Camilla. Camilla settled in a room and went fast asleep due to the large amount of stress after nearly an hour of fighting. After going out of the room Livia shouted out at the students taking refuge, "2nd floor is clear! You guys can rest up and not worry for some time." Livia walked into the hallway and asked for a communicator from a disciplinary member. She checked the communicator and spoke into it hoping that Levina would catch it. "Livia here.... I'm in the 3rd floor and the robot rampage is over. 2nd floor is cleared. No more soldiers coming in the 2nd floor since they now know that it's a death valley. There's a chance that they're planning for an counter-attack so we need Pres and Vice here ASAP."

"Sorry to disappoint you, but we're both are being pinned down in the first floor. Dunno about our Pres, but I’m guarding the stairway." Levina winced in pain. A few minute ago, a bullet grazed her arm. And then another one grazed her cheek pretty deep. She purposely decreases her defense, as the number of enemy kept increasing and offensive is becoming the best defensive action. "I can assure you that they won't launch any kind of counter-attack. They have to walk over my dead body first."
Levina throws another pair of electrical ball, another scatter type. Surprisingly, it's working well. Levina started to feel dizzy, and the headache is showing up.
Oh shit...

Livia sighed and said to the communicator with an angry tone, "Vice. We need you here alive and we need Pres as well. I think I got the key to solve all this shit. We need to meet up now." Livia lets out another sigh. She thinks that the psychopathic Anna can help them in their hassle. The bloodlust on the kid is enough to drive the terrorists away.

"Sorry to disappoint you again, but I’m still engaged in a date with these people." Levina tried to crack a joke, a very rare thing she did. "And, i have ordered you to stay back and rest, didn't i? So now, retreat to the third floor!"
Levina swipe her arms, making several electrical missiles and send them to specific targets. It blows up real hard and shakes the ground a little.

Livia frowned as she heard Levina. "She makes jokes only during battles?" She spoke to the communicator and followed the joke, "Then dump those guys already! Plus we're already at the 3rd floor. Who’s dumb enough to go to a death valley when there's a berserk robot roaming around? Even the rumors itself might scare those lil' fuckers away. Just do your thing and come back safely with Pres, okay?" At the near end of the sentence, Livia's voice had a hint of concern.

"Can't. What can i say? They loved me!" Levina stands out to get a clear view of her enemies before snapping her finger at them, releasing a strong electrical beam that blasts them away. Her head is getting dizzier and heavier from time to time. As she is hiding back behind a wall, she realized that her reckless action of showing her self to her enemies is paid with a bullet wound to her right shoulder. The pain is burning. She bit her lips in pain. "No, the robot will be overwhelmed and eventually defeated. Then, we will be cornered without any way out."
"Of course we will come back there. Who do you think we are?" Levina swipes her hand again, creating more electrical missile that exploded and scatters smaller electrical bomb that explode in seconds. "We are the President and the Vice President of Academia's Student Council"

"That doesn't mean anything vice!" Livia grew worried as she heard more gunshots. "You're still freaking important and you're still human! One shot on the head equals death! Just be careful alright?"

"Have you forgotten?" Levina asked, as she takes cover just in time to evade a grenade explosion. "My electrical field is impenetrable"

"I swear that I'll rip your guts out if I see you come back with a bullet wound. That electrical field won't hold that much with that much intense fighting going on. You'll faint..."

"It takes more than low quality bullets and low explosive grenades to hurt me." Levina chuckled. She tried her best to sound confident. "Stop worrying about me."

"I'm sorry but I can't help it. You are our irreplaceable vice after all. Come back in one piece okay?"

"Yeah, sure." Levina added the electrical field layers, as the gunfire and explosions becoming more intense. "I will."

"Good luck. You'll need it." Livia tossed the communicator back at the disciplinary member. She started to walk around the hallway while tending the wounded and calming some panicked ones. "I wonder if anyone knew about the mecha going around the second floor just wiping soldiers out as if it was dust."

Adrian slowly opened his eyes, coming to his senses. He looked around and got to his feet. He looked at himself, trying to figure out what had happened. His eyes were still glowing when he heard the gunfire from the school. He sprinted to the building and ran around the wall. He got into the garden from behind and climbed up the window on the first floor. He heard more gunfire and walked towards the corridor.

Levina decided that she can't be pinned down here forever. But if she moved away, it could be the death flag for everyone upstairs. She decided to make a good use of her electrical telepathy ability. Levina covers the entire area inside a electrical dome. Small voltage, but the layers is thick enough to deflect bullets, grenades and even an RPG. She closed her eyes and focused to find familiar brainwaves, then locating them.
She found one. Jayden's. In the toilet.
And to her surprise, Adrian's.
Adrian. She sent her message via brainwaves. Can you hear me? It's your Vice President, Levina Hall.

Adrian flinched upon hearing her voice. "What the fuck...?"

It shames me to say this, but i need your help. Please go and pick up Jayden in the bathroom of the first floor. After you do, come over to the stairway. We will defend it together.

"No, fuck you," Adrian snarled. "I'm not going to the bathroom with your boyfriend because you told me to."

As expected. Take him to the stairway, and you can fight a plenty of enemy here.

Adrian kept snarling at Levina's voice in his head. " I told you to fuck off. I have no reason to help you."

Away from all the madness, Arthur strolled into the school ground at an unbelievable late time. With his book held within his grasp he dashed towards the building to see a pile of bodies laying on the ground. He looked round to see nothing but disorder, "What the hell happened in here?" he asked himself as he approached the entrance of the school.
Coming to a sudden halt as he entered the building through the ground floor, the state of the building was a rather messy. The thought of the condition of his fellow peers troubled him, unfortunately he didn't have much time to worry as he was distracted by a voice. It sounded quite familiar. Confused at first, Arthur listened to what the voice had to say.

You will have one. This is a direct order from Levina Hall, the Student Council's Vice President. Second Year Student Arthur Blake is to rescue and help The President of the Student Council, Jayden Warfield, to the stairway of the first floor

Arthur was stuck between helping out the student council or not. The fact that the Vice President was calling on him to help out proved that the gravity of this situation was serious. Gripping on to his book firmly he answered saying, "Copy. I never thought I would ever be in this position." Opening his book swiftly he flicked towards the third page, calling out the names of the different skills he required for this task. "Mixed-Martial Art style mixed with Muay Thai, Parkour, Stealth & Knife throwing capabilities". He took off, carefully moving around the school with stealth.

"Direct order. So scary. As if you would've helped me in a similar situation!"

Listen. I'm stopping anyone to go upstairs and slaughter those who take refugee upstairs. I got my hand full and cannot really take a break time to pick up Jayden. You want me to go to him and letting these bastard slips away? And both you and Jayden get to ambush these people from behind, too.

"... Which bathroom?"


"Fine, I'll help you this one time but only because other lives are at stake. You owe me one!"

Fine, whatever. Just go and take June out on a date or something. I'll give her one-day break. Rumors are spreading fast, you know?

"Wh--? You--! I'll--!"

Just go. Save Jayden's ass and head to the stairway. Things are getting crazier here

"I'll get someone to go for him. You idiots won't last 5 minutes without help."

Don't make me repeat my self, Adrian. You go get him and fight together with him. There is no left in the first floor and the second floor. Just us and these bastards.

"There's someone stronger than both of us. I'll call him now."

Then do it while running to where Jayden is.

Safely getting past the ground floor level, he came to halt as the stench of remains infiltrated his nostrils. Placing his book within his blazer pocket he carefully unbuttoned his blazer buttons, placing his right hand before dashing up the staircase towards the second floor.


2.1 The comeback of Camilla
After a nice sleep, Camilla woke up and found herself in a room with survivors. Her memory was in a mess but she does remember about the mecha, terrorist, and Anna. She slowly got up and sneaked outside of the room. Camilla knows that the bloodlust on Anna isn't emptied yet. She had to strain her body for Anna's bloodlust otherwise bad things gonna happen to her. She went around the long way where only few students were. As she reached the stairs on the other side of the building, she looked left and right but saw no one. Nodding to herself, she went downstairs to the 2nd floor. She peeked in to see the results for a bit, which weren't very nice at all. Mangled, burnt, and pieces of corpses lying on the hallways while giving off a horrible rotting smell. She gulped and went to the first floor. She stopped halfway through the steps and called out to Anna in her mind. "Anna? Anna.. Wake up.. You're going to be having a bit more fun... Her eccentric mind responded with Anna's voice, which is similar to Camilla's. "Yaaaay! More guts and intestines on the floor for the buggers! But what a shame. You can't really enjoy something like this can you?. Camilla shook her head and let Anna take her body into full control. Her worried look slowly turned into that of a psychopathic murderer who had a plan to kill more soldiers without risking death. The now known Anna flipped through her sketchbook while staying on the stairs slightly.
Anna entered into the hallways and walked around leisurely. She saw quite a lot of terrorists and such. As a safety mechanism, she summons out another robot but it was rather different from the one before. It had skimpy legs making it easier to move and dodge terrorists' rockets. But one rocket shot at the leg would be a disaster for this version of the mecha. The armament is a little simpler. Its arm is jammed with rocket launcher, heck the right arm has a sword attached onto its arm waiting for it to be extended and used in battle. There are two huge heavy .50 caliber machine gun turrets on its shoulder. It had two small cannons on top of the machine turrets. Anna looked around the robot while nodding proudly. The robot helped the psychopathic girl up to its shoulder. Anna tapped lightly and the robot started moving again and ready to unleash hell to the terrorists.

2.2 A small complication of Adrian and Arthur
Adrian slowly walked up the stairs, not making a noise, with soldiers lying on the ground, knocked out. He heard the gunshots from ahead. He felt the same sensation he'd felt during the mock battle.

Arthur suddenly came to a halt, while remaining on the tip of his toes. A figure stood before him with his back turned towards to Arthur. He began to take steps up the stairs one foot on a step at a time, the pace at which he moved was slow yet steady until he reached the step before the stranger. Arthur would then leap towards it casting his right arm over the neck of the stranger following it through with his left arm which locked his right hand, he would prepare to drop both of their bodies as he wrapped his right leg around the strangers right.

Adrian flipped his phone open and hit a few buttons. Right after, he put it back in his pocket. The moment his hand reached his pocket, he felt an arm around his neck and his arms get grabbed from behind. "What the--!?"

Arthur then moved on to kicking of the ground with his left leg forcing both their bodies to fall forward with Arthur landing on top of it. He then heard the voice of the stranger seconds before they landed. Making use of the advantage he had over his opponent, he looked down to find out who it is.

Adrian struggled, trying to break free. "Shit... I didn't even notice you..." He closed his eyes, believing one of the Purgatory member's had caught him.

Arthur immediately released his grip over the stranger pushing his body away from his with a brush of his foot. He then crawled backwards pushing his body upwards before regaining balance. He kept his eyes on his target to confirm whether it was truly a soldier.

Feeling the grip around him loosen, Adrian planted one foot in the ground. He pushed himself off the ground with two hands and one leg. He swiftly swung his foot around the ground, still ducking.

Arthur got into his battle stance placing both his hands, clenched, right before his head. "Oi reveal who you are?" The stranger then swept his foot across the floor to which Arthur responded immediately leaping backwards. He still couldn't recognize who it was, after all the strange appearance of his target prevented him from engaging into combat.

Adrian quickly pushed himself off the ground and leapt at his attacker. His eyes shone as he flew at the student. "Arthur?"

As soon as Arthur was about to land on the ground his opponent had quickly launched himself towards him. The speed at which he flew was very fast and unfortunately for Arthur he couldn't react in time. However he took this time to study his movement, with a smirk he simply placed both his arms together shielding his chest area. He was then pushed back with force causing his body to slam into some lockers nearby. "Arthur?" He looked up at the stranger to see that his opponent was in fact Adrian.

Adrian rolled on the ground and landed on his back. "Ow..." He sat up and stared at Arthur. "Why the hell did you attack me!?"

Grinding his teeth together, he slowly stood up robbing his back gently with his hand. He looked back at Adrian. He was annoyed; in response he said "You looked suspicious from behind. Damn it what was that for!? I thought we were friends!"

"I didn't know it was you! You were the one who attacked first," he yelled back.
"How the hell did you sneak up on me anyway!?"

A first-year girl with a torn uniform but with the Disciplinary symbol still proudly displayed suddenly flew out from the hallway in front of the two Delinquents her Wave powers saving her life, but her makeshift shield shattered as she shakily stood up with blood pouring down her wounds, she turned around and saw the two students, "You two, what are you doing here? Students should be on the third floor!"

Arthur ceased rubbing his back as the sight of someone's body flying between him and Adrian interrupted their conversation. He looked down at her, judging from the way she stood up, it was clear that she was injured. She spoke out to them, asking them for the reason why they were here. Arthur's facial expression was straight, responding to her bluntly "We're not students. Thanks for taking time out of your day to care."

Michael was growing concerned at the lack of voices on his communicator so he took a roll call to get a head-count of the amount of men left, "All squads report in on current status besides 1,4, and 5, this is Commander Michael, report in all squads."

The girl saw the terrorists starting to approach them and she doesn't know what happened to her squad after the explosion when her communicator blared out,
"All squads report in," Turning to the two young men, she said, "Students or not you have to get out of here, stay behind me, I'll protect you two." To her communicator she said, "Squad 9 reporting in, status of members unconfirmed we got separated, squad member Jocelyn reporting in, Commander June has not been responding chain of command is lost." Shutting the door to and blocking it with a table to stall the terrorists hoping her teammates survived the explosion too she told the two strangers, "Come on, I'll take you to the safe area," as she limped towards them.

"What a joke," he mumbled. "You're hurt and wounded, kid. You're the one who should stick with us. We're the ones who have to protect you."

Shaking her head she said, "It's my job to defend the people in this school, that's why I'm in the Council----" she was cut off as the door she blocked exploded and the RPG user came back, "There you are you damn fighter, say good night" as he shot the weapon at her.
"FUCK, GET OUT OF HERE, I'LL BLOCK THE ATTACK" as she used her powers to create a large barrier, knowing that she would not survive this but at least it would stop the projectile in its path.

A minute later into their discussion the sound of an explosion interrupted them. The student council member now known as Jocelyn warned them. It was all too much for him to take in as the barrier appeared before them shielding them from the enemies attack. "Crap, Adrian let's move" he said before preparing to run.
Adrian hesitated. He kept staring at the source of the explosion, trying to see the aftermath.

The RPG exploded and the only thing left of the girl was pieces of her uniform with the insignia shining in the sunlight, bloody and burnt but proud. The barrier however saved the two delinquents from injury, the communicator rolled on the floor toward the feet of the two students with Michael's voice calling out, "Jocelyn, Jocelyn, can you hear me, where is your location? What was that sound"
"Your fighter's gone, come with me and we won't hurt you." the burly man said to the two teens recognizing them as non-fighters for their lack of an insignia.

Adrian flinched and stared at the scene with horror. "She's... dead..." He started hyperventilating. "What the hell...? How...?" He fell on his knees. "Why did she die...? She didn't do anything wrong..."
His eyes started glowing wildly as rage built up inside him. "I'll..." He got to his feet and stared at the man with manic eyes. "...Kill you for what you did..."
He started walking towards the soldier. "I'll definitely kill you..."

"Just give up kid, her mistake was challenging Purgatory, don't be dumb and do the same thing and surrender." The big guy stated.

Knowing by now that squad leaders were usually Wave users, Adrian didn't give him a chance to activate his trigger, disappearing and reappearing with the sound of shattered glass the window behind the man exploded and Adrian's hand stuck out in front of his chest as the man dropped to his knees in shock and fell.

Arthur clenched his fist, grinding his teeth together once again. What he had just witnessed was insane and horrific despite his dislike towards the disciplinary members the death of a student was unacceptable. He looked down as he heard a sound coming from below, it was coming from a device. Crouching down to study what it was, Arthur held it in his hands placing it near his right ear hearing something which he couldn't pick up. He then placed it on his ear, speaking into the device "Who is it?"

Michael was glad when there was a quick reply, but quickly grew concerned when the voice changed from female to a distinct male voice, "Who are you, and what did you do with her?" he clenched his fists, he had a feeling that the Corps just lost another member, "If you're holding her hostage, you better let her go now." he growled out.

Arthur looked puzzled as he heard the voice. He eventually realized that it was a communicator and remained silent as the voice spoke, the way in which the person spoke was quite cold. He responded to the voice, saying, "The names Arthur and I'm a student. We don't have much time, as for your partner.. I'm afraid to tell you that she's gone."

He clenched his fists harder as another confirmed death was added to the total, "Are you alright, are there any members left there?" More quietly he said, "Did she succeed in doing her job? Did she at least die without pain?" his voice was nearly a whisper at the end, he couldn't show emotion, not right now in this chaos.

Arthur felt quite sad as he spoke; he still managed to maintain his composure and normal facial expression. He exhaled, "I'm currently with another student and we have not seen any other members of your team." The voice was much more quite now; Arthur briefly joined him in mourning over her death. "She did a great job." Ignoring his final question, he said "Don't worry, we don't plan on letting her die in vain"

'I just got confirmation of the remnants of squad 9, there are 2 active members left, they should be coming to you two shortly, follow them, they will protect you with their lives. Good luck and be safe." Michael cut the line off, 2 men left out of a 6 man unit, he hoped it was enough to get those two out of the war zone. "Things aren't going good, all 3 commanders are out of the fight, I have to assume June is either dead or badly injured, hope her squads are doing alright."
"Squad 7, the medic squad reporting in a female voice called in that he knew wasn't the officer in charge, we have four injured and is missing our CO, met up with squad 2 and are proceeding together squad 2 has 4 injured including the sergeant but are otherwise ok, proceeding to medical wing to patch up injuries."
"Leila, correct? You are given temporary Sgt status due to the amount of injured using your judgment."
"Squad 6 full capabilities protecting 20 students in a standoff at sector A1 with a large contingent of enemies but we have good position no backup needed at this time"

"Squad 3 1 dead, 2 injuries at Sector A9, resting after combat. Sector remains calm at this time"
Two boys limped out supporting one another and they saw the remains of their teammate. Turning their heads away before tears could fall, the taller one said, "Come with us, Jocelyn did her job, we're going to finish it."

Arthur watched as two boys approached him, one leaning on the other for support, it was weird as the other leaned on his teammate as well. "What the hell?" Arthur was annoyed at the fact that more students came to their aid. "You kids aren't in any condition to do your job!"

"As long as we're breathing, we're going to try, our priority is the students, we can serve as bait while we get you to the safe room, it's our job." the shorter of them said with a reassuring smile before coughing up a bit of blood.

"Bollocks!" Arthur held himself back from saying any more; he disliked the fact that they had to do their job in such a condition. He then looked down to see the blood land on the ground; it looked quite fresh and even glistened despite the rough conditions. "Alright but if you're helping us out then, you're doing it under my rules. Your presidents currently in danger"

The tall one who was a 3rd year knew the president personally having served under him when he was still disciplinary, he was concerned but duty came first although he couldn't hide the worry in his eyes when he replied, "H-he used to be one of us, h-he knows the code, students first, we'll get you to safety then support him."

Arthur screwed his face up in response, he spoke out and said "Don't be silly. I don't want that student protection bullcrap. It was your Vice President who proposed this idea, if you go back on what she says, wouldn't that count as disobedience."

With the VP card played, the two students rapidly paled, the taller one fearfully said, "Well if VP said so..."

2.3 The introduction of the elemental team
"So the weaklings are forced to retreat to the first floor?" A man who is busy chewing gum asked. "Ridiculous. We're fighting goddamn students here!"

"According to the reports, we are fighting the Student Council. Who is basically ACADEMIA's army." A girl replied. "The most notable enemy is a huge killing mecha, a strong fire user that incarnates most of our first wave, an outsider, and a girl with the power of electric is now blocking the stairway."

"A fire user!?" Another girl joined the conversation. "Oh! Oh! I wanna fight him! It would be fun!"
"Strategically speaking, it should be Jane. She can put the fire down." The man who chews gum said. "And Sam would have to fight the persistent girl in the stairway. She can't do much against your earth power."

"Sounds great to me." Another male joined the conversation. "Clay and you, Alex, can deal with the other trouble makers in the first floor."

"Can i burn them? May i?" Clay asked. "Pleassseeeeeee?"
"Sure." Alex replied with a smile. "We don't need them anyway. We got our hostages already in the Gym, and after what we did to the army's first wave, i don't think they will be sending any army for a while."
All four members of Purgatory's main attack unit arrived at the entrance of the school building. Corpses are lying in the ground, both of Purgatory member and the students. Explosions and gunfire could be heard from the inside.
"Purgatory's Main Attack Unit, starting battle."

2.4 The Elemental first strike
Thomas cheered as Michael's voice was a godsend, "Michael thank god a commander, June has not been responding at all, Sergeant Thomas from squad 8, we've been holding out at sector A5 for over an hour, I've got 2 dead and sent 2 as messengers as I couldn't key in your frequency under fire, no clue where they are we need help badly--AHHHHGH" His position was suddenly lit on fire courtesy from a Molotov that spread too quickly to be natural.
Michael yelled in his communicator, "Thomas? Thomas? What happened?"

Clay picked up the dropped communicator, "Hey there you must be a commander of some sort, Thomas got burned and I've got the remaining girl hostage, come on down if you want her to live." she taunted as she shut the line but not before making the girl scream in pain into the mic for maximum psychological effect.

No Michael thought, his eyes narrowed as he was not going to stand by anymore "My headache is gone now, I've rested for two hours I'm good, Levina will understand,. He called out crisply at his resting girlfriend, "Fiona, take mission control, I'm going out, send a message out, you get full tactical control now." Fiona saluted him before taking out her communicator to get lock on communication with her, "Commander Fiona here, all squads report directly to me." With a chorus of rogers, she nodded to Michael, "Good luck, be safe," she mouthed as she ordered troops to adjust their positions to minimize casualties. She was still reeling with guilt as her command led to the death of one of her squads, but right now, she had to keep calm and make sure there were not anymore deaths, she's responsible for all of the surviving men now.

Livia finally finished inspecting everyone in the 3rd floor. Took her too damn long to even do it. She decided to check on Camilla and see if she's doing fine. After opening to door to the room, her eyes widened and her body started to tremble. "Eh?" After a sudden realization and Camilla disappeared, she shouted, "WHERE DID SHE GO!?!" The other shook their heads and Livia rushed out of the hallway and ran all around the floor in search of Camilla. She saw Fiona and rushed towards her, "Fiona! I can't find Camilla anywhere! Did you see her, anywhere?!"

"--alright continue holding point at section A9." When suddenly Livia's voice assaulted her eardrums. Waiting a bit for the line to sink in, she replied, "Um...isn't she rampaging with a giant robot? It's sort of hard to miss..." As she went back to ordering troop movements.

Livia placed her hands on her knees and gasped for breath, "I thought you heard me over the communicator. Camilla and her mecha cleared the 2nd floor and she went up to the 3rd so that she can rest. But the bad thing is that I can't find her again. Ahh goodness gracious this is really bad."

"Hang on let me check, yeah, I just had a confirmation of a sighting of a smaller more agile robot on the first floor just wandering around the mess pres left. Pretty sure that's her there's no other students that can spontaneously create giant robots."

Livia's face went pale when she heard the news. She was thinking that the psychopathic persona took over the innocent girl again. "Fuck.. I can't do anything then... Damn it.. What am I supposed to do?" She looked at Fiona who looked like a complete professional. It's quite rare for her to see Fiona like that. She looked at the other disciplinary members stationed and waiting for orders. Livia asked with a rather curious tone, "Mind if I know what's going on here?"

Fiona was too busy to answer so one of the lower ranking members turned around and answered, "Fiona's coordinating our surviving numbers to limit casualties, I'm here because I have a bullet in my leg and am incapable of combat right now, the others here are all the walking wounded with some here just for fatigue. After they rest up, she'll probably set them to watching over us to make sure we don't get attacked or sending them out as reinforcements"

Livia nodded at the member who just gave her a small sitrep. "Thanks. Also where's Michael? I thought he's responsible for making strategies and taking mission control."

A girl who was massaging her injured leg answered this time with a somber note in her voice, "He was taking roll call as he was worried since he had not heard from June in awhile. He heard the replies from June's squads, who all had the common reply of no response from CO backup needed, two of them died mid-report, with the second death, the killer stole the communicator to gloat and outright threatened him or else they'll kill the last member of the squad so he couldn't stay here, he says he's fully healed, but I don't know." The girl finished with a hint of worry.

Livia let out a small sigh, "He'll make it. I'm pretty sure he will." Livia stretched out her right arm, "I'm also fully-healed now. I can use my powers again. So I'm expecting to be some help here."

"Livia, I know you're not under my command, but I overheard bits and pieces from Levina's comm probably from the button rubbing against her skin or something, but can you please guard the stairwell now? She's struggling a bit with someone from what I can tell and so I doubt she's watching the stairway." Fiona asked rather than ordered.

Livia gave a grumpy salute and said in a teasingly voice, "Roger that, Ms. Nurse!" Without giving time for her to respond back, Livia ran to the stairway and went to the 1st floor and stayed near the stiars. Off the distance she could hear intense fighting going on.

"Quit calling me that," she snapped absently, her wounds were catching up to her and her vision was starting to spin a bit as she heard a slow dripping noise, "Fuck my shoulder wound reopened," she cursed in her head as she continued to redirect movement knowing new information of enemy positioning.

"Commander, are you alright?" A first-year asked. "I'm fine, I'm fine, and can you get me some coffee? And maybe some more bandages." as she tried to get her vision to steady again, "oh and some aspirin." she added as her head was starting to hurt. Remembering something, she rang up Michael's communicator, "Michael the remnants of squad 9 are on a rescue mission to save Jayden who's trapped, rendezvous up with that team before going to against that hostage holder, you may need the backup."

Fionn was given command of a contingent of troops due to the deaths of all the squad leaders near him because they "tripped" and the highly competent council members finished them off without hesitation. They were protecting 20 students in a well-fortified position and they still haven't lost a man, "Thank goodness these guys are good and I'm glad no one died. The elementals are out now, but since I'm here they won't bother attacking this area so this large group of students should be ok" he thought as he kept up the standstill or tried his best to weaken those under his command.

2.5 Anna vs Alex
Anna, the psychopathic personality split of Camilla, kept the rampage going like there's no tomorrow. She destroyed everyone in her sight and her mecha's sight. Her arm's still good and she can still summon 5-7 more sketches. Burnt and disemboweled corpses littered the hallways. She found it strange that there were already burnt corpses when she arrived. She thought that another student or a terrorist went out on a rampage killing his own partners. She figured that she keeps her guard up nearly at all times. Sure, she's a psychopathic and sadistic mass-murderer that thinks nothing but killing people but she still has reason and logic, which allowed keeping her alive. Her mecha successfully kept the rampage on-going and she didn't have to do anything but sit and watch people getting killed left and right As her mecha and Anna entered as corner, a sudden gust of wind that was so strong lifted the mecha and made it crash on the wall. Anna got of the rubble safely and scratched her forehead in pain. "Ouch.. That hurts..." She looked down the hallway and saw a figure of a man being covered by the sunlight. The mecha finally got out of the rubble but it stayed stationary for Anna was holding her pencils upwards. She tilted her head and looked at the figure curiously, "Ohh? And who are you?"

"So you're the pilot? Wow a little girl slaughtering all of us, I'm ashamed, hmm I wonder how vulnerable to my wind blades this hunk of metal is," he said as he tested it out unleashing a sharp and strong wind current at the stationary mecha, leaving a gash in it.

Anna grinned and let her mecha get split into two. Instead of exploding, the mecha turned into a cloud of lead and went into her sketchbook. "Looked like it worked. I offer you a congrats on that small achievement."

Alex pouted at the girl, "Aww why'd you make it go away, I wanted to see how much I could cut, stuff usually gets split open right away, that was the first time it was a gash rather than a split."

Anna laughed like a twisted killer. "Too bad. Looks like my mecha reached the limit." Her eyes widened and grinned widely. She held her sketch open which had various sketches of fighting robots and mechas. "I got plenty in here though. If that's what you want. Isn't better to have a fresh piece of killing machine without rust and all that jazz?"

"That would be awesome, can you summon another one?" Alex looked like a kid in a candy shop as he practically begged her.

She held her sketchbook up and shouted loudly, "MECHA, COME OUT!!" As she finished speaking, a cloud of lead popped out of nowhere and made up another killer robot. It was a heavy brawler by the looks of it. The mecha is still packed with miniguns and rockets. It also had a tank gun right beside its "head" on the right shoulder. It had big metal fists that could probably bend anything. The armor is slightly thicker since it's a heavy-class mecha in her sketchbook and the sloping of the front armor would just make any bullet ricochet without damaging the mecha itself. Anna backed off and jumped on the mecha's shoulder. She laughed and extended her arms as if to welcome someone home, "So let's start this fight shall we?!"

"Haha this is great," Alex laughed as he jumped away to get some distance from the brawler, let's try to see how thick your armor is first," he launched a wind blade right at the torso where the most armor was.

Anna felt the wind blade contact her mecha. The mecha skidded backwards for at least some feets. The mecha stayed in balance and Anna started clapping slowly. "Not bad. Not bad at all. The fact that you made my heavy-class mecha move, surprises me." Anna tapped on the mecha. It raised its arms and locking-in sounds could be heard. In a instant, the mecha unleashed hell with its miniguns, rockets, and tank shells at the one figure.

"Such firepower, and the fact that it moved means the blades had too much force and wasn't sharp enough, let's try with something else," he complimented as he created a barrier of wind to stop the bullets and slicing out with his blades detonating the rockets midair and destroying the shells surrounding the rockets with the resulting explosion. He tried a sharper but slower blade this time in the same area.

Michael walked along toward the first contact point and picked up weapons from all the dead bodies of the terrorists when he heard the sound of combat nearby, he stood at the door gob smacked as he saw a terrorist chop rockets up in midair while maintaining a barrier to stop minigun fire.
"How did he do that, he has the same powers I do, but his ability...."

"Barriers, huh? I don't know his limit but this is already getting boring", Anna yawned loudly and tapped on the mecha to stopped firing. The fired it's booster and made up ground between the Wave user and the mecha. Just lowered it's fist and unleashed a furious uppercut at the terrorist.

"Too slow," he laughed as he used wind currents to change his trajectory avoiding the fist only to take a small cut to his cheek. "What? Another air Wave user?" he turned around to see a teenager as the culprit, having the same powers and with how deep the cut is, he knows the kid's limit already. "Give it up kid, been there done that, you can only last 15 minutes and a barrier will drain you dry right? I can last 30 and a barrier is nothing. [/i] You have no chance and frankly, I'm having way more fun slicing up that hunk of metal, run along now."

Michael blinked, shocked that the guy figured out his abilities so fast, "Well, yeah, he's the same as you he's experienced all of this already." Looking toward whom he was fighting, his jaw dropped as he sputtered out, "Ca-Camilla? W-why are you here???"

"Camilla?" Anna looked at the familiar teenager in shock. "Oh yeaah you're the Michael guy aren't you? You might be wondering why there are mangled and burnt bodies all over the hallways and rooms." Anna let out a twisted and sadistic laughed and looked at the terrorist Wave user, "Hey, you're looking away from your opponent. Don't get distracted, now." The mecha placed both of its hand above it's head and hammered down to the Wave user with massive amount of brute strength.

"Hey now I'm just being polite, you look at people when you talk to them don't you little girl?" he asked as he rolled out of the way of the giant fist.

Michael continued staring at the not-Camilla and managed to ask, "Who the hell are you? You're not Camilla!"

Anna grinned widely and let out another laugh, "Hah! You expect everyone to be polite in a fucking battlefield?! You gotta be kidding me!", Anna clutched onto her stomach and started laughing non-stop. After she stopped laughing, she looked at Michael and shrugged, "Do you think that a defenseless girl like her could cause all this damage? Of course not." She pointed at her forehead temple,
"Camilla's sleeping in here right now. And so I had to take over control of our body and start a rampage on the 2nd and the 1st floor."

Michael could not understand what he was seeing or hearing, he promised Livia he'd watch over her, but at this moment, he had a feeling that she would kill him if he tried to take her away from here, but looking at the damage she caused already it seems like she would be fine. Ruthless logic kicked his emotions to the side as he continued taking in the scene, "She's holding a threat down sufficiently, you have to go support squad 8 before the girl dies, she's not defenseless Camilla, she's a nutjob now, but at least she's a strong nutjob. You have your duty to do let the two crazy people duke it out." Taking on his professional persona he said, "Well I see you're doing a good job at it and don't need me here, just don't die." "Plus I have to practice some more if that is what a true master of wind is capable of, I do NOT ever want to see that side of her again, it's freaking me out."

While they were catching up Alex idly tried different blades on the mecha that was just sitting there managing to get a decent cut on the torso now, "Hmm it looks better with a scratch, I should go into interior design," he idly mused as he continued experimenting.

Anna looked at the guy trying to cut the mecha, "What a gentleman. Cutting this hunk of metal instead of me directly. Anna laughed loudly and asked, "Speaking of which, you still didn't say your name." Just as she finished speaking, the mecha turned around again unleashed another hellish rounds of bullets, rockets, and tank shells.

"This again? I already showed you I can survive this." he questioned as he used the same tactic to survive before trying to cut at the leg this time to see what will happen.

The mecha immediately realized that the Wave user is aiming for its leg. Anna was also well aware of the consequence for an unbalanced mecha. She tapped on the mecha and it immediately responded with a sidestepped onto the wall. It's bulky armor on its wrist turned into an attached sword above its hands. It kicked its boosters in and sped up for a fast swing to kill.

Despite his unhealthy obsession for slicing things up, he was intelligent enough to realize he just found out the mecha's weak point since she had to avoid it rather than let him play around, as she was perfectly willing to do when he attacked the heavier armored areas. Deciding to take a risk because he always wondered what it would be like to parry a sword with his wind, he put his life on the line and swung it at the incoming sword. The bulky armor was no longer armor worthy as it became thinner to be sharp enough to kill and the blade shattered leaving Alex uninjured. "Cool didn't think that would work I wonder if I'll ever fight a swordsmen, would be an interesting duel. Name's Alex by the way, what's yours?"

"Anna." She smirked at the now known Alex, "Looks like you have an unusual desire to cut stuff." The mecha raised its other fist, which didn't covert into a sword on the man's face and unleashed a burst of bullets.

"Cutting stuff up is the biggest thrill," he laughed, "Thanks for the shield though," as he rolled behind the former sword that was dug into the floor now serving as his shield, it was still a big chunk of metal that could easily withstand the roar of bullets as it did not have cutting nor piercing power.

Her plan was going well by the looks of it. Her mecha kept on riddling the metal shield with minigun bullets. While the shield and the million sparks flying in all directions covered the guy’s vision, a small opening appeared on the mecha's back. Inside it was flash bangs, grenades, incendiary bombs and all that sorts. She grabbed a flash bang and grinned widely. She took the pin off and waited for a 1-2 seconds and threw it under the metal shield and heard a loud bang on the other side of the shield.

"Fuck" Alex thought as he was blinded, he used a huge whirlwind barrier made up of all wind blades to make sure nothing can get through without being torn to shreds as he waited for his vision to come back.

Just for safety measures, the mecha shot a rocket and both Anna and her mecha watched as the rocket gets torn into pieces. "This will give me time to make a trap. The mecha unleashed a volley of explosives and bullets around the barrier. With the loud ruckus going on, Anna summoned some small fiends that will explode when she give the signal. These fiends know how to be sneaky and they are silent. They settled beside some rubble behind the barrier and waited 'till Anna gave them the signal. She grumbled to herself, "3 more sketches and my arm's done.." She clenched on her right arm where the pain nearly extended halfway between her wrist and elbow. She summoned out an overwhelming amount of tentacles, which popped out of the ground.

Alex could feel his vision coming back but his phone started vibrating, "Fuck almost my limit, gotta recharge," he thought. When his vision came back, he tossed a smoke-bomb out and unleashed his barrier outwards slicing everything in its path and spreading the smoke around the entire area he heard a bunch of plops as some things got sliced in half, not wanting to know what it was and using the smoke cover he moved away from the battlefield to activate his trigger, when the smoke cleared he was gone.

Anna cursed under her breath as one of the wind blades grazed her left shoulder. She raised her eyebrow when there isn't anyone when the smoke cleared. "100 bucks that he ran away to recharge his abilities.

Wary of returning to his original spot because if he sliced that many things during his escape to recharge the girl must've been setting a trap, so he arrived via flight making the air currents below him form a makeshift ground for himself. He tossed a blade at the back of the mecha again curiosity overcoming common sense and not aiming for the girl, "Miss me princess?" he called out.

The mecha staggered forwards but stay in balanced. A small crack appeared on the back and few hydraulics were cut short making it's right arm disabled. The mecha turned around at the terrorist but didn't shoot and waited for Anna's orders. She looked at the terrorist and said with a small grin. "Not really. Unfortunately for you, I already have a white princess and I have no need for another one." More tentacles popped out of the ground around the terrorist and surrounded him. The unnoticed fiends got into position again ready to lunge at Anna's order. The mecha stayed stationary and waited for Anna's order for another volley of fire.

"Aww I'm hurt, I thought we were friends, we're having so much fun here, and tentacles? Kinky, ironic that it's the guy getting chased while the cute girl watches." he said as he drifted further away from the tentacles and throwing blades at them slicing them up.

Anna grinned, "You might find me cute, but no one wanna get near me or they will experience hell..." Anna snapped her fingers, "Like you are right now." Just as she finished speaking, unnoticed fiends lunged and grabbed onto the man's legs and arm. A hideous monster, which is the source of the tentacles, appeared behind the psychopathic girl with spare tentacles readied to pierce the terrorist. Anna held her left arm upwards and readied to explode the fiends. Anna called out to the terrorist, "You got no option here. Cut them and they'll explode. Try to blow them away and I'll snap my fingers again. Those small fiends are quite capable of blowing a whole classroom."

Alex started laughing like an insane person would, "HAHAHA, I can't believe it this is the best fight ever! Best fun I've had in awhile, I can't believe I'm starring in a hentai right now, honestly not what I would've expected, I thought there would be more girls." Looking at the tiny girl he continued, "If I detonate these you know you're going out with me right? I'm within 25 feet of you any explosion will take you out with me."

Anna laughed like a psychopathic maniac. She bobbed her head to her side where the mecha was. The mecha was shifting nearly all of its armor on the front and stayed ready to jump in to protect it's owner.

He cracked a smile at the little psychopath, "Not good enough, I know the weak spots of your mecha, you know I can launch a ton of blades and slice it's weak points off causing the armor to fail, but I like you kid, you're gonna grow up to be interesting, so I won't. I'll watch you from hell, always wanted to die a hentai star just the wrong type of hentai, I guess beggars can't be choosers. I wonder if things in hell could be cut as easily as the things here," With one last psychotic grin at the little psycho that he could see himself mirrored in he detonated the tentacles wrapped around him.

The mecha immediately stood in front of the psychopathic little girl as the explosion rocked the entire hallway. Shockwaves can be felt throughout the whole school building. After the cloud and dust cleared, nothing remained instead of destroyed walls and charred cement leaving a black spot in the middle of the hallway. The mecha, which is heavily damaged, disappeared back into her sketchbook. Anna sighed deeply and grumbled; "I'll see you in hell whenever I die. Have fun cutting things up in hell." She turned around and started limping away from the explosion site while clenching tightly onto her arm.

2.6 Levina vs Sam
One or two student went downstairs and make a quick dash. Levina can't stop them, she doesn't even got time to check who they are.
Currently, things are eerily quiet.
No more gunshots.
No more RPG blast.
No more grenades.
Just… quiet. Quiet because that big ass rock didn't make any sound when it was launched and hit her electrical field. Levina frantically stood up, and raised both her palm to strengthen her defense.
Then the freakin' gun fire started. It's hard trying to defend the whole dome in her current condition. Several bullets managed to get past her defensive layers. Two landed in her back, it didn't hit anything vital, fortunately. The big ass rock dropped to the ground all the sudden.

"Stop firing! I told you to stop fighting and let me deal with her all alone, didn't i?" A man appears, and looks really pissed out. He turned at her and asked, "I am really sorry for my subordinates disobedience."

"Who the fuck…?"
Levina let her energy field dissipates. She take this short time to rest, despite the risk of get suddenly attacked. "Who the fuck are you?!"

"One of Purgatory's Main Attack Unit. You can call me Sam. I'm the most polite of four..." The man introduced him self. "Especially to my enemy."

"Name is Levina Hall. Academia's Student Council's Vice President." Levina replied. "And I think I'm the politest of all too."

Her now-enemy smiled. "Then, can we begin our fight?"

The big ass rock is lifted again all the sudden, and then launched at her. Levina dropped her self to the ground just in time as the big ass rock flew above her and hit the wall, tearing it down. More rock for this earth-user to be use against her.
Levina swipe her left hand, creating a dozen of electrical missiles and sending them off.

She can see Sam raised his arm, lifting several large rocks as his shield.
But he wasn't her target.
It was the soldiers, the one that actually carry weapons and troublesome weaker Wave user. It will be a big trouble if they managed to slip past her while she is busy fighting with Sam.

"You-!" Sam roared angrily, as he realized that most of his subordinates in the area is now dead or incapacitated. "You-!"

Levina gave him a taunting smile as she slowly stands up, wiping the blood off her nose. "Whoops."
Levina presses her communicator. "Your Vice Pres speaking," Levina said. She tried her best to hide her shaky tone. "Engaging a troublesome enemy in the first floor. I will be back shortly. I will give you all a direct order, DO NOT LEAVE THE THIRD FLOOR. PROTECT THE THIRD FLOOR, AND EVACUATE ALL NON-COMBAT PERSONNEL TO THE FOURTH AND FIFTH FLOOR."
She took her communicator off, then randomly throwing it away. She doesn't want her subordinates to hear whatever she is going to face in a moment; she doesn't want to hear them worrying about her too.
Levina looked at Sam. "Yeah. Now we can begin."

2.7 Start of the second wave
# Fionn, this is HQ. Team Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Falcon, and Echo are going to launch a strike from land and ground. ETA is 2 or 3 hours, as we are still preparing the tanks. Can you make sure that the Elementals and Captain Callian is busy during that time? #
Fionn winced at the tall task he was being asked to do, the gunfire was covering his communication and he replied, "I'll try to stall as long as I can, these are good kids they're holding well, but I'm not sure how much longer they can last."
# Good. Good luck, Fionn #

"Captain, reporting in! The number of causalities in the first floor is increasing!" A Purgatory member reported in.
Captain Callian had just send his demand, which is a shout out to the United Nation to the whole world that they should stop relying so much to the Defenders and to the power of a Wave. His video of demand is now being showed by all television station across the globe. Captain Callian is monitoring the whole thing from his control room in the Gymnasium.
"Fools! They're only kids!"
"The Elementals have engaged the enemy." The member continued.
A smile is formed in Captain Callian's face. "Send in our second wave! Tell them to stay away from the Elementals, thought. Let them have their fun!"

2.8 The standoff of squad 3
The sergeant of squad 3 cursed as she updated HQ, "Sector A9 is untenable now, I count at least 20 enemies coming in, do I have permission to retreat or hold until last man?."

Fiona groaned in frustration as sector A9 was a choke point but they only had 3 men left there, "Take your men to sector A11, it's a better position there and you can take crack shots at them as they come through. Unfortunately VP has tied my hands and no reinforcements are coming I'm sorry. Retreat to third floor as soon as you feel like you will be overwhelmed, do not die on me soldier."
Aaron walked through the corridors of the first floor, avoiding soldiers as much as he could. He heard young voices around the corner and walked around to see who was talking.

"I'll try my best commander," the girl put her communicator away and explained the situation to her combat capable squad mates. Grim-faced they nodded as they prepared their last stand, the sergeant clasped her hands together before unleashing a ray of light from her eyes incinerating the lead soldier and creating a small wall of fire burning some men before they regrouped.

The detective walked towards the students fighting for their lives with his hands in his pockets.

The boy to the sergeant's left closed his eyes and chanted something unintelligible before opening his eyes and streaks of shadow suddenly rained down on the approaching mercenaries killing 6 of them before a Wave user in their ranks summoned up a barrier negating the effects.

He stood behind the students. "You shouldn't leave your back unguarded. Someone might attack you from behind."

"SHIT," the students turned around with fear in their eyes, but still defiantly glared at there soon to be killer until the end, two of them were long-range users and they could not do anything. The other boy after coughing twice summoned up a sharp whip of light and swung at the arrival trying to protect his squad mates.

Aaron protected himself and put his hands up high. "Haha... I was joking. I'm on your side."
He had a smile on his face as he spoke. "Though you should be more careful."

Letting out a sigh of relief, the two lower ranked ones blushed a bit in embarrassment, while the sergeant said, "We didn't have time to watch our flank we were just forced to retreat from our position and we could not set up anything before the enemy came within range. I had to abandon the body of my comrade to these assholes as he was extra weight that we could not carry when we had two injured with us," she finished as she pointed to the two girls. "Please can you at least take the injured away so they don't get killed here?" she practically begged the unexpected ally.

Aaron shook his head and put his hand on the student's shoulder. He walked past them and up to the barrier. "Lower it and I'll get you out of here."

Trusting the man in front of her, the sergeant nodded to her underlings to lower the barrier as she clapped her hands together again, right when they lowered it she blasted out another ray to halt the advance of the mercenaries with another wall of fire, she immediately saw a Wave user start channeling water in the atmosphere to put out the fire. She turned her gaze to the adult, "The wall of fire won't hold much longer, I hope you can do this fast."

"How many of them are there?"

"Enemies? I counted at least 20 most likely there's more. We have 5 students here and 2 of them are injured."

Aaron started walking towards the soldiers. Every bullet that penetrated the wall of fire stopped in mid air and fell on the ground right before it passed Aaron. He kept walking with his hands in his pockets. He mumbled quietly. "Go and crush them." The soldiers were suddenly flung across the corridor. The befuddled men, filled with confusion and panic, hit the wall and just as they were about to hit the ground, they hit the wall again. The wall broke and blood came out of their mouths. Aaron let out a warm smile and turned to the students. "There should be more around the corner. Just make sure no one comes from behind."

The three students stared in awe at the man decimating the forces in front of them, "G-got it," they chorused as they proceeded to defend the flank, an easy job given their strategic location which forced enemy men to come one by one, with two long range Wave users it was like shooting fish in a barrel.

"We'll keep moving until we reach the staircase. Once you kids get upstairs, get some rest," he said with a kind voice as he crushed the soldiers one by one.

2.9 Levina and Livia vs Sam continuation
This Sam guy is in a totally different level.

His attack and his defense is equally good, especially his defense. Levina can't really get pass through it.

They have been fighting for quite a long time now, launching long ranged attack to see how good their enemy is.

Sam raised his hand, lifting several small rocks and threw it in a hi-speed towards Levina. She creates an electrical field that deflects all but one, that grazed her left shoulder. To counter it, Levina creates yet another dozen of electrical missile. This time, however, she solidifies it.
As expected, the solidified electrical missile is capable of penetrating Sam's rock shield. Sam, who clearly not expecting it, managed to evade. Levina smiled as she noticed that her missile hits his right arm.

"I got to say, for a teenage girl you are fighting well." Sam compliments her, as he lift his left arm and raised a large stone missile. Before he could launched it to her, however, it suddenly goes down. "Fuck!"

Levina is surprised to see it happen, but she instantly knows that he has reached his limit somehow. Levina quickly creates a electrical ball, but before she could sent it to Sam she is forced to transform it into a electrical dome instead because Sam's subordinates started to rain her with bullets.

"Protect Sam!" A Purgatory soldier commanded his comrades. "Give him some time!"
Sam quickly takes out a chocolate biscuit from his special pocket and eats it. He can feel his power returning to him. With his just-activated power, Sam once again lifts the stone missile and launches it to Levina.

Levina realized that something is wrong as the soldiers stopped firing all the sudden. As she turned back toward Sam, all she can see is that large stone missile. She quickly thickens her defense, as there is no time for her to make a run to a safer place. Levina make it thick and strong enough to stop a moving plane. And her decision is proofed correct. The missile is deflected, and Levina quickly turned her electrical field into a solidify electrical bullets. She sent it to destroy the large stone, making a thick smoke of dust that she used to cover her run into a safer spot. She hides behind a wall, just located in front of the stairway.
If i make a run now, i can retreat to the third floorLevina stared at it while wiping out blood from her nose.But if i do, many people will die...
Levina smiled weakly, as she swipe her hand to create several solidified missile.

Livia was running around the 1st floor in search of Levina who wasn't guarding the stairways anymore. She stopped on looked into the corner, which seemed to be empty. "Goddamnit where the heck is she at?". Just as she started running, a huge explosion could be heard in the distance. She stumbled as shockwaves made contact with her. "Woah.. The fuck was that?" She kept on running and approached to another corner, which led to the stairs. She peeked and saw some soldiers with guns in guard. She also saw dead soldiers lying on the hallway and they were smoking. Clearly from a electrical bolt from Levina. She activated her main power and enlarged the paintbrush and waited patiently for an opportunity.

"Like hell i sacrifice everyone for my own good."
Levina then sent the missiles to the hallway in front of her, that is still covered in dust. She uses her enemy brainwaves to detect their whereabouts. Her first target is obviously the small fries. They're really troublesome. She directed her missiles there and blasted them away. She can hear the explosion and their last cry. She, however, just noticed additional brainwaves. Livia's. She is standing pretty close to her targets.
Livia?! Levina contacted her through their brainwaves. Why are you here?!
As she waits for her answer, she launched the rest of her missiles to Sam.

"The hell are you doing Vice? You're getting beaten up by these guys?". Levina immediately killed some terrorists. Some took cover and saved themselves. Livia took in a deep breath and sighed. "I'm helping you vice no matter what your freaking opinion is. You're too important for us. Livia's paintbrush has a tint of red and black. She popped out of her cover and took the remaining soldiers by surprise with splotches of black and red. She activated her sub-powers and the paint turned into gasoline and fire and resulted into consecutive explosions, which diminished the last soldiers alive. She couldn't see the wave terrorist and stayed alert.

Don't! It's dangerous! Levina sighed. Well, you are here now... Stay back!
The dust cloud is starting to dissipate, and the only way for Levina to attack Sam is to make a run for it. She noticed that Sam is smart enough to move away, staying out of the dust cloud. Levina noticed that she have lost enough blood, and even already getting nosebleed. But she still feels ok. Maybe it's because of the adrenaline rush?
Either way, she solidify several electrical missile and make a barrier in front of her before standing up and make a run towards her enemy.

Livia watched as Levina made a run towards the wave user. She had no other choice but support Levina. This time her paintbrush for the first time had a color combination of three, white, blue, and gray. Livia quickly painted the floor with a single stroke. She activated her sub-power again and dozens of amplified electrical bolts rushed towards Levina. Since Livia had control with the bolts thanks to the white, which let’s her control air, the electrical bolts, went around Levina and Livia hoped that Levina could use the amplified bolts that are surrounding her.

Sam heard two explosions. One is a large one and happens rather further away, one is close by. He is in a safe zone now. Standing few meter outside the dust cloud. He knows that staying inside means suicide. He heard footsteps. A rather quick one. Sam could see one shadow running towards him from the dust cloud. From the body posture, he knows that it wasn't any of his men. It was that girl.
Sam frantically sent out his sharp-edged stones and several large stone toward her, before lifting up several large wall-parts to make a defensive dome for him. Obviously, he doesn't want to be hit by one of this girl's dangerous missile nor her companion's attack from another side.

Levina is surprised to find out that she got an additional temporary electrical power from Livia. She knows it's from her, somehow. Using the additional power, she thickens her defense barrier and spread it out to stop the attack. Levina then sent her missiles to stop the large stones. She kept running, ignoring the pain and new injuries made by the sharp-edged stone that managed to penetrates her electrical layers somehow. By the time Levina runs out of the dust cloud, she sees a stone dome protecting Sam inside.
Levina dashed, solidifying a really long spear from Livia's additional electrical power. It's edge is really large and sharp.
Levina roared as she jumped and stab the stone dome. It stopped midway, and Levina could hear Sam laughing from the inside of the stone dome.

"You can't penetrate it!" Sam taunted. "You can't!"

"I can't penetrate it." Levina jumped off, leaving the spear that is stuck in the stone dome. "But who says I’m going to stab through it?"

With a finger snap, Levina blew the spear off. It didn't kill Sam. The falling stones did. The dome shatters and buried Sam beneath it. Levina didn't feel his brainwaves anymore. He couldn't be alive. After all, stones are falling into his headfirst.

Livia watched as Levina used all her might and covered the wave user in rubbles. She ran to Levina and saw the extents of her injuries. "For freak's sake, Vice. You look horrible..." Livia looked at the pile of rubble and asked, "Is the guy dead? We can finish him off if he isn’t."

"He is. Can't feel his brainwave anymore." Levina knelled to the ground. Her pain is taking over her. Her headache, her nosebleed just won't stop and she is feeling dizzy. She lost too many blood and also uses too many power. What can she say? She has been fighting the odds for two hours. "Listen, we gotta find the Pres and save anyone else trapped in the first floor. Go, Livia. I'll guard the stairway."
Levina forced her self to stand back, and weakly walked back to the stairway to defend it.

Livia gave a small salute and shouted, "Roger that, Vice!" She shortened the brush and started running again. She stopped suddenly and looked back at Levina, "Don't overdo yourself, Vice. You're looking really bad. Take care!" Livia ran off in search of survivors and the President.

2.10 The aftermath for Anna
After a short while, Anna kept limping and sustained herself from the injuries she took. She approached the stairway and found a rather familiar student guarding the stairs. Anna limped silently towards the student. Her right leg was burned and her left shoulder was bleeding but it wasn't anything fatal. She looked at the student with her lifeless, crimson eyes and a tiny grin could be seen on her face.

"I won't, I won't." Levina replied Livia, even thought it's too late already. She sat down, leaning to the wall as she takes a quick rest to recover her self. She picked back her communicator in the way. Somehow, it's still functional and not broken.
"Your Vice President speaking," She greeted everyone in the line. "I had just taken down the last enemy that is attacking the stairway with Livia. Livia is now going to pick up any survivors who trapped down here including our President. I want a quick battle report, now!"
That was when Levina noticed something coming. A student. Looked messy and injured there and there, and is walking with a psychotic grin in her face and death in her eyes.
"Are you okay?" Levina asked. She recognized her as the young girl she met before in the second floor. "Go. Retreat back to the third floor."

Anna looked at the student and laughed. "Naah. I'm fine. Thought I just stopped by and rest for a bit and continue the rampage in the 1st floor." The pink-haired psychopath sat on the stairs and stretched out. Her right arm took a toll on the amount of sketches she summoned during that one fight and dangled like a rag doll. She could still summon 1-2 sketches even a sudden battle starts again. But for the time being, It was quiet and quite relaxing. She looked at the student whose glancing at her. "What? You find it puzzling on why there's a first-year on the 1st floor still breathing?"

"No. Now go upstairs." Levina raised her tone. "You are injured and have to get medical support immediately."

"Heh. I told you I'm fine. You don't look great either. Especially with those bullet wounds." Anna placed her left hand on the back of her head and leaned against the wall. "I'll just rest here for a while. I won't be a nuisance for long. If you ignore me..."

"This is an order from your Vice President, retreat to the third floor immediately." Levina finally decided to use her authority.

"Eeehhh..." Anna raised her eyebrow and glanced at the now known Vice President. "Well if it isn't the heartless bitch herself. I'm sorry but I'm not taking orders...." Anna grumbled, "You might wanna wait 'till my other persona takes over. Until then, Imma wait and rest. Unless you want to fry me into a crispy human if that's what you want."

"'My other persona'? Are you suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder?" Levina is a bit of surprised to find out that a student here in Academia is suffering from one. "Call your other personality out then. Tell her i want to speak with her."

"Eeeehh.." Anna shrugged and accepted Levina's request. Anna closed her eyes for a few seconds. After a short while, the pink-haired girl opened her eyes again. Her eyes shone with life and her psycho grin is gone. The girl spoke with a rather calm and gentle voice, "Yes? I heard that you wanted to speak to me."

"Yeah. I want you to retreat to the third floor to receive medical support." Levina repeated her order. "Go. And please don't make me repeat my self."

The girl sighed deeply. "Roger that. If that's what you want...." The pink-haired girl started to walk up until she stopped and looked back at the Vice pres. "Aaah also expect some more mecha support in a short while. Also that loud explosion came from me. I also took out what it seemed to be an elite Purgatory wave user. I'm pretty sure the guy was one of the strongest. There might be other elites in the 1st floor so I advise you to be more careful. And relay this info to the others that are in the 1st now." With that, Camilla started going up the stairs and sought medical support.

"There's more than one then." Levina pressed down her communicator button and speak to everyone in line, "It seems that there is more than one elite Wave users in the Purgatory. They are strong, and presumably every one of them is using element manipulation. Anyway, i have sent a survivor upstairs. She is a first year student and injured. I want her to get a medical treatment as soon as she arrived there."

2.11 Adrian vs Clay

Adrian ran through the halls alone with great speed. He looked around frantically, stressed out. Where's the bathroom...!? Shit... I forgot all about that pyromaniac! He was still running when he felt an abnormal heat from behind. He remembered the sensation of Jayden's fire techniques and jumped to the side. A large ball of fire flew down the corridor and hit the wall, blowing it up. He looked down the hall and saw a girl with a manic look on her face that didn't look much older than him. "What the hell...?"

The woman pouted upon seeing Adrian dodge the attack. "Oooooh! Why did you dodge that?!" She jumped up and down like a child. "No fair!" The path behind the girl was filled with burnt up corpses of soldiers and students. "The other kiddies didn't use tricks like that!"

Adrian stared at the girl, confused. He opened his mouth as if to say something but no voice came out. She stopped whining and yelling and looked at Adrian.

She smiled. "Well... Not like it matters anymore." The bodies turned into ash as she snapped her fingers. Fire rose from the ashes and flew at Adrian. His eyes opened wide upon seeing the speed of the flames. He pushed himself back and jumped down on the garden, rolling. He landed on one knee and leg. The girl followed her, walking. She walked out of the broken wall with fire surrounding her. "OOOH! Damn you! Stand still for god's sake!"

Adrian readied himself. "Who are you?"

The girl smiled and tilted her head. "What, you still don't understand? I'm the fire elemental of the Purgatory!" The flames flew towards him. He cursed under his breath and jumped to the side. The fire followed Adrian as he kept running. He clicked his tongue and stopped in his tracks. Without wasting any time, he jumped at the girl with his fist up in the air. The girl smiled and raised her hand. Adrian's fist closed in on the girl's head, strong enough to snap her neck. The girl's hand was on his chest. Right as Adrian was about to hit her, there was a large explosion. Adrian flew out of the smoke and hit the wall. He bounced off and hit the ground behind the bushes. When the smoke cleared, the girl was smiling. "That's better!"

Adrian looked down at his chest, feeling a searing pain. He saw the blood roll down from the burnt area. He pulled his book out of his pocket, still behind the bushes. He opened a random page with his blood stained hand. He stared at it for a moment.

"Hey! Are you dead?" The girl started walking towards him. "Aw... You were a pretty fun toy to play with though." She looked over the bushes to see the blood covered book on the ground with Adrian nowhere to be seen. Every single window on the side she was on shattered. She flinched upon hearing the sound of the breaking glass.

Adrian appeared in front of the tree in the park, inside a newly formed crater. "You god damn sociopath..."
The student's shirt was now covered in blood and burnt but his chest was clean of any wounds. Blood rolled down his lips as he gritted his teeth. "Who are you people...?"

"I told you," she said, putting her hands on her hip. She tilted her head. "We're The Purgatory. If you're asking who I am, my name's Clay. I'm a lieutenant in our organization. Nice to meet ya!"

Adrian shot a glare at her and wiped the blood off his mouth. "Well, my name's Adrian. I'm the lowest of the low in this school," he said in a condescending tone. "And I'm going to beat the living shit out of you."

"No, no, no," she objected. "That's not how we're going to do it! You're gonna stand still and I'm going to burn your body and use it as a fire source!"
He had an annoyed look on his face. He turned one of his feet sideways.

2.12 Arthur preparing himself for the upcoming battles
Arthur nodded his head at the two boys. He instructed them to stay in the same position while he was at the canteen. He entered the bloody canteen, which was damaged to the extent that there were holes all around it, luckily for him the door to the kitchen had been shot down by what seems to be a rocket, judging by the whole nearby. Entering the kitchen Arthur headed towards the kitchen draw, which was easily accessible due to the damage caused. He looked down to see a set of knives collecting at least 6, which included 3 small bread knives, 2 chef knives and meat clever. Grabbing the chef’s knife wallet he stuffed each one in to a slot and wrapped it around his waist, whipping his book out he looked up the Kendo sword fighting style thus eliminating his MMA ability. Arthur then placed the book and the butcher knife within his pocket. Meeting up with the duo from earlier on he beckoned for them to follow him.

2.13 Meanwhile in the Purgatory HQ
"Our current situation?" A squad leader asked. He is leading the second wave of Purgatory's attack to take over the main school building.

"We lost contact with Lieutenant Alex and Sam. We are trying to reach them but received no answer!" A soldier answered. "Lieutenant Jane is still in her way to annihilate her target, the fire user, while Lieutenant Clay is engaging enemy in combat."
"Then we will separate into two team. One look for Lieutenant Alex and one look for Lieutenant Sam. They probably accidentally broke their communicators. Make haste! We are going to win this shit!"

2.14 Holding the stairway
Michael walked into an area covered by smoke with the crazed laughter of the woman who threatened him earlier to come down. He couldn't find her within all the smoke though but he did recognize the Disciplinary member that was being held prisoner. Using the smoke to his advantage, he snuck towards the girl who was bound, gagged, and had burns on her arms and legs courtesy of the sadistic elemental who tortured her for her own amusement. He saw two guards who were watching the fight with overconfident smirks and taking bets on how long it would last. He took out a silenced pistol that he looted from the large amount of corpses and wrapped his arms around the first guard's neck, twisting harshly, the neck snapped before he took aim at the face of the surprised second guard and pulled the trigger, he fell down without a whimper. He unbound the girl and released her gag before she tearfully wrapped her arms around him mumbling thank your over and over again.
"Shhh, it's alright you're safe now," he comforted her while rubbing her back, "Take a rest, you deserve it. I got you now." To his communicator he said "Squad 8 hostage rescued, preceding to Jayden's last known location now."

Fiona heard Levina's authoritative voice over the speaker and she provided the information so the other students didn't have to, she was getting dizzy and she couldn't see more than 40m her vision was so blurry, but she soldiered on, keeping track of all the troop movements, there has been no more Disciplinary casualties since she took charge. "All units continue doing your duties I shall make the report." Switching to Levina's frequency she started, "Squad 6 is still at full capabilities at a standoff in Sector A1, Squad 3 is under siege at A11 3 healthy 2 injured 1 dead. Surviving members of squad 9 are going to President's last known location. Michael just rescued squad 8's hostage and is proceeding to President's last known location. Squad 8 has 2 MIA." she finished as she took another aspirin to reduce her headache.

"Commander, you need a break, you're looking horrible" one of the injured in the room said in concern, Fiona looked like she was going to pass out any second. Shaking her head she said, "Thanks for the concern, but I'll rest later when everything settles down, someone needs to serve as mission control" as she took a sip of her 2nd cup of coffee.

"Thing's aren't looking good, huh? Fiona, i want you to gather anyone who's still standing and still able to fight. As soon as the Pres here, i will give the order to counter-attack. We can't stay in the defensive position forever." Levina noticed several unknown brainwaves entering the area. Enemies, for sure. "Gotta go. Just do what i told you."
Levina dragged her self and take a quick peek to the hallway. The second wave. There are a lot of them. A hundred- No, more. They haven't noticed her yet, as they are busy checking the bodies of their comrades, checking their pulse for survivors.
Quickly, Levina formed several electric balls and sent them towards her enemies. The electrical ball exploded mid air and rain them down with electrical bolts. This, however, gives away her position to the enemy, who start firing as soon as they snap out of their surprise.
Fuck Levina hides behind the wall just in time. She swipe her hand and send in several electrical missile. Gotta hold 'em off

Massaging her headache, Fiona mumbled a "Roger," before looking at the room to see who was combat capable. "One..two...six, enough for a squad." "Leila," she called out with as strong a voice as she can. When the girl responded and stood in front of her, she ordered, "Michael gave you temporary sergeant status right? Take the five other healthy members with you, your orders are to support Levina and aid in the warzone in a supporting role since your powers are medical in nature, your priority is to patch up any wounded in the field. Levina is planning an attack and your job is to try to keep the fighters as healthy as possible. Your label for this mission is Squad 10. Dismissed."
The girl snapped a salute before taking the 5 healthy members with her. Fiona let out a sigh and banged her head on the desk, getting a short break during the lull right now, before her communicator blares again.

One against a hundred.
They really pushed her to her limit.
Levina is forced to stand for a better ground to attack. She had created an electrical dome big enough to protect the entire stairway. More wave users with varied power, and more RPGs. They really want to take over the stairway. While her right hand is busy to make sure the dome is intact that no kind of attack made it in, her left hand is busy snapping fingers to attack.
Levina couldn't even stand up straight right now. She is too tired, too injured and have lost too many blood. She had just coughed blood, which is a bad sign since she is approaching her limit.
She noticed several footsteps behind her, and turned to see six student running down the stairs.
"No way." Levina pressed down her communicator button using her covered-in-blood-left hand. "Fiona, there is six students running down the stairs here to the first floor. What-the-actual-fuck? I told you to stay back, right?!"

Fiona raised her head up again as her communicator blared, "What? You said gather all the able fighters and send them down to prepare for a counterattack?" Fiona's voice was tinged with worry and fatigue."Did I mishear? That is a possibility, I can't even see straight anymore, did I make another mistake sending them out?" as her guilt started to rise again, memories of Jason's squad flashed through her head.

"Well, whatever, they're here now." Levina sighed. "I'll just make sure that no one died..."
"Oi!" Levina called them. "Stick behind the floating blue shit, or you will get electrocuted. And please start attacking them instead of just standing there."
One of the boys nodded as he started to activate his trigger, the floor beneath him glowed as a tiger and a lion took shape and charged at the enemy. Liela bit her lip as she said, "Um Vice? We're primarily a medic and support squad since we're a mix and match of the surviving members of other squads and have mostly support-type powers. I can create a healing dome that can heal fatigue and injuries."

2.15 The plan to barricade the 2nd floor
Livia kept running everywhere in the 1st floor in search of Jayden and survivors. She also had to keep it stealthy since more enemies seemed to appear. "Is this another attack? They seemed to be more Wave users instead of shooters." Livia approached one of the last classrooms in the far left of the building. She got her paintbrush ready and painted the wall on the opposite side of the door gray so that she would activate it if there were terrorists. She kicked the door opened and scanned the room only to find students ready to kill of whoever was near the door. Livia held her hands up and said "Woaaaaaahh! Friendly!". The students sighed in relief and recognized Livia as the head of the Non-athletic section of the Student Council. One of them said with eyes widened in surprise, "Livia?" Livia looked at the girl and realized that they were the non-athelics. Livia closed the door behind her and approached the non-athelics members. "You guys alright?" She asked in concern. The girl rushed towards Livia and hugged her while crying heavily.
The student behind one of the barricades said, "We were holding off the terrorist in this rooms for nearly and hour or two. They just kept coming non-stop. What are your orders?"
Livia nodded at the students words "Thanks Daniel. And calm down, Alice." She looked at the results of their last stand. 7 students in total. 2 injured and 1 KIA. The rest were either tired or shaken. She looked at the eldest one who she knew closely. "Gwen. We're heading to the stairs. The injured will stay in the middle of the group. The ones who're strong enough are taking the front and the rear and cover the tired and the injured. Got it? I'm having you as the second in command for now." The eldest of the group nodded and started getting the others moving.
After 5 minutes of resting or getting ready for combat, the group of 6 exits the classroom and moved their way to the stairway. After taking some corners carefully, the rear silently spoke, "I hear footsteps...". Livia held her hand up and the group stopped moving. She heard footsteps as well. She whispered to the group, "Go inside that room. We'll avoid the terrorists as much as possible." The group nodded and the went into the room beside them. They managed to set up few barricades but to their shock the door exploded and followed by blind fire by the terrorists’ guns. Livia shouted out, "TAKE COVER NOW!!" She tackled one of non-athelics who happened to be Alice behind a small desk. The other rushed to any cover, which happened to be desks. A grenade rolled in the middle of the room and exploded sending shrapnel and sharp pieces of wood from the desks everywhere. Livia activated her main power the brush had a tint of gray. She stroked the floor once and activated the sub-powers sending lightning bolts to the door. She heard the terrorists last cries and bodies fell on the floor. After a minute of silent, Livia stood up. "Fuck.... Oh god no..." She saw Alice laying on the floor with a bullet on her forehead. Livia looked around the room and saw blood splattered on the walls and desks either in pieces or riddled with bullets. Body pieces were scattered due to the grenade. Others were shot or killed by sharpnels. Only 2 stood up to show that they were alive. Livia walked backwards and placed her hands on her face. "God damnit. Did I do something wrong?"
The two walked towards Livia either crying or shaking in fear. "Boss. We gotta move. Otherwise we'll all die.."
Livia nodded in agreement and wiped her tears off. She grumbled, "Right. No hard emotions during battle. Remember that, Livia." She looked at the two and went to the door. She recognized the two and their powers since they were from the non-athletic section. "Orion. Take the rear. Christa support Orion. I'll the take front. We're gonna rush. The stairways are nearby."
As they went out of the door, they immediately started running towards the stairways, after taking some they arrived to the stairs, which is under heavy attack. Livia yelled out to Levina, "Vice!!!"

"Medic? Make one then, quick!" Levina ordered. She turned her head as she heard a familiar voice calling her. Livia, with two students running behind her. Levina direct her palm toward where they are coming from, opening a hole in her electrical field for them to come in. "Quick!"
Levina, who is surprisingly still able to stand, stomp the ground to create a electrical ball. She kicked it as if it was a soccer ball and let it exploded somewhere in the hallway. Just as her leg landed back in the ground, she coughed blood again. "...Fuck."

Livia and the two non-athelics entered the electrical field. She shouted at the two, "Orion go to the 3rd floor, you're heavily wounded. Christa stay at the stairs and support us." Livia looked at Levina coughing up blood. "Crap.. She looks really bad". She looked at one of the disciplinary member and asked, "Can I have the communicator, please. I need to contact Fiona."

One of the squad members handed their communicator over to Livia while Liela focused on fixing Levina's wounds, she did not create a dome as since Levina was the heavily injured one here, by focusing on one patient rather than an area, the healing becomes faster and more complete.

Livia pressed the button and spoke to the communicator, "Fiona, We're slowly getting overwhelmed here and we still didn't find Pres. Can you order some students to set up some defenses in the 2nd floor in the meanwhile?"

"Damn it," Fiona cursed as she looked at her map and adding up the math from Livia's request, "I have too little men and too many places that needs them, the Disciplinary Corps have done too much heavy fighting today, I am fresh out of combat-ready personal, I'm sorry Livia, I'm out of men." She finished her 4th cup of coffee and took another aspirin, to dull the pain in her shoulder and head while keeping herself awake.

Livia cursed under her breath as she heard that Fiona is out of Disciplinary members. She said to the communicator with a panicked voice, "Can't you ask the non student council or non disciplinary members to do it? In order words, injured students or the ones those are okay."

Fiona groaned, "I don't have the jurisdiction to order non Disciplinary, also you know that regular students usually aren't fighters that's why we have the council in the first place which is made up of our best fighters to protect them and enforce order. I know they can put up a fight, but their casualties will be very very high, I don't really want to send that many unprepared people to serve as a sacrificial delay." her voice sounded extremely stressed out and tired.

Livia sighed deeply in frustration. She pressed the button again, "I just need them to set up barricades through the hallways. They can safely retreat to the 3rd once the defenses are up. Meanwhile Vice and I will hold up in the 1st floor and near the stairs while they're setting up the necessary defenses that the fighters will need. The students that are setting those defenses won't have to fight." She knows that Fiona is extremely tired and stressed but Levina's and Livia's situation is dire. If the soldiers get through the last defense line in the 1st floor with the 2nd floor unprepared for battle, then the terrorist will have a free ticket to massacre all the students in the 3rd floor without any compilations.

"I know," she grumbled frustrated into her communicator, the aspirin was not helping at all. She really misses that medic now. "Maybe I can send some of the wounded that can move, ask for volunteers from the other branches, but warzone could easily spread to the second floor and they would be slaughtered" she thought out loud not realizing that she was speaking.

Livia rubbed her forehead. A small headache appeared just at the wrong moment. "We'll just hold out until they finish and retreat back to the 3rd floor. Make sure they're quick enough. Got it?..." Livia started to stumble and leaned on the wall beside her. Christa, one of the few survivors, rushed to Livia and supported her. Christa said with a worried look, "You're not looking great, boss."

"Um," one of the boys who came down as part of the medical squad said into his communicator, "A few of us from Squad 10 can quickly do some barricade work with some help, Liela has sufficient protection to do her job and so 2 or 3 of us can go and complete the barricade. "Use your judgment then," Fiona ordered, "I don't know the situation there so I can't tell how much men you can spare to do it, update me on what you decide to do."

Christa looked at Livia with concern looked and whispered, "What's your order, Boss?" Livia flinched and her eyes widened with realization."Goodness gracious, I totally forgot that I was the head of the non-athletic section because all of this fighting." She looked at Christa and said, "Go to the 3rd floor. Find other non-athletic members that are healthy and also seek volunteers to get those barricades up. Make sure that you're fast at doing this. Also I'm going to give you temporary sergeant status. Say that to the others okay?" Livia thought it would be risky if she asked Christa to come back to update Livia and Levina if the barricades and done. She looked at one of the disciplinary members who were going to the 2nd floor. "Can you update us with the communicators when you finished?"

"You got it," the boy said as he disappeared with another boy and a girl into the staircase, "3 of us along with one of Livia's faction is proceeding along the stairwell now, any volunteers would speed things up." he updated Fiona. Fiona sighed as at least one problem was out of her mind now, "Alright I'll broadcast the need for volunteers." In the intercom for the 2nd through 5th floors she said, "We need volunteers to put up some barricades on the 2nd floor. There is a good amount of risk involved, and there will be minimal Disciplinary support, but if those barriers aren't put up if the first floor falls we're done for." She hated the fact that she couldn't involve more protection for the important operation and just hoped the first floor held up long enough for the barricade to be put up.
Just as Christa approached the 2nd floor, she spotted some of the non-athletic members ran down the stairs. One of them shouted, "We heard the broadcast about setting up barricades! Where's boss at?!" Christa responded to her friend. "Boss is fine but she's gonna get overwhelmed if we aren't fast. None of us are going to help her got that? I got temporary sergeant status so my orders are to be followed." The members nodded and rushed to one of the hallways to set some barricades.

Levina can feel her bleeding stop, and her wounds started to close one by one. She haven't cough blood in a while, and her nosebleed also stopped. She still lacks of blood and her head still ache, and it might take a while before she back kicking in full power. But in her current condition, it's enough.
She straightened her back. Her eyes shine with anger and coldness. She really feels better now.
While keeping her right hand up to keep the defense up, she swipes her left arm and creates several solidified electrical missile. She thrust her left hand forward, sending it to several corner of the area. The explosion is loud and shakes the ground a bit.

Livia's headache was gone due to the healing from the disciplinary member. She asked Levina, "Hey Vice. Should I use my powers to be used as artillery or should I amplify your lightning shield?"

"Do whatever you want." Levina was too busy making sure that nothing manages to penetrate her electrical field. She swipes her left hand to create more missiles. "Just don't kill your self."

"Roger that!" Livia enlarged her brush and started throwing splotches of black and red to create explosions to the incoming terrorists.

2.16 Adrian vs Clay continuation
Adrian felt heat all around him. Fire rose from the burning earth, creating a dome. The girl tilted her head with her eyes open wide and with a manic smile. "Come on. Don't be scared. It'll only take a second to burn you."
He leapt at her in response. The flames flew towards him from all around. He planted his foot in the ground again after stopping. The flames around him dispersed with a large sound wave. The sand and dirt were lifted into the air. While aiming for Clay, Adrian missed his target because of the smoke. He flew into the edge of the fire. He found himself outside with minor burns on his arms. Shit, shit, shit... I had a shot there, how could I miss!?
He turned back to Clay.
Adrian clicked his tongue. He was already at his limit. It had been a few minutes since he started using the second level of his ability. His vision was slowly blurring and the smoke of the fire made it almost impossible to aim properly. He waited for a few seconds, listening to Clay speaks.

"Oooh! Why won't you stand still!? Please just wait for me to burn you!"

He flinched upon hearing her. Adrenaline pumped through his veins. He threw himself off the ground and found her. Ignoring her flame shield, he jumped through it. In almost an instant, he rammed into the girl's side. She flung up into the air and spun as Adrian stumbled into the wall. The girl fell on the ground and let out a manic laugh. Her shoulder was crushed and the flames retreated to her. They supported her and stood her up.

She stared at Adrian, tilting her head. "That was pretty fast!"

Adrian grumbled, having burned himself and opened new wounds. He slowly got up but Clay launched her flames at her. They hit him like a solid rock, throwing him through the wall and onto the Purgatory's territory.

"Too bad... You were kinda cute, too."

He tried to move but he stopped struggling when he heard the sound of guns getting loaded. The soldiers lifted him and bound his arms. Clay walked up to the half-dead boy and smiled. "That was pretty fun! Too bad I can't burn you now..."

She leaned in and kissed his cheek, leaving a burn. "See ya!"

Adrian grunted, lacking the energy to scream or yell. The soldiers dragged him away.


3.1 Bombardment on the upper floors
"The barrication of the 2nd floor is done," a voice came out from the animal summoner's communicator who stayed with the medical squad on the first floor.

Christa sighed with relief as she finished the last barricade. She looked at the non-athletic members, "Go rest up in the 3rd floor. Remember. No one is allowed to go to the 1st floor." The non-athletic members nodded and went upstairs when a sudden explosion rocked to 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors.
A group of men arrived in the back garden. Most of them carry an RPG.
"Let's do what Squad Leader told us too." The pack leader smiled. "Shoot 'em!"
His subordinates quickly lift their RPGs and shoot them towards the upper floor. It hits the fourth and fifth floor, hard enough to make a small portion of it actually fell into the third floor and creates an open hole in all three floor. The sound of explosion and falling rubble is accompanied by screams of pain and surprise.
"Now!" The pack leader shouted. "Shoot them! Throw the grenades in!"
Liela reported the completion of the barricades back to Fiona who replied, "Good work now---BOOM THUD...silence"
"Commander?...Hello? Commander? Are you there? Please respond...." Liela asked her communicator with growing panic. Still no answer. "No, no, not again? This is the third time I've seen communication cut off today, the other two times meant the user was dead" She was starting to dread what it would mean if the commander serving as mission control was dead and was starting to sweat and breathe faster than normal.

Livia looked at the girl panicked and becoming pale. She heard the explosions to but she was too busy throwing splotches of black and red and making explosions with it. She asked the panicking girl, "What the hell happened!"

"Commander's line got cut off," Liela said in a panic, she tried to calm herself down knowing she was the highest ranking Disciplinary there, she continued in a robotic voice, "The last two times this happened it meant the user was dead, we have to assume HQ and CO is gone unless there's a response." she finished with her hands shaking.

"God damnit!" Livia shouted. "At this rate. I gonna hate these damn communicators! Got any ideas?"

"We hold the line," Liela concluded grimly, "and take out as much as we can for our fallen upstairs."

Christa nearly stumbled from the sudden explosions. She looked in dread as she saw a ceiling collapse on some students and some non-athletics. She looked at the non-athletics near the broken ceiling and shout, "GET THAT RUBBLE OUT. CHECK FOR SUVIVORS UNDER THE RUBBLE!!!" Christa and the others rushed and started getting the rubble out of the bodies.

Camilla heard the explosions coming from upstairs. She was currently getting medical attention but the strange thing is that medics were waiting and rushed towards her when she went entered the 3rd floor. "Looks like they're bombing the fourth and fifth floor." She then heard consecutive smaller explosions. "They want to kill us and the HQ.."

" BOOM, THUD." she got cut off from the loud sound. Fiona ran away from her desk abandoning mission control for a short moment to see what had just happened and the extent of the damages. "Damn it if they annihilate HQ and the medical camp we're done for, this is not helping my headache. I have no more men up here due to VP's orders..... But I might not need full health members." Fiona frantically thought to herself, "Lars, Sylvia, Richard, Carl, I know you guys are injured, but you guys can create makeshift shields correct?" They nodded, but Lars spoke up, "Our shields cannot stand up to RPG fire though."
"Try layering your abilities together, multiple layers SHOULD do the trick, but if it doesn't....." she didn't finish the sentence, they all knew what would happen if the barrier did not hold. The four saluted her with faces full of determination despite their injuries knowing that survival was on their shoulders. They stood out of view from the terrorists outside and erected a 4-layered barrier. Fiona stood with them to give them morale, if the barrier fails, then she will die here. She would've died sooner or later anyways as they would have no means of defense. She stared at the incoming projectiles not closing her eyes, she would face death head on. The barrier shook, moved and bent from the explosions of all the grenades. Seeing that they had a barrier up and grenades would not work, the terrorists tried using an RPG barrage, and the RPG came so close to Fiona's face, she stared at it as if daring it to come closer but the barrier held firm and it exploded outside causing no harm to anything.

Eilian is lucky.
She is standing just a few meters from the sudden explosion in the fourth floor. Next thing she knows, grenade is throwing inside from the outside and bullets are raining down from the outside. Window glades shatter, people being blown up to pieces and students getting riddled by bullets.
Several brave student and school staffs put up a fight, but they died almost immediately.
Eilian her self found her self left the area unscratched. She followed the panic crown to a safer zone in the school wings.

Fiona returned to the desk after confirming the barrier works "Attention 4th and 5th floor students, this is Commander Fiona of the Disciplinary Corps speaking. With the attacks of explosives, those areas are no longer safe, please move to the 3rd floor where our barrier specialists are holding off the attacks, it has been confirmed that no projectiles can go through our barrier." Fiona broadcasted to the school via the 4th and 5th floor intercom.

Her eccentric mind a.k.a Anna spoke in Camilla's head "Looks like the 4th and 5th are the only targets. I don't think that the 3rd floor is targeted, yet. Camilla just nodded her head in agreement. Anna spoke to Camilla's mind again, "When will I get to kill more people?!! I'm boooooreeeeedd!!" Camilla frowned at the thought and spoke to Anna in her head, "Wait 'till my arm and my wounds heal up will ya?".

3.2 Holding off the stairways
A large explosion came from behind, and the sound of explosion is followed by cry of pain and a rather large quake.
"That's not my missile." Levina worriedly say. She quickly presses her communicator button and asked. "What was that? Report, now!"

"There shouldn't any terrorists on the upper floor." Livia remarked. "Perhaps they're bombing the upper floors with air force? Or they're shooting RPGs?" Livia painted the floor gray with one floor and electric bolts streaked throughout the hallway frying the incoming soldiers.

"No. You noticed how they barge in without any air support, right? It should be RPGs attack." Levina send a blast of electricity to the hallway, frying those who gets too close and permanently disable the lucky ones. "Livia, go upstairs and check them up. Help them, if you need too. Take everyone but Liela with you."

Livia shook her head. "No. I'm staying with you. There's no need to for your artillery to fall back" She looked at the one of the disciplinary members. "Go to the upper floors. Come back after inspecting the damage and look if they need help. Liela can stay with us." The two of them nodded and went upstairs while Liela kept the healing up and Livia kept either exploding or frying the incoming soldiers into smithereens.

"Hmph." Levina gives a small smile. "Do whatever you want."
"Livia, I’m going to focus in the attack. I'm going to remove the electrical field. I'll leave the defense to you."

Fiona went back to her desk to see her communicator blaring like crazy. She picked it up and told the people on the other side the situation.
Fiona's voice brought a huge amount of relief to the medic, "Oh thank god it wasn't a 3-peat of cut-off equals death," Liela said to her communicator.

"Roger that, Vice." Livia quickly painted a circle around Levina and Liela with white and red creating a firewall strong enough to block the incoming attack. She painted another circle inside the firewall with blue and white. A water wall formed and its purpose was to amplify Levina's ranged attacks with her electric bolts. "Go for it!"

Levina put her right hand down and thrust it forward, turning the electrical dome into an electrical blast that strikes down anyone who's not fast enough to duck or to hide behind the wall. Next, using her left hand, Levina creates yet another dozen of electrical missile to strike down the survivors of her blast.

Livia asked as she concentrated on keeping both walls up. "What's our next move, Vice? Wait 'till the Pres comes or......?" Livia would never think of leaving the Pres behind and she heard rumors that Michael is in the 1st floor rescuing a hostage.

"That," Levina formed a electrical ball and sent it in. "And staying alive. Actually, i want you to go out and look for other survivors beside those who you take here with you earlier, but for some reason i can sense your determination to stay here."

Livia felt her firewall having contact with another volley of bullets or Wave powers but thankfully it held. She responded, "Well yea. The last time I came to help, you were half dead and nearly killed by that elite user. Speaking of elite wave users, how many of those elite wave users died? Do we have any numbers?"

"Two. That's all that i know. The one that we fought and another one that got beaten by a psychotic first year kid." Levina directed her attack toward the enemy's Wave user, stopping their attack temporarily as they are running around for a safer ground. "And that last time i have already exhaust most of my power to defend the stairway and is greatly outnumbered."

Livia raised her eyebrow and asked, "Psychotic first year kid?" She thought on who would be able to be an elite and by a psycho at the same time. "Is she talking about Ca--- I mean Anna?"

"Huh? She didn't tell me about her name. But she is suffering from MPD-" Levina paused, as she launched two large missiles toward a crowded place. "You know, the Multiple Personality Disorder."

"Crikey... to think that a first year with a mental disorder would kill an elite. Wait why is a first year doing in the first floor anyways and killing elites anyways? " Livia paused for a second and took in a deep breath while concentrating on the fire wall getting riddled with bullets. "Yep... It's Anna."

"Don't ask me. I'm busy trying to keep my self alive."

Livia pouted at the vice president. She felt contact on the firewall behind them. "We got some behind us. I can't concentrate on two sides for a long time."

"It's time to switch then." Levina said. She quickly formed an electrical dome surrounding them and the stairs. "Now you can relax and attack them."

"Phew..." Livia deactivated her water shield but kept the blue stroke there. She then extended her arms rapidly and the two firewalls on both sides streaked across the hallways and burned everyone in plain sight. "Looks like that did it..." She painted the floor besides her white and gray and activated her sub power. Lightning bolts popped out of the paint and streaked across the hallway. Thanks to the white paint, which manipulated air, she kept some lightning bolts at ready to fry anyone coming. "How long do we have to hold out?"

"I don't know. But I’m worried about that large explosions coming from the upper floors..."

Livia cursed under her breath. She let her lightning bolts fry the wave users and soldiers. She painted two strokes facing both hallways in an important order, red, white, and black. Sure the gasoline and fire would create and explosion right after contact, but if there something in between then it won't. She touched both of her hands on the floor and fire gasoline with visible air between the two and a small coat covering both of them. She extended her arms outwards and the elementals launched towards both sides. She clenched her fists and the air disappeared creating a huge explosion, which killed everyone on the hallways.
The hallways were empty for now and Livia placed her hands on her knees. "How's that Vice? Fancy enough?"

"You might actually belong in the Disciplinary section." Levina complimented. "I might ask the Committee to transfer you there after this."

Livia looked at Levina with surprised, "Eeeeeeehhhh!?! Woah, that's a quite small shocker." Livia looked back at the hallways seeing more terrorists taking cover from the rubble. "Well it's an honor anyways." She painted the floor with the same colors she used for the fire and water walls and activated her sub-powers. "Your turn, Vice. I'm kinda tired after using the three color combination."

3.3 The escape of June and Adrian
# Inside a tent in the Gym #
"Captain, Lieutenant Clay managed to capture a kid alive." A soldier reported, as two of his comrades drag Adrian in. "We believe that he was one of the fighter, and held several important information about our enemy forces whereabouts. Other than that, our second team has started to attack the upper floors, which is packed with non-combatants. We also would like to report that Lieutenant Alex and Lieutenant Sam have been killed in action."
"Ah... Alex and Sam... I recruited and trained them both, in the same time like the other two of the Elementals. I know and care about them like my own children..." Captain Callian stood up. He leans closer to Adrian. "Hooo? I'm surprised that Clay didn't burn you to ashes. She have tendency to burn things up, you know? She likes seeing people burned to death. And the voice they make..."
"I don't want to hurt you, boy. Just tell me something important and I'll let you go."

Adrian kept looking down, not saying a word.

"Oi, oi, oi? What's this?" Captain Callian laughed. "You're sad and all down because you got beaten by a girl?"

He mumbled something. "Sadist... fuck..."

"BOY!" Captain Callian was out of patience. He grabbed Adrian's hair and forcefully pulled his head up. "YOU'RE NOT DEAF, AREN'T 'YA? THEN ANSWER!"

Adrian let a small squeal and looked at Callian with tired eyes. "What... do you want...?"

"Tell me every shit about your forces. Who killed Alex? Who killed Sam? Who is the strongest in your army?" Captain Callian demanded. "Tell me about the important places. The current HQ, the current evacuation spots. Every-single-shit."

"I don't... know... anything," he muttered. "I'm just a delinquent... Have pity..."

"Bah! Useless society garbage!" Captain Callian slapped him hard in the face. "Chain him up, and then throw him in with the other hostages."

He let out a small smirk as Callian hit him. The smile turned into a wide grin. He looked down, bearing his teeth.

The soldiers salute Callian, then drag Adrian away out from their commander's tent. They then throw him in the middle of the scared hostage, who lets out a small squeak as they see Adrian hit the ground hard.

A schoolteacher crawls closer and whispers. "Kid, you ok?"

Adrian slowly sat up. "Y...yeah... More or less."

"What's happening outside?" A student asked. "It seems that we're causing them great trouble out there."

"Outside... Oh... The president of the Student Council is missing... The vice president is being an ass like always and people are dying every second," he said with a condescending tone. "And now I got captured, though not before dislocating and breaking that bitch's shoulder..."

"The Pres is not dead, right?" Another student asked, clearly fearing the worst.
"He couldn't be dead. He's stronger than all of us!" A voice shouted.
"The Heartless Monster is still fighting, so our Pres is still alive."
"They're dating, right?"
"No, i don't think they are"
"This isn't a good time to gossip, kids." A school staff interrupted. "You are one of the Delinquents, aren't you? What's your plan?"

Adrian mumbled something. He then turned to the crowd. "I don't have a plan. What could I do in this position?"

"... Good point." The school staff sighed. "Then we can't do anything but to wait?"

Adrian thought for a moment. He turned to one of the students. "Hey, tell me what's binding me and how strong it is."

"Handcuff. Two of them." The school staff leans closer to take a good look. "How'd they even get their hands on Wave handcuffs?! No one could break that handcuff with a Wave power! It also suppressed the wearer's power..."

"Is there a key hole or anything? Describe how it looks!"

"Um, yeah, there's a key hole in the middle of the handcuff. I think it's a custom made key..."

"Yeah, whatever," he said, pushing himself up hastily. "Does anyone have a hairpin or something?"

"I do." A girl took off her hairpin, and placed it in the floor next to Adrian. "Here."

Adrian took the pin from behind and stuck it into the keyhole. He struggled but nothing happened. Shit, shit, shit... Okay. Let's try another way. He closed his eyes, still pushing the pin into the keyhole. He mumbled something indistinguishable.

"Give it up, kid." A schoolteacher suggested. "Real terrorists can't even break free from it."

His eyes shone faintly after he finished talking. Right now, the most I can do is hearing and feeling... Though that should be enough. After I take these off, I'll sneak out of here.
"If I can get out of here, don't say a word," he said silently. "I can't help any of you if I unlock this. They'll capture me again and kill a few people to teach the others a lesson. Got it?"

"We can't." The previous school staff sadly replied. "The key is taken by one of the soldiers."

He glared at the staff member as he shook the pin the keyhole. Ok... So that's that. Good. He started moving the pin slowly rather than violently shaking it. After a few minutes, a click sound was heard. Adrian felt his binds loosen.


"I'm sorry.. So, so sorry.." June muttered beneath her breath. She sat on her knees, in the middle of what would have been her soldiers and commanders she wasn't able to save. Unable to cry or scream, she sat, her now cold body trembling. She had left them to die, to run towards deaths door.
At this point she didn't care of who may have been around, or what happened around her. All she could focus on were the cold corpses surrounding her.
She heard footsteps grow close, and a faint voice, but it was blocked out. June's sight suddenly faded, as she felt a fabric wrap around her eyes. Having the sight of the carcasses disappear from her, she finally came to. Opening her mouth to shout and speak, she was interrupted with a cloth being tied around her mouth, ropes soon going around her ankle and wrists. Feeling panic rise in her lungs, she noticed she was being picked up, and carried away.


The moment Adrian's shackles hit the ground, he disappeared. He reappeared behind a column, hiding in the shadow, looking for a way out.

June heard a soft thunk behind her, sounding like plastic hitting the school tiles. She felt a lightweight escape her hip, as she tried to figure out what fell; her communicator. She began to struggle and squirm in the captor's grasp, trying to get the already broken communicator. Seemingly entering a new room, she heard the echoing of footsteps and grunts. She finally felt the rag drop from her eyes, to around her neck, finding herself in the gym. There were other students, tied up much like she was.

Adrian stared at the entrance from behind the pillar. June… What's she doing here?

Looking around frantically, she stared at her peers struggling and sobbing, a few of them looking unconscious. Some were wounded, much like herself. She hadn't paid much attention to the bullet wound in her shoulder, or the pain coursing through her nerves.
She started to tremble as she watched the captors bring in more students, the other adults walking up and down the room. She tried to ignore the blood trickling down her shoulder, down her arm, and onto the ropes binding her. Fear struck her frozen every time someone walked past her, feeling rough anxiety.

Adrian planted his foot into the ground and leapt. He landed next to June and disappeared with her after grabbing her.

June let out a muffled scream at feeling herself being grabbed, squirming and writhing as if to try and get away from Adrian. They reappeared outside with shattered glass on the ground. He pinned her to the wall and put his hand on her mouth. She stared at Adrian with open eyes, still squirming. June jerked her head, as if trying to move away from his hand.

He slowly pulled his arm down, keeping it on her neck.
"Don't make a sound," he whispered.

She gave a curt nod, her shoulder still bleeding as she stared at Adrian. She began to debate whether or not to question him, her body still trembling as she scanned the area around her.

"Hey," he said silently. He grabbed her shoulders firmly, shaking her. "Stay with me. What happened?"

June turned her attention back to Adrian, and flinched, as if trying to move away from him. "I thought you said not to make a sound..?"

Adrian kept his grip on her arms. "Don't be condescending," he snapped. "Tell me what happened."

June squirmed a bit, looking away from his stare once more. "They're dead.. Because of me.." June's voice was soft and shaky as she started to tremble again, the memory of the corpses running through her mind.

He gently slapped her. "Hey! Snap out of it for god's sake! Now's not the time to say things like that!"

June didn't bother to look at Adrian, despite being slapped. "It's true... They're all dead, because of me..."

"Look, none of what happened is anyone's fault but his or hers," he said. He flinched as he heard distant gunfire. When it stopped again, he continued. "Do you understand that?"

June glanced over to Adrian, remorse and hurt in her eyes. "I was the one who sent them to die.."

"What do you need? What's your reason for slapping me and nearly scaring me to death?"

Adrian shot a glare at her. He looked at her wound and inspected it from up close.

June looked at him strangely, and tried to inch away from him. "Answer my questions.. What is it you need?"

He ignored her. "When did that wound open?"

"... A bit after I drained your energy.." She grumbled.

Adrian glared at her. "Well, there are a lot of soldiers between us and the way out. What are you planning on doing?"

June looked at him as if he was stupid. "You assume I have a plan?"

"It would be nice if you did," he snapped. He looked at her binds. "Eh... I don't think I can break those."

"These little things? Sad. And I thought you were some big, scary, strong Delinquent. Guess I was wrong."

"I guess you were," he snarled. "They're apparently some anti-wave things. I'm gonna have to carry you."

She huffed and rolled her eyes. "Can't you just leave me here? You can't fight soldiers very well if you have me on your shoulder, now can you?"

"Now, now," he said with a sarcastic tone. "Don't get too depressed and try to get yourself killed. I'm not going to leave you behind like you left me on that road."

June glared at Adrian. "I left you for your safety. And it's not as if I have a deathwish; hence, why I want to stay here. I'd rather not be used as a human shield, thank you."

"Too bad," he said as he threw the bound girl over his shoulder. "I'm still taking you back."

"Wh- Hey, what the hell does 'No' mean to you!?"

"It means, 'Yay, let's do this!'"

"Then our definition of 'No' is different. Put me down you imbecile!" June argued.

"If you insist," he said with a sarcastic tone. "Do you really want to go to the building that badly on my shoulder?"

June began to thrash in her binds, growling at Adrian. "I'm going to make your life more of a living hell if you don't let me go!"

He panicked upon hearing her struggle and yell. "Hey, pipe down, will ya!?" He planted his foot in the ground. "If you keep moving around, I might accidentally let you go during the jump."

"Are you so much of an idiot to where you ca- Wait, jump?" June eyes widened with fear as her thrashing grew more violent. "Don't you dare, Adrian!"

"You really want to fall, don't you?" He pushed himself off the ground, keeping his grip around June's waist.

She let out a loud scream as they went into the air, wiggling her legs in an attempt to kick.

They hit the wall. Adrian quickly grabbed onto the edge of the window. "Phew..."

"Put me down this instant!"

"Look down, you idiot," he snarled, hanging down the ledge.

June glanced downwards, making her scream out once more. "Get in the building, get in the building!"

"What do you think I'm trying to do!?" He slowly swung from right to left.

"Quickeeeeer!" June's voice was filled with panic and fear as she yelled at Adrian.

He let go of the ledge and fell towards another window. He caught the higher ledge and swung inside, breaking the glass.

"You're a God damned idiot!" she scolded Adrian. He ignored her and sat up.
June desperately tried to wriggle away from him, like a caterpillar would. "You're so stupid!"

He stared at her. "God, you're so loud... Sometimes I wonder what people think I would see in you."

She turned her head, and squinted her eyes, looking at him strangely. "What do you mean, 'see in you'? Do you have some x-ray vision?"

"You goddamn retard," he snarled. "You really are stupid, aren't you?"

June glared at Adrian coldly. "Says the person who doesn't know what 'no' means."

He got up and dusted off. "Let's just get you to a medical wave user."

"Do you know any?" She questioned him, squirming a bit to sit up.

He looked down at her. " I don't, other than Livia," he said in response. "How about you?"

"I have one on my squad.... but I lost contact with them and I have no clue if they're still alive, I'm a horrible separated from my own personal squad," she said self-depreciatingly.

He looked around the classroom, seeing numerous coats and jackets that belonged to the students. He took two of them and ripped one up and put the other one on.

June tilted her head, trying to get a good look around the room. "Any sharp objects? These bindings are getting annoying."

"Just be patient," he said. "First I'll wrap your wound up. Then we'll worry about the bindings." He walked towards her with the ripped up coat.

"Fine.. Just don't purposely try to hurt me." She warned him.

He shot glare at her. "Why're you always so hostile against me?"
He started wrapping her wound up.

"First impressions are a bitch, aren't they?"

He wrapped it up and tightened the sleeve. He stared at her without saying a word. Reaching for his pocket, he pulled out a switch knife. "Turn around."

She gave him an unamused look, and struggled to turn, showing her bindings. "Make it quick."

"You know, I practically saved your life earlier," he snarled. "You could at least act like you don't hate me." He cut her bonds.

"I don't hate you. But you are annoying when you act so.. When you act like you're better than me."

He put the knife back in his pocket and turned around. "Whatever. Go and do something, then. I don't really care anymore. I did my part."

June stood up, and put a hand to her hip. "You may not care, but I do. I'm going with you no matter what."

"And why's that?" He turned to her, glaring. "I'm sorry but I don't really feel comfortable around you considering what happened last time."

She held up her hands in a defensive manner. "I only did that because I was worried. You are, clearly, able to hold up yourself, so I have no need to do it again."

"So why do you want to come along with me?"

June stared at him for a moment, before shaking her head. "And you call me an idiot."

He kept glaring at her, waiting for a proper answer.

"Since you didn't answer my question, I won't answer yours."

"Then you're not coming with me," he said and made for the hallway.

June followed behind him. "If you answer my question, I'll answer yours. Simple."

"Oh for--! People think we're going out," he said, annoyed. "I don't think that's news to you! It's not very hard to understand what I said!"

"Then why did you refuse to answer?" She huffed, glaring.

"I didn't! I assumed you were being condescending as always!"

"Fine. Let's keep going, yes?"

"No, no, no," he snapped, keeping his hand up, blocking her way. "Your turn to answer my question."

She nearly fell back from the random hand in her path. June glared, and sighed. "You're a friend. I worry about friends, is that a bad thing?"

"Your being with me won't help me," he snarled. "If you worry about me, you should just go to safety and not weigh me down."

June backed away a bit at his words, and glared, a low growl escaping her lips. She clenched her fist, then unclenched. "Fine. I'll leave you to get killed." She turned away from him, and stomped towards the back of the classroom.

He flinched and froze as she stomped into the corner. He stood there, without saying anything or moving for a while.

Turning her back to the corner, she slid down the wall, sitting. She glared at Adrian's back. "Well? Go, then."

He looked down and started walking towards the door.

She brought her knees to her chest, also looking down. "Be safe."

A voice was heard from outside. "Ready your weapons!"

Adrian froze again. He turned to June with a face of horror. "June, get away from the wall!"

June gave him a strange look, but assumed he had a reason for his demand. She stood up, and moved away from the wall, turning to look at it. "What, is there a bomb or something..?"

He disappeared and reappeared behind her as another voice was heard. "Fire!"

Hearing the voice, she ducked down.

Christa, one of the surviving non-athletic member rescued by Livia, finished cleaning the rubble and taking the bodies away. She's stricken with grief but she still has temporary command over the other non-athletic section. Just as she settled down, she heard a window break from the 4th floor. "Fuck. Is the terrorist entering the 4th floor now?" She looked at two of the non-athletic members and ordered them to follow her. After rushing in the 4th floor she found no terrorists in sight but heard two quite young voices arguing. She then heard consecutive explosions on the same direction where the voices were. She kicked the door open crouched so that shrapnel won't hit her. The other two non-athletic members took cover near the door in the hallway. She shouted over the at the two, "Retreat to the 3rd floor! 4th and 5th are getting bombarded by RPGs!" She gestured the two seemingly normal students to follow her and crawled outside the room.

Adrian stood behind June, his back riddled with glass shards. "Ow!" He backed away. "Damn... It hurts.."

June turned around at Adrian's words, and felt panic rise at the glass shards sticking out of his back. "Uh.. um.."

"Just... Just pull them out...."

"Wouldn't that hurt..? And, ya know.. make you bleed all the more..?"

"It hurts right now!" He snapped. He heard the soldiers get ready again and he dragged June down to the corridor.

"Wh- Adrian, you shouldn't move!"

"No time! Let's do what your friends said and go downstairs!"

Christa led to two to the 3rd floor where the rest of the injured students were. She held her hand up to a non-athletic leaning on the hallway, "Kyle! Get these two patched up!" The now known Kyle nodded and inspected the new students and led them the to medical center in the 3rd floor.

Adrian and June stood in the medical center.

Kyle looked at Adrian's back and saw pieces of glass on his back. "Sheiks. That looks really bad..." His power specializes on healing whenever his touched a person. Kyle pressed his hand on Adrian's shoulder and pulled a piece of glass out and asked, "Does that hurt?"

"O-ow... Of course it does..."

June sat down. "Deal with the pain for a bit, Adrian."

Kyle pressed his hand harder on Adrian's shoulder to increase his healing powers. Each time he took a piece of glass, the bleeding stopped immediately and the wound would close up. Christa looked at the white-haired girl and glanced at her. She saw the insignia on the girl's shoulder and recognized the girl immediately. "Wait. Aren't you June Winter from the Disciplinary Corps?"

June looked up at Christa. "I am, why?" She shifted around a bit, giving the girl a curious look.

"Commander Michael and Commander Fiona were looking for you all over the place. Rumors said that you were KIA or MIA from the squads you had control over. Did your communicator break or something? You had the Disciplinary Corps worried to death."

She put her attention back to the floor. "Yeah, I believe so. It's left behind somewhere, I don't quite know where."

Christa raised her eyebrow and kept glancing at the white-haired girl, "Anyways now that you are okay.. I advised Commander June to go to Commander Fiona who’s in the mission control. She's getting stressed over by commanding all the squads dispatched to either fight or stay in the 3rd floor and rest. I think that you'll be able to lift some weight off on Commander Fiona's shoulder and help."

Adrian snarled at Kyle. "Ow! How much more is there!?"

June stood up, and nodded. She glanced over to Adrian, then back to Christa. "Lead the way."

Kyle frowned and took the last piece of glass out and close Adrian's wound. "There were quite a lot." He snapped a joke and patted at Adrian. "You can go now. I advise you to not touch the 2nd floor since it's barricaded for the second wave. I suggest staying here and resting up."

Christa nodded and led June out of the room to the mission control. As they were slowly walking she asked to the white haired girl, "Do you want a recap?"

Adrian got up and followed the two, ignoring Kyle's warning. "Thanks for patching me up but I can't just stand here."

June turned her attention to Adrian, and growled. "You stay here, and rest. If we do end up needing you, we don't want you broken and bloody." She looked back to Christa. "A recap would be lovely, actually."

Adrian kept following them, ignoring her warning.

Christa nodded and began speaking with a calm and slow voice, "A lot of shit happened when you were gone. 1st floor is a warzone right now. Pres is still at the 1st floor waiting to be discovered by Commander Michael. Some students are still stranded in the 1st floor too. Vice and my boss, Livia, are holding the stairs for god knows how long. There are also some elite Wave users attacking and their number is unknown. 2 of them are killed by Vice and.... a psychotic first-year? Got all of that? Also commander Fiona needs your help to command the other Disciplinary squads" Chirsta looked behind and made sure that June wasn't confused at the information which was quite a lot.

"I believe so. All I've to do is help Fiona command, yes? That shouldn't be too hard." She quickened her pace to walk next to Christa, before turning back to Adrian. "Either you stay, or I make you stay." Her hand moved around to her chain.

"I have information on one of the elites," he said. "You can't really stop me if you want to save some of your friends. The bitch beat me into a pulp so I think you guys might need every bit of information you can get."
He brushed past June.

Christa asked the male near June, "That information would be nice. We need all the necessary info on the enemy."

"Alright then," he said, smiling at June. "I guess I get to go."

June smiled back, and stood still. "Then I'll stay here, then."

"The information please..." Christa asked politely.

Adrian kept walking. "Once we're downstairs," he said. "And I promise that you guys'll like what I have to say. But I'm only going to say it when I get to speak to you 'boss'."

Christa shook her head in disagreement. "Can't you say it now? I need to relay the info onto Fiona who got all communications on the other squads. She's at the 3rd and so are we. It would be nice if you say it now. Our--- more so the Discinplinary Corps suffered heavily because of lack of information and communication. Saying it here and now would not let it happen further."

"Too bad," he said. "Because the moment I speak your friend's going to try and suck me dry." He headed down the stairs.

Christa grabbed Adrian's hand. She glared at the male with tense eyes and probably a bit of anger, "You realize that your selfish decision and the stupid logic you have is going to kill more of the students? Commander June won't do something so senseless when someone is giving out important information that could avoid another catastrophe." Christa let go of Adrian's hand, "Speak now and I won't let June do whatever you're thinking right now." She stood behind June and Adrian to make sure nothing happened between them.

Adrian looked at June. "Well, if you say so," he said to the other girl. "All I know is her name's Clay. She uses fire. She was able to burn corpses and use them as a fire source but it looked like she needed a fire source... Her flames are extremely fast. She's a bit of a psychopath and a pyromaniac. Her goal doesn't seem to be to kill but to burn her enemies but she's also willing to burn some of her allies just for the hell of it. She's a petite girl with long red hair and crimson eyes. There aren't many girls our age in their army so I think you'll know her when you see her. Oh, and, one of her shoulders was crushed so she can only use one arm."

Christa nodded and took ever note down in her head. "Thanks for the cooperation. You can find my boss in the stairs fighting off soldiers in." She looked at June and led her to the mission control room. She opened the door and June went inside seeing Fiona. Christa saluted and closed the door and went back to ordering the non-athletics.

Adrian walked down the stairs and saw the empty hallways. He kept walking, trying to find the source of the gunfire. The number of students in the hallways increased as he kept walking. He finally noticed the group fighting against the soldiers. Hm... Looks like they've got everything under control. There isn't much I can do here. He walked up to Levina and Livia. He looked over their shoulders, watching the battle. He disappeared from sight and one of the soldiers on the ground collapsed.

Fiona glanced up at the opening door and had to stop herself from running over to see if the person was real. "June," she breathed out in relief, "Where were you?! We lost contact with you. Your squads are in chaos suffering the most casualties due to the break in communication." She couldn't stop herself from feeling a slight bit of anger at her despite the concern for her friend. Her eyes were bloodshot now, her hands were shaking from all of the notes she took to keep up with the battle, and she cannot feel her left arm at all anymore the bullet wound has not let up on the bleeding leading her entire left arm to be coated in as shade of bright red despite the amount of bandages covering it.


Fiona's vision turned more and more blurry, "says something here still waiting on june" her legs were wobbly as she moved to make room for her fellow commander, "Why is the table suddenly so close?" she thought as her stamina finally gave out on her and her head banged onto the table with a resounding thud, no longer conscious.

"COMMANDER," the students in the room yelled as they saw her suddenly just fall onto the table

3.4 Michael and Jayden vs Clay
Michael carried the rescued hostage piggyback style, avoiding open area to reduce the chance of conflict. He did not want to fight while carrying a heavily injured comrade and he still had to look for Jayden. According to previous reports, Jayden was last seen rampaging on the first floor before retreating to a men's room. He was nearly at one of the restrooms when a sudden wave of fire that was previously burning 50 feet away suddenly was hurled toward him. Reacting quickly he dodged and both he and damsel escaped from harm. The girl whimpered as she recognized her torturer, but before he could comfort her she spoke.

"Oh boy another toy to burn, and you have one of those symbol things, the guy I fought at first didn't, so I guess you're the commander I challenged huh?"

Michael looked to the girl in apology, "I'm sorry about this," as he moved changed the girl's position such that one of his hands was on her breast while the other was on her butt. The girl squeaked in embarrassment and flushed a dark shade of crimson as Michael gave both a squeeze before letting her go, "Go in side the men's room, I'll hold her off, it's an emergency men or women's room doesn't matter now." The girl who was still red as a tomato weakly nodded as she went inside the safety of the room. "And what if I am? You lost your hostage, I should just go back to HQ." It was a bluff really, he knew exactly who she was, one of the elementalists, and his worst possible opponent, a pyro, he knew she wasn't going to let him off the hook.

"Now now, you're not going anywhere. I want to have some fun, you're sorta cute," she launched some more fire at him, forcing him to dodge right into her predicted path and she was suddenly very up close and personal with him, "I see that chick was your girlfriend, if the way you groped her before engaging was any indication." She gave him a seductive wink as she asked while pressing her chest against him, "Why don't you dump her and give me a massage, I have muuuuch better assets than her." After she finished, she put her lips against his cheek and gave him a kiss. Eyes bulging from the way his opponent was acting, he used his wind to push her away from him after the kiss but not without a flush on his face. "Awwwww, you're blushing, and oh boy a wind user," she said with a grin.

"What the hell?" Michael asked in shock, "Aren't you a bit too old to be hitting on high school students?" [i]"I guess I didn't need to molest the poor girl if this was the type of opponent I'm fighting." as his 15min limit just got resetted.

Clay pouted, "Hey I'm only 25, and you know you liked it, I see the red on your face," she bent over and gave him a better view of her cleavage,"You can't deny it." Michael did not give her the satisfaction of answering. Straightening up, she laughed, "This is going to be a blast I love fighting wind users they burn so much better, you're cute, but I'm about to make you hot." She directed some of the raging fire towards Michael. Knowing that his barrier was useless and even counterproductive, he had to get the hell away from that spot. His previous location was a blackened mess, knowing her elemental superiority, she continued taunting him, "Alex always hated spars with me since I obliterated him every single time, no wind user can stand up to me, if you massage me like you did that girl, I might let you live, I need some stress relief every now and then." she finished with a wink.

"Yeah....I'll pass, I'll take a girl my age over an old hag any day," Michael shot back.

Clay glared at him in anger, "I'M NOT OLD, I'M ONLY 25!" as she hurled another giant fireball at him.

"OK....perhaps pissing off the chick that has you countered in every single way was not a good idea," he idly thought as he tried to escape the inferno. Clay was incensed at the insult though and spent way more effort and continued aiming for him. The fireball followed him and he ran against the wall to hopefully make the fireball crash against something. He succeeded as it hit a jutting part of the wall, but the resulting explosion sent some sparks in his way and his wind barrier enhanced the flame setting his jacket on fire. He rolled into the bathroom and took off his jacket while opening the sink to douse the fire. He didn't get injured, just some minor burns that would not affect him except for some pains that he could fight through, but that was too close for comfort.

A surprised voice suddenly resonated from behind Michael. "Michael? Is that you?"
It was Jayden, leaned up against the wall near the entrance to the bathroom. Michael hadn't noticed him when he had rushed inside in a panic. "What's going on? Are you all right?"

Michael glanced back in relief at the oh so familiar voice, the girl he saved was just standing in the background watching everything and blushed when their eyes met, understanding her reaction, he awkwardly turned back toward Jayden and coughed before saying, "Man am I glad to see that you're ok, there's a pyro out there that I pissed off because I called her old, and if you remember our spars, you know what that means for me." He winced as he remembered the pain from losing his spars to him, elemental disadvantages were NOT fun.

"Come on out cutie, I'll show you what a mature and NOT old woman can do." a voice drifted in through the shut door.

Jayden's eyes widened with surprise. He opened his mouth to speak when suddenly, a thick smog burst into the room. Jayden wasn't entirely sure what was going on, but he knew how Pyro kinetics fought. "She's trying to smoke us out! Stay close to me!"

Michael and his companion gathered close to Jayden. The President quickly pointed to an opening in the wall opposite of the door. The hole had probably been created during Jayden's rampage. The three filed out of the bathroom into the hallway, coughing and spluttering due to the smoke.

Suddenly, Clay appeared from around the corner of the hall. Right, she could sense heat signatures as well... They couldn't escape. Without hesitation, the girl quickly pulled a mass of flame from a nearby fire and hurled it towards the three. Everything slowed down for Jayden. The projectile was coming at them at astounding speed, but to him, it was only crawling. Dreadful thoughts raced through his mind. The outcome of this could be very ugly. Michael couldn't defend against this attack he knew, nor could he. His abilities weren't activated. If his powers were still on cool down, this would be the end. If they were ready, however... Suddenly, the clock sped up again. The blast of fire slammed into Jayden with great force, enveloping him completely and sending him flying backwards. Luckily for his companions, he had been standing in front, taking the full brunt of the attack.

The girl who was younger and had not worked together with the President before, being only a 2nd year gasped out, "Oh my god, pres, what do we do now Commander?" she asked in a panic as she turned toward Michael. Clay took this opportunity taunt them, "Oh that was your president? That was fun, now it's your turn," she smiled a particularly nasty smile. Michael however had a small smirk and a look of nostalgia on his face as he replied to the taunt to the confusion of both the young girl and his opponent, "Ready for the tag team just like the good ol'days buddy?"

Jayden's voice resounded from behind the smoke left by the attack. "Indeed, just like old times," he said with a laugh. The president casually walked out from behind the smoke cloud, almost completely unscathed by the attack. The front of his shirt was completely burnt off, as were the cuffs of his pants. However, his body was unharmed, at least visually. Clay's attack had activated his powers as soon as they made contact, preventing him from being burnt to a crisp with his fire immunity. The concussive force of the attack had still affected him, but he tried his best not to show it. He quickly extinguished the fire on his clothes with the swipe of his hand. Attempting to take Clay by surprise, he fired a large blast of flame from his fist straight towards her without further hesitation.

Clay indeed was surprised, but her surprise gave way to excitement, "So you're the pyro we were warned about, I was supposed to leave you to Jane, but fuck that, man this school has all the cute guys." She was about to just redirect when she suddenly saw the fire grow bigger and more chaotic, "Right, the wind user, enhances fire, tag teamed with a pyro is scary effective." At that moment she sorely wished Alex was there with her. It was too late to completely dodge, so she minimized the damage by redirecting what she could and absorbed with her limited fire immunity what was left. It burned her a bit and she lost some of her clothes making them even MORE revealing than normal, but she was fine for now as long as she didn't take a lot more of those hits. "Gotta take out the wind user to even this up" she thought as she sent some of the flames around the battlefield directly to the wind user who was finishing his follow through from enhancing his ally's flames.

Jayden reacted quickly, planting himself firmly in front of Michael. The president thrust both arms upwards as the flame trail slithered towards them, forming a protective wall of fire in front of them. The wall quickly absorbed the attack, protecting Michael. Jayden dispelled his flame shield, bringing his attention back to Clay. With the swipe of his hand, he sent a crescent blade of fire at his adversary.

Giving his friend a grateful nod, Michael sent out another dash of wind to add to the crescent.

Clay cursed as he hopes of a quick elimination of one of her enemies was dashed. Ducking under the arc of flame, she used the surrounding fire and sent a double flank attack to the wind-user, "Let's see you try to defend two places at once." she thought smugly.

Jayden panicked. She knew what she was doing at least, prioritizing Michael first rather than himself. He quickly sidestepped, intercepting one of the attacks, dispelling it with a quick jab. He pivoted around to block the other attack, but it was too late, already only a few feet away from his ally. "Michael!"

Michael saw the two blasts that would sandwich him between them ending his life right there. He saw Jayden try his best to stop them, but knew he wouldn't be fast enough. The stream of fire wasn't really that high, only as tall as himself. He decided to try and imitate what he saw the Alex guy did as he made a great spectacle of himself during the fight as he still saw him when he walked away from the battle at first. Unleashing a burst of air into the ground, the reactive force sent him up above the flames and he controlled the currents below him making himself float above the ground.

The second attack swished under Michael as he levitated, coming straight under and towards Jayden. The president was unprepared for this attack, expecting it to hit Michael instead. He was certainly glad it hadn't, but was still unprepared for it nonetheless. The blast slammed into Jayden, smashing him up against the wall. The force was enough to daze the boy, but he quickly recovered. Regaining his footing, he let out a grunt, sending a quick volley of fire balls at Clay in rapid succession.

Michael looked toward Jayden in concern as it seemed he still got hit hard, in his worry he forgot to enhance the fire bullets Jayden just launched, "Crap you alright, I knew you wouldn't die from the fire, but I didn't know that the force would still hurt you, never seen it happen before sorry I would've thought of a better escape plan otherwise." Clay saw that these fireballs weren't enhanced due to the worry the wind user was expressing to the slightly dazed fellow pyro so she redirected it right back at her two opponents.

"Shit, look out!" Jayden shouted, again positioning himself in front of Michael. He quickly dissipated most of the returning blasts as they whizzed by with punches and kicks, making sure Michael stood behind him. Frustrated by the stalemate the girl was causing, Jayden created a long, blowtorch-like blade of fire at the end of his arm. They weren't going to get anywhere if they continued taking pot shots at each other like this. "I'm going in!" he shouted as he charged Clay. He let out a battle cry as he advanced towards her, closing the gap. The opponent tried her best to stop him with several bolts of fire, however, Jayden was able to slice through them with his make-shift fire sword, dispelling the attacks with relative ease.
He was now only several feet away, raising his blade in preparation to strike.

Clay smirked as the fire user came in close which was dumb considering he had ranged-support, "Your friend can't help you at this range without catching you in the crossfire," she bragged, "..and I can DO THIS!" she used her good arm and bent the flame and tried to take the sword for herself. "Who said I can't," Michael's voice called out. She was right, so he had to come in closer to get a better aim, but he knew Jayden would still get hit, but better than a light injury than his life. As he saw her arm move he quickly sent a blast of wind towards

Jayden's arm making his sword too wild to reverse its original direction. The sword however became inaccurate and rather than hitting her good shoulder as it should have it hit her already broken shoulder thus it did not do anything different since she was fighting with one arm the whole time, but the arm got disconnected as she screamed in agony before getting out of range. The wound was cauterized immediately but it was still painful.
"All according to plan" Jayden thought. He looked at his hand, smoke resonating from it. The enhanced flames had allowed Jayden to keep control of the blade, but it had been almost too hot for him to handle. He turned his attention back to Clay, smiling at her with a touch of pity. However, the fact that she was still standing had caught him off guard. His eyes widened in surprise. Any normal person would have been on the ground right now, writhing in pain. She had lost an arm for God's sake...

Michael looked on dumbfounded as the woman LOST A FRIGGIN' ARM and yet she still stood up and was not backing down.

"You're going to pay for that, and I'm going to see just how well your fire immunity lasts," she growled. She sent a massive inferno from all of the flames in the area directly into Jayden for once not aiming at Michael, she did not stop and watch though, the wind-user had to move somewhat closer to pull off that sword enhancing trick without hurting his teammate too badly. Not bothering to see how the pyro would defend himself, she went towards Michael and grabbed his neck and started choking him. "I'm going to take you out you pesky wind-user, you're lucky I used all the flames in the area on your friend, but you get to meet your maker up close and personal." she breathed into his face as Michael gasped for breath she shut his mouth with her own and said with a cruel smirk, "Not a bad kisser, too bad you're never kissing anyone again." Michael's face turned blue as he tried in vain to get her to release his neck.

Michael suddenly felt Clay's grip loosen, the woman releasing a horrified gasp. He looked down to notice a pointed blade of flame protruding from her stomach. The blade dissipated, Clay's body falling off to the side limply. It was now revealed Jayden had survived the inferno, standing directly behind where she once stood, his arm raised stiffly, even after he had impaled her.

"H-how? No way your immunity is total, a-and the force from that should've crushed your body, if you d-dodged, your friend here would be dead before you came" the dying woman coughed out. Michael although grateful was just as confused as he looked towards Jayden in curiosity while trying to regain his breath, he knew how although Jayden will most likely never die from burns, that concussive blast should've crushed him.

Jayden locked eyes with Clay, slowly raising his hand. Rather than explaining, his forearm suddenly turned into smoke, replacing his flesh and forming a ghostly image of his arm. He shook his head, figuring he'd at least give his adversary a better explanation than that.
"Intangibility," he said in monotone. Clay let out a weak laugh with her last breaths, accepting defeat. Jayden stared down at her lifeless body with an odd expression. Michael was unable to tell whether it was triumph or remorse.

"I know you hate killing, we both do," Michael said with a weak voice while massaging his throat, "but thanks, you saved me, twice, I was just a burden to you. It was great to tag-team with you again."

"Don't say that," Jayden responded, sounding a little more forceful than intended. "It would've been a stalemate without you here. We would've just been flinging fireballs back and forth all day," he said, a little more laid-back. He stared down at the body then back at Michael. He noticed the girl that was with Michael had been standing down towards the end of the hall, away from the fight. He deactivated his powers subconsciously, making sure to save them for later. He still had maybe a minute or two left to activate later. "Come on, lets get upstairs before more Purgatory show up."

"Sounds good," the girl surprisingly limped over to him, glad that he was forgiven for groping her, Michael piggy-backed her as he was before, not noting the faint blush on her cheeks as he updated the relevant information back to HQ. "Medic temporary squad 10 is by Levina, let's get patched up there shall we?"

Jayden nodded and smiled weakly. "Sounds like a plan, I'll call up Levina."
He reached into his pocket for his communicator, however, all he found was a melted, disfigured lump of plastic and wires, the device destroyed during the fight. "Probably should have expected that much."

"Hey, Michael, can I see your comm?" he asked, slightly embarrassed.

Chuckling at his disfigured hunk of junk, he gave his communicator to him, "Sure no problem." he said with amusement.

3.5 Arthur, Adrian, Nick, and Ash vs Jane
Arthur heard the large flurry of rockets being shot from above. Covering his head just incase something happened to drop, fortunately for him nothing dropped down. Moving on from the short outburst he continued with the two student council members, who were now known as Nick and Ash. Nick was gifted with the ability to pass through solid matter while Ash could manipulate metal. During their journey Arthur and co came into contact with a batch of Purgatory soldiers, all of which they engaged in battle with.

Instructing the injured duo to help protect him during combat, the soldiers immediately fired at them. Nick grabbed on to Arthur while holding Ash and transmitted his ability to them, suddenly their bodies would become transparent. Arthur gazed at his now see through body to see bullets past through without it phasing him. Ash then responded to the next wave of bullets by casting his right hand upwards causing the bullets to instantly liquefy. He then drew on a chef knife from his pouch and watched as Ash rendered the soldiers weapons useless. Arthur then ran towards the soldiers maintaining a safe distance from most, he would carefully slice the hamstring tendons of each soldiers he fought, swiftly putting them out action and moving on.

Afterwards he would turn around to still see a few standing and run towards one. The soldier then launched his fist towards Arthur; he would then quickly spin past the fist and crouch down inserting the knife into both the soldiers with accuracy. Arthur would retreat and leave the rest to be cleared by Ash. Congratulating the duo he said "Without you guys that would have been much harder." The sound of someone whistling could be heard from the distance, nobody could be seen but the sound gradually grew louder, Arthur would look around until he saw a body at the end of the corridor.

The whistling came to a stop as the stranger came closer. She spoke out saying "My oh my what have you done to my men?"

Arthur said "Nothing. I just immobilized them in a rather nice manner. With the assistance of Nick and Ash of course." His cheeky response did not happen to annoy her, did she not care about her comrades. She then came to a halt extending both her arms while maintaining her dull facial expression, water suddenly sprung out of water fountains nearby and covered the body of the soldiers. She continued, "I think there's a slight misunderstanding here. My men have not been immobilized." Arthur raised his eyebrow in confusion, looking at the bodies of soldiers to see the water seep through their wounds and restore it to its natural condition. "They're alright." Despite having the upper hand Jane kept her cool and smiled back at Arthur briefly. The soldiers would slowly rise up on to their feet healed. "You see, i am also a wave. I have this crazy ability that allows me to manipulate water. Here's the catch; defeat these guys and i'll take you on." Arthur's previous efforts had all been in vain, as the inactive soldier were brought back to life.

Arthur got into his battle stance and took off into battle once again. Ash moved away from Nick and extended both his arm out spreading his fingers, suddenly the lockers nearby would begin to violently shake and fly towards the soldiers’ bodies as he clasped his hands together. The doors flew away from lockers leaving just the open locker, which Ash used to encase various soldiers bodies. Arthur hurled one of his small bread knives towards a soldier successfully lodging it into his stomach, and then the soldier would tilt his body downwards leaving an opening for Arthur. Who then ran towards him grabbing on to his shoulders as he boosted himself over his opponent, crouching down as he landed he would once again slice at both his hamstring tendons quickly thus causing his opponent to collapse. Nick would then crush the lockers to restrict the soldiers from escaping. Nick would simply dispatch of the trapped soldiers by phasing them and the lockers to a lower floor classroom.

Jane clapped as the trio completed the set objective once again. However this time around they were much more tired in comparison to their prior state, Arthur tried to regain his breath as he listened to Jane talk. Her face lacked all emotion as she spoke, saying, "I guess you're worth of fighting me, but may I warn you. I won't be taken down easily." Arthur yelled back at the others, "Stick together this time. You're in no condition to go on the offensive, make sure you follow the original plan." Nick and Ash nodded, cleaning his bloody knife on his blazer Arthur observed his opponent moments before regaining his full breath.

Adrian landed meters away from the staircase. He rolled and jumped at one of the soldiers firing. With his increased speed, he got to the man before the man turned to him. Knocking him out, he used the man's body as a shield as he powered through the halls. Some of the men at the staircase followed him. Adrian understood that they had limited respect for life. He dumped the unconscious and bullet riddled body. He sped up, running like the wind. He passed behind three students fighting a woman. He ran past them, down the corridor. When they came to a dead end, he jumped on the wall and disappeared. Two of the four soldiers found themselves flying towards the location from whence they came. The other two raised their guns. Without losing a single moment, he landed a kick on one of the men's side. Cracking numerous ribs and damaging some important internal organs, he launched the man to his friend. They both laid on the ground unconscious. He started marching towards the three students’ he'd seen earlier.

The sound of gunshots served as a signal for combat. Arthur ran towards Jane who remained still until he got close to her thrusting his left fist towards face, he then flipped the knife he held in his other hand and caught it, now holding it in a reverse grip. He followed his previous punch with a swift slice towards her chest.
Jane simply stepped backwards quickly pushing Arthurs knife wielding handing away from her chest, with Arthur wide open she would simply counter attack by directing a straight punch and a right hook.
Arthur focused on her body movements taking note of her every move and attacks; he smiled as he whipped his head towards the right avoiding the first strike. He would then notice the next strike heading towards his face; Arthur would duck down losing balance from moving quick.

Jane used Arthur's exposure to give him a taster of what she was capable of doing. She drew on the water from a fountain causing it to resemble a whip. With a suttle flick of her finger the water Jane would aim for Arthurs neck.

As Arthur regained his balance he would feel something sharp slice his skin. Leaping a few steps backwards to examine the severity of the wound, he placed his finger on the site of the strike rubbing it.

He didn't feel much pain and simply disregarded it. Gripping on to his knife Arthur fixed his attention back on his opponent.

She stared back at him blankly for a few seconds, saying, "Is that it?" June's tactics weren't bound to physical limits as she continued to taunt him. Shaking her head as she spoke, "Well I’m not surprised after at all, you're just a cocky teen with two useless guards". June then summoned two water generated whips into her hands flicking each of them back as she launched them at Arthur repetitively beginning with her right hand and then left.

He would wait in anticipation waiting for the first whip to come by, in which he would respond to by executing a backflips to dodge the first few strikes He would dodge the flurry of attacks until he felt a whip wrap round his feet causing him to lose balance.

June's constant attack eventually caught her opponent out, tugging on the whip to disrupt him from landing on the ground.

Jane pulled the whip back and aim the other towards Nick serving as a distraction while hurling another immediately towards Arthur.

Arthur landed flat on his back in pain, Ash formed a metallic shield before Arthur's body successfully protecting him from Jane's attack while Nick phased both his body and Ash. The water whip flew through them without causing any harm. Arthur planted his hands besides his waist pushing his body back up, he looked back at the duo and nodded, saying "It's good to know that you've got my back..Now i need you to give me some fire power Ash."

Ash nodded in response closing both his eyes as he gathered a large amount of metallic objects. He then stretched his arms forward causing the metallic objects to orbit around his arm. After he gained a substantial amount he spread his fingers apart, sending a barrage of objects towards her.
Arthur then took off seconds after the attack following the flying objects within a safe distance, coming to a standstill as he reached the point where Jane stood. He bent his knees in anticipation of an attack.

Jane kept her cool and managed to survive the constant barrage of weapons. Using the water within her reach, her body took the form of water and simply phased through the attack. After the barrage of attacks came to an end, she reverted back into her normal state.

Arthur gasped, surprised to see that she wasn't phased by the attack. Snapping out of his trance, he stepped back before executing a overhead kick, flicking his right foot towards Janes face.

Jane's body then emerged from the attack, her body froze as she saw Arthur standing before her. Confused at how he got there in the first place she attempted to speak out, but was cut off by Arthur's offensive strike. "Da-."

Arthur leaped back until he was safely away from her. He then yelled "What the hell was that?"

Jane replied "What do you expect from someone who is capable of manipulating water?" She spoke in her usual nonchalnt manner titlting her head sideways, drawing on water that she moulded into a large hammer swinging it in an aggressive manner. With every strike she took a step forward.

Arthur remained alert and leaped backwards twice, successfully dodging the first two attacks.The third time around he flipped backwards just in time, he quickly turned around to check on the others and as he turned back Janes hammer slammed into his chest causing his body to fly towards the wall.
Jane continued on to attack the injured duo, raising her hammer upwards before sending it downwards with great force.
Arthur held on to his chest in pain, calling out at Jane "Hey that's unfair!". His eyes darted towards the horrific scene, watching as Jane's hammer descended downwards. Nick raised his arms upwards to his defence.

Adrian walked around the corner to see a woman with her hammer up high. He quickly looked around and tried to understand what was going on. The hammer fell on one of the students at the scene. Adrian stared at him with his mouth open. Oh god! That's just cruel! As the hammer went further down the boy's body, he got confused. Wait, what? The boy jumped back as Jane grunted. The woman grunted, clearly annoyed. The water lifted and flew towards the boy. Adrian took this moment to attack her, seeing how she hadn't seen him yet. He pushed himself off the ground and flung himself at her with great speed. He swung his kick as the water reached the ceiling. His kick land on her side, cracking a few ribs and sending her flying to the wall. He landed on the ground and stumbled. "Huh... Easier than expected."
The woman hit the wall and rebounded, falling on the ground. She slowly got up. "Another kid...?" She grumbled and dusted off. "Whatever.... I'll just kill you too."
Adrian looked around as the woman got up. He looked over at Arthur. This woman beat Arthur!? He saw the water shuffling behind him. Water...? Oh shit... An Elemental! The water lifted into the air and flew at him in the shape of spears. He quickly leapt to the side, dodging the attacks. The waters followed him. He jumped at her and launched his fist at her. The water blocked his fist. "What the...!?"
He found himself flying down the corridor after feeling searing pain in his chest. He gained his balance and flipped backwards after landing on his hands. He skid down the hall and stopped. "That's some strong water...."
He looked over to Arthur and the other two. "Hey, could you give me a hand!?"
Before he could react more water flew at him. They hit him and pushed him to the wall. He placed his foots on the wall and jumped off. He disappeared and reappeared with his fist on the same place his kick had landed. Die you bitch... With the two attacks together, your internal organs should be destroyed. The first one to destroy your bones, second one to stop your heart.
He let out a smirk but the smile faded away when he heard the woman's voice. "That really hurt, kid," she said. He froze where he stood. The water surrounded him after the woman hit him in the chest with the hammer. He reacted quickly and cut through the water bubble, making it pop. She's strong...

Arthur released all the worries he had with a deep breath, Adrian's sudden arrival had taken a positive toll on the battle. Saving the injured duo just in time, landing a heavy kick on Jane's body. Arthur smiled back at Adrian and got back on to his feet, rubbing his chest gently while clutching on to his knife in his other hand. "Oi Adrian, do not back down. It's going to be pretty difficult to take her out."

Jane transformed back into her liquid form phasing through Adrian's body. As she went through she trapped his hands covering it in water quickly solidifying her moist grasps over his hands. Jane then spun around and hurled Adrian's body down the hall towards Nick and Ash.

Adiran growled. "Give me some info on her, will ya!?"

Arthur called out to Adrian and said "Look here's the deal; she is capable of manipulating water. She has demonstrated the ability to change the state of water, hence the hammer. She can also physically change her body into water allowing her to phase through our attacks. I'm on to her, I've kind of figured her out."

While her opponents were distracted Jane used it as an opportunity to heal. Sending a mild concentration of water towards her rib region, she thought "These kids are sneaky. I mustn't underestimate them. Stay alert"

"I'll keep pushing her," Adrian said. "You do your thing!"
He leapt at the woman as she healed herself and swung his punch at her.

Jane was waiting in anticipation of an attack, with water within her reach she transformed into her liquid state. The young boy leaped towards her swinging his fist, with which she would remain still simply phasing through the attack. Briefly coming to halt with the healing procedure in her liquid form, she materialized afterwards continuing with her healing. Jane looked back quickly to see if the the others were going to attack.

He nodded his head in response to Adrian. Arthur folded both his arms and concentrated on the battle between the two, his main focus was of course the elemental. His briefly met with hers, he then fixed his gaze to the concentration of water by her chest. "Adrian landed a heavy it towards her chest earlier on so the only possible answer to that must mean that she's trying to heal herself." The image of the soldiers rising back on to their feet flashed before his eyes. Arthur called out to Adrian, saying "Oi Adrian. Attack her now she's currently back in her normal state!"

Adrian nodded and leapt at the woman with greater speed than before. He spun in mid air and rose his foot up high. When he got near her, he shot his foot at her.

Jane sent the concentration of water to her palm, allowing her to turn back into her liquid form. She then said "Not this-" Her speech was cut off due to Adrian's attack, she resumed to attacking him. Transforming her hands into guns she released a round of sharp liquid bullets him.

Adrian quickly spun again and disappeared, lifting the water around him. The waters splashed against the wall and small bubbles followed his trail. He reappeared behind Arthur. "Give me one minute," he said. "After that, leave it to me. But I need you to cover me completely until I'm done reading."
He pulled out a book and ran through it's pages without waiting for Arthur's answer.

While in the heat of the fight Arthur would notice another thing. Adrian then suddenly appeared beside him making a request, confused at first he shrugged and strolled towards Jane. He spoke out "I'm onto you."

Jane facial expression remained the same as she watched Arthur. "What do you mean?" she replied. She was well aware of the switch but it didn't bother her much, she knew that she was still in control of the battle.

Arthur remained silent and smiled back it her. This time around he was beaming with confidence, despite being tired he ran at her, gripping firmly to his knife which he whipped before her face. Jane transformed her hand into a sickle blocking his attack, she then pushed him back striking back immediately.

Adrian flipped through the pages, trying to find something. He mumbled indistinguishably. He stopped and pinpointed a certain sentence. He started reading it.

Arthur staggered backwards quickly regaining his balance before Jane could land her strike. He swiped at her sickle, knocking it away, the two continued to battle it out. Under the pressure of battle Arthur thought "If my theory is right. I should be able to land an attack on her while she's partially in her solid state".

Adrian slowly got up. "Arthur," he called out to his friend. "Here's the plan. Make openings and I'll deal the damage. Tell me when to attack and cover your ears each time you do. I'm counting on you."

Jane was knocked back by Arthur's strike, but she still remained persistent as she fought back. She broke down into her train of thought, attempting to make sense of the situation. She thought "This Arthur kid seems like he is on to something or it could just be a lie. Damn it.. It must be a lie, no"

Arthur heard Adrian call out, his eyes opened up as he spoke. He switched to defensive techniques, simply shielding himself from his opponents strike. His knife and Jane's dagger would make contact with each and everyone one of her strikes pushing him back. "Cover your ears.. I've got it!" He yelled back at him to confirm. Arthur then ducked down, dodging Jane's swipe towards his face, he then swept his legs towards hers.

Missing her last attack she looked down to see her opponent counter-attack, she would leap up returning to her liquid state while in the air. Arthur smiled and yelled "Now!", kicking off from the ground to create some distance, placing his palms on his ears as landed.

Adrian nodded to confirm and disappeared. Just as he disappeared, the glasses above the lockers shattered and a large explosion sound was heard. He reappeared on the wall, grabbing on. "Arthur, I said when you make an opening," he yelled. "I don't have much time like this so be serious!"

Jane's briefly lost control over her body as soon as she heard the large burst of sound. Reverting back into her normal state momentarily she placed both her hands on her ears in pain. Kneeling down on the ground during the aftermath, her breathing began to quicken.

Arthur's mouth dropped at the site of glass breaking, he looked back at Jane surprise to her back into her normal state. "What the hell did this kid do?" he thought as he got back on to his feet. Directing his attention back on to his opponent who was still knelt down on the ground, he charged towards her pulling his right leg back before launching it towards her body.

Adrian hopped down and winced. He planted one foot into the ground.

Jane's attempted to raise herself back on to her feet. However she was sent flying back down with solid strike from Arthur. Landing on her back she stared at the water fountain nearby, raising her left hand up, the pipe beneath the fountain burst as a surge of water violently gushed out from it. Waving her hands forward the large concentration would solidify forming into a large cube which Jane hurled towards Arthur. She then changed the state of it from liquid to gas creating a huge amount of water vapour would spread around the room at a rapid rate. With the success of her next move she got up on to her feet, the once normal corridor was now filled with clouds of gas blurring anyone's vision.

Arthur held his arms before his body in defence, the impact of the attack knocked his body
back. Landing roughly on the ground his body rolled twice before coming to a halt. He mumbled the words "Damn it", while pushing his body up he would discover the change in the environment. He swayed his head from left to right in search of Adrian, with his vision limited he knew that he was at a disadvantage.

Shit... We missed our window. "What's wrong, scared?" Adrian yelled.

Jane summoned three water clones, shaping two of them to resemble her opponents. She then sent them out in the cloudy room to confuse her foes, while remaining alert she took her time distracting her foes to heal up. The third of the clone would defend her from a safe distance.

Adrian leapt at one of the clones in the mist. He stopped himself when he saw that the image he'd seen was Arthur. "Oh... I thought you were--" His voice faded away when he saw the boy fall. He rushed over to his friend's side.

The Arthur clone suddenly sunk to the ground clutching his chest with his hand. The clone's head was face down waiting on support from Adrian, he hid his face from him in hopes of drawing grabbing his attention.

A figure emerged from the fog, Arthur got into his fighting stance in response gripping tightly on to his knife. The figure turned out to be Adrian, relieved, he approached the clone with caution. The clone remained silent as he approached it the motionless which stood before him smiled and lunged at him thrusting it's sword-like arms towards him. "Damn it" Arthur said, cursing his luck as he leaps out of harms way. Arthur crouches down and leaps backwards landing on his hands before successfully dodging the clones strike, he then pushes off eventually landing on his feet.

Jane's breathing grew deeper and deeper, judging from her breathing she wasn't in a stable condition. She looked up at the cloudy room with a faint smile on her face, "These kids have caught me out" she said silently following it with a brief sigh. Coming to the conclusion that she must end things with a bang.
The Arthur clone's arm morphed into a mace as Adrian approached it, while using the latter to grab Adrian who was now in close contact with him.

Adrian flinched upon seeing the clone morph. After the clone reached for his hand, he jumped up and swung his kick on the clone's head level. The head flew off and turned into water. Another head came out. Shit...!

Arthur eventually realized that the Adrian he was with could not be the actual one, due to the fact that he kept on attacking him when he attempted to reason with him. He thought "It's not like him to keep going on without responding."Leaning back from each strike, Arthur called out "What's up with you Adrian! This isn't like you!"

Adrian heard Arthur call out. He jumped back. He's dealing with the same situation as I am...
He yelled, hoping Arthur would hear him. "I'm back here! It looks like this is one of that bitch's tricks! This might go on forever unless we take her out. I just decapitated you and your head just grew back, so I'm guessing this is one of her water abilities. It just looks like us. The shape is insignificant, it's just water, it doesn't have a life! They're like puppets and the puppeteer is hiding somewhere around here. Don't waste time with these things!"

The Arthur clone grabbed Adrian by the back of his collar raising his body upwards, with a wide grin across his face it stuck out the mace shaped arm and transformed it into a spear. Without a moment to spare it drew the spear shaped arm back, immediately thrusting it forward with the intent to kill.

Adrian slammed his foot into the clone's spear and it dispersed. He spun with a great speed and the water around him dissolved. The initiative speed of his spinning blew off the arm that was grabbing him.

Arthur paused as he heard Adrian's voice, his enemies incoming strike merely sliced his cheek as he moved back. Wiping the blood off his cheek, he yelled back out "Alright, fall back". Arthur leaped backwards till he was out of the cloudy zone, reunited with Nick and Ash. He didn't have much time so he explained what he needed from them.

Adrian jumped back. "Roger!" He leapt out of the mist and stood outside, anticipating an attack. That's better...

Suddenly a large crash sound could be heard from where the group stood, before them was a large metallic hand waving from side. It occasionally hit the walls as the the Nick and Ash moved forward. The clones which resembled Arthur and Adrian leaped towards the arm, Nick pulled the large hand back whipping it forward with all his might, a strong gust pushed the clones back. He continued moving the hand shifting the clouds to the side eventually revealing Jane.

Jane felt a slight breeze, she turned her head around to see a large metallic hand swaying from left to right. The enemy was getting closer towards her, there wasn't enough time on her hands she dispatched her final clone to distract the group. Jane slowly got up and walked away creating some sort of space between her and her enemies.

"Who're those two?" Adrian asked.

Arthur shifted his head towards Adrian as he spoke, in response he said "You'll be surprised to know, that they are members of the school council." Another clone appeared but before it could reach any of them, Nick disposed of it, smacking it back down with the metallic arm.

"Oh, great, more council members," Adrian mumbled. "You guys were getting your asses kicked before I got here. The Student Council isn't all that strong." He had a prideful voice. "I'll go around behind her and stop her from escaping."

Arthur replied, "Now is not the time to showcase your pride, punk. Besides that, you and I shall sort this mess out." He nodded as he ran "I didn't ask for their help."

"But you need it," he snapped and disappeared. He reappeared a few meters away from Jane. "Hey, bitch! We're all still alive!"

Jane called out to the students as they spoke, "Hey! This is not over yet." She took deep breaths after she spoke. She continued "We'll see if you will be alive after this." Jane suddenly fell back into the cloudy remains of the corridor.

"Look, you don't have to die here," Adrian said. "Just surrender and we'll take you back quietly and you'll survive."

Jane stood before the duo using the remaining water vapour floating in the air, clenching her fists to liquefy the gas. The once cloudy room would gradually become clear as Jane returned the vapour into it's original state, droplets of water now floated in the air covering the whole area. As she loosened her hands the droplets began to shake violently, instantly transforming into sharp needles whcih became solid . With one last wave of her right hand she sent the needles flying towards her opponents.

Adrian stared at the needles in horror. I can't deflect all of them. I need to focus on my vital areas... After a few seconds of being barraged, Adrian was covered in needles, with blood dripping from all of his body. He was struggling to stand. He turned to Jane and coughed up blood. "G...Game over... stupid... bitch..."
The ice sticking out of his body shattered as his eyes started glowing wildly. "I'm not going to miss this time..."

Arthur shielded his face with both his arms before his face, needles flew towards him at a great speed penetrating through his defenses. He firmed the sharp needles which pierced his skin, fighting the urge to cry out in pain, he resorted to calling out on Adrian "I've got your back this time. Go for it!"

"You'd better," he answered. He turned to Jane. "You asked for this..."
He planted one foot into the ground and winced. Pushing himself from the ground, he flew at the water user with the same speed as before, tackling his opponent and possibly squishing a few important inner organs.

Jane facial expression remained the same, despite the success of her attack she considered retreating and escaping. The thought of what could happen if things did not go according to plan troubled her. She briefly lost touch with her surroundings. "No way. This isn-..", her body was brought to the ground as one of the students tackled her. Feeling tremendous pain coming from within she screamed out for the first time. "This cannot.. be.. possible", she cried out, the barrage would slowly come to a halt.

Clenching on to his knife, Arthur lifted his head up from his arms. He took a quick peek at his opponent who had been brought to the ground by Adrian. Surprised at what he had accomplished, he ran towards them.

Adrian groaned and raised his fist, planting it into her shoulder. "We gave you a chance to back out," he whispered with an angry voice. "You chose this." He slowly got up and stumbled backwards. He fell on his back and moaned, covered in blood.

Jane squealed as her opponent landed one more punch at her. Her body ceased to move thereafter. Lacking the energy to lift her head, Jane's eyes were concentrated on the ceiling, her eyes twitched and sunk .

Arthur arrived by Adrian, looking down at Jane's body. He smiled before turning around to Nick, with a nod of his head, Nick stretched his hand forth transforming the shape of the metallic arm into rectangular box moving it besides her body. Arthur then knelt besides her, tucking her legs into the box and her body afterwards. Nick then sealed the body within the box. "Good Job, guys we're going to have to get her out of her soon. She needs medical attention, in fact you all do."

Adrian grumbled and sat up. "I'm feeling a little tired..." He sat in a puddle of blood.

Arthur swiped at his arms and legs, removing the remains of Jane's attack from his body. The sharp pain sensation was felt again but on a slightly lower scale. At least his condition was stable which meant that he could still move at a decent level. Deciding that staying on the fame floor wasn't the wisest of things to do, he urged the group to move out. "Alright, i'm sure this floor is still swarming with some soldiers. Worst case scenario we bump into them, in order for us to avoid this we'll need to move out." Nick raised the case in which the elemental was trapped in and Arthur raised Adrian's blood-soaked body from the floor, placing his on his body Arthur's shoulders. "You're quite a heavy individual." Arthur complained about the weight load as he began to walk.

The group moved around out, taking extra caution with their movement around the floor. However it was difficult conflict had ensued around most parrts of the floor, the injuries inflicted on the team had slowed down their movements. They were vulnerable as a group, deciding that moving together wasn't the wisest of things to do, hence causing him to force the group to retreat into a small office nearby. Once they were in he placed Adrian's body carefully on the floor, while Nick lowered the box carefully. He spoke at a level in which everyone could hear him, "I'm afraid something bad would happen if we are out there together, which is why i suggest that you guys stay here and guard our friend over there." Pointing towards the vent cover which Nick carefully unscrewed. There wasn't much debate on whether Arthur's idea was good or not. Without receiving a response from the others he strolled towards it, removing the cover as he got there. He turned around once more and jumped upwards climbing through the vents in search of help.

After making sure that the silencer is attached, the person quickly walks in. Nick noticed a figure approaching and recognized the figure, "Hey you, what are-" he was cut off as he was shot. Ash fell soon afterwards, unable to react because of the familiar figure and the shock of everything It doesn't take long, as the students aren't prepared of this surprise attack and pretty much exhausted.
The person noticed a boy, injured, laying unconscious in the room. The person decided to ignore him because he didn't see nor hear anything. A metal box that once held Jane prisoner disappeared, as the student who uses the power on her died.
"Thank you for saving-"
It was cut as a bullet pierced between her eyes. Jane falls down into the floor with a soft thud.
"Ssshhh" The person smiles. "You'll wake him up."
The person then left immediately, but not before leaving the gun behind in the hands of the unconscious boy to frame him.

Adrian struggled but only managed to move his hand enough to hit the floor. He started hyperventilating but calmed down after a few seconds.

3.6 Regrouping in the Stairways

"Hey, Levina, you there? What's the situation? I can sense a load of signatures near the stairway."

"Jayden?" Levina pressed down her communicator button to reply. "Glad you're still alive. Our current situation is… pretty bad? We've lost lots of good subordinates, and now they're sending in people to attack the upper floors, I think. The second wave is attacking us in the stairway right now. Where are you?"

"Glad to hear you're still kicking as well," he said with a nervous laugh. "Michael and I are still on the first floor, we just had a run-in with an enemy Pyrokinetic."

"Do you think we'd be able to suppress their fire long enough to get into the stairwell safely?"
"I'll do it. Just make sure that you dash straight into the hole in my electrical dome or you'll be fried."

Jayden glanced over at Michael. "Roger that, Levina. See you in a bit."
He clicked the button on his comm. "Let's head out, get ready to run like hell, Michael."

"Livia, the Pres is coming. Suppressing fire, they're going to make a dash in!" As Levina ordered so, she swipe her hand to make a dozen missile and send them in. As she watch her missile flies toward their targets, Levina opened a rather large hole in the electrical field. "Keep an eye on that hole, Livia. I don't want a random enemy entering the dome from it."

"You got it Vice!" Livia guarded the opening and gestured Jayden and Michael to hurry up.

Michael and his two friends saw the hole and ran within the barrier before anyone could aim and fire at them.

Seeing that her friends have made it in safely, Levina closes the hole and focused back in the defense.
"Liela!" she called. "Go heal 'em up! I'm fine now, thank you!"

Liela nodded and prepared to work her magic on the three new arrivals, Michael and Jayden only had superficial wounds so they were healed pretty quickly, she spent most of her effort on the girl who additional to battle wounds had burns all over her.

"What's up with the burn marks?" Levina asked.

"I was captured by the pyro and tortured for her own amusement to lure the upper ranks to fight." the girl replied.

"By 'The Pyro'?" Levina turned to Michael and Jayden. "Explanation please?"

"The fire elementalist of Purgatory, she's dead now," Michael stated bluntly.

"Elementalist? One of the elite Wave user then." Levina strengthen her electrical dome as the attack suddenly becomes more fierce than ever. "I killed the rock user together with Livia. The other one is killed by a first year student. Yes, you heard that right. A first year student. Jayden, we have to recruit this kid immediately after this war."

"She's the one who also cleared 2nd floor and gave us the chance for an counter-attack on the 1st floor so that we can find you." Livia remarked. She shot a small glance at Michael to see if he knew who it was.

Michael felt the questioning stare from Livia but refused to acknowledge it, the image of the psychotic little girl burned in his head, he had a very good idea of who the first-year was.

"She sounds unstable," Jayden said. "I'd have to meet her first, but I have a feeling we should keep her away from the Council rather than inside of it."

"Indeed, she does sound unstable." Livia frowned. "But the fact that she was the source of probably more than half of the Purgatory casualties sounds a bit valuable for us. Hmmmm.. I not really sure if 'valuable' is the right word..." Livia scratched the back of her head and laughed nervously as she deactivated her main power; paintbrush.

Jayden sighed. "My point exactly, she's a murderer," he said rather bluntly. He got back to his feet, his wounds now healed. "But thats beside the point. Let's focus on the situation at hand."

"Levina, how much longer can you hold your barrier?"

Livia looked down as Jayden made that comment. She remembered the face that she stab million times when she was trapped in a janitor closet. She grumbled to herself, "We all are murderers....." She was pretty sure that atleast half of the school students had to kill someone in order to survive. Camilla, or rather Anna did the same thing and Livia knew that Anna had a reason. It was the same for everyone this day. It was either kill or be killed.

"A hour or two. Thanks to Leila, I'm back at full force." Levina replied Jayden. "So, what's the plan, Pres?"

Jayden listened to the sound of gunfire hammering against Levina's barrier. He seemed to be deep in thought. "We should fall back to the second floor stairwell. The second floor is mostly empty and unguarded, meaning they could potentially stage an attack from up there and crush us from both sides at our current position down here," Jayden said quickly, looking around at his allies to make sure they were following. "There's another barricade up there, so we can join them and bolster their defenses. I'm just afraid its too risky for the five us to stay here as it is."
He finished and took a deep breath. "You'll be able to re-activate your barrier up there, right Levina?"

"Sounds great... you guys go ahead first!"

Livia started going up stairs. "Come on guys! We don't have time to lose!" She looked at Levina and grinned slightly, "Make sure that you don't come back riddled with bullet holes!"

Levina smiled. "Yeah, sure."

3.7 Terrible news for Cpt. Callian
"Sir, squad 3 send an emergency message." A soldier listened his radio carefully. His face suddenly turned pale and all sweat. "Lieutenant- Lieutenant Clay is- is KIA, s-sir!"
Captain Callian stood up. The expression in his face is a mix of anger and sadness. "My girl, Clay… My boys, Alex and Sam…"

"What about Jane? What about her?!" Captain Callian asked. "Answer!"

"We lost contact with her a short while ago, sir!" The soldier replied nervously. "We have already dispatched squad 9 to her last position!"

"I had enough of this shit." Captain Callian walked back to his chair, sweeping up a pack of cigarette and a lighter. "They told me that the number of causality is going to be low... Bullshit! Tell everyone that I'm coming in!"

# Fionn, this is HQ. Everything is set and the plan is in motion. Stall 'em a bit for us #
"Affirmative, I'm am keeping a large squadron bogged down on the west side as the students are well-entrenched and I'm giving stupid orders." Fionn reported over his communicator.


4.1 Camilla preparing for the upcoming battle
Camilla covered her mouth as she yawned. But of course it was Anna whose using Camilla's subconscious mind. Camilla frowned as Anna was using her mind. Although she couldn't help it. It becomes quite complicated when someone has MPD. It's literally two people in one body. And the fact that one persona is a little innocent and cute loli while the other persona is a bloodthirsty and psychopathic murderer makes quite a big contrast between the two. Camilla spoke to Anna, "It's about time anyways.... they are falling back to the stairs.."[i]. She could imagine Anna jumping around happily and cheer for herself in the dark. Anna said merrily, [i]"Yaaaaaaayyy more killing to dooo!!!" Camilla sighed heavily and went to the 2nd floor despite the medics trying to convince her to stay back. She kept on walking towards the hallway which led to the 1st floor stairway. There were some barricades so a heavy-class mecha won't do at all. Camilla sat on a stacked, fallen lockers that served as the front line barricade. She faced directly at where anyone would come out of the stairs. It wouldn't be hard to miss a loli sitting casually on fallen lockers waiting for someone to come out of the stairs.
She glanced at her right arm which is fully healed. Her sketches is resetted back to 10. She flipped through her sketchbook for a killing machine to be used. She turned to a page which had a fighting robot that is similar to a human body. Rather than being a bulky and fat machine, it resembled to human anatomy. Camilla took her pencil out and started drawing a few things. Her new modifications would be fully inspired by the Evangelion series. She first drew a light howitzer gun on it's shoulder. She drew two SMGs which had the capability to turn into a Halo energy-sword. She then drew a shield, or rather an AT-field inspired by Evangelion series. She then started writing instructions beside the sketch. The most notable would be, 1. Kill only Purgatory terrorists, 2. Don't kill students or school staff of ACADEMIA. 3. Increase duration for 1 hour.
Camilla stretched her arms and legs out and sighed. She had a small proud smile on her face. The sketch would cost about 3-4 sketches due to the amount of detail and instructions it had. She waited 'till the SC members to come up the stairs to signify the start of their last stand.

4.2 Falling back to the 1st line of defence in the 2ND Floor
"You're doing good work Liela," Michael complimented the tired girl who looked up with a smile. Extending his hand to help the fatigued girl, she gladly took it and the rest of the mashed together squad along with the rescued prisoner still on his back went up the stairs. Michael was glad to see that there hasn't been more casualties, "Fiona's doing a good job, to have a perfect record in this mess, I hope she's taking good care of herself though," he thought he watched as one of the squad members updated HQ that the stairway defense team was moving up to the 2nd floor.

Livia noticed more terrorists soldiers coming up and started to shoot and Levina's barrier. She yelled out at the small group at the back, "Come on guys! We gotta move! We'll get grounded if we don't get to the 2nd floor." Unfortunately, her time limit on her power was running out. Still having the 5 minutes remaining, she decided to keep it for later in an emergency case. She deactivated her power and her brush went back to the normal size. Her arm wasn't fully active but it can still move, barely. "It's not that bad I guess...

Levina is the one who walked in the back, covering her comrades with her electrical field as they climb the stairs. The attack is getting fiercer, and their enemy is smart enough to realized that they are retreating and clearly outnumbered.
"Keep going! Keep going!" Levina yelled, as another RPG hit her electrical field and exploded. "Everything is OK! Everything is!"
She's lying.
The truth is, several bullets have already grazed or hit her.
I'm OK. Leila could heal me later
As they arrived in the second floor, they are met with the first line of defense. Several student council student is accompanied by those who volunteer to help the defense.

Livia arrived at the second floor. She spotted Christa reinforcing a barricade on a hallway next to them. She called out, "Christa! Get some of the volunteers and the non-athletics and go to the 2nd line of defense! We'll take the front lines!" Christa nodded and rushed back to the 3rd floor to gather anyone who could fight.

Camilla saw the SC coming up to the 2nd floor. She held her sketchbook out and called out, "Evangelion! Come out!" In an instant, the robot that she modified in her sketch just some minutes before came out. The robot swiftly made it's way to Levina and raised both of it's hands and an AT field came out. The AT field, from the Evangelion series, was a nearly impenetrable shield and nothing could get pass through it unless something happens to the human. In this case, the human would be Camilla. She walked beside Levina who is wounded somewhat heavily and said, "Fall back. I'll take the front." The robot made a second layer of the shield infront to fend of a rocket. The bullets and the RPG rockets would stop midair and float after penetrating the first layer of the shield. The robot clenched it's fists and the bullets and rockets streaked back towards the terrorists. Camilla looked back at the Vice, "Go now!"

Levina nodded and hurriedly walked to catch up with her comrades.
"That's the girl i'm talking about." Levina said. "The one that cleared out the second floor and defeated one of the Elementals all by her self."

Jayden was a bit surprised to find out the anonymous girl was Camilla. He didn't know her well, but she didn't strike him as the murderous type. He dismissed the thought, grunting to Levina as acknowledgement.

Livia walked beside Levina and looked at her wounds. Leila can get her healed in no time so Livia isn't worried at all. Livia said in a emotionless tone, "Funny enough she's my little sister, Camilla. I never thought that she'd had this much power in her. I guess we'll leave her in the first line of defence all by herself? If she did all that damage to the Purgatory before the 2nd wave, then I guess she's fine on her own." Livia didn't really want anyone to see the psychopathic persona, Anna. They would think that she's a possessed girl going crazy.

Camilla hid beside the wall next to the stairs and took cover. Since this robot isn't a bulky, fat, and heavy mecha, Camilla won't be safe sitting on it's shoulder. She waved her pencil and the robot kept the AT-field and went into a running posture. The robot launched itself down the stairs where the terrorists were shooting. The Purgatory scrambled to the side as a crater formed when the robot landed. The robot straightened up and popped a tank shell onto a group of terrorists shooting at it. A wave user on the back, gifted with the ability to summon swords and spears, launches dozen of swords and spears. The robot deflected them with it's own Halo energy-swords without breaking a sweat. Its swords into SMGs and killed the wave user easily. As more were coming, Camilla retreat to the first barricade all on her own. The robot went back up and stayed in front of the barricade where Camilla was. "Alright, Anna. We can switch now." Camilla closed her eyes and waited for Anna to come over. The innocent girl's smile turned into a psychopathic grin. Anna opened a fallen locker used as a barricade and a bunch of collected weapons from the terrorists surrounded the psychopathic girl. She picked up a deployable light machine gun and stationed it on top of the barricade. The robot deployed its AT-field again and stayed ready if any terrorists came close to the first barricade. She grumbled to herself as her grin and eyes widened mischeviously, "Time to pop some brains out." As the first terrorist's head appeared on the machine gun's iron sight, Anna shot one bullet which went straight between the terrorist's eyes. Her eyes and grin widened even more as she saw pieces of the terrorist's brain scramble onto the walls. She then, unleashed a volley of bullets and pinned the terrorists down on the stairways.

"That psychotic girl is your sister?" Levina looked at Livia. "… Am I talking to Livia or someone else?"
Levina coughed. A blood cough. She groaned. "I hate bullets. Especially the fast one..."

Livia frowned at Levina. She looked around for Leila but couldn't see her anywhere. She looked back at Levina and decided to answer, "Yea you're talking to Livia. Apparently she suffers from MPD or Multiple Personality Disorder and it happened to be a psychopathic killing persona. Who'd expect that, anyways? Surely not me cause she didn't say anything. Plus doesn't she look like me? Like you know... A younger version of me?"

Cpt Callian had just arrived in the stairway.
He noticed that a lot of his troop is still in the first floor, seemingly scared to make a move upstairs.
"The fuck? Yer' all kidding me, right?" Cpt Callian said angrily. "A group of armed, experienced soldiers are scared to fight a bunch of untrained kids?"
"They-They are strong, sir!" A soldier replied in a shaky tone. "There-There is this one large mecha-"
"Ah shut up!" Cpt Callian slapped him. "Step aside! Let me show you how real mercenaries fight!"


Anna kept on running out of ammo and needing to switch weapons every now and then. Each time she changed her out-of-ammo weapon to a new re-filled one, the pinned terrorists would attempt to go to the hallways. Unfortunately for them, Anna's Evangelion robot would deactivate it's AT field and pop a tank shell and send out a burst of SMG bullets to the entrance of the stairway. With this method, Anna could easily restock on another weapon without worrying to much about the terrorists flooding in the hallway.

As she started shooting again, she taunted at the terrorists, "Come on ya buggers! Afraid to get your head blown into pieces?!"

4.3 The arrival of Cpt. Callian in the 2nd floor
"Goooooddddd affftterrnooonnnnn everyyooonnneeeee~~~" Captain Callian shouted, as he entered the floor. That sure is enough to make both sides surprised. He have already lit a cigarette. "How's things going here? Ah youth youth!"

Levina is pretty much surprised. She recognized him very well. She have received medical treatment from a disciplinary member for quite a while, and she decided that it's enough. Levina stands, and without saying anything run towards the first line of defense.

Livia looked at Levina and yelled, "Wait Vice!!! You're not healed yet!!" Livia gets up and started running after the vice president.

Anna ran out of ammo again and changed her weapon. The robot took Anna's place over and pinned the terrorists down. Anna switched her SMG into a .50 Barrett and placed it on top of the barricade. As she puts her eye in front of the scope, she saw a bearded man greeting out loud. She took her eye off the scope and looked at the man with curiosity. The robot kept it's AT field deployed and stayed still. "Eeehhh....." Anna recognized the man as the leader of the Purgatory. She grinned widely and stood up. She climbed up the barricade to reaveal herself as the one who kept the terrorists pinned. Keeping her sniper on her left shoulder while the fingers on the trigger, she yelled at the man with a wide grin, "Sooooooo!!! The man who started all this finally showed himself, huh?!"

Levina arrive in the first line of defense, watching Anna engaging the man, the infamous Captain Callian.
"Hey kid," Levina called, obviously worried about something. "Be careful. Be cautious."

Livia caught up on Levina and gasped for air, "Geez Vice! Don't just run off without telling me..." Her voice trailed off as she saw Anna and the bearded man whom she saw in one of Camilla's sketch. "Motherfucker..."

Anna looked back down on the Vice president who had a worried face. She smirked mischievously, "Don't worry I got this."

Christa gathered the non-athletics. There were only 4 including Christa that were active and healthy enough to fight. They also managed to reach where Livia was and saw the bearded man. Christa and the other 3 members looked at each other and back at the man. She asked to Livia and Levina, "Is that man the leader?" The other three got ready to attack. Lust for revenge could be seen in their eyes.

"Yes." Levina paused. "And don't. Back off. You are not strong enough to-"

"Ooooohhhh what is this? a red carpet for me? Why'd everyone is welcoming me?" Captain Callian smiled. "Honestly, I'm flattered."

One of the non-athelics grunted, "This motherfucker. He's responsible for our friends' deaths." The other one whose completely out for revenge, "I'm going to fucking kill him!" He charged at the bearded man and pushed Anna out of the way, "Die you fucker!!!" The other two followed with their own small battle cries.

Christa rushed too but Livia managed to stop the girl in the nick of time, "Don't! Guys fall back!" Right when she finished yelling, she realized it was too late for anyone to react.

Captain Callian smirked. He lifted his left hand, and it grew bigger. As big and as large as the hallway it self, maybe. He pulled it back and roared as he threw the punch, sending his attackers flying all the way to the third defense line, only stopping after they hit the wall. He punched him so hard to the point where basically all bones in their body broke. "Kids! Kids! Hot blooded, aren't 'cha?"

Livia and Christa jaw dropped as they saw the three non-athletics flew overhead and crashed onto the third defence line. Christa pulled back her sob as she saw the corpses of her friends. Livia looked at Levina and said with a worried face, "We should fall back... The guy's too strong."

"Retreat to the second defense line! Everyone, move! You too, guys!" Levina shouted. In panic, the students who defend the first line of defense runs toward the second and third line of defense. Levina then turned to Livia. "Get your sister out of here too before she dies! Tell her to retreat!"

Anna recover from that earlier shove from the student. She looked at the corpses somewhat astonished but in awe at the same time. She looked back at the bearded man with her eyes and grin widened with excitement, "Can't expect less from a old Wave user... Fuck this shit. I'm gonna go all out on you." The robot put itself between the bearded man and the psychopathic girl. Anna said with a trembling but excited voice, "Let's fucking start this battle shall we?"

Captain Callian is astonished by the girl's bravery. "Ah! You must be that mecha user that kills lot of my men! Are you, by chance, the one who kill one of my children? Alex, Sam, Clay? Or you happen to know who killed them?"

Livia responded back at the vice president, "Right! Everyone retreat back to the third floor! Christa you too!" She looked at the psychopathic girl in front of her and called her out, "Anna! Retreat now!"

Anna ignored at the orders and kept looking at Cpt Callian head-on with her robot between them. "Clay and Sam? I don't know em but...." Her psychopathic grin and devilish eyes widened as she stuffed her hand in her pocket. She takes out a small packet of chew gum that Alex used during the battle. She tossed it in front of the bearded man. "Yep.... I know Alex, cause I killed him by myself."

Captain Callian's eye widened. It filled with anger, sadness, and excitement. "Sooooo YOU are the one who kill Alex, kid?!"
He pull back his left hand again, this time he pulled it longer than before as he wanted to give a very strong punch. "GOOD! Prepare for your death!"
Captain Callian sent the punch in.

Livia's eyes widened in shock and fear. She saw the huge hand streaking towards the psychopathic pink-haired girl. "Camilla!!! Get the fuck out of there!"

Anna grinned widely as she saw the huge fist heading to her. She raised her right arm to the direction of the fist and the robot mimicked Anna's movements. It deployed its double-layered AT-field just as the fist came hurling towards it. The sheer amount of force made the robot skid backwards near the 1st barricade. "Hah! Can't expect nothing more from a elder Wave user!!" She raised her left arm and so did the robot. "Take this!" Just as the she finished talking, the AT-field released a overwhelming amount of energy and force that pushed the huge fist back where it came from. The immense power was enough to break every single bone of a normal human. Although that wasn't the case for the bearded man. His arm still looks intact. "Huh, looks like I have to try harder.."

Captain Callian is surprised to see that the little girl have this much power. No wonder Alex loses to her. He always have the tendency to underestimate people from their looks. The Captain's face become serious, the same face that he would show in the battlefield. He enlarge his other hand, and clasp them together tightly before swinging it against the girl's defensive field. It shakes it, then shatters it.
Captain Callian grinned. "DIE, YOU!" He shouted, as he raised his arm and swings it down hard.

"Oh god." Levina whispers. Unconsciously, she snaps her finger, sending an electrical bolt toward the Captain's.

Captain Callian evade just in time, as the electrical bolt pass through him and hit the wall behind him before exploding.
He whistle. "Whoa whoa. That's some dangerous power you got there, girl. You must be the electrical user they talking about, 'rite? The one who defend the stairway for a while?"

Livia can't do anything at this moment. Her powers only has a 5-minute limit due to the amount of power she used to hold off the stairs. "Goodness gracious I can't freakin' do anything." She looked at Christa who was shaking in fear. Livia grabbed Christa's shoulders and ordered the girl, "Go to the 3rd floor! It's dangerous! I don't want to lose another good subordinate of mine! I'll join you in the 3rd floor later!" Christa nodded and rushed up the stairs to the 3rd floor.

Anna frowned at the site of the vice pres attacking the bearded man. But as the psychopath she is, Anna would use this precious distraction as a advantage. "After all, this is a war." She rasied both of her hands and the robot mimicked her actions. The robot increased the density and pressure on the AT-field. The field itself shape-shifted into a small ball due to the pressure. The robot then would release the energy accumulated and the ball released a railgun-like attack towards the bearded man.

Captain Callian minify his hands, putting it back into it's normal state and make a quick retreat into a class room to evade the rail gun attack that blasted a class room. "I like your power, kid! I really want you to join our side, but unfortunately, you killed Alex!"

Anna lets out a twisted, sadistic laugh. "As if I would join a freaking terrorist group that got destory by a group of pathetic students like us!" She jumped off the barricade and moved foward. The robot followed the pink-hair psychopath. "What is this? Are we playing hide and seek, now?"

"This is what they called a tactic, little girl!" Captain Callian pressed a button to his communicator. "Now! Rain her with anything you got!"

A group of soldier appear from the stairway, attacking 'the little girl' with RPGs, grenades, and bullets

The girl raised her hand towards the stairs and so did the robot. The AT-field went back to normal and deflected the bullets and rockets but kept them intact. She grumbled, "Weak." The robot clenched its fist and the bullets and rockets that were floating on the shield streaked back at the terrorists and killing anyone who didn't rush back to cover.

"HAHAH! I GET 'CHA NOW!" Captain Callian is running down the hallway. He quickly jumped and enlarge his hands, targeting Anna.

The pink-haired pyschopath looked back at the bearded man running towards her. "Pretty cheap tatic. Those petty distractions won't work on me." She raised her hand towards the bearded man and the robot unleashed another but weaker railgun-like attack towards the man.

Livia looked at the battle raging ahead. "Vice is there anything we can do?"

"We really should be helping her rather than gawking..," Michael observed the not-Camilla and the enemy leader fight, but as he was about to take action, the windows in the hallway shattered, and wave users with flight started aiming at them.

"We can deal with those flying shit." Levina duck, as another Wave soldier with flying ability emptied their gun's ammo on them. Levina stood up quickly and snaps her finger at three, hitting one and sending him down to the ground. "Go upstairs! Go help the refugees and make sure that they don't get the chance to land in the roof!"

Michael rolled to dodge the spray of an SMG and shot a pistol at the soldier that fired at him, he dodged, but it gave him time to regroup while he repositioned himself in the air, "Got it, we can't let them flank, 4th and 5th are abandoned right now, if they take over the 3rd we are so fucked." he whispered to the group seriously so the terrorists can't overhear. "GO NOW, I'll provide cover fire," as he slowly moved towards the stairs spraying bullets at the windows so the flyers couldn't steady themselves to aim. "Good thing I scavenged a bunch of guns when I was downstairs"

Livia quickly leapt to the side and took cover behind a wall. She looked at her side and saw a pile of terrorist weapons that Anna was using. She picked up a pistol, sniper with a shoulder strap, and a SMG.

Eilian is hiding under a table. A group of flying soldier armed with guns have been firing at them now. The hallways, the classrooms. She is in still stuck in the fourth floor, right now she is hiding inside one of the classroom. Several other students also hide in this classroom, hiding inside the table in the same position as her's. Those who aren't quick enough to hide, died. Those who are unlucky, get hit by a stay bullets and probably dead. "This sucks...."

Livia started moving swiftly through the corridor towards the stairs to the 3rd floor. She called out to Michael, "Michael! 4th floor! Vice can take care of these flying shits in near the 2nd floor." She didn't wait for Michael to answer and went to the 3rd floor and proceeded to the 4th.

Several soldiers who have reached their time limit entered the building. Some started shooting and walked around to find their victim, some triggered back their power and fly out again.

"Fuck, ammo..." Michael cursed as he threw away his now worthless machine gun, right as he saw some of those wave users enter. His powers weren't activated and enemies were coming in. He looked around and he paled, the nearest trigger activation for him was *gulp* Levina.

"Spread out! I need at least 10 people here! Make sure you are inside the blue floating thing or you will get electrocuted!" Levina ordered. "Someone call Leila for me! I will need her help!"
"Why'd you stop shooting, Michael? Use your power-" Levina asked, but then she realized something. "Don't you fucking dare."

Michael raised his hands non threateningly, "You know my trigger," he whispered as he saw that more were coming in and they were preparing to fire, "my book got burned when I was fighting the fire elemental, if you have any ideas I'm all ears, better hurry though don't think our buddies are the patient guys." The soldiers started firing, but they were starting to flank Levina, the only members of squad 10 left here was the medic who was too far away and healing the girl he rescued at first, and a guy...which does not help.

Levina rolled her eyes. "Fine. I'll take them. You go find some other girl."
Keeping her right hand up to keep the field intact, she snaps her left-hand finger. She creates two electrical balls and sent them in toward the incoming soldiers. In the small and cramped hallway, the electrical balls exploded and scatter electrical bolts.

Michael mentally groaned, "The nearest girl is Liela who's about 70 feet away in no-man's land, you know the area I have to walk in a hail of bullets to reach?"

"I'll do anything as long as we don't get to do 'that'" Levina grumpily answer. She raised her right hand, extending the electrical field to cover larger area. "Stop con planing and just run. I can't hold 'em off while covering for you forever. And make sure you bring Leila back here with you

Michael sighed, "Fine, if you want to be difficult," "I'm so screwed," he thought as he prepared to run into no-man's land, Levina has to stay by the staircase to make sure no soldiers go up the stairs so he was out of luck for protection. Taking a deep breath, he tried to cover the distance of 70 feet. He couldn't outrun the guns though. He rolled, jumped and dodged to the best of hi ability but he got shot at multiple times. He covered his vitals so he didn't die, but his arms and legs got hit and one of the bullets hit his back. Groaning in pain, he lost his balance and tripped before one of the summoner's minions blocked the gunfire and brought him over to the medic. Liela in medic mode ignored her fear and glared at Levina, "You happy now? you know about his trigger and now you got a perfectly capable fighter injured."

Another hit to her right shoulder.
How much have Levina been hit now? A lot, for sure.
"Just heal him, kiss him, then come here and help me!" Levina replied. "Gosh I don't know how much longer I can make the stand!"
You damn liar Levina told her self.

Liela sighed, "This will take at least 20 minutes, these aren't just light injuries and I'm not at full efficiency anymore like at first when I operated on you." she complained as she started getting to work, "Stay with me Michael, don't close your eyes," that back bullet hit his lung, so she was focusing on that first, as she said, "You've got one in you lung, stay stil and don't move."

I can manage." Another bullet grazed her hand. "This godamn bullets!"
Levina transform her electrical field into a strong electrical blast. Offensive is the best defense, after all.

4.5 Preparing to defend the 4th floor
Livia reached the 4th floor which was getting attacked by some flying wave users. Christa followed Livia and saw the chaos unfolding. She looked back at Christa and realized something. Christa's power was banned to be used unless it was really necessary. She wasn't even allowed to be in the Grand Battle due to her power. "Christa.. I think it's a good time to use that power of yours..."

"Eh?" Christa looked at Livia with a confused and awkward face. "A-Are you sure boss? I can't control my power though...."

"Don't worry about me.... I'll stay at the back."

"I know that you technically don't have jurisdiction over Disciplinary people, but you are a head so what are your orders ma'am? Liela is the only upper class man in this squad, so we don't really have the experience to make tactical decisions." one of the squad 10 members asked, 4 of them went upstairs leaving the summoner and Liela behind.

"Er... Er...." Livia scratched her head and frowned. "Stay in pairs of two. Christa and I will take the left" She pointed at two of them, "You two take and middle and the others can take the left. Also give me a communicator so that we have contact with each other."

One of the boys, the same one at first said, "Alright here you go....again," he said with with a chuckle, "After this we need to get communicators for everyone, I don't care what the budget says." One of the girls spoke up," Um should we also watch the 5th floor too? Or just concentrate the defense here?"

"It would be nice to have better communicator than these shitty ones.... Anyways.... Defend the 4th floor. Infact we'll stay close to the stairs. We aren't letting the enemy reach the 3rd floor. Got that?" She got the communicator and yelled out, "Let's roll out!"

4.6 Anna vs Cpt Callian
Anna's robot still had 30 minutes left. She kept on chasing the bearded man and used her railgun attack whenever he tried to attack her. "Come on now! Why is an experienced Wave user running way from a little girl?!"
Anna walked near a classroom door where she saw the bearded man hide. Behind her was the wall where it would lead outside. She made the robot deploy it's AT-field since she knew that the bearded man was going to launch her outside. It was all according to her plan.

Captain Callian hit the girl. He sent her outside by breaking the window. As he did, Captain Callian jumped outside after her.

The pink-haired psychopath was picked up by her robot halfway through the air. It landed and formed small crater. "Ouch Ouch....." She got off the robot and dust her clothes. She looked at Cpt. Callian who was facing her head-on. She smirked, "Why don't you use that 25m titan form you had? I'm pretty sure those attacks won't work against a psychotic girl like me~"

"Fuck no. Against a little girl like you? FUCK-NO!" Captain Callian replied, as he lift his now enlarged leg to step on her.

"Awwww come on..... That's too boring..." Anna pouted. The robot rasied both of it's hand and the a barrier was formed. As usual it held the sheer amount of force from the power of the bearded man. "I need to provoke him... Let's see... what would provoke him?" The robot increased the pressure and density. It released the accumulated energy and pushed the giant leg back.
Anna pushed back another attack from the bearded man. She grinned widely and let out a twisted and sadistic laugh. "Sam and Clay.... I didn't fight 'em but I saw their freaking corpses. If I recall my memories, I'm pretty sure that the rubble near the stairs has the Sammy guy in it. Maybe you'll see his head crushed under there." Anna raised both of her hands and the robot followed by shooting another railgun-like attack towards the bearded man.

"Shut up, kid! Shut your fucking mouth!" Captain Callian is getting all emotional, despite the fact that he have remind him self for a thousand time that he shouldn't be. He minify his leg, and enlarge his hand back again. Clasping it tightly and start slamming his hand to her AT field. It started to shatter.

"Crap gotta be fast on this. Otherwise I'll get crushed into a mashed potato. At least it was working." Anna thought quickly for Clay's fake death. She let out another laugh and grinned widely, "That other one. Clay wasn't it? I think her murderer told me that she got burnt by her own stupidity! She was so freakin' stupid that she burnt herself into nothing but dust and ashes! I'm pretty sure that her 'corpse' is lost by the wind."

"Shut your fucking-" His hand reduced to normal all the sudden. Realizing that he's reaching his time limit, Captain Callian quickly walks back while throwing away his current cigarette and taking a new one.

"Eeeeeeeeehhhhh....." Anna looked at the man with a mischievous smile. "So that's you trigger, huh...." Unfortunately for her robot, it reached its limit and dispersed into the air. But she didn't care, she wanted to fight his 25m titan and give him a big lesson. "Poor poor Alex though. He didn't even have time to chew on his bubble gum before turning into nothing but dust and ash thanks to me."

Captain Callian lit his cigarette. "I don't want to kill you by stomping on you, kid." He said. "But it will serve you right."

He roared. A loud one. As he did, slowly his is magnified. It only take seconds for him to turn to his 25m form. Several of his flying soldiers quickly landed in the roof or inside the school building to evade his magnifying process.

"WELL…" His voice echoes. "THIS IS IT."

Holy fuck.
What kind of thing Livia's sister did to piss him off this much?
Levina noticed that the number of soldier entering the school building have significantly increases, and they even carry a damn mortar launcher inside.
"Hold the defense line!" Levina ordered. "I'm going back in a short while."
Levina drags her self to where Leila and her squad of medic is standing by. Levina drops to the ground, and the pool of blood coming from her open wounds quickly formed in the floor.
"Someone please close these wounds and remove the bullets." Levina requested.
One of the athletic medic squad hurriedly walks in and kneeled beside her. Touching her hand, the girl quickly try her best to heal her. Levina let her self rest just next to Leila and Michael.


"Well... Well.... Looks like it worked...." Anna grinned widely as the real fun started. She grumbled, "Let the battle of giants begin..."
She raised her sketchbook and screamed as loudly she can, "REXXIE COME OUUUUUUTTT!!!"
A loud roar would be heard miles away from the city for there was something else that's big in the school ground. The big 'thing' dropped behind Anna and raised a huge plume of dust. Red eyes could be seen in the fog itself. Anna's voice could be heard inside the plume of dust. "Let the battle of the giants start!!!"
Huge wings extended out of dust and cleared the plume of dust revealing the creature, a fucking huge dragon.
Anna grinned widely as her new creature roared which broke windows from the buildings surrounding it. Even the windows in civilian buildings from outside the school shattered into pieces.
Although the price was a harsh one. Her right arm didn't move at all. Her nails were bleeding and her skin turned purple and black. Right now Camilla would be screaming in agony and perhaps die from sudden stress. But Anna only whimpered like puppy. "Oh well... The circulation on my right arm stopped. The pain will gonna go away soon after all the blood in there is gone. So there's nothing to worry about."

Liela growled in frustration, "I can't concentrate like this with all of this noise going around." Fearing the irate medic, one of the athletic squad members cast a sound barrier around the fuming healer. "Thank you," she replied before she went back to stabilizing Michael.

Livia looked outside the window and so did Christa. Their eyes widened in shock and disbelief, for there was a 25m titan and a HUGE fucking dragon outside. Livia whispered, "Goodness fucking gracious..."
Christa looked at the titan horrified. "Boss what do we do?"
Livia replied to Christa, "I haven't got a bloody clue."

The shadow covers the whole school. Levina can only see the leg of whatever just grew itself big out there, but she know it's Captain Callian. Not only that, after that there is this huge fucking dragon outside. It roared and broke all windows around her. Levina make an electrical field just in time to protect several students standing nearby, but things are not so lucky for those who stand too close to the windows. They are either dropped in the ground because they are blinded by the glass or died because they gets impaled by too many glass shreds.

"Go help them." Levina ordered Irina. "My wounds have closed and the bullets have been removed. Although it's not complete yet, but it will be sufficient."
Levina turned at Michael. "Let's move out, Michael. This is our chance to counterattack!"

Michael groaned as he tested out his injuries, "I'm lucky to be alive, what kind of suicidal order was run over there while a bunch of guys are shooting at you. There was no purpose in that risk," he grumbled to himself. Liela shared his sentiments as she never stopped glaring at Levina throughout the healing session, it cost her efficiency and time which her abilities was both running low on, plus the wrongness of watching a very risky order with no tangible benefits rubbed her the wrong way. Michael bit out a bitter "Yes Vice," as he heard his new orders. He turned toward Liela, "So are you going to be stubborn about this too?" he asked her in a voice loud enough for Levina to hear.

Liela shook her head, "Just get it over with, it's a battle zone right now and we need you to be able to fight." she replied with her voice carrying to the Vice's ears also. "I couldn't heal you up completely, you are probably at about 80% right now. Enough to fight, just not at your best." Liela cautioned him as he was activating his trigger "Wow, his hands feel good, Fiona's a damn lucky girl, guess he has a lot of practice though," she thought as she struggled to keep her professional demeanor and the blush off her face. "Got it, thanks for everything," Michael whispered to her as he felt the wind start to blow around him.


A dragon. A fucking live dragon.
Captain Callian really underestimated the girl. He clasped his hand and threw a punch at it.

The dragon leaned it's head backwards and dodged the punch from the titan. It used the little time to grab Anna with its fingers and put her onto the top of its head. She tapped on the dragon's head with her left hand.
The dragon responded by opening its mouth wide until the back of the mouth can be seen. A small source of light could be seen but after a second or two, a fireball, which was enough to melt diamonds, hurled out like a massive flamethrower towards the titan.

Captain Callian dodged. It was easy to dodge such a large thing, even thought it moves fast. The fireball hits the roof of the school, and a fire is started in the fifth floor.
Captain Callian moves quickly to launch a left hook at the thing.

Eilian is running around the fourth floor. The fifth floor is burning out and any sane man would try to find a way to go down to rescue their selves. The combat is still ongoing, corpses are laying around and that two big ass monster is still fighting outside. Eilian watches how the big human try to hit the dragon.
"Crapppp!!!!" She quickly grabs a RPG. In panic, she lifted it and pressed the trigger.
It appears that she accidentally reverse the RPG. The ammo blasts the wall behind her and create a hole as large as the door.
"Whoops." Eilian throws the RPG and take another RPG from another corpse. She carefully walks closer to the window, and when her aim is steady, she takes the shot, hitting the titan in the chest. It roared in pain.


Just as left hook the titan just threw nearly grazed the dragon's head. Luckily an unknown explosion prevented the punch from hitting or probably breaking the dragon's skull. Anna looked at the school building and saw a girl with an RPG and recognized as Eilian. Thinking that she would thank the girl later, she tapped lightly onto the dragon's head. The dragon leapt towards the titan giving it no time to react and dug its legs' and arms' claws into the shoulders of the titan. It then took-off into the air by using it's huge-ass wings. It flew slowly to the multifunctional field.

Anna figured that it would be safer that the titan and the dragon would fight over at the multifunctional field rather than beside the school buildings itself.

The dragon let go of the titan but it was grabbing at the legs of the dragon. It looked down and hurled another massive fireball to the arms of the giant. The titan cried in pain and fell onto the huge multifunctional field and the dragon landed on the opposite side.
Just as the titan got up, both the dragon and titan roared at each other so loudly that the whole city could hear it.

The blood bath began as soon as the two giants stopped roaring. The dragon crawled swiftly towards the giant and attempted to bite the titan's leg.

Cpt. Callian expected the attack from the dragon. He clasped both of his hands together and raised them high into the air. He then, swung his hands downwards. Streaks of air could be seen appearing from the titan's hands.

Anna saw the upcoming attack and tapped on the dragon, "Rexxie! Stop the attack now!"
The dragon obeyed and backed off just in time to avoid the hammering attack of the titan.

Cpt. Callian went into the counter-attack. He quickly made distance to the dragon and made a swift but strong left uppercut to the dragon.

The dragon leaned on the right and managed the only make a graze on its cheek. Anna tapped the dragon's head again. It responded by swinging its massive claws upwards.

The titan didn't expect a sudden counter-attack from the dragon. He staggered backwards while roaring in pain for there were three gashes with blood oozing out of the wounds.

"1 for Rexxie and 0 for the titan..." Anna grumbled. Her skin on right arm completely turned into purple and black. The circulation stopped for a long-ass time now. Her nails fell off and bled for a significant amount of time. Her breathing became heavier and faster due to the enormous amount of pain in her arm. "Come on... Hang in.. there.. Just a bit more.." Anna's vision blurred and the sounds became muffled. The rest of her skin became pale as she kept on losing a large quantity of blood.

The titan suddenly jolted towards the dragon. It jumped and attempted a superman punch MMA style.

Yet again, the dragon managed to dodge the punch hurling towards it. Anna gasped for air as she felt the punch taking all of the air away for a second or two. She tapped again and the dragon responded by hurling another fireball towards the titan.

Cpt. Callian sidestepped and the fireball went into the air and exploded sending smaller fireball throughout the whole multifunctional field.

"I need backup.. I can't kill him in time.. I only got 3 minutes left." Anna grumbled. She shook her head in attempt to get the blurred vision off. She sighed lightly and tried to keep her head straight. It's only a matter of time until she either faint or die from blood loss.

4.7 Sticky Situation in the 4th floor
Livia and Christa were holding the hallway on the far left of the school. Livia can't use her powers cause of the 5-minute limit she has right now. For Christa, it was far too dangerous for her to use her power. She would either get killed and do nothing or just blow the entire school up. Instead they used guns and grenades.
Livia's SMG stopped shooting suddenly. She pressed the trigger a few times hearing the clicking noise only. "Damn, I'm outta ammo!"

Christa cursed under her breath. "There's still more outside! Can't you be a bit more conservative on your ammo?"

"S-Shut up!" Livia switched to her sniper rifle and placed it on top of the window. "I'll take care of the guys flying! Just cover me!"

Christa nodded and stacked two lockers top of each other. "Got it!" She started to pin down the enemy on the other side of the hallway.

Livia placed her eye in front of the scope and started shooting bursts on the flying Wave user. She kept on missing or grazing but no bullets knocked the enemy out. "Goddamnit I hate snipers."

As they kept on holding the enemy back, they heard the dragon and titan roar at each other. "Those two are going to destroy the school area, boss."

Livia sighed deeply and kept on shooting. "Let's worry about these fuckers!"

After a while they managed to make the enemy retreat. Christa went beside Livia and looked outside the window seeing the dragon and titan fighting each other. "The dragon is losing... It's movements are getting slower by the minute."

Livia noticed "Camilla is probably reaching her limit. We gotta go help her-------"

Christa felt a warm yet cold liquid splat on her cheek and hair. She then heard a thud beside her. Afraid to look what just happened, Christa slowly looked at her side and saw Livia on the floor clutching on her stomach tightly. "Oh.. god no." Christa saw a terrorist at the other end of the hallway. Her eyes became ferocious as her should filled in rage and revenge. She placed her hands in front of her. A small ball of energy appeared in front her cupped hands. She let out an enraged battle cry as the ball of energy turned into one big lazer beam. As the lazer disappeared, it looked like the lazer beam destroyed the wall behind the burnt terrorists revealing the blue sky and white clouds outside. She dropped onto her knees and crawled towards Livia.
"Boss! Don't die on me!"
Christa dragged Livia and placed her against the wall. Livia opened her mouth and tried to speak but nothing came out instead of blood trickling down to her cheek.
Christa panicked and used her hands to put pressure on Livia's wounds. "Fuck they probably got your kidney...Oh god what am I supposed to do!" Christa started crying as she started to drag Livia. She tripped and fell hard on the floor. A small metal sound could be heard behind her. Christa looked back and saw the communicator on the floor. She grabbed it quickly and looked at Livia who is becoming pale and close to death.

"Ugh.. i don't feel great... My stomach hurts so much.... Eh.. Where am I again? What was I doing in the past couple minutes.. I can't remember anything.. What's even happening? Ugh I'm so tired. I want to sleep...." Livia struggled to breath as she slowly fell unconscious.

# Fionn, this is HQ. Team Charlie and Team Delta will land in the left side of the school ETA 15 minutes. Can you clear that place for us? #
"Hmm, 15 min alright then I'll start taking on a more direct role, got it." Fionn radioed back. He went backwards a bit to where the tired and injured were resting and where he expected the army to land their assault after appointing one of the dumbest men there in command with the excuse of checking the reserve status, and subtly started killing the unguarded troops. "Land in the place to the left of the giant dragon and titan duel, I am clearing up the area there and we can flank them from behind as this was their resting camp that I just took out and they don't suspect anything."
# Roger that. #

Levina is running in the streets, heading toward the multifunctional field. She has been snapping fingers, opening way to make an exit from the school building.
It seems that Captain Callian is overwhelming the dragon. Figures.
"We might gonna need a car or a vehicle to make it easier for us to make a hit and run attack on him." Levina presses her communicator button, asking help from anyone who can. "Everyone, listen. If you are unsure of your safety, stay in the school. Those who brave enough to risk their lives, come to the field and help us!"

Christa flinched at the communicator speaking in vice's voice. She pressed the "all" button and spoke as she kept crying and panicking. "Someone! Livia.... Livia got shot on her stomach! We're in the 4th floor the far left hallways.... I can't stop the bleeding! Someone.... Please help.. She's dying.. Please.." Christa dropped the communicator and placed her hands on Livia's wound. Her clothes were drenched in blood and so were Christa’s hands. "Come on boss... Hang in there... Help's coming.. I'm sure of that."

Michael heard the panicked distress call over his communicator, "Liela, go to her , I'll cover you," he said to the girl. She nodded and the two made their way to the staircase. Using his abilities now he disrupted the currents outside to prevent the flying terrorists from being able to aim and shoot at them and they made it to the 4th floor without any trouble. He bit back his emotions as he saw his comrade lying in a puddle of blood as now wasn't the time. "Liela do your thing, Christa and I will guard you two." he ordered as he stood in front of the girls facing the oncoming enemies.

"Oh thank god. Please save boss..." Christa wiped the blood off her hand and then wiped her tears away. She got up and set up a small barricade by putting two lockers. She picked up a random pistol on the floor and reported in, "Christa reporting in, my power is banned from being used and I can only use it for emergency cases. I can only use weapons like these to fight unless it's really necessary to use my powers." She took cover behind the locker and checked the ammo inside the pistol, which weren't much. She waited 'till some terrorists get close enough for a good killing shot.

"Got it," Michael acknowledged, then just take potshots at them while I keep them focused on me."

Christa nodded at the Disciplinary senior. "Roger that" She glanced at Livia who was still unconscious under the pool of blood. She peeked her head and started to take small potshots at the terrorists. Everything time she hits one of them, she gets vibes down her spine and feel guilty and remorse.

The bullets weren't really doing fatal hits but it was good enough as the soldiers were wary of peeking from cover now for fear of a stray bullet hitting them and it made Michael's job as a shield easier as they weren't firing as much.

Christa's breathing became heavier and faster. Her eyes would occasionally close for a few seconds and open again. She kept on shooting until the pistol didn't shoot anymore. Cursing under her breath, she threw the pistol at the terrorist's side hoping that it would knock somebody. She sat and leaned against the wall and looked around. There weren’t any weapons she could use. "Guess this is it for me... I'm out of weapons to use and my powers is my last resort now... Man, this sucks." She was clearly demoralized. Livia's near-death experience nearly brought Christa into a breakdown. Everything became demoralizing for her today. Every time there was quiet and peace, someone dying suddenly for by an explosion somewhere in the school would easily break it. Christa let out a heavy sigh and closed her eyes for some time.

"Alright then, thanks for the help," he said to the girl. "Alright what can I do now without covering fire." The terrorists haven't realized that the girl was out of ammo yet, but they will soon. He tested sharpening wind as he saw Alex did against the mecha and launched one at a foot that was sticking out. It wasn't nearly as strong as Alex's, just a medium sized cut, but it drew blood and the person screamed in pain as he lost his two toes and it made the other soldiers wary again with the show of force. The man dropped his pistol in pain and he quickly used his wind powers to blow the firearm away from him and toward Christa.

Christa picked the pistol that came to her. She gives thanks to the senior and got into action again. She peeked again and started taking potshots again. Somehow a shot from the terrorist deflected from Michael's wind barrier but it ricochet off the locker and grazed Christa's hand. She whimpered in pain and blood started to ooze out of her wound. "Fuck.." She placed her wounded hand behind the cover for safety and started shooting with her left hand minimizing the chance of getting a hit. "How much time 'till Livia gets healed?"

"Going to be about another hour or so , I'm nearing my limit with all the work I've done today so I'm slower than normal and her injuries are REALLY bad, got my work cut out for me. She will probably burn through the rest of my powers before I enter cool down," Liela replied.

"Right..." Christa sighed in relief but looked at the senior with a worried face, " How much longer can you hold that barrier?"

"This isn't my full barrier so there isn't much strain on me, so I can last maybe 8 more min when my powers run out." Michael replied.

Christa nodded in acknowledgement. "If you need me to use my powers, then say so. You got temporary command on me know that boss is injured heavily.."

"Can you enlighten me on what your powers are? My powers will not last until she's healed." Michael asked.

Christa nodded and started to speak, "Lazers. 2 forms. One is a large lazer beam while the other is a series of small tiny lazers for bombardment. I can't control my power so that means that I can either do nothing or I can blow up some buildings in the same time. That's why the School Committee itself decided to ban the use of my power unless it's necessary. Boss's plan was to use my power to lay a bombardment the titan. We wanted to advance to the roof so that I can get a clear shot but the 5th floor is a blazing inferno right now so we're stuck here. Also the dragon is losing against the titan right now..."

"We have to worry about ourselves first though," Michael replied, they were struggling enough on this front already. They could not afford to be thinking about how the other fronts were faring. Alone he might be able to finish the soldiers off because he did not need to worry about protecting other people so he could move freely, but with a medic and an injured behind him, he could not move away from his position and he did not have enough experience to make his blades lethal. The other Disciplinary members were in the same position he was unable to move anywhere for fear of creating a hole in the defense.

Christa nodded at Michael's words. Getting Livia active is her main concern. She peeked her head and looked outside the windows. There weren't flying wave users anymore. She just realized that they are all here so that they can restart their trigger and fly again. The senior student and Christa pinned them down. She checked her watch and it was well over some minutes and her powers should be at least 80% restore. She could use the 20% percent and kill the pinned terrorists. But she couldn't control so she might go over 20%. But there's a chance that it might go lower than 20% and that's what Christa is counting on. She finally asked, "Do I have permission to use my power? At this point, using my power is a gamble but there's a chance that I can wipe a good amount of terrorists without using all of my power."

"Go for it, should I look for cover or something then?" Michael asked.

"Uh... I advise you to do that." Christa stood up. "Can you disperse the wind the barrier at the last second? I can tell you when to do it. Okay?"

"Alright I'll open up a hole at the location you specify." He prepared himself to unleash a large burst of wind to make the soldiers search for cover so they could not fire through the hole.

"Right." Christa placed her hands in front of her in a cupped posture. A small ball of concentrated light appeared in front of her hand. "Please be volley.. Please be volley." Christa closed her eyes and concentrated for a while. She then opened her eyes and said to the senior student, "Now!"

Noticing where her hand was pointed at, Michael used the wind in that area to concentrate a large gust of wind focusing on power rather than sharpness which is what he was used to and thus creating a hole where she could fire through. The terrorists seeing what sort of damage he could do to a human body first hand earlier hid behind cover not knowing that these winds weren't sharp. Although the wind was strong, the cover was nailed down to the school so it didn't budge anything, but it was a success the terrorists could not fire during that moment of vulnerability. "Hope this works, I'm approaching my limit and I'll need to use my trigger again." he thought to himself to not worry the others.

Christa let out a small battle cry as she released the ball of energy. It levitated forward and separated into smaller lazer beams. Right there, Christa's world would stop. She would evaluate the lazers that she released. "Crap.. Only used 10%.. But... These are grenade equivalent.." Her world reverted back to normal and she saw the lazers streak across the hallway. All she could see was bright lights in the other end of the hallway where the terrorists were. When the bright lights disappeared, the entire area was destroyed or covered in black leaving no trace of the terrorists who were taking cover. "Did I get them all?"

Slowly, one by one moving bodies emerged from the rubble, "Guess not, but you did do something, look their weapons are gone." Michael said as he notices that their guns were all broken or just plain shattered.

Christa took in a deep breath and sighed. "At least that's good enough" She sat down and took cover behind the locker. "I had enough of this shit.. I wanna go home already.."

Michael didn't acknowledge her words, seeing that for the moment the enemy could not counter he saw an opportunity, "Close your eyes and cover your ears Christa, everyone else do the same" he told them before doing so himself, "Roan, Kaila, use your abilities. Plan 2-C," he ordered calmly. The two members nodded before they went into the open hallway, one suddenly emitted a bright flash of light followed by the other unleashed an ear-splitting howl. The terrorists who were reestablishing themselves after the laser were caught completely unawares by the blinding flash of light and the deafening noise and they stumbled. “NOW!" he barked and the Disciplinary members who had the plans memorized blitzed in and subdued the remaining confused terrorists which numbered to a total of 6 and just in time too as he felt his powers wear out. One of the other Disciplinaries then forced the prisoners to look into her eyes and her powers forced them fall asleep. "Gotta learn how to extend my limit," he thought to himself.

He took out his communicator and reported in, "Level 4 is cleared for now and all hostiles are subdued, orders on the prisoners?" It wasn't really a surprise that Michael actually considered killing a legitimate possibility, he has made this type of decisions before when it was proven beyond a doubt that some troublemakers were a liability to society as a whole due to the combination of their powers and attitude. So they "transferred out" of ACADEMIA and as Discplinaries they facilitated that process with the higher ups responsible for the cover story.

Christa held her hands on her ears firmly as two other Disciplinary members went into action and subdued the terrorists. She stood up with her arms down and saw the terrorists. She murmured the word 'kill' silently and her eyes were filled with lust of revenge and evil intention. But unfortunately for Christa, she wasn't the type that would lash out at someone in order to get revenge. She took in deep breaths and said calmly, "Now what? Are we going to follow boss's plan or...?

"We have to see what do with the prisoners first, and uh....what was her plan?" Michael asked.

"She wanted to use my powers and get a good hit on the titan. So we decided to go to the roof once we cleared the flying wave users. Although the 5th floor is a blazing inferno thanks to one of the dragon's fireball which accidentally hit the school building." Christa turned around and looked at the unconscious pink-haired girl in the pool of blood. She placed her head on her forehead and leaned against the wall. "I don't know what to do anymore now that boss is unconscious."

"We can't do that plan then as she's the only one who has water-based powers to give us passage to the 5th floor. If you really want to do some titan slaying, Levina did say anyone who volunteers can go the field to help. Otherwise we just stay here to make sure there aren't anymore of these flyers," he told her the options leaving her to decide what she wants to do.

"Is there a safe route to go to the field?" Christa turned around and looked outside the window in search of more enemies that could be stationed outside. "If not, I might as well fulfill boss's request. Her little sister is in danger after all."

"If you really want to, but if your powers are as unreliable as you tell me you will not get a good aim while on the ground which you will be, rooftops would give you an advantage, but on the ground the risk of collateral is high." Michael warned her, he doesn't doubt her courage, but if her powers were that unreliable there is a good chance the lasers could hit someone not meant to be hit.

Christa cursed under her breath and sighed deeply. She didn't know what to do anymore. In fact, she hated the fact that she gets clueless on what to do anymore. Small tears could be seen in her eyes. "God damnit. What can I do... I'm clueless."

"Uh...fuck how do I comfort a crying girl?" Michael asked himself as he saw the tears in her eyes. "You're pretty much in command now right? Of the non-athletics? You can rally and lead them and make sure that no more of them become casualties, that's what Fiona who was injured is doing and we haven't had any more casualties since.

Christa nodded at the senior's words. She raised her heard and looked Michael with unexpected suspicious look. "Aren't you the commander? Shouldn't you be commanding the Disciplinary members?"

"I was until the hostage situation so I delegated to Fiona who was in the room resting and since now I'm too busy hope she didn't kill herself with stress, she WAS pretty injured." he suddenly remembered now that he wasn't in danger.

"Er...." Christa frowned slightly. "If I remembered right.. she took 4 cups of coffee and some aspirins as well... Her bandages were also covered in blood so yeah..." Christa then thought to herself, "Holy shit... This is awkward to the max..."

"..........she'" he said slowly trying to convince himself and her not sounding convincing at all. "Yup, she's killing herself, but as much as I want to check on her there's too much going on right now. She's at least physically safe in HQ,"he consoled himself as he forced his concerns down to focus on duty.

"You.. sound quite unconvincing... and it looks like you've seen a ghost..." Christa remarked. "Yep he's not convinced at all..."

Michael turned away from her as she hit the nail right on the head, but he couldn't let his emotions get in the way, "Anyways," he said airily to put on the front that he wasn't worried about Fiona, "She'llbefineshe'llbefine" he muttered in his head as a mantra. "I'll just make sure you guys are safe while Liela's patching your boss up, I'll just be up here until I get new orders and make sure there aren't any more guys coming." "Hope not, I would need to use my trigger again otherwise."

Christa snapped a small joke, "If Fiona's not fainted from blood loss plus stress." Christa then sighed heavily as she remembered, "Half of the non-athletics are either dead or MIA. The rest are heavily injured in the 3rd floor. Right now only few can be active and use their powers. This sucks. I really wish that the non-athletics have communicator so that I know whose good to be active again." Christa scratched her forehead and closed her eyes while starting to think deeply on what she'll do next.

"Kaila, now that we have this area secured for a bit, escort Liela and Livia to the 3rd floor where it’s the safest so they can concentrate on healing. then come back up here." With a salute, the girl nodded and took Liela and Livia down to HQ where it was safer to heal.

Christa's eyes grew depressed as she saw the back and the hair of Livia completely drenched in blood. She sighed heavily and thought of a small plan. She looked at her side of the hallway and saw opening that led outside. Picking up a pistol halfway, she walked towards it and looked outside. She looked back at the senior and asked, "Your power is wind, right? Can you levitate things or a human being?"

"Haven't tried it before, but should be possible, I managed to be able to fly with myself shouldn't be too hard to levitate other things why?" Michael asked.

Christa looked down the opening and saw bushes on the ground. She looked back at thing and said with a calm voice, "Can you boost or levitate me up to the roof?"

Michael thought for a moment and looked out the window, "Hmm, might be a tad dangerous as you would have to go outside where they can shoot at you, but I probably can if you want to take that risk, I'll go with you to be able to better deflect bullets if they do but no promises as I'll have to multitask."

Chirsta nodded at the senior's word. "It would be nice to have a bodyguard. Once I get to the roof I should be fine and you can go back and defend the 4th floor. She looked around and saw an SMG near a corpse. She walked up to it and took the SMG with some magazines from the corpse. "Sorry, I'm going to borrow this for a while." Christa stood up and checked the SMG she picked and the magazines. Her father was a hunter and he was also a gun specialist. Christa took some lessons from her father since she had an eye for weapons. She walked up to the senior student while looking at how the SMG worked. "Er... That the button to detach the mag from the gun... That’s the bolt.. Iron sight looks good. And that's the trigger." She placed the gunstock on her shoulder and placed her eye near the iron sight. Arriving at the opening, she placed her SMG on her shoulder with a strap and said, "All right. I'm good to go."

"...Ok, if you really want to, just one little problem, err my powers wore off." Michael awkwardly said while avoiding her eyes.

"Eh? So?" Christa raised her eyebrow. "Can't you trigger it again?"

"Um...all of the council members should know what my trigger is...." Michael avoided specifying due to the awkwardness of his trigger. He had to let everyone know that was on his side so they could be prepared when he has to use it, this applies to Fiona also since both of them need another person to activate their powers if they had no time to prepare beforehand.

Christa scratched the back of her head and tried to remember what his trigger was. "Can't really remember... I never did interact with the Disciplinary members that much so...."

"So...uh...I need to be aroused....." Michael informed her awkwardly. Off in the distance the three Disciplinary members still here covered their snickers as they watched the awkward scene unfold with one of the guys muttering a "Lucky bastard." to the amusement of the other two.

"W-Whaa...?" Christa eyes widened in shock and surprise while blushing intensely. She suddenly remembered the story about the Frozen duo and their strange triggers. "Er......." Christa thought to herself, "Fuck... What should I do? Let him touch me? Oh god this is awkward.." Christa shook her head in attempt to hide the blush and said with a slightly tsundereish voice, "D-Do whatever. I-It's for saving the school."

"Sorry about this," Michael apologized as he approached the blushing girl. He wrapped his arms around her and rested his left hand on the back of her thigh while putting his right hand on the side of her hip and slowly moved his hands up to her butt and breast as soon as his hands touched those areas, winds started surrounding the two. The joker, named Miles, nudged the girl with them, "Aren't you glad you weren't near him Nina?" The girl however just blushed and muttered a distracted, "Uh..yeah sure."

Christa whimpered as she felt Michael's hands touching her. After he finished, her skin was red in embarrassment. "R-Right.. N-Now that you have your powers back.... We can proceed with the plan." She walked near the open window and said. "L-Let's go.."

Michael followed the girl as he shot a sour glare at the three laughing members of the Disciplinary which only made them laugh harder, one of the guys piped in between his laughs, "Nice boss," flipping him the bird he approached the window. "Alright stay near me, it would make this easier to control and I'm going to be going fast ro reduce the time that we're exposed. I suggest you hang on to me but after what I just did I understand if you don't want to." he instructed her as he walked out and stood on the air to show her it was stable before extending his hand out.

"I don't have a choice do I? I hate flying anyways." Christa sighed heavily as she calmly grabbed Michael's hand. She then wrapped her hands around Michael's chest and hung on him tightly. "Oh god.." "Staycalmstaycalmstaycalm. It's not like you're going to die!"

True to his word, they did travel at a fast speed, and by the time the soldiers outside saw them and started firing they were 3/4 of the way to the roof already. His barrier deflected the few bullets that were on target and the two arrived onto the flaming roof. Landing in a clear area, Michael said, "Alright that wasn't too bad right?" After a while when she still hasn't let go, he added "Uh, you can stop clinging to me now."

"Wha..?" Christa opened her eyes. In fact she was closing her eyes ever since she got into the air. She unwrapped her arms around Michael and quickly took a step backwards. "S-Sorry... and thanks.." She walked over the ledge without exposing her body to the soldiers in the ground and saw the dragon fighting the titan. The titan was still overwhelming the dragon. Luckily the back of the titan was exposed towards Christa. "Bingo. I have a clear shot on the titan's back.."

"Alright, good luck then, you should be safe up here as no one is going to bother attacking a flaming roof and the soldiers that shot at us would just think we ran away, I'm going back to the 4th floor, since you don't have a communicator I'll just tell you my phone number and you can call me when you want to get back down." Michael told her as he prepared to jump off the roof at another angle to avoid the soldiers.

Christa nodded at Michael's words. "Got it. Also can you relay to the vice president that I'm in the roof ready to use my power on the titan."

"Roger, just call me if you need me," Michael called out as he disappeared from view arriving back on the 4th floor he stood guard.

4.8 Dragon vs Titan
Levina is the first to arrive as the dragon's backup... And to tell you the truth, standing between two large sized creatures doesn't make her safe at all.
She just heard about Livia's condition, and right now Levina wanted to slam her self into a wall for forgetting about her subordinate condition. Well, she's here now. Going back after such a large effort of wiping the enemy out of her way will be such a waste. Levina lift her hands, opening both palm toward the sky. She never showed this technique to anyone at School before, except for Jayden.

"HAAAAAA!" Levina shouted, as she thrust her hand above. A large electrical bolt, as large as a public bus, is created. She solidified the ball to add the damage. After she thinks that it is enough, Levina throw it toward the Captain's leg.

A large explosion in his leg, followed by the feeling of numb and being paralyzed.
Captain Callian cried in paid. His left leg is paralyzed now, because of that electrical attack or that it have been messed up so much to the point where he can't feel anything anymore. He looked down, and see the electrical girl preparing another attack at his leg.
"Before taking out the general, take out his horse first, huh?" Captain Callian hissed. He lifted his feet and stomp the ground, causing a small earthquake.

Anna sighed in relief as she saw the vice president arrive and take a potshot at the titan. Cpt Callian just stomped and created an earthquake. The dragon lifted it into the air and streaked towards the distracted titan. The dragon placed it's hands on the titan's face and the legs on the chest. The dragon then would push the titan back by using it's huge wings to create a strong gust of wind and push the titan back with it's hands and legs. The titan roared as it stumbled backwards while the dragon landed on the ground again. It opened it's mouth wide and hurled a bigger fireball towards the titan.

Captain Callian quickly rolls out of the way, as the fireball passes through and hit some trees behind him. The fire spreads out quick enough.
He laughed, as he lunged toward the dragon to attack it. His plan is not to take down the dragon, but to make the girl fall to her death.

The dragon went into a low posture and turned around 180 degrees. It's tail would swipe the ground viciously towards the titan's leg in order to make the titan fall.

Callian roared as he throw him self to the right, trying to drag down the dragon and the girl. Despite the numbness of his left leg, Callian still have enough strength to catch the tail instead of evading it. Sure it hurts, but it worth it.

Levina was thrown back several steps behind, thanks to the quake that Callian made earlier and the creatures’ current brawl. Levina see how the dragon is dragged, and decided to help quickly before Callian kills the dragon and Livia's sister. Levina jumped, and directs the electricity around her to lift her with the electromagnetism. After she is high enough, Levina snaps her finger and sent several electrical bolts while flying around.

Anna cursed as the dragon started to be dragged. She hung on the dragon with her left hand. The pink-haired psycho at this point can be easily thrown off the dragon. She saw a few electric bolts hitting the titan making it stagger. Anna chose this moment as an advantage. She tapped on the dragon's head and it responded by turning it's head roughly towards the titan. It opened it's mouth and hurled another fireball towards it.

Cpt. Callian felt immense fire on his shoulder and roared in pain. He clenched on the tail tighter and used all his might to pull the tail upwards and thus lifting the dragon. He then swung his hands downwards making the dragon fall to the other side of the titan.

Somehow Anna managed to hang on the dragon being thrown around. "Damn it. I need to land a hit on the fucker or I'll lose." The dragon grunted in pain let out a defeated roar. "Come on Rexxie.. Just one more spar and then we're done okay?" The dragon's eyes became brighter and roared loudly again. It got up for another spar against the mighty titan.

Cpt. Callian saw the dragon get up again. He was dumbfounded as how the dragon is still active. He shook his head and lunged towards the dragon and launched a left hook onto the dragon.

Anna tapped on the dragon's head. It responded by using it's right hand to block the left hook and grasped on the titan's hand tightly. It used it's free hand to claw the titan's chest and made three more gashes.

The titan roared in pain as it staggered backwards. The titan and dragon roared each other as the final spar began. "1 minute and 30 seconds left.... Come on Rexxie give it your best shot.."

4.9 Action in sight for Christa

"Vice Pres, Michael reporting in, Christa is currently on the roof ready to fire."

"Ready to fire?!" Levina, of course, know Christa and what her power is. In fact, she is the one who banned her from using it. Levina quickly presses her communicator button to reply, "Christa, who gives you permission to use your power?!"

"Uh....this is Michael, Christa doesn't have a communicator remember?" Michael asked back confused, "And wait she didn't have your blessing? I thought you knew. She told me that was Livia's plan before she got injured."

"I'm pretty busy here. So maybe I didn't hear it." Levina replied. "You know that she still unable to control her power, right? What if something wrong happens?"

"That's why she's on the roof, if she misses she hits nothing, if she hits there's only one giant thing she can actually hit, so the risk is negated." Michael explained.

Captain Callian is busy brawling with the big ass dragon. He knows that he have to eliminate the electric girl to gain. the upper hand against the dragon. He still have around four minutes left, and he will and must win.
After making sure that he have locked the dragon's movement, Captain Callian swipe his hand to slap down the electric girl.

"But what if she- AH!" Levina's electrical field quickly deployed. It is, however, is not strong enough to stop the titan's hand. The hand hits the wall, and sent Levina fly all the way to the school's roof. Levina grunted as she hit the school's water storage that was placed in the roof. Her electrical field is fortunately able to protect her from further injuries. Levina dropped to the floor, shocked and angry that she could let her guard down just like that. Her rib is broken, there's no doubt about it.
"Leila won't be happy…"

Anna watched as the titan swept the vice president to the roof. "Fuck! I just lost my freakin backup! Damn you!" She let out a small battle cry as the dragon roared loudly. The side of it's body bumped violently onto the titan in order to escape the lock. It succeeded but the small victory ended as the titan launched a left upper cut to dragon. "Rexxie sidestep!" The dragon immediately sidestepped to the left and managed to bite the upper half of the arm. The dragon activated it's fiery-breath and managed to burn the titan's arm. After seeing the succession, the dragon retreated and fell back so that the titan won't go for another fatal strike.

"What the... is that someone--- WOAH!" Christa shouted as she ducked on the person who flew towards her. She turned around and rushed to the person who got launched. "Hey are you----- Holy shit. Vice?" She dropped onto her knees and helped the fallen vice president. "Vice? You okay?"

"Gaahhhh!!" Captain Callian let out a cry. His left hand is burned for good. Captain Callian decided to lunge instead of crying over his left hand, he can amputate it later.

"Don't mind me! Shoot!" Levina finally decide to give the permission to Christa. "Shoot that damn titan!!"

"Shit." Anna wasn't fast enough to react. She lost too much blood and her vision is completely blurred and her hearing was muffled. To her, this meant the end of the battle with her losing.

"R-Right." Christa heard the titan roar and saw it lunging towards the dragon. The back of the titan was completely exposed. She ran towards the ledge and placed her hands in front of her. A ball of light appeared in front of her cupped hands. "Lazer beam? Yea that would be nice." Instead of a beam, about 70 lazers with the shape of rockets appeared. "Motherfucker..."
"70 rocket equivalent lazers. Well shit.."
Cursing under her breath, she let out a battle cry and unleashed the volley of rocket lazers hoping that it would only hit the titan and not the little girl and her dragon.

Before Captain Callian manage to land a hit, a fucking hot thing hit him. His left arm. It have been cut off from him thanks to the shit that hits him, and as it detached from his body the left arm turns back into his original size before hitting the ground.

"Fuck!!" He roared. "Fuck!!"

Without people noticing, several helicopters approach a place that have been previously cleaned up by Fionn. Several ropes were thrown out and heavily armed soldiers jumped out and landed.
# Fionn this is HQ. We have landed and are going to wipe 'em out. #

4.10 The decisive victory
Anna heard the muffled roar. She know something had hit the titan really badly since it was a painful roar. She yelled out a battle cry and shouted, "Rexxie! Nooow!"
The dragon roared as it approached the titan. It kept it's body low to the ground to avoid any sudden punches. Anna and her dragon let out a loud and vicious battle cry as the dragon went for the kill. It swept it's right hand on the titan's abdominals and clawed deeply into the skin of the titan. Not waiting for any counterattack, the dragon swept it's left hand onto the abdominals and made deeper gashes on the titan. The titan kept staggering backwards as he let out a defeated and painful roar.
The dragon then raised his body upwards and stood up with the support of two legs. It opened it's mouth wide and went for the fatal bite on the head. Anna couldn't see anything due to her blurred vision but she knew that she was close to victory.
But then, everything to Anna seemed to stop. Nothing for her moved. She stood up and thought that the dragon killed the titan. She looked at her right and her vision cleared up slightly. A beautiful city skyline could be seen with a bright crimson sunset behind it. Her eyes widened in shock and sadness as she just discovered something. The dragon passed it's limit She then looked at the dragon and knew that the battle was over.
She lost.
The dragon, unable to kill the titan, dispersed into the air leaving Anna levitating in the air for half a second. She sighed deeply as she started falling towards the ground. "Well that was a good fight anyways." She kept on falling fast and crashed on a thick layer of bushes.

As soon as Levina arrived in the edge, she leapt off the roof and endured her injury. She saw how the dragon stopped moving and dissipated, followed by Livia's sister who fell into some thick bushes nearby.

Captain Callian is heavily injured, and despite the fact that he still have few minutes left he forced him self to undo his power. He walked in a quick pace toward the bushes where the girl fell down. He took out his gun and was just about to fire when an electrical bullet pierced through his right hand.
Captain Callian cried as he let go his gun. Two more accurately shot bullets pieced his right leg, making him fall down into the ground.

The electric girl walks toward him. She looks rather fine, despite the fact that he slapped her hard before. There is something wrong with her.
"You know too much, Captain"Her voice speaks in his mind. She stopped and positions herself in front of him. A sinister smile formed in her face. We decided to shut you up."


The girl placed her left hand in his head, then send a large electrical volt into his body. Captain Callian couldn't even scream, everything inside him has been fried in seconds.

The fried corpse fell into the ground motionless.

4.11 The aftermath
Christa was about to jump off but after seeing that the vice went first, she decided not to follow since she knew it was a sure decisive victory. Noticing that the roof is melting slowly from the blazing inferno on the 5th floor, she quickly got her phone out and texted Michael to get her out of the roof.

Michael was talking to the reinforcements who showed up and cleared the school building of enemies; he was telling them where the hostages were located when his phone started vibrating. "What's up kid?" one of the soldiers asked when he saw him take out his phone, Michael answered, "Oh one of ours is in the roof top and she just texted me to get her out of there."

"You mean the flaming rooftop?" the soldier asked flabbergasted, at Michael's nod, the man shook his head, "Forget it kid, I'll send some guys up, we have water wave users with us." Michael nodded as the man called forth a couple more soldiers and told them to go to the roof. He texted her back saying that Defenders have shown up and they'll be up there soon.

Christa flinched as her phone vibrated. She opened her phone and saw the text Michael just gave. "Soldiers? You mean defenders?" Just as she finished speaking to her self, the door, which led to the 5th floor was kicked opened. Several soldiers appeared out of the door unharmed. She looked at them puzzled since the 5th floor was a blazing inferno. One of the soldiers who had a levitating water ball in his open palm said, "You must be the kid on the roof?" Christa nodded as she figured out that nearly all of them are water wave users. The soldier called her out, "Say, kid. Come with us. The roof is gonna go down in any moment now." Christa sighed in relief and followed the soldiers to the 4th floor.


Levina presses her communicator button. "Their leader is dead. Requesting medical backup for our hero who burned him out." Obviously she wanted to give the psychotic girl the credit for the kill to cover up Levina's own story. Even if the kid woke up and doubted about the kill, Levina would just say the girl "lost her memories".

Despite the heavy injuries she took during the fall, Anna somehow managed to get off the bush and walk a step or two. Her left leg could be seen being dragged since the ankle broke during the fall. She was white pale due to the blood loss from her right arm. Anna couldn't even stay straight and just kept her chest moving around. Her vision was completely off and she couldn't hear anything other than the ringing inside her head. She saw unclear figure of a student. Not able to even take a step forward, she dropped onto her knees and collapsed. She then slowly drifted into a deep slumber.

Michael's communicator started broadcasting Levina's voice, he picked it up to hear it more clearly and got the message. He looked up to the soldier who he assumed to be in command judging by how easily the others obeyed his words and asked, "You don't happen to have any medics with you right?" The man got the hint and took out his communicator, "This is the 72nd Infantry, just got confirmation of enemy leader's death, medics needed on the field according to the status reports of one of the students I'm talking to."


Livia finally woke up from what it seemed like an eternal slumber. Despite the strange dream or nightmare she was having, she was still pale from the blood loss although she could still move quite well. The people whom were the non-athletics including Kyle who healed both June and Adrian were here worried sick about heir 'boss'. Livia sat up and found herself on the couch in her office. She scratched her head as she tried to remember. As soon as she moved to get off the couch, her back screamed in agony and pain. "Ouch Ouch..." Livia leaned against the couch and frowned. "What happened?"

Kyle answered, "You got shot and knocked out boss. You got us worried sick that you were going to die. If it weren't for that Disciplinary member who healed you internal wounds, then you woulda died."

Livia scratched her head and looked at the girl who was sitting on Livia's office chair. Livia recognized her as the one who healed Levina while both Livia and Levina were defending the stairway. "Thanks for everything. You save my life. I owe you one."

"Sure, it's my job as a healer, it's not a problem. Well now that you're awake, my job here is done, I'm going to HQ, I need to take a nap." she answered in a somewhat cranky voice, she didn't mean to sound rude, but all this work was making her tired, and a tired Liela is a grumpy Liela. She got out of the chair and walked out.

"Wait a second. I'm coming too... If I can get up, that is." Livia tried to get up but the pain on her back prevented her to.

Kyle looked and nodded on another non-athletic and said, "We'll help you there boss." They helped Livia up and supported her with their shoulders. Giving thanks to both of the non-athletics, Livia and the two non-athletics followed Liela. "What happened when I was unconscious?"

Even in her tired state, Liela noticed the anxious looks the injured in the hallway had, as if they were worried about something, but couldn't say what, their eyes kept on glancing at the door of the temporary HQ, she opened the door and cried out in relief, "Commander June!" her relief died and anger replaced it afterwards, "Where were you? Do you know how much people died because we had no clue what our orders were? You weren't responding to anything.." her rant was cut-off when her eyes drifted over to the still body lying on the table next to her.

Livia entered the room with the two non-athletics supporting her. She sighed in relief as she saw June still alive and well but that quickly died when she saw a person lying still on the table. She recognized her and cried out, "Fiona!!?" She tried to rush to the collapsed Disciplinary commander but the pain on her back grew quickly and her stomach started to burn. Kyle and the other non-athletic grabbed tightly on Livia as she was about to fall. Livia still concerned about Fiona, asked, "What the hell happened to her?"

June shrugged helplessly, "I don't know, I came in and she looked really bad, and as I was starting to help her to lighten the stress, she just suddenly dropped and I had to take over her job, she won't wake up." Turning to Liela, guilt flashed in her eyes as she bowed her head in shame, "I'm so sorry, but I was useless enough to get captured and they broke my communicator (OR SOMETHING SAMMEH LOG ON DAMMIT, IDK WHICH WAY TO SWING YOUR CHARACTER)

"Well... She's alive right?" Livia asked in concern. There was two couches in the room. Livia asked Kyle, "Can you put me onto that couch there, please?" Kyle and the other non-athletic nodded and placed their boss onto the couch. They then picked Fiona up and placed her onto the other couch. Kyle looked extremely worried as he placed Fiona on the couch. He said with concern, "She..... might be in a coma.... she was taking aspirin as if she was a child eating candies. In other words, she had an overdose."

"I knew she was pushing herself, she was looking worse and worse as I saw her take over mission control and doing the jobs of 3 commanders, she said she knew what she was doing dammit." Liela cried with tears starting to fall, feeling guilty for not stopping the commander even though she as a medic knew her body was not going to handle the strain. Liela put her hand along her neck to check for a pulse, "Yup she has a heartbeat, but if she's not waking up, it's most likely a coma....goddammit."

Kyle advised the crying girl, "All we can do is wait. Hopefully her coma won't be years. At least she's alive and that's the important bit."

Livia scratched her head, "Speaking of being alive, what happened when I was unconscious?"

Miles responded seeing his temporary commander was emotionally compromised at the moment, "Well after Kaila took you and the sarge down, the commander took Christa up to the roof. After a while, there were some laser beams and the Defenders showed up and cleared the school building of all the terrorists who were completely caught off-guard and got outflanked. It seemed like the stand off with Squad 6 was where they came from. I don't know how the army managed to land right behind them, without them noticing, but I'm not complaining. Commander then was just talking to the soldiers that showed up to give them status reports and I came back down and saw you wake up."

Livia sighed deeply as she heard the recap. "What about the enemy's leader? And Camilla and Christa. Where are they at?"

"Vice reported just 2 min ago saying enemy leader was dead and I'm assuming some medics are on their way to the field now, I mean we have fresh reinforcements so they'll be fine if they weren't already dead..." Miles winced as Nina whacked him on the head, that wasn't the most tactful thing to say, as he realized right after he said it.

Livia placed both of her hands on her face and sighed. "If they weren't already dead, huh? Let's hope that it won't be like that." Livia quickly grew worried about her little sister. Well, the stupid little sister was fighting against their leader. There might be a chance that she's dead. Livia groaned loudly and Kyle sat beside her and consoled her.

Christa and the soldiers arrived at the 3rd floor safely. After giving thanks to the defenders, she rushed to the non-athletic office and saw no one. She then proceeded to each office not seeing Livia. After approaching the temporary HQ, Christa squeezed between the bunch of people near the door. As she saw Livia still alive and well, she cried out and hugged her boss. "Boosss!!"

Livia winced in pain as Christa hugged her. "Ouch.. Stop hugging me. My back hurts." Christa let go of Livia and then saw Fiona lying on the bed, "What happened to Fiona?"

Nina replied this time after seeing what type of tact Miles was capable of, "She sorta overdosed on all the meds she was taking to keep up with the stress of the battlefield, um we don't know what to do now since she's in a coma. Hopefully she awakes soon."

"Ahh I see....." Christa sighed in relief as she was glad that the commander wasn't dead. "Well... Looks like Michael is gonna go into a long guilt trip after hearing the news...”
She then sat down near Livia and said, "The enemy leader is dead. There's also some defender medics arriving to the scene. And... believe it or not but that little girl killed the enemy leader only with a little bit of assist of the vice and me."

Livia asked Christa, "Is Camilla alive?"

Christa nodded, "Good news... she is. Bad news.... her conditions are really bad from what I've seen."

Livia sighed in relief as she heard the good news but a bit of warriness stayed due to her sister's conditions.

Levina kneeled down next to Livia's sister unconscious body.
She looked at her seriously.
No doubt, this girl is a double edged sword Levina placed her left hand on the unconcious girl's forehead. To ensure that our plan works smoothly, I must-
Levina noticed that several students are running towards her. She quickly retracted her hand and stood up.

"Take this girl for medical treatment." Levina ordered them.

The student medics shook their head. "We're all outta juice Vice. We can't heal anyone right now."

After a brief moment of silence, a group of Defenders arrived at the scene. They had a medic insignia sewn on their uniform. One took out his communicator and said, "This is the 12th Medic squad reporting in. Confirmation on the leader's death and the unconscious girl. There's also a bunch of students gathered up, presumably medics."

The other soldier said, "We're taking over." He crouched and rolled the unconscious girl so that her front would face him. "Jesus christ. What on earth happened to her arm?" The girl's arm was completely purple and black due to her power limit. Another soldier lifted the unconscious girl carefully and answered his teammate. "The circulation on her right arm is totally cut off. I don't know what caused this but if it won't start again, then we have to amputate her. We'll go in the school building third floor. That's where the wounded are. We can heal her there."

The soldier on the back asked the other student politely, "May I have a recap on what happened here?"

"The girl fought the terrorists leader and wins." Levina pointed at Captain Callian's body, or what left of it. "If you're looking for the enemy leader, that's him"

The soldier held his hand out and nodded. Several soldiers on his team put a blanket on the dead body and took it away.
"The little girl killed him? All alone?" The soldier looked at the older student astonished. In fact the whole squad looked at the older student with either shock or amazement.

"Believe it or not." Levina nods. "I helped a little, but that's it. She's the one who take him down and burn him like that."

"What the..." the soldier said in confusion and doubt. "Seriously?"
One of his teammates remarked, "Well, we heard news that there was a titan and a dragon fighting. Presumably the girl summoned that dragon...."
The soldier sighed and asked the older student, "Well we're going in the 3rd floor of the building. What are you gonna do?"

Levina ignored the solider and started walking away from them. Levina put her hand in her left side of stomach. She forgot that she have broke her rib earlier.
"Fuck." She groaned. Dragging her self toward the school building, she used her power to look for the brainwave of 'that person".
Give me your report
A voice replied immediately. I'm done here… And heard that you fried him up! Hahaha!"
I'm going to check it out. Levina's pain started to disappear. She uses her electricity to stimulate her bone as a first aid. After all shits that happening, I hope it's okay.

Some of the defender medic squad were already in the stairways in the school building. One of them were carrying Camilla bridal style. They were still amazed at how the little girl was still alive despite fighting the enemy leader and suffering heavy wounds especially her arm.
There were also some students from the non-athletic section who were also medics. One of them asked the soldier who was carrying her, "What's the girl's conditions?"
The soldier carrying Camilla answered, "The circulation on the right arm has stopped for some reason. That's why her arm is purple and black. If the circulation doesn't start again, then we may have to amputate her arm. Her left ankle is in a bad shape. She won't be able to walk in some days. She lost a lot of blood from some strange reason since there aren't any big external opening. This girl is really strange.....Other than that, there are only few bruises and scratches on her."
The student nodded at the soldier's word. They arrived at the 3rd floor. The students were bunched up at the hallway and one of the soldiers yelled out, "Make way for our little hero! She's injured!" As they looked at the medic soldiers, they stepped aside and one of the soldiers entered the temporary HQ of the students. The others proceeded near the next room.
The soldier in the HQ said, "We got the little girl. She's in bad shape but she'll survive. And from the information we picked, she killed the enemy leader with only a bit of assist from two students."

Livia sighed in relief and so did Christa and Kyle. She mumbled, "Goodness gracious. That's good.."

"Alright, so here is where we congregated all the wounded," Michael's voice drifted from the hallway. He had with him two medics which that nice Infantry squad leader loaned to him. He entered into the now somewhat crowded HQ and announced, "Hey everyone, I brought some medics to deal with your injuries." He glanced around the room, and he saw June and relief flooded through him, "Oh thank god you're alright June where were you?" He glanced around the room, "Where did Fiona go, didn't I leave her in charge? Or did she just delegate to you?" he asked as he couldn't find her anywhere in the crowd.

One of the non-athletics who supported Livia to the HQ recognized the older student as Fiona's boyfriend and commander at the same time. She said with a worried voice, "Er.... She..... kinda...well.. she's unconscious and I... think.. that she's... in a coma.. so yeah.."

Michael's head stopped moving as he heard the news and his face rapidly paled, "'re kidding right, she's totally just napping after her injuries....right?" As he finally saw the girl laying perfectly still on the couch.

Kyle reassured Michael as he saw him getting pale from the sight of Fiona, "She's in a coma but alive. She was taking aspirins as if it were candies. The coma should last for a day or two hopefully."

Michael shakily walked over to the unconscious girl and when he touched her forehead his hand burned up. His other hand grabbed her hand and held it in a vice grip as guilt flooded through him, "Oh god, she's burning, this is my fault, I shouldn't have let her take command when she was half injured already. She wasn't supposed to kill herself doing her job dammit." "C-can someone reduce her fever?" he asked shakily. "This heat does not bode well for her health."

The non-athletic from before patted on Michael's shoulder. She gave him a warm smile and said "Sure. Dissipating fevers and any kind of sickness is my speciality. I also made sure that Livia wouldn't get any infections or high fevers when she got shot." She clapped her hands and a red light emitted on her hands. She kept her hands steady as she placed them near Fiona's forehead.

"T-thanks," Michael replied with a small voice as he never tore his gaze away from the unconscious girl or let go of the grip on her hand.

Livia's soul immediately formed a lust of jealous at the sight of Michael being extremely worried over Fiona. Her mind after being shot and being near to death became eccentric just as Camilla's. After her mind was taunted by this eccentric voice, she shook her head in attempt to get the jealousy out of her. Instead, Livia looked at Michael with a worried face as she know that he's on a guilt trip. She tried to distract Michael from worrying about Fiona. "Hey Michael. Have you seen Camilla? And thanks for getting Christa up on the rooftop."

Michael turned around and gave her a distracted smile, "No I haven't seen her sorry, also it's not a problem." He then whispered to himself not realizing that Livia was close enough to hear, "At least I managed to not screw up another order and cause another casuality, Christa was right, I should've been the one in here" he berated while focusing his worried eyes on Fiona once again.

Livia looked at Christa and raised an eyebrow. Christa saw the questioning look from Livia and answered, "I said to Michael about Fiona taking aspirin and coffee. But he thought that she was going to be fine. He wasn't convinced though.."
Livia heard a somewhat grunt of anger coming from the crowd. "Right. Michael couldn't do anything about Fiona, though. He was doing his duty as a Disciplinary member. He didn't mean to make Fiona's conditions worse." Livia remarked, hoping that it would reassure Michael.

"I should've sent someone to help her, I was in the front lines, and couldn't come back. I knew she was injured, but I was way too optimistic." Michael murmered.

The girl who was healing Fiona's high fever was nearly done. She reassured Michael, "Yet again, you had a lack of information and you didn't know much about Fiona's condition at the time. I would do the same thing if I were you, doing the duty as a disciplinary member and protecting the endangered students. If you didn't take Christa to the rooftops and come here, then Livia's little sister would have lost and died a horrible death from the enemy leader."

Michael let out a sigh, "I for a life, have to prioritize, at that moment Camilla's life was more important and as a commander I shouldn't be showing favouritism," lhe muttered cynically, "Not that this line of logic is making me feel any better," he thought to himself, but he gave the girl a smile, "Thanks."

"No problem, I'm doing my job to help others even though I'm in the non-athletic section." the girl said.

Kyle took this chance and snapped a small joke, "Well you were praised by the nurse a lot and hated by the students who were faking to be sick during school, right Ms. Nurse?"

The girl snarled at Kyle whom had the same reputation as she did, "Shut it, Doctor"

Kyle chuckled, "Aw don't be so cruel."

Arthur slipped through the vent entrance, crawling through the cramp space which he managed to get through. He came across a vent cover which he looked down at to see if there was any hostiles. Not a sound came from below, Arthur then kicked at it twice forcing it to lose its shape and then he struck it once more causing the cover to drop. He followed, carefully slipping down the open hole. As he landed, he saw various bodies across the floors of the hall way. He knelt down to examine one of the bodies; waving his hand before the soldiers face to spark a reaction, the body didn't budge. He then proceeded to stealing items from the soldiers gear, removing a night/thermal scope from the soldiers helmet and then turned his body over to reveal a handgun.

Arthur smiled and grabbing all the miscellaneous items used by the soldiers. With the large amount of equipment he acquired he decided to stuff them within the vent above him. Hurling all the items into the vent above him, he thought that hiding the gear he had stolen there wasn't going to hold for long. He clicked his fingers and dashed towards the diner, grabbing an empty garbage bag Arthur returned back to the area where he hid the items. Placing the bag below the open vent space he laped on to a fountain boosting him self upwards to the vent that he crawled into dropping the items carefully into the bag. Grabbing onto the small grenades Arthur leaped back down taking his bag of tools with him.

He searched for more weapons within the final moments of the battle, his small hunting experience came to a close. Entering the empty delinquent classroom with a bag full of items he had gathered placing the bag within a large sports bag, he said "This should be less supicious." Zipping the bag up he raised it upwards with all his might and walked towards the window, he glanced out of the window to see a bush below. "I guess this will have to do for now", dropping the bag down into the bush.


The other soldiers kept on walking and trying to find a empty room. The soldier carrying Camilla stopped and looked at her horrified, "She.. She stopped breathing!"
One of them shouted back, His voice could be heard throughout the some hallways. "Quickly get into that room and give all the medical attention to the girl! She has to survive!" The soldiers nodded and quickly entered the room. After clearing the table, the soldier put the girl on the table. "Quickly CPR!" One of them shouted as he started to activate his trigger and heal the girl. One of the soldiers rushed into action and performed CPR several times.
Livia heard the commotion outside and knew that something was wrong with Camilla. She yelled out and tried to get up, "Camilla!" But the pain on her back overwhelmed her yet again and made her sit down. Kyle was still fresh and his powers are back up again. He said to the older sister, "Don't worry. She'll survive." He stood up and ran to the room where Camilla was in order to assist the medics.

After several minutes the whole squad of medics and Kyle were busy healing the girl but they noticed that the girl's arm isn't affected at all and for some strang reason her body was rejecting the wave powers from the medics. Thus the healing effiency decreased about 90%. "What the hell.... It's like she set up a barrier to reject the healing." the soldier remarked
Kyle and the rest of the defenders nodded in agreement.

One of them said, "Her ability is to summon stuff. Although I see no barrier set up. It's more like she's absorbing them but either quickly dimishing or rejecting the healing powers."
Another one of them stopped the healing and gasped for air. "I'm at my limit. Jesus christ this girl is really wierd."

But as soon as Camilla started breathing again, they all sighed in relief but tension grew as they weren't sure if the girl would survive from the blood loss. One of them advised, "We should call the ambulance and take her to a nearby hospital."

Livia still uncomfortable with the Camilla's health said to the crowd. "C-Can someone please help me? I need to see how Camilla is doing."

From the crowd, another non-athletic, who was recognized as Orion from the decimated non-athletic group that Livia said, popped out and said, "Sure boss, I'll help ya."

Orion helped Livia up as she was groaning in pain as her back screamed in agony. She called out to the girl who was busy healing Fiona, "You're doing good. Keep it up."
She said to Michael, "I'm going to see how Camilla is doing. You can come if you want to."
Without wait for an answer, Livia and Orion went out of the room. Orion activated his power and both of them dissapeared in the shadows. "Woah..." It was the first time for Livia that she entered the shadow realm with Orion. To her it felt like she was going through time but for Orion it was taking a shortcut in a park to get to the other side of the block. When they finally went back to normal, Livia was still amazed. "That was really cool..."

Orion just smiled. He wasn't a talkative person and the shadow powers bodes him really well with his character.

They finally entered the room where Camilla was lying on the table. Livia gasped at the sight of her unconscious sister. The little girl was breathing, barely. "Goodness gracious," She looked at all of the defender medics and Kyle exhausted from using all their powers. She was puzzled at the sight but as usual Kyle answered to reassure her.

"She alive. But I really don't get this. Why is her body rejecting the healing powers?"

Livia got even more confused at Kyle's words. "Rejecting the healing powers? What on earth does that mean?"

One of the defenders answered, "It's literally 'rejecting the healing powers'. Her body is absorbing the healing wave energy but whatever it is, it's dissipating the healing powers or 'excreting' it."

Kyle added in, "Remember that a part of my power is that when I touch someone, I can identify what's wrong with their body?"

Orion and Livia nodded as they remembered his secondary power.

Kyle continued, "For some reason, I couldn't identify what's wrong with her body. For example, it's quite clear that her right arm's circulation stopped but I couldn't see where it is. And visually her left ankle is in a bad shape, but I couldn't see what's wrong with her bones on the ankle where it was dislocated or it was a minor sprain..... Long story short... It feels like she's immune to any kind of Wave power."

Orion asked the soldier "Why? And how?"

All of the medic squad and Kyle shrugged. One of them picked his communicator and said, "HQ. This is 12th Medic Squad, We need immediate ambulance for the girl we were carrying. She's really abnormal. Also call some more for the school."

Livia with the help of Orion, grabbed a chair and placed it near the unconscious girl. Livia felt really guilty cause she didn't do anything to help the poor little girl against the enemy leader. In fact, the whole school should be in a guilt trip right now because of what happened to the unconscious girl. At least that's what she thought.

Livia muttered as both her hands gripped onto Camilla's left hand and placed it onto her forehead., "Please stay alive, Camilla. I'm so sorry. I don't want to lose a important person in my life."

She started sobbing due to the guilt and sadness she had. All of them knew that Camilla had a mediocre chance of dying. "Pleasestayalive, pleasestayalive" Her mind would repeat those three words over and over again while she started to cry and grip tighter onto Camilla's hand.

After several minutes, sirens from ambulances could be heard approaching the school area. Now that the school isn't a hot zone anymore, citizens would surround the gates and try to see what the result was. The ambulances struggled but managed to get past the civilian mob. The paramedics quickly rushed in the school prepared to take any injured out of the school.

Meanwhile in the room where Camilla was, the defender medics and the students were relieved as they heard the sirens. Camilla is still somewhere near death's doorstep but if the paramedics rush her to a hospital quick enough, then the hero can be saved from certain death.

Christa left Michael and Mina alone with Fiona whose still in a coma. As she entered the hallway she saw some paramedics and waved her arms. When they came closer to Christa, she said, "There's a person in a coma in that room right there..." She pointed her fingers at the room where Michael was and she continued, "There's also another one that needs to be rushed to the hospital." She gestured them to follow her as she led them to where Camilla was while some entered the room where Michael and poor Fiona was.

Michael looked up and saw people in medical clothes enter the room. Reluctantly, he let go of the unconscious girl's hand as he knew that the hospital would take better care of her. He watched as the medical personal took her away to where she could rest in the hospital.

Livia and the defender medics looked at the door and saw Christa with two paramedics ready to transport the unconscious girl. She hesitantly let go of Camilla's left hand and sighed deeply in relief. They carried the unconscious girl away to the ambulance and all of the students and defenders in the room watched as they left the school.

One of the defenders muttered, "Christ. That was too close for my comfort."
Other nodded in agreement and the eldest defender said, "Well that's it for us, we'll go search for other people who needs immediate medical attention."

They all left the room leaving Livia and some other non-athletics alone in the room. They were all tired from the tension that had being set in the room for atleast more than 30 minutes. Orion and Kyle helped Livia up followed by Christa and took her out of the room and went back to the temporary HQ. They set her down on the comfortable couch and sat beside her. Livia saw Michael staring outside the window worried but at the moment she couldn't say anything. Instead of trying to comfort him, she groaned loudly and used Christa's shoulder as a pillow and started napping.

4.12 Ending scene
"Alright army is here, all hostiles are down, now to complete my mission, getting the intel on all members of Purgatory and their plans. Fionn walked toward the gym where the terrorist HQ was and nodded to the two soldiers standing guard. He was now wearing a Defender uniform a friendly and he entered the room where he saw the files of Purgatory.

He got the information and was sending it over, "Alright Isla, transferring the intel to you now." he said over his communicator. Isla was a fellow co-worker in his black-ops unit and she was about Fiona's age, when she first came in, he was also a rookie and they were paired up. He took her under his wing like what he did with Michael and trained her. He told her how she reminds him of his sister and shared personal stories with each other over the course of their time together. He thus knew about her quest for revenge and promised to help her out while she knew about his sister and his protege and he asked her to watch them when she transfers to the school, he knows they are competent, but he as a big brother worries.

"Roger that," said the one who called 'Isla' replied him.

"I can see the paycheck coming in now, I'm going to go visit Fiona and Michael after this and maybe take them out to dinner, so glad how they turned out." He thought happily as the files finished transferring. As he was about to go though, he noticed something out of the ordinary, "What's this?" he opened it and saw to his surprise a list of names and a secret floor of some sort in ACADEMIA. He also saw one of the names were crossed out, "That's Isla's father's name, what the hell? And what is with this machine?"

"Isla....I might've found a lead on who murdered your father, I'm sending it to you now."

Killing the guards in front was easy, but the one inside is a little bit of tricky. The Person decided to reload the gun before coming in. The Person's footstep echoed through the empty gym. The Person lifted the gun, pointed it toward the Defender's soldier inside and shot twice.

Fionn's instincts went on red-alert when he heard two thuds outside, he jumped away not a moment too soon as he heard gunshots fire past the place he was standing in right before, destroying his laptop. "Fuck, it wasn't finished yet, hope Isla can at least piece together something from it." As he was thinking this, he reacted by taking out his gun and firing back at the assailant. He was stunned when he realized who his target was as he could recognize the uniform of ACADEMIA at a glance, "A student? What the the hell?"

The Person moved swiftly, evading the bullets before it can hit it's target and fired another bullet. The Person then, somehow, appeared behind the Defender soldier. "Shhh. Don't talk that loud."
"You'll alert everyone." The Person pressed the trigger repeatedly, targeting the soldier's leg, hand, and neck.

"Fionn, what's going on" Isla shouted from the mission control. Suddenly, her face became pale as she's gripping her communicator. She could hear some suspicious voices from her mentor's place, "Damn you Fionn! Answer ME!"

"What the fuck was that power? Never saw it before, that was NOT teleportation, I've fought those before, they still have an afterimage, was that a complete transfer of space?" He thought incredulously, this power has never been heard of before and as a result no matter how much training Fionn had, he could not react in time. The most he could do was avoid a fatal injury, but his leg and hand got hit as a result. "Damn it, how do I fight something that has never been heard of before?" he used his good hand to fire back a couple of bullets to buy time as he struggled to get his cigarette out with his injured hand, "If I could just activate my power, no matter how rare the power is it's useless, if they can't balance themselves."
Meanwhile, his communicator was on the table, still on, broadcasting everything to mission control.

"You're good!" The Person appeared behind the soldier yet again. "I won't give you a chance to fight back!"
Again, The Person pressed the trigger repeatedly.

Again, the complete transfer of space caught Fionn flat-footed and he took more shots to his back. "Fuck, I can't get my cigarette out, looks like I won't be able to see their faces again after all." He thought with regret as Fiona's, Michael's, Isla's faces flashed through his head. He launched a mule kick at his assailant and staggered over to his desk. He picked up the communicator and while coughing blood rasped out, "I'm sorry, this is the end of the line for me, make use of the info I sent you and please keep them and yourself safe. Beware of a space shifting student. " before he threw it on the floor and crushed it with his foot to make sure it couldn't be tracked and emptying his gun into the laptop for the same reason. He stood crouched over the table, his job was done as a first contact, he got as much info as he could out. "These aren't immediate fatal wounds, I can still take the student out with me," he thought.

"Ahhh! I shouldn't take you this easy!" The Person lifted the gun, and smiled. "Good bye!"
The Person emptied the gun's magazine.

The crouching behind the table seemingly giving up was a feint though, his cigarettes were stored in his jacket, and he angled himself so that by unloading a gun into it, one cigarette got lit. Struggling through his injuries, he put the lit cigarette into his mouth.
"You might've been able to kill me kid, but I'm not done yet," as his eyes flashed and he stared directly into his killers eyes. "Gotcha, I don't care what your power is, you can't balance with the disturbed liquid in your ears."

"Nice try." The Person said, as time suddenly froze and a new magazine is inserted into the gun. "But useless."
The Person emptied the magazine again.

Fionn SHOULD have locked gazes with his killer, but suddenly everything froze. After a few seconds, movement started again and Fionn felt pain all over his body. Wounds that weren't there before were suddenly all over his chest, "T-t-time...and s-space, w-what the hell...these bullshit powers..." he gasped out as he felt his life draining out. "Fuck, this person is dangerous, Fiona, be careful, the enemy is nearer than you think, and their power is insanely rare and powerful" were his last thoughts as he stopped breathing with his eyes wide open.

"Finally dead, huh?" The Person threw the gun randomly. The magazine is empty, there was no fingerprint and the bullets were custom made that cannot be traced. The Person noticed a small notebook, with it cover made out of leather, dropped in the soldier's pool of blood. The Person took it and opened it. The Person grinned at the soldier's corpse. "So you are the Rat! Good, then! My job is finished."

The Person walked toward the table, taking several important files before leaving the scene.

In the ambulance, a lone tear slipped down Fiona's closed eyes to the wonderment of the doctors around her.

In the second ambulance that was following the ambulance where Fiona was in, doctors were surrounding the unconscious pink-haired girl. They were confused at how she was still breathing. She suffered heavy blood less yet she's still breathing fine. Stress and pain from the right arm should have given an heart attack but she still has a pulse.

The second mystery was the defenders and the students' information on the girl conditions. Absorbing wave power and either dissipating or rejecting the healing power completely. This has never been heard of ever since the Wave incident. As a result, they couldn't use Wave power to heal or determine anything wrong with her body. They had to use conventional machines and methods to check on the pink-haired girl.

Although her mind is the busiest place in the pink-haired girl. The doctors were confused at why the brain waves were so high. They didn't know that there were two people inside the girl's body.

Inside Camilla's mind, she was in a very dark place. There wasn't anything near her but just darkness. "Eh... Am I dead?"

A voice similar to Camilla's answered, "Nope... You're just imagining things."
Camilla stood up slowly and saw a clear figure of her. But it wasn't a mirror. It was Anna whos is in the same body as Camilla is in. "Where am I again?" Camilla asked looking around the dark place.

Anna answered, "Inside our head? I don't know either but that's my only explanation...."

Camilla nodded at her and asked in curiosity, "So what happened in the end?"

Anna shrugged- "I dunno. Pretty much we lost a lot of blood so we got completely blind and deaf. I was using my instinct to dodge the attacks." Camilla nodded but silence settled in the dark place as the two girls looked at each other. Anna decided to speak with a strange question, "Soooo.... What's with all this absorbing bullcrap and all?"

Camilla raised her eyebrow and glanced at the pink-haired psyhcopath., "Excuse me?"

Anna sighed and stretched before informing Camilla about their current situation. "Apparently... Our body is absorbing wave power. Any kind by the looks of it. But after absorbing them, I dunno what's happening to it."

Camilla placed her finger on her chin and pondered for a while. After having no conclusions to the strange activity on her body, she spoke, "Well then... If we don't know then we might have to 'research' about it..."

Anna grinned at her and said, "Damn right we should. Looks like we're going to find out something new."

Camilla nodded at Anna, "For now we'll just wait. After getting our body to rest. We'll check out what happened to that absorbed Wave power."

Anna made a grumpy salute and said with a teasingly voice, "Roger that, partner." Anna grinned as she lowered her hand. "The girl is improving. I know she is. She's also changing quite rapidly. Is this what you call maturity?"

4.13 1 day later
Jayden sat atop the hill in his backyard, staring off into the distance blankly. He had been here for some time, alone. Unsettling thoughts races through his mind. It had been a day since the Purgatory attack. So many things were suspicious about the assault. No one was yet sure precisely what had been the cause of the attack. Although there were plenty of seemingly logical reasons the school and the military had been given, Jayden had been skeptical.
Jayden scowled. The terrorist attack hadn't been the only thing that had been troubling him recently. Something fishy was going down, and all the pieces were starting to come together. Jayden had not figured it out yet, but he had a pretty good idea where he could get more information. Utilizing all the classified knowledge he had gained during his time as President, he realized all clues could be traced back to one person. Levina.

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Several days have passed since the Purgatory's attack. Academia is closed for a month, for renovations and repainting. No one wants to study inside a class with dried blood in the floor and bullet holes in the wall. The civilians who lives and work in the entertainment area of the school, alongside with the surviving school staffs and students are to rest either at their home or inside the hospital. No one is allowed to enter the school building.
Well, no one is supposed to be in there.

A girl, wearing a hoodie with black jeans is walking up the stairs toward the third floor. Other than her head, her upper body parts and several part of her leg that is covered in bandages. Several broken bones, the doctor said. Levina keep a straight walking posture, despite her current condition. As soon as she arrive in the third floor, she heads to her office. She took out a key from her pocket and opened the room. It's dark, but she still able to see well thanks to the sunlight that comes through the curtains. Levina found it funny that her room is still intact despite all the commotion that happen a few days ago, while Jayden's room have to be rebuilt as it was blown by an RPG. She close the door behind her, and locked it from the inside. Both with bolts and key. She walked and opened the curtains, letting the sunlight to enter and light the room.

Her phone rings. Levina took out her phone from her other pocket and receive the call.

"It's you..." She said. "...You bastard... I'm almost die, you know!"
Levina walked and sits down in a sofa. "Yes.... And it is wrong for someone like you to justify your action. Do you know how many men i lost?!"
"... Huh?" Levina grabbed a TV controller from a table in front of her. "Watch Channel 73? Fine."
Levina pressed the power button and, accidentally, it's channel 73.

[This is Channel 73, the International News Station. We have received a detailed report on the armed conflict that happen in the famous ACADEMIA Wave School. The Defenders have confirmed the death of 1120 members of Purgatory, including their leader, Captain Callian. The rest is captured and is going to be questioned today by the Defenders Intelligence Section. The spokesman of AURORA Corp., Ford Hall, held a conference yesterday where he express his condolence to the family that left behind. Mr Ford also said that it was thanks to ACADEMIA and the Defenders Force that the unfortunate even could be stopped. Mr Ford Hall also said that several nation leader that previously is against the United Nation's idea of every country sending their strongest Wave users to ACADEMIA and also against AURORA's idea of building Defenders Force base in their nation is showing interest about the idea. Nile Scarzand, ACADEMIA's star student that is currently traveling around the world as ACADEMIA's goodwill said that-]

Levina turned the TV off. "Yeah yeah.... I understand that the plan is going well, but the sacrifice we made-"
"You don't get it don't you?!" Levina shouted angrily. "More than 500 student lose their life! A lot of school staffs! Half of the Student Council!"
"I know.... I know we're going to get pretty decent replacement later..." Levina sighed deeply. "Stop lying, dammit! I know it's your idea!"
Levina stood up, and walks toward the window. She quietly watched the scenery outside while listening to what the unknown caller said to her.
"Bait?" Levina asked. "Oh. So you have kill the rat?"
"My table?" Levina turned, and see a small notebook covered in dried blood. She didn't notice it earlier, since it was dark and all. She take it and carefully opened it. "...Good job."
Levina listened to what the caller have to say and nods. "The plan will proceed smoothly, especially now that the rat is gone. Send me the evaluation result, the combat data, and the list of the new student and their entrance test result, will you?"

Jaydens arrival
Jayden walked through the empty halls of the school, his footsteps echoing eerily throughout the facility. He was used to being here after hours when the school was empty, but the fact that everything was so tattered and destroyed from the Purgatory attack made it feel like he was in some sort of post-apocalypse. The boy felt more alone than he ever had been. Something was troubling him deeply.

He thought back to an hour earlier. He had been at a town hall meeting regarding the terrorist attack. It had been the fourth one this week. As the head of the Student Council, he was invited to attend and speak at each meeting in order to reassure the students and the citizens of nearby towns and cities. It had drained him, having to prepare so many speeches and to pretend like everything was okay now.

The president broke out of his deep thought, realizing he had reached his destination. He had followed Levina here. He needed answers. Kicking open her office door forcefully to announce his presence, he cleared his throat. "I know something's going on, Levina," he said calmly. "There's something you're not telling me, and I need to know."

Levina had now turned around to lock eyes with Jayden. He continued. "I feel like you're more in charge than I am myself, that you know more than I do."

His collected demeanor had now vanished, revealing his pent up anger and frustration. He clenched his fists. "Tell me everything."

"I'll call you later." Levina hung up her phone, and slip it back into her pocket. She frowned at Jayden. Levina quickly noticed that he is not the usual carefree Jayden. It was the "Listen, Fuck. I'm serious here" Jayden that people rarely see.

"I believe I have already tell you to knock before entering my office, Mr. Student Council President? And now you tear it up instead of doing it." Levina sits in her chair, an act of intimidation. "Tell you everything? What you know is what I know."

Jayden stared back coldly. "Liar!" he wanted to scream out. However, he managed to keep his cool, at least for the most part. "Then what was that phone call about?" he spat out, saying it more as a statement or a demand rather than an actual question.

"Why should you know about that?" Levina replied. She rubs her hand, acting as if nothing really bothering her but she actually is in a position where she can pull her steel ring quickly and release her power. "Stop asking, Jayden."

Jayden noticed the subtle hand movement, although he had no idea if it meant what he thought it did. Was she prepared to attack him? Very unlikely, he thought.

"No Levina, I'm not leaving. Clearly you know something about the Committee, and I need to know as well," he practically shouted. "I'm tired of being left in the dark like this."

He took several steps forward. "Tell me. Now."

"If I tell you, Jayden," Levina gives a cold piercing look. She have removed her steel ring, but still cover her hand to hide that fact. "Then I have to kill you."

Jayden stared forward unflinchingly. His powers were already activated, having used them to track the Vice President through heat sensing.

"Try then."

Levina stand up quickly, stretching her right hand toward Jayden and all that she need to do is snap her fingers.
"Hmph," Levina gives a little smile, as she lowered down her hand. "Why fight here and destroy the school building yet again when we have the training grounds near the dormitories? We should be fine there, no one is allowed to enter the area without special permission."

Jayden relaxed a bit. He had been prepared to fight, possibly to the death, right here and now. "What is this now, some sort of honorable duel?" he asked, mostly rhetorically. "Very well," he said disdainfully.

Turning his back to her might not be the smartest idea right now, Jayden thought. "Lead the way," he said, standing to the side and gesturing towards the door with a smile.

"What's that? Ladies first?" Levina gives a small smile. "Or you scared that I will hit you in your back?"

She didn't wait for answer, as Levina quickly walks out of her office room. She make a little stop, telling the renovation workers about her office door and that she want it to be fixed by tonight.

Long story short, they arrive at the training ground located just next to the students dormitory. The training ground can be used for normal sports or a sparring session.

It was created from the same material that creates the Grand Battle's area. Indestructible by any Wave power. It was as big as a soccer field.

"Wear the training gear." Levina said. "Rules."

Jayden quickly snatched a set of armor and strapped it on tight. He was glad, although somewhat disappointed, that this had turned into more of a sparring session rather than an unrestrained death match. Although it was unspoken, he assumed Levina would talk if he defeated her. If not, he had other methods. She would be too battered down to put up any resistance anyways.

He walked slowly to the other end of the field, entering a fighting stance. "Your move," he said to Levina, raising his voice due to the distance between them.

"Fine." Levina quickly lift her right left and stomp the ground, releasing a wave of electric volt, and followed by an electric bolt.

Jayden launched himself into the air like a rocket using a burst of fire from the bottom of his foot, avoiding Levina's shockwave technique. He quickly twisted in the air to narrowly avoid her second projectile attack. Breaking his fall with another burst of fire from both his hands, he followed up by shooting a barrage of small fireballs at Levina through his palms. He had made sure to compress the fireballs some, putting a good amount of concussive force behind the attacks, although they were not compacted enough to become explosive.

Levina is conflicted between dodging or deploying her electrical field. She decided to do the later one. Lifting up her left hand, she deployed her electrical field that stops Jayden's fireballs.
"Not strong enough, Jayden!" Levina taunted, as she snaps her finger and sent a dozen of electrical missile.

Jayden successfully dodged most of the attacks, however, one struck him in the shoulder, knocking him off balance. Although the suits were insulated, he still felt a sharp volt of electricity run through his body.

He quickly regained his footing and channeled a great amount of power into his palms. Two massive blasts of flame launched towards Levina's defense, compressed with great explosive force. He hoped that would be enough to bring down the electrical field, although he wasn't sure how much energy she had put behind it.

The heat of the explosion is unbearable. She stopped the psychical attack, but not the heat. Thankfully she have already anticipate such a strong attack, and didn't underestimate the power of Jayden Warfield.
"That's all from our Student Council President?!" Levina taunted again, as she snaps her finger and sent yet another dozen of missile as she see that it was pretty effective against him. "If you are this weak, then you better not asking much about secrets!"

Jayden grimaced, beginning to grow frustrated by her taunting. However, he had to keep his cool, focusing on the situation at hand. He racked his brain, strategizing and planning out his moves. Jayden had sparred with Levina on several different occasions. He knew her barrier was incredibly strong, but certainly not invincible. If he kept hammering away, he could surely break through. The problem was surviving long enough to do so. He snapped back into reality, noticing the electrical missiles zooming straight towards him now.

Jayden quickly thrust his arms upwards to create a wall of fire in front of him, knowing now that he could not possibly dodge all of her attacks. Several of the missiles whizzed past, the rest smashing into the front his wall, straining the president's concentration. Although Jayden had always been known for his near-flawless offensive power, he was much less adept in the defensive category. His fire walls could only block smaller projectiles, and only with great concentration. They did, however, serve as good traps, blocking off an enemy's escape.

Jayden brought down his defense after the hail of small missiles had passed, ready to resume his assault. He charged two more fire blasts on each hand, thrusting his fists forward to launch them at his opponent. These were even larger than his last attack, more compressed as well. The two blasts smashed into the barrier, exploding in an impressive burst of flame. The force of the blast resonated as far back as Jayden stood, practically knocking him over. He couldn't see Levina through the smoke made by the explosion, but he hoped to have at least weakened her barrier a good bit, perhaps even broken it. Seeing no point in waiting to find out, he immediately charged two more blasts and launched them forwards into the smoke. They were much smaller than the last two, although still fairly powerful. He didn't want to wear himself out too badly. That was exactly what Levina was hoping he'd do.

When the first fire blast hits her barrier, Levina know that she have to move out or gets burn by Jayden's fire. She quickly blasts her self up as the second blast hits and shatter her electrical field.

Noting her self to built a stronger electrical field after this, as soon as two smaller fire ball whizzes below her, Levina uses her ability to locate Jayden via his brainwave.

After making sure that she is still hiding inside the smoke, Levina wave her finger and sent several solidify electrical missile. As soon as she did, Levina drops her self into the ground and charged forward, with a solidify electrical sword in her right hand and snapping her left hand finger to sent small electrical bolts.

Jayden had heard his two smaller attacks explode against the back wall rather than the barrier, signalling that he had broken the field. He closed his eyes, locating Levina's heat signature behind the smoke. She was in the air, just about to launch another attack. Jayden opened his eyes to see several missiles burst through the smoke, zipping towards him. Jayden flipped to the side, outstretching his right arm to preform a brief handstand, then propelling him self off the ground again with said hand to get back to his feet. Most of the projectiles struck the ground where he had been standing seconds earlier, exploding in small bursts of electricity.

Jayden now turned his attention to Levina as she emerged from the smoke. He swiftly formed another fire wall to block her small ranged attacks. Assured that the barrage of lightning bolts was finished, he lowered his wall once more.

It looked like Levina had prepared a weapon for close quarters combat. He formed his own blowtorch-like blade on his right arm in preparation to counter her's. Charging forward to meet her, Jayden raised his blade.

The fire blade meets her electric blade.
To be honest, Levina didn't plan to keep fighting in close combat, as close combat has never been her speciality. She actually only waits for the smoke to dissipates. Levina tries to grab Jayden's arm, trying to electrocute and bring him down.

Jayden quickly intercepted Levina's wrist with his free hand as she grabbed for his arm, having expected such a move. Their blades were now locked together, pressing against each other. Jayden kept his hold on Levina's wrist and stiffened his leg muscles, predicting some form of leg sweep from his opponent. He utilized his superior strength to push his blade downwards vertically, attempting to bend her over backwards and cause her to lose her footing.

Levina quickly throw her blade to the right, trying to use the sudden movement to throw away Jayden's sword. The action is quickly followed by nd sending in a rather hi-voltaged electrical current thought out her body.

Jayden had never seen Levina use such a technique before, practically turning her whole body into a living taser. He had always assumed she could only channel electricity through her hands.

He tried his best to release his grip on her as the electricity coursed through his body. However, he could not seem to move voluntarily. His body seemed more content to simply vibrate and convulse without his consent. Finally, the shaking of his arm released his grip on its own, allowing Jayden to stagger back away from Levina.

He was certainly shaken up, but still in fighting condition thanks to the insulation in the training gear. He felt weaker, however. Drained, and in a great amount of pain.

Jayden deactivated his fire blade and got back into a fighting stance, thrusting his fist forward to send a flamethrower-like stream of fire at Levina.

Levina calmly pointed her solidify electric sword at the fire stream, and release a electrical field through the sword towards the fire. The fire disappears.
"Surprise, huh?" Levina mocked.

Jayden let out a deep breath. He had to end this fight soon or he might lose control. He hadn't been keeping track of time, but he assumed that he only had about two minutes left, give or take.

Jayden slammed his fist into the ground, sending a wave of fire towards Levina. He quickly skipped backwards to put some distance between him and his opponent. He stopped and analyzed the situation, thinking of any way he could finish the fight.

Levina counter the attack with her shockwave. She increased the voltage before making a huge leap to the back, as the two wave crashed to each other and make a heatwave.
"So," Levina took out her helmet. "What's next, Jayden Warfield?"

"I'll show you."

Jayden would use his superior mobility and speed as an advantage. He had to keep moving. Whittling her down, waiting for the right moment. This was it.

He charged his opponent with great speed, holding both hands out behind him. Two jets of flame extended from his fists, propelling him forward even faster. Suddenly, the president changed his course, launching into the air with a jet of fire from the heel, flipping over Levina. At the apex of his leap, he fired a ball of flame straight down at his opponent. He landed on the other side of her, softening his fall with a burst of fire from the bottom his foot.

Hurriedly, Levina throw away her protective headgear and raised her hands up, creating a thick layered electrical field just in time. Like what happened earlier, the physical damage is blocked but heat is unbearable. As soon as she have the chance, she adds the layer of the electrical dome so that the fire can be swayed away by her electrical field.

He couldn't stop here, he had to keep the pressure on. The president launched himself into the air once more without hesitation, performing the same move once more. The attack was again dissipated by Levina's electrical field.

Jayden continued his assault, flying through the air, jetting across the ground, all the while dishing out a constant barrage of attacks on Levina's barrier. He wasn't actually aiming to break through the defense, he was simply trying to wear her out. Frustrate her. He couldn't take the time to charge more powerful attacks anyways, he had to keep on the move to try to prevent her from counter-attacking.

He began taking more risky approaches, coming in close to the barrier for an attack then retreating, practically taunting Levina. He was just waiting for the right moment. He knew that he could not rely on brute strength anymore. He had to bet everything on this strategy.

The heat is the one that actually pissed Levina off. She is all sweat, and if someone see her like this they would thought that she just take a shower.

Levina take a deep breathe in to calm her self and whispers her order to remind her self. Stay in the shadows. Do not act until the signal is given.

After she calmed her self down, she noticed the change in Jayden's attack pattern. Levina decided to wait for the right moment. Offensive is not her thing. Counter-attack is.

Levina seemed to be getting weary. Jayden was running out of time, he had to act now. He spat, a scowl on his face. Ceasing his ranged assault, he charged Levina head on.

As soon as the range attack stop, Levina transform her electrical dome into a shockwave, a last attempt to to stop Jayden in his track as she charged back at him.

Jayden could barely resist smiling. "Perfect," he thought. "She dispersed her barrier"

This wasn't what he had expected, but it suited his plan perfectly. As the shockwave approached him, Jayden's body suddenly burst into a cloud of smoke, zipping forward through the wave seemingly unaffected. The cloud of smoke whisked directly behind Levina. It formed into the shape of a body, then reverted back into Jayden's actual human form within less than a second.

Jayden now stood directly behind Levina with a small, fiery blade held a safe distance away from her throat. He wasn't touching or restraining her to prevent being electrocuted, but he knew she probably wouldn't make any sudden movements. To do so would be a bit dishonorable. There would still be a high chance he'd be able to slit her throat in a real fight if she were to try anything, even if it wouldn't be guaranteed due to her speed. However, Levina could be highly unpredictable at times. She knew very well he wouldn't actually try to kill her here, and she might use that to her advantage.

"Fight's over, Levina," he said firmly.

"Well, that's new." Levina commented, as she slowly lift her hand up to where Jayden could see her hand. "Seems like you have developed a new technique, and your combat skill is improved too…"

"That's just exactly what we want."

Before he could do or answer anything, however, she presses her thumb with her middle finger, and turned back at him. She is a honorable fighter, she have admitted her defeat and won't attack Jayden again. This is a test.

"Why don't you kill me, Jayden?" Levina asked. "You said you would... You just give me a chance to kill you, and I will use it well."

Jayden's eyes widened. "Don't do it, Levina. I don't want to kill you."

Jayden hesitated for a moment, thinking it over in his head. If she was serious about this, did he have a choice? What if she never had any intention of telling him at all? And if she didn't kill him here, what was stopping her from having the Committee 'remove' him?

He held his blade close to her throat and swallowed. "Don't. Do it."

Levina snorted. "Relax. I won't. The fight is over, and I am someone who know manners."

Levina opened up her palms, showing him that she really do have no intention to fight or to launch another attack at him. Putting up a smug face, Levina gestured at him to follow her.

"If you really want to know that much, I guess I have to tell you. Since you destroyed my office, I will tell you 'there'" Levina fix her glasses position. She stopped and turned around. She give Jayden a cold look. "Well, I don't know what kind of reaction you will give after I tell you everything. But that place is quiet enough to shut you."

Jayden let out a sigh of relief, although he was a bit surprised. Was she actually going to tell him? Finally?

He deactivated his fire dagger, then shut off his abilities as a whole. Thinking back on the fight, he hoped there was no ill will between him and his Vice President. They had always been close friends since they started working together, and he'd hate to see a companionship ruined over this.

"Let's be off then, shall we?"

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At least a month have passed and the renovation have been completed. The school's building have been enlarged, since the number of new students and school staffs is surprisingly doubled. There are several new additional facility too, like the training area and such.
Levina looked at the girl in front of her. They are inside her newly renovated office. She held several papers in her hand.
"So, introduce your self." Levina said.

"My name is Isla Schovel," said the girl with her charming smile. Her brown eyes look at Levina's eyes deeply as to confince her. "I want to learn my power here. You know, after that 'Wave' incindent, many teenagers who has power came here, right?"

"I have read your entrance test result, your psychological test result, and your record..." Levina put the papers in the table between them, ignoring Isla's question. "I can see why the Committee choose you as our new Head of Athletic Section. Welcome to the Student Council."
"Oliver Cromwell is a brilliant leader, and a great football player too. It was such a huge loss to the Student Council." Levina cleared her throat. "As the Head of the Athletic Section, we expect you to organize any kind of athletic meetings of our school. The Athletic Section is the secondary force, as the Disciplinary Section is the Student Council's primary force.

Isla nodded, “Sure, thanks Ms. Vice president. Don't worry, leave that to me.” She immediately turn her back from Levina. Unexpectedly, she stopped, turned her head to see Levina again. Can’t believe that AURORA Corp.’s daughter is now standing in front of her. “Oh yeah, you didn’t answer my question before? You don’t have a problem with you hearing, do you?" Isla smiled teasingly.

Levina calmly remove her steel ring and snaps her finger, sending an small voltaged electrical bolt to shock Isla a bit. "I did. And i heard that too, Isla Schovel. Now go."

"Ouch! Okay okay, please don't do that," said Isla calmed her body after get electrocuted by Vice President, "Geez, you can't take jokes, can't you?" She walked to the door and get out from the Vice President's room. 'Man, she's one of the scariest thing I've never met.' she thought. Afterwards, she just wandering around at school, doesn't know what to do. Every steps bring her to the hall way. 'What should I do now? Oh, Fionn... I should've been there for you.' as the tears welded down from her beautiful eyes. Having a flash back how Fionn laugh, sad, angry, all of his expression that can make her peace with herself and others. Now, he's gone. What can she do about it?

Levina puts back her steel ring. After the new head of the Athletic section closed the door and left, she fixed her glasses position and took out her gloves from one of her drawer. Levina then focused her self back at Isla Schovel's biography data. She snorted, and as she throw the papers back at her table she commented, "Hmph. Nice try to infiltrate us."

In the middle of the hallway stood a female student presumably in the 4th year. She has long back hair up to the middle of her back and she has heterochomic illness. her right eye is bluish green while her left is golden and brown. She has a sheathed katana strapped to her back even though there's no rule concerning about bring weapons to school. She frowned since she got lost in the school building and started to walk while looking around to see where she's headed. She stopped as she saw another female student presumable wandering about the school. "Another newbie? She looks really familiar though... I seen her face somewhere.”
She waved her arm towards the girl and called out, "Hey you! Do you know where the Vice President's room is?"

She turn her head to someone's that she presume the one who called her, "Er, are you asking me? Or anyone else?" Isla pretend to play dumb with everyone here. Since she is a newbie, she doesn't want to get appealing in school.

The girl with the katana on her back ran towards the girl she called out. After approaching her, the girl scratched the back of her head and laughed, "Yeaah! I was talking to you. I'm a newbie here soo I got quite lost. Do you perhaps know the way to the room of the Vice President?"

"A newbie huh?" murmured Isla. Then, she flicked her fingers in front of the girl who brought the katana, "Yeah, I know where is the way to Vice president. Want me to show you?" as Isla grinned to her. She's quite relieved that she's not the only newbie. Perhaps, she can make lots of friend? Nah, that won't do it. She got something more important here.

"Eeeehh!?" The girl heterochromatic eyes widened in surprise. "That would be awesome, actually! I'm reaaaaallly sorry if I'm bothering you...." She clasped both of her hands together and placed them in front of her head. "Thanks!"

"Hahaha, don't worry," replied Isla happilly. She hold that girl's hand and pull it slowly to make sure that she's following her. "So, what's your name? How did you get here?" They walked together as students stared at them. She's assuming that they found it weird for girls who nearly not knowing each other but holding hands.

"Eh?,, Oh Oh my name. Right. My name's Kuroneko. One of the government people saw me using my powers accidentally in the public so I was forcefully transferred here. Apparently I had to meet the Vice President today for some reason. What's your name?"

"Kuroneko, that's a long name. What should I call you? Kuro?" smiled Isla. "I'm Isla. Nice to meet you."

"You can call me either way. Nice to meet you, Isla." At the corner of her eyes, she saw a small girl leaning on the wall. She has short pink hair and two pony tails at the back of her head. She had blueish-greenish eyes but it was quite clear that it was contact lenses. She had bandages wrapped around her right arm. She also had a thick layer of bandages on her left ankle down to her foot and she was on crutches. The girl with the katana recognized the pink-haired girl as the hero during the terrorist attack. She whispered to Isla, "Hey you see that small pink-haired girl in the hallway? If I recall correctly she was considered as the hero of the terrorist attack. Camilla de Angelo is her name. Ever heard about her?"

'Camilla' Her brain is starting to remember on what happened during terrorist attack. She read the whole file of Fionn's information even though it's not quite helpful. After Fionn's death, the black-ops is missing their best man and it's started to ruin the organization. However, there's a big question popped out on her mind. How does she know that Camilla's the one who become a hero? Isn't that information is classified? "No, I don't. How do you know her?" lied Isla with a fake smile.

"Rumors! And tales! Survivors of the terrorist attack are telling tales and rumors about the girl. She killed the enemy leader with scarce assistant from... I think it was two students?" Kuroneko eyes shined in curiosity and amazement. "Although her powers are one hella of a kind! Guess what it is! Guess it!"

"Er.. Is she using a gun or animal?" trembled Isla, scared with Kuroneko's excitement. "Well, did you heard something from your 'tale' who the second student is?" Isla asked again. Compare to the others, she supposed that kanata girl can help her to give a glimmer of hope. Then, she changed her view to the pinky-haired girl called Camilla. 'She looks different from the profile I had before' Isla explored her sight every inch of her body. How can a cutie like her defeated a cold-blooded murderer like Captain Callian? There's gotta be something happening. She's going to examine her further when she become her acquaintance as soon as possible.

"Ooohh close but still far away..." Kuroneko took a deep breath a whispered onto the girl's ear, " You see that small sketchbook on her left arm? Every drawing she makes can become alive. She can summon a grain of sand up to the DeathStar in Star Wars! The girl summoned a freaking huuuuuge dragon to fight the enemy leader who had the power to transform into a 25m titan! Isn't that awesome?!"

Camilla was still in recovery after the terrorist attack last month. Her right hand still has the purple and black in it but it's slowly healing. Her left ankle is still badly injured so she's forced to use crutches. Nevertheless, she always kept her precious notebook with her. She heard two voices talking about what happened a month ago. She hated the fact that she became popular. She wouldn't be left alone by all these people.
She spoke to her self, "You really screwed me up big time, Anna"
Her other persona, Anna, spoke back to her, "Ahhh I'm sorry... Geez.. Don't get me wrong or anything, but I reaaallly wanted to kill that bastard, and heey, we did it for sure!"
Camilla shook her head and spoke back to her mind, "Well whatever.... I'm pretty sure you noticed it as well.... We have no recollection of killing Cpt. Callian in our memories. Did we just forget it like that?"
Anna spoke back to Camilla, "Yep I did noticed that. I have no recollection on my memories either. Which sucks, cause I couldn't tell if we burnt him when we saw his body after going out of the hospital. Also you changed quite a lot sweetie."
Camilla raised her eyebrow. She kept opening the small sketchbook between her palm and snapping them close with a loud noise echoing throughout the hallway she was in. "What do you mean by that?"
She could her Anna laugh in a twisted way. "You haven't noticed? Well, it seems like your character changed.... It's like you have a portion of my mind blend into yours."
"Tch. Don't give me that bullshit." Camilla then widened her eyes as she realized what happened to her character traits. She wasn't the clumsy and idiotic loli anymore. Instead she gained some of Anna's traits. She's more self-aware and alarmed than usual. She noticed how dead serious she become now.
Anna smiled and said merrily, "You noticed it now? Also how's it going with your research on 'that'?"
Camilla nodded and confirmed that she realized what happened to her. She placed the crutches under her armpits and started moving again, "I made a bit of progress. Basically it's the after-effect of the limit breaker. It only activates whenever I break my limit. If I do break my limit, then my body would absorbed any kind of wave power. Then my body subconsciously revert the wave power and make it my own, thus re-stabilizing my power and giving a shorter span of the duration of my pain in the arm and it would also reset the power back to normal depending on the amount of wave power directed to me. My only question is that... Is it only me who possess this strange after-effect or can other Wave users do it if they broke their limit?"
All Anna could say was, "I don't know."
She started heading towards the Vice President's room since the Heartless Bitch herself wanted to talk to Camilla. "Wonder what she's up to..." She moved steadily and slowly for she was in crutches and her ankle isn't in a good shape.

Isla stared at Camilla as she moved slowly with her damn crutches toward them, noticed that there was something different about her. If Isla deduction was correct, Camilla was 'busy' with her mind. The way she shooked her head, widened eyes, raised her eyebrow, even her lips was moving like she mentioned something. According to psychology lesson, a person can make heaps of body part movement or mostly it is well-known as body language. She's definitely talking with someone else. But the question is who? There was no one there standing beside her. Or maybe..... 'Don't tell me!' Isla shocked when it comes to combined all probability.
'She has another persona,' she thought. 'Two personas inside her, one might be her true-self while the other's not. Her percentage is 20%...' Not long after that, Kuroneko's eyes started to sparkle as if Camilla's her ideal hero, "Looks like Camilla is heading to Vice President's room too? Maybe she can tag along with us," said Isla. She wanted to ensure things up.

"Oh sure. We can do that." Kuroneko said happily. She waved at the girl in crutches and gestured her to come to the two.

Camilla noticed the person with a katana waving her hand at Camilla. She slowly went towards them. After arriving, she smiled innocently and said with a rather cute voice, "Yes? Do you need me for something?"

"Hi there, wanna come with us?" asked Isla invited her. She let out her sweet smile, hoping that Camilla will come with her.

Camilla tilted her head and smiled warmly, "Sure. But I may slow you down.."

Kuroneko patted onto the girl's good shoulder, "Naah! Don't worry. We're taking our sweet time to go to the Vice's office. I believe you're going there as well?" Camilla nodded and Kuroneko said merrily, "Awesome. Let's go then shall we?"

Isla agreed to what Kuroneko's said. "Sure, no problem. By the way....," she peeked through her corner eyes that make Camilla followed her view to her wound, "How's your injury? It doesn't look better to me."

Camilla started following the two. She answered the other girl's question, "It will get better." After she finished the sentence, her voice suddenly turned dead serious, "I believe you have something to ask me? There's no reason for an injured girl to follow and slow up someone else."

'38%!' alerted Isla in her mind. "Wow, you're quite sharp for a cutie like you. Hahaha" The brown eyed girl fake her smile, "Yes, I do have some question for you. How did you defeat that terrorist? I'll be honored if you tell me the whole story. I mean, you're a hero!"

"Tch, this girl is quite good on acting." were Camilla thoughts.
Anna simply agreed with her and laughed while complimenting on Camilla's observation and deduction skills."Not bad Camilla, not bad at all!"

"Please don't call me that." Camilla said to the girl with a small smile. She scratched the back of her head, "To be honest I have no recollection on killing the enemy leader in my memories. But the vice president told me that I lost my memories after killing him since I took a high fall after my dragon dissipated since due to my limit. I might have died if it weren't for the vice and some other student that gave the little assistant." Camilla managed to raise her right arm halfway and said, "This is price I pay for that dragon. When I summoned it, it stopped my blood circulation on it and turned purple and black. I also lost quite a large amount of blood during the battle which is also a reason why I don't remember anything during the end."

"Well, in this case the vice was a witness of the battle if she assisted you. If the vice president said that, then it must be true!" Kuroneko remarked.

"Perhaps you're right," Isla's hand reached her small bag which is carried since she was called by Vice President. As for today, she choose strawberry lollipop. The sweetness of the fruit is spreading around her red mouth. Constantly, Isla shows a small sincere smile. It reminds her about how mom kindly gave a candy when she wanted to cry.

Camilla got a little curious of the girl and other one with the katana, "What's your power?"

Kuroneko answered the question first, "Mine is.... Transforming into a cat-human. You know.. The one in those animes? It boosts some of my senses and I can become super strong as a result. The katana I have is what I use when I gain that super strength. Also my name's Kuroneko."

"Hm, I'm can move sort of stuff, you don't wanna know my power," replied Isla while she's enjoying her lollipop. "Man, I should buy this lollipop again. I love how its taste, the richness from a fresh and real fruit melts me down."

Camilla glanced at the girl with the lollipop and looked away. She whispered quietly hoping that both of them wouldn't hear her. "What do you think?"
Anna answered her, "She's trying to change subject by the looks of it. She's play that conservative game. Now that we are heroes and stuff everyone knows about our power so we're at a big disadvantage here.We might wanna wait if we want to find about her power. For now, just go with what she says."
Camilla made a small nod and looked back at the girl, "Where did you buy that?"

"This? It's from a cafe near here." she took out her lollipop, swing it left to right just like what a child do. She found it suspicious when that pinky-haired girl looked away. Isla's alarm comes out again, giving signal to his brain. Now, it's 61%. She's hoping that her estimation is a mistake. She doesn't wanna deal with 'double' personalities. "You want some? I'll treat you after you guys are settle your unfinished business with Ms. Vice President."

Camilla shook her head, "Nah thanks. I'm fine. Not a fan of sweets."

Instead, Kuroneko nodded quickly and said cheerily, "Suuure! I'll take one!" She smiled widely and she cheered for her 'future candy'.

Anna talked into Camilla's mind, "Lemme tell you. I'm not liking this Kuroneko at all. She seems a bit too cheery."
Camilla silently mumbled, "Yea me neither"

"Okay then," answered Isla to Kuroneko's happily favor. "Well then, both of you, just walk straight from here. You'll find Ms. Vice President there," her forefinger pointed to a big door which is quite far from the place they stood. "Let me know if you're finished. Then, I'll keep my promise to Kuroneko." smirked Isla.

Kuroneko nodded happily, "Thanks! A lot!" She ran down to the door and waved back at Isla.

Camilla sighed heavily and bid farewell to the girl, "Cya." She slowly went to the big door.

"Yea, sure" as Isla revealed her faintly smile. She's keeping her sight to both of girls until they're gone, swallowed by Ms. Vice President's door. After that, she opens her bag again, bring out an electronic thing like a mp3 player. She's also take her white flower-shaped headset, plugged it to the hole and her ears. Her thumb keep pressing 'next' button while the lollipop is being held inside her mouth. " When the time is right, I wanna meet your other persona, Camilla." she silently murmured as she was silently staring at the pink-haired girl who was leaning near the Vice's door.

When Camilla reached the big door which is the entrance of the Vice's den, she said to Kuroneko, "Go first. You have a friend waiting for you, right?"

Kuroneko nodded and said, "Yea. Thanks!" She opened the door and went inside the room.

Camilla leaned against the wall and placed the crutches next to her. She opened her sketchbook and flicked through some pages after starting to draw randomly in her notebook.

"I believe i have tell everyone to knock my door before entering my office-" Levina stopped, as she recognized the girl. "Oh? So you finally came? Any new orders from them?"

Kuroneko closed the door and looked at Levina. "Yep I did." She took her katana out of the scabbard. Inside the scabbard there was a small piece of paper which she took out. She placed it onto her desk, "There, they wanted me to give it to you."

Levina took the paper. There is nothing but numbers and dots in it, but Levina perfectly understand what it said. Levina then rip the paper to pieces, and then throw it inside her trash bin. "We are allowed to kill them if they cross the line, Kuroneko."

"Roger that. If they cross the line." Kuroneko repeated. "Camilla de Angelo, Isla Schovel, and Fiona McReel, right?"

"And everyone else listed here." Levina gives her a small piece of paper. "They are the Delinquents."

Kuroneko takes the piece of paper and glanced at it. "Okiee dokie. I shall take my leave then. Nice to meet you 'master' ." She walked to towards the door and gave a small grin at Levina as she went out of the room.
After Kuroneko exited the door, she nodded at the pink-haired girl and smiled before she left. Camilla snapped her sketchbook close and placed her crutches under her armpits. She got in front of the door and knocked.

"Come in!" Levina answered from the inside. "Finally, someone who know manners!"

Camilla opened the door and entered. She placed one of her crutches against the wall and closed the door with her free hand. After closing it, she placed the crutch that was on the wall under her armpit again and went closer to Levina's desk. "I believe you called me?"

"That is correct, Hero." Levina replied. "Come, i want to offer you something interesting."

"Please don't call me that." Camilla said with a quick reaction after Levina called her that. Camilla obeyed Levina and came closer to her. "Well?"

"I want to offer you a position in the Student Council. Perhaps, as the vice president of the Non-Athletic section and do your sister a favor." Levina said. "As you know, we lost many good men thanks to that attack by Purgatory."

Camilla's face instant paled as she heard the offer. "W-Wait. As the vice president of the Non-Athelic section? Er.. Alright. I guess I'll gladly accept the offer."
Anna spoke to Camilla's mind, "What the heck is this about? I mean I know that we're considered the hero but this is too much. What on earth is the heartless bitch up to?"
Camilla simply agreed to Anna words but as usual she'll go with it. "Okay, I'll accept it. Anything else?"

"Well, you can draw. No matter how much we want to put you in the Disciplinary Section, your talent is in drawing." Levina explains. "No. There is nothing else. You can ask your sister about the details on your new position."

"Alright then. I'll ask Onee-san." Camilla nodded and smiled. She went to the door but before reaching for the door knob, she turned around and looked at Levina with dead serious eyes. Intense pressure could be felt due to the little girl's abnormal presence. She asked with a serious voice, "Who killed the enemy leader? Is it really me?"

Levina smiled. "You did. I saw it happen."

"Alright. Thanks for the confirmation." Camilla turned around and opened the door. She slowly closed it and left the hallway.
Anna spoke to Camilla yet again. "I don't like this at all.... Something is really wrong."
Camilla's eye were still serious and so was her voice, "I don't like this either. We're going to have to 'research' about the truth."

"I see... So she started to suspect everything." Levina stood up, and looked out of the window. "Thankfully, we have put a leash around her neck."
"Ah yes... I almost forget..." Levina gets out of her room. After making sure that her door is locked, she heads out to the PA room. There, she found two Student Council member in charge of PA announcements of the day. Levina gives them a piece of paper.
"Here, please announce it right away." Levina said, before leaving back to her room. "It's the new rule of the Grand Battle, new arena and new rule."

[color=#FF0000"Yes mam!" The student replied. The student quickly turned on the PA system and broadcast the message to the entire school:







Michael was at his locker when the PA went off. "What the hell? We don't even know if Fiona is going to be awake anytime soon, and why are me and her being dragged into this anyways?" he groaned in frustration. He knew Fiona wasn't going to be happy about this, when she finds out, she hates having to fight in public being a stealth specialist.

Livia listened at the PA announcement. She was at her office with Kyle and Christa checking all the profiles of the new Non-athletic members. As the announcement finished, they all had confused faces. Someone in the participants isn't quite involved with the Student Council. "What did they mean by Camilla? Is she in the Non-athletic section?" Livia said out loud. Kyle and Christa shrugged and looked at Livia with the same face. Livia sighed deeply, "Anyways, we're done for today. I would like if you two would come back today. There's still a lot of things to do and I'm only one man. Unfortunately the vice president of the Non-athletics isn't here with us anymore." Livia said as her eyes grew depressed.
Kyle and Christa looked at each other and back at Livia. After agreeing the invitation to do more work and giving encouraging words to Livia, they left the office to and went to their respective classes

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The introduction for Rana
Jayden sat in the Student Council meeting room, going over some recent documents at his desk. He was deep in thought, trying to scan over the papers as quickly as possible. He was almost immersed enough to miss the sound of footsteps entering the room.

Rana walked into the room, "..." Looking around, seeing several people, she walked over to Jayden, and tapped on his shoulder. "You look like you know the school, can you help me the girls dorms?"

Jayden's eyes darted up to meet Rana. He jumped a little bit, surprised to be interrupted like this. Luckily the meeting was already adjourned, the remnants of the Council simply sticking around to review documents and such. She wasn't interrupting anything too crucial. Jayden recognized her as a new student as well, having arrived with the recent bunch. The President blinked a few times then stood up from his seat. He noticed the eyes of the other council members were pried to him and the 'intruder'. "Come with me," he said quickly, gesturing towards the door.

Rana nodded, smiling warmly, "Thank you. My name is Rana, what is yours?" She followed him out the door, smiling still.

Jayden smiled back, amused by the girl's apparent naiveté. "I'm Jayden, the President of the Student Council. A pleasure to meet you."
"I'll let you off for now since you're new here, but from now on steer clear of this floor, its restricted to Council members only," he warned with a quiet laugh. "In terms of the girl's dorms, they're actually in the building across the road."

"There's a building across the street...? Oh. I completely missed it... I thought this was the only building..." Rana sighed, "Thank you, c-can you take me there? I've been told that I have a horrible sense of my surroundings."

Jayden hesitated for a moment. He shrugged it off. There was plenty of time to spare. "Sure thing, its just a short walk," he said with a nod. He motioned for Rana to follow, heading towards the stairway.
"So how have your first couple of days here been?"

"I just got here, I live very far away... Practically kidnapped if you ask me. I didn't want to leave home... But... Maybe it won't be so bad. I feel strangely comfortable around you, you remind me of fire." Rana admitted. Following him down the stairs. "If the other kids feel comfortable then things might not suck."

Jayden was a bit taken aback by the compliment. No one had ever said anything like that to him before. Hell, he had been under the impression that he usually scared people, not comforted them. He found it especially odd how she compared him to fire, although it was possible she already knew of his ability. He blushed slightly before responding. "My first few weeks here were kinda rough too. You should be able to get through it, there are plenty of friendly people here."
They had now exited the first floor commons and were crossing the street.

"If I don't, I might follow you around at times, I've grown up following those I grew up with... If I follow someone I'm comfortable around it might make things easier, I've passed a lot of people, one was like lightening, some felt like a raging storm in a group... Others felt like they were shaking the ground..." She shivered, "It's kinda scary..."

Jayden frowned slightly. This girl seemed to have some sort of innate ability to read others. "That's fine by me, the company could be nice, actually," he responded with a weak smile. He had meant the words sincerely, there couldn't be a better time for someone to talk to. Jayden had been feeling rather alone lately. Isolated and confused.
They had now arrived at the door of the girl's dorm.

Rana walked strait past it, then froze, and turned around. "Sorry about that, thank you for helping me Jayden, in all honesty I don't know what my power is, they say I'm using it, but I don't know what they're talking about... They've labeled me as a delinquent, forced my mom to send me here, and I have no clue why." Rana frowned, "I just thought you should know..."

Jayden frowned, shocked to hear the girl was a Delinquent. He knew that he probably couldn't be seen with a Delinquent on a regular basis. "Sounds odd. I'll look into it for you, perhaps there was a mistake? No one is usually labelled as a Delinquent without cause."
Even if there was more to the story, it was certainly possible that he could pull some strings and promote her to a normal student.
"Anyways, this is it," he said, gesturing towards the door.

Rana smiled brightly and happily, "Yeah! But there's no need to look into it, I've refused to wear the uniforms because of how I was treated as well, mother looked so scared, like someone was about to die or something. She promised to write often though." She laughed, "I can't change anything, but it doesn't matter, I'm still a student, nothing can change that." She opened her dorm door, "Uh..." She stared into the room in shock. "... Strange..."

"Huh? Is something wrong?" Jayden asked curiously.

"Its that feeling again... Like eyes peircing into me and an invisible person... I stopped feeling these things when I left home but now the feelings back..." Rana said. "The first time I felt these things... Was when I was a kid. I pointed it out to mom but she said it wasn't anything...."

Jayden wasn't sure what to say, she was talking like some sort of mystic. "Maybe this sort of 'sixth sense' you have is your wave ability, perhaps? I'm not sure what it means, but maybe it will make more sense in due time."

"If it was then there would be a trigger, this is nearly my whole life I've had this feeling, it can't be a power or wavelength. And what do you mean by 6th- Oh no I'm going to be late!" Rana looked at the clock, "Auntie said she would call me in three minutes from the dorm phone! I gotta go! Thank you very much Jayden! I'll see you around!" She dropped her stuff on an empty bed and ran to find the phone.

"Not a problem. See ya, Rana," Jayden said as she departed. There was something strange about the girl, but also something Jayden seemed to like. He shrugged it off, heading back across the street to his office.

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Isla, a new student and the new head of the Athletic section, decided to meet with Camilla to confirm about her suspicious. After that, she decided to search for Fiona and finds her boyfriend, Michael, instead.

It's been a day since Levina gave Camilla the offer to join the Non-athletic section. While headed to Livia's office, Anna and Camilla are still uncomfortable and alerted about the offer from the Vice President. Camilla groaned out loud and said, "She even thought about putting me in the Disciplinary section. This is unexpected..."
Anna spoke insider Camilla's mind, "Sure is unexpected. Nevertheless I advise to keep our guard up with those people...."
Camilla named the 'people', "Levina Hall, Kuroneko and the girl with the lollipop..."
Anna agreed with Camilla's nominations and stayed silent.
Camilla knocked on the Non-athletic section door and waited for an answer.

Livia was with Kyle and Christa who were doing some paperworks and looking through the new members in their section. They stared at each other when they heard the door being knocked. Livia called out, "Come in!"

Camilla sighed heavily as she opened the door. As she was trying to close the door, Kyle stood up and closed it himself with a small smile towards the pink-haired girl.

Livia and Christa looked at each other and back at Camilla. "Uh... What brought you here Camila?" Livia asked.
Christa and Kyle nodded for there was no reason for the 'hero' to be in their section.

Camilla heaved a small sigh and sat on a nearby couch and decided to drop the truth bomb right away, "Apparently, I've being chosen to be the vice president for the Non-Athletic Section."

Kyle, Christa, and Livia looked at the pink-haired loli with blank stares. Christa managed to speak up despite the sudden shock, "Are you.... serious? Where did you get that info?"

Camilla looked at the ceiling and said with an emotionless voice, "From the Heartless Bitch herself. Quite shocking ain't it?"

All of them nodded in agreement to Camilla's words and Livia quickly search through the application papers for the Non-Athletic section. She became pale as she found Camilla's profile and her place as the vice president of the Non-athletic section. It had the vice-president's signature on it too. "Yep, she's in the Non-Athletic section as the vice president for it."
Kyle and Christa also looked at the paper but didn't say anything about it. Livia then ordered, "You guys can go now. Camilla and I will talk privately."
Kyle and Christa nodded and exited before giving a warm smile as a welcome to Camilla.

Camilla looked at Livia and asked, "Privately?"

Livia nodded at Camilla and started speaking, "Our family decided to clear up the hatred between you and them. So that means that we can be sisters again. Happy ones atleast." Livia gave a small smile to her little sister at the end.

Camilla widened her eyes and couldn't help but smile afterwards, "That's... Awesome. Our wishes finally fulfilled didn't it? The fact I'm the vice president of the Non-Athletic makes it even better..."

Livia's smile disappeared as she sighed in disappointment, "Unfortunately, the vice is shifting my position to the Disciplinary section. I won't be the president of the Non-Athletic section for long."

Camilla's smile also disappeared at the sudden news. "W-Wait you serious? Does that mean that....."

Livia exactly knew what Camilla was saying. She nodded at the shocked girl and reassured her, "Don't worry, I'm making Kyle and Christa both second in command just like Michael did with June and Fiona. Listen Camilla, don't do things alone. After all we're just normal human beings. Trust on Kyle and Christa, can ya?"

Camillla nodded at Livia's words, "Sure I will." Camilla frowned and started to think deeply.
Anna spoke inside Camilla's head, "Today is quite a shocker ain't it. I don't know if Livia's condition is related to ours but if it is, then we should pay extra careful."
Camilla randomly nodded and cursed under her breath as she saw Livia looking at her.

But unexpectedly, Livia smiled and showed no hostilities towards Camilla, "Are you talking with Anna?" Camilla looked away and slowly nodded. Livia then asked curiously, "How long have you known Anna?"

Camilla started looking through the applications of the Non-Athletics and spoke, "For a long time. Ever since we were kids. To be precise, I embraced her existence when my family called me a failure and when our bonds as sisters were stripped apart."

Livia looked at Camilla with sad eyes. She got up slowly went sat near Camilla. She carefully wrapped her arms around Camilla to prevent hurting her right arm and hugged her. "I'm sorry. I really am. It must have been harsh to have your life as a rejection."

Camilla also embraced her sister and said, "Don't worry, Onee-san. I'm used to it already--"

Livia cut Camilla off and spoke back to her with a hint of anger, "That's not something you should get used to! I shoulda been with you the whole time... I'm a failure as an older sister..."

Camilla patted on Livia's back and reassured, "You aren't a failure of a sister. You protected me a lot of times. You're the one who asked Wrick.san and the Disciplinary section to protect me, right? You're the one who sent the lazer girl up on the rooftop to help me deal with the enemy leader right? You're not a failure. We saved each other a couple times. Let's not dwell with the past shall we? We're sisters again and our wishes were fulfilled. So let's concentrate on that instead of crying over on the past."

Livia stopped embracing Camilla and wiped her tears away. "I'm really glad, Camilla. I thought you hated me and I didn't want that to ever happen. I don't know how you know that I did all of that stuff to protect your life."

Camilla smiled and patted on Livia's shoulder, "I know everything. I'm not a stupid loli girl like in those animes."

Livia laughed at her sister's antics, "You really love all those animes don't you? Anyways let's get back to work. I'll be here for a few weeks until I shift into the Disciplinary section."

Camilla nodded and started looking at the papers and so did Livia. "Oh... I forgot. Apparently they chose a new president for the Athletic section." Livia remarked.

Camilla looked at her and raised an eyebrow. Of course, this wasn't unusual since the Student Council lost a lot of people due to the terrorist attack. Also the fact that the Athletic section was the secondary fighting section with the Disciplinary as the primary and the Non-athletic section as the tertiary, it was quite explanatory "Oh really? Do we have any information about that person?"

Livia nodded and went back to her desk. She checked her drawer and took out some papers. "Here. Take a look." Livia gave the papers to Camilla and sat near her again.

Camilla's mind went on full alert as she recognizes the girl from her picture on the far left of the corner.
Anna was also shocked at the sight of the girl's picture. "She? Of all the people we met. She's the one?"
Camilla said the girl's name out loud. "Isla Schovel..... Onee-san... Is there any info about her powers?"

Livia raised her eyebrows at her little sister's request but answered, "Yea I think so...." Livia started to look through another stack of papers on the table. She pulled out one and smiled, " Ah found it. Here."

Camilla took the paper and scanned through it quickly. Anna was also 'looking' at the information about the head of the Athletic section. It was critical for the Student Council members to know about each others' power. That's why there's classfied information which the presidents of each section are allowed to look through. Thankfully, Livia had a copy which was the one that Camilla is looking through.
Anna remarked, "Something's not right about this Isla girl. I don't know what it is but we know her power. Why did she say that we don't want to know about it? Her power isn't rare like ours or Livia's. Then why is she conservative?"
Camilla silently mumbled, "Whoever she is... We are going to be on high alert whenever she's nearby....."

Livia heard Camilla's mumble but didn't quite get what she was saying. "You were saying..?

Camilla looked at Livia and smiled awkwardly. She said with a hint of panic, "No.. It's nothing. Also can I keep these papers with me for a while? Since I'm going to be the president of the Non-athletic section, it's quite reasonable to know the powers of the other presidents in the other sections, right?"

Livia placed her hand on Camilla's head and ruffled on her hair. "Wow. You're already thinking about that, huh? Okay then, you can have the papers but you have to give them back to me in due time, okay?"

Camilla nodded and smiled, "Thanks, Onee-san."
Anna laughed at Camilla's current thoughts, "You're happy that you're decieving your own sister? Geez, partner."
Camilla ignored Anna and kept looking at the papers about Isla Schovel. "God damnit... No matter how much I look at the girl's picture, that smile is disturbing me. Who on earth is she?"

Livia looked at her watch and sighed heavily, "You can go take a break Camilla. Break has started."

Camilla nodded and smiled at her bigger sister, "Thanks Onee-san. I'll go now." She stood up and left the room while waving farewell at her bigger sister. She went up to the rooftops and stayed near the ledge to look at the beautiful skyline in her sight. "Today is quite tiresome..."

"Gosh, I'm so sleepy" yawned Isla while she's walking around the hall. This brown-wavy haired girl must take a full lessons to compete with other students. Since she new here, she have to catch up all scores with other students. She opened her small bag and place the earphones as usual. Yesterday, Isla asked for Camilla and Kuroneko's data from HQ. There were nothing wrong with it. But, Isla completely sure that Camilla has two different personalities. Otherwise, who did she talk to yesterday besides her own mind. She was mumbled to herself.
"Oh yeah, whatever," Isla looked inside her bag and touch the data paper, "Guess I should find it out with my way," She took the stairs to get to the rooftop. She thought that it would be nice to feel the blue sky in this new environment. As she arrived, she spread her view around the place. Then...
'Wait a sec, that girl is....' Her eyeballs got widen, then smiled constantly, 'Perfect timing!'

Camilla heard the footsteps behind her and grew alarmed. She turned around and saw the girl she met before. 'Talk about bad timing'
She hid her thought and placed a fake smile on her face, "Fancy meeting you here."

"Oh, it's you the 'hero'", laughed Isla. She walked towards Camilla to the ledge of rooftop as she decreasing the volume of music that she heard.

"Don't call me that..." Camilla snarled at the girl. She was annoyed since the girl interrupt her analysis on the girl's profile. Camilla's voice suddelny became dead serious as she asked, "What brought you here, Isla Schovel?"

Isla grinned, "Good job, Camilla. You know my name. How do you know it?" She sat on the floor, relaxed her body by leaning on the wall. "Livia have my data right?" suspected her as she closed her eyes.

Camilla opened her notebook and took out some papers folded together. She tossed it onto Isla's lap and said, "Onee-san gave it to me. I became the vice-president of the Non-Athletic section. It's normal that I have the data about you."

Isla opened her eyes, looked down to the paper. It's stated clearly that the information is about her. "Sweet! You have the papers too. Then....," she grabbed something on her bag, bring out some paper labeled with the name of the Black Ops agency on it, "What about this? Does it look normal to you?"

Camilla took the papers and looked into it. She became pale as she scanned through them.
Anna was also looking at them through Camilla's eyes. Her reaction was quite the same as Camilla. 'Well this is quite a shocker. A person from the black ops taking classes here? What's up with that?'
"Just who the hell are you? Why on earth are you here?"

"Well, you tell me," challenged Isla. "I know you're a smart girl, Camilla. You have two thinkers on your mind after all." Isla grabbed that papers back from Camilla. She smiled calmly as she listened to the music from her device.

Anna cursed in Camilla's mind, 'Fuck, she even knows that I'm here.... This girl..'
Camilla placed her finger on her chin and started thinking with Anna. After coming up with a conclusion she started speaking, "You're from the black ops.... I guess you are an infiltrate? But for what? That's what I don't get."

"Why are you so curious with my goal? I mean, I'm not chasing you here," convinced Isla at her. "But, you're right. I'm in the middle of something here. And I need you," Isla took of her headphones, stood up, and looked fiercely into Camilla's eyes. Her gorgeous smile faded away that easily, "I wanna meet your other self. The one who you've been mumbled all days."

Camilla heard Anna laugh in her head, "Before you say anything, partner.. lemme talk to her!"
Camilla heaved a deep sigh and murmured, "Alright, even though it's a bad idea...." She closed her eyes and stood still for some seconds.
The killing intent and presence grew inside Camilla and it was strong enough for a human being to notice it. Her unamused look turned into a psychopathic one. Her grinned widely as she opened her eyes and looked at Isla with entertain eyes. "And why would you want to meet the one who brought chaos to both sides during the attack?"

"Pleased to meet you," greet Isla. "Nah, I just wanna meet you that's all." She looked intensely to Camilla's eyes. 'Her other persona is really strong. There's no doubt that she's the one who defeated that terrorists.' Isla spoke in her mind. She unplugged her lovely earphones because she knew this conversation is going to be harsh. Isla didn't know what kind of 'character Camila's other persona had, "So, you like killing people? What is it feel like?" hissed Isla.

"Oooh? You know that I like killing people just by looking at me." Anna laughed sadistically. "It feels awesome!! Just looking at the corpses makes my ecstasy go way higher than usual. Although I can't release my climax since this body isn't mature enough..." She tapped on her head with her knuckles and continued, "That's why I look like a child. But whatever. Thanks to this, many people underestimate me and they get killed easily." Anna leaned on the ledge and sighed happily, "It's been a long long time since I had my previous killstreak. Thanks to the Purgatory attack, my lust for blood is resetted so I won't go around killing people... for now."

Isla folded her hands in front of her chest, "You're really exciting when it comes to talk about that stuff," Suddenly, she smiled for a reason. This Camilla reminded her about something. Unfortunately, she decided to not tell this girl first, "What's your name?"

"Anna, Anna de Angelo." said Anna, with a huge grin on her face. "You have something to tell me personally, don't ya?"

"Yes, I do. But, I'm gonna need real Camilla back first. Besides, you can hear everything without possessing her body like this, right?" Isla flicked her fingers. "Oh, I still have two questions now. So please don't bring her back for a while. Hahaha... Sorry for this uncertainty decision. Looks like I was too dazzled by you."

Anna frowned loudly at the girl's indecisiveness. "Well, spill it out already. The more bored I get, the more my bloodlust increases. So you better be fast here, unless you want to be the first victim of my upcoming kill streak."

Isla closed her mouth immediately then laughed like a lunatic, "Okay, I thought a murderer like you expect something like -well- you know, surprising moment? C'mon don't ruin my surprise. I beg you," After several minutes, she tried to calm down. Now, she knew that Anna is really a psychotic person, "Then, let's make it fast, shall we? Firstly, is this what they call MPD? Secondly, what do you mean with 'isn't mature enough'?"

Anna nodded at Isla and answered her questions, "Yep this is MPD. Camilla had it ever since she was born. Even Livia has it but her second persona is still dormant for some reason. When I said it isn't mature enough, I meant it literally. Camilla's maturity is very slow in a physical sense. That's why we look like a loli from an anime. Is that good enough as an answer?"

"Good answer," replied Isla as she nodded for many times. "Okay then, since I got my answer. Could you bring Camilla back? You don't need to control her to hear things right? I wanna make a deal with her. I promise I tell you and I'm not a type a girl who breaks it."

"Ehh.... Just so you know. I'm not going to work for you unless I get to kill lots of people. Remember that." Anna said as she switched back to Camilla. The killing intent and presence released by the girl stopped.

Camilla opened her eyes again and the grin was replaced with an unamused look. "Well what's the deal you were talking about?"

"Hmm, I don't know what to tell but..." Isla scratched her hair a little bit, "I need you on my side. I'm helplessly need it." continued her with a small voice. "Haha, this is your first time to see agent like me begging for help isn't it? But, that's the only thing I can do..." Isla put her music back, looked up into the shimmering clouds moved by the wind, "Look, I do this not because I wanna bring up the war or something like that. All I want is the truth, nothing more. I believe that I can find it even though I have to sacrifice everything by being called murderer, killed innocent people which is I hate it so much, or even kill myself. I realized that I was pushed in the corner and I'm gonna need someone on my back. So, yeah, I guess it's you," explained Isla with her miserable smile.

Camilla heaved a small sighed. She moved her stiff shoulder around and started to look through her sketchbook. "The truth, huh. I know that feeling of being pushed into a corner. I pity you." Camilla shook her head as flashbacks of her family torturing her for being a failure came through her mind. "But you still didn't tell me what you want. You told me to help you, but with what? If you want to gain my trust, then you have to tell me everything that I don't know. If you don't.... well you know how things are going to end up here."

"Alright, let me tell you this," Isla deeply took her breath, "Do you believe if AURORA is a nasty company? Because if you don't, it's gonna be difficult to tell you."

Camilla shrugged at her response, "I dunno. I have no current opinion about AURORA. But I do have a bad feeling about them." Camilla crossed both of her arms on her chest. "What does AURORA have to do with ACADEMIA? I mean. I know that Aurora are the finders of ACADEMIA. But do they have some kind bad purpose that ACADEMIA is involved in?"

"Particularly, it's not the ACADEMIA which is have some bad goals. But, people inside it. C'mon, you must've been suspicious to somebody, right? I'm not going to say it bluntly." Isla let out a heavy sighed.

Camilla placed her finger on her chin and started pondering for a while. "Suspicious...huh?"
Anna spoke to Camilla's mind, 'The vice and that neko girl. There's also another one but I'm not sure yet.'
Camilla nodded to Anna's words and said, "Yea there were some. So what are your goals or objectives? Who exactly are our enemies? Are they near us or far away?"

"My goal is only to find the truth. Plus, eliminate my only enemy," Isla squeezed her bottom skirt. "That black assasin, I won't forgive him." The way she looked now is full of hatred yet painful. Every time she closed her eyes, the hideous blood scaterred in entire house. She bear it in mind just like a time machine of memory inside her head. "I can't tell who are exactly our enemies because that's what I want to find out. I told you from the beginning right? I'm not here to bring up a war. I must find a clue about the Person."

Camilla heaved a small sigh. She doesn't want to be involved with Isla's objectives and intentions. But she felt as if death was closing in on her. Having no choice or objections, Camilla held her hand out to hand-shake with Isla and said, "Alright then. I'll help you."

As Isla heard what Camila's said, her heart was touched a little bit. She showed her relieved smile then respond that loli girl hand-shake, "Thanks Camilla. I owe you a lot."

"Yeah. Don't mention it." Camilla said with a small smile. "So do we have a starting point at least? Or are you planning to involve more people in this?"

Isla bite her lips for a while, "No plan for this time and yes I'm gonna add one more person. Are you close to Fiona?" She took a lollipop from her bag, put it inside her mouth. 'Hmm, peach!' she thought with sweet smile.

"I'm not really close with Fiona but Onee-san is very close to her." Camilla remarked. "But she's one of the three commanders in the Disciplinary section so you can easily get friends with her. But out of all the people in the school... Why Fiona?"

"I'll tell you later," Isla increased the volume of her music, "Right now, I gotta go. Levina already suspected me as an infiltrate. I can feel it on my nerves." Her feet started to swing, walked away from Camilla's position. Afterwards, she recalled of something and turn back to Camilla, "You're power is to draw something on sketch then it will come alive, yes?"

"Well... It depends on what I draw... I can't make everything I draw come to life... For example a planet that can inhabit life... Or anything extreme like that. But yeah, nearly everything I draw can come to life." Camilla said as she glanced at the girl for a second. "Why?"

"Could you make a fire please?" requested Isla. She pulled out a paper about Camilla and Kuroneko's data, "I wanna burn this."

Camilla took the papers and accepted her request, "Sure. I'll do it right after I get out of school. You know.. since using wave power in school is prohibited."

"Okay then, let's go now," cheered Isla as she pulled Camilla hard. "It's only a piece of shit to me since I know your 'true' self. I thanked you to show me Anna," Isla held her ears to concentrate a place outside of school. Less than a minute, they're already stand at the corner of road, "Please, burn it."

Camilla didn't have time to react when the girl started to pull and use her power. When they teleported onto a corner of a road, Camilla was off-balance and fell onto the floor. "Idiot... You didn't give me time to get my crutches..."

Isla was laughing so hard, noticing that Camilla can be funny sometimes, "Don't worry, I'll hold you. So, please.... Shall we?"

"Sure sure... whatever you say." Camilla said as she opened her sketchbook and flipped through some pages. She tossed the papers on the floor and shouted, "Match, come out!". A small match appeared onto Camilla hand. She scratched the tip of the match on the granite wall beside her and created a small fire. She tossed onto the fiery match onto the papers and said, "Done."

"Huff... Finally," sighed Isla. "I never like those data because it's gonna blow my disguise." Both of girls waited until the paper burnt down. Some ashes fell down on the ground made Isla think again, "We can't just leave that alone. We need something to clean it."
'I have to be very careful started from this point. All evidences must be erased no matter what.' as she whispered in her heart.

Camilla pointed at a garbage can near the street, "You can put the remains in there. Don't worry about the little bits cause they'll probably get picked up by the wind."

The brown-wavy haired girl licked her peach lollipop, "Okay," She threw her candy into ashes, looked at it then teleport all wastes to the garbage. Isla grinned, "Done!"

"Ehh... so that's what you meant by putting things into another place.... Can you do that to humans without touching them? Cause that would be awesome and overpowered..." Camilla said.
'Although I'm the one whose overpowered here... I got a freaking deadly power and an absorption effect thanks to my limit breaker' Camilla thought to herself and she mentally faceplamed.

"Hmm, I'd never try that. However, it's difficult to move human's body without direct contact. More likely impossible," remarked Isla, "According to Newton's law, the relationship between body and forces acting upon it. For particles, things, or even a small planet, the gravitation force is lighter than humans. People is not a particle or an easy thing to removed. Their forces of gravitation is too strong unless it is given other forces. So that's why, I have to touch people for response of action they had. We can't against compete nature after all."

"I see...." is all Camilla would say. "Well you can try if you want." Camilla frowned for a second and said, "Lets go back. I'm sick of leaning on someone and not having to use my crutches."

"Okay, leave that to me," said Isla with confidence. She grabbed Camilla's arm, teleported to rooftop again. Her eyes locked to the crutches then gave it to loli girl. "Here is your stuff. I gotta go to report something." Isla walked toward Camilla, pushed her face closer to Isla's lips, "When I saw you Anna, I remembered my last mission. A psychopath which is crazy as you are, died on my teammate's sniper. At first, he was too hard to catch. But in the end, he ended up die for a silly thing. He was trapped by me. In conclusion, I suggest you not to be pleased when it comes to killing, because people like that usually died in humiliating path. Just so you know. Bye!" whispered her and left Camilla.

Camilla said out loud as she was the only one in the roof, "Anna is not your typical psychopath. She has logic and strategy and that's what makes her deadly. She doesn't really go around killing people without a reason. Ain't that right, Anna?"
Anna agreed and spoke to Camilla's mind, "Damn right, partner"


Isla was wandering around since she finished with Camilla's incident. Her beautiful smile spread on her face remind of what that loli girl said. She knew Camilla is a type of person who can be trusted. Let's just say that Isla did her first plan perfectly. For now on, there was only one girl on her mind named Fiona.
'Hm, where is she?' she thought. It's impossible to find her in ACADEMIA, beside this place was too huge to explore. Teleporting to everywhere was only wasted time. Isla put out a lollipop again, this time it was apple. Subsequently, she saw a man standing not far away from her spot. He was looking around, prepared of something. Isla stared at that man, couldn't believe what she had seen.
"Michael Wrick," mumbled her. All of sudden, her mood was increasing more when she found out Fiona's boyfriend right in front of her. Isla approached Michael slowly, didn't want to startled him, "Um, excuse me?"

Michael was getting his rounds finished wishing time would flow faster so he could go back to visiting his comatose girlfriend in the hospital. It's already been nearly a month and she still hasn't woken up and even though this is normal for coma patients, he still wished that she would wake up faster. He hasn't been getting much sleep since the terrorist attack, spending all of his free time at the hospital and only sleeping at max 4 hours a night but normally more like 2. He heard a voice calling out to him and he turned around to see a student asking him something. His lack of sleep made him not recognize her on sight and as she was a new student so it was understandable, "Hi there, how can I help you?"

"Err...," Isla wasn't sure what to do. She scratched her wavy her for a while and bite her own lips. This was the first time she met Michael for real since Fionn often say his name besides Fionna. He didn't look well and Isla was quite worry about him. Michael could be passed out if his condition like that, "Are you alright?"

Michael waved off her concern, "I'm alright thanks for asking." He looked closer at the girl and finally put a name to her face, recognition dawning in his eyes he said, "Oh you're the new Athletic Isla right? Welcome to the school and the council, so anything I can help you with?' he asked her kindly.

"Well, do you know Fiona?" asked Isla pretend to not knowing their relationship. It was probably her best move to do. Michael wasn't really an acquaintance with her. So, she should be careful in this conversation.

A pained look came over his eyes as he heard her query, but it disappeared quickly after that as he composed himself to answer the girl, "Yes I do, she's one of my closest friends, are you looking for her?" he asked, if she was, he was going to have to disappoint her. The new students don't know about the statuses of all the injured the student body has suffered thinking that everyone that is alive is already attending school again.

Isla could feel the expression that he showed. She ever set that face when she heard Fionn died. It was terrible to be truth, "Yes. Yes I am. I wanna talk to her about something. I'm a newbie here and I thought that she could help me. It's personal."

Michael closed his eyes as he forced out the answer. He really didn't want to spread the news as it would hurt morale of the new students, so he settled for a truthful but vague answer, "She's....unavailable right now, you can talk to me if you need help, I have the same experience she does."

'Unavailable..?' thought Isla in shocked. She didn't get what he said, then she tried to filter all the probability. 'She probably lost her consciousness.' It made sense since the incident had killed lots of students here. Fiona must be one of injured people. She's frowned a little bit, not liking the news at all. She couldn't force Fiona right now. But, Isla decided to lie to Michael and act worried, "What?! What's wrong with her? Oh gosh, this is bad." .

Michael hurried to calm down the worried girl, "She's fine, she's just at the hospital recovering, she'll come back to school soon," "Hopefully" "You can talk to any of us to show you the ropes in the meantime." Michael in his tired mental state and his hurry to reassure the girl did not catch the slip up of mentioning her being confined in the hospital which signified that Fiona was NOT in a will get better soon state.

Isla growled in her mind, 'I gotta go to the hospital right away.' She's gripping her fingers as she let out a heavy sighed in front of Michael. It's clearly Fiona's condition is at the state of worst. She noticed that guy was in the middle of depressed now, "I have to visit her. Please tell me which room is she in? I know her very well."

"If she knows her this well, all the more reason I shouldn't tell her as it would only worry her," he mentally decided. "Uh...she REALLY needs her rest and it would be better if she was left alone so she can recover faster and come back to school sooner." "If she ever wakes up again that is," his traitorous cynical side whispered to him. He didn't realize that he whispered his next lines outloud, "You really don't want to see her in that state."

Isla went quiet for a while as she looked to that man. She concluded that Michael was going nuts in sadness because of Fiona, "You... Don't tell me you gave up on her," murmured her to suppressed the emotion inside. She couldn't believe that Fiona's boyfriend would think that way, "Screw you! I find her by myself!" shouted Isla as she ran off from Michael to go to hospital as soon as possible.

Michael watched the girl run off, "Of course I haven't given up on her," he muttered to himself trying to keep his stoicism in public, "If you are as close to her as you claim, I just didn't want you to feel the same pain I'm feeling right now." She has no clue how many hours he sat right by Fiona's hospital bed hoping and praying that she would wake up. He knew that this wasn't good for his health, but he could not sleep with his worry about the fate of his girlfriend. He didn't want another person to have to go through this ordeal of worry and lack of sleep.

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Kuroneko felt as if she was stalked and ran away from class only to find out that it was a rather harmless girl who likes cats, Rana. Arthur sees the two and tries to stalk both of them. Only thing that came out as a result is Rana getting a concussion, Kuroneko fighting against Arthur and then being chased by Michael and his Disciplinary grunts.

Lunch break just started in Academia. All the classes were dismissed and Kuroneko was glad that it was over. She was bored to death from all the lectures from today. Sighing out loud, she packed her books onto her shoulder and placed her sheathed katana on her back. "Ehh... where can I go for break?" She stood up and looked around seeing no one in the hallway. Placing her hands in her pockets, she started walking around the school trying to get familiar with it.

Rana had been waiting outside the classroom in her plain blue dress that went to her knees. She had an uncomfortable smile on her face and looked around, before turning her head immediately when Kuroneko left her classroom. Smiling comfortably she started walking a few feet behind her, following her.

Kuroneko started to have an uneasy feeling of being stalked. Usually she's the one stalking cause of her personality and powers of a cat. 'Is someone following me?' she asked herself as she started walking faster. Still having this uneasy feeling of being lurked, she started running while not looking back.

Rana ran after her, she didn't want to risk looking behind either, thinking that something might be trying to get her too.

Arthur was on his usual stroll to one of his lessons but today he decided to take an alternative route. It had been a while since he had been in school so he used this as an opportunity to get used to his surroundings. As he walked away from the staircase two students could be seen with one running after the other, raising his left eyebrow he decided to follow saying "I might aswell get acquainted with these new students."

After reaching the back side of the school building, Kuroneko stopped and skidded for some feet before stopped completely. She turned around quickly and got her katana out which is still sheathed and pointed at the stalker whom she though was a boy, "Who the hell are you and why are you stalking me?!"

Rana ran from the side of the building, holding the pointed edge and panting, left hand on her knee, "You remind me of a cat... I like cats... And most others feel kinda scary or wierd..." She managed to say, smiling tiredly.

'G-Geh.... I didn't even activate my powers and I already remind people of cats..... It's probably my name.' Kuroneko frowned as lowered her sheathed katana. She sighed deeply but smiled to put on a fake impression to cover her annoyance, "Really? Well I like cats too and I'm not good with making friends with other. So what's your name?" Kuroneko said as she placed her sheathed katana on her back.

"Rana, you are one of the few people I feel strangely comfortable around..." Rana rolled up her long sleeves, "You run pretty fast. How did you get that fast?" She said.

"Well... I've been training and all that sort...." Kuroneko nervously laughed as she scratched the back of her head. She didn't want to reveal her powers yet to this unfamiliar girl. "You sure did a good job on catching up. Name's Kuroneko. Nice to meet ya."

Catching a short glimpse of one of the students cutting past the building he walked towards the place where both of them were situated. Carefully walking towards them to conceal his presence he peeked around the corner to see the students. Both of them were female students, neither of them looked familiar to him. Hiding away from them he began to listen to them.

Rana tensed suddenly, then relaxed, "I feel like we're being watched by a human camera... A... Copyhuman..." Rana turned to where Arthur was hiding, and pointed to around his spot, "Over there..."

His facial expression changed as he realised his cover was blown. Fortunately there was a bush nearby, whipping his body backwards he lunged towards the bushes taking cover behind it.

Rana dropped her hand, not looking away. "The copyhuman's gone.. I think.."

Kuroneko raised an eyebrow at what Rana is saying. But she did feel another presence around her. She quickly grew alarmed as she heard the bush behind Rana rustle. Some branches of the tree beside Kuroneko wavered in her sight. To her it looked like millions of feather wands used to play with a cat. Her pupils narrowed and turned into a cat-like eye. Out of her black hair, cat ears popped out and twitched for some seconds as her hair was becoming longer. Under her skirt, a small fluffy cat tail popped out and moved around as it was raising the skirt. She grabbed onto her sheathed katana and immediately threw it. It flew right beside Rana's neck and streaked towards the bush in high speed.

Rana blinked simply and felt the part of her hair that the katana flew by, "Strange... I thought I felt my hair move..."

Arthur whipped his book out from his pocket, he knew that it was inevitable something was bound to happen. He quickly flipped through a couple of his books in search of an ability unfortunately for him he was too focused on his book. Suddenly he heard something brush through the bushes and eventually felt something hit his head. "Errr.." he grumbled in a rather rash manner making some sort of noise grabbing the back of his head.

Kuroneko opened her mouth and hissed at the bush. She still felt the ominous presence in the bush and grew hostile towards it. She entered into a cat-like posture on all 4s and pounced over Rana and onto the bush. A mouse toy fell off her pocket and fell onto Rana's head in the process.

Rana blinked and took the toy off her head, "..." She tossed the toy towards the bush Arthur was in, not knowing she might hit someone in it or make it fall onto said person's lap...

Arthur looked down briefly shutting his book as he was done, he turned around quickly grabbing the sword and leaped backwards to reveal himself to the duo. He caught a glimpse of something flying towards him as he landed on his feet he raised the sword still in it's sheath deflecting the flying object. Then he looked upwards to see a figure jumping towards him in a cat like manner responding with a simple leap backwards again he waited for her to land on the ground.

Kuroneko landed in the bush finding no one in it. But she still felt the human presence around her and it was right in front of her. She leapt out of the bush and pounced onto the figure in front of her.

Rana just stood there watching, surprised. "... She is a cat...! Sweet."

He sighed at the student attempt to tackle Arthur he simply span around towards his right evading the cat like student's attack. Spouting something cheeky "What's up pussycat?"

Kuroneko heard what the student said and hissed loudly. Thanks to her transformation, her agility and strength amplified 10x more than an average human. She suddenly disappeared from the sight of the student leaving a small afterimage and reappeared behind the student within a second. She raised her hand and attempted a claw attack on the student's back.

Arthur was baffled as his opponent disappeared from his field of vision despite seeing the brief after image he had a rough idea of what was going to happen afterwards. He braced himself from his opponent's strike, seconds later he turned around to see his opponent behind him.

Rana's eyes widened and she said the first thing that came to mind, "I-I HAVE CATNIP." She ran to where the toy was to grab it.

Kuroneko stopped her claw attack on the student's back. It barely touched him thankfully otherwise there would be 5 gashes with blood spewing like a fountain. She sat down like a cat would and looked at Rana as her heterochromatic cat eyes shone brightly.

Rana grabbed the toy and waved it around, "Wanna play?" She asked Kuroneko with a gentle, amused smile.

Kuroneko stopped her hostile hissing and stay quiet. She slowly crept on the waving mouse toy and gently pounced towards it.

With a sense of relief he watched as his opponent crept towards the other female, flicking his eyes to the right confused as to what the female student was doing. He felt silly as soon as he noticed that she was leaving, he thought "How dare she." He then looked at the student who wore a blue dress, she held a toy within her hand and smiled down at the other his bottom lip sunk as he stared at the two.

Rana giggled and looked at Arthur, smiling, "You okay? You nearly had had your back scratched." She continued to play with Kuroneko.

Arthur blinked twice and looked back at the student, annoyed as she asked of his wellbeing. "I know." His response was blunt and short and he continued to ask "Is this some sort of joke?"

Rana laughed, "If this was a joke," She smiled sweetly, "I would have added a rope into it, to lift you in that tree upside down like a pinata, and leave you until we got candy. Of course this isn't a joke."

Arthur chuckled in response turning his head back to see a tree behind him. He was surprised with the tone in which she spoke to him, he looked back and with his blank normal facial expression. He looked at the the sword within his grasp and removed it from its sheath and placed at back into it. Arthur then brought his book out looking into it briefly before returning it back into his pocket. He replied to the ealier comment complimenting her sense of humor Arthur then charged towards the duo.

Her eyes widened as she leaped in front of Kuroneko and looking strait at him before shielding her face with her arms.

Reaching for the hilt of the katana he held it firmly as he drew it out of its sheath he came to a halt placing one foot before the other. Leaning towards her he swung the katana towards the students arm.

Kuroneko immediately grew alarmed on the other student's attack. She shoved Rana away from the swing and caught the katana with the tip of her fingers. She kept a firm grip on her katana's blade and hissed loudly at the student wielding her katana. Wasting no time for a second strike from the student, she gave a frontal kick towards the stomach of the student which had enough force to make him fly towards the tree behind him if it hit him.

Rana fell to the ground as she was shoved, grunting as she hit her head on the ground, feeling dizzy she laid on the ground. Forgetting what was going on, she closed her eyes. Head bleeding a bit.

Arthur attack was interrupted as soon as the cat looking student grabbed the blade impressed at his opponents demonstration of skill. Immediately aftwards a kick would follow the sudden movement ushered him to leap over the student with the blade still within his grasp he landed behind her. He spoke up "That was abrasive, you're good but i wouldn't let you get away with something like that"

Rana groaned in pain, trying to get up but falling back on the ground hitting the cut on her head again, making it deeper, a muffled squeak came from her mouth as blood made a tiny puddle on the ground near her eyebrow. She started whimpering in pain.

Arthur turned his head towards the other student laying on the ground her attempt to get back up failed. He looked down at her showing no hint of sympathy and chose to tease her, however he didn't bother as he heard her whimper.

Kuroneko also looked at the girl whimpering. She did feel sympathy but not enough to help the girl up. She stood still as her mind succumbed into spiraling thoughts and strange memories she hadn't seen before flooded in.

Snapping out of his distracted state he focused his attention back on to his opponent as he pulled on the sword. Arthur then raised his right foot and placed it on the girl's ankle pushing down on it to apply pressure.

Kuroneko immediately snapped out of her succumbing thoughts and memories. Feeling the pressure on her ankle, she tucked her hand under her skirt and a small click could be heard. A hidden bowie knife appeared under her skirt and she quickly snatched it as she reversed the blade's direction. She set her brain limiter off making her super strong and raised her foot get the student's foor off of her ankle . She then sidestepped and attempted a wild swing towards the student's face. Without looking at the results, she leapt backwards and landed onto her feet hissing loudly at the student.

Rana saw this and felt a rush of adrenaline as she stumbled onto her feet, a small puddle of red was on the ground where her head had been. She then quickly attempted to get in the way of Kuroneko, she exclaimed in slurred words "Guys stop! You'll get hurrrt..." She fell to the ground in a dizzy spell, hitting her head again and blacking out, the left side of her face smeared with blood because of her still bleeding deep cut just above her eyebrow.

As soon as his opponents grip on the katana was released he turned around slowly coming to a halt as soon as he regained his balance. Suddenly the other student lunged in between his fight with the cat, without thinking his reaction was sharp and quick. Arthur reached for her arms pulling her body away from his opponents attack, he lunged forward turning his head sideways as his opponents knife sliced the side of his cheek. As she jumped away Arthur placed the katana back in its sheath and placed his left hand on his cheek, pulling it back to see a small patch of blood on his palms.

Gathering his sensibilities and shaking off his depression after the girl left, Michael continued his patrol route when he heard a commotion, as he approached the area he grabbed his book out and started reading and by the time he arrived at the scene his powers were activated and what a scene it was. There was an injured student and two people fighting with live weapons, and one of them at least was using her powers if the transformation he could see was any indication. He unleashed a large blast of wind to separate the combatants before he approached them demanding, "What the hell is going on here?" Over his communicator he radioed one of the Disciplinary medics and updated location of the incident as he waited for their explanation.

Arthur felt a strong gust of wind which raised his body off the ground causing it to float away from his opponent. The distance between the two grew and gradually the wind settled into the environment and his body dropped down rolling a couple times. He raised his head up to see a disciplinary holding on to a communicator, he exhaled out of frustration and allowed his head to drop.

Kuroneko hissed loudly as she skidded back from the strong gust of wind. She crouched and planted her bowie knife into the ground and stopped herself from skidding further. She stood up and saw another student and his Disciplinary insignia on his uniform. Her pupils dialted and her grip on her bowie knife tightened. She then looked at Arthur and then at her sword. 'Need to get my katana back and escape. Otherwise 'she' would not give me a good day at all'

Rana laid on the ground, unmoving, as blood started to puddle around her head.

"Well?" Michael questioned. "Why are you fighting on school grounds using your powers, that's two infractions in one." He walked over to the injured girl and flipped her around to check her injuries. Although his back was turned toward the fighters, his guard was still up and his wind sense would let him know if they tried to escape. He felt for a pulse and was glad to find one. "You two are coming with me." he said with no room for argument. "Medic should be coming in anytime so she should be fine looks like a concussion and a bad cut, but nothing too critical."

Arthur was in a position where he sat down with both his legs crossed and his arms folded. The katana was by his side, he then responded to the disciplinary "You're allegations are false i can defend myself here but then i can't say the same for her." He tilted his head forward and finished off his sentence "You disciplinary students aren't innocent in most cases."

Rana groaned as she opened her eyes, "..." She groaned, everything was blurry. "Ugh..."

"I admit I only saw you defending yourself, so you already are in a positive light in my opinion, but both of you are still going to have to come wth me for the debriefing because anyone can claim they were innocent and it would just devolve into a he-said-she-said argument." He was about to respond to the teen's accusation of Disciplinaries breaking the rules when he saw the girl open her eyes, gently he asked her, "You ok there?"

Rana's head was pounding, but she heard every word he said in slurred words, "No... It's my fault this all happened..." She attempted to sit up. "I teased Kuroneko with a cat toy... She transformed and I threw it... But it hit that boy... Her claws were near him when she pounced... He grabbed her katana to defend himself and she got a knife... I went to run away but I fell and blacked out... ow..."

'I can't tell if she's defending me or that guy over there. Anyways I should have an escape plan just in case.' Kuroneko scanned the area with her viscious cat eyes. She knows that the student with her katana is distracted so she can just snatch it. There's a small open window on the 2nd floor which might be the janitor's closet. She looked at her side and saw few trees with branches high enough for her to jump to the window. With her plan set, Kurneko stayed put and waited how this commotion would go.

"You're not thinking straight with your head injury right now, so I can't really take your testimony at face value." Michael responded. "When the medic gets here he can clear your head and you can give your testimony then." he told her kindly. In the distance he saw a person approaching and recogniizing him as the medic he called he told her, "And there he is now, he's good with concussions and bruising."

Arthur stayed in the same position listening to the female student protests it wasn't working in her favour as expected. From a distance another disciplinary member was walking towards the group, judging from his appearence it had to be the medical the wind manipulant called on. The individual then approached the injured girl below examining her wounds. He spoke in a rather calm manner saying "She's suffering from a mild concussion nothing too serious boss." He then looked up at his senior and asked a question "We'll need to bring her back to the HQ, i just need your permission?" Arthur remained silent throughout the duration of the situation.

Rana collapsed, fainting again. Luckily she fell on the medic this time.

"Yeah take her to HQ," Michael turned toward the other two people in the area, "Just come with me and we'll get this cleared up, if she was telling the truth, this is all a misunderstanding and you guys aren't in trouble, but still do NOT use powers and fight on school grounds, it makes more work for us to deal with." Michael finished.

Kuroneko frowned on the thought of being interrogated. She doesn't want to cause trouble to that person since she's a scary one. She checked her wristwatch and turned pale at the time. 'Crap running late. I'm gonna get in trouble if I'm not punctual or she'll get very mad.' She laughed nervously and disagreed with the Disciplinary student, "Er... sorry but I gotta go. Good luck with the case detective." She waved at the Disciplinary student and disappeared leaving an afterimage while a plume of dust surround the afterimage. She reappeared behind Arthur and snatched her sheathed katana. "Sorry but this is mine." She disappeared again and found herself on top of a branch. Thankfully the branch was sturdy enough to support her weight so she ran and jumped towards the open window. She went it the window and found herself in a janitor closet. She deactivated her cat-like power and turned into a normal being. She opened the door and checked to see anyone there but to her luck, there wasn't. She then started running hoping that there's no Disciplinary students to encounter.

Arthur shook his head as things seemed to take a turn of events. He felt the presence of the cat girl behind him but simply choose to ignore it, as he knew what she was here for. He then watched as she took off heading towards the building. Arthur began to smile until he couldn't hold it in any further and began to laugh at the act that the student had committed. "This is just great." Arthur ceased laughing seconds later because it wasn't typical of him. The medical disciplinary caught Rana's body in his arms and decided that it was time to to take her back to HQ, immediately raising his body upwards, he departed leaving the group behind.

"What the fuck?" Michael cursed as he saw her escape, despite her speed, she still had to go through air currents and thus he knew where she went. "Well, her story lends more credibility now if she's running away like a fugitive, you two are free to go." To his communicator he said, "There's a female student that escaped from being judged, she has mismatched eyes and long hair to her back, she is on the second floor and she has a katana, be prepared." Turning toward the medic, he said, "I'll leave it to you," before he went off after the girl.

Kuroneko kept running towards the stairways to the 1st floor. She just forgot to take her mouse toy from Rana but she still has few spare toys in her locker. She tucked her bowie knife under her hidden strap on her leg under the skirt and placed her sheathed katana on her back. As she reached the stairs, she would skipping going down the stairs step by step and take the shortcut which is to jump over the guard railing. She proceeded to her locker and opened. "Er.... feather wand should do." Without looking at the feather wand, she picked it up and stuffed it into her pocket. She closed the lockers and started running again.

Rana stirred, opening her eyes as she once again awoke, everything was blurry and it gave her a headache, "Where am I?"

The medic looked down on the now conscious girl, "Hi there, you're in the council HQ, you've got a pretty bad concussion but you're ok now."

"I see..." Rana's vision cleared up a bit, she could kinda see around but remembered what happened, "I-I was telling the truth!" She sat up quickly, only to be hit by a massive headache, she winced and grabbed her forehead, "Kuroneko was just going for the mouse I threw, that boy got hit with it and thought Kuro was attacking him when she pounced at the mouse at his feet! He took her katana to defend himself and Kuro thought he was attacking her, it's my fault!" She exclaimed, "And I tried to run away only to fall and now everything is a mess! I shouldn't have teased her so I'm the one who should be in trouble not them!"

The medic blinked, "I have no clue what you're talking about, Michael's off chasing that girl down, you might wanna talk to him."

"Then I'll find him, he shouldn't be chasing her down!" She leapt off the table, nearly collapsing when she did, but she caught herself.

The medic knelt beside the girl, "Look you're in no condition to be doing anything right now and that includes moving. If your friend didn't run off earlier then none of this would have been happening." His brief rant came to an end as he helped her back up.

"But he's going through trouble he doesn't need to!" Rana struggled out of his grip and made a stumbling beeline out of the room, despite her condition she was pretty fast.

"Either way she's running away when there was no need to evading arrest is also an infraction." The medic yelled out at her. Grumbling he muttered, "Damn hyper patients...."

Rana stumbled through the halls looking for Michael, "M-Michael!" She called, catching herself from falling several times, finally she reached the main school hallways, panting and vision incredibly blurry. 'Damnit... I'm going to faint at this rate...'

Arthur entered the school building following the little flight he had. He held his fingers by his wound apply pressure to it to prevent it from bleeding anymore. He was fiddling with a plaster he had found from a first aid box he found, his attempt to put it on was futile as he heard a voice coming from the end corridor. Walking towards the source Arthur would see the girl from ealier on and proceed to talk to her "Why are you here?"

Panting and vision obscured, she turned to look at him, or at least what she thought was him, she was really looking at the lockers by accident. "I... I'm looking for Michael..." Her words were slurred again and her eyes started to close, she quickly brought her hand to her mouth and chomped on it to stay awake.

Arthur tried to understand what the student was saying but failed her speech was slurred. He gave up with trying to understand her as soon as he saw her raise her hand towards her mouth biting into to it. He gasped, thoughts would run in his mind as he tried to put together what had happened.

On close inspection, one would see many bite marks on her hand, as if she had done this multiple times to keep herself awake, only this time she broke skin and blood trickled down her hand. She looked slightly more awake, "I-I... Am... Looking... For... Michael..." She said carefully, trying her best not to slurr her words.

Arthur leaned in closer to the girls face and managed to pick up a few of her words. "Who is this Michael you speak of?" He was slightly still shocked from what she had done, extending his left towards the hand she chewed on Arthur held on it and moved away from her face.

"He was the one... Who stopped the fight..." She managed to say. "But everything is so blurry..." She said to herself out loud, obviously not meaning to say it out loud.

He traced his thoughts back to the scuffle and realised that she was speaking about the wind manipulator from earlier on."Look you're free now there's no need for you to talk to him."

"He is... Chasing Kuro... He shouldn't be..." Her eyes drooped and she moved her hand to bite it again.

Pulling the girls arms away from her face he continued "Oh you mean cat girl? Yeah that's her problem. She will be alright."

"But...............s........" She collapsed and fell onto Arthur, fainting once again and totally motionless.

Arthur caught the girl's body as she fell. He looked down at her hands and examined the bite marks on it slightly disgusted as he saw various marks all over her hands he shook his head. He muttered under his breath "What's up with this girl", raising the girls body up he held her within his arms and thought about what to do next. He shrugged and thought the wisest thing to do would be to take her back to the Student Council HQ. It was off limits and if he was caught trespassing he would be openly punished.

He climbed up the stairs carefully making sure he didn't drop the girls body he looked rather annoyed. Considering the fact that he had to deal with this whole situation further annoyed him, he slowed down and approached the floor the Student Council HQ was situated. Two disciplinary members stood before him, they looked at him and then at the girl within his arms. "Look just let us in, she's in need of medical attention." One of the students turned to the other and nodded at him, reluctant at first the disciplinaries opened the door. One blocked him from going in and simply said "She can come in but you can't." He grumbled as he placed the girls body within the students outstretched arms and watched as he took off heading towards the medics.

The medic that healed her up at first sighed as he looked at the door. "Thanks for bringing the idiot back."


Michael arrived at the second floor and linked up with Roan and Kaila who happened to have the nearest patrol path to the second floor. He nodded to them and the three continued to look for the fugitive. "Over there," Kaila whispered to him and he saw a strand of hair turning around a corner at high speed and gave chase. "GET BACK HERE," he yelled as he started running.

"Aw crap..." Kuroneko cursed under her breath. She started to run faster after she heard the Disciplinary student giving chase. "Leave me alone! I'm in a rush here!" Kuroneko shouted back as she turned to another corner and ran towards the stairways to the 3rd floor.

"You're making this harder on yourself by wasting more time forcing us to chase you," Michael yelled back in frustration. Seeing that she was headed to the 3rd floor, Michael quickly radioed the vice president, "Levina, a girl is escaping from a fight without dealing with the consequences and is resisting capture, she has mismatched eyes and is headed toward the 3rd floor where you usually are."

There is only one girl who have that kind of eyes in the whole school.
Levina quickly grabbed her radio and presses the button to reply Michael. "I'll take care of her, Michael. You don't mind if i take her to my office for some scolding and punishment, aren't you?"

Michael replied to her, "Sure no problem, she's headed your way right now. We've trapped her escape path, the only way she can go is to you, if you want to take care of her punishment feel free to."

Unknowing of the Disciplinary's plan, Kuroneko proceeded to the 3rd floor and looked behind her as she entered the 3rd floor. "God damnit leave me alone!" She ran to the opposite direction of the Vice President's office and hoped that she won't encounter Levina or Jayden in the way. Kuroneko stopped suddenly and skidded as she reached another set of stairs to the 2nd floor. As she reached for the guard railing to jump over, there was another Diciplinary student waiting for her to come. "Shit."

Kaila was prepared though, once she saw the girl leap over the railing, her trigger was activated a long time ago and she unleashed a bright flash of light as she prepared herself to react in case it didn't blind her while quickly relaying the relevant info to her teammates through her communicator.

Kuroneko held her hand over her head as she was temporarily blind from the blind light. She took a bad step on the stairs and stumbled down to the 2nd floor. "Ouch Ouch." Her vision cleared as she saw a silhouette behind the bright light. "And I'm back at the 2nd floor. At this rate I'm really gonna get screwed if I'm late." Kuroneko groaned as she stood. Not caring about the threat in front of her she started running towards another set of stairs, this time hoping that there won't be any Disciplinary student waiting.

Michael who heard the report quickly rushed over and saw the girl trying to escape to the 2nd floor, he launched wind blades right in front of her path to deny the area to her unless she wanted to get cut up by the blades, they weren't lethal, but they were painful and could cause pretty serious cuts. "Kaila give her a path to the 3rd floor our job is to keep her there for Vice." Kaila heeded Michael's orders and went away from the girl's view seemingly abandoning her post to leave her an open path back up to the 3rd floor.

Kuroneko growled as she saw the wind user release his wind cutters. She placed her hand on the hilt of her trusty katana. She sheathed the katana out and swiftly cut through the air dissipating the wind cutter in the process. She planted her feet on the ground firmly and gripped tightly onto her katana. She saw a clear path to the 3rd floor but she deicided to stay in the same place. "What's wrong wind user? Is that all you got?" she taunted the wind user. Of course she knew it wouldn't work since the Disciplinary veterans know how to keep their cool. But as usual, curiosity kills the cat.

Michael grumbled in his head that she didn't react according to plan but no plan survives contact with the enemy after all so he might as well improvise. He ignored her taunt and prepared himself to fight as he responded back, "There honestly isn't a point to this battle, you say you're in a rush but you're just wasting both of our time. If you just came with us in the first place none of this would be happening."

Kuroneko sighed deeply as the wind user in front of her ignored the taunt.'As expected from Disciplinary veterans.' She responded back at him, "Sorry but I was runnning late for a small meeting. 'She' doesn't really like it when she's punctual so that's why I'm in a hurry. I was thinking of joining you to solve the case later, but meh. I don't really give a shit about it. You still have that injured witness in your HQ right? I'm pretty sure she'll clear everything up."

"It's the principle of the action, we can't have people just run from us when they break the rules if it was a misunderstanding we would've let you go right after and you would make your little meeting. The witness was being healed and you just ran away, if you stayed and just came with us and the witness cleared your name, you would've been free to go a long time ago. By running away you just made you situation worse. Now we have to detain you for evading capture." Michael explained to her.

"It was already worse for me when we were at the back side of school." Kuroneko grumbled. She started to take small steps backwards and shouted, "Just ask that girl! She knows everything! I partially remember anything cause of my transformation so asking me for info is quite useless." Kuroneko hoped that he would buy the last part which was a complete lie. 'BuythatlieBuythatlie'.

"Looks like she's moving back up the stairs that's a good thing, just keep talking," Michael thought to himself. He inched a couple of steps forward as he said, "Even if you were innocent of that crime, you're still guilty of evading capture so either way it's my job to detain you."

"Aww come on. You guys are so persistent aren't you?!" Kuroneko shouted out in frustration. "Just lemme get to that meeting and I'll come back to you guys!" She said but it followed with a mutter, "Maybe I will."

"What about coming with me, newcomer?" Levina is standing in the top of the stairway. It's not hard to find them with all the ruckus they created.

Kuroneko looked at the stairways and grew pale, "G-Gah....... It's you...." Sweat drops trickled down her face as she smiled awkardly at the new monster on the stairs. "Eerrr...." She gradually lowered her katana and placed it inside her scabbard. She looked down to the floor and went to the stairs, "Okay... Whatever you say." said Kuroneko quietly without looking at the scary monster in front of her.

Levina nods at Michael and Kaila. "Good work, you may go now. I will make sure this kid won't do any sort of trouble in the future. I hate newcomers who act like they owned the whole school for themselves."
Levina slowly walked toward her office, sometimes turned back to check whether Kuroneko is still following her or not. When they arrived, Levina opened the door and said, "Go inside."

Kuroneko kept her head low and entered the room of the Vice President with a small mutter, "Yes 'master'." She stood infront of Levina's desk and stayed still. Kuroneko was still pale and she whimpered as she felt the omnious and scary presence of the monster behind her closing the door. 'Shewillkillme, Shewillkillme, Shewillkillme.'

After making sure that the door is locked from the inside, Levina sits in her chair, and sighed.
"I believe i have already tell you not to make trouble," Levina puts her steel ring back on it's place, deactivating her power. "Nor to attract people's attention, especially those who have a relation with our targets, yes?"

Kuroneko felt numb as she saw the Vice President put her steel ring back on her finger. She sighed in relief and placed her scared thoughts away. "I-I swear it was an accidental power trigger. Plus we were suppose to have a meeting this break I was running late. And 'they' said that I had to take the role of being a delinquent.... so yea.." Kuroneko said as she wiped her sweat of her forehead. "Speaking of the meeting, where that person?"

"I rather have you late than helping you to get out of trouble... This is your one and only warning, Kuroneko." Levina said. "That Person won't be coming. Not today, not right now. We have a different agenda, after all."

"Noted the warning", Kurneko said as she gulped. 'No wonder she's called the Heartless bitch in school' Kuroneko thought as she sighed deeply. "Soo.... Can I leave? Or should I stay here for whatever reason...."

"No, you will have to stay a bit. Two hour, at the very least, or they will be suspicious." Levina pointed at the TV inside her office. "You may watch anything... Make sure that you lower the sound, however."

"R-Right then.." Kuroneko said. She kept her politeness with her by saying, "Sorry for the intrusion." She sat on the couch with her legs crossed and switched through some channels while decreasing the volume near to zero with a remote control. Although watching TV for two hours would be really boring for Kuroneko so she would occasionally go around the room and sniff around Levina's office to satisfy her boredom and curiosity.

Levina occasionally check the time. A hour have yet to pass and this girl have started to irritate her, by walking around her office and sniffing around like a cat would do. She decided to be patience and wait, keeping a note to her self that there is only "a hour left". The mental note fails, however.
Levina took off her steel ring and snaps, sending a small electrical shock to Kuroneko. "Stop. And sit. I will release you in a half a hour."

"Nyaahh!!" Kuroneko whimpered in pain and dropped her electrocuted body onto the couch. "You're so mean, 'master." She then quickly placed her hands on her mouth as she realized that she shouldn't tick off the monster again. As some minutes passed, Kuroneko was still bored and she was getting tired from the boredom. Stretching out with a small 'nyah' coming out of her mouth, she curled into a ball and fell fast asleep on the couch.

After Kuroneko sleeps, everything become peaceful like usual. Levina keep an eye on the clock, wanting to get rid of her as soon as possible so she can focus back on her work as the Student Council's vice president.
45 minute passed, and Levina stood up. As she walks toward the door of her office, she snaps her finger to wake Kuroneko up. "Turn off the TV." She ordered, as she slowly unlock the door. "You may go."

Kuroneko jolted upwards and woke up with her body in pain. "Did you really have to use your powers to wake me up?" Kuroneko complained as she turned the TV off. She took her katana and went out the room. Her body was still in pain but she can run just fine. "I'm off," said Kuroneko as she started running away from the monster.

As soon as Levina out of the room, she close it back and lock it up again. She's really busy. Both with the plan and the school's agenda. With the Grand Battle coming soon, since there is a large number of new students joining us, she have to buy more equipment and make sure that the field for it have already built.

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Interaction between Rana and Adrian
School just ended and Rana was about to get to go on a walk until she sees a students flying by. She spots Adrian as the perpetrator and befriends. Later on, Camilla and Michael joins the duo to have a little talk.

Rana walked out of the school, the day was finally over and she needed to get away from the crowds. Getting away from all the students somehow she started walking in the least crowded area. "This school is nuts... But fun... Until someone detains me like usual..." She sighed, "I don't know what they're talking about I don't have any idea what my power is..."

The usual three seniors pinned Adrian to the wall.
"Hello again," one of them said, sneering. "Got anything you'd like to share."

Every day... I'm sick of this. The young man's eyes flashed as he pushed the senior back, possibly breaking the boy's back on the wall and punched one of his sidekicks, sending him flying across the road. The last one cowered and started running.

Rana heard noises, she shivered, then saw a person fly through the air and land not too far from her. "Oh my gosh are you okay?!" Rana rushed over to the senior, not knowing the trouble she'll be ending up in again.

Adrian walked out of the alley and watched as the student ran. When he noticed another student hovering over the guy with the broken ribs, he yelled at her.
"Hey, are you with these assholes?!"
He glared at her with the menacing crimson eyes.

She looked at him, "Assholes? I..." She sighed, standing up and brushing off her light green middle leg lengthed dress with long sleeves. "I...!" She held her head as a headache took over, 'Damn these symptoms'

Staring at her for a few moments, he sighed. "Hey, are you okay?"
Taking a few steps towards her, he grumbled.

Rana looked up and nodded, "Yeah... Just some post concussion symptoms..." Rana sighed. "Ow..."

"Do you need to see a doctor?" he asked, sounding a little concerned, while maintaining the cold look in his eyes.

The senior behind her slowly crawled to his feet and backed up. After a few seconds, the student started running, hoping to get his ribs fixed.

"Ah!" Rana looked after the one running away, forgetting about her headache, "... I guess he was okay after all.... Hopefully the medic he gets isn't the bastard I had--OW! Geez... I know these last a minute but seriously..." She sighed. Tensing a bit like she's ready to dodge she approached Adrian. "I-I'm Rana. I'm not used to speaking to people." 'Well, that's one way to introduce myself.'

"A-ha. Nice to meet you Rana Not-Used-to-Speaking-to-People," he said with an annoyed tone. After a moment of silence, he extended his arm. "I'm Adrian."

Rana nodded and smiled brightly, chuckling, "You're kinda funny, Adrian." Rana looked at his hand, as if thinking about what to do, "... Oh, uh..." She extended her arm and shook his hand stiffly. 'Did I do that right?'

"Thanks, I guess," he muttered as he pulled his arm back. "Though I don't think I've seen you before around here... -I know your name but- who are you?"

Rana scoffed, "Someone who gets detained on a regular basis for no good reason." She sighed, "I don't even know my power yet they always go 'oh you're using your powers' but I have no clue what they are talking about. That's who I am. The dress making, dress wearing student who is apparently a delinquent and doesn't give a shit about status of students." 'Who also got involved in two fights this week alone.'

"Ooh, life must be tough for you," he said in a sarcastic manner. "Though I was actually wondering where you were from and stuff like that. I wasn't asking for you to complain about how hard dress making makes your life."

"I wasn't complaining, dress making is easy, I'm from Alaska, I have never really talked to people, and I'm horrid at socializing." She paused, "Sorry about my attitude, but today has not been a good day. Some kid tried to punch me on my way to one of my classes after I was detained, then I got detained again for power use that doesn't exist and thus never happened." She said sourly, playing with the fabric of her dress.

"Right... Well, get used to it," he said calmly. "As long as you're at the bottom of the foodchain -being a delinquent- you're gonna have people harrassing you; and you can't really do much about it. Those students I beat up? They've been cornering me for weeks. I'm gonna get in trouble for beating them up. They'll probably go and tell on me to one of the student council members. Anyway, welcome to hell."

Rana looked at him blankly, still fiddling with the fabric, "... I can strangle them for you, I need to strangle someone, wait... Against the rules... Agh I'm not used to this!" A small ball of light appeared to the left of her head and circled around her. "This is so frustrating, not to mention frightening, what's with people and shaking the ground or feeling all lightening like?!" The ball of light kept circling her head.

Adrian kept staring at her. "Huh." After a few seconds, he spoke again. "I think I know what they meant by 'using powers'."

"What? Some light thing that doesn't exist?! Cause that's the bullshit they're telling me!" Rana let out a frustrated sigh.

"Well, there is something flying around you... You can't see it or feel it?" Adrian started thinking, putting his hand on his chin. "Well, the truth is, they're not crazy. You probably just don't know how to control your power yet..."

"What power?!" She sighed in frustration, "I have a headache from all this..." The light disappeared. A panel of light appeared to her right as a rock flew at her shoulder, blocking it, making it bounce away. The panel disappeared as soon as it happened. She didn't notice.

Adrian quickly turned to where the stone came from. He noticed a student standing, surprised. After a few seconds, the surprise turned into horror. It was almost as if Adrian disappeared. Before a second passed, he was standing before the student, glaring at him.

The student jumped back and screamed, "H-HOLY CRAP I'M RUNNING I'M RUNNING- Hey don't look at me like that I was paid to do this." He glared back at Adrian, a few feet away since he sprinted, but stopped when he realized the glare.

"By whom?" he asked with a sharp tone. "And don't think of running again or I'll just stop you and make it hurt this time."
He tapped his foot on the asphalt impatiently.

"Two ladies or one girl and one guy it was hard to tell if she was just flat chested." He said simply, "And I don't like you, soooooo... Bye!" He snapped his fingers and disappeared into thin air.

Rana's eyes widened, "... That was a good boy impression..."

Adrian clicked his tongue and sighed. He turned back to Rana. "A boy impression? What the hell are you talking about?"

"She wrapped her chest, but they broke before she dissapeared. Plus, I don't know if that was a student." Rana looked worried, "But still... I don't know what she did, but if it made you threaten her then I guess it was bad. She felt very familiar though..."

Raising an eyebrow, Adrian crossed his arms. "Right. You made some enemies in your first day? Apparently a flat-chested girl or a feminine boy and his or her friend."

"No, my first day was spent being lost, then I apparently ended up on the Student Council floor place, I walked into a room and met a boy named Jayden and he showed me to the girls dorms as we talked. He helped me find my room, we talked some more, then I realized my Auntie was going to call the dorm phone, I said goodbye and ran to find it. That was my first day barely a week ago, I haven't talked to many people, and I got involved in a fight today. That's been my almost first week." Rana said like it was no big deal.

Camilla exited the school just now due to her work as the new vice president of the Non-athletic section. Her uniform had the symbol of the Student Council sewn in just yesterday. She sighed deeply as she entered the entrance of the school gates. She then saw a familiar face chatting with a girl she never met. "Adrian? What is he doing? Cheating on June now?" With her crutches on her armpits, she went over to the duo chatting with each other and said, "Hey Adrian. Whatcha doing? Cheating on June now?" She said with a teasingly voice.

Adrian turned to the unpleasant familiar voice. "There are so many implications in that sentence that make no sense, I won't even acknowledge it. What do you want, Camilla?"
He turned to her and noticed the symbol on her uniform and turned away again.

Rana looked at Camilla, then at Adrian, then smiled and giggled, "I didn't expect you to have a girlfriend, good for you!" She smiled at him. Then asked them both, "What is she like?"

"A good one for the very least. It's a shame that they're fake-dating, right Adrian?" She said with a small giggle. "Anyways some guy with broken ribs reported about you kicking him. What's that all about?" Camilla asked curiously.

"None of the things you're talking about is any of your business," Adrian snarled in response. "So shut up about me and June and let one of the disciplinary-assholes talk to me about the broken ribs."

"Not all of them are assholes, I heard Jayden used to be a disciplinary, the medic taking care of me when I got a concussion however is a bastard with a lazy ass." She told him simply with a sweet smile. Then muttered, "One day I'm gonna..." The rest were mumbles.

Camilla shrugged as a small response to Adrian's ranting. "Looks like you're the same person even after a terrorist attack on the school. Whatever, it's not my job to detain people since I belong into the Non-Athletic section." said Camilla with a small smile. Camilla heard the small mutter from the girl and said, "If you want to strangle the guy, then it might be a bad idea. I don't know what happened but it looked like you wanted to kill someone. Speaking of which, what's your name, 'shortie'?"

"At least I didn't go around killing every man in a uniform I saw," he snapped. "You're an unstable dimwit, I don't think you have any right to say anything about my personality or anything. And your goddamn ADHD is annoying..."

"My name is Rana, Rana Delquen... Can I see your drawings?" Rana asked with a smile, "I like art."

"......." Camilla glanced at the girl and raised her eyebrow. 'Frog?' She then started giggling which quickly turned into laughter. Of course no one really knew why Camilla was laughing since it mainly depended on the nationality she was born in. After several minutes of laughing uncontrollably, Camilla gave Rana her sketchbook without saying anything. She turned to Adrian with an amused smile, "I got it due to the fall after fighting the enemy leader. The doctor said that it's going to be temporary... I think that's what he said."

Adrian raised an eyebrow. He opened his mouth as if to say something but closed it again. After a few moments, he spoke. "You really are an idiot, aren't you?"
He sighed and put his hands in his pockets.

"You're really good at art Camilla. I like the dragon picture, it looks really epic." Rana complimented. She had turned to a random page in the book and happened to have seen the same picture used during the attack.

"Why, thank you." said Camilla with a small tint of blush, "Although my onee-san, Livia, is much better than I am. I only know how to sketch......." Camilla voice trailed off as she realized something odd. "Speaking of sketching... How the heck did you know that I draw stuff?" She was pretty sure that her sketchbook was closed so that no one would see the sketches inside it.

So she can't see it... Adrian observed Rana as she continued talking to Camilla. And she didn't even turn when the kid threw the rock. Her ability's similar to Aaron's, I guess. No... It's different... It's visible and it's there. Only not to her...

Rana looked at Camilla, "You kinda feel like someone I should be very careful around, but you make me feel like I do when looking at drawings, so I wanted to see your drawings. Kinda like Adrian, only I feel like he's going to do something very fast and I should be ready to dodge... Not look at art."

Camilla gave a blank stare at the shortie. 'That's pinpoint when it comes to power... Adrian and I didn't release our power yet this girl could already tell?' She thought to hereself. "Er.... Rana... Do you possess some kind of 6th sense?" It was possible to have a 6th sense. Camila has her very own which is quite a bizarre one and she does use it in a death match or battle similar to the Purgatory attack. It could be her impression but she wanted to confirm just in case.

Rana looked at Camilla questionably, "Sixth sense? I don't have a sixth sense... What is it?" Rana looked back at the sketchbook and handed it back to Camilla. "You're a great artist. I liked the landscapes you drew as well."

Now they're talking about Camilla's scribblings...
Camilla smiled as she got her sketchbook back, "Well I don't know. There's different kinds of 6th senses for what I know. have one as well even though it's quite unreliable and confusing. Apparently by the looks of it, your sixth sense is probably catching wavelengths of someone's Wave power or something similar like that." She then leaned forward and whispered into Rana's ear, "If you like to see landscapes, go to my sister. I only draw things that can be used so my landscapes are quite raw."

".. So that's what he meant..." Rana realized out loud.

Camilla raised her eyebrow as she heard Rana, " 'He'? Who are you talking about?" Camilla asked curiously.

"Jayden. He helped me find the girls dorms as well as my own dorm, we talked along the way." Rana said, "He feels like fire."

"And his power is fire." Camilla remarked, "See? It's like you can 'feel' the wave power radiating from someone even though they're not using it. And so you have 6th sense, and I doubt that the 6th sense is your power."

She played with the fabric of her dress, nodding, "Yeah..." She sighed, "I know..."

Camilla nodded as the girl understood. "Oh right, before I forget." She took her phone out and and dialled in Michael's phone number. She tucked the phone under her hair and onto her ear while waiting 'till Michael picks up the phone.

Michael was at his locker preparing to go visit Fiona when his phone started ringing, yawning he picked it up and answered with a sleepy voice, "Hello....? Michael here...." he said as he grabbed another coffee from the vending machine.

Camilla paused for a moment as she heard Michael's voice. "Uhh.. Michael. I know that you're kinda tired from all the work from today. But, apparently our friend, Adrian, kicked on a student's ribs and broke them. I think that student is running around somewhere trying to find someone who can fix it. Also Adrian's with me now outside the school entrance..."

"Got it...." Michael yawned as he hung up. He dragged himself to the school entrance and saw a group gathered there and with a weary wave to them he said, "Alright what went on here? Causing trouble again Adrian?" he asked as he tried to stifle another yawn and rubbed his red eyes.

"Yeah, causing trouble again," Adrian muttered. "Why?" He crossed his arms and glared at the sleepy disciplinary president.

"You know the drill by now, do we really have to go through this same routine every single time?" Michael asked in exasperation, "You just love making us work don't you? We have lives too you know...." As he waited for Adrian's response, he really didn't want to get into a fight, he was tired and he had to go see if Fiona's awake yet.

"It's after school. You can do your citizen's arrest tomorrow," Adrian answered. "I can beat up anyone who's trying to beat me up after school. You should be happy, you don't have to work anymore today," he said mockingly.

"Camilla, when did the student reported getting broken ribs?" If this incident was after school and not club related it was out of his jurisdiction and Adrian did nothing wrong, of course he was only taking Adrian's word that he was acting in self-defense, but after school it's not his worries anymore that's for the police to handle.

"Uhh...." Camilla placed her hand on her chin as she supported herself with the crutches under her armpits. "I saw him right when I exited the school building.... As for time.." Camilla shot a small glance at both Adrian and Rana, "....I don't remember."

"I exited the school after school was over, I went for a walk and saw a boy fly out of an alleyway, I met Adrian and he told me three guys have been cornering him for the past few weeks. The boy got up and ran away. The whole thing happened after school hours. It's also nice to see you again Michael." Rana told him.

"Well there's your answer, Michael.... Looks like you have some work to do tomorrow morning." Camilla said. "And get some sleep, you look horrible."

Covering another yawn, Michael replied, "Alright then, I'm done for the day, nice to see you too, hope your head feels better." he gave the girl a concerned look and a small smile of recognition. To Camilla he whispered, "I'll try to sleep at the hospital though I doubt I'll be able to..."

Camilla looked back at Michael with slightly concerned eyes. She whispered back at him in response, "You should go get some sleep... It's not like she's going to wake up any time soon. We're talking about a coma after all. So get some sleep as a reward of the hard work you did today instead of succumbing yourself into guilt again..."

Adrian sighed and turned, walking down the road. He walked behind a stone and disappeared from sight for a few moments.

"Thanks for the concern, but I pushed her that far, the least I could do is watch over her when I have time," he gave the girl a reassuring smile before he dragged himself back towards his room to put away his bags and prepare for another night at the hospital. Finishing his coffee, he went inside his room and picked up his hospital bag before he promptly lost consciousness.

Rana watched as the two boys left, not wanting to be alone with Camilla she turned to her, "I'm going to go back to my walk, it was nice meeting you Camilla."

"Sure. It was nice meeting you too." Camilla said with a small smile. "I guess I can finally take my stroll, although I'm running behind schedule." she thought to herself as she turned around and left the girl alone.

Adrian came out from behind the rock, dragging a motor-bike. He stood there and watched the two SC members leave.

Rana turned and looked at Adrian, "... What is that...?" Rana asked him, "I never saw those in Alaska..." She walked over to try and get a closer look at the strange looking bike.

"Eh? What do you mean? You've never seen a bike before?" He stared questioningly with one eyebrow raised. "Well, it's a vehicle..."

Rana shook her head, "I've seen cars, snowmobiles and planes, but... I've never seen a bike before... It's too snowy I guess..." She admitted.

"Huh... Alright. I guess that makes sense." He threw his leg over the bike and turned his head to her. "How're you getting home?"

Rana sighed, "I wish I was going home, but I live in the girls dorms at the moment." She pointed to the building across the street, "Right there, I'm going for a walk though, I like the quiet and stability of my surroundings." Rana turned to him and asked, "Do you live in a dorm or a house?"

"Uh... Well. I guess you could call it a house, but... Sure, let's call it a house," he answered.

Rana smiled, "It must be nice to return to it after a long day, is it?"

"... Yeah." He sighed and waved after turning around. "Well, see you tomorrow, right?"

Rana nodded, "I hope so, I'll see you tommorrow." She really did hope she would see him again, he was interesting, but nice in a way.

He put his hand on the handles and zoomed off.

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After having a somewhat non-friendly chat with Michael, Isla got frustrated and decided to visit the hospital. To her luck, Fiona wakes up from her month-long coma just in the nick of time. Isla wasting no time she dropped the truth bomb without making any hostile presences.

"What kind of person he is!" guffed Isla. She ran to hospital as fast as she could. Fionn's voice was echoed every time she's gaining speed. Both of the made a promise when Fionn is dead, Isla should watch over Fiona and Michael. At first, she believed that Michael was a strong guy who can protect a person that he loved. She failed to do a simple thing, that's why Isla so pissed off. Afterwards, she arrived at the hospital and without hesitation entered into the lobby. She saw a white-clothes woman passes and stopped her,
"Excuse me, where's Fiona McReel's room?"

The woman glanced at her, smiled in a friendly way, "Oh, sure. Let me check it for a while,"

"Oh gosh, faster please!" snarled Isla couldn't held back her emotion.

"Alright, her room number is 204 on second floor. You can take the elevator right there," pointed the woman.

Instead of listening to what the woman said, she ran to the corner of the lobby, taking stairs while shouting, "No thanks, I prefer this one!"
'I don't know why, but I kinda have a bad feeling,' murmured Isla. She held her gold pendant, prayed for everything would be fine. Even though, she knew that it wouldn't be better unless she saw Fiona right into her eyes.

A person is walking in an empty hospital hallway. This floor is reserved for the victim's of the Purgatory attack, and only those who wounded heavily forced to stay behind. Or those who went into deep coma.
The Person stopped in front of a room, a nameplate shows that the room is used by someone named Fiona McReel
The Person started to humming happily while opening the door. A syringe is taken out of a small hidden pocket. It contains more than enough Digitalis poison to kill Fiona, and even fake it as heart failure.
"Keep sleeping," The Person said. "Yeah, for good."

Inside Fiona's mind she was in a dream scope, throughout her coma she was living life again as an innocent child. Memories flowed through of the times she spent with her family most of it was training and her older brother serving as a constant guardian for her. Training her, mentoring her, protecting her. His constant presence throughout her life served as her anchor and made her feel safe. As she was approaching her current age though in her dream scope, she swore she saw tears in her brother's eyes as he walked ahead of her.

Isla finally made it to the second floor. It was a long, deserted, and blury because there were not to much lighting at the entire hall. She started to running as she turn one's head to another, "201... 202.... 203... 204!" She's stood there temporary, prepared for every possibility. She held the handle and opened it slowly. Her eyes got widen as she saw a person tried to do something inappropriate with Fionn's sister, "STOP RIGHT THERE!"

Fiona tried to follow him, but his figure was growing fainter and fainter. "Brother, wait up, I can't keep up with you," she pleaded, but his figure just kept on becoming smaller and smaller. She felt a small prick on her arm and her vision grew a bit more blurry and Fionn's figure cleared up a bit, then suddenly her vision cleared up again and she could not see her brother anymore. "Big brother....? Where did you go?" she whimpered with tears in her eyes. She felt a ghostly figure's arms around her, "Thank god you're safe, please stay that way, little sister. I love you, and I'm sorry I can't protect you anymore" She felt a faint touch on her forehead similar to the way Fionn kissed her in their youth before the touch and warmth vanished completely, "Brother...? I'm cold....please come back"

The person is now walking down the stairs in a hurry, but still capable of doing so quietly. It was a surprise, for their Primary Target to appear like that.
Freezing the time was easy, but trying to pass her without touching nor moving her body is the tricky part.
As soon as the Person walked outside the hospital building, a mobile phone is taken out from another pocket.
"Fail! Total failure!" The person reported. "That damn primary target is here!"

"Oh no," panicked Isla. Quickly, she pressed Fiona's neck and gladly accepted the pulse of her heartbeat. She grabbed a telephone on the desk, dialed numbers that happened to be appeared beside it. A little board represents of phone number in case of emergency. "Doctor, please come here. I think something happened with Ms. Fiona." Shortly after that, a doctor accompanied with two nurses came immediately. Isla tapped the doctor's shoulder, giving the rest problem to him. She ran to downstairs to catch up that heartless assasin who tried to kill Fiona. She started to do teleporting in every each corner of the hospital. Unfortunately, there were no evidence that indicates to him. No fingerprint, no trail, not a single thing!

'Shit! Looks like I have to do some research after this!' she thought as she was punching her fist to the wall.
Isla made a decision to see what the doctor did. She teleported herself to Fiona's room again, discovered that the doctor saved Fiona's life. One of the nurses explained about her condition to Isla. They discovered nothing inside her body. Isla let out a big sigh, feeling grateful hearing the news. Thanks to her, she could make it on time. She walked towards Fiona's bed and holding her hand
"Fiona, I need you to wake up," whispered Isla. "We have been waiting for you."

Fiona missed the warmth and her dream world slowly faded away. Her eyes slowly opened and all she saw was a white ceiling. Feeling a cold chill at the final words she heard she took the blankets and wrapped it around herself, "So...cold," she murmured even though her skin was normal temperature and the room was at room temperature, "Brother.....what did you mean by that....?" she whispered to herself.

That brown-wavy haired girl lifted up her head as she heard vaguely sound is coming out from Fiona's mouth, "Fiona?" Isla couldn't believe what just happened. Fiona's alive, that was one thing that Isla should be thanked about. However, she couldn't put aside of the confusing matter about Fionn. There will be lots of explanation that she needs to speak for Fiona. Isla shook her head, clearing all the ugly shadows that started to fill up. She chose not to bring her brother's dead to a girl who just woke up from a coma, "A-are you alright?"

Fiona poked her head out of her blanket as she heard a voice and saw a girl she didn't recognize. Composing herself after her haunting dream she took a good look at the stranger before replying, "I feel cold for some reason, but other than that, I think I'm ok," as she tried to move her body while keeping herself wrapped up. Feeling comfortable now she asked in puzzlement, "Are you my nurse? You seem a bit young, pretty much my age."

Isla shrugged,"Well, um.. No. I'm just a...," she avoided Fiona's gaze, "....visitor." She scratched her cheeks, waiting for Fiona's responds. Obviously, she didn't know what to do in this kind of circumstances. Isla stood up, looked away from Fiona since she knew that her existence brings nothing, "Um, maybe I should call Michael for you..."

"Do I know her?," Fiona wondered to herself as the girl turned away from her, "She also seems to know Michael too, who is she?" Deciding to just get straight to the point as she didn't want to dance around the issue she asked pointedly, "I'm sorry for the direct question, but who are you? I don't recognize you."

Isla closed her eyes, attempted to search for correct answer. It was a predictable question and she knew that she had to give a response right away, "My name is Isla Schovel. Just call me Isla," answered her with a force smile. "I think it's not the best time to talk about 'who I am' now. You'll need to recover."

Fiona warily glanced at the stranger, but the girl was right, she was in no condition to do any sort of interrogation or put up some sort of guard. Seeing that she herself was still alive rather than dead or bound somewhere, this stranger doesn't seem to be an enemy for now anyways if a bit suspicious. "This conversation isn't over, but you're right I'm in no condition to do anything right now." She replied as she pressed a button to call a nurse to check up on her status.

'Phew' relieved Isla. "Well, I'm going to call Michael now," she ran out through the door, left Fiona alone.

Fiona blinked as the girl ran out of the door and sat in bed thinking of what her dream was implicating, "Was that a message or something, why wouldn't he be able to protect me anymore, and why am I so cold?" she asked herself as she waited for the nurse to come give her a diagnosis.

Outside of Fiona's room, Isla tapped her forehead as she realized of the most stupid thing, 'Geez, why would I say that! I don't even know Michael's number.' "Oh great," sighed Isla deciding to go back to Fiona. She tried to arrange every words that she will be used, "Um, Fiona.. I.. um... I don't have Michael's number..."

Fiona gave the girl a blank stare, "Ok...then who are you if I don't know you and neither does Michael if you don't have his number. Why are you here?" she didn't mean to sound rude, but this stranger was becoming more and more suspicious.

"Alright then," Isla dragged a chair nearby and put it beside Fiona's bed. She noticed this girl would come up with a suspicious idea, "Both of you and Michael are definately right to call me a stranger. But.... not to your brother, Fionn."

Fiona's eyes narrowed at the mention of her brother's name, not a lot of people should know about him as he went in to join the black-ops and his identity had to be kept secret, "How do you know that name?" she demanded, her wariness meter just shot through the roof now and this person is now considered dangerous.

Isla crossed her hands in front of her chest, "Of course, I know him. He was my mentor," she firmed. She realized that Fiona's glance was so intense, "Hey, don't look at me like that. I'm not your enemy."

Fiona dropped her scrutinous gaze as the girl explained herself, "Oh she might have some idea on how Fionn's doing, haven't talked to him in awhile," Outloud she said, "So brother picked up another student huh? How is he, haven't talked to him since he graduated as he's been going on so many different operations."

Isla let out a heavy sighed as she struggling to find a better word again, "I'm on a mission right now. And about that...," she looked away from Fiona, "I don't think you wanna hear it."

Not putting the pieces together as throughout her life Fionn has always been the invincible older brother, she looked up with big, innocent eyes as she always transforms back to a little girl whenever Fionn is involved, "What do you mean?"

'Here goes...' , she glanced to Fiona, looked straight into her eyes. "Fionn was in a mission when there was the Prugatory's attack. I was in a same team with him and he always gave some reports to the HQ through me. Everything went well until... that time...," her voice trembled as she gripping her skirt. "I heard something's going on there. It was like a struggle between him and.. I don't know who the heck is that person. And suddenly.... I... I lost contact with Fionn."

Fiona froze, "You're.....lying, nothing's happened to him, nothing can!" She screamed out and ran out the hospital room, "Nothing could've happened to him, the bank will have the answers," she thought to herself as she went toward the bank. The McReel family having dangerous jobs have people on their last will in case something happens, Fionn being heir was the inheritor of their parents and Fiona being second-born was listed as Fionn's inheritor.
Instead of chasing her, Isla kept silent on her chair. There's nothing she can do about it. It's too painful, even for herself. "Fionn, what should I do now.." she whispered as she's holding the gold pendant. Isla shook her head and mumbled, "No, I gotta keep my promise." She immedietly ran out from the hospital to search Fiona.Holding back her emotions, Fiona arrived at the bank and when it was her turn asked the teller, "Hi there, can you tell me the balance of my account please?" she asked as she showed the teller her ID.

"Ah, Ms. McReel, let me bring that up for you, hmm, your account has a balance of $400,000."

Fiona froze when she heard the number, she should NOT have that much money in her account, tears started flowing down her eyes as she muttered "Nonononono..."
"Miss are you alright?" the teller asked in concern but Fiona did not hear her, "I'll protect you as long as I live..." were the words her brother always said to her, but she always ignored it and complained about being a big girl now, but the last words Fionn said in her dream came back to haunt her, "I'm sorry I can't protect you anymore," She fell onto her knees, "So that's what you meant brother," she sobbed out not caring that she was in public.

"Fiona!" screamed Isla came out from the hospital. She turn her head around, looking for Fionn's sister. She saw Fiona in front of the bank as she tried to get close to her. Isla hesitated for a moment and she knew that Fiona need some times to get better. At last, she decided to stood there, waiting for Fiona to calm down.

After a while, Fiona composed herself and shook off the concern of the strangers around her, standing up she thanked the teller before walking out of the bank and seeing the girl again she calmed herself down enough to ask, "I guess you weren't lying..." she choked out. "H-how much do you know of his final moments...?" As she struggled to keep her voice from breaking.

Isla stared wistfully to Fiona, "I'm sorry. I didn't know what happened. Even the HQ didn't get a detail of this strange incident." She held Fiona's shoulder gently so that she can calm down a little bit. "I'm here because I tried to get some answers, including your brother's dead."

Fiona closed her eyes as she gathered her thoughts, haltingly she slowly enunciated her words trying to separate her turmoil emotions from cold, detached logic, "What. Were. His. Final. Words. Knowing. Him. He. Would. Stay. Professional. Until. The. Very. End." her voice broke as the thought occurred to her again, but she continued on, "He would update live info until he couldn't anymore," she finished as tears started forming in her eyes again, but she valiently held it back and kept it from falling.

There was nothing to say. Isla couldn't bring herself to respond what Fiona's said. A few dozen people kept passing behind them, ignored both of the girls, "We should go," she said by holding Fiona's arm.

Fiona showed no reaction to her touch and let herself be dragged, too emotionally compromised to put up any resistance at all despite this girl still being a stranger. She just did not have the motivation to do anything and complied without complaint nor sound.

Isla glanced to her for a moment while dragging her back to the hospital room, "I know it's hard for you Fiona. Unfortunately, we have something more important now." Isla sighed as she pushed herself to the wall nearby. "I come as a new student here to find anything that could explain what happened. I was chosed to become a head of the Athletic section and I'm gonna need your help."

Fiona blankly stared back at the girl, and with a robotic voice asked, "What do you need me to do?" She felt empty and vulnerable without the calming knowledge that her brother was there to watch over her. It didn't matter that he hasn't actively protected her for 2 years now, by being alive, she had a mental security blanket, but now that he's gone, she felt so small and alone.

"We're going to do some investigation around the Aurora Corp," Isla lifted the chin up as she continued, "I want you to join with me."

"Why...? What does Aurora have to do with anything?" Fiona questioned in that same monotone voice, she didn't see any reason to, she knows the rumors of the Delinqents but she never paid them any heed thinking it was just conspiracy theorists seeking attention.

"I can't tell you the details until I know for sure that you're in my side now," she looked straight on Fiona's eyes. She had to do that since there was no time for a chit chat, "I'm asking you, are you in or not?"

Fiona thought it over, she knew nothing about this girl or what she even was fighting for, the only thing she knew about her was that Fionn might've been her teacher but Fiona only had her word to go on. She sighed and replied, "I have to know what I'm getting into first, what are you going against? What "side" are you supposed to be?"

Isla let out a heavy sigh again, "I have to find out the truth about everything. My dad was a scientist and worked with AURORA Corp. Unfortunately.." she rubbed her forehead, "He was murdered by a black assasin. When I came home, there was so much blood. My instincts said that it must be related with Fionn's death."

Fiona clasped her chin in her hands as she pondered the girl's words, it did make sense as the amount of money in her bank account suggested that Fionn did complete his mission successfully and so she could only infer that her brother was killed off the line of duty when he should have been coming home. As she reached this conclusion her eyes narrowed and she growled out, "Now that you bring that up, my brother's death was not in the line of duty, as I have too much money in my account for the mission to be classified as a failure,that means it was an outright murder after a successful mission. If you think you have a lead then yeah, I'm on your side, whoever it is will pay for taking my brother away from me. You know my name, what's yours?"

Isla smiled, "Good," she got up from the chair and walked to the door. She halted for a moment, turned to Fiona, "I'm going to give you some informations later. You must take a rest from now. This is too much for you. Also...." Isla grabbed the handle, "Isla Schovel, that's my name and Camilla joined forces with us. See ya soon!"

"Isla huh...? I do recall that name being vaguely mentioned in one of brother's letters, so she seems trustworthy enough," Fiona thought to herself as she layed back down on her bed. Since she was alone in her room she said in a soft voice, "Brother, you've watched over me my entire life, continue watching me from heaven as I swear I will get revenge for you." she vowed as she prepared plans to figure out the truth of what happened in Fionn's last moments.


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