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Postby BlitzNeko » Sat Apr 05, 2014 3:02 am

Livia and Camilla finally becomes happy as they were considered as true sisters once again. Later on, Rana, Jayden, Michael go to the roof after lunch and finds Camilla there and starts a conversation which had a quite turn of events.

After the Purgatory, Livia was busy with paperworks. She has been working non-stop to clear every paper stacks. She's now working on the student profile and acceptance for joining the Non-Athletics.
Livia flinched as she heard a sudden knock and sighed deeply as her heart suddenly started racing. "Come in!" She looked at the door opened and her eyes widened in surprise and shock for there was her little sister on crutches. Her surprised eyes then turned into a glare while looking at Camilla ferociously.
Camilla reassured the suspecting sister bx a dissmisve gesture and said, "Don't worry. I'm just skipping class. Not special."
"...." Livia glanced at the pink-haired loli. She frowned and glared at Camilla for a few seconds.
Camilla once again laughed. "Don't worry. I asked for perimission from the teacher, also the class was a recap on what we were doing so I took the chance to help you out." Camilla opened a door which was in Livia's room. It was where the vice president would settle in to work with the president of the section. "Come on. I'll help ya."
"R-Right..." Livia said as she took the stacks of paper and placed it on top of Camilla's desk. She then pushed another table which met with Camilla's table. She sat down and started working on the papers. "Thanks, Camilla." She said with a small smile.
"Sure don't mention it." Camilla said as she also started working on the papers. Not even 30 minutes passed, one of the three pile of papers which would have taken hours for Livia were already finished. The two pink-haired sisters took a small break as they drank their tea or coffee.
Livia flicked her fingers as she remembered suddenly, "Oh right! The communicators. We have to distribute to the non-athletics. Problem is the meeting. We have to get the whole Non-athletic section in one place. The most favourable place would be the gym or the multifunctional field."
Camilla took a sip from her cup of tea and remarked, "Unfortunately, the Athletic section is using the gym. The multifunctional field is also unavailable since it's getting built again for the upcoming Grand Battle."
Livia cursed under her breath. "Well then. Problem is that the communicators on the boxes are taking up too much space in the storage room. It's better to distribute them sooner than later."
"Oh I know!" Camilla said as she came up with an idea. "We can use the roof. Since no one really goes there cause of me.... It's practically free. Also there's enough space for all of the Non-athletic section to be in there."
Livia looked at Camilla with amused eyes, "That's an awesome idea! I don't know how you made the roof you 'territory' but that sounds great. With that solved, let's get on with the pile of papers shall we?" She said as she started to work on one of the pile of papers.
Camilla nodded and said with a teasingly voice, "Roger that, boss."
The two pink-haired sisters started working together. They started to have conversations they never had for a long time. They both knew that they were glad that Camilla is official recognized as a member of the De Angello family due to her characteristics that came her mother who was the previous heir of the family. Their mother was also a hero just like Camilla from a disastrous incident when their mother was in her young teenage youth.

After finishing up the pile of papers, it was already lunch time. Livia gave thanks as the two sisters separated while going to the lunch. Camilla headed upstairs and arrived at her 'territory' aka the rooftop of the of the school building. She placed her crutches on the side and leaned forwards on the ledge as she smiled gleefully at the thought of her wish becoming true. She rest her head on her hands as she gazed at the city skyline and started to daydream.

Meanwhile, in the lunchroom Rana felt a bit uncomfortable around all these people, she was slowly getting used to it, but the rate of getting used to was snail speed. She looked around and spotted Jayden.

Jayden sat at one of the middle tables with several of the other council members. He had just finished up a casual conversation with Michael when he noticed Rana standing across the room. She appeared to be looking towards him. Jayden hesitated for a moment. Surely everyone here would accept her, despite her status. Tensions between the council members and Delinquents seemed to be at an all time low. After a short pause, he motioned Rana over to the table. There were several seats open.

Rana smiled and went over to the table, shivering and looking very uncomfortable around all the people, she stumbled a few times, some could swear they saw a small ball of light several times for a short second as she stumbled, but it was barely noticeable. Finally, after a minute or two, she reached the table and relaxed a little, "I'm sorry I took so long, I- ow." She quickly grabbed her head. "Not again..."

Jayden figured he should probably introduce Rana to the others at the table. "Oh, this is Rana by the way," Jayden announced to those around him. "She's one of the newer students here."
He looked back to her, somewhat concerned. "Hey, you alright?"

"Y-Yeah... Concussion post effects... I get headaches a lot and they really hurt, I'm used to it, its been going on for a few days... I got involved in a fight and when I tried to get away I tripped and hit my head, I didn't throw any punches or hit anyone, I accidentally caused it. Before you ask, Michael was able to stop it before things got too bad... But I blacked out multiple times..." She admitted.

Jayden looked to his left, smiling at Michael. "Good work," he said appreciatively. He turned back to Rana. "I'm sorry to hear that though, hopefully it will get better."
He sniffed and glanced off to his right. He sat two seats away from a rather stout member of the Non-Athletic section. It smelled like he hadn't showered in a while. "Hey," he announced, getting to his feet. "I think I'm going to get some fresh air up top."
He had finished his lunch several minutes ago and there was a good twenty minutes left of the lunch period, meaning there was plenty of time to waste. He looked over to Rana, remembering what she had said when they'd first met. "You can come along if you want, Rana."

Michael smiled at the compliment, "It was nothing, just doing my job." He finished his food and took his coffee with him, "Going to come with you Pres, maybe the fresh air will wake me up," he missed his daily vigil at Fiona's side yesterday having ended up crashing right after school ended due to the being sleep deprived for the whole month. Despite that though, he still felt like sleeping the rest of the day away, but he was not going to miss visiting his girlfriend again today.

"I think that's a great idea, sure, I'll come." Rana said with a smile.
A teasing whistle came from one of the students.
Rana blinked, "... Why did he whistle...?" She thought out loud to herself. Now nervous thinking she did something wrong.

Michael shook his head, recognizing who blew the whistle and flipped that Disciplinary member the bird to the joker's amusement as he started laughing until he gasped in pain from a kick to the shin from the girl next to him. "Nice shot Nina," Michael chuckled out as Miles, the joker cursed in pain while Nina blushed at the praise.

One of the non-athletic members, also known as Kyle who helped prolong Camilla's survival during the Purgatory attack, snapped a small joke on Jayden. "Hey Pres. You double-dating now? Vice will definitely fry you." Kyle started laughing with the other Disciplinary member who whistled. He was then interrupted with a hard nudge from a girl beside him, who's known as Christa. She was one of the two students who gave the scarce assistant on the enemy leader's death. "Shut it, Kyle! God, you really have to be the joker don't ya!" Kyle whimpered in pain and said, "Okay Okay! I get it. Geez.... mom." Christa returned the favor to him with a smack on the back of his face. "Idiot..."

Jayden scoffed jokingly and let out a laugh. "Shh, don't tell!" He smiled at Christa for scolding Kyle and turned away. The light hearted mood at the table made him feel much better about his current situation. He hadn't felt this good in a while. "See you folks around," he said as he walked off, "Come on, guys."

"Okay, see you guys around." She said with a pretty smile, while wondering if she did the goodbyes right, she followed Jayden with a comfortable smile on her face. "Why did he whistle?" She asked Jayden quietly.

Jayden smiled and laughed. Was she serious? It could be sarcasm he supposed. "Who knows what goes on in Kyle's and Mile's head?" he answered with a shrug, seeing no point in explaining the true purpose of the whistle. He turned to Michael, changing the subject. "Say, who was it that injured Rana anyways, Michael? Did you catch who it was?"

Michael thought back to yesterday, "I didn't see who exactly injured her as I came upon them during the fight, all I saw was this cat-girl with a katana and one of the delinquents fighting each other and she was unconscious on the floor with blood around her head. I stopped the fight and called one of our medics in and the cat-girl ran away before I could detain her, but eventually we trapped her and Levina took care of it. The delinquent was deemed innocent and was only fighting on self-defense though, so my suspicions are on the cat-girl."

"No one hurt me I tripped!" Rana exclaimed. "How many times must I tell people? I teased Kuro with a mouse toy, she turned into a cat, I threw the mouse, it hit the boy, she pounced, the boy felt threatened, he took her katana, she got a knife, both thought the other was trying to attack the other as a threat, therefore both were defending themselves from the other." Rana explained flawlessly, "I got scared and tried to run but I tripped and hit my head. OW!" She held her head again, "Damnit... I hate these headaches..."

"Hm, I've never heard of any 'cat-girl'," Jayden said curiously. "I guess I'll ask Levina about it when I get the chance, I'm guessing she got some info from the girl."
He glanced over at Rana, currently holding her head. "Do you take anything for that? It looks painful."

"I'm no good with pills, I choked on one as a kid, I nearly had to go to the hospital." She explained, "So I...... I bear with it....." Rana winced.

"I can call a medic up to deal with it, he specializes in concussions," Michael offered as he took out his communicator and prepared to dial that particular Disciplinary's ID.

"I'm good. I didn't have a good experience with the last one." She quickly replied.

Michael raised an eyebrow, "Huh, what did he do to you? Was he forceful on you in any way? We're strict on our members so feel free to tell me and he'll get what he deserves," Michael was surprised, he knew that medic and he had a good record so far, but things could change.

"He let me run out of the room when I could barely stand to look for you and made no effort to stop me.... I think I fainted in that other boy's arms and might have had to carry me to the medic room place thing... With bite marks on my hand, one mark I broke skin." She then muttered something, but with a look that said 'I wish some things weren't against the rules but what I want to do is against the rules.'

"You probably shouldn't have ran out in the first place. That's on you," Jayden cut in, trying not to sound too harsh. "Anyways, I guess I can relate in terms of pills. I hate them. But can't you just take something liquid?"
They had reached the elevator now, the three of them filing in one by one

"I can't keep that down either, I don't do well with medicine, it all comes back up... No one knows why." Rana told him. "I've been able to manage without medication though my whole life, nearly had to go to the hospital a few times but I've managed."

"That's weird," Michael muttered, "Do herbal remedies work then? You're not going to have a long life expectancy if you can't take medicine of any kind, even with medical wave powers, as you won't be able to find a person with medical abilities right by you every single time you come down with something."

"Not really, it's strange, I can drink herbal tea just fine when I'm not sick, but when I am sick it comes back up just like the medicine." Rana admitted.

"Strange," Jayden said quietly. "I guess you'll just have to bear with it for now, then. I'm sure it will heal on its own eventually."
The elevator came to a stop with a high pitched buzz, the doors sliding open slowly. Jayden stepped out first, taking in a deep breath. The wind swept his hair back as he walked over towards the edge of the roof, staring down at the ground below.

Camilla was still at the roof for the entire lunch break. Staying in the far left corner of the roof, she kept on gazing dreamily towards the skyline not noticing that some people entered the roof.

Rana got off the elevator and followed Jayden, noticing Camilla her eyes widened, "I didn't think I'd see you here Camilla." She said with a smile, "Hello again."

Camilla snapped out of her daydreaming process and looked at her back looking at the girl she met yesterday. "Er.. Oh, it's you again. Hello." Camilla said with a small smile. She turned around while struggling to keep her bad leg hovering above the ground. She tilted her head and saw Jayden with Michael behind Rana- "What brought all of you guys here?" She asked curiously.

Michael waved to the girl, "Hi there, we just went up here for some fresh air, it was getting pretty stuffy in the cafeteria and some fresh air should help wake me up, that and some more coffee" he replied as he took another sip of his drink.

Camilla smiled at Michael but her eyes showed concerned to the Disciplinary senior. "You should slow down on your work and those visits, Michael. You'll suddenly faint from lack of sleep..." she said with a concerned voice.

Michael winced a bit as she hit the nail on the head on what happened yesterday, avoiding her gaze he said, "I'll be fine.....Ipassedoutyesterdayalreadysothatshould'thappenagainanyways," he muttered the last part quickly.

Camilla raised her eyebrow as she tried to decipher what Michael said. Her hearing is quite good for a normal human being but she couldn't really catch all of the words that Michael muttered. Curiosity sparked inside her mind and made her say, "Can you repeat that? I couldn't quite catch it."

"I just said I'll be fine, there's no need to worry," Michael quickly replied before the girl could probe any further, he's touched that she's concerned about him, but he doesn't want anyone to worry about him, he knows the risks he's getting himself into.

"Alright.. If you say so yourself," Camilla said in disappoint. She shrugged her curiosity off and looked at her back as she gazed on the city skyline once again.

Rana waited, looking as if she was debating on whether or not to say something she played with the fabric of her dress.

Jayden hesitated for a moment, then spoke up. "And what brings you here, Camilla?"

Camilla looked at Jayden and smiled warmly at him. "I always hang out here during break. Not much people come here so I figured that I would stay here other than getting swarmed by my 'fans'," Camilla said with a small giggle. "Haven't you heard from the students? Rumours say that I would scare people away on the roof since it's my 'territory'. I just made the rumour true so that I would have the roof all by myself." Camilla's giggle turned into a small laughter as she shrugged.

Jayden smiled back. He didn't know Camilla very well, but he could at least act friendly towards a new member of the Council. "Fame's really getting to you, huh?" he asked jokingly with a smirk.

"Ha! What do you think about a pink-haired loli defeating half of the Purgatory's forces?" Camilla said with a small grin. "Of course there would be some kind of fandom going on in this school. Especially the survivors who saw me in action."

Rana looked up, still playing with the fabric of her dress, "Camilla... Michael fainted yesterday." She said as if it was the most normal thing ever.

Camilla suddenly spluttered as she heard the girl say the news. Her face grew a bit pale for the sudden lack of breath. "W-Waaaait a second! What!? Since when and how do you know that?" Camilla asked as she looked at the girl with shocked eyes.

"He just said so. He said it really fast for some reason, I don't know why. I was debating on whether or not to tell you." Rana admitted.

"Aahh.. so that's what he said..." Camilla looked down on the floor and back at Michael. Her eyes were fierce as if she wanted to kill Michael but she remained friendly, "Why the hell didn't you say that Michael?" She demanded and waited for an answer.

Michael had a deer-caught-in-the-headlights expression as the girl glared at him. He knew that if looks could kill he's be dead right now. "Fuck no one was supposed to hear that," he thought in his mind. He inched backwards as he sputtered out, "I-it wasn't anything too big, I'm fine honest!"

"Like hell you are! You don't even look great yourself!" Camilla said as the Disciplinary senior kept lying to her. She couldn't really move due to her leg so chasing a student while on crutches would look stupid but at least comical. She kept still but kept her death-stare which was very similar to Livia's. "Did you even look at the mirror these days? Honestly, you're doing nothing but worrying us..."

"Jayden... Did I do something wrong...?" Rana asked Jayden bluntly.

The question reminded Jayden of something a young child might ask. "Honestly, I'm not sure what you did at all," he responded. He turned his head towards Camilla. "Why do you care so much about Michael's condition anyways? I don't mean to sound apathetic, he's my friend too... But you're not his mother, he can do as he pleases."

Camilla looked at Jayden as her death-stare disappeared. She said with a rather emotionless face, "Even though I don't know much about you, I would still have the same reaction as I do with Michael. He has been like that for a month now... And it just makes my wariness increase day by day... I bet Fiona would be feeling the same way, ain't that right Michael?" As she finished talking, she looked at Michael with serious eyes but kept her hostility at bay.

Guilt flooded through Michael, but before he could respond he realized something, there was someone not in the know in the midst of this conversation and he made a slit throat gesture towards Camilla while subtly pointing at the newcomer while mouthing, "She doesn't know..." it also served as a nice deflection of conversation.

Rana looked blankly at the pointed finger that was directed at her, "..." A small light appeared and started circling around her head. "... Why... Are you pointing at me?" She asked while pointing to herself.

Camilla looked at the girl and raised her eyebrow at the sight of a small ball of light circling around Rana. "Ehh... Forget about the pointing business.." Camilla then pointed above Rana's head and asked, "What's that ball of light circling around your head, froggy?"

Rana grumbled, "What are you talking about, what is everyone talking about?! I. Don't. Know. My. Power!" She exclaimed in frustration, the ball of light started circling around her neck pretty fast.

"Alright, calm down, Rana," Jayden said somewhat nervously. He didn't know the implications of her powers, but he had a bad feeling something was about to burst. "No need to get angry," he said, placing a hand on her shoulder.

Rana sighed, "Sorry... But I've been detained multiple times already and I haven't even been here four days! I don't know why!" The light dissapeared, but the stress was still evidently there. "Why is it always me?! I see others use their powers but no one detains them! Okay usually they do but they miss a guy using his or her powers every once in a while..."

"We don't have eyes everywhere, we try our best, but we don't have every single corner of the school covered, we only have 54 students and this campus is huge, we detain what we could see," Michael justified to her.

"It doesn't make sense though, why am I detained three times a day at the least!" Rana sighed, "I've been detained twice today, I don't know why..." Silence... "... Enough of that, we came to relax, lets do so. Michael, take a nap, it'll make Camilla feel better at least." Rana said suddenly with a smile.

"I agree, we should relax," said Jayden. "And regarding your powers, Rana, I'm sure you'll learn to control it eventually. You might wanna try to study it when you have the chance. I could even help, possibly."
He walked back towards the side of the roof, sitting down to hang his legs over the edge.

"I'll take a nap in my next lecture, teacher is boring anyways," he reassured them as he joined Jayden in sitting on the roof enjoying the view and the breeze. He finished his coffee and dangled his legs just enjoying the calmness of this scene.

Rana looked around before sitting down at the edge next to Jayden, closing her eyes and enjoying the stillness and silence, a nice change from the noisy school. She sighed in content.

Camilla looked at the girl sighing deeply. She looked at Jayden and asked in curiosity, "What does that orb of light do anyways?"

"Hell if I know, I've never seen it do anything other than revolve around her. It seemed to get faster as she got angrier. I have a feeling its some sort of weapon or natural defense mechanism," He answered with a shrug. He pivoted his head towards Rana to his side. "I know you can't see it, but has anything peculiar ever happened after someone mentioned it rotating around you?"

Camilla quickly added in with a rather suspicious voice, "Or when somebody tried to harm you?" on Jayden's question

"Other than detaining me. No." Rana said simply. "But... A few times for some reason when any of the students went to punch me they stopped. They had a weird look on their faces too, I think they caught themselves and then ran away."

Camilla looked at the girl who was speaking about the hostile students. She looked at Jayden and asked, "Can I use my power for a second? I wanna what that thing does... If it really is a defense mechanism or not... And don't worry.. It's not like I'm going to summon a huge ass dragon that can kill an entire army."

Jayden frowned and let out a sigh. He didn't want to condone rule-breaking, but considering they were technically outside of the school, he supposed he'd let it slide. "Go right ahead," he said with the wave of his hand. He got to his feet and stood back, prepared to stop Camilla if she was planning on trying anything too extreme.

Camilla opened her sketchbook and flipped through some pages. She had a small section on her sketchbook named 'Useless/Miscellaneous Items'. She raised her sketchbook and yelled out, "Pebble, come out!" In a instant, a small pebble formed on her left hand. She would lightly toss it upwards and grab mid-air while smirking and Jayden, "There's no need to worry. I'm not your typical idiotic loli."

Although Jayden was a bit curious as to why Camilla had taken the time to draw a pebble at some point in the past, he wasn't going to argue. "Go on then."

Camilla nodded at Jayden and glanced at Rana. "Eh... It's not there anymore," said Camilla as she looked around to see any kind of light. "Uh. Where did it go?". Right there, Camilla's 'radar detected a danger nearby. There's a new, faint killing intent near the group but she couldn't pinpoint it since there's a lot more' killing intents in the school which is coating the fainter killing intent. SInce it was so faint, she thought that there's no danger at all-

All of a sudden an arrow shot out of one of the trees and went for Rana's neck, only to be stopped by a panel of light, then fall to the ground below. Rana didn't notice it at all.

Jayden simply stared for a second, awe-struck. It took him a moment to process what had just happened, and even then he was still somewhat confused. Without any further hesitation, Jayden quickly tore his lighter out of his pocket and ignited it, sweeping the flame over his palm. His eyes flashed for a brief moment. Suddenly, he thrust his fist forwards and fired a small ball of flame into the canopy of the tree the arrow had come from.

Nothing responded to the flames, it didn't seem to hit anything.

Camilla just stood there dumb-founded. Thankfully, Anna was there and snapped her out of it, 'Oi partner! Wake up!'. Camilla shook her head and looked over to the ledge to see where Jayden struck his attack but there was no burnt corpses anywhere. "Uh... crap. I think they, he, she or whoever just escaped."

Michael watched the proceedings with half an eye as he too was curious about the girl's power and when the arrow suddenly came towards her he banished his fatigue and immediately went on guard. He quickly walked over to the girl's side as Jayden fired into the trees and he saw the arrow fall to the floor. Seeing that it was a normal arrowhead and not a product of Wave powers. He sent out a global announcement to all the men in his command, "Attention all units, an armed individual has been sighted, identity unknown, but he or she has attacked a student with intent to kill. Armed with at least a crossbow, target was last seen in the trees in the park. Find and capture if possible, permission to use force granted."

"...Huh. What...? Ow!" Rana had gone to lean over and see what Camilla was looking at when she accidentally cut herself on the blade of the arrow. It was long, but not deep, on the palm of her left hand. "Not again..."

Camilla closed her eyes and concentrated for a while. She couldn't sense any strange activity but she can pinpoint where it was last located. She grabbed her crutches and threw it off the ledge while saying, "I'm going after it and I'm going to use the easy way." She took her sketchbook out and grabbed onto the ledge. Not saying what she was up to, she jumped over the ledge and fell towards the ground. While flicking through the pages in her sketchbook, Camilla found what she wanted and shouted, "Mattresses! Come out!" In an instant, a stack of mattresses took shape on the ground as Camilla landed on them unharmed. She bounced and landed on the ground with a loud thud. "Ouch.." She stood up and took her crutches which she threw. Giving the thumbs up to the people in the roof, she yelled out to the trio on the roof, "You guys coming or not?!"

Michael heard the girl's mutter, "Again?" he questioned, "Why would you have assassins after you?" he frowned. ACADEMIA is supposed to be a safe haven where students learn to control their powers, but assassins?

Rana looked at him, "... Random arrows keep appearing on the ground for the past few years, this is the fourth time... And what gave you the idea of assassins coming after mee-e...." Rana wavered suddenly, "D-dizzy... R-Really dizzy..." Rana's eyes rolled back as she fell forward, right off the roof. She started falling.

"Shit!" Jayden yelled, quickly jumping off after her. He fell face first, firing two jets of fire from the bottoms of his feet to propell himself downwards at a faster rate. Lining up with Rana as she fell, he caught up and grabbed hold of her. He fired another jet from his hand to the left to line himself up with the pile of mattresses. The two landed with a thud, although they were unharmed. Jayden pushed out of the soft pile of mattresses holding Rana. He looked down at her to see if she was still unconscious.

Rana was out cold, pale, and slightly cold, the cut on the palm of her left hand was starting to bleed. She was breathing heavily as if all the air was getting sucked out of the air. Her hand was starting to get swollen too.

Jayden looked over at Camilla, unsure of what to do with Rana. He could leave her here and join Camilla on the chase, but there was always the possibility that the assassin was still around. He sighed. "Camilla, you go after the suspect. I need to get Rana somewhere safe."
Jayden hoisted Rana's body over his shoulder and ran off towards the school entrance. Once inside, he made his way to the nurse's office.

Camilla saluted at Jayden and said, "Roger that, Pres!" She quickly turned around and started pursued after the culprit. Even though she was on crutches, Camilla could easily hop like a kangaroo while using the trees beside and in front of her as support.
Anna spoke in Camilla's mind suddenly, 'Well I didn't expect such a thing. Why did you ignore that killing intent, partner?'
Camilla was disturbed at Anna's question. It's quite true that Camilla would do something about a new killing intent popping out of nowhere. It happened quite often and it did save her or some other's life. "Uh.. I don't really know. Why did I ignore it again?"

The nurse was working at her desk when she heard footsteps running towards her office, she quickly jumped over the desk and got her supplies ready just in case, "These kids need to stop getting hurt so much. I'm nearly too old to jump over desks."

"Sorry ma'am, she fainted," Jayden apologized as he entered the room, laying Rana down on one of the beds. "She has a cut on her hand too, you might want to bandage that if its bad."

The nurse inspected Rana, only to gasp in horror, "Fainted?! More like poisoned! Oh dear oh dear I don't know what it is! Get a medic now! And hurry!" The nurse franticly gathered supplies, "I'll try and keep her stable if needed but you should hurry, no wonder she is so pale and cold."

"Roger that," Jayden said, quickly exiting the room. He sprinted down to the cafeteria. He had to find Kyle and Irina, they were most likely still eating lunch. He burst into the room and scanned the tables, trying to find where he had been sitting last. He found the table, and sure enough, they were both still there chatting. He approached the two and tapped Kyle on the shoulder. "We need your help at the nurse's office, you two," he said calmly, gesturing towards Irina as well. "Come on."

Kyle knew something was wrong and it was getting worse. At least that's what his medic institution said. Kyle nodded and stood up while saying to Christa, "Sorry, Christa. I'll catch you later." Kyle saw Mina nearby and waved his hands at her gesturing to come to him. After Mina quickly finished her lunch, she went up to Kyle with a questioning glance, "Are we going to help the nurse this early?" Kyle shook his head and looked at Jayden, "Where's the injured, Pres?"

"Down at the nurse's office," Jayden said quickly "Get going."
He watched as the three ran off, then headed back towards the school's main entrance, seeing no reason to follow them. He wouldn't be able to supply any medical help and would most likely just get in the way.

Camilla finally got into the location where the killing intent was last pinpointed at. She groaned out loud and cursed under her breath. She was at the edge of the school grounds and the culprit already escaped. "God freaking damn it!" Camilla leaned against the wall and took in some deep breaths. After getting her bearings right, she flipped through her sketchbook once again. "Communicator come out!" After a second, a communicator, which looks exactly like the school uses, took form in her left hand. She pressed the button and said, "This is Camilla. I'm at the edge of the school grounds and I don't see the culprit anywhere. High probability that the culprit escaped." She sighed deeply and waited for Michael's voice answer back.

Michael was near the tree of last sighting looking for evidence when he heard a voice over his communicator, surprised he asked, "Camilla? How did...? Never mind....dammit, well we'll comb the school grounds for another hour to be sure." he replied back.

"Roger that. Michael. In the meanwhile, I'll send some air reconnaissance." Camilla said as she flipped through her sketches once again. Even though it was against the rules to use powers, Camilla can cheat her way out. She raised her sketchbook and yelled out, "Eagles! Come out!" A group of eagles took shape and stared at Camilla with it's vicious eyes. Camilla tapped onto their heads with her pencils which gave them new orders. They took off and circled around the school high enough so that no one would see them. "That should do," Camilla said as she head back to the school entrance where she found Jayden looking around. She waved her hand and called out, "Pres, over here!"

Jayden approached Camilla rather quickly. "What's the situation? Did anyone find the culprit? Did you?" he asked somewhat frantically.

Camilla sighed disappointingly and shook her head. "Last possible location would be the west side of the school at the edge. The guy literally went under my radar and escaped unfortunately."

"I'm going to go have a look myself," Jayden said in a somewhat frustrated tone. "Report to Michael if you have not done so already."
With that he began jogging off towards the west corner.

"Uh... I already did though..." Camilla said as Jayden went past her. Unsure how the culprit went under Camilla's radar since it extends as far as the entire school grounds. "Oh right before I forget..." Camilla turned around and shouted at Jayden, "There's also some air reconnaissance on the air so you don't have to check on everything!"

Jayden didn't seem to notice Camilla's advice, simply continuing on his way without any further acknowledgement. He wasn't even planning on trying to pursue the culprit any further, to do so seemed pointless. He had other ideas.

"Was he listening to me?" Camilla asked herself. Shrugging, she walked off the scene while checking her sketchbook. There were was a bird-eye view of the school which kept changing as if it was taken from a bird. For Camilla, it was a experimental try and it seemed to work perfectly. Apparently what her summoned eagles are looking at is directly projected into one of the pages in her sketchbook. For her, it felt like she was one of those security people who looks at multiple screens in one room which is projected from security cameras.


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TIME SKIP: A month after the School have been reopened

Today is the yearly school festival. The school complex is covered with stands, a big stage where international artist performed and many more attraction for people who visits ACADEMIA.

The main attraction is of course, the postponed Grand Battle.

A large labyrinth like area have been built in the multifunctional field. In this area, 15 team (including everyone's favorite the Student's Council and the underdog the Delinquents) will fight altogether at the same time. The labyrinth will move every 10 minutes, and there is only 2 way to become the Victor:
1) Defeat everyone and be the last one standing. One member is enough to claim the victory
2) Steal every team flag

As per the schedule, the battle is about to commence in less than 10 minutes. All participant have wear their safety guards and waiting in their respective base.

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1.1.1 Preparations Student Council
Levina is removing her safety gloves. It will make it easier for her to snap her fingers.
She is currently with the rest of the Student Council team, in their base. One of the several small zone in the big labyrinth area. In less than 10 minutes, the battle will start. According to the program, the first move of the labyrinth would be removing the big wall that blocks the teams and allow them to pour into the actual labyrinth area.

Levina keep looking to her right. She have set everything so that their right wall will be the one that disappears, and enable the Student Council team to give a surprise attack to the... 'weaklings' which base is located to their right and eliminate all of them. Yes. Levina Hall purposely do that.

"Everyone's ready?" She asked her team members.

Camilla wore her safety gear. Yet again, she refused the helmet and threw it on the floor. She got rid of all the unneccessary protection that she doesn't need so that she can be a swift and nimble rat. She removed her contact lenses and revealed her dark crimson eyes. The fact that she was in a labyrinth annoyed her. She wasn't as effective in close quarters nor is she allowed to destroy labyrinth either which will make it harder for her. She looked at Levina and asked, "Defend the flag or attack the delinquents? I'm not really sure where i'm supposed to be."

"Offence is the best defense." Levina gives a small, sly, smile. "I'll stay and guard the flag. All of you can do whatever you want, and are welcomed to join me in guarding the base."

Camilla fixed her knee pads. All she has now are elbow pads and knee pads. Nothing more, nothing less. She said, "Then I'll go at one of the last corners leading to our base. I'll stay on the defensive. I can also send reinforcements if you need any. So keep in contact with the communicators."

Fiona gave an absent nod as she put on her armor, her mind was not focused on the upcoming battle at all, the school event paling in comparison to all that has happened to her within the week she's been awake again. With all of the new information she just learned, she really doesn't care how this battle would turn out more focused on trying to figure out what happened to her brother and what he found out that got him killed. Out-loud Fiona told her teammates, "I'm going to go on ahead and take out as much teams as I can early on while my power is still active, since my power timer is so short, I'll probably be out of the fight early so I'll do as much as I can then leave it up to you guys," after waking up from her coma, she found that her power lasted a bit longer with no clue why, her 5 min timer increased to 10 if she had more time she would've experimented a bit more to see how high is her potential limit, but with the Grand Battle arriving so fast, she never had a chance to.

Michael noticed his girlfriend was really out of focus and he could understand why, she told him about some of the things she's learned and this school event was ranked really low on her priority list with the mysterious circumstances of Fionn's death, she hasn't told him everything, he could tell, but he hoped she wasn't planning to do everything alone. Walking up to his spacing out girlfriend, he hugged her, "Hey...don't get too distracted out there alright?" as the couple activated their powers. Fiona gave Michael a small, reassuring smile, "I'll try.., but if I get taken out early it doesn't really matter, you and I both know there are more important things to worry about." Nodding at her words he decided to tell his teammates what his role was going to be, "I'm going to stay with Camilla and Levina on the defense, with two sensory types watching the base, no one is going to be getting in."

Livia nodded and looked at Camilla with uneasy eyes. To her, it looked like Camilla can be a capable leader but that only comes out when she's in battle. Maybe it was a good choice to put her best Non-athletics members as future second-in-command. She sighed deeply as she removed her contact lenses and took her paintbrush out. She occasionally glanced at Michael and Fiona with deep jealously slowly growing inside her. "Alrighty then, I'm ready!"

Jayden slowly descended into the waiting pit with the rest of his teammates using two jets of fire to hover down. He had just finished speaking with the referee and was now ready to begin the battle. He had heard everyone's plans and decided to add his own input. "I think I'd be best on the offense. I'll try to conserve my short timer by only activating my powers when needed."
On that note he subconsciously deactivated his abilities. He still had a full five or six minutes left of power before he'd become uncontrollable, and he knew he'd have to stop once that happened. He didn't want to risk seriously injuring, or even killing someone.
"Good luck everyone, and bring us another victory this year"

Isla is trying to prepare herself. It had been a long time since her failed mission with Fionn which sucked. Back then, she felt so powerless under the circumstances. She vowed inside her heart that she would become stronger. And now, here she is. Isla put her headphones and plugged it into the hole of the player with her thumb prepared to push the on button. Also, as she wore the safety gear, it reminded her more about Fionn. She remembered every skills he gave, so it must be an easy fight to her, "So, what's the plan?" Isla asked as she glared to her teammates. As usual, everytime she's going into a battle, she examined the environment, found out the labyrinth provided many benefits to Student Councils. She showed a mocking smile at the moment, but then it faded away and turned into an intense killer smile.

1.1.2 Preparations Delinquents
Eilian wanted to crawl out of this labyrinth.
She's literally thrown into a cage full of dangerous people, without anything to defend her self. Eilian is currently rolling in the floor in panic.
"I'm dead, i'm dead, i'm dead, i'm dead..."

Adrian took off the safety gear and threw them to the side. It's not like these things are gonna protect me. He started impatiently walking around the starting zone, annoyed and bored.

''Safety gear? What are these guys tryin' to get me to wear?'' Lilac said, and took off the gear provided altogether. If she needed anything, it was swiftness and not protection that would weigh her down but she decided to not take her own shoes off, just in case someone but pins across the floor or thumb tacks and such. Walking around, she wondered how she would get her power going, which made her worry about getting hurt, and then she started worrying about her sister, then the what ifs came about.. them, which made flames come to life all around her, blue and graceful. Emptying her head, she thought this should be enough, because if she overdid it.. ''No, I won't think about that.'' She said, and , the fire burning low.

Kuroneko was sitting on the corner with no armor whatsoever. She found no use to them and preferred to stay with her fast and swift cat powers. She yawned loudly as took her katana on her laps. She looked at the strange device that they gave her and looked at it. "So this is what a communicator looks like...."

Rana was struggling with the guards that had lifted her by the arms, while a ball of light circled around her head wildly, her dress being kicked around by her legs, "LET ME GO YOU ASSHOLES LET M-" She yelped as she was thrown into the cage along with a communicator they attached onto her left wrist with a small strip of duct tape right under the buttons. "Oof!" A panel of light broke her fall just before she hit the floor, the ball of light dissapearing as it appeared. "Inconsiderate morons..." She muttered as she stood up and started walking, the panel dissappeared as she stepped off it in a fading manner.

Arthur removed most of his gear except for his shin guards, underneath his clothing was the body armour that he had stole from the remains of the invasion. He held his book within his hands and read through a couple pages, as he did this Arthur muttered a few words "Parkour, Martial Arts: Animal Style,Knife Art & escapology. " He stood up and grabbed a small pouch, he then opened it to check its contents to reveal a number of small black and grey balls. He equipped himself with his gear, attaching the pouch and a knife holster to his chest and finally grabbed a metallic bō staff.

The Referee is sitting with his helpers inside a control room, full with monitors that show every corner of the labyrinth. Using the PA system set, he greets the contestants.
"Good morning, players!" He said. "Before we begin, i am going to explain the additional rules, aside from the winning conditions that you certainly have known before."
"First, you are not allowed to kill or attack using a technique that will cause a irreversible injuries. Second, the Referee have the authority to stop the battle. When you got beaten or injured, please stay where you are as the medic team enters the arena and escort you out from the arena. That's it." The Referee proceed to push a small red button in a control panel nearby. "The game will begin in 10 seconds..."
"... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4..." The countdown started. "3... 2... 1!"

As the Referee shouted the labyrinth shifted, creating a path for each team to enter the library. As planned by Levina, for the Student Council team, instead of opening a path toward the main area, the right wall shifted and created a direct path for them toward a random team's base.

1.2.1 First Strike Student Council
As soon as the right wall shifted and create the direct pass for them, Levina snaps her finger toward the shocked enemy team members. Out of 8, Levina only manage to hit 3 who stood the closest to the shifted wall. Levina gives a sly, satisfied smile. She will ensure the Student Council's team victory this time.

Jayden snapped into action, charging and firing two bolts of flame into the enemy room. He packed the projectiles tightly, adding plenty of concussive force behind the blows. The enemies were thoroughly shocked by the sudden surprise attack from the flank. They had been completely unaware of the treachery Levina had planned and were unable to react in time.
Jayden frowned as his two attacks smashed into separate enemies, knocking them off their feet and throwing them against a wall. Luckily they had not removed any of their armor like some of Jayden's teammates had, otherwise they'd most likely have been burnt to a crisp. The President hadn't been particularly thrilled with Levina's deceitful plan here, but he hadn't declined the idea either. He had simply decided to go along with it, despite the lack of honor in it.
Only three more enemies were still standing, paralyzed with fear.

Once the walls opened, Fiona went straight through the opening ignoring the besieged team around her as the President and VP were throughly annhilating them, she went along the walls and chose a random path and sprinted down the corrider searching for enemies. She nearly ran into two people of another team but acting quickly, she launched a quick kick to the side of the first student's head knocking her head against the wall rendering her unconscious. Using the momentum from her kick she followed through and spun around elbowing the other student in the face. While he held his face in pain, she chopped a pressure point on his neck knocking him out also before she continued on.

Levina snaps her finger again, and the last three collapsed in seconds. Right after the last of them hit the ground, their flag changes color into Student Council's color, which is deep blue. The labyrinth shifted, allowing a group of people wearing white suit to enter and carry them out of the arena.
Levina smirked at Jayden. "Well, Mr President, i hope you decided to attack and not be the one in the defensive position."

Camilla walked up behind Levina while flipping through the pages of her sketchbook. She stopped beside her and said outloud, "He better be. Cause two of the strongest in the Student Council will be here defending the flag. Ain't that right?" Camilla noticed familiar killing intents going wild. She knows the location but getting to it will be hard so she won't bother about it.

Isla immediately turned on her player as she saw the walls opened. First, she stood quietly, watching all enemies ran towards the Student Council's team. She didn't want to take some reckless actions so all that she could do was watching and learning the enemy's moves. Out of nowhere, two enemies were approaching her from behind. She knew that it was a sneaky attack, a sly trick. Isla pretended to be careless while baiting the enemies closer. As one of the enemies raised his hand, she turned around and prevent the attack successfully. She twisted his arm, kicking the abdomen part without hesitation. Brutality was starting to blend in her soul when punching the enemy on the ground. She didn't give a damn care about the second enemy who was gripping his gear and gave a horrible view. As she finished, she gazed to the terrified boy, "This is what you get when you're trying to stab someone from behind. I suggest you to run before I peel you like a banana." Afterwards, the enemies' body dissolved into a smoke and disappeared from Isla's sight. "Good, an enemy who can duplicate himself. We need to be careful guys!" she shouted.

"Probably ran off, but keep an eye out anyways," Jayden said with the wave of his hand. "Anyways, anyone who is coming on the offense should follow me. I'm going to need some support with my short timer."
With that he began jogging down the damaged corridor filled with unconscious bodies.

Since Michael is on the defensive, Livia decided to stick with Jayden since they somewhat can tag team with Jayden even though it won't be as powerful as Michael and Jayden. But it still can do the job. She got up and caught up with Jayden. "Wait up! I'm coming with you."

Jayden slowed down to a walked and turned around to meet Livia. "Good to hear," he said with a smile. He knew she had access to wind-based moves like Michael, so she would be a good partner to have in a fight. She had a relatively long timer as well, so he would let her dispose of the weaker foes that got in their way by herself. He needed to conserve his own timer for the tougher opponents. "Just stick close to me, I'll periodically check for nearby enemies."

Livia nodded at Jayden. "I'll be close." To be honest, she's looking forward to tag team with Jayden. Even if her raw wind power is weak, she can still effectively tag team with Jayden which made her quite happy. Also another reason is that both Jayden and Livia haven't really interacted that much, even though they had been in the Student Council for a long time.

Jayden nodded and let out a grunt, continuing down the corridor at a jogging pace, expecting Livia to follow. He placed his middle and index finger on his temple and closed his eyes, activating his powers for only a brief second. "There's a flag down that hall to the right," he said to Livia, pointing forwards. "I'm not sure why else there would be such a large cluster of stationary heat signatures. They're defending it."
"There's four of them, think you can handle that alone?" he asked, turning his head over his shoulder.

Livia nodded. "Yea I can. Might take me a while though." Livia's paintbrush had a tint of red, white, and black in that specific order. She painted the ground with two strokes. She activated her white paint which turned into air. It levitated the black and red paint without mixing the two. Livia pointed her hand forwards with her palm open and the paint and the visible air would go that direction. Once it was near the wall, Livia swept her hand to the right and the paint followed going to the other hallway. After a while, she heard confusion and knew that it reached so she removed the air power and activate the red and black. A large explosion rocked the ground for a second and confusion wrecked havoc to that team. Livia then said, "I'll be back." and charged down the hallway to finish off the rest.
After a while, Livia came back with few scratches on her clothes and torned stockings. She had a smile on her face as she reported back to Jayden. "Job done. I captured the flag too."

Jayden folded his arms and analyzed Livia's condition and performance, as if he was some sort of judge or mentor. "Good work, let's keep moving," he said, motioning for his companion to follow once more.

After taking out the two stragglers, Fiona followed her path, knowing that their base would be nearby, seeing a larger than normal open corridor up ahead, she crept up to the corner and quickly glanced inside, seeing the same color flag as the two people she knocked out earlier she knew that this team was down 2 people already. She noticed that this team only had 2 defenders, so she took out a smoke bomb and tossed it in keeping her eyes on the location of the guards and the flag.

"Hey what was that?" one of the students yelled out, the girl then activated her powers which allowed her infrared vision, FIona heard her voice about to warn her teammate so she quickly silenced her to leave her teammate in the dark by covering her mouth and breathing sleeping poison to make the girl fall asleep. Guessing the other person's location by her memory from when she threw the smoke bomb, she breathed in that general area feeling her ice freezing something in place. When the smoke cleared, she saw that she was lucky enough to freeze his hand before he could grab his communicator to tell his teammates of their doomed base, she then quickly went behind the frozen student and knocked him out too, before settling into the base waiting for the flag to change color. Once that occurred, Fiona continued on her path while radioing her teammates, "Fiona reporting, black team is ours, but they may have up to 4 live members still, their base is open for now, but they may retake it, I'm going to continue on to try and get more flags, Fiona out."

"This is Jayden and Livia reporting in, we've captured green team's flag and neutralized four of their members as well," Jayden said into his comm. He realized he may have just given himself a little too much credit for the deed, but quickly dismissed the thought. "They may have four more remaining members as well, so be on the lookout. It'd be wise to end them before they get a chance to recapture. Jayden out."

"Negative Pres, you know I have a short timer, searching out specific members of a team would be wholly inefficient for me, it would be better use of my limited time to take as many flags as I can before I have to retrigger." Fiona replied.

"Just a suggestion," Jayden clarified to her, reactivating his comm. "Anyways, how's it going back at base for the rest of you? Do you read me?"
He figured it'd be wise to ask, as the defenders hadn't yet communicated regarding their current status. For all he knew they'd been overrun, although that was very unlikely.

Camilla took her communicator out and responded to Jayden, "Sorry for the late answer. Camilla reporting, I'm with Michael and Levina. We're currently setting up defensive plans and we still didn't have any attacks so far. Probably cause the right wall opened instead of the front wall."
Anna giggled in Camilla's mind, 'Strange ain't it? We ran straight into an enemy team and not even a second passed.'
Camilla nodded in agreement. She did find it strange. "Probably a dirty trick from Levina. Who knows what's going inside that monster's head." Camilla was staying at a safe distance from Levina and Michael so that they won't hear.

"Levina here. Nothing." Levina replied. She was standing against the wall, bored. "People turn back and run when they recognized the flag color from a far. They see our second base, but i think they thought that it was some kind of trap. No one wanted to mess with us, i guess."

1.2.2 First Strike Delinquents
As soon as the wall in front of them shifted and created an opening from them, Eilian yelped in surprise.
"Uh, you guys go!" She cheered. "Uh, i'll-i'll try my best to guard this base!"

Kuroneko finally got up and started walking into the labyrinth. Even without her powers, Kuroneko can still find scents that she can recognize from a far. She started sniffing as she held her head high. After a while, she grinned as she whispered to herself, "Found you.." She sheathed her katana out and started walking towards the scent she picked up.

Rana jumped in surprise, "Wait, not allowed to kill?! Irriverisible injuries?! This is a fighting thing?! What is with this damn school?!" She exclaimed. Then she paused for a minute, "... I need to find something to protect myself with!" Rana ran around the room to find something to use as a weapon.

"Uh... This 'damn school' is just doing what everyone would do in a friendly battle, i guess? I mean... If we are allowed to do those kind of thing then this is... a... warzone, right?" Eilian said to Rana, who's ran around the empty room like some kind of psycho. "And uh, perhaps you want to... fight using our flag? I mean, uh, it made out of... some kind of metal..."

"I don't think that's allowed!" Rana looked around and snapped her fingers, "I know! I'll wait here for a while, then I'll move forward, and avoid whoever is left!" Rana sat near the entrance, back to the wall, "Until then I'll wait."

Adrian looked around, trying to decide which way to go. As everyone started moving, he noticed a few people remain to guard the flag. "Hey, guys," he called out. "Why are you guys waiting here? We should focus on taking them all out."

Looking up at Adrian and then back at the flag, Lilac shrugged and decided to go along with him knowing that she wouldn't be very useful while just standing there as her abilities were more offensive that defensive. ''Lead the way, captain.'' She said, smirking. ''This should be fun...''

"Captain?" Adrian let out a small smirk. "I like the sound of that." He stretched and yawned. "Alright, Lilac. Let's head out, then." He muttered a couple of words indistinctively and smiled. He started walking towards one of the entrances.

Looking closely where she stepped, Lilac played with her fire, making various shapes that never seemed to stop changing, almost dancing. ''So, we're basically gonna march in there and take over?'' She asked, tilting her head.

"How could you, Adrian!" Eilian protested. "You know very well that i-i couldn't fight! Well, as long as my power is still somewhat locked..."

"Be careful you two, I don't understand what's going on, but I think we're up against the student council, and a few others. Jayden's fire is going to be a problem if he's here, make sure the flames don't hit you're clothes, and then there's Camilla, be very cautious around her, make sure she doesn't see you if you find her." Rana warned. She had a very bad feeling about all this and she also had a feeling the base isn't much safer at the moment, "Stay nearby for a while, there is still a lot of people about, and that means an increased chance of someone finding this base."

Looking back, Lilac grinned. ''I am not afraid of Jayden or Camilla. Fire burns paper, doesn't it?'' She said, waving back as she went on with Adrian.

"I know who my target is... And yeah, we're gonna just march right out there. Nobody's gonna succeed to collect all 10 flags without beating everyone up. And if someone can do that, you probably won't stand much of a chance either, Eilian, Rana," he said, his back turned to the flag as he kept walking. "You can come with us if you want a chance to stay conscious 'till the end of this thing."

"Exactly, everyone is going to be beating each other up trying to get to the bases, so why not stick nearby and beat up people who are coming down the halls?" Rana suggested, "You'll be kinda like our layer of defence since the first layer," She pointed to herself and then Eilian, "Has one person planning to run and another who can't really do much to protect the flag." She said. "I'm not sticking around for more than a few hours, there will only be one person here will only be one person in the base defending then, do you really want that to happen?"

"A few hours...? I don't think you'll last that long if you just sit here. People who come here are most likely gonna be the stronger guys," he answered in a snide tone. "Last chance. Are you coming with us or are you two going to do things your way?"

Rana thought a bit, she was a bit worried about Adrian's attitude towards all this, and knew that he might get into some kind of trouble somehow. "..." She sighed, "I'll come with you, only because your attitude is worrying me, I'll look out for anyone coming from behind you and leave it at that." Rana stood up, keeping her back to the wall. "Eilian, if someone comes, just distract them for a bit, I have no idea how that flag works but it'll be one less person out in this... Whatever this place is..."

"Distract them a bit? Uh... I don't think i could but i'll try my best..." Eilian gulped. "Well the possibility is that they will use me as a punching bag... But i will try my best before getting knocked out..."

"Who knows, maybe you'll learn what your power is. When you're under so much stress..." Adrian let out a smirk. "Anyway, let's go, then."

"Hm... You're right i might finally activate my power-" Eilian paused. "Wait what will happen if my power involves something like going unconscious? I still wouldn't know what it is or how to trigger it again next time!"

"You can ask the people watching." Rana pointed out, then she looked at Adrian, "And, yes, lets go."

Adrian let out a smile and continued walking. "Alright, so which way do we go...?" He stopped when he reached a crossroad and turned to the others.

Rana kept her back to the wall the entire time she was walking, "...... I don't feel anyone is to the left, but I have a faint feeling of something on the right." At that moment footsteps could be heard coming closer and closer to where the three were, approaching from the right corner of the crossing.

"... Ask the people watching huh..." Eilian drop her body and sit in the ground. "Uh... That if anyone see me... I guess i can ask the spectators..."

"Right it is, then," he said, smiling. He had a manic look on his face as he turned right.



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