31st Stohess Garrison: Experience & Game Driven RP

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31st Stohess Garrison: Experience & Game Driven RP

Postby Terramort » Mon Nov 03, 2014 3:27 am

Man, what a day to forget your maneuver gear. As the dust settles in front of you vision, you push throw the the crowd made of civilian folk. Nobody seems to know what happened, but it *sounded* as though two Aberrants had somehow gotten into Stohess, and were destroying a large portion of the city until a few minutes ago. Pushing aside an elderly gentleman, you finally round the corner to one of Stohess's many lushes courtyards, befitting it's status as a wealthier district. However, you have no eye for the honey yellow snapdragons today - towering nearly as tall as the nearby suite, a 15 meter class Titan sits on it's knees immobile, the behemoth hand holding what appears to be a large diamond into the ground.

"Everyone, please evacuate this area. This is the Central Military Police, and this area is officially under our jurisdiction now. I repeat, please evacuate the area, or we will forcibly remove you."

As the blaring voice comes over the loudhorn, you turn to leave before the rough looking guys from Central reach you. As you turn to leave, you swear you catch a glimpse of a girl in the diamond - no, that can't be right. It simply had to be a reflection.

"Ah, Cadet."

Lovely. Your Commanding Officer. He only talked to you if he needed something done, and based on his expression, now was no different.

"Cadet, I was going to have Sean deliver this message later, but since I've run into you now - something is happening here in Stohess. Chain of Command has sent word that you specifically from my regiment are to join the 31st Stohess Garrison. You are to pack your things and report to your new HQ by 1700 hours. Now, I have to get word out to various other members of my Squad. Good luck, soldier."

And with a quick salute and a turn, your former Commanding Officer quickly dissolves into the crowd. He never was one for sentiments, anyway.

Welcome to the 31st Stohess Garrison Roleplay!


In this RP, you will be continuing the story here in this thread, and showing your combat skills in the game. Whenever a combat even happens here in the RP, we'll head to the game and play it out. Along with this, you'll be creating your own, brand new character with only minimal stats - gain experience points and level up by roleplaying here and playing with us in the game. Using Dan's Anti-Hack mod, we'll have a safe place to play, and numerous improvements over the regular game. Check out out some more subsections and if you see what you like, check out out OCC thread and apply!

Out of Character Content
(and applications): viewtopic.php?f=52&t=8750

Character Sheets
(and a basic rundown on creating a new character): viewtopic.php?f=52&t=8751

The Mod
This is important for many reasons!
- Allows you to see Titan's remaining health
- Let's you participated in PvP when it happens (swords+hookshots kill)
- You may change your skin (other mods do this)
- You can change your name, name color, & Guild name without messing up your login
- Gives access to "/commands", like "/pm [#] [message]" and chat controls

Download it here: http://aotdan.weebly.com

Update Log:
11/04/2013, 23:14 - First RP post actually made, feel free to join in whenever you wish now!
11/02/2014, 20:27 - First post practically finished, just waiting to finish up the first RP and post it.
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Re: 31st Stohess Garrison: Experience & Game Driven RP

Postby Terramort » Wed Nov 05, 2014 7:17 am

It was all anybody could talk about in Stohess district the next morning.

"Did you hear about the Titans inside the walls?"

"I heard two giant ones were fighting each other!"

"Rumor has it one was on fire as laid waste to our city!"

Morning sunbreams dazzled from Terramort's pristine maneuver belt, flashing from left to right as he plowed the morning mob. His new Commanding Officer, Vincenz Kluge, preferred the hands-off approach with his squad. Terramort had been assigned with a few others to meet at Central HQ at 0900 hours this morning and get to know each other. After that, they were to head to one of the city's many underground complexes for training. Suspecting that the new Squad leader would be chosen based off these training exercises, Terramort had taken time to carefully polish and inspect his 3D gear the night before.

Let's see... Lt. Kluge had mention at least four other names for the morning's training - Cyrus, Yuval, Cain, and Tido. Wonder what they'll be like, and if we'll get along - and just like that, memories of his past Squad flooded into his mind like a hive of so many angry bees. "Hey newbie, welcome to the corp. Name's Jon." "Hey Terra, watch this!" "Bet you can't make it to that tree in one cable shot!" "Alright maggots! Straighten up!" "Nichole, watch out!" "Titans... Titans are here!?" "Jon, look out! Jon! JON!?" Each fragmented burning open old wounds, Terramort jerked himself back to the present.

Just up ahead was an abandoned warehouse, apparently one of the storage buildings erected during work on the underground city. He was to meet with the new member just inside. It clearly hadn't been used in a while - heavy dust covered the few small windows, and some of the tiles on the roof had long since been lost. Pulling out the key to the door, Terra had a brief flash of the key breaking in the lock, but the door opened easily with nary a creak. Inside, the floors were barren and the furniture sparse. In the center of the main floor was a large platform surrounded by a cage, presumably the freight elevator to the underground. Terramort briefly inspected the building for anything suspicious, but didn't find much besides a few more chairs upstairs. Plopping down on a dust covered, uncomfortable wooden chair, the newest member of the 31st Stohess Garrison waited for his soon-to-be new friends.

Re: 31st Stohess Garrison: Experience & Game Driven RP

Postby zRavioli » Wed Nov 05, 2014 12:18 pm

Cain was beaming.

As he strutted through the crowds, nodding and waving to people he knew, he thought about what his former commanding officer said to him when he was transferred.

"Oi. Cain. You're getting shipped out to some garrison group. They think they're hot shit; 'gonna fight back', they say. Whatever. I'm not gonna miss you, so pack up your crap and get going."
And Cain turned to him and said with a smile that didn't meet his eyes, "And I'm not gonna miss any of your corrupt, evil, lowlife rats that you call soldiers."

Now, walking to the address of his new headquarters, he felt delighted to recall the shocked expression of his CO. When he saw the building, though, his heart sank.

It was a dirty old abandoned warehouse. He knew that it would be abandoned, but he hadn't imagined that it would look so grimy and unused. The cracked windows were covered in dust and mud, and the roof tiles were chipped and cracked. The cautiously pulled at the door handle and murmured, "Don't break, you grimy bastard." The door, surprisingly, opened without a problem, and he peered in, squinting to get his eyes adjusted to the lighting. He saw one of the old elevators in the middle of the room, and thought, I hope that those work if we have to use 'em. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a figure hunched in a small and uncomfortable-looking chair. He stepped fully inside and smiled at the figure. "Hey, stranger," he said in a chipper tone, "I assume you're one of the others who were transferred to the 31st? I'm Cain Kaplan, formerly of the CMP. And who might you be?"

Re: 31st Stohess Garrison: Experience & Game Driven RP

Postby Terramort » Wed Nov 05, 2014 12:39 pm

"Name's Terramort, but friend's find that 'Terra' rolls of the tongue easier. Former member of the 101st Trainee Squad, and former Captain of the 112th Outer Garrison."

Taking Cain for a likable fellow, Terra kept a tinkle in his blue eyes and his tone light - it wasn't often you could make a decent friend these days, and Terra was determined to never let an opportunity for good companionship pass. However, this guy mentioned he was from Central... Terra had heard about the corruption that ran rampant in the Military Police. Nobody from the outer cities really trusted the MP, and especially not the guys from Central itself.

"Like you, I'm in the 31st Stohess. God knows what we're doing in this abandoned shambles, I figured we would be out repairing the damage on the walls from those two rampaging Titans the other day. They love to send the new guys out to do an experienced man's job."

Terra stood and walked over to the freight elevator. As he walked over the floor, it became apparent that he had chosen to forgo the standard issue leather boots in favor of more pliable leather shoes. Besides helping with his balance when not in the air, they were also nearly noiseless on the spotless floor. At least we don't have to worry about being attack by bugs... this place is pretty clean in here, except the dust on the windows and chairs. But let's check out this elevator." It seemed usable enough, it's metal framework resisting the dust and decay that plagued the rest of the building.

"I hope you aren't claustrophobic. Apparently, we got some sort of training exercise underground. What do you make of all this, Cain?"

Re: 31st Stohess Garrison: Experience & Game Driven RP

Postby Yuvalis » Wed Nov 05, 2014 4:48 pm

Yuval leaned on the door, trying to hear the conversation. He thought by doing this he might learn some information about the other new members of the 31st Stohess Garrison.
"Well, I think that's enough for now", he said to himself, finally opening the old door.

The other members were still talking when he went inside the house. The man named 'Terra' looked at him, about to say something, but Yuval had already began to talk; "So you are the other new recruits of the 31st Stohess Garrison? I suppose you are Terramort, and your name is.... Cain, right? So how many of us are there?
Oh, by the way, my name is Yuval and I am private first class" He said with a half-fake half-real smile on his face.

Looking at the two men, he thought they seem freindly enough to be considered 'good guys'. Yuval set down on the dusty floor, waiting for the conversation to start over.

Re: 31st Stohess Garrison: Experience & Game Driven RP

Postby zRavioli » Wed Nov 05, 2014 9:18 pm

Cain turned towards the new soldier with a hint of surprise, but smiled and said, "Yes, I'm Cain. There are three of us right now including you, but I think my CO told me that there were four of us to start out the squad. I imagine that more will join eventually, perhaps from other parts of the Garrison or the MPs stationed at Wall Rose."

He turned back to Terra with a thoughtful expression on his face and said, "What were we talking about..? Ah, yes, underground training." He paced the floor with his hands clasped in front of him and said, "I'm sure that we'll be trained to be able to maneuver in tight spaces quickly, otherwise they would have put us in trees for more traditional training. Perhaps we'll also learn combat with swords...but that doesn't make sense..."

He stopped and looked at Terra and Yuval with concern quickly spreading across his face. "Those spaces down there," he said grimly, "are too small for maneuver gear - well, unless you're exceptionally talented, or the spaces are exceptionally large for being warehouse storage. I may be thinking about this too much, but those places down there are perfect for practicing single combat against other humans, training soldiers to accurately fire rifles from on the move, and staging ambushes." He shook his head and murmured, "I don't want to think we're preparing for combat against humanity down there. In fact, my ideas are far-fetched." He gave a cheerful smile that did not reach his troubled eyes and said, "Sorry, let's move on, now."

Re: 31st Stohess Garrison: Experience & Game Driven RP

Postby Terramort » Wed Nov 05, 2014 9:36 pm

Cain's somber observation about the underground training took Terra on a new line of thinking. Fighting other humans? Teaming up with members of Central? Things were beginning to look a lot stranger than they first appeared, and the potential outcomes more and more unsettling. But before he could spend time getting it all figured out, other things needed attending to.

"Ah, Yuval, nice to meet you! I am indeed Terramort. And Cain... I certainly hope you are wrong about what we doing down there. I assume CO gave your the same orders, '...and head down the main fright elevator at 1200 hours, then move to accept your next mission'. Too bad Lt. Kluge wasn't very specific on the 'next mission' part. I certainly hope you are wrong, Cain - I didn't join this outfit to hurt people, but to save them."

At that last statement, Terra's flashed, the mere thought of Command attempting to use him in their corruption was seething and angry.

"Whatever the case, it's 1043 hours now. Let's wait for any others to show up, but we are heading down that elevator by assigned mission time. Can't look bad on the first day!"

Re: 31st Stohess Garrison: Experience & Game Driven RP

Postby zRavioli » Wed Nov 05, 2014 9:48 pm

Cain nodded and said, "Yeah, my CO gave the same thing." He paused, then added, "I imagine your CO was a good man. I'm sure, at least, he was better than mine when you served under him. What was he like?"

Re: 31st Stohess Garrison: Experience & Game Driven RP

Postby Cyrus » Wed Nov 05, 2014 10:08 pm

Cyrus was not having a good day.

His good for nothing commander had decided to avoid telling him about this transfer until the morning that he needed to meet with his new squad. On top of that, the corrupt asshole had decided to keep as much information from him as possible, probably just to spite him one last time. As a result, all that Cyrus knew about after leaving his old barracks was the meeting location and the name of the garrison; The 31st Stohess Garrison.

In addition, he was forced to wait around for the incredibly slow Military Police response after breaking up a fight between a merchant and one of those moronic "Wallist" zealots. Were it just a normal fight then he could have just walked on after breaking it up, but this one ended with blood being drawn on both sides and a brutalized merchant that would require intensive care. Thus he had to stay to detain the Wallist until the military police showed up, which ended up taking a full 15 minutes, ruining Cyrus' plan to get there early. To top it off, the two Military Police members who did show up also happened to know him, and as a result didn't forget to throw a few passive-aggressive comments at him before taking over the situation.

Walking on, Cyrus wondered what exactly was going on. Since his last commander was so kind as to keep him in the dark, he was having to try to figure this stuff out himself. The way he saw it, the only reason why they'd be meeting at one of the abandoned districts is to use the underground lift there. The problem was that for traditional training, the underground wasn't an ideal place at all. So what exactly is this special garrison division for? And just what kind of soldiers was he being put in a squad with? Who was the commander? Either way, he'd been so caught up in his thinking that he'd already arrived.

Standing outside the warehouse, he considered how exactly to approach the other soldiers. It didn't take long to decide however, as he had one simple question that he wanted an answer to from each of them.

Pushing the front door open, Cyrus walks in casually and looks around at the other soldiers assembled. With little regard for their conversation, he calls out, "Hey, my name is Cyrus, and I have one question that I want an answer for from each of you!" Pausing briefly, he asks, "Have you seen a titan before?"

Re: 31st Stohess Garrison: Experience & Game Driven RP

Postby zRavioli » Wed Nov 05, 2014 10:18 pm

Cain looked over at Cyrus with amusement in his eyes. "That's a strange way to greet people that you've never met," he replied with a smile. "But to answer your question: besides the two that fought here and destroyed most of the city, no, I have not seen a titan."

Cain looked more carefully at the newcomer. He had an intense look that could quickly avert any staring eyes. He looks like someone who has seen loss many times up close, Cain thought with a pang of sadness and empathy for Cyrus. I could never meet those eyes if their intensity was directed at me.

"Why?" Cain asked, not out of ridicule, but out of genuine curiosity, "Have you seen a titan before?"


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