31st Stohess Garrison: Experience & Game Driven RP

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Re: 31st Stohess Garrison: Experience & Game Driven RP

Postby Cyrus » Wed Nov 05, 2014 10:26 pm

Acknowledging the first answer with a nod, Cyrus silently awaits the answers of the other soldiers assembled in the room.

Glancing around, he notices that the warehouse is in good shape, albeit rough around the edges. The underground lift in the center of the room also catches his attention. Looks like I was right about that part...


Re: 31st Stohess Garrison: Experience & Game Driven RP

Postby zRavioli » Thu Nov 06, 2014 5:24 am

Cain looked around awkwardly in the silence that followed his response. He noticed Cyrus was looking around at the details of the room, and he decided to do the same.

He saw that, aside from a few chairs in the corners and the big lift in the middle, the room was completely empty. There were no lighting sources besides the windows, which were so dirty that only a pale light shone through, lighting up the room only enough to see the shapes inside. I bet that our living quarters, mess hall, and common room are all underground, he thought, a bit of disgust pulling the corners of his mouth into a frown. It's probably damn filthy down there, that's for sure.

He stopped looking around and instead shifted his gaze back to the floor. He cleared his throat and said, "Ah, Cyrus. You didn't answer my question: have you ever seen a titan?"

Re: 31st Stohess Garrison: Experience & Game Driven RP

Postby Yuvalis » Thu Nov 06, 2014 2:31 pm

"Nice to meet'cha Cyrus. My name is Yuval and, like Cain, I've never seen a titan except the two inside the walls." Yuval answered "Guys, I just had a thought. Maybe we are going to fight each other to see who will be the captain- or maybe we are going to another district through a secret tunnel? Does anyone have any more suggestions because this ones are very unlikely to be true". After saying what he had on his mind, Yuval started gazing at the door, trying to speculate the results of a fight between them. They would win easily in a 1 on 1 match against me, he thought. "Well, how about you Terra- did you see a titan before?"

Re: 31st Stohess Garrison: Experience & Game Driven RP

Postby Cyrus » Thu Nov 06, 2014 3:29 pm

Nodding in response to the Yuval's answer, Cyrus glances over at Cain and replies calmly, "I apologize for my rudeness, but I'd like to get the answer to my question from everybody here first. It's very important to me." Turning to the last soldier in the room, the one called "Terra", he awaits his answer.

Well, they aren't really veterans, perhaps inexperienced, or maybe excel in other capacities...? Was this a squad formed on ideals rather than substance? What's going on...

Also, judging by what Yuval said, there is no current captain assigned to this squad. His theory regarding testing us to determine who will be the squad leader may very well be true, and if it is, it's clear that the CO is quite an interesting man.

Re: 31st Stohess Garrison: Experience & Game Driven RP

Postby Terramort » Fri Nov 07, 2014 1:40 am

Seeing that everyone else had responded to the question, Terra decided to chime in.

"I've seen my fair share of Titans. I was 2 weeks out from graduation when they attacked the Shingashina district. My trainee division was brought in as emergency containment when the Titans breached Wall Maria. For 3 years my Squadron, the survivors of the initial outbreak, trained against the Titans while repairing the wall in secret, vowing to protect the lives of innocents and retake our land.

"That dream, however, ended in Trost. Charged with the frontline defenses for our skills, the entirety of my Squadron was lost over the course of those few days."

Terramort's face darkened, remember the terror and destruction wrought by the behemoths.

"They aren't like training, you know. A single mistake and it could be all over, so much adrenaline, everything becomes a blur... Well, whatever the case - we've stood around long enough. I guess we are the only ones that got the assignment here."

The freight elevator was more than big enough to accommodate the few members of the 31st Stohess gathered that morning. After filing onto the thick steel carriage, Terra pulled the lever in the car to the "down" position, beginning their slow descent into darkness. Within seconds, however, the darkness vanished as the world around them once again opened up. Peering over the edge, thick tunnels could be seen spreading away from the elevator's location, each ending a gaping maw of shadows. A few gas torches kept the main chamber lit, but for the most part, it was rather gloomy.

"Man, hope none of you guys have claustrophobia!"

The carriage settled on the floor with a small shudder. Standing in front of the gate and preparing to step off, Terra was caught unawares by the quick drop that followed, and stumbled into Cyrus. Before he could regain his balance, the elevator quickly lost altitude. The sparsely lit room dissapeared in a flash, and darkness once again overtook the party.

Amid a few cries of surprise (not the least of which coming from a very off-balance Terramort), the elevator came to a quick stop amidst a few gas torches, sending Terra reeling into Cyrus once again. The ceiling of this lower cavern was too high to see with the dim light, and the walls too far. While regaining his balance, Terra noticed a second elevator car moving up the cables, taking their own car's position on the uppermost floor.

"Jeeze, what in the Three Walls just happened? A second underground? Everyone ok?"

Re: 31st Stohess Garrison: Experience & Game Driven RP

Postby zRavioli » Fri Nov 07, 2014 1:52 am

Cain, who had fallen onto his knees in the plummet, shook his head to clear the blurriness and dizziness. He faintly heard Terra ask if everyone was alright, and he weakly rose to a standing position, still feeling off-balance. He glanced around the cavern, but saw nothing in the dim area to indicate their location.

"Y-yeah," he said nervously, his head finally cleared, "I'm fine. But what the hell just happened?" He paused, then added as an afterthought, "This might be the actual location of the headquarters. But something doesn't seem right."

As he said that, his hand rose to the pistol in his chest holster. He wrapped his hand around the handle, then shook his head and returned his hand to his side.

"Should we explore this place, or should we stay here?" he asked quietly, more to himself than the others.

Re: 31st Stohess Garrison: Experience & Game Driven RP

Postby Cyrus » Fri Nov 07, 2014 4:34 am

Cyrus was not having a good day, but it was getting far more interesting now. First the answers of all the assembled soldiers had given him no obvious answers as to why the squad was being formed. Considering what he knew so far, which wasn't much since Terra had ushered them down the elevator before he could ask what was going on, there was no huge similarity between the soldiers, nor an obvious purpose to this squad.

Caught up in his thinking, he was caught off guard by the elevator falling once more after arriving at what was apparently only the FIRST level of the underground. Thanks to his lack of attention though, he was still firmly planted on the lift. Or at least he was until Terra stumbled into him, causing Cyrus to nearly lose his balance.

Having just recovered his balance, and bracing himself, the lift's sudden stop only shook him a bit. Terra's second impact with him, however, threw him off again. Still keeping his practiced calm demeanor, he managed to stay on his feet, albeit with some stumbling backwards.

Briefly wondering whether the lift had broken, the thought was dismissed when a quick look revealed the massive scale of this chamber.

Well, this opens up some possibilities... Traditional training, open area, hell, could setup a base down here... If someone else hasn't already, though I doubt the CO would send us down here unorganized for a dangerous mission... Unless he's ALOT more interesting then I had thought... Or perhaps... Either way, better be cautious from here on out.

Responding to Terra's concerned question, he says, "Yeah, and we should be careful, who knows what's down here. After all, with the noise that delightful ride down made, if there's anyone here they know where we are." Keeping his hands where they could easily draw the blades resting in his 3DMG, he prepares to move off the lift, gaze darting back and forth through the massive subterranean cavern.

Re: 31st Stohess Garrison: Experience & Game Driven RP

Postby Yuvalis » Fri Nov 07, 2014 12:10 pm

Yuval looked into the dark cavern. "Are we in the underground city, or another cavern?" Waving his hand in front of his head, he added "You should'nt breath the air down here. Might have some ancient incurable bacteria". Anyway, is this realy the place we were ordered to go to? He thought. We need to find a light source quickly.
"Does anyone have a light? And someone find a torch" Said Yuval.

Re: 31st Stohess Garrison: Experience & Game Driven RP

Postby Terramort » Wed Nov 12, 2014 10:14 am

Before Terramort had a chance to answer, a large, intimidating figure stepped out from the shadows.

"So. You made it."

Lt. Kluge, the Commanding Officer, stepped from the shadows.

"I'm surprised, considering this dolt somehow seems to be the unofficial leader right now."

The huge German man eyed Terra.

"Fell twice on the way down, eh? Slow reflexes, as ever. You don't learn to move, boy, you going to end up as Titan food. Now, the rest of you follow me. As you can see, this second layer to the underground is much larger than the first. It was originally intended to hold Stohess' wealthier upper class if things ever became too harsh on the surface. However, between orders to cease construction of the underground from Central, and a large sinkhole that opened in the west quadrant, work was abandoned."

As Kluge talked, he led the small group into the shadows, his gas lantern casting huge shadows from forgotten rafters, i-beams, and other construction equipment.

"When Shingashina fell, we new times were going to change. The government would not change their position on allowing civilians under the ground. They have, however, given explicit permission to the Wall Garrison to use it as personal training ground."

Finishing his explanation, the Lt. raised his gas lantern to the wall, lighting a new one. The fresh lantern here must have had some sort of small gas line connecting it to others, for the within minutes, the local area was consumed in a bright rosy glow. Looking around, it was clear that the forgotten construction equipment was, in fact, training gear. This general location seemed full of mock Titan replicas and large fake buildings.

"This underground is where we'll be training. No one except Garrison and Military Police are allowed down here.

"Now. I have other matters to attend to. You will remain here until further orders. From now on, this is a real town you must defend. Make camp, and survive. The training Titans will be run occasionally by other member from other groups, so be prepared at all times.

"Good luck, soldiers!"

And with a salute, Lt. Kluge dissapeared into the cityset.

((OCC: Not my fault! Got called in for an emergency trimming job, didn't have time to write up before I left. Back now, tired as hell, but the story must go on. :D Alright, let's try getting a time lined up to play. Until that point, the story is free to progress however the hell anyone wants, so long as nothing outright silly happens))

Re: 31st Stohess Garrison: Experience & Game Driven RP

Postby Cyrus » Wed Nov 12, 2014 1:23 pm

Cyrus was a bit relieved that things didn't turn out like he'd worried. Luckily he'd waited on doing anything when the stranger appeared until he'd seen the other's reactions. When it seemed like the man knew them, he had relaxed.

Now, standing in what was actually an impressive training area, Cyrus tilted his head towards Caine, answering the previous question directed at him prior to Terra's ushering down the elevator, "Oh, and yes I've seen a titan. Forgive me if I'd rather not share my entire story right now. Though if I may ask, where were you prior to being assigned here?"

Glancing over the room, Cyrus was once again quite impressed with the scale. This underground training area had an excellent amount of maneuvering room and the city area was pretty well designed. The titan targets were fitted with wheels, so he guessed that anyone operating them could even move them around to increase the difficulty.


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