31st Stohess Garrison: Experience & Game Driven RP

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Re: 31st Stohess Garrison: Experience & Game Driven RP

Postby Terramort » Thu Nov 27, 2014 12:11 pm

Terra appeared not hear Cain, as he stared off at the cavern roof, totally lost in thought. After a few moments, he slowly lowered his gaze to meet Cain's. "Right... we should get some conversation going. For starters, how about we start off a round of training, and have a friendly competition?" Terra's smile was genuine, he enjoyed the thought of a challenge against other soldiers.

Before he could get a response, however, he heard the dull drone of the elevator once again descending into the cavern. He watched the faint lights on the carriage as it descended, wondering who else would be coming to the underground. "IS ANYONE OUT THERE!?" he heard echo across the cavern - sounded like late recruits.

"Or, I suppose, we could go say hi to the latecomers. Whaddya guys say?"

((OCC: Alright, let's set up a playtime for real. I'm for reals back home and settled now, so I'm literally free almost whenever you guys are. Go ahead and post good playtimes for you over the next week, we'll be using Dan's Mod and have some fun in random-generated cities. :D ))



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