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Re: Character Sheets

Postby Accelevi » Wed Nov 13, 2013 7:48 pm

Terramort, it seems you still can't understand.
Role plays are collaborative stories. They need to be constructive and decently long.
I didn't have much faith in the forum, judging from general responses.
So we are testing an RP to see how it goes.
If you seriously can't find the thread for the RP, then that's not my problem, as it is clearly labeled.
If you want to do a mini-fun story thing, do it in Games.
Roleplaying needs serious people.

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Re: Character Sheets

Postby Crim » Wed Nov 13, 2013 11:46 pm

I'd just like someone to inform me when I'd be able to join one, no need to argue! :S

Re: Character Sheets

Postby Accelevi » Thu Nov 14, 2013 12:02 am

The OOC thread for the test RP is up, and since everything is being re-planned out better, you can go ahead and join.
Finding the thread should be easy.

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Re: Character Sheets

Postby Strongwill » Thu Nov 14, 2013 1:31 am

the complete list
Full Name: Milfich Folkvar
Meaning: Folvar is a Scandinavian name, means "Guard of the People"
Origin: I wanted to make her an Ironic Villain
Gender: F
Gender Role: Masculine
Orientation: Straight
Real Age: 18
Birthday: 10 November
Birthplace: Shiganshina District
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Blood Type: B
Preferred Hand: Right handed
Facial Type: Oval
Eye Color: Dark Brown Eyes
Hair Color: Black
Hairstyle: Messy
Skin Tone: Tanned
Height: 66.9 inches (170 cm)
Weight: 119 pounds (54 kg)
Shoe Size: 42
Equipment: (soon will be) 3 Dimensional Maneuver Gear
Organizations/Affiliations: -
Education: Good enough, as her mother is the daughter of the City Librarian. She can read, count, like to read books and read newspaper daily if she could.
Social Stereotype: lone wolf
Health: Healthy
Energy: A lot of it. But could drained easily when she is in her Panic Mode
Memory: Very good. but she never tries to remember things that she think are not important or that she will not need later in the future
Senses: Average good.
Phobia: (hm...)
Style: Neat, contradicting with her messy looking hair
Grooming: Always try to look neat
Posture: Stiff and calm
Coordination: Average good on full body coordination. Have a great reflect
Habits and Mannerisms: Biting her lips when she is nervous, crosses her arm when she is confident on something, staring at people when she is angry
Scent: Good.
Strengths: Calm and collected, a great analyzer and a tactican. A loyal and honest man
Flaws: Could easily got panic, have a tendency to sacrifice other people to achieve what she wanted
Perception: She currently believes that the goverment is still doing their best to fulfill the needs of the people while fending off the Titans away.
Conflicts: Her family
Instincts: -
Lures: -
Soft Spot: Family, friends
Cruel Streak: If her friends/family was hurt
Role: villain
Fulfillment: -
Significance: -
Alignment: Neutral
Comparison: Lone Wolf
Symbol: Wolf
Song: -
Vice: Pride
Virtue: Humility
Defining Moment: -
Tropes: -
One Word: Lonely

will be finished later with computer Finished it. I deleted several category that i did not need/wanted to answer and left empty several category that i will fill in later

Milfich Folkvar
Name: Milfich Folkvar

Age: 18 (D.O.B 10 November)

Appearance: A tall slender girl (170 cm), she have
a short messy black hair and a dark brown eyes.
tan skin

1. Good at analyzing and making strategy
2. Fast, especially when she uses the 3DMG
3. A pretty good fighter
4. Accuracy

1. Could easily got panic
2. Can't fight more than two titans at once
3. Sometimes, when formulating her strategy, she
will unconsciously gamble people's life. Her
friends and innocent's people life
4. Social skill: Almost zero

Other: Her father works as a Stationary Guard,
and he actually did not allow her to join the
Army. She insisted and her father finally let her

Her main reason to join the Army is to enter the
Military Police, as she wanted to make sure her
family is safe (idk if they will allow MP's family
to go inside Sina too tho). She have a back up
plan, though. Which is to join the Survey Corps.
She knows the risks, but she is dying to find a
way to make a good use of her skills.

Personality: Strongwilled and stone headed. She
is also sly and manipulative. Ironically, she is a
honest person, and the type of person who is
loyal to her friends. Willing to gamble things to
achieve victory, people's life included. She is also
always look calm and collected, but the truth is if
she was invoked she could be all emotional. She
is the type of person who prefer to stand and
watch, and only make a move when it is needed.

A born leader, but prefer to give away the Leader
position to whoever she think of a better leader
than she is and then fully support him
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Re: Character Sheets

Postby CrazyRay » Fri Nov 15, 2013 1:09 am

Roy Niyi
Name: Roy Niyi
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Height: 1.70m - Weight: 62.6kg - Black (African)
Personality: Roy's a very shy individual at first but tends to find it easier to be himself when he is among familiar people. He may appear to be asocial at times as he doesn't like sharing stuff with others as he thinks it makes him weak. His indecisiveness has led him to get himself in to trouble and he's especially known for his slow decision making, besides all of that Roy has a nicer side where he tends to show kindness to others around him.
Battle Ability: N/A
Equipment/Tools/etc: N/A
Strengths/Weaknesses: Agility, Empathy, Diligence (Strengths)
Colour Vision Deficiency (Protanopia), Feeble, Indecisive (Weakness)

Backstory/Bio/etc: From an unfortunate background Roy, the eldest out of his three siblings grew up with a negative outlook on life due to his unfortunate circumstances. His roots have been traced back to that of his grandfather who was one of the amongst the first group of outsiders from foreign lands to take refuge in the wall. Roy would assist his mother in taking care his siblings whilst his dad was away, which meant that he was partially the man of the house. Such a title came with a lot of responsibilities which motivated him to better himself in spite of his financial problems, Roy always managed to help in some sort of way even if it could be done through illegitimate means such as theft by pickpocketing villagers and stealing goods from the market whenever the going got to tough. It was sad to say that his acts would more often land him in trouble rather than help but this didn't stop him from striving to provide for his family which was his top priority.

Unlike others Roy stood out compared to others due to lack of other ethnic groups in the walls. This meant that he was treated differently in comparison to others who were treated with compassion in various areas of life where he would be met with hostility from those who weren't familiar with people like him; this wasn't new to him as his father would rant about his daily struggles whenever he was about. One would expect Roy to react negatively matter to such situations, instead it encourage him to take a cause of action to improve his life through means of enrolling into the army to empower himself and to help remove himself from the dire position that he's in. Unsure at first, Roy decided to take up the opportunity to be apart of something disregarding the dangers that came along with.

Birth Date (7/25)
Other Info: Hobbies: Roy usually spends most of his time supporting his mother and his siblings on daily basis, he also enjoys spending time with his friends and engaging in competitive games.
Talents/etc: N/A
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Re: Character Sheets

Postby TataBlitz » Fri Nov 15, 2013 2:40 am

Kevin Lochner long version
Full Name: Kevin Lochner
Pronunciation: Keh-vin LOK-ner
Gender: Male
Gender Role: masculine tastes, feminine personality
Orientation: Straight
Real Age: 15
Birthday: July 18
Birthplace: Karanese

Species: Human
Ethnicity: 1/4th Asian, 3/4th caucasian
Blood Type: B
Preferred Hand: Right
Facial Type: oval
Eye Color: black
Hair Color: light brown
Hairstyle: short
Skin Tone: lightly tanned asianesque
Body Type: average
Build: long legs
Height: 70in
Weight: 170lbs
Facial Hair: none for the moment
Shoe Size: 10
Birthmarks/scars: none
Distinguishing Features: (Something unique that stands out)

Equipment: 3DMG
Accessories: none
Trinkets: none
Experience: none
Organizations/Affiliations: Humanity
IQ: 140
Education: high school equivalent
Social Stereotype: quiet one

Health: good
Energy: low
Memory: excellent short-term memory, but usually does not put forth the effort for long-term memories, but can if he tried
Senses: Good reflexes, Above average sight, hearing, and smell. Below average sensitivity

Mode of Dress: Casual
Grooming: Not overly messy, but not groomed either
Posture: slouch
Gait: slow unless motivated
Coordination: Fit, but has low stamina
Habits and Mannerisms: Looks down when talking

Strengths: cool-headed, speed, reflexes, cooperation, hand-eye coordination
Flaws: low-self esteem/confidence and motivation
Weaknesses: Low stamina, Low strength
Perception: static, unchanging
Conflicts: He likes to win, but not stand out
Instincts: Please others
Lures: Friendly people
Soft Spot: Other quiet and shy people
Cruel Streak: too passive to have one

Role: Backup
Fulfillment: Well?
Significance: Provides help when needed
Alignment: Good
Vice: Sloth
Virtue: (Patience/Charity/Kindness/Humility)
One Word: Reliable

Kevin Lochner short version
Name: Kevin Lochner
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tall, light brown hair, black eyes, lightly tanned asianesque skin tone
Personality: Quiet, and very shy, very loyal to people who he has become friends with. Strives to please and willing to help others when asked but usually keeps to himself. Has shown to have leadership potential, but usually has to be forced into the position as he will not willingly choose a leading role. Would rather go with the flow and not speak up unless everyone else is truly stumped. Forms strong emotional attachments very quickly which might be bad for a career in a military. Despite this base personality though, is highly competitive and does not like to lose, this is the only time he shows motivation to do better.

Strengths: Fast reflexes, excellent hand-eye coordination and teamwork, High intelligence, fast learner, high speed
Weaknesses: Very low self esteem and motivation leading to poor individual results, low stamina, low strength

Has 1/4 Oriental blood, born as an only child to a low middle class family in Karanese before moving to Trost at the age of 6. Because he is the only child all of his parents' expectations are upon him and it made him have a stressful childhood. The strict criticisms of his parents led him to have horrible self-esteem issues despite doing above average in all of his studies and extra-curricula. His father, frustrated with his passive personality forced him to enroll in the military to make him "man up".
Birth Date July 18
Trivia: Plays the flute everynight before bed to relieve stress

Re: Character Sheets

Postby Erandos » Fri Nov 29, 2013 5:32 am

Name: Erandos Elegard (male)
Age: (16)
Appearance: English ,he has a large scar on his shoulder, also he has green eyes, black-short hair and white skin
Strengths: Very good at using 3dmg, he is very agile
Weaknesses: His cut is usually not deep enough to finish a titan
Other: He is the descendant of a famous English general, when the titan invade his fatherland, having heard about the walls, his ancestors lead 1500 men and went out to fought 5 titan, buying time for his people to run into the wall. They died bravery deaths. His Grandfather survived. In the end, only 167 in 10000 of them reached the walls. He swore to revenge his ancestors and his fellow kin
He is a calm person, preferred to fight as a team, though he could be easily enraged when seeing titan killing ppl

Re: Character Sheets

Postby Accelevi » Sat Nov 30, 2013 12:36 am

Lol, this thread is pretty much abandoned, and if he's good and agile, most cases, he'll easily cut deep enough.

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Re: Character Sheets

Postby James Dorik » Sat Nov 30, 2013 6:32 pm

Yeah, most people seemed to just post character sheets in the OOC discussion :?
I think all the participants sheets/apps should be compiled here in the first post for reference, it would make this more useful and less cluttered
James Dorik

Re: Character Sheets

Postby =_= » Sat Nov 30, 2013 7:55 pm

This thread's more for general RPing.
I linked the old compiled list of characters and compiled a list of newer members on page 69 168 of the OOC thread, I'll post it here so you can see it more easily.
=_= wrote:Just for a heads up, it's a list of all the members that have shown up in the RP. As in, people who have one post or more. Alphabetical order, by the way.

Akito Yamano
Name: Akito Yamano
Nationality: English/Japanese (Father is English, while mother is Japanese)
Age: 16
Height: 175 cm (1.75m)
Weight: 70 kg
Hair Like Okazaki tomoya's (In the anime Clannad), dark brownish hair color
same skin color as the Japanese, yellow reddish eye, narrow pupils
vicious look on his face, has a red handkerchief tied around his neck
1 Exceptional ability with his 3dmg skills
2 Calm in all kinds of situations
3 Averagely good at close quarter combat
1 He has a bad habit of running off to random areas (Curiosity)
2 Zero Socialization skills
3 Lone wolf tendencies
4 Charging to his death (KILL EM BUGGER TITANS!)
More here: /viewtopic.php?f=52&t=6450#p51027

Aline Dumoulin
(The Sketcher)
Name: Aline Dumoulin
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Appearance: (Oriental)
Hair: Black,Long
Eyes: Brown
Height: 1.67 m
Personality: She's nice and kind yet her years in the inner district have made her a bit snobby.
Strengths/Weaknesses overall: While she has no exceptional skill with blades, she's good with 3DMG.
More here:/viewtopic.php?f=52&t=6450&start=20#p60012

Huss Veiner
Name: Huss Veiner
Age: 16
Appearance: Medium length blonde hair, blue eyes, 6’1”, Scar tissue on right shoulder, Big guy (arms chest and limbs muscular)
Strengths: Above average strength and extremely quick reflexes, high intellect, Naturally adapts to 3dmg,
Weaknesses: Clumsy, slow to comprehend some things, general slow moving, innate sense of questioning authority and unmotivated, overcompensates for his failings and is good at first impressions rather than developing a relationship.
Other: Charming, charismatic, fun loving and lacks motivation.
More here:/viewtopic.php?f=52&t=6344&start=560#p53379

Kaden Hill
Name: Kaden Hill
Age: 16
Appearance: English, He weights around 63kg and his height is 1.75m, his hair is common black and his eyes light brown, he didn't get lucky to be that much different from the rest. White, barely tanned skin, oval head shape. His hair is usually messy even if he prefers to have it done and tidy, braids barely above his eyes and a few braids go below eye height, but don't block his vision, thanks to this it usually ends up tousled. He usually wears a necklace under his clothes and a bracelet, silk bracelet commonly.

Strengths: Fast-Learner, flexibility and complexity/smoothness, can really pull off trickshots, as one would say. His taste and touch senses are quite good (But not that much better than an average person)

Weaknesses: Prefers complexity over efficiency, quality over anything. He would do efficient orders but he would rather do it the most complex, and stylish way possible, this makes his thinking ways go overboard and he may try to solve puzzles the complex way instead of the easy way, wasting valuabe resources and maybe not finding the solution thanks to this. He also likes to sleep a lot, which gets in the way since he is accostumed to rest and he usually would fall asleep even if he doesn't want to. His long distance hearing and smelling senses aren't quite good. His stamina is not that good either, and must really practice the basics to certain things to really be able to understand and make complex moves, he does like the risk factor of experiencing something new though, and having a gamble at any point in time, the value of the act becomes much higher personally. Will ignore strict orders if given the chance to "shine"/make a smooth move, and can not give efficient orders/thoughts quickly, as said before. He isn't that strong with body fighting, which is why he has to manage to fight based on precision. If not asleep or half-asleep, he can be easily turned off-subject, or well, distracted.
More here:/viewtopic.php?f=52&t=6344&start=560#p53394

Kara Spencer
Name: Kara Spencer
Age: 18
Appearance: Height 5"5' / Weight 120 lbs / Long Red hair / European facial features
Strengths: Trained in Medicine like her father. Skilled with blades for precise cuts, Strong legs
Weaknesses: Weak Stomach, weak upper body strength, Stubborn. Horrible at OEM Gear, Hot headed, soft hearted, Self-Sacrificing, PTSD, Aracniphobic, Allergic to Dust.
More here:/viewtopic.php?f=52&t=6450&start=20#p61629

Kevin Lochner
Name: Kevin Lochner
Age: 15
Appearance: 5ft-10in weighting 170lbs (Sorry US person here can't translate to metric for shit -_-) Light-brown hair- black eyes- lightly tanned asian-esque skin color
Strengths: Very good hand-eye coordination, speed, and reflexes, High intelligence, Excellent teamwork
Weaknesses: Very low self-esteem, very low stamina, low motivation leading to poor individual performance, low strength
More here:/viewtopic.php?f=52&t=6344&start=80#p46951

James Dorik
Name: James Dorik
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Scandinavian descent. Pale skin and dark brown, fairly long, unkempt hair. Eyes are a piercing amber color. 179 cm tall, 84 kg. Usually seen wearing a necklace with two flat silver pieces at the end of it.
Strengths: Very brave, physically strong, very acrobatic
Weaknesses: Reckless, difficulty with teamwork, low stamina, short temper, irrational when angry, cannot work well unless properly motivated, often rushes into dangerous situations head on, says things bluntly, exactly how they are - often sparking conflict
Personality: He tries to be friendly to those he meets most always, but is quick to judge and can hold a grudge easily. He spends most of his time focused and serious, but enjoys having fun and goofing off occasionally. Has a quick temper and can easily become irrational when angered.
More here:/viewtopic.php?f=52&t=6450#p50868

Joseph Dumoulin
(The Sketcher)
Name: Joseph Dumoulin
Age: 22 (started training at 15)
Appearance: (French) (Oriental)
-Height : 1.83 m
-Weight : 75 Kg
-Eye colour : Brown-green
-Hair colour : Dark brown, close to black
-Hair style : Slightly long yet well taken care of
-Wounds etc. : a small cut on his left eyebrow
Strengths: He is great at using 3DMG for anything with high-speed.
Weaknesses: He is not nearly as good at using swords as he is at using the 3DMG, making it harder for him to tear the nape apart.
More here: /viewtopic.php?f=52&t=6450#p50825

Name: Lina (no last name)
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Appearance: skinny, 4' 8'', 85 lbs
Personality: rough, blunt, harsh, and sarcastic
Battle Ability: good
Equipment/Tools/etc: 3dmg
Strengths/Weaknesses overall: very good physical ability, has deep trust issues and is very selfish
More here:/viewtopic.php?f=52&t=6344&start=820#p60205

Milfich Folkvar
Name: Milfich Folkvar

Age: 18 (D.O.B 10 November)

Appearance: A tall slender girl (170 cm), she have a short messy black hair and a dark brown eyes. tan skin

1. Good at analyzing and making strategy
2. Fast, especially when she uses the 3DMG
3. A pretty good fighter
4. Accuracy

1. Can easily panic
2. Can't fight more than two titans at once
3. Sometimes, when formulating her strategy, she will unconsciously gamble people's life. Her friends and innocent's people life
4. Social skill: Almost zero
More here: /viewtopic.php?f=52&t=6450&start=10#p51347

Mischa Gregor
Name: Mischa Gregor
Age: 28
Appearance: Eastern European with fair skin, bright blue eyes, long dark brown hair tied into a thick braid. Stands tall at 200cm, but slightly underweight for her size at 81kg
Strengths: Strong tactical insight, adaptability and warm empathy make her a potential leader. Courageous and cool-headed, even when pushed to the limit.
Weaknesses: Due to her lanky, frail physique, she is incapable of using 3D Maneuver Gear for very long. Strongly opinionated and politically volatile; although she follows orders well enough, she obviously does not want to be here. Many superiors will not want the baggage she brings.
More here: /viewtopic.php?f=52&t=6344&start=1140#p65487

Piotr Schmidt
Name: Piotr Schmidt
Age: 14
Appearance: 162cm, 56kg, Brown hair, Hazel eyes, White complexion
Strengths: Good reflexes, Above-average intuition.
Weaknesses: Friendly but has poor communication skills, Physically weak, Weak-willed,
More here: /viewtopic.php?f=52&t=6344#p46299

Roran Hawkins
(Roran Hawkins)
Name: Roran Hawkins
Age: 18
Appearance:He has blond hairs and dark green eyes, and an average white skin colour. 1.92 meter. 82kg.
° Experienced with the 3dmg
° Trained, good physical condition
° Fast thinker
° Overconfident
° Underestimates challenges
° Stubborn (has trouble with accepting/learning new things)
° He is afraid of horses (more of a funny thing that will come up in the story if we progress this far, and his biggest concern for joining the Survey Corps)
More here:/viewtopic.php?f=52&t=6344&start=1650#p74462

Roy Niyi
Name: Roy Niyi
Age: 15
Appearance: - Height: 1.70m - Weight: 62.6kg - Dark Brown hair - Black Eyes - Black (Light)
(Small Birthmark above right eyebrow)

Strengths: Agile, Empathetic, Diligent

Weaknesses: Colour Vision Deficiency (Protonopia), Feeble, Indecisive
More here: /viewtopic.php?f=52&t=6344&start=70#p46822

Sohmatin Kirazi
Name: Sohmatin Kirazi
Age: 17
Appearance: 178cm, 65kg. He looks southern European, so he's a bit more tanned and he has brown eyes and dark brown hair. Very dark brown hair. He normally wears bright shirts, paying attention to their colour based on his mood or some event that he think is going to happen that day. He has heavy-ish eyebrows (not as bad as Erwin though), and his slimmer build and shoulders makes him look a little like Slenderman. He gets made fun of it, sometimes.
Strengths: He's a natural leader whenever the situation calls for it, although he can't help but screw up whatever the situation is most of the time. He scapegoats someone else whenever he can, though. He's also relatively strong physically, but he only wants the muscles to impress the girls.
Weaknesses: Often fails to do what he is told, because he slacks off most of the time. He's quite selfish and greedy.
More here:/viewtopic.php?f=52&t=6450&start=20#p58923

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