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Re: Character Sheets

Postby Accelevi » Sat Nov 30, 2013 10:03 pm

Instead of having a wall of text, spoilers would help/links.

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Re: Character Sheets

Postby Skirazi » Mon Dec 02, 2013 4:58 am

Sohmatin Kirazi, 26th Division
Full Name: Sohmatin Kirazi
Pronunciation: so-MAH-tan kee-RAH-zee
Meaning: Matin means morning in French, but Soh doesn't mean anything so it's a Soh-morning. Let's just say that 'soh' means 'Bringer of' for now.
Origin: It sounded cool, plus I'm learning French.
Signature: LMAO messy as a pig-sty.

Gender: Male
Gender Role: Masculine
Orientation: Straight
Real Age: 17
Age Appearance: 23 (he has a goatee lol)
Birthday: April 14th
Birthplace: Trost

Ethnicity: Unknown, most likely French - he's not like George (more about George in the Arc 1 RP!)
Preferred Hand: Right
Facial Type: Horse Oval
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Very Dark Brown
Hairstyle: Short, but not Connie-short. It's more like Marco-short.
Skin Tone: Tan
Build: Lean with not very broad shoulders. He gets made fun of sometimes because of his un-broad shoulders.
Height: 178cm
Weight: 65kg
Facial Hair: Goateeeeeeee

Equipment: 3DMG, durrrr
Organizations/Affiliations: Wanna-be Military Police...
IQ: slightly below average

Strengths: Shows leadership on most matters.
Flaws: Selfishly motivated
Perception of his surroundings: A chill place where one can make excuses for one's failures.
Conflicts: Girls vs. Safety of the Inner Walls.
Instincts: Sees what's best for himself, even if others may suffer from it.
Lures: Cute chicks.
Soft Spot: Cute chicks. It's his weird thing.
Cruel Streak: When others threaten to take what he perceives is his.

Vice: Greed
Virtue: Prudence
Defining Moment: Saves rivals from Titans!!
Tropes: To some extents, the bad-guy turned good scenario.
Originality: Sohmatin likes to pretend he's good at everything, but he's only good at some of the things he says he's good at. So, when he shows them those things he's actually good at, people tend to believe everything else he's said about himself.

Shortened Version
Name: Sohmatin Kirazi
Age: 17
Appearance: 178cm, 65kg. He looks southern European, so he's a bit more tanned and he has brown eyes and dark brown hair. Very dark brown hair. He normally wears bright shirts, paying attention to their colour based on his mood or some event that he think is going to happen that day. He has heavy-ish eyebrows (not as bad as Erwin though), and his slimmer build and shoulders makes him look a little like Slenderman. He gets made fun of it, sometimes.
Strengths: He's a natural leader whenever the situation calls for it, although he can't help but screw up whatever the situation is most of the time. He scapegoats someone else whenever he can, though. He's also relatively strong physically, but he only wants the muscles to impress the girls.
Weaknesses: Often fails to do what he is told, because he slacks off most of the time. He's quite selfish and greedy.
Other: Sohmatin lived in Trost for 14 years, slacking off and ditching school for friends as best as he could until one day his father deserted him on a trip to Hermiha district (his father was a businessman). This left Sohmatin to fend for himself in the wild for two months, by the end of which he had nearly died twice, but had become much stronger and more responsible - or so his father had hoped. In reality, Sohmatin had become stronger, but he was very much the same slacker that he always had been, as he'd been living with a small family in a very small village for all that time. When his father brought him back to Trost, he stopped giving Sohmatin any kind of support, and Sohmatin was again left to himself for two years. After living in his friend's basement for the last month, he was recommended to join the army, after which living in Wall Sina became his prime obsession. Thus, two years after the rest of his friends had joined the army, Sohmatin enlisted himself at Trost's military headquarters.
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Re: Character Sheets

Postby The Sketcher » Tue Dec 03, 2013 7:38 pm

Name: Aline Dumoulin
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Appearance: (Oriental)
-1.67 m
Personality: She's nice and kind yet her years in the inner district have made her a bit snobby.
Strengths/Weaknesses overall: While she has no exceptional skill with blades, she's good with 3DMG.

Backstory/Bio/etc: *cracks knuckles*
At the age of 4, this mysterious young girl was found by Joseph right outside the inner walls. She was covered in filthy rags and dirt. He brought her inside and to their home. He was able to convince his parents that he'd look after her well. For 9 years they lived together. Joseph always protected her and helped her. When he decided to leave the inner district to see the outer world, she followed him. They lived in the forest for a year, training with the 3DMG Joseph had bought off of the Military Police to get out of the city.
(look at Joseph's sheet)
Talents/etc: Athletic.
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Re: Character Sheets

Postby TataBlitz » Tue Dec 03, 2013 11:04 pm

Lina long version
Full Name: Lina (no last name)
Pronunciation: LEE-na
Signature: barely literate

Gender: Female
Gender Role: tomboy
Orientation: too young to care
Real Age: 13
Age Appearance: 10
Birthday: April 1st
Birthplace: Trost

Species: Human
Ethnicity: German
Blood Type: A
Preferred Hand: ambidextrous
Facial Type: oval
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color brown
Hairstyle: shoulder-length, messy
Skin Tone: tanned, white
Body Type: Ectomorph
Build: Skinny and scrawny
Height: 56 in
Weight: 85 lbs
Cup Size: A
Shoe Size: 5.5

Equipment: 3dmg
Experience: (Include things like pasts jobs, or things that contributed to current occupation.)
Organizations/Affiliations: (Who does your character side with?)
IQ: 115
Education: barely literate
Social Stereotype: street rat

Health: slightly malnourished
Energy: high
Memory: very good
Senses: above average hearing and sight, average others

Style: messy
Mode of Dress: slapped on
Grooming: messy
Posture: wary
Gait: fast
Coordination: very athletic, excellent hand-eye coordination
Habits and Mannerisms: perpetual scowl and glare
Scent: bad, but will start taking showers now in the barracks so none

Strengths: Very athletic, quick thinking
Flaws: very selfish, trust issues
Perception: dog eat dog, everyone for themselves
Conflicts: she wants friends, but she cannot trust them
Instincts: survive at all costs
Soft Spot: small animals
Cruel Streak: well-off, carefree people

Role: Lancer
Significance: Antihero
Alignment: Neutral
Vice: Greed and Glutton
Virtue: Diligence
One Word: Survivor

Lina short version
Name: Lina
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Appearance: skinny and short
Personality: rough, blunt, harsh, and sarcastic
Battle Ability: good
Equipment/Tools/etc: 3dmg
Strengths/Weaknesses overall: very good physical ability, has deep trust issues and is very selfish


She was born as whore's daughter. Her mother died in childbirth and she has no clue who her father is, her mother wanted a child so she did not abort, but unfortunately complications arose during the birth and she died. This put her in the category of unwanted orphans which the government takes care of in "orphanages". These orphanages just provided shelter and the bare minimum of food due to food shortages and so all the children there had to steal from each other or the marketplace to not starve. In return for caring for these unwanteds, all these children are forced to enroll into the military when they reach 13. This childhood led to her having deeply seated trust issues as everyone in the orphanage struggled to survive and backstabbed each other all the time leading her to also become very selfish. As they were expected to be in the military though, the "caretakers" put all these children through strenuous physical activity when they bothered to pay attention to them making all of these orphans very athletic, but also malnourished.

The Scouting Legion gets most of the recruits from these orphans because they had no choice in the matter of signing up for the military, and many became cynical and jaded toward the civilization inside the wall and wish to go out beyond the walls not caring if they die as they have nothing to live for within. Although conscripted, Lina longs to go outside.

Birth Date: April 1st
Other Info: The only times when she acts like the little girl that she truly is are when there are little animals present, she loves how cute they are and when she plays with them, it is one of the rare times she shows genuine smiles and happiness, which is also one of the reasons she wants to go out beyond the walls, as she read in a book that in forests, there are whole populations of animals and she wants to see them for herself.
Talents: Although she does not have an official martial-arts, she's good at hand-to-hand combat due to her experiences in the orphanage where fights were common.

Re: Character Sheets

Postby Accelevi » Wed Dec 04, 2013 1:17 am

Wouldn't 3DMG skill go with blades generally?

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Re: Character Sheets

Postby =_= » Wed Dec 04, 2013 2:31 pm

Not necessarily, 3dmg skills are primarily your skills at maneuvering around, while blade skills are more associated with getting clean cuts.

Re: Character Sheets

Postby Accelevi » Wed Dec 04, 2013 8:19 pm

Well if you swing without being absolutely terrible, and can move fast/accurate, then wouldn't you get kills?

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Re: Character Sheets

Postby =_= » Wed Dec 04, 2013 8:42 pm

Yeah, but better skill at handling swords => less chance of a mistake. In the long range, you'd get kills, just not as much as someone with same 3dmg skills but better sword skills.

Eh, but who cares as long as the job's done? XD

Re: Character Sheets

Postby Accelevi » Wed Dec 04, 2013 8:51 pm

Alright, just curious.

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Re: Character Sheets

Postby Potato_Kara » Fri Dec 06, 2013 5:33 am

Kara Spencer

Short Version
Name: Kara Spencer

Age: 18

Appearance: Height 5"5' / Weight 120 lbs / Long Red hair / European facial features

Strengths: Trained in Medicine like her father. Skilled with blades for precise cuts, Strong legs

Weaknesses: Weak Stomach, weak upper body strength, Stubborn. Horrible at OEM Gear, Hot headed, soft hearted, Self-Sacrificing, PTSD, Aracniphobic, Allergic to Dust.

Summary: Kara is the daughter of a family of Noble Doctors who have lived their lives inside Wall Sina. She wishes for everyone to be treated equal and fair but does not wish to give up her nobility or her money to do so. She is a bit of a cheerleader but is an amazing medic who tends to wear her heart on her sleeve. She really wishes to have someone to care for and to treat her not like someone who constantly needs protecting.

Long Version
Full Name: Kara Spencer
Pronunciation: "Carr-ah Spen-sir"
Nickname/Alias: "Kay"
Meaning: Kara means Friend and Spencer means dispenser of provisions
Origin: Kara after my favorite superhero....spencer after my favorite character on Psych Shawn Spencer.
Title: Miss
Pet Name: Princess (Insult for her higher class standing), Doll, Babe, Trollop (Questionable Morals), Goddess, Nutter, Damsel. (She hates all the nicknames given to her)
ID Number: 1527 is the number her family is well known for. It is the house number of where her family runs a medical hospital inside Wall Sina.
Signature: Clean and wavey

Gender: Female
Gender Role: Feminine
Orientation: Bisexual
Real Age: 18
Age Appearance: She looks to be in her early 20s from puberty
Birthday: May 7th
Deathday: -TBA-
Birthplace: Wall Sina
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Species: Human
Ethnicity: European
Blood Type: AB+
Preferred Hand: Right
Facial Type: Oval
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Red
Hairstyle: Long, Wavy
Skin Tone: Light Tan
Makeup: None...maybe some light red lipstick
Body Type: Hour Glass aka Curvey
Build: Long Legs
Height: 5"5'
Weight: 120
Cup Size: D
Facial Hair: None
Shoe Size: 9
Birthmarks/scars: A horse shoe like design above her right hip.
Distinguishing Features: She has very light freckles and a small mole on her left ear.

Powers: None

Equipment: Medical Kit, OEM Gear, Extra Tank of Gas
Accessories: Glasses needed for reading.
Trinkets: Family Pendant
Experience: has worked as a nurse for her father aiding the nobles who work for the king.
Organizations/Affiliations: None
IQ: 123
Education: Some College
Social Stereotype: Cheerleader

Health: Amazing Immune system...very healthy
Energy: Athletic amount...can move around a lot before becoming tired.
Memory: Photographic Memory....she can recall events back to the early age of 5.
Senses: Very high senses in hearing and seeing, not so good at touch....she won't realize she is burning till after it gets some good damage in.
Allergies: Dust
Handicaps: Weak upper body strength
Medication: None
Phobias: Spiders
Addictions: None
Mental Disorders: PTSD

Style: Cheerleader
Mode of Dress: tucked in shirts and usually short or just below the knee skirts or dresses. Dresses very noble class in design.
Grooming: Well kept
Posture: Submissive to judgement of peers, Extraversion to strangers (the act, state, or habit of being predominantly concerned with and obtaining gratification from what is outside the self)
Gait: Acrobatic and flashy
Coordination: Amazing hand eye coordination with fast reflexes.
Habits and Mannerisms: Thumb biting and twirling her hair.
Scent: Water Lillies.

Strengths: Caring, never gives up, medical training,
Flaws: Hot headed, flirty, soft hearted, Self-Sacrificing if others are in danger.
Perception: She sees the world as a corrupt unjust place where only the ones willing to take risks will make it better.
Conflicts: Equality but will not give up her nobility
Instincts: Love and family
Lures: The helpless / Curiosity / danger
Soft Spot: Children and animals
Cruel Streak:Losing someone she cares for or seeing a child hurt.

Role: Medic
Fulfillment: Very well out of combat....decent in combat.
Significance: The Bleeding heart / Conscience for others (Think a young Maggie from Walking Dead)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Comparison: Fox
Symbol: A white Lilly which is also her family's symbol
Song:"Leave it all to shine Miranda Cosgrove & Victoria Justice"
Vice: Envy
Virtue: Kindness
Defining Moment: Being the first in her family to join the Military.
Tropes: Damsel in Distress
Originality: She seeks to not be one and will constantly put others before herself.
One Word: MEDIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Old Power Idea not apart of my character
Powers/Abilities: "Dancing Titan" (Not planning for her to learn of it till way later in rp or if she is eaten.)
Origin: Family
Source: Transformation that makes her into a 15" tall titan able to dance around because of the agility. Her strength is in her legs though not her arms which are shorter than most dancing titans but do seem to have armor like skin on the sides as if used to be a guard in some way.
Ability: Not trained in it and does not even realize she has the power.
Weaknesses: If hurt on her legs she can not stand or run. Under arms very frail in Titan form, no teeth meaning she can not bite down or even hurt other titans from biting.
Immunities: None
Restrictions: Can only shield for a few hits....the skin breaks and starts to bleed if hit twice in a row.
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