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Re: Character Sheets

Postby TataBlitz » Fri Dec 06, 2013 6:20 am

No one is a shifter, GM will randomly choose a player to be able to become a shifter, so edit that part of your character please, but otherwise the character looks good


Re: Character Sheets

Postby Potato_Kara » Fri Dec 06, 2013 6:30 am

Reason I crossed it out. I figured I would leave in the details for us to be able to read even though it won't be apart of her character.


Just placed it at the bottom in a spoiler stating in the title old power idea not being used on this character.

Re: Character Sheets

Postby Jocelinus » Tue Jan 14, 2014 9:10 am

Jocelin's Character wrote:Full Name: Paige de Lacy
Pronunciation: Page deh Lay-C
Nickname/Alias: Paige Turner
Meaning: The name typically means "Young Servant," and was used as a title in medieval times for the servant of a knight (one from a noble line, in training to become a knight himself).
Origin: I enjoy the name, and the meaning in regards to my character's family tradition of military service is a happy coincidence.
Title: Miss Paige, Lady Paige de Lacy
Pet Name: No one has given her one yet.
ID Number: 5025
Signature: Neat, tight and cultured.

Gender: Female
Gender Role: Being around other women besides her sister has been bringing out her feminine side, but it's still pretty stunted.
Orientation: On a journey of discovery.
Real Age: 20
Age Appearance: 18
Birthday: May 20
Deathday: "Not today!"
Birthplace: Mitras, the Capital
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Zodiac Sign: Ram

Species: Human
Ethnicity: Norman French roots
Blood Type: O-
Preferred Hand: Ambidexterous-capable, right-hand dominant
Build: Short and lean.
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Cup Size: B cup
Shoe Size: 9
Birthmarks/scars: A small, straight scar on her chin from a cut given her by her Grandfather, a birthmark on the inside of her right thigh.

Equipment: 3DMG
Accessories: Paige refuses to wear anything shiny or distinguishing (save her sister's ribbon), even out of uniform.
Trinkets: Received a purple ribbon from her sister as a parting gift when she left home. Paige carries it in her pocket, and occasionally ties it around her wrist.
Experience: Trained from girlhood for the 3DMG gear by her tyrannical Grandfather, she came prepared to excel in training.
Organizations/Affiliations: Trainee Corps, Military
IQ: 135
Education: Born and raised in Mitras, her family's good standing meant she had access to the best private tutors around. Her sister has a greater aptitude for mental pursuits, but Paige is gifted in her own ways.

Health: Vibrant
Energy: Tight and focused. Her training focused more on speed and precision; in a drawn-out fight, she starts to falter.
Memory: Paige has a poor memory of life before her brothers' deaths. She often forgets (or ignores) the disappointment or anger of others in her.
Senses: She has sharp eyes and quick reflexes, living in the present.
Allergies: --
Handicaps: --
Medication: --
Phobias: Concealed behind an icy wall is a woman who is terrified of losing people. Whatever distance her paranoia and abrasive nature cause between her and other people, this only serves to lessen the likelihood that she will make friends even less.
Addictions: --
Mental Disorders: She's paranoid to a fault: paranoid about being left in a position of weakness, and about losing others, no doubt attributed to the actions of her abusive Grandfather and the deaths of her brothers. Paige approaches life like a clock that's been wound too tightly: her Grandfather's mantra of, "Treat it like it's real," is her anchor and her chain, holding her back from enjoying much of anything.

Mode of Dress: She picks practical (if expensive) clothes over comfort, preferring neutral or unobtrusive colors.
Grooming: Extremely well-groomed for someone who wears no makeup or perfume. She keeps her hair and fingernails short and her uniform clean.
Posture: Stiff and composed
Gait: Smooth, long strides taken on the balls of her toes. A dancer before her Grandfather got his claws in her, her unspoken grace contributes to her arrogant posture.
Coordination: Athletic and agile, her speed generally outweighs her physical prowess.
Habits and Mannerisms: Paige comes across as condescending or arrogant, an ice queen looking down on her subjects from behind icy walls. But she's honest, and in her own way, kind. She won't baby someone in trouble because they won't learn anything, but she'll fight tooth and nail for someone she's protecting (even if they don't want her protection). Weakness is a thing she can't stand, and she'll beat strength into a person if that's what it takes to see them survive.
Scent: Good, if a little bland. She's paranoid about Titans being able to detect her in the field and uses only unscented soaps.

Strengths: Extremely focused in and out of combat, she's able to react swiftly to danger, real or perceived. Her direct approach to life and combat means she gets straight to the point, and her loyalty is unmatched. If physically, socially, or politically compromised, her honest nature would most likely prevent her from concealing it.
Flaws: Dismissive of how she treats others, blunt honesty is her best policy. She can be very literal, and is slow to trust in the skills of others. Her pragmatism is often mistaken for bitchiness: if she hasn't seen you perform in training or combat, she's not going to trust your own interpretation of your skill level, considering your opinion biased. When forced to work with others she tries to take charge, but will step aside when pressured. And it's been mentioned before, but she is extremely paranoid, living life on a hair trigger. Her sense of honor is a bit skewed: she protects herself first and foremost.
Perception: The world is separated into those made to survive and those born to die. Tying yourself to the latter is the best way to see yourself become one of them. As such, Paige is wary about letting her defenses down.
Conflicts: Nothing is more important than family, even if you don't like them. Paige wants to be free to pursue her own life, but is completely unprepared to do so. She even once had the desire to connect to others, but it was smothered out of her.
Instincts: Protect herself first so she can protect others. Paige refuses to allow herself to become a liability and put others in danger because of her own failings. She relies on her skills first and foremost, recognizing her weaknesses and damning their existence as a failure on her part.
Lures: Strong, supportive authority figures
Soft Spot: She doesn't know what to do with flattery or compliments, and reacts either with arrogance or stuttering denials. She is also very protective even over those who don't want her protection, and puts herself into the role of the eyes on the back of their head.
Cruel Streak: Paige becomes cruel when she's scared for herself or someone else. This isn't much different from her standard operation save that this time, it's personal.

Role: She lends herself naturally to the role of a scout.
Fulfillment: Her speed and agility makes her better at quick, passing strikes and running distractions than getting toe-to-toe with her enemy.
Significance: Paige doesn't think she's very significant unless she can be useful. She makes it a point to try and be useful.
Alignment: Neutral, but ever-changing
Comparison: Her deadpan expression hints at her confusion over this question. Paige is human: why wouldnshe care to be anything else?
Symbol: Her family's heraldry (Gules, an antelope rampant ermine) is very important in its meaning to her. Before antelopes were discovered to be herbivores, early man mistook them for swift, ferocious beasts of prey who were peaceful unless provoked. Their serrated horns were used for escaping traps and cutting other animals free of the traps of hunters. With the tail of a unicorn and the tusks of a boar, they're depicted in art as being noble and calculative. Her family's antelope is barrel-chested and emaciated, proud of its ancestry and hungry for glory.
Song: This Cruel & Beautiful World
Vice: Wrath
Virtue: Kindness
Defining Moment: So far, her defining moment has been when she stood up to her Grandfather and told him to go fuck himself for controlling her life.
Tropes: Graceful Ladies Like Purple (took to carrying a purple ribbon in her pocket, a parting token from her sister), Ice Queen, Dark and Troubled Past, Jerkass Facade. On her way to becoming a Byronic Hero.
Originality: Paige is not the naive flower or the faux action girl: she's been trained, deemed unworthy by her family, and decided to go for it anyway. The next generation of de Lacy's is entirely dependent on her, and still she's decided to be selfish and strike out on her own. She's a character of divided loyalties, obedient to those she deems worthy and dismissive of those who haven't earned her respect.
One Word: Conflicted

Training With Grandfather
The flagpole in the courtyard had been converted for this stage of her training. Small metal bars spaced at even intervals had been bolted up one side, allowing for climbing.  It no longer bore the proud flag of Mitras, but a square platform hardly two feet square.  Trapeze wire had been strung from one end to the farthest roof of their ancestral home. Paige squinted her eyes against the sun's reflection off the shining metal, and could feel the heat of it even from a few feet away. The day was hot and bright, and she was sweltering in the mock-trainees getup he'd taken to having her wear. 

"Get up there!"

"Yes Grandfather!" Paige scrambled up the narrow ladder, nearly twenty feet above the ground.  Though the metal was searing hot at this proximity, she either didn't mind or was too intent on doing as her Grandfather told to show discomfort. She hauled herself up onto the platform with ease, but the barked complaints of Grandfather below made her wince.

"What are you standing around for? Cross!" She put her arms out to either side and strode forward onto the tightrope, confident. They'd had her walking a tightrope since she was old enough to walk. Gymnastics and dance, anything to improve her balance and flexibility--

The rope sagged more than she'd expected. Way more. Paige wobbled and fought to keep upright.  This she managed, if barely, but the next words from below distracted her.

"Dodge, you idiot, dodge!"


Paige glanced down and went cold.  Their family was old and proud, and she the youngest in a long line of military tradition. Somewhere along it an ancestor had managed to secure one of the Wall cannons. Decommissioned and long established as decoration in the courtyard, she had never known if it worked or not.  Yet now she found it trained on her, its long barrel feet below her.  Fear brought panic: she plunged forward along the wire, losing her balance as the thunderous boom went off feet from her. Paige fell to one side, catching herself on the wire before she plummeted twenty feet to the ground below. Blood pounded in her ears, muffling the curses from her Grandfather as he swore at her.  Her ears were ringing, but she could still hear herself screaming at him, "You fired a cannon at me?"

"Of course I didn't: it was a powder charge, idiot!"

"You fired a fucking CANNON at me!"

Her indignation continued to fall on deaf ears. "How are you supposed to fight Titans if you can't keep your composure under fire? Get up and try again!"

"Not if you're firing cannons at me!"

"Paige." She winced at her Father's voice, knowing she was in for it now.  He spoke calmly, his voice carrying across the courtyard without having to raise it.  He was the epitome of militaristic composure: strong and sure, shoulders back, his chin tilted slightly upward with the arrogance of someone born among the elite.  Unlike Grandfather, who was a city official and dressed accordingly, he wore the uniform of an officer of the Military Police.

Despite the distance to the ground Paige let herself drop, landing lightly on her toes and crouching to absorb the shock. She came to attention and saluted her Father, "Sir!"

He ignored her salute, "You don't argue with an superior officer, and you certainly do not argue with your elders."

"Cannon. Fired. At me.

He raised an eyebrow.


"I went through the same when I was your age."

"Did my brothers?" She quipped, still angry about the cannon.  Paige immediately regretted mentioning them as a shadow crossed her Father's face.  His expression hardened into an impenetrable mask, and he turned on his heel and went back inside.  Grandfather stared after him a good long minute, and when he spoke his voice was just a little harder than before, "You're dismissed, girl."

"Why does he act like that when I ask about them?" Paige turned her head to ask. Her Mother, a firm woman with a dangerously sharp pair of scissors, put her hands on either side of Paige's head and turned her forward again.  She went right back to the task of trimming Paige's hair, silent.  Father had deemed her long hair a liability some years ago. Braids could come loose, so she kept it in a boy's cut.  Paige had long since gotten used to it, and even thought the short cut complimented the angles of her face. Her Mother's handiwork, no doubt.


"Sit still, and I'll tell you later."

I'll tell you later. It was Mother's way of saying the conversation was over. "Later" would never come, if she didn't force the issue.  "But why won't he talk--"

"Ask your sister, then." She snapped, and that was that.

The Family Regret
"You remember our brothers?"  They sat in the garden by the side of the house.  Eurynome was picturesque, a younger version of Mother with dark ringlet curls and piercing blue eyes.  She sat daintily upon the stone bench, practicing her violin in the open air.  Her sister had a habit of arranging herself prettily, never allowing others to see her irritated or distraught.  In public her reserved, quiet countenance gave way to a social force of nature, a conversationalist and hostess of Titan-like proportions.  But like everyone else in the family there was an air of sadness about her, a sadness Paige was too young to remember.

"Barely. I wasn't very old."

"You were twelve. If you don't remember it's because you don't want to remember."  The lonely sound of her violin was broken as Eurynome set it down, "You really don't remember them?"

Shame made Paige hang her head. Eurynome sighed.  They sat together for a long time, lost in their own thoughts.  At length Eurynome's soft voice broke the silence, "Father didn't use to be so cold. He taught Nevins and Melot, but they had fun with it, except when he got down to serious business.  I remember he and Grandfather used to argue a lot, about how he was raising them outside the family's tradition."  She paused a moment to gather her thoughts, "They didn't place in the top ten, but they did well.  Father was still proud of them, but I can remember the disappointment on Grandfather's face.  It wasn't long after that they went on their first patrol."

Eurynome paused again, and Paige looked at her curiously.  With both of their brothers dead and Paige expected to fight in their place, her sister carried the burden of continuing the family line.  The boys could have had sons and still seen combat, but Paige wouldn't experience the joy of children of her own if she was to restore their honor.  Pale, willowy Eurynome, with her narrow hips and slender frame, was their hope for future generations.  It hadn't occurred to her until now that, while she was undergoing training with Grandfather, Eurynome might be receiving similar grooming to help her find a man Father would approve of.  That would explain the dichotomy between her public and private face.

"We didn't expect them to die on their first patrol. One of their squad was found, but they didn't get much out of him before he died too.  Father felt it was his fault for being soft on them, and Grandfather reinforced this.  And when he turned his eyes on us, Father didn't argue that you would be raised traditionally." Bitterness in her voice. Paige frowned, noting that Eurynome's grip on the violin had tightened. She reached forward and pried her sister's grip free so she wouldn't damage the instrument. She set it aside and took Eurynome's hand in her own.

The sisters sat in silence again.

"You spent years preparing me for this! You can't tell me to quit now!" Paige shouted at her Grandfather. Eurynome stood in the corner of the parlor, her head hung as she cried. Their parents stood impassively in the doorway, but Paige couldn't see them; all her fury was directed at the man who had wasted years of her life only to tell her she couldn't enlist. Grandfather frowned, his arms folded across his powerful chest. Despite his advanced age he was a powerful man, one who had served humanity honorably and continued the family's long tradition of honor on the battlefield. Just as her Father did, and just as he now expected her not to. "It's not my decision. Your sister's barren."

"So I become the family breed sow? Fuck you!" In the doorway her Mother flinched, and her sister stopped crying long enough to look shocked. No one spoke to the old man like that. "I'm going to fight--"

He slapped her, sending her reeling. Paige caught herself over the back of a chair. She turned and glared back at him, white-hot fury blinding her to anything else. The urge to attack him came over her, but something happened: her anger snapped, opening a single, golden truth. Paige shook her head, her shoulders shaking.

She started to laugh.

Grandfather grabbed the collar of her shirt, pulling her upright, "What the fuck is so funny, you little bitch?"

"I'm laughing!" Paige gasped for breath, tears rolling from her eyes. Her whole life, she'd been afraid of this man; she realized now she'd never had a reason to be. She stopped laughing and put her hands over his, grinning, "I'm laughing... because you can't do shit to me. All this time, you've relied on scaring me to get what you want. But you need me. I can do whatever I want." He let go of her, words escaping him. Paige pushed past him, knowing if she so much as looked at him he'd beat her into compliance. She could feel the weight of the adults' stares on her back, their silent condemnation damning her. Yet Eurynome embraced her warmly, the tightness of her hug making up for it being their last.

"I'm going to miss you."

"Me too."
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Re: Character Sheets

Postby TataBlitz » Tue Jan 14, 2014 9:37 am

Hmm good character but its a bit late to be inserted now but we are almost done with arc 1 I believe right strong? You can easily join in at arc 2 and can easily be explained by coming from another training camp. Looking forward to rping with you ^^

Re: Character Sheets

Postby Strongwill » Tue Jan 14, 2014 9:50 am

Actually it's ok

The more the merrier, especially with the next scene after the competition.
We have a two person team, right? He could fill in that spot

Re: Character Sheets

Postby =_= » Tue Jan 14, 2014 10:00 am

Nice! :)
I look forward to RPing with you!
I'm guessing since we're going to go over the training arc over in arc 2 and 3, you could PM some people and establish a relationship beforehand?

Re: Character Sheets

Postby TataBlitz » Tue Jan 14, 2014 10:16 am

Strongwill wrote:Actually it's ok

The more the merrier, especially with the next scene after the competition.
We have a two person team, right? He could fill in that spot

Well I had my slot filled. technically we have Kara Agrippa and Jon but they have not been active, so teams are filled right now unless they show up again.

Re: Character Sheets

Postby Jocelinus » Tue Jan 14, 2014 10:27 am

=_= wrote:Nice! :)
I look forward to RPing with you!
I'm guessing since we're going to go over the training arc over in arc 2 and 3, you could PM some people and establish a relationship beforehand?

I'll do some, but these introductory posts I'm writing (backtracking a lot, all the way to day 1) make up for not having relationships by establishing my character as a bit of an ice queen in the background. Quiet, competent, and disinterested in others. Here at the end of Arc 1 (coming in to Arc 2) she's going to start coming out of her shell after an officer threatens to send her home for not trying hard enough. Her skills are there, but her attitude is unconducive to a team effort. Ergo, my first posts will be the "ice queen" awkwardly trying to be... social (shudders).

Re: Character Sheets

Postby Strongwill » Tue Jan 14, 2014 10:41 am

Jocelinus, will it be ok if your OC joined a team with two NPC?

If someone wanted to join/make a new character, i think there will be a whole lot of differences between Arc 2 new character and Arc 1 characters. So if one's wanted to make a cadet character, this is their very last chance (And currently the story pace is a bit of slow, but tonight i will bring it to a whole next level (Zachary is surprisingly a creative man!). So after Jocelinus, everyone else have to wait until Arc 2)

Re: Character Sheets

Postby Jocelinus » Tue Jan 14, 2014 11:00 am

Strongwill wrote:Jocelinus, will it be ok if your OC joined a team with two NPC?

If someone wanted to join/make a new character, i think there will be a whole lot of differences between Arc 2 new character and Arc 1 characters. So if one's wanted to make a cadet character, this is their very last chance (And currently the story pace is a bit of slow, but tonight i will bring it to a whole next level (Zachary is surprisingly a creative man!). So after Jocelinus, everyone else have to wait until Arc 2)

Sure. So long as I get to roleplay with others outside my team from time to time, I don't mind playing dolls by myself. XD Or you mean an NPC controlled by a moderator, in which case, fire away!


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