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Postby BlitzNeko » Tue Apr 08, 2014 6:27 am

Notice: Strong and Licca are not going to be here for atleast 2 weeks (1 week and a half atm)
Academia is gonna go in full stop but you guys can still do interactions in the pads
Just make sure that it doesn't involve a major plot development or twist xD

Also in the meanwhile, Strong and I decided to make a RP and test it out
We kinddaaaaa need a bit more people though so more the merrier (Right now there's Tata, Licca, Strong, Equinoxia (a friend of tata) and me)
here's the link
Every information you need is in the bottom and put your character sheet there if you like to join
Remember that it's a testing RP so the characters you make won't be official unless you wanted to make it official :I



Postby LittleCryOfTheAbyss » Sat Apr 19, 2014 12:29 am

Faction: The Queen's guards

Name: Equinoxia Bishamon

Nickname/Famous as: ''Vaisravana''/''Veena'' and ''Bloody Mary''

Age: 17

Appearance: From head to toe, she is seen as an untouchable gem throughout the lands, her green hair complimenting her light, ghostly complexion. Her eyes, even though the left is injured, are of a pale green that shimmers with blue circles lined with brown. Standing tall, she is 6 feet tall but slender and gentle. (Here is the picture, I drew it myself so it's pretty bad...
(I made her a bit shorter, lawl.) ... 7d9wj2.jpg ) (She actually wears this ... 113451.jpg over the top of what she wears in the picture I drew and a more detailed version of her boots is ... -groom.jpg )
That's quite nice actually... never knew you could draw :D Thank you ;u;

Personality: Defiant, rude, daring and very often intentionally contemptuous but once one has gained her trust, she will unquestionably follow and serve until her last breath leaves her. While her real thoughts are never betrayed by her expressions or even the tone of her voice, she is very good at reading one's thoughts.

Backround: Originally from Sachaka, her ancestors moved throughout the world until they had found Port Sud and built the large mansion that is now lying in ruins, the ground still stained with the blood that was spilled without mercy 9 years ago. Now in Wiese, she sleeps wherever she drops and can be found on rooftops, either sunbathing or training in various forbidden arts.("Sachaka"? And i forget to add here that the guards are people that are famous because of something. Like, a children of a lord. A winner of a championship. A mercenary working for the lords, or Generals)(Looking at her backstory and the other combined, I'm guessing she's famous because of her blood and she would be considered a "General"?(Sachaka is a land nearby Kyralia, Eyline, Lonmar and Duna, all of these are surrounded by water so it's basically an island on the other side of the world to where this is, as far as my imagination has decided! I hope that's okay. And I suppose that yes, she could be a general. She's famous for the knife she bears and it's not her blood entirely, but the way she can control it because if she uses too much, it's easy to faint or possibly, as I've mentioned die.)

Weapons: A beautifully decorated knife, with many gems that some have not even heard of. The power held within the blade is said to be more powerful than many of the strongest armies, even though she rarely takes it out of the sheath and so most of the things said about it are speculations.

Armor: None, as she believes it is merely dead weight that in a real battle, is utterly useless. ''If one's reflexes are not faster than projectiles, then why are they even fighting in the first place?''

Magic: The cursed arts of blood manipulation. The user may use as much of only their own blood, even though if overused, this may lead to anemia and/or death.

Other: Although she originally had many siblings that varied in ages, they along with the rest of her family were brutally murdered in an attempt to eradicate the tainted blood that coursed through their veins completely but she single-handedly killed the assassins after finding the remains of her family scattered throughout the house. This event seems to be linked with the reason she joined the Queen's side in the first place, further details are secrets well kept.

here's the character sheet, thought you may want it on the site (well, blitz did.)


Postby BlitzNeko » Sat Apr 19, 2014 9:36 am

Well since it was accepted already by strong
Welcome to ACADEMIA ^^

Grand battle is starting btw, hopefullly we'll be taking a slow start so that others are aware atm
The collab will be done in one of my neko pads, here's the link;


Postby The Sketcher » Mon Apr 28, 2014 2:58 pm

Faction: Students
Name: Aiden Leroy
Age: 16
Appearance: Image
Personality: He's a shy boy who doesn't open up to others often. He's hardworking and kind, but usually bullied and pushed around at school.
Power: Reconstructive - This power allows the user to move around with quick flashes and create small force fields.
Power Trigger: Touching metal or an item of civilisation. Said item or metal will disappear when used.
Ability cooldown: Until another item is used.
Length of activity after release: If the item is large, 1 or 2 hours at most, but it's unbelievably tiring. Even though he can use another item afterwards, he would have too little energy to move.
Limits of activity/The amount of power that can be used: Changes accordingly to the item's size and technology.
Background: Aiden comes from a poor family that lives on the other side of the world. When he was told he had to go to the Academy to study, he gladly went along, thinking this would be a great improvement for him. A chance to see new places and make friends who were like him. Of course, that wasn't what he found. He arrived to place where the students were violent and rude. They bullied him and pushed him around. Not being allowed to use powers at school, almost everyone was able to overpower him. When he saw that there was a 'grand battle' happening, he decided to join and put his bullies in their place.
The Sketcher


Postby RoseDust101 » Wed Jul 16, 2014 8:28 pm

Faction: Students
Name: Waneta Smith
Age: 17
Appearance: Pale blond hair that goes right below her middle back, black eyes, her skirt starts a little above the tip of her hair and goes down just above the knees, her vest is a V neck and her shirt’s sleeves are usually folded up to her middle upper arm
Personality: Spunky, skeptical at times, protective, clever, and is able to absorb information like a sponge, this makes her an easy learner with a tendency to work hard on mastering things.
Power: Shapeshifting into animals
Power Trigger: Putting on a collar
Ability cooldown: A few seconds to a few minutes, depends how big the animal she transformed into
Length of activity after release: 2 hours for large animals like lions, 3 hours for small animals like cats, she practices a lot
Limits of activity/The amount of power that can be used: Can’t transform into any animal she hasn’t seen
Cost of the ability(if there are any):
Background: Daughter of a very important official in government, she is an extremely important student who refuses to have any special treatment, she discovered her power at the age of ten and has been practicing her power ever since, so much, that even frequent visitors of her family thought that her father owned a cat or dog! She is an only child and always gets away with using her powers. Most students just think animals wonder onto the campus, but its really Waneta they pet or see most of the time when they see a cat. Her family is wealthy but is very modest about it.
-She is the founder of the very new School Idol Club, her inspiration to make the club came from an anime called Love Live School Idol Project, she is in it with three other members. It is called Advance Grace.
-Her name literally means ‘Shapeshifter who works with metal’.


Postby The Sketcher » Sat Jul 19, 2014 11:04 pm

If we can create a character outside of the school...
3rd Character for ARC 2
Name: Will Deblanc
Age: 16
Appearance: Image
Personality: He's really nice which would make someone think about why he was put into the Delinquents to begin with, but he's also quite manipulative and cunning. He can lie perfectly without his heart-rate stable. He's incredibly intelligent as well.
Power Trigger:
Ability cooldown:
Length of activity after release:
Limits of activity/The amount of power that can be used:
<-- All of this sent to Strong, in case someone tried to understand how his power works without figuring it out.
Background: Will is the very definition of the word "Gamin". He lived his life on the streets, stealing food from shops each time he could. He was generally characterized as a brown haired boy wearing a jacket with high collars, covering his mouth and a hat, the person most people didn't believe to exist. A thief that can use the Wave. His name is known, since he was once in a foster home, until he turned 10, when he vanished.

If not, I'll edit it.
The Sketcher


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